Elderly Scavenger Harassed on Shanghai Public Bus Line 82

A Shanghai bus.

A Shanghai bus.

From Sina:

Captured: Driver and passenger on public humiliate elderly scavenger

August 6th, Shanghai Public Bus Line 82, an elderly person makes a living collecting cardboard and plastic bottles only wanted to ride the public bus but a young man and woman kept trying to force him to get off the bus. Eventually, the young man ripped the old man’s bag as he disembarked and stormed off.

In the above video, the woman (bus driver) and male passenger yell at the old man accusing him of bringing on garbage and affecting the other passengers while the old man challenges them to go ahead and call the police.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

The above copy has over 1.4 million views on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku with over 13,700 comments over 371 pages and 14,400 downvotes (at time of translation) since being uploaded 3 days ago.

It has been spreading on popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo (ex. 1 & 2), social network RenRen, and internet discussion forums like Mop and Baidu Tieba.

Naturally, the video is receiving a lot of discussion on popular Shanghai forums KDS (ex. 1 & 2) and Liba (ex. 1 & 2). It has also been reported on Shanghai’s Dragon Satellite Television Nightly News:

From Youku:

Shanghai Public Bus Line 82 refused scavenger passenger, driver already suspended, 110810 Dragon Nightly News

The above news report itself has been viewed over 400k times on Youku since it was uploaded yesterday, also with thousands of commends and an overwhelming amount of downvotes.

Comments from Liba:


Not letting the old man ride when the bus is this empty is a going a little too far.
That woman was so mean, I feel really bad for the old man, it isn’t as if he didn’t pay fare.
I’ve seen people who collect garbage on the buses in Hong Kong but have never seen people drive them away.


This seems to be something that is very difficult to simply judge right or wrong… However, what that guy did when getting off the bus was indeed going a little too far.


Those who look down on those who collect garbage are garbage themselves.


A public bus is for transporting passengers, not for transporting cargo.
If the things the old man is carrying are within the specified allowed volume [size], then he is allowed to ride the bus.
If they exceed the specified allowed volume, then he isn’t allowed to ride the bus.


If one’s circumstances weren’t truly bad, who would willingly go do this [collect garbage/recyclables]?

These days some people really don’t have any compassion. If this continues, I don’t know what things will be like when we’re old.


握手 Actually a lot of the time when we say to help the disadvantaged, it is at times like these that showing some understanding would be a quiet way of helping them.

Helping them isn’t only donating money or materials to them.

For that man to do what he did, his character is really low…


Such a big public bus and they can’t tolerate a single old man who collects trash? Is this a tragedy of this city or of this society?


Why are all the other passengers on the bus so indifferent?
This isn’t like standing forth to stop a thief or robber which might cause personal harm.

Who is the person that uploaded the video? What is your goal for making this video? What went through your heart as you were recording? Do you feel ashamed for yourself?


We live in a society that laughs at the poor but not at those who prostitute themselves. Told grandpa doesn’t look dirty, his things also seem to be well bundled, and the bus isn’t crowded either so I really don’t understand who he’s bothering.


There was a male passenger in the video who tapped the old man wanting to give him his seat, but under all the uproar caused by the driver and that other male passenger, he could only helplessly sit back down…


When comparing this old man to those young people who kneel on the ground or those people who are always pulling at your clothes begging, at least he’s relying on himself. I think the old man is admirable!~


How long must’ve the old man spent to collect such a large bag of garbage [recyclables]!

With the garbage scattered, the old man must be so anxious his blood pressure must’ve shot up.

So sad.

Must human flesh search!!!


I feel ashamed on behalf of Shanghainese people… For something like this to happen in the city I have grown up in truly makes my face red in front of my computer monitor…

If I were on that bus, I would stand forward… and buy that old man a luggage ticket…

Shanghai’s public bus personnel should really reflect upon themselves… not just public buses but also taxi drivers…

Last week while carrying my 2-year-old child, a Jinjiang [a taxi company in Shanghai] taxi driver actually refused to give us a ride without a reason and was even really mean yelling at us and slamming the car door, scaring my baby… If I didn’t have my child beside me, I definitely would’ve raised hell with him… It was the first time I’ve made a complaint call, and today they’ve called back but without anything really done…


I’m probably going to be yelled at for this but having a big bag of garbage next to you is indeed very uncomfortable, especially with it being summer right now there must have been an odor. Sigh…


After watching, I didn’t feel anything, but now with so many people on Weibo [microblogs] saying how Shanghainese people are so and so bad… To be honest, those who have low/poor characters are usually hard disks


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People should not be separated into different classes, work should not be separated into different levels, as long one earns with their own labor, without stealing or robbing others, one should be respected.

An old man who makes a living collecting recyclable garbage is harassed while taking a bus in Shanghai.A man criticizes an old man who scavenges for recyclable trash for bringing his plastic bottles onto the public bus in Shanghai.

Comments from KDS:


I don’t think the driver was wrong. If it were you, would you want to lie next to garbage? Even if [the bus] is empty now, the moment more people get on the bus, you’re definitely going to come into contact with it. Those who are making sarcastic remarks should first go lie in a garbage pile for half and hour before coming back and expressing their opinion.


Human flesh search this beast of a ticket collector.


These two people are definitely Shanghai’s garbage! MD, so those who collect garbage aren’t allowed to get on the bus? What? They didn’t pay fare?


If you let him on and the odor is bad, then the passengers are going to go make complaints asking why garbage was allowed on.
Don’t let him on and there will also be be saying how hard it must be for the old man and asking why can’t he be let on. People will always have opinions and reasons.
No matter what, the one that suffers is the driver.


It is hard to know what to do, people will always have opinions and reasons, but to treat an old man, especially one who is also a Shanghainese old man, in that way is rather excessive [going too far].
First, to treat such an elderly person in such a disgusting method, isn’t that going too far? If you have the balls to use that tone/attitude against an YP, then you’d be a role-model.
Second, do the plastic bottles have an odor? If they don’t have an odor, then are they affecting other people?
Third, the old man’s things are thrown out several times in the video. It doesn’t matter if it is garbage, all that matters is who it belongs to now. Who allowed you to take other people’s private property [and do] as you please? I’m not trying to elevate this to a higher plane, but from a legal standpoint, who gives you this kind of right [to throw away other people’s things]?


