Elisa Lam’s Strange Behavior in Elevator, Netizen Reactions

Missing Canadian-Chinese Elisa Lam behaving strangely in a Los Angeles hotel elevator, in surveillance video released by the LAPD.

From Youku:

Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam Video

It has already been two weeks since 21-year-old Chinese-Canadian UBC student Elisa Lam mysteriously disappeared in downtown Los Angeles on February 1st, and her whereabouts remain unknown. Yesterday [February 15], the police revealed the surveillance video of the hotel that Elisa Lam checked into, the video showing that Elisa Lam was acting extremely strangely in the elevator the day before she disappeared.

Comments from Youku:


Maybe this girl can see the 4th dimension. It’s a little disturbing watching [this video], not scary, just a little uneasy, and I actually hope it just a prank she’s pulling on her friends. Hope everything is okay, and she can be reunited with family soon. Peace!


Makes my scalp crawl!


It’s not strange at all, let me restore the truth to this matter. The girl entered the elevator relaxed and cheerful, mischievously pressed 4 floor buttons, which indicates that there was another person who was about to enter. After waiting a while, nobody came in, the the girl hid in the corner of the elevator hoping to give the second party a scare. Judging from the way the girl playfully and flirtatiously hopped out, the second party should be a man with whom she has an intimate relationship with. The reason for the elevator door remaining open is because this man was pressing the button outside. Although the girl opened her arms to express her dissatisfaction, she at last changed her plan to go down, and returned to the hotel room with the man. The elevator door closed and it went down, opening and closing its door at the floors on which the buttons were pressed, operating normally.


Personally, judging from this video, the girl had already felt there was danger before she entered the elevator, or she knew there was danger, that somebody was following her. She entered the elevator and pressed the button of every floor to cover her tracks, so that whoever was coming after her wouldn’t know which floor she got off on. But I don’t know why the elevator door wouldn’t close for such a long time. The girl kept looking outside, because she wanted to know if the person following her had caught up. She leaned her body sideways near the button area so that the person couldn’t immediately see that someone was in the elevator. When the girl found the elevator refusing to work, she stepped out to check, and kept complaining to herself, with this probably being a natural emotional response when under stress, and related to foreigners’ behaviors being more exaggerated due to how they are educated to be freely expressive of their thoughts and feelings. When finally the girl no longer appears on camera, that’s when trouble started. And there are limitless other possibilities afterwards as well. Hope she can be safe!


Forwarding someone else’s analysis. To put the pieces together, I think she was hopping and gesticulating because she wanted to draw investigators’ attention to this video, indicating that she had already known what she was into. Therefore, to begin from checking the background of this incident makes sense to me. Some say she lost a game of Truth or Dare and had to walk all the floors, but I lean towards her having encountered something suspicious and was hiding from someone, the way she was walking indicating being weak in her knees and terrified, being highly alert of her surroundings and even possibly being able to see the outside buttons via reflection when she was hiding in the corner. Her stepped out hopping and giving out a cry is just like when I was little and I’d do the same thing to boost my courage when scared, and using noise to break the silence and fear outside. In the end, her body suggested she was essentially in a state of hopelessness or desperation, so it probably wasn’t just any ordinary encounter of something scary in the night, and may have received some messages concerning her life beforehand.


First of all, she pushed all floor buttons for the ghosts. As to the elevator door remaining open, it’s because there were too many ghosts in the elevator leading to the door not closing because it was overloaded, and her being squeezed to a corner of the elevator proves this point. Hopping and gesticulating by the door was her discussing the situation with the ghosts, asking some of the ghosts to get out of the elevator to reduce the weight. From this we can see, there will always be things that man’s science is unable to explain, or there really is another dimension. This is purely one’s point of view, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. 酷


There wasn’t a surveillance camera in the corridor/hallway? I trust the police must have more information but have only made just this public. However, based on my own experience, if it’s pressing the button from the outside, the elevator will not continue opening the door for this long. An alarm will go off, and the door will slowly close. There’s nothing strange about it.

Elisa Lam, a missing Canadian-Chinese University of British Columbia student.

Comments from Sina Weibo:

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Elisa Lam’s video scares me to death… and I was already scared of even fake ghost stories… and this one is real…Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I almost burst into tears… I didn’t dare watch the rest of it, turned it off after just watching half of it. 泪泪抓狂悲伤


Watched the Elisa Lam video, and while watching it, my mind drifted off to thinking, if it wasn’t a skinny thin-legged black-haired Asian girl, but a fiery strong chick with big boobs like Penny or Max, the horror level would break down to a sitcom level…


I don’t like to be in this kind of enclosed elevator in the first place, now I don’t want to be in it even more after seeing this elevator video about her. I always feel uncomfortable taking this kind of elevator.


Wow, it really is scary, more scary than scary movies. You must watch all of it in patience! It’s really weird!


Fuck, I watched it for 10 seconds and was afraid to watch any more. Someone hurry and watch it and then tell me about it. 囧囧


Every time I see news possibly involving the supernatural, just like this disappearance of Elisa Lam video today… her behavior in the elevator weird, freaking me out, I will watch an episode of Great Detective Conan and trust in science. Every time after I see something that destroys my faith in love, I will watch The Pirate King, where love is everywhere in the world… These two anime are enough for my life!


Speaking of the video about that missing ethnic Chinese girl Elisa Lam… weird it is, but the girl’s whereabouts is currently completely unknown!!! This is a person’s life we’re talking about, okay?! Those who are treating this video as a scary movie watching it for entertainment, where is your fucking humanity!!!


As a person who used to take an elevator every night at 1am to go down from an eighth floor lab to the first floor, and then walk 15 minutes alone to my dorm, I want to say you just need to listen to music when entering the elevator and you won’t be scared at all! Sister [referring to herself] is a real man [brave]!


I want to cry after watching the Elisa Lam Video. How am I supposed to sleep tonight? 泪泪


Watching it gave me goosebumps and cold sweats. When girls — especially single girls — are alone outside, they must beef up their self-protection. Hope the police can find her soon, hope that she is safe.

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  • mr.wiener

    And this children is why you should always have one straight member of the group with you when you do drugs.

    • BiggJ

      Yeah man that’s just what happened. Just some girl got too high to comprehend reality.

  • Alphy

    … I hope they find her, and tell her to not play with the elevator like a little kid.

  • BiggJ

    That girl was just high as shit that’s all.

    And what’s with the chinese comments being scared and all kind of supernatural shit….Here i’ll give you the most logical explanation of what happened…..This girl is L.A and got her hands on some drugs and got with the wrong group of people. And if that is the case then god only knows what happened then……or she slipped into another dimension like some people think, lol

    • BrandeX

      Not enough people here in China take drugs, so they can’t recognize the obvious. Primitive superstition does rule their lives though, so that is the first thing they think of. That chick is obviously “tripping balls”.

