Elderly Person Blocks Bus and Traffic After Not Getting Seat

An elderly man and woman stand in front of a bus preventing it from leaving to protest the college students inside for not giving up their seats for the elderly in Baoding city, Hebei province of China.

An elderly man and woman stand in front of a bus preventing it from leaving to protest the college students inside for not giving up their seats for the elderly in Baoding city, Hebei province of China.

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From NetEase:

Elderly Person Blocks Bus and Holds Up Traffic for 2 Hours Because No One Gave Up Their Seat For Him

On the issue of giving up seats on the bus, public opinion is once again in an uproar.

September 21, on a Hebei province Baoding city 61 Route public bus, as a result of a college student not giving up their seat for him, an elderly person got off the bus and then threw a fit, standing in the middle of the road with a woman traveling with him using their bodies to block the public bus, screaming “no one leaves”. Under police mediation, the farce lasted two hours before it was ended, and the road was no longer impeded.

On the 23rd, an eyewitness of the scene told The Paper that there was a student on the public bus at the time who had given up his/her seat, but the elderly person disliked the seats as not being a good seat and refused to sit in it. The entire bus thought the elderly person didn’t want to sit and thus no one else offered their seat. The eyewitness says that because the elderly person blamed the “indifferent” driver after blocking the bus, many of the students on the bus insisted on staying until the mediation was over before leaving, to testify on behalf of the driver, feeling he had been “wronged”.

Route 61 dispatcher Ni Junge told The Paper that during the police mediation, the driver had expressed that he was partly responsible too, and that the police ultimately did not punish either the driver or the elderly person, but instead immediately released them.


This incident was first reported by netizen “W—恋战”, who published a post with photos on the Baidu Baoding subforum.

According to the information published by “W—恋战”, on the afternoon of the 21st, when a Route 61 public bus headed towards Baoding University arrived at Hongqi Avenue, an unexpected scene occurred. An elderly person and a woman got off the bus, walked into the middle of the road, and obstructed the Route 61 public bus that had already begun leaving the bus stop, the two of them using their bodies as a “meat shield”, obstinately blocking the front of the bus, prompting the driver to immediately slam on the brakes.

“W—恋战” says while this woman was blocking the bus, she yelled at passersby: “We’re [likely referring to the elderly person] so old, college students these days have no character, not a single one of them gave up their seats for us, and the bus driver doesn’t care either, so everyone can forget about leaving today, we’ll just waste time like this!”

“After they got on board, there was someone who offered them their seat. They felt the seat wasn’t good enough so they didn’t take it. Everyone else thought they didn’t want to sit down, so no one else offered them their seat.” At least 7-8 university students indicated that after they had boarded the bus at the Beiguo Shopping Mall stop, they had voluntarily offered their seats but were declined.

After the two blocked the bus, someone had enough and called the police. It was already past 5pm at the time, which happened to be rush hour, and as a result Hongqi Avenue was exceptionally congested.

During that time, there were college students who got off to reason with the two: “Someone gave up their seat for you but you didn’t take it, so you incessantly saying us college students have no character, that’s just you exploiting your age”.


“W—恋战” says that during the police mediation, the two blamed the students’ characters of not giving up their seats on the driver being “indifferent”. The students on the bus who had classes to go to refused to switch to another bus and instead stayed with the driver to testify on his behalf, “the poor driver”.

From when the incident began until when it was finally mediated, about two hours had passed and the day was already dark. “W—恋战” indicated that after the driver admitted “fault”, the police had the students return onto the bus, whereupon the bus once again set out while the elderly person and woman also left.

On the 23rd, Route 61 dispatcher Ni Junge confirmed the incident of the bus being blocked. He expressed that the public bus was exceptionally crowded at the time, that the passengers were basically all college students headed towards the terminal/last stop. After the elderly person and woman boarded the bus, someone at the front of the bus (unsure if it was a college student) wanted to give up their seat to the elderly person, but “the elderly person felt the seat was too high and did not take it”, and when he walked to the back of the bus, no one gave up their seat. Afterward, the elderly person blocking the bus incident happened.

Ni Junge stressed that when the elderly person boarded, the driver did announce that passengers should give up their seats for the elderly and handicapped, and was not “indifferent”.

According to Ni Junge’s account, during the police mediation, the driver had at the time expressed that he was partially responsible, and the police ultimately did not punish either the drive or the elderly person, immediately releasing them.

Comments from NetEase:

死面饼 死面饼 [网易天津市滨海新区手机网友]:

Elderly people have already become a public nuisance. This is definitely not an isolated incident.

网易广东省广州市手机网友 ip:14.18.*.*

Obstructing traffic, should be arrested.

lzyyl [网易重庆市手机网友]:

Disturbing the public order and causing a disturbance, these crimes are normally invoked quite readily [by the authorities], so how come they invoked when they should be? And instead they use mediation?

网易辽宁省锦州市手机网友 ip:123.187.*.*

Exploiting old age.

酱油一下 [网易广西南宁市手机网友]:

This disease needs to be treated.

长处副局帖跟 [网易广东省汕头市手机网友]:

Bad people have become old.

网易浙江省温州市手机网友 ip:124.160.*.*

Old bastard that won’t die, better be careful of being run over.

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友 ip:115.231.*.*

Some elderly people do in fact exploit their old age, those bastards. It’s not that the old have become bad, it’s that the bad have become old.

真理自在人中 [网易湖北省襄阳市手机网友]:

Motherfucking bullshit.

佳恒 [网易上海市手机网友]:

What a strange country.


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