The ticket seller’s attitude is poor, but wasn’t wrong.


So when someone is old, they don’t need to abide by the rules? So if they are pitiful, they can violate the rules?

So scavengers can just run wild as they please??

The new “Shanghai Municipal Regulations for the Management of Public Buses” also have requirements for the civilized use of buses by passengers. Passengers cannot bring on flammable, explosive, poisonous, radioactive, corrosive, offensively odorous, and other things that jeopardize the safety of the bus.

Are people forgetting this?


Although refusing to take on a passenger is a truth, the drive is also considering the entire department. On such hot days, where the air conditioned buses are also sealed and any odor can’t be fanned out, won’t the passengers who board later on and don’t know the truth also yell at the driver? The driver acted so that the other passengers wouldn’t be affected. When you are in a certain position, you must fulfill that position’s responsibilities. Those who have some character should first consider, does your behavior affect others?

Of course, we also shouldn’t be so demanding of an old man, asking that he have good character, that he consider others… Towards the elderly, it is proper to take pity and being compassionate/sympathetic towards them. The only thing is that we should even more condemn his children, his family, or XX, asking why the old man has no one to rely on, no one to depend on [no one to take care of them forcing them to have to scavenge to survive]?


That very last second when the door closed and hearing the old man, I was heart-broken.


If it were me, I’d give 10 yuan of money, and buy all of the garbage…


There is never a shortage of idiots. If it were you guys in that situation, you guys wouldn’t be disgusted with him and want him to get off the bus?
Always making demands of other people from behind a computer, such garbage.


I want to say, when dealing with the elderly, if you can yield to them, then yield to them.
You too will be old one day.


Seeing some of the comments on the mountain [referring to KDS], I have to wonder just how bankrupt social morality has become.
Those saying public buses have relevant rules and regulations, do none of you know that there is something in the world called morality that overrides the law? Much less rules and regulations? Sigh…

What do you think? Whose side are you on? What would you do? What do you think are the issues involved here?

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An old man who makes a living collecting recyclable garbage is harassed while taking a bus in Shanghai.An old man is yelled at by a bus passenger for bringing onto the Shanghai public bus his collection of recylable trash.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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    LOL @ China.

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    Ginger roots.
    Just wanted to get that in early. I mean I wanted to get the ginger roots in early. But yeah, the tribbing reference, too.
    Enjoy your day, ladies and gentlemen.

    • It’s called “figging”, and while we’re at side-tracking the actual story, let’s drop in “pegging” for good measure.

      Because. It’s not gay if your girlfriend does it.

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        Coincidentally , I had never heard about “pegging” until I was dating this girl who was pretty twisted. She was a lot of fun and edgy, until she reached in her drawer…

        “WTF…..you’re not really strapping that on?”

        Some things I draw the line on…my anus is a “Ginger Only” entry point.

        Not making any judgements, but I’m not quite sure what category you’re in if proudly put your hands on your hips and shout to the world, “I have to go home and let my girl bone me in the ass with her big black strap-on!”

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          It’s a must see if you like Brazilian movies…same country that gave you “City of God!”

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        Anyway that shit is naaasty. I’m sure Hongjian will be able to tell us more about it, isn’t that right? I hope those dirty AV bitches got paid enough.

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          A sick, twisted, scat fetish watching fuck, but you’re magnificent nonetheless!

          I hear Hongjian got a temporary job as a a fluffer for Vivid’s latest Enema Fetish Production “The Opposite Hose!”

  • Fauna didn’t put it in, but the old man has a priceless comment that sums everything up about this story.

    When confronted by the young man that her shouldn’t be allowed to bring the bags of garbage onto the bus, the old man explains, “That isn’t garbage; that’s my money.”

    As I said: priceless.

  • [email protected]

    Technically, I may just be the first person to actually comment on this article.

    If so:

    This is APPALLING!

    Would really love to run into mr man-purse on the street and spit in his face

    • Tengu

      You notice our friend carrying the “murse” didn’t do shit until he was heading off the bus, wouldn’t do anything on the bus. I think I saw a cell phone on his belt too…prick.

      Can’t believe they humiliated that old man, he’s collecting plastic to make a few extra yuan and some baby face brat has to get in his face.


      The old man has more dignity!

    • Ray

      Lol you should always having something like “I’m APPALLED!” as your opening statement.

      But this is rather appalling, unless the bus started smelling really bad the moment he got on.

      • Brett Hunan

        Do people in Shanghai not eat stinky tofu on the bus? Its like a pastime here. I guarantee the fermented snack smells worse than him or his garbage.

        • Dr. Dust Cell

          Stinky Tofu smells like food to Chinese people, but garbage smells like garbage.

          • Pete

            It’s not just any garbage. It’s discarded drink bottles. If he were bring on week-old rotting food scraps, then it would be really noxious. But drink bottles don’t smell. They are just plastic.

            Also, he’s doing a public service, getting them off the streets.

            I wouldn’t want to sit next to him, but I don’t like sitting next to people to talk loudly on their mobiles either. And you don’t see those louts getting kicked off buses.

          • Patrick

            Also, it doesn’t just smell like food to them – they also consider it “stinky” hence the name. The fact that it is considered a desirable treat – well I have bigger puzzles to solve.

        • Nyancat

          Amen to that brother!

    • 1) Maybe you should change your name; it might cheer you up.
      2) My comment is directly above yours. It is on-topic and bereft of your reply (something to do with apples, most likely)
      3) If this is the actual first comment of the story and its only about spitting in his mr-purse’s face, it doesn’t leave else much digression to go from there.

      “I would spit on his purse! That would teach him!”
      “Not I, for I would spit in the air and dive-bomb attack his sculpt!”

      • Tengu

        The comment is “priceless ” and makes it even more poignant, the old man is scraping by recycling plastic and this pompous ass belittles him, in public and then like a spoiled child pulls his bags apart as he makes good his escape.

        Must have been rock hard and manly when he got home:
        “Babe I told this old man off today…I even pulled his trash apart. Let me take my cell phone off my belt and place my murse on the table and we can cuddle. Are there any wine spritzers in the fridge?”