      • “Not enough people here in China take drugs”

        Sounds like “Dr Toke” has a prescription for the next revolution

      • Freak on a Mountain

        ‘Not enough people here in China take drugs’

        Nah. I don’t agree. I think that there are very few people born and raised in the PRC who can handle any sort of psychoactive drug. Jesus H. Christ, introduce a mainlander to some mild marijuana and watch him or her flip like you’ve never seen anyone do on weed. Brainwashing + drugs= bad trip, bro.

        Not that it’s exclusively a mainland Chinese problem. I have plenty of friends here in the USA who are simply not to be trusted with hallucinogens. I’m just trying to say that there are some people whose educational/mental background is such that they really shouldn’t ever try drugs, and most mainlanders fit into that category.

        c.f. Opium Wars.

        • Kate

          Marijuana isn’t a hallucinogenic though. The worst pot does is make you eat to much and watch tv too long.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Well, that holds some truth also. true pot is the one who makes an ordinary citizen watch tv for much time, eating like a pig, sleeping less because of internet/social networks AND at the same time doing nothing without your car. that’s some real deal here… :X

          • El Puma R.

            Who needs TV when you have a bass guitar and reggae dub music. But hey, I wouldn’t mind watching some south park with a glass full of diet coke with ice.

          • Kate

            I like to do painting or clay work or sewing with a glass of ice cold Water or go to an all you can eat fresh sushi buffet bar (pics below, $12 a person order as much as you can eat l, I’m gonna miss this place when I move back to Korea next month)

          • Elijah

            Give me some chips and dip, Cheech and Chong (I can sing along from hearing the LPs as a kid) or something epically beautiful like Cloud Atlas or The Fountain and I can do just fine with Purple Kush or White Widow or B.C. Bud etc.


          • linette lee

            So many places you can find cheap good foods in hong kong or New york. It’s nice to live in big cities.

          • You sew with ice water? You Asian’s sure are talented!

          • Chang Liu

            I don’t know, if you have enough of the stuff it can mess you up pretty bad.

          • Kate

            No it can’t, no one has ever, in the history of man kind, ever ODed on THC. The only thing marijuana does is chill you the hell out and can contribute to fatness because you over eat. Seriously, the world would be better if people rolled a joint occasionally and chilled out.

          • Tyler Angstrom

            While I agree that nobody has died from a marijuana OD (although it is possible by if you orally ingest too much THC), it can have bad effects, especially at a high dosage. Some of my friends ate high potency brownies and they all had high levels of anxiety — a very unpleasant experience.

          • Kate

            Well like any drug, it effects individuals differently. I know people who drink to much coffee and get high anxiety from high caffeine levels. I’m not saying it’s a perfect drug, any drug you’re putting into your body is probably not good but then, again everything is a drug almost. However the benefits are many as well. It lowers anxiety and stress in people (which are both damaging too) and allows for many people to simply relax a bit after a hard day/week whatever.

          • Chang Liu

            yup same here.

          • Chang Liu
          • Chang Liu

            I once had 2 space cakes after an anti-war march on an empty stomach. It mess me up pretty good :).

      • Cleo

        I’ve never seen anyone on drugs in America – even when my delivery guy – clarence of the perfect skin – was reportedly missing because he stole the day’s receipts to get high – I still have a hard time believing that because he was way too goodlooking to be a crackhead!

        • Cyberia

          There’s a difference between smoking some weed and ‘being a crackhead’. The difference being that the latter, you know, does cocaine?

        • Kate

          What? Crack and marijuana aren’t even remotely the same at all….crack is a serious drug, marijuana is harmless nor addictive and the highs are completely different. Plus LOTS of people do drugs, and you can’t tell by looking at them . Many drug users are also well to do white people who dress nice, have nice stuff, and a name in their community. I know for a fact that where I live, the biggest lawyerin town is also into coke, pills, etc. I also know someprominent real estate agents who sell coke. If people arent doing illegal drugs then they’re doing prescription and that isn’t any better.

    • wingedgenius

      The woman is mentally ill. She wasn’t kidnapped, she wasn’t drugged. I’m finding it sad that many people refuse to believe a Psych major is mentally ill.

      Some people in the field study it to understand why they have certain illnesses and how they work. Take, for instance, the Aurora, CO shooter. Psych major that was mentally ill.

      Luckily enough, she seems to be the non-violent type. She needs help.

      • how do you know she is mentally ill? did they find an evidence that suggest this? The strange behaviour on the video might be cause by drugs, the hallucinogen kind perhaps?

        • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

          They could find evidence by examining her past history. But that’s probably a bummer considering she’s from China. Yet, she’s from China so it’s probable she’s mentally ill or believes in ghosts (it’s the same thing). Just because she’s in Murica doesn’t mean she smoke pot, you know, that’s just something muricans do, university students do not smoke pot elsewhere at all, under no circumstances, unless they’re complete losers (<0.1% or so). Knowing china, it's just reasonable to think she is a psycho, maybe she thought no one could pick her thoughts in the tub, or she'd just thought she'd end it right there, casually like chinese people with no respect for life sometimes do. Either way is more probable than her getting "high".

          • hmmm….perhaps…. perhaps…

          • mr.wiener

            I thought she was Canadian?

      • BiggJ

        She wasn’t kidnapped??? There where the fuck is she? What 21 year old chinese girl goes missing for 2 weeks in L.A? Something is not right. She could be mentally ill for all we know. I still put my money on being drugged up and kidnapped.


          She could have been kidnapped, on drugs, or mentally ill, or maybe something else. People do strange things, no one can be certain what’s going on, we can only speculate. As you probably know there are cases where someone disappears for days, weeks or even months at a time and then shows up unharmed but disoriented. Just a little while ago there was a member of the US Coastguard who went missing for months and then suddenly showed up. The media still hasn’t reported what caused him to go missing for so long.

      • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

        I do not think being mentally ill implies being violent, if it was I could say that a majority of all war declarations where signed by nut jobs, but I can not because those men are usually hold in high regard, incompatible with being sick. Infact, it might actually be perfectly reasonable, and sane, to be a mass shooter, although it wouldn’t be regarded as such. You’re just assuming shooters are sick, but on what basis?

      • Kaplan Artemisia

        Elisa was 21 year old Canadian student for the University of British Columbia. The only facts we know for sure is that she stayed at the Cecil Hotel, en route to continue her trip to Santa Cruz. Her family stated that she called and checked in with them everyday and every night. That video is the last known sighting of her, until she was found in the water tank on the hotel rooftop. Her body was discovered 3 weeks after her family reported her missing. Access to the rooftop is locked, and there’s an alarm trip should it be opened. The Cecil Hotel itself has a history of homicides against women. For a girl who is pretty close to her family, I find it unlikely that she was drugged or mentally ill. Perhaps she was trying to escape, but the elevator simply wouldn’t respond. Apparently, it didn’t matter if she went up or down a floor, as long as she could get away. We don’t know if someone she met at LA wasn’t who she thought he was, or if someone or a group of people conspired to keep her at the hotel to do what they will with her. In the end, it’s a sad story, a sad mystery, and one that I hope will be solved.

