Elderly Person Tries to Cheat Student, Caught on Camera

Elderly Person Tries to Cheat Student, Caught on Camera

According the the official Weibo account of the Pengzhou, Sichuan Public Security Bureau, an elderly person fell while crossing the street, then tried to blame a passing student for the accident.Lucky for the student, the incident was caught on camera and once the footage was reviewed, he was proven innocent.Netizens were outraged at the immoral behavior of the elderly person involved, with the top rated commenter saying “Paste the old person’s picture all over their apartment complex and broadcast it on local TV. Do that one time and they’ll never do it again.”
Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    I kind of agree with the shaming thing.

  • Foreign Devil

    So many elderly CHinese people are such scum. The younger generation is nicer. . usually it is the other way around in most places.

    • Most of the young people I meet are usually friendly and optimistic and interested in alternatives.
      But I have seen first hand, that when they hit their late 20’s they conform to the wishes of their parents/family and begin to lose that happy/optimistic joy they once had… they just don’t have the will or desire to “fight/resist” that pressure
      It is sad, but it is not my life..so be it

  • David

    In most countries that would be called ‘attempted fraud’ and he would be arrested. Here the wag their finger at him and sy ‘oh you crazy uncle, go be good now’.