        Although my conjecture is way out of whack, a guy with so much pent up anger which he vents to belittle an elderly man, doesn’t have any pussy waiting for him at home….possibly mom.

        And it IS his money and those bags represent a lot of time and effort on his part.

      • [email protected]

        Sensitive much?

        Terrior, You wrote your comment while I was writing mine. I also allowed for the possibility that my comment was not the first ‘on-topic’ comment. As was the case with yours coming in sooner.

        Come down from your high horse, Terrior, if you really want to chat.

        • Tengu

          I happen to like the name “appalled @everything” I think I even referenced it in a post today.

          I’m never first “on-topic” and I’ll never get “sofa”…it’s the ADD.

        • Jones

          I have one of those adorable mini-horses. I look silly on it, but it gets me from point A to point B.

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          Nicely done, Terroir.
          You have pretty much established yourself as a flamer with that dumb-as-shit and untrue comment.
          I shall start calling you Flamoir now.

        • 甲: “Boy, when I’m on the internet, I wish that there was a commenter who is systematic and unswavering in his attitude and opinion about all thing Chinese, and whose entire body of written content can be easily summarized by his username…”

          乙: “You know, they have an APP for that….”

        • Tengu

          Now look what you two did, you made Jones shit himself…

      • Joe

        The difference between the two comments was only 13 minutes. Appalled may very well have been reading before your comment even loaded.

        Also, terroir, you are an obnoxious man child.

        • Tengu

          Moment, moment…we’re pretty much ALL obnoxious man children at one point or another.

    • Xiongmao

      Can’t play the video here for some reason, and I don’t condone the younger peoples’ behaviours but these trash collectors are really fucking dirty. Scavenging through garbage bins all day. I understand that can be life in Chinese society, but I’ll be damned if I’d like them to brush themselves or their trash up against me. Smelly too. I think this is a kinda of problem not easily solved.

      • angryman

        He paid his fare, and plenty of non-trash collectors on public transport stink. I mean really, the Shanghai metro in summer is a study in BO.

    • Brett Hunan

      Speaking of relevant…. What is happening in Guizhou right now?

  • eattot

    hmm, it’s true that no one wants to stay with smelly rubbish, either ask him to take some off, either not him get on.
    when my parents were in shanghai, most people gave them seat once they saw them, so, should not be so judgemental sometimes.

    • Tengu

      Being nice to elderly and showing them respect especially when it’s two younger women showing that respect is called “snowballing” in the US. it’s very common and enjoyable to see.

      • eattot

        i do not care what it is, but the truth is, in small cities, they may let this old rubbish man get on, but people are very ignorant and rude to old people, they do not give their seats out at all. my parents really felt so good for this point, and they also feel people here do not curse dirty much, do not spit that much, no comparation, no right to judge.

        • Jones

          So your parents snow-ball the elderly and poor a lot? That’s good…

          • Brett Hunan

            ding dong. we have a winner

          • Tengu

            And no “spitting”…another point in her favor.

            I wonder if there is a special place in hell where we’ll all finally meet.

            “Did you post on ChinaSmack?”
            “Yes, but, but, but….”
            “Follow me, we have a special room for you. Just sit on that Ginger Stump over there until we call your number…Mr…Tengu is it?”

    • Stinkbaum

      Your parents collected garbage in Shanghai?
      How can you afford interwebs?

      • Just John

        She moonlights as a surgeon. Can’t you tell by the mask?

        You can get certifications for everything here.

        • Brett Hunan

          Well done, John. I see what you’re working on here…

      • eattot

        at least you know yourself always bullshit, so you take a good name for yourself!

        • Irvin

          Let’s be honest, no one likes sitting next to rubbish, living or not. Those two on the bus was just taking out the trash.

          • Brett Hunan

            I can’t tell if you are trolling or trying to get under eattot’s skin.

            Its been said before by Terrior and Tengu and I’m about to beat a dead horse, but to call the bag of plastic “rubbish” is inaccurate and flat out arrogant.

            Those bottles aren’t (to my knowledge) used to make water bongs or homemade enemas. They are resold so that he can buy food, or clothes, or pay rent.

            Those bottles are his means of survival.

            When you stop and think about it, that bag full of bottles couldn’t have had much of a smell. Bottles don’t sit idle for long because there are so many collectors. Heck I usually don’t have to find a garbage can, I see collectors on the street and simply hand them the freshly finished item(s).

            Calling the man himself “trash” isn’t even worthy of a civil response. Whereas others on this site have recently found a liking for ginger fingers and other perishable anus stuffing goods, you seem to have something much larger and more painful stuck up your ass.

            We cannot exist in a harmonious society when others just wont accept that some people have different circumstances. Please note that “different” does not mean “worse”.

          • eattot

            zhuangbility leads to leipility!
            as i always say, easy to say hard to do!
            at least i am honest to my moralty!
            zhuangbier sucks!

          • Tengu

            I’m about to beat a live Irvin.

            How can you be a fucking insensitive and arrogant to call ANY person trash, you’r’e like ManBagBoy with the Buddhist Mala bracelet he wears as jewelry. HE’s not worthy.

            So you’re in line with the shitbag with the man bag who feels so righteous and entitled to dictate what another person does and deny him what precious little he worked for. The elderly man positioned himself near the door, his shirt was pressed, he looks clean and above all he was an elderly gentleman and didn’t respond irrationally, he simply stood his ground

            When has it become acceptable to treat someone like this and how, in good conscience, can you validate and condone this behavior.

            I’m aware this will be a tough exercise, but work with me:
            With that that small reptilian brain of yours try to push to the fore and think about what this man, this Chinese man, this Chinese man of this age…has been through in his life.

            Think of the turmoil, the changes, the deaths, the famines, the revolution he’s seen, yet he’s managed to survive with dignity and is taking care of himself, by any means possible.

            This man is the ultimate survivor and deserves everyone’s respect simply for being the age is, going through what he has and holding his head high, while still having a tough life. I didn’t hear him complaining.

            The younger guy was out of line and overreacted, you know it and I know it.

            Unless you’re pushing every guy you see picking up cans and bottles on the street into a dumpster it’s easy to shit on someone a few thousand miles away isn’t it?