    • Brett

      Replying to the top post so this gets read. She was found dead… In a water tank… On top of the hotel.


      • Good ol’ HuffPo gives this update (as of Feb 20, 12:54PM)

        Correction: An earlier version of this story stated the body found was that of Lam’s. Police are still awaiting a positive identification from the Coroner’s Service.

        • Brett

          Yea, it was just some other missing Asian girls body they found at that hotel.

          The good ‘ol reliable Huff Huff Pass it to me Post

          • mr.wiener

            I’d call misplacing one Asian girl in a hotel an accident, misplacing two would the be the pattern of a serial killer.

          • linette lee

            How can it be an accident? Those photos of water tanks they have lids. Someone placed her body inside the tank. No way she could have fell into the water tank and drown.

          • Elijah

            Could be that she was super high and wanted to swim, but there was no swimming pools available, so she jumped in without thinking. Poor girl, looks like a fun person.

          • linette lee

            Those tanks have lid covering them. Someone has to remove those lids no?

          • stvgl

            You can open the lid yourself. Being high one is too curious. Try a hallucinogen once, this video will make so much sense.

          • BiggJ

            hhahaha. Reminds me when my cat went missing for 2 weeks and I found a cat that was the same color as mine in my basement.dead. I just assumed it was my cat….but shit…It could have been another cat!!! Mittens could still be out there!! I’m opening this case back up.

      • ric

        never walk alone….. never drugs alone… not even once….rest in peace elisa lam

      • lonetrey / Dan

        That poor girl. She seems really nice. :(

    • adsfasf

      you guys are fucking ridiculous. she wasn’t on drugs. her body was found at the same hotel.

      • BiggJ

        So by finding her body at the same hotel means she was not on drugs?? I’m not saying 100% she was on drugs but if I was in elevator doing that same shit I would not be surprised if people thought I was on drugs. I’m sure there is a logical explanation like I was fighting of evil Chinese ghost running from chinese spirits. Come on buddy lol. One more thing, tell me how finding her at the same hotel means she was not on drugs?

      • AsiansWearFur

        It doesn’t matter where she died, but how: how did she get past the locked access and avoid tripping the alarm system? How/why did she book her stay at the nasty skid-row Cecil Hotel? The Cecil Hotel is a favorite hangout of wacky White men with deadly fetish for female flesh, such as serial killers Jack Unterweger and Richard Ramirez, whom were domiciled at this shady location in downtown LA during their girl-killing spree. I know many wacky White men and their supporters here are especially focused on the erratic behavior of Elisa Lam as suspected from the captured video evidence, however, the type and source of such suspected drugs must be tracked as well. The unresponsiveness of the elevator to Elisa’s inputs is one evidence of great significance.

        Perhaps the elevator was on drugs too?

    • a friend

      My classmates went to school with Elisa Lam. She was a very cheerful and conservative type of girl. She was not the type to take drugs. The video was right before she lost contact with her family.

      RIP Elisa Lam

      • stvgl

        People always assume they know everything about someone. What if she met someone who just gave her some? Even unknowingly?

    • Joe R

      The point is, who gave her the drugs? Find that person(s) and you’ve probably found her murderer.

    • h7o

      From the girls behaviour she is either been drugged unknowingly and or felt something bad is about to occur and in shock. Her frantic pushing of the buttons is not to hide her tracks but to indicate to her state of mind. Look how wildly she jumps about.

      The reason for the lift not moving could be that the perpetrator is standing at the buttons on the outside and continually pressing it so it can keeps the lift there… not that it is malfunctioning. Possibility she has hit emergency button and it has stalled for a self check – i am unfamiliar with how they work

      The fact that the roof access was alarmed, in such a shabby hotel does not indicate it is staff. The so called ”alarmed” door is likely monitored in reception and responds with a beep if it is opened, not an actual alarm. It is possible staff didn’t hear it or they were occupied elsewhere. Or that it was unplugged or even unmonitored for various reasons / costs.

      Access to a ladder for the water tower was probably from the storage room at the top of the hotel. Left unlocked by tradesmen because they are sometimes lazy.

      Young girl, having been found with no clothes, and no relatives. Sussed out for a few days. Was likely drugged, raped, and drowned.

      This is so sad

  • Justin

    Trying to move this sofa into the elevator.

  • Alex

    What? From all the comments I’ve heard outside the most logical is that the elevator is not working, and she’s talking to someone about it..

    Where the hell all the supernatural shit come from!?

    Also, not scary video.

    • radbab

      In China the explanation often seems to be “unnatural shit happens” and not the next logical one. Just watch till something stops working as intended (like it happens with most technical stuff made for the domestic market) in your apartment and the Chinese gf starts with bad luck, feng shui, ghosts, yadda yadda

      • Feng shui is based on reality. With shapes you can manipulate unseen forces. I guarantee that if you have 8 steel rods and you weld them together into a certain shape, with this shape you can dissolve metal as if you were using a lens of some sort. Water absorbs qi. Ghosts are also real. Not that your dumb ass would know anything about these topics.

        • Alex

          Feng shui(type of 算命), qi, ghosts… LEL I give you 2/10, you made me chuckle.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            I bet your the commie type who say that fengshui is ‘feudal outdated practice’ or the westernized modern crap who say ‘gah, we have science now trololol!’ =_=

          • Alex, you speak from ignorance. Unfortunately it seems you do not wish to correct your ignorance either. That’s too bad.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          You are correct my friend. finally someone who I can actually agree with.
          And that’s because any decent house needs to have a small step on their entrance: to avoid jiangshi.

  • Bill

    I watched this video and read some comments, one netizen mentioned about having CCTV s. along the corridoors. It is a morm for hotel to have CCTVs along corridoors. a. How come no footage shown
    B. lift doors are timed to close unless someone is pressing the door open button. Even it is pressed, there is also a time limit before an alarm will sound. Some it’s, the door will then close.

  • Justin

    My guess is she is probably bipolar and currently suffering from a manic episode. She’ll probably turn up wandering the streets somewhere eventually.

  • Rick in China

    Bath salts!

    • carmouflagger

      Nah, she would’ve ate somebody’s face off.

  • ric

    woah missing for two weeks? that’s the chilling part…

    • dave

      Outlook not so good

      • Hopefully she’s ashamed of having taken drugs and flipped out.

        Because unlike in China, being ashamed in the West isn’t fatal.

  • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

    paranoid psychosis

  • whenever I went backpacking I always see Asian girl travelling by themselves, sometimes I ask them if they dont feel afraid to travel alone and the answer is usually no. From my observation its either the Chinese or Korean who doesnt mind travelling alone, Japanese girls usually travel at the very least with another friend and usually in a group. They are American or other developed country born asian though. Sometimes they are the one who approach and talk to me, a complete stranger. Its silly or brave or a little heartwarming, given that I can look like a drug addict with the long hair.

    probably not a good idea for girls to travel alone…

    • linette lee

      Huh??? Most adult can travel alone man or woman. What about those has to work and leave work late at night walking down the street away from their home town. People do work you know.

      • im talking about students like Elisa Lam around my age and traveling alone to another country

        • linette lee

          Almost all students travel alone. Not just American Asians. Many study aboard away from their home town. It’s extremely common in all students.

          This girl is definitely high on drug. Too much partying.

          • oh shut up.

          • linette lee

            bite me.

            How can anyone be afraid to travel alone? How can they go to school away from home or chase after their dream or career? Better just stay home and never leave the house. lol.

          • dave

            “How can anyone be afraid to travel alone?”


          • linette lee

            no thank you.

            The statistic is wrong. Countries don’t report crime to police will have low crime rate.

          • diverdude7

            did u all see the funny little note down at the bottom of the statistics chart ? :-p

            DEFINITION: Note: Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime, than actual prevalence.

          • I will! show me your delicious neck
            I want to bite you

          • linette lee

            hahahah…..lol Do you have the potential to be bis&xual?

          • Jahar

            Almost all students travel alone? I can’t say that’s been my experience. the vast majority of people I know or have met traveling are not traveling alone, and those that do are usually men.

          • mr.wiener

            I see this and I can’t help thinking “Annabel Chong”.

          • linette lee

            I just google annabel chong. She must be sore.

            You want to be a virtual participant? ;)

      • dave

        Maybe in Hong Kong.

        Many places back home, it wouldn’t be adviseable to walk alone at night, especially if you are a woman.

    • foreign devil

      I met a Japanese girl with little English ability travelling alone across Canada with her small dog. Hitchhiking and staying with strangers. something no Canadian girl would do these days. She did survive.

      • thats impressive and brave.

    • Strangerland

      You’re kidding right? Japanese women don’t even have habits of locking doors- so deep their habit in dwelling in safe society, they forgot that in other part of th world, people do lock doors all the time. I know firsthand from my studying experience in Beijing, I know some Japanese girls and I’ve noticed this habit of theirs- none of them locking doors even while they’re sleeping. They may travel with friends in most cases- but they also roam all alone too without fear if they don’t have friends with them for an outing.

      • I am not kidding because this is from my observation. From your observation it is different. I wrote from my perspective and experience and you wrote from your perspective and experience. Interesting to know about what you wrote.

  • [email protected]

    How pissed of would you be if you were on another floor waiting for the elevator.
    Shit like that always happens when staying at hotels in China. People fuck around with elevators like it they are their own personal moving fun machines.

    • El Puma R.

      And they keep pressing the button right when you’re trying to close the door, and they try to get in before you can get out. That’s why I stomp them like a buffalo when I get off the elevator. I don’t mind they giving me “the look”. Not like they’re gonna punch me or anything.

      • Alphy

        There was a time I tried to hold open an elevator when I saw someone sprinting for the door. I pressed the wrong button… and the door slam into her, I quickly pressed what I thought was open again several times, and hmm it slam into her couple more times….

        I still feel bad…

  • El Puma R.

    This girl is just high on something, clearly some hallucinogen, and It’s funny to see Chinese people talking about ghosts when they’re so naive they can’t realize she’s probably on Scopolamine, LSD, Speed or something… One thing I can tell is she’s really fkn high and she’s missing either ’cause she OD d somewhere or she messed with the wrong people, hence the Scopolamine.

  • El Puma R.

    Chinese people vote: 80% say it’s a ghost.
    Western people vote: 90% is pretty sure that girl was super fucking high on something.

    • dave

      Well, she’s Chinese. So, 80% chance that SHE thought the reason the elevator door didn’t close was because of ghosts, and she was trying to scare them away.

      When really, she just needed her hotel door card to make it work.

      • El Puma R.

        Let’s say Chinese assume so much, always assume everything. That there was somebody, or a ghost, or she was escaping from danger, etc.. they assume all that just from a stupid elevator video.

        Now Let’s say westerns always put the blame individually. She’s high, or a psychopath, etc… Either Way I still believe she was high on something… I mean, come on man, she didn’t press the buttons with any hurry.. Jesus Narcotic Christ she was even hopping out of the elevator like a rabbit.

        God damn junkies , and the US is THE place to get high.

        • Kate

          So true. Westerners have so much more experience and knowledge with drugs then asians typically do. Korean movies rarely show illicit drug use or drugs on tv but in the west its every where and there is a big push for legalization as well. Totally different perspectives on drugs, it amazes me how villianfied marijuana is in Korea especially when I think it would actually do koreans a good thing to lighten up and lay off the soju abit.

          • El Puma R.

            You know.. in South America some natives say the White man brought syphilis and corruption and in exchange they gave the White man Cocaine, Tobacco and Coffee.

            I’d love me a J and some Soju for my summer party. hmmmm

          • mr.wiener

            The jury is still out on whether the blancs bought in syphilis, fascinating topic really if you can discount the human cost. In the short term the small pox the indians got from their unwelcome visitors did much more damage.

          • Ain’t no headache like a Soju headache.

          • El Puma R.

            yeah man, there’s no comparison to it. Specially if you got drunk with Koreans who btw can party way harder than Chinese.

          • I’ve drank with both, but it’s the Korean women who drink the most. The men (at least the ones I knew) seem to keel over faster than the Chinese. Everyone on that side of the world drinks like they’re trying to forget.

          • Griffith

            I like the coffee a lot. Cocaine can be used for surgery and other painful procedures. I’m not sure if tobacco is good for much though.

          • El Puma R.

            Sigmund Freud and his study partner.. dunno remember his name. They were known for using a lot of cocaine in their studies (and for themselves too)

        • So basically the western perspective is that when they can’t explain someone’s behavior, they must be insane, because obviously everyone thinks like them.

          God complex.

          • Hongwu Emperor


          • Red Scarf

            basically the eastern perspective is that when they can’t explain
            someone’s behavior, it must be supernatural, because obviously everyone
            thinks like them.

            God complex.

          • Did I say that? No. You’re just digging a deeper hole for yourself buddy.

          • El Puma R.

            ooohhh !!! Easy tiger, you’re gonna scare me. Look how I shiver haha. Come say that in my face and let’s see who ends up in the hole.

          • El Puma R.

            So what you mean is China is full of ghosts and haunted elevators?

            Don’t put my perspective through yours, man. Mine is mine and that’s it, and as a western all I can say that in the video she was clearly high, and since they found her dead in a water tank it’s obvious she was messing with the wrong people.

            Yeah right, a ghost. Western movies are just movies, man. And Chinese movies are about millionaires crying, or how bad is Japan.

