Elderly Man Opens Sausage Store, Pays Back Over 10 Million RMB in Debt

Elderly Man Opens Sausage Store, Pays Back Over 1 Million RMB in Debt

Fu Guanzheng, a 58-year-old living in Changsha, Hunan, made a fortune from a dog-meat company he started when he was young. Years later, when a flu virus was found in the meat sold by his company, he went broke with over 10 million RMB in debt. A few years ago, Fu found an 8 square meter storefront for rent, and decided to start a business. He knew that Changsha residents enjoy fried snacks, and after racking his brains, he remembered the way his mother used to make sausage. Three years later, his store has become a chain of more than 60 stores, and his debts have all been paid off.

Source: Netease

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