            Those bags consider trash or rubbish maybe only a few extra Yuan, but it may mean he can eat or maybe it means he buys something for his granddaughter. Could you muster that amount of dignity in his situation?

          • Irvin

            Just because it’s rubbish doesn’t mean it’s useless, and just because it’s useful doesn’t mean it’s not trash.

            You are all right on alot of things regarding the old man, still, doesn’t mean his shit don’t stink.

            Do I lack compassion? perhaps. Let’s see you invite some homeless guy to live with you since you’re all so compassionate.

            There’s a reason why people don’t want to associate themselves or share space with people less fortunate than themselves. Sleep with dogs and you’ll get flea.

            All of you talk big online but are in fact fucking hypocrites.

          • Chef Rocco

            Again you call this natural selection, Irvin? you must be a social Darwinist, if so, you have no right to keep complaining about the sufferings of your family during the Cultural Revolution.

          • shanghainese austrailan

            ahhh agree with you so wholeheartedly. you don’t lack compassion but you are stoic <— love this characteristic and realistic

            the shanghainese (not other chinese) have a culture of cleanliness. more so in their own homes especially the mums. i would know than any other regions. this is a generalisation only as there are exceptions but im talking about the culture generally. don't know about today's generation and seeing those people on the bus or the disparity of those people to the average do make people uncomfortable.

          • Tengu

            Hey Swervin Irvin, I think you’re a little off center here.

            You’re not comparing apples to apples my little road apple.

            Taking a guy in to live at your home is a bit different than simply leaving an old man who’s trying to scrape by, alone and leave his dignity intact, especially when it’s none of your business anyway.


            We’re talking simple kindness, not a large amount of work involved or is that too tedious for you, to much to ask?

            Are you so unsullied by life you can’t stand next to a man with a few bags of recyclables on a bus? What are you the 40 year old virgin?

            Do you lack compassion, you’re not simply “lacking”, you have none.

            And by the way, I volunteer at a food pantry every other weekend, I cook and serve food to the homeless, so get your knee pads on and blow me. Probably not your first time.

            Some of them are “fragrant” that’s true, but these are tough times we’re in, there are a lot of people in places they never thought they’d be in.

            I see couples, well dressed couples on fixed incomes who can’t afford to eat, young mothers with no jobs and kids, single guys who lost their jobs and ran out of unemployment, crazy bastards, lunatics, junkies and drunks, but in your world…they don’t even deserve to eat.

            You’re so blessed you can’t bring yourself to be near them , god forbid you actually put an apron, cooked and served them, too demeaning, too freaky, too beneath you? You self-involved , self-righteous little prig.

            Buy a dog, you won’t be so afraid of getting fleas and it might help you get laid too.

          • Brett Hunan

            I don’t know if it really needs to be said, but saying that we “are all fucking hypocrites” is a really bold statement.

            You and I don’t know anyone here, except by comments made on the forum. A lot of people talk stupid on the interwebs but maybe there are some pretty good and giving, down-to-earth people here.

            I could go on and tell you exactly what kind of volunteer work I have done in the past, am doing, how much time I have spent trying to help even a little. None of that really matters though.

            You can’t justify your selfishness and poor taste by turning all of the people who post here into selfish pricks too. Maybe we all are, maybe none of us are.

          • Irvin

            And I just donated 100million to the homeless; the beauty of the net is we can be anyone and say anything.

            It’s amusing to watch you argue with this chaotic internet persona that is Irvin. I’m looking forward to more entertainment from you and news from chinasmack alike.

            May your anger and stupidity only be surpass by their entertainment value.

          • Tengu

            Then my dear Irvin you have played your hand out and revealed your true intent, which makes you much less interesting and beneath any future responses.

            “Chaotic”…you flatter yourself.

          • Irvin

            Wait…….you actually strives to be “interesting” ONLINE??

            You truly are pathetic.

          • Jones

            Hahaha “chaotic internet persona” guffaw guffaw chortle chortle

          • Tengu

            It would be a waste of good ginger root!

            He trolls well, I have to give him that…

        • mille

          God damnit! Your English is HORRIBLE!

          • Tengu

            We like to think it’s part of her charm considering she lacks any other sort of charm at all, we’re a “glass half full” group out here.

  • MadeInChina

    What’s the young guy and girl complaining about?
    Obviously they weren’t aware that the air around them in China stinks anyway. The old man is just mixing stink with stink.

  • fuck shanghai

    typical of the cunts in the disgusting city

  • nereis

    That punk isn’t fit to lick this man’s boots. He can only hope to be able to retain this work ethic and dignity when he reaches the same age.

  • Dan Danger

    Just an old poor man trying to survive and not hurting anybody else on the bus. People here feel so superior to the poor and love to show it. I watched an old lady the other day treated like a dog by young and older people at a coffee shop. You do not have to give her money but no need to be cruel.

    She was shown kindness by a couple people and I helped her too, but it was really embarrassing to watch how some people behaved, like pigs really.

    • Just John

      I agree.

      While no one is forcing you to respect them or anything else, nether is there a reason to go out of your way to be cruel.

      I just walk by the beggars, treating them the same as I do all the other masses of people that I do not know.

      Some people though seem to get a perverse pleasure out of torturing those less fortunate. Some seem to act like it is a personal affront to them that these people exist.

      Me, I think live and let live, each to their own.

      • Brett Hunan

        Right on. Honestly, there are too many poor to help by handing out money to every beggar you see.

        There is, however, no reason we can’t give a few minutes of our time or risk losing a little face to help someone who is being mistreated.

        • Just John

          Actually, you know what I prefer to give them?
          A sandwich.

          Know why?
          Then I know they aren’t taking the money I worked for and spending it to drink themselves into a stupor.

          I worked for the City of Phoenix, and got to see many beggars rushing with the change they were just handed to the local circle K and buying themselves a tall, frosty beer to get more snockered then they already were, and you could smell the alcohol on them already…

          When I see signs asking for money for food, I realize that while all may not be falsely advertising their ultimate purpose, many will not use the money for food, but instead for other things.

          So, I prefer to cut out the middle man and give them exactly what they said they wanted, not what they are ultimately asking for. Now, if they made a sign saying “Need money for beer”, then I might actually give them some change, because at least they are being honest.