            R.I.P. Elisa Lam

        • Turns out Westerners are assumptive morons too because she’s now dead and was found on a rooftop that was locked and armed with an alarm i.e (an insider was involved). Yet we had all theses smart Westerners ASSUMING she was just high as shit or a psychopath.

          • mr.wiener

            All westerners?

          • Nope just Westerners on Chinsmack apparently. I actually didn’t see a single comment even mentioning the possibility of murder/kidnapping before she was found in a water tank. Every single comment either ASSUMED she was psychotic or on drugs.

            This is in contrast to comments on news sites which were full of speculation of foul play and other theories.

          • mr.wiener

            You will note a made a reference to Annabel Chong.
            Watching the above video, most westerners thought drugs were as many Chinese netezins seemed to be going with ghosts. You go with what you know I guess.
            In the back of everyone’s minds there was the probability this poor girl had met with foul play, but not too many were saying this as sometimes you just don’t want to say this until everything has played out. If you choose to interprete this as westerns being defensive than so be it. I personally would say it’s bad luck to say such things until you know them, fear the worst, but hope for the best.
            Again I feel sorry for this poor girl and her family and hope they find the animal[s] responsible.
            I feel no compulson however to apologize to you for your outrage [which I would guess is] on behalf of the people of China.

          • JBlaze

            You are actually the one assuming that no one posted up the possibility of foulplay. Scroll down farther to 3 Day ago. I already mentioned it. Sorry, but you’re not any more special than anyone else on here. BTW I’m an American born Taiwanese. So I’m still a Westerner.

          • 1/200. Good job Jblaze!

      • Hongwu Emperor

        But elevators are evil. I don’t trust them either.
        strange things, a metal box held by a cable, that suddenly lifts you up. heavens protect me if I have to take one, one of these days…

    • Strangerland

      I don’t think she’s high or a freaking psychopath- but I honestly think she’s interracting with her killer in the video. The killer is smart- you can see no trace of him/her in the rec, so they know where the cams are, and avoided them all! IMO she was talking to them, and probably wondering why the guy/girl don’t want to get closer- when in fact they couldn’t get closer to avoid the cams! When she went to them- she’s dead.

      • stvgl

        I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. If you’re serious, that is the most implausible explanation of all time.
        Psych. students are known to experiment with psychoactive drugs more than most.


    Why didn’t the elevator close? I’ve never seen one that stayed open that long. Looks like Elisa’s either on drugs, mentally unstable, or sane but trying to communicate a message with anyone who views this video (least likely scenario). Both Elisa’s brain and the elevator appear to have suffered a malfunction.

    • dave

      “Why didn’t the elevator close? ”
      You need your door keycard to use the elevators in many hotels. Only allows you to go to the floor you are staying on. That’s my guess.

      • linette lee

        Also maybe someone was outside pressing the button to keep the door open. Her friend? She looks like she is high trying to take the elevator. Can be a friend not wanting her to go to her room.


        Yeah, I forgot it was a hotel, but still, I don’t think the door stays open that long, I think it would close. Anyway her behavior is weird, I’d like to know if she’s had a history of mental illness before.


    probably some yellow fever white guy kidnapped her and raped her to death.

    • Kate

      What? So like if a rapist rapes a white woman then he’s what a white fever? Blacks are chocolate fever? I thought the only criteria for violent rapists are “vulnerable woman”.

      • dave

        Of course. If you prefer whites, blacks, browns, or anything in between, you’re normal. But if you prefer Asians, it’s a fetish. It’s just… weird!

        Unless you’re Asian.

        Then it’s cool.

        • Kate


        • El Puma R.

          Lol my friends in my country keep telling me the same over and over

      • linette lee

        hahahhaa…..chocolate fever…lol. I like chocolate.


      • Moody

        It’s called Jungle Fever , not Chocolate Fever

    • Jahar

      Probably. that’s what we do.

      • mr.wiener

        Gosh yes, I haven’t done that in …oh… hours I think, Well must go, Asian women don’t kidnap , rape and kill themselves you know.

  • ScottLoar

    Watching the video but once I found the same conclusion as mine by the poster 碧江春树:

    “The girl entered the elevator relaxed and cheerful, mischievously
    pressed 4 floor buttons, which indicates that there was another person
    who was about to enter. After waiting a while, nobody came in, the the
    girl hid in the corner of the elevator hoping to give the second party a
    scare. Judging from the way the girl playfully and flirtatiously hopped
    out, the second party should be a man with whom she has an intimate
    relationship with. The reason for the elevator door remaining open is
    because this man was pressing the button outside. Although the girl
    opened her arms to express her dissatisfaction, she at last changed her
    plan to go down, and returned to the hotel room with the man. The
    elevator door closed and it went down, opening and closing its door at
    the floors on which the buttons were pressed, operating normally.”

  • El Puma R.

    Yeah people disappear in the west… we’re not that safe OK???

    but at least we have blue skies and birds singing


  • Kaplan

    Acute psychotic break! I would bet on it!

    • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

      I agree, it looks like she has schizophrenia, like many other chinese women.

      • [email protected]

        women in general you mean

        • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

          not really, I know a handful of chinese women who are suffering daily with mental deseases, not being treated. Because their families believes they’re not sick, that they’re actually seeing ghosts or are followed by bad people, or what ever it might be. So nothing is done about it. I think that explains why I do not know anyone who is mentally sick in my home country, they get treated. I wouldn’t be surprised if this girl have a long history of psychoses, her family thinking it would be great if they could send her away to another country, far away from the chinese ghosts hunting her at home.

          • xiaohouzi

            I think i know the same girl. Does she live in Fujian?

          • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

            sorry, no.

          • xiaohouzi

            I guess the halucinations are more common than i realized. I hope they all can get some help.

          • Gaius Baltar

            This is the problem with confucian belief and the primitive belief in ghosts, or sweeping the house at chinese new year, will keep out bad luck and evil spirits. Belief in the paranormal, is up there amongst the lunatic fringe of christian rock and banning evolutionary teaching in schools, as well as covering women head to toe in black imho.

          • [email protected]

            Fair enough, and good points.

  • SuperHappyCow

    Everyone involved should be shot, including the elevator.


      Don’t tempt me to fart on your face.

      • dim mak

        that’s your solution to everything

      • mr.wiener

        Let the scat wars commence. I’ll be at a safe distance with an umbrella.

        • Mass pink eye outbreak

        • lonetrey / Dan

          The wiener is normally positioned right in front of the butt hole! How can you be a safe distance away?!

          • mr.wiener

            Please note the most quotable monologue from “Team America:World Police”, re “Dicks, pussies and assholes”.


          • lonetrey / Dan

            Ahahahahaha nice! I actually got a good chuckle from that; I’ve never watched that movie. I must remember to check it out sometime XD

      • SuperHappyCow

        Is that…supposed to be punishment?