          • Tengu

            I agree, better to give them “something” than just cash i most cases.


            True story:
            I’m in Tiananmen Square with my GF from Wuhan.

            A guy with one foot calls over in pretty good English saying “Stay there , I’m coming over to ask you for some money.”

            Now as you, I am a fan of absolute honesty.

            I responded:
            “Hang on I’ll come over and give you some money!”
            I give the guy all the singles I had 3RMB.

            She says to me:
            “Did you give him money?”
            “Yeah, 3 RMB”
            “You got ripped off, you know they make things up”
            “The guy was missing a foot”
            “They can make you see things.”
            “The guy was missing a foot”
            “Well they’ll do things to themselves so they can get money.”
            “Okay , so your contention is this guy sawed off his own foot so he could scam me out of 3 RMB. If that’s true, I need to go find him, because that kind of dedication needs to be recognized and I’m giving him 1,000 RMB.”

            So I think there is an inherent distrust many of us have against people in these situations and this is not without merit for the reasons “Just John” stated.

            Sandwiches are better.

            But missing a foot and undiluted honesty deserve something too..and to cut anyone with an objection off…I don’t give a fuck HOW he lost his foot.
            “He was missing a foot!”

            I have to admit, I also give to young, talented street musicians and the blind pretty easily.

  • I was voter # 69

    and voted Yes, he should be allowed to ride

    The old comrade was not carrying a tank of gas or farm animals!

    Song of the Article

    The World Is Not Enough


  • Not a SH boy

    My guess is that the pussy Mr. Murse was wearing some stinky Hugo Boss cologne, and therefore angry that there might be competition in his “aromatic space”.

    Damn, I wish my 185 cm / 100 kg foreign body had been there to share a few knuckles with Mr. tough guy. Pick on me, pussy!

  • mao420

    I am not going to judge whether the old man was right or wrong…..but if everyone has equal rights in a communist society then why dont the people just quietly accept him.
    Ofcorse…the man is carrying garbage that have accumulated alot of germs and bacteria that could spread diseases easily especially in closed atmosphere like a bus or a train. But if the bus authorilty put s sign “No garbage allowed in a bus” then does it make the authority corert? I think people can tolerate smoking more than garbage. People used to smoke in buses, trains and airplanes and people just had to quietly tolerate until the government controlled it.
    I think the bus driver was wrong and not the old man nor the young guy. He shouldnt have let him in with garbages in the first place. He shoud have been politely told “Sorry, we cannot allow you inside our bus with those bags because it endnagers the health of other travellers.
    This scene was just inevidable. It just had to happen.

    • Joe

      >empty beverage bottles
      >endanger the health of passengers
      wtf am I reading?

  • I wonder how many of the people who voted “yes” really would be okay with guys bringing a bunch of bags of garbage onto the bus if it happened on their bus.

    • Brett Hunan

      Actually, its not as bad as others make it out to be. Mostly bottles and maybe paper. Bottles are usually water bottles. Most of these bags of garbage are probably cleaner than the keyboard you are typing on now.

      But I get your “point”…. not

    • Irvin

      I can tell you for a fact that they’re all fucking hypocrites.

      They have no idea how bad those people smells. I doubt they ever have to be in a confined space with anyone like the old man in the bus, they wouldn’t know the other side of the coin.

      All they see is “oh poor old man”, but that’s just it, that’s all they can SEE. Once the smell comes into the equation they’ll be singing a different song.

      Fucking hypocrites.

      • shanghainese austrailan

        nah once the smell comes out they go ‘hahah chinese are dirty yucky etc’. hahah hilarious

        • Irvin

          My point exactly.

        • donscarletti

          Welcome to Australia, now you have come to call yourself Australian, please learn to spell it correctly.

          Thank you.

          Oh, by the way, an old Shanghainese immigrant told me this piece of advice on the plane a few months back: “Australians don’t hate Chinese, Australians hate Vietnamese, the only problem is they’re too dumb to tell the difference.”

          • shanghainese austrailan

            i came to australian when i was 8 and i’m 24 so i’ve been here longer than shangy. i put shanghainese since it’s my base ethnicity. oh that was a typo :)

      • Just John

        You apparently have not ridden public bus often, or else you would notice when it is 32 degrees outside and everyone is sweating like a pig that Chinese do in fact sweat, and coupled with the lack of deodorant use, there are people smelling bad everywhere.

        If you want to accost this guy just because he stinks, then you will be accosting several other honest, hardworking guys that don’t have bags of plastic bottles simply because they do not appear to realize their BO is enough to gag a vulture.

        So, again as people have said, it is the “scavenger” aspect that made these two act like juvenile bullies, not the bad smell. Bad smell alone would not warrant this kind of behavior.

      • [email protected]

        What actually is the different when it comes to people who smell?

        Tell me how to differentiate between –

        smelling bad from sticking your arm in rubbish bins all day
        smelling bad because you smoke cigarettes all day
        smelling bad because you drank coffee all day
        smelling bad because you were sweating all day and have B.O.
        smelling bad because you seldom brush your teeth and only ‘wipe down’ your body at night, but not actually bathe
        smelling bad because of eating rich foods
        smelling bad because you have glandular problems and are smelly in general

        I think this man probably smelled as bad, or even better than most people on public transport.

        He is a senior citizen Shanghai local. The food shortages and price fixing in China mean that most elderly retirees are struggling to afford food now. Many will collect recyclables in order to get a meal on the table. Most do not want to burden their family and don’t ask for handouts from their children or grandchildren. This man was eloquent, calm, reasonable and justifiable. I support him 100%

        There is a very good chance that the young people, namely the driver and Mr. Man-purse, but definitely the bus driver, are going to be in exactly this man’s situation one day. I hope that they remember this experience and are able to reflect on how poorly they both behaved to this old fellow.

        What goes around comes around

        • Just John

          lol, my point exactly Appalled, at least on the smell part.

          It appears more that it is the social standing issue then the smell issue. If he perfumed his bottles and they smelled like roses, he would still probably get the same reaction, because he is viewed as a lower life form.

          I have ran into others that made me want to gag, and they were not scavengers, they just had really bad BO, and I didn’t notice them getting kicked off the bus.

          Goes to show you that some people just choose to think they are better then you based on what profession you have, not based on your actual qualities as a human being.

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      Didn’t vote either way, but I have been on the bus when people brought cans, ect…to be recycled. Didn’t smell good, left a wet spot on the floor, but so many people are suffering now, and trying to make ends meet. No one tried to kick the person off, and the bus drivers didn’t say anything.

      Tengu,” City of God “was an awesome movie.

      • Tengu

        “City of God”, I agree it was an amazing movie.

        This may not be a good suggestion depending on why you liked “City of God”, but thee’s a great movie called “Waste Land.”

        Look it up see if you might like it, a great documentary made about the trash pickers (catadores) in Rio de Janiero…it is totally germane to this whole post and quite honestly watching it should be a prerequisite for posting on this thread.

        It’s available for instant streaming on Netflix.

  • Master C

    Thats the true lower class displaying their inferiority complex, lack of sensitivities, lack of empathy like, self serving corrupt officials accepting bribes or exploiting loopholes in the system to write themselves high salaries or special funeral funds or the like imagining the general public is not aware.

    The middle classers would remain neutral or ignore the smell (if any), being psychologically secure enough to not take the opportunity to practice ‘one-upmanship’ on the obviously oppressed, yet keep their peace by not struggling too much to waste any energy on defense of the poor sod.

    The true upper classes (not those foreign brand name obsessed types, but those with the correct blend of a sense of ethics etc..) would being well rested and secure in their background, etc., actually stand up for the old guy and tell the abusers to shut up, though this IS public transport where doubtful there are any upper class types in the public transport (middle class types already shun public transport, so forget about upper class types there) system barring upper class types pretending to be poor or oppressed and lying in wait to pull a ‘Qianlong’ on the unsuspecting abuser (hint hint).

    Frankly though, China’s municipal councils could implement a 2nd type (or second ‘section’) of free public bus (even interstate versions) for those too poor to pay, or running errands, and carrying stuff like this so that the smell or grottiness would not affect others.

    Of course when all classes are segregated like that, we would not have opportunity to identify what kind of people we are among then but their response to those outside their own classes. Perhaps a ‘Inter-class Sensitization Course’ (i.e. learn to interact with various, not to pity the poor, not to worship the rich otr those with status, providwe a sense of social structure etc..)could be developed from this article and the exchanges here.

    This confirms lower class usage dominance of public transport and their use of their better financial position to oppress their fellow lower classers unaware it only shows their lack of ‘class’. Money does not buy breeding and in the event that the old man himself suddenly came by a sudden windfall, he too might be as cruel as the 2 abusers featured here.

    Society is indeed fragmented badly and without even the minimum of wealth distribution, much less ethics (if not morality – at least for the upper crust) or ‘finishing schools’, China for all it achieves internationally may become an uglier place internally and locally (much like USA has sadly degenerated into, loophole collusion, plutocracy, corruption) in time to come.

    Trappings are the hardware, the gentility, sophistry and empathy is the software. China should know which it lacks and how to address it. It is good to know that philantropy is taking off among the wealthiest, let the distinguishing of class types trickle down from actions of those with the mind to act !

    Long live the Fatherland !

    • Tengu

      I’m not sure I agree with the segregating the public transportation into a two class system is the answer, but I’ve read this post several times and was amazed no one commented on it.

      I enjoyed reading it; it’s a unique and intriguing take on the issues at hand…well done.

      Sadly, many societies are fragmenting and many already have great fissures fully formed which may be beyond repair.

  • carny


    “Those who look down on those who collect garbage are garbage themselves”

    thank you lanmeiqueen for those words, so true.

    a shame that most CS comments seem to lack any compassion regarding the gentleman in question and would rather be discussing their sexual inadequacies through schoolyard innuendo, sniggering sneers or sneering sniggers.
    snowballing, frigging, figging, tribbing or even ad-libbing, chortle chortle guffaw guffaw all very amusing if you are 12, i’m sure there must be many internet sites or forums for people of your ilk where you can happily swap vocabulary of this nature, if you have nothing constructive to say here why not visit them?

    • Brett Hunan

      You want to scold people THROUGH THE INTERWEBS??? What result are you expecting?

      • Tengu

        Fuck me, he’s expecting us to act like adults…

    • Jones

      Hey Carny! Jones here. I just want to stop and apologize to you for all the references I made to figging, tribbing, and snowballing. I do not remember ad-libbing, chortling, or guffawing, though. But, that’s not important. What is important is that I realize I have turned the typically respectful, serious, and important internet comments into something so immature and disrespectful. Being as it’s the internet, and on the internet your caring, serious and chastising comments matter, it’s absolutely unbelievable that anyone would be so nonchalant about a man and his bag of garbage on a Shanghai bus.

      So, on behalf of Terroir, Tengu, Just John, myself, and many others…I want to apologize for not using ChinaSMACK as the very-serious “your comments make a difference” website that it is. These are subjects that we should treat very…uhhh…very gingerly?

    • Tengu

      Carny, In some way, I see your point. I’m not going to apologize by any stretch of the imagination since I’m the one who initiated “snowballing” in this article.

      The typical flow is we act like puerile 9 year olds who just discovered our dicks for a few minutes and then get on track, depending on the subject.

      It is true there are a number of inside jokes running around and we need to gingerly walk the fine line between being total assholes and holding forth on issues. Sometimes we do both at the same time…we’re huge fans of simultaneity or we’re lazy, I’m not sure.

      We do bait certain people ’tis true, we do taunt the trolls, take them to task and badger the ghastly creatures due to their total lack of common sense or racism.

      So while there is the sofa, the song of the day, the book of the day sometimes, the movie of the day and the porn term of the day – that started recently and much to your future dismay took off like wildfire (I have a new one queued up for the next article) – most of us who are out here frequently try to be civil to each other and the uncivil ones we tend to either ignore, emasculate or inflame even more.

      First post on this particular article was 10:11…first serious post on subject was 10:27. Considering the time differences in the general audience out here, that’s not too bad.

      So let me say I admire your righteous indignation and in some way it could be warranted, but if you think any of us who mention figging, snowballing or tribbing are not horrified and wouldn’t snatch the fucking life from the dick with the man-bag, you’re mistaken.