          It can be a punishment or reward, I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

  • Paul Gillett

    There are far more amusing videos of high people. For one, search David after Dentist on youtube….

  • vancity

    This girl is from my city. I hope she is okay but it seems like the outlook doesnt look good. She was travelling alone in the States and everyday she called her parents but then it stopped. Since she was most likely travelling on a student budget she most likely would have found that hostel online with a cheap a price and a good deal. However, the hostel is actually located in the bad part of LA and she may have not known that. So she may have mixed with the wrong people and got on drugs whether she took it wilfully herself or got slipped with it.

    I find it sad how some user are looking at an entertainment when it’s serious business..

    • vancity

      I just want to have an update:

      A body in the water tank at Hotel Cecil (where Elisa has been seen) has been found. However, there is no confirmation just yet if the body belongs to her. Sad :(

      UPDATE 2: It is her body according to some new site.

      • Snow

        UPDATE 3: 2 killers in the Cecil Hotel since in 1980 until now.

  • PixelPulse

    Looks like she on some type of drugs. I hope they find her safe and sound soon.

  • dim mak

    What’s so weird or scary about this
    She pressed all the buttons, held the door, moved her hands a bit, then left


  • Tom A

    I hate it when people press all the buttons on the lift.

  • Chinese localization of “Paranormal Activity”:
    Actors running around doing strange activity on closed-circuit security cameras.

    Budget: 500 RMB
    Special FX, CGI: None
    Projected Profit: 500 million RMB

    Put in a part with a security guard who misses his family back home in Sichuan, something about Japan disturbing the graves of a Chinese ancestral site and it’s done.

    Go to work, internet.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Obivously, the plot includes japan then?? in the end the spirits will rise from the tombs and ancestor site and do a mass-scale spiritual attack on japan, including the ghost-fleet of Cao Cao, and the [now risen again] army of Qin.
      oh my…

      • What plot doesn’t involve Japan? To keep the budget at 500RMB, as producer I’d just recycle the dialog from the existing war serials found on TV.

        • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

          I’d collect all inconsequentially politically correct comments from cS and use that as a script to induce mass suide. You’d be the script writer :)

          • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

            mr. wiener would be the narrator and fauna the producer.

  • Bugs Bunny

    once i left office very late…
    i did not press the button,but it stoped at 2nd floor,more scary was…

    the door opened slowly and a new wall there,nothing else…i was so fucking scared.
    i believe there is ghost or whatever,because dead soul controls lively people happen everywhere in village.
    after built new house, we still can hear heavy sound at night as before, just like someone threws sth heavy at floor…but we are not afriad, because we just get used it.

    • El Puma R.

      Find the body of the deceased and burn it with salt. Done deal ;)

      Thank you Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki

  • fe434

    haha, such a fake. 0:33 she looked at the camera, she knew what she was doing. PAm!

  • Junk1

    Trip Advisor review for the hotel:

    This is by far the worst hotel I’ve ever booked. Biggest mistake! The pictures on Kayak or where ever you see it is so deceving. They make you believe is a decent hotel for just the right price at a good location in LA. Is NOTHING like that! First of all is by 6th and Main and is surrounded by homeless people and it gave me the impression this hotel is used for prostituion and who knows what other ilegal stuff. When I arrived I didn’t even want to get off my car because I was so concern to even leave my car alone or get robbed. Once I walked in I felt more at ease because the entrance lobby does not look bad. Once I checked in. I asked the recepetionist where should I park because I couldn’t find there parking lot. She just starred at me like she could care less. She was not friendly at all. In fact she acted like I was bothering her. Once I got off the elevator and walked to my room. I was terrified of what I had gotten my self into. Its a horrible horrible place. I honeslty felt like I was going to be murdered or attacked. This “hotel” just reminds you of those ugly scary hostels in scary movies. PLEASE! LISTEN TO ME! DON’T BOOK THIS HOTEL!. Specially if you have children. They will be scared and so will you. Is disgusting! I did not stay. I left the room immediatly and had to book a different hotel. I’m glad I did because this is just plain disgusting and scary

  • diverdude7

    who ya gonna call ??

    GhostBusters ! :-) :-) :-)

    • carmouflagger

      Oh man, now i’m gonna have the damn soundtrack stuck in me head (again) :|

      • Elijah

        When there’s something strange, in the neighborhood

        Who ya gonna call?


  • Lila

    I have an explantion : She’s just high on drugs.

    • Lila

      Or she’s nuts…
      I hope she is unhurt .

  • Gay Azn Boi

    We Canadians are crazy people. That is all.


      Agree, you need to be careful out there. Just look at the “related posts” section about that chinese guy being dismembered and eaten. Be careful with the people you hang out with GAB, we don’t want another story about a gay asian man being eaten.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Lol thanks man. I’ll heed your advice.

  • carmouflagger

    Since everyone is coming up with crazy shit…
    @ minute 2 in the video, Dubstep came on so she decided to do some tutting ;)

  • thmswhnr

    So this is the equivalent of Natalee Holloway for Asian Canadians? That’s a pretty niche market, but I guess everyone needs their non-newsworthy incidents played up and made relatable, regardless of ethnic origin.

  • XiaMei

    The most compelling evidence (in my opinion) that she was on drugs was the way she had to bend down and get her face physically close to the panel to see the numbers on the buttons. Makes me think her vision is blurry or spinning. Like when you get really drunk and have put your face right into your cellphone to be able to send a legible text message. It’s got to be something stronger than weed because at one point it looks like she’s petting something invisible in the air next to her. I don’t know the details of her being in LA, but I’m guessing she met some people while visiting and got convinced to (or agreed to) do some drugs. And that’s probably when things went downhill.

    • hello

      if you see her ‘missing’ pics she had glasses on the video she doesn’t… just maybe perhaps she couldn’t see…..

  • La Mano Gaucha

    The girl was almost certainly on a psychoactive drug, most likely a psychedelic or a synthetic cannabinoid. I bet that the latter was the culprit in view that not only are third- and fourth-generation such drugs readily available, but they are also extremely potent and therefore can be easily overdosed. Such a scenario will produce intense anxiety (potentially coupled with paranoia), even fully expressed panic attacks (which she wasn’t experiencing in this video). OD’s also yield significant states of dissociation and visual distortions. Psychedelics — whether “classical” or “novel” — can also produce such states, but are much more rarely obtained than synthetic cannabinoids; they are also far less likely to produce a negative experience. Then again, she might just be nuts. The juju that many Chinese posters are talking about is, well, stupid. As for her whereabouts, that’s concerning and I hope that she’s just still freaked out somewhere and will make it back in one piece.

  • 路路

    This is a haunted building – hotel cecil Los Angeles. Many lives have been lost in this building. Google it, you’ll find what I’m talking about…

    • BiggJ

      I sure it has more to do with the crack heads around the building then fucking ghost….I’ll give advice to all you chinese….”Be more afraid of the living then the dead.” Last I checked a ghost can’t rape and murder you.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Probably fucking not. Why would crack heads dump her in a water tank on the fucking roof?