      I think [email protected]’s name is a good summation. The distant, disparate, diaspora which defines ChinaSmack sees enough in our lives to make us weep for the lack of humanity in the world or rage to the heavens because of indignations suffered by this man and so many other of the “unseen” that we vent for a little bit and then get on track.

      Most of the articles which have a light-hearted bent i.e. the “Dirty Dancing” are deservedly rife with the humor and innuendo they call for, others such as the train accident or this poor man being badgered and belittled by yuppie scum, in my humble opinion, get the respect they deserve. It’s a matter of scale and horror

      I’m as guilty as the next when it comes to the puerile innuendo, maybe more than most.

      I hope you’re aware that “ad-libbing”, “chortle chortle”, “guffaw guffaw” will now be added to the argot of ChinaSmack and remember the interwebs is just a series of tubes.

      So get on board and shove this carefully crafted piece of ginger up that tightly clenched anus of yours. I made it just for you.

      • Jones

        Anyone who takes comments on ChinaSMACK seriously is a real problem.

        • Jones

          Because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with talking about how much we want to guffaw Hongjian’s chortle.

          • Tengu

            Her ad-libia is nicely waxed and her muffaw muffaw is pink and tight.

            I hear she won a blue medal at the “2011 Beijing Yearming Cumpetition”

          • Tengu

            Would you be so kind as to jump in and slap me when I waste energy of a troll, I’m out of ginger, can’t drink fruit shakes, haven’t had Hongjian to badger, our other girl thinks snow-balling is two kind young girls on a bus!

            I’ve lost my way Jonesy!

      • carny

        Fair play Tengu, that’s a very well explained response to my post and i think i understand a little better now as to what is expected from contributors here on ChinaSmack at least.
        With regards to anything going up my tightly clenched anus, may i remind you that the anus is considered to be by most an exit rather than entrance, chortle chortle, so i thank you for the invite but must pass on any insertion.
        Oh and Jones, i sort of knew it was you giving a response because your name appears above your comment, i thought you may have noticed before given the number of posts you have made. (suitable bait?)

        • Anon

          Posting pages and pages of media portal bowdlerising (oops what a coincidence) ‘anal oriented’ spam, Fauna what do you think?

  • gungun

    Heartless, cruel & unnecessary..
    I wish I could have been there, the guy in the white shirt would be even more harassed and embarassed!! :/

  • MrT

    I thought there been a lot of deaths on coaches and bus’s because of Pikeys getting on with hazardous goods and then the whole bus going up.
    Fuck em off, i check every cunt who gets on a bus to what their carrying.

  • beryl

    lets fucking hang the driver. then dispose his body in the garbage.

  • Tengu

    人肉搜索引擎 Human flesh search engine should be initiated on the coward who constantly belittled the elderly man and pulled this bags apart.

    Notice he’s wearing a Buddhist Mala bracelet, evidently it’s merely a form of jewelry to him since the primary rule of Buddhism is compassion for the suffering of others and he actually instigated the suffering of this man.

    The elderly man was wearing a shirt that appears to be clean and pressed, he’s collecting plastic to sell…it’s not “garbage”.

    I voted – YES!

    We need a “Should the prick in the polo short be allowed to ride the bus?” He created a public nuisance, by his outburst.

  • Regina

    What a fucking dick.

    • Irvin

      We have a lot of those in china, there’re more guys than girls here.

      Come here and lemme show you mine.

      • Tengu

        Of course there are more guys than girls there, there’s 20,000,000 of you who will NEVER get a Chinese wife.

        Know what you’re chances of getting a Western woman are…zilch.

        You know why many of the women prefer western men, because a lot of you act like you do on this post. You’re arrogant, selfish and like spoiled children.

        You call an old man “trash” and then you respond to Regina’s rage by wanting to show you her your tiny, pale dick.

        • Irvin

          Irony is amusing indeed, I have all of those things you accuse me of lacking and lack what you accused me of having.

          But I do understand why you want a chinese woman, I’ve been with a western woman and see no reason to ever be with another one.

          • Tengu

            I would like you to do this simple exercise for me…please copy/paste where I state I want a Chinese woman or for that matter any western man wants a Chinese woman..

            Just do that one simple favor for me and I’ll apologize for anything I’ve said to you, say it was undeserved and never post anything on ChinaSmack again.

            If you cannot perform this task that would truly be ironic, would it not?

          • Irvin

            And you copy and paste where I said I want your apology.

            I found your anger more entertaining than the simpsons why would I ever want you to make peace with me? lol

            Please, by all means don’t stop arguing with me, don’t stop being angry on the net, and keep being the pathetic, pitiful and hypocritical fool you are.

  • shanghainese austrailan

    lucky he isn’t an outside chinese. imagine then they’d probably kill those cunts. the 50% ratio of these chinese is the reason why the city is fucked up and appears with a good facade yet so ugly inside.

    • Irvin

      You should speak your mind when you’re on a bus full of these chinese you accused of fucking up the city.

      Maybe you’ll be enlighten that the city isn’t the only thing they can fuck up.

    • TheTravellingMan

      Shanghainese themselves are revolting people who are crass, stingy and their language sounds like two large male pigs mating. They need no help from waidiren to fuck up their own city.

      • shanghainese austrailan

        shanghainese are stingy and smart but they are not really revolting in the cleanliness area. that’s just their culture and it’s a fact. it isn’t the language that is ugly but the people especially those elderly redneck like people who speak it. the language itself isn’t really tonal or have many harsh sounds.

  • vivian

    this is really upsetting to see.. especially this unharming elderly that is trying to make his way of living because maybe that is all he has and for that middle-aged man to tear his belongings apart is disbelief. What gets into these people’s minds to mess with others like that? Especially an elderly!! :(

    • Irvin

      At least they’re better than those muslims that stone and bathe women with acid.

  • Kelly


  • mr. weiner

    I wish mr. manbag would come to Taiwan and try that shit on. If the Ogli-san didn’t wup his pussy arse the rest of the bus probably would, just for being a mainland bitch and not knowing how to lower his voice….BTW love the “Pegging” references, but what the hell does “Sofa” mean?

    • mr. weiner

      Sadly you are correct, there are a deal too many “Slack Jawed Faggots” [to quote Jesse the Body] accesssorising their way around Ise Formosa. The Taiwanese are a lot politer in general however and they can usually spot a mainlander at 50 paces by their dress and the amount of noise they are making.

    • shanghainese austrailan

      not many shanghainese want to go to overseas let alone taiwan tho lol. there are 1000000 taiwanese in shanghai. u can also tell with their mandarin and ching chong ching

  • codamoda

    What is the tune playing on the Youtube video?

  • Of Canada

    The recycling people were the most honest I met in Beijing. One time I brought them my empties and told them I didn’t want the few cents they pay out for the stuff. (they actually weigh it and pay you some change) . . they kept insisting and I refusing. . a few days later I walk by and they run over and put the money in my hand. . I just take it because they want to save face I guess. Meanwhile everyone else was trying to rip me off there.

  • vic2u

    Should the old man be allowed on the public bus with his bags of used and discarded recyclable plastic bottles?


    It’s not with the old man but it’s with what’s in those bags.

    I don’t often drink pop or beer but when I do, I drink them from a can and not from any bottle. Because bottles can be refilled and then recapped.

    Where has those plastic bottles been and what was in them?

    You ever wonder why so many truck and bus drivers have a bottle of yellow or brown stuff in them in the cabs?

    See all them bottles of brown stuff on the streets and on the Highways all over the US and western countries, not much in China because of all them Chinese scavengers at work.

    Them bottles of brown stuff must be popular, some dumb netizens should go open one and try.

    If they like it, it’s not good for the rest of us.

    We don’t know where these bottles been and the way SARs hit Hong Kong and Canada, I like to be far away from them and for sure not in my bus.

    • Tengu

      You own a bus? We’d enjoy you being far away as well…

      • @eattot

        I have read Chinasmack for the past 2 years….throughout this time I have found one common error in netizens posts….

        Your posts should be above in the Chinese section because your English is Shhhiiiiiaaatttt……………Please save me having to bookmark English to English dictionary and just post in Chinese.

        • Tengu

          Ingrish to English dictionary, can you send me the URL?

  • Joe

    Shanghai is a festering shithole, and I’m not talking about the elderly scavenger. Rude people and dumbass expats everywhere. I hope they all get AIDS and die.

    • shanghainese austrailan

      exactly. clearly the chinese there don’t have a sense of pride otherwise they wold just make it independent.

  • ralphrepo

    We need to ask ourselves first and foremost, what is the purpose of the vehicle, and conditions of hire? That is, what service is purchased with the payment of the fare? Generally, in most municipalities, whether privately or publicly owned, bus companies are generally quite clear in that fare tendered is considered payment for passenger transport, and not for goods or other objects that can take up physical space or create a dangerous condition. Hence, if someone was transporting a like sized amount of, say… baby milk, or something equally innocuous, it would be just as wrong, as that isn’t what the bus is there for. Granted, in this case, there were other issues (public health, sanitation, unpleasantness, et cetera) but the prime legal focus should be on what is agreed to in the terms of hire.

    That said, most drivers of buses that cannot be operated safely, know to stop and just wait, after having called police to have the person creating the dangerous condition removed. If any person needs to transport goods, they need to then hire a truck, not a bus. Additionally, the departing passenger (who ripped one of the bag and strewn the old man’s collected debris all over the street), was just being a mean bastard. He may have been legally right in his argument, but that didn’t give him the moral right NOR the authority to destroy the old man’s collected refuse material, which DOES have monetary value. IMHO, he should be subject to arrest and charged with destroying the old man’s property.

    Thus, the poll should be answered: NO, and the departing passenger should be arrested for destruction of personal property. The driver should be made to undergo mandatory retraining in safe operations of her vehicle.

  • Nancy

    The behavior and attitude that the woman and man displayed are simply despicable. And for people to just sit around and not even stand up to the verbal and slightly physical harassment occurring is sad as well.
    And for those commenting and claiming the ‘wouldn’t you have felt uncomfortable and wanted the man off’ bullshit. Really… really… Insensitive people should all just perish in hell.

    • Brett Hunan

      Bing! is that you?

  • KopyKatKiller

    i don’t think dumpster divers are allowed on public transit in any civilized country… oh what TIC. People let their kids piss on the floor of the metro here… Carry-on lol lol lol

  • 纳乔奶酪

    Chinese people have NO shame.

  • Chinaman

    If I were there I would tell the bully to shut the F&*^% up and give the old man 100 kuai to take a taxi.

    The big bully has no father of his own? WTF~

    • bigsammy

      for sure , he acted like a spoiled kid, i wish i was there, one think i will ask that beast , is just that , why is he so touched by the situation , there others sitting down, those are the guys who always hurry , and die young mother fxxxxx, i hate this fxxxxxx style of treating a man who looks like his father , that’s so rude of him,

  • Fenny

    sometimes people just forget how to be nice to one another. I mean if its just plastic bags and recyclable plastic bottles, I think its should be fine. No matter what, there is no need to treat the old man that way.

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  • collin

    I hate mainland chinese. Everything there shows that western countries will always be more civilized than China. You talk about respecting elders but you’re all a bunch of hypocrites. People from mainland China should stop immigrating to western countries. Wait until you socially catch up with the rest of the world. Stupid idiots.

    • Germandude

      I hate collins. Everything average collins post shows that they are uncivilized and stereotyping. You talk about being more civilized than Chinese but you’re all a bunch of hypocrites. Collins from whichever place they post from should stop posting bullshit online and get a life. Wait until you intellectually caught up with the rest of the world. Stupid idiot.

      • mr.wiener

        We had a Collins move into the house at the end of our lane and our property prices just went to shit. Collinses are just bad news where ever they go, They are lazy , and dirty and they harass women in the street.

  • EddieLo

    Excuse me, but I thought the PRC was a people’s paradise, you know, like NK and Cuba. I thought those communist states provided everything for free to their people, you know, housing, food, medical, education, things like that. Why does this old man have to go scavenging if everything is free? In the US we call them democrats, or the “give me” society. I work and pay taxes so those professional non-working voters can get their entitlements. hmm? Maybe that old man can immigrate to the US and become a democrat. He won’t have to worry about scavenging anymore.