        • BiggJ

          So ghost did that?

          • SuperHappyCow

            Maybe someone in the hotel, poopie face.

  • 路路

    Just heard on the news that the police found a body in the water tank on the hotel roof top. Another death in the hotel. My heart goes out to the family.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      We seriosuly need to know of the address to tell our friends,relatives,etc to avoid going there!
      if so many people die mysteirously that’s possibly a cursed place!

  • Righteous American

    When I was in college I also tried extacy.

  • Cleo

    that was insanely boring and I was distracted and dismayed by her choice of open-toed footwear – she seemed to be laughing in the video but I can’t be sure

    I don’t believe in ghosts so I thought she was being playful (and dorky) for her own reasons and not that she was WAITING for her stalker!

    now she’s missing and that video is probably scaring the pants off her family – nobody believes that someone they live with is nanners nor suicidal and they are going to have to hear such opinions from third parties that will make their suffering worse – I would never believe that someone harmed themselves – I ALWAYS believe that someone did something to them e.g. Iris Chang.

    I’m really sorry about this girl.


      Why are you so obsessed with the Japanese? You’re starting to sound like Iris Chang and if you keep up your obsession you’ll probably end up like her. Iris Chang was a bigoted, obsessed, lunatic who couldn’t even do proper research and was filled with hatred. I’m glad she’s dead and that she suffered until her last breath. She killed herself, that’s a fact. She also was a hypocrite with a glaring double standard evidenced by her marriage to a white male whose ancestors probably took part in the 8 nation alliance and the Opium Wars. But I guess those of European descent get a free pass right? After all they’re not Japanese. Iris is rotting in hell right now. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      • linette lee

        kamikazipilot, are you chinese or japanese? Why you talk shxt about iris. She wrote a book and brought public awareness to those poor victims who suffered from atrocities when nobody cared. She was the first to introduce Nanking Massacre to Western and Eastern readers. Good for her.


          I am Japanese but that should hardly matter. I don’t even particularly like Japan or Japanese people. I have nothing against bringing awareness to past atrocities but let’s be fair and consistent. Where’s her condemnation about all the wrongs brought upon China by Europeans and Americans? Demonizing one group of people while ignoring another group that’s also done terrible things to your country. That’s a double standard, which is why I’m glad she’s gone.

          • linette lee

            I have Japanese friends. :)

            She only focused on what happened in WWII to the nanjing victims. She wasn’t writing a book about the whole world and all the war victims around the world. That would required her to do a lot more research. She researched for nanjing invasion and wrote a book about it. Don’t get offended. I think she did good.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Kamikazi is right… we should not only blame stuff on the japanese, or else that’s just been brainwashed by the ‘people’s harmonious government’… we shall not forget the ones who started that whole shit decades before the japanese. we shall not forget the old summer palace, neither the opium wars.

            HonorableLin Zexu!! an example of fighting those f****** drug dealers [foreign or native].


            And I have Chinese friends. I’m commenting on Iris Chang and the loser she is, not all Chinese people. I’m not offended, I’m just pointing out her hypocrisy, marrying a white male (his last name sounds English) who’s ancestors have done terrible things to China, and at the same time vilifying Japan’s past actions. Such double standards make her a loser who deserved her fate. I have no problems with things like the Nanjing memorial to the victims but I hate Iris Chang.

          • linette lee

            You hate Iris Chang because you think she is a hypocrite. Then you should understand why many Chinese hate the Japanese gov’t officials constantly change their attitude on nanking massacre. Making public speech denying NM ever happened.


            Yes I hate Iris because she’s a hate-filled hypocrite. Of course I understand why many Chinese hate the Japanese government. However it seems like they only look at the bad things the Japanese officials say about China, never the good. Just google “Japanese apologies to China” and you’ll come up with numerous apologies. Japan is still much better than the US failing to apologize for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade until 2009, and of course with no chances for any reparations whatsoever.

          • Dr Sun

            I agree, she brought the Rape of Nanjing to the attention of the west,most of whom had never heard of it before.

          • Elijah
          • Dr Sun

            Actually what ?
            A rebuttal from a pro- Japanese historian who’s chapter on it,never got the public attention of her book.

          • Elijah

            Sorry to ask, but did you actually read the article from that link, it’s not overly long.

            The very first rebuttal deals with the fact that this guy wrote about Nanking 35 years before she did. She may have gotten more attention from her book, but she wasn’t the first to reach a “Western” audience and she wasn’t historically accurate.

            Also, I fail to see where this guy is pro-Japanese. He continuously repeats how horrible the Imperial Army was not only throughout his works, but also throughout this article. The only pro-Japanese points he makes are to establish an intrinsic difference between Imperial Japan and Modern Japan as well as between a state-ordered systemic genocide and a horrible atrocity committed by the boots on the ground which was the result of a lack of local command structures (not buildings obviously).

            I’m not looking for an argument, just pointing out inaccuracies for historical consideration.

          • Dr Sun

            That’s ok, yes I read it and I’ve read his book “China and Japan- search for balance” (1978). Historical accuracy about war and massacres is always difficult, don’t you think ?

            Can I ask you have you read her book or seen her film ?

            Poor discipline and poor local command in the Imperial Japanese Army ? umm I guess that explains unit 731 and Allied POW treatment as well.

            But back to the original “actually” just by book sales alone she far exceeded Dr Coox and the other authors in bringing the Rape of Nanking to mass western public attention.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Allied casualty rate under the Japanese was way higher than allied under German prisons…

          • Hongwu Emperor

            And the west cares? they had their own problems at the time [aka germany] and wouldnt care less about situation in Asia…

          • Dr Sun

            Probably all the expats and military serving in Asia did and anyone that had bothered to read the Tanaka memorial.

            “In order to conquer the world we must conquer china first” Baron Tanaka. (1927)

          • Hongwu Emperor

            the expats were worried obviously because they have cultural or ancestry ties with China, obviously.

            I’m talking about ‘the west’ making references to their governments and the guys who run those joints…

            Well, thiking well again, the west. specially the Allies, which held quite some colonial might on Asia, africa and middle east would totally hate to see their colonial holdouts, specially on SE asia fall to an ”inferior” [in their minds] being; which stand up for the japanese or any asian nation BTW.

            However we must differentiate whats historical truth, and what’s made up ‘why we fight!’ US propaganda video, which is more deceiving and lying than CCP propaganda [which has no good smell either]

          • Cleo

            that’s nice – I’m glad “regular” murderers and rapists can’t use the defense that the ethnicity of the accusers and prosecutors have had murders and rapes committed by their ethnic groups – it’s murky thinking like yours that makes the world they way it is – congratulations


            I already said I have nothing against bringing awareness to past Japanese atrocities, but it’s the double standard that I’m against. If you’re going to hate, or at least bring up past wrong doings, at least be equal and consistent.

          • Nomoremaos

            Reveling in someone’s death over literature is almost as bizarre as this video. You really need help.

      • Cleo

        I can’t claim that the West’s exploitation tenderized the Chinese for the Japanese invasion when actually, the Japanese had been a problem for China from the very beginning and the Ming emperor banned all Japanese ships from our ports because their pirates were raiding us for generations – even if I am unknowingly partially Japanese myself, I sympathize and am thankful for the Fujianese fury at these millenia long attacks. We need people to be justly outraged.

        I have no interest in Iris Chang ending up with a ginger frat boy because I don’t know what it means – maybe it’s mutually idiocy or it could be True Love and who doesn’t support the latter. I never felt her nonChinese husband compromised her integrity – that’s just how I naturally feel about Vera Wang and Joanna Chang the baker as well – but I mind dumb hybrid relationships.

        As for the Japanese tangent to Elisa Lam’s tragic death – her hotel apparently has Japanese girls who are now moving out – so I am not sure if this hotel is popular with that demographic. Also, on the huffington post site, someone has noted the Dark Water style of her demise. I always confuse all those movies and think they are all part of one movie called “The Ring.”

        “Don’t kick the (chinese) baby” as they say in South Park and which they did do in “Ju On (grudge)” – so many coincidences bringing us back always to what Japan did and got away with.


          So if Chang married a Japanese man would that compromise her integrity? After all it could be true love or mutual idiocy like you claim. There was also a British couple visiting the US for the first time that stayed at the hotel when she died. Maybe it’s popular with Britons? Maybe Queen Elizabeth had a hand in her death. Your “coincidences” are stretches at best, they don’t imply any connection with the Japanese to me, and probably most other people.

      • Dr Sun

        duplicate post, sorry

      • Dr Sun

        “evidenced by her marriage to a white male whose ancestors probably took part in the 8 nation alliance and the Opium Wars.”

        really you know for sure that one of Iris Chang’s husband’s ancestors was in China. He was one of the 50,000 foreign troops (of which 20,000 were Japanese) and the majority of British troops were Indian, but your sure he was there ?.


          I should have said countrymen. That would make it accurate. You must be talking about the Boxer Rebellion but what about the 100 years before that? Also 30,000 troops were fighting under Western flags, greater than Japan’s contribution. Anyways, numbers aside, Chang is focusing all her hatred against a single nation, when other nations have done equally cruel things to China. By marrying a white male she’s implicitly implying a double standard IMO. After all, we are judged by the company that we keep whether we like it or not. I’m not against anyone telling the truth (BTW she later admitted to over 100 factual errors in her Nanking book), I’m against double standards and bigotry.

          • Dr Sun

            She wrote a book on the Nanking massacre, nothing else,just that. She could hardly blame any western country for being responsible for that,now could she, as the only invaders involved where Japan.

            No matter how you spin it , I’m sorry you cant blame or hate the USA or Britain for the Rape of Nanking. You can certainly blame them for other things, but as said her book was on one single event- The Rape of Nanking.

            I really don’t see how who she married or his ethnic background having anything to do with it and I certainly don’t see any double standard.


            I never tried to blame anyone but Japan for the Nanking massacre. However, her book was filled with exaggerations and errors. She tried to make it as gory as possible for her target audience, often without regard to historical facts. Probably to make Japan look as evil as possible as well as to increase sales. Fair or not, people are judged in part by the people they associate with, especially their significant other. I’ll have to agree to disagree about the double standards bit. Obviously Chang wasn’t mentally stable, we all know the result.

          • linette lee

            …………She tried to make it as gory as possible for her target audience…….

            Iris didn’t need to “try” to make it gory. The photos during NM did the job. Many gory photos of NM on internet.


            Apparently she felt she didn’t need to do proper research, as evidenced by the more than 100 historical errors in her book, which she later admitted to. Her 300,000 deaths at Nanking, by most impartial historical accounts, are greatly exaggerated. Many war photos are gory, that’s the nature of war. I still feel like she had a ridiculous double standard, which is what I hate the most.

    • Cleo

      they found her in a water tank just like in that movie “Dark Water” – weird

      I am so sorry for her family.

  • dwejiya
  • Tom Swift

    The news is reporting that they just found her body in the water tower of the hotel where the video was taken.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Damn and I am sure those people who had brushed their teeth, took a shower, made coffee and ate at the hotel the past two weeks are all throwing up right about now.

  • Sad!

    It’s sick some of you are cracking jokes, being wise asses over something like this, her sister has been in Los Angeles looking for her and only just received news that her baby sister was found dead in a water tank on top of a hotel, this girl was top of her class in academics, competed in sports, was 100% normal… This video clearly states Lisa not being herself (most likely drugged by third party) as she is not the type to venture into areas like this looking to score drugs. for all you assholes and jokers it’s time to shut ur mouth and say a prayer for this girl who only lived to 21.

    • Nomoremaos

      Totally agree – and that was my initial thought – that she had been drugged.

    • brux

      Amazing how many creeps there are posting here, but they are all over. Wonder if the murderer is checking the boards, hope the FBI or whatever can track that.

    • disqus_ISCI1t4XZS

      Why pray now??

  • Shan Pao
    • mr.wiener

      Bummer, not a happy ending. Poor girl.

  • Flash82

    She was found dead in the same hotel

  • D

    its hard to say, but this looks like an acute schizophrenic episode. it happens, especially if theres a history of schizophrenia in the family. enivornmental factors like stress and drugs (especially stimulants like adderall/ritalin/meth/cocaine) can bring these symptoms out. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizophrenia

  • jeffli


    obviously this lady is off her perch! probably high on something.

    Hospital Emergency rooms oft are visited by tizzy asians who cant handle their red bulls and tequila shots!

  • PWM

    I think that they found her body today in the water tank on the roof of the hotel. This hotel is in a very bad part of Los Angeles. LAPD just reported on news.

    PWM – Los Angeles

    • linette lee

      Definitely a murder case. Was she raped? Maybe someone slipped something into her drinks at the bar. This girl was high. So young. How sad.

  • PWM

    The hotel is one block from the worst part of Los Angeles. It is known as Skid Row破 旧的市区便宜的小酒馆,潜水棒,经常光顾的破旧的酒店,酗酒,和游荡 . My Chinese friends, the USA is not like a big city in China. Most large cities are very dangerous. Never stay downtown and do not take public transportation.

    PWM – Los Angeles

    • SuperHappyCow

      …Yeah, but if you don’t go to Skid Row you won’t find trouble. LA isn’t particularly dangerous. Public transit is fine, especially on non-crowded buses.

    • El Puma R.

      Never stay downtown? too hard being away from mom mate?

      As a fellow Chinese would say:

      YOU DON’T LIKE YOU GO HOME NOW ! ( I’m so ronery.. so ronery…)


  • Mudge


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