English Schools Seeking Chinese To Balance Budget

English Schools Seeking Chinese To Balance Budget

The phenomenon of Chinese students studying abroad is becoming quite common. In the past, Chinese foreign exchange students in England have generally picked private high schools for study. But now public schools are looking for overseas students in order to balance their expenses because they can charge close to 10000 pounds per student per year. The parents of the English students have grown worried because the Chinese students all have very high grades and aren’t afraid of rigorous work. Colleges have limited space, and many English parents feel that their children’s chances are reduced.

Source: CRI

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  • WghUk

    It’s a universal law, the strongest and the most hard working survive.

  • Amused

    Guess they shouldn’t have given up that whole “Empire” thing, huh?

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    It’s kinda weird. On dailymail Brits bash the Chinese regularly for everything. But the moment money is involved, they are surprisingly silent.

    • WghUk

      So true. I read the DM daily.

    • Vance

      That’s true all over. How many in the world are lusting over that 1.3 billion potential market for their widgets?

    • xv

      The Daily Fail bashes anything that isn’t right wing middle England.

  • mr.wiener

    If you change the name of your school to “Hogwarts” you would do very well out of Chinese students indeed.

  • bujiebuke

    Hard to believe that British mothers would openly admit to worrying that their kids will get outcompeted by Chinese children.

    • donscarletti

      Why wouldn’t they?

      British parents want their children to live a happy balanced childhood and to learn valuable life skills.

      North East Asian parents want their children to get high marks to take the limited resources available to the top performers. If you see Chinese kids cramming for the Gaokao day in and day out, then interview a bunch of university graduates 4 years older it is not hard to see how categorically useless this behavior is. It doesn’t lead to being smarter or harder working in the long term, if anything, it detracts from it.

      Having two groups of people with such different attitudes sharing the same set of resources that are allocated through the same thresholds is going to lead to conflict. What Mahathir Mohamad did with university admissions in Malaysia was not completely right, but I think China is a worse model. I would never suggest using quotas, but western nations, faced with increasing North East Asian immigration do need to find a way to moderate the amount of out of class study to the community average.

      • bujiebuke

        I agree with most of what you wrote, except it doesn’t really have much to do with my comment to the story, however short and lacking of important information. This story is about Chinese children going to Britain to be educated in a western style of teaching. They’re going to be taught in British schools by British educators, I don’t see how they’re going to be cramming like the Gaokao.

        I was speaking more to British self defined superiority over other ethnic groups. My impression from speaking with people from Britain is that they really think they’re better than everyone else. If true, why do they feel threatened by a few Chinese children?

        • donscarletti

          Really? I’ve always considered the British to be fairly self deprecating. They criticize other countries fairly frequently, but criticize themselves just as much.

          Are you American by any chance?

          • bujiebuke

            Yes, some are. But there are a group of Brits who come to the states and make complete asses of themselves. yes I’m murican.

          • Jahar

            I find europeans in general feel, or act, superior to people from the new world.

  • David

    But many universities will give tuition assistance for native students so they do not end of up paying the full 10,000. While foreign students normally have to pay the full tuition amount.

    • guest

      UK Students don’t pay 10,000, this 10,000 is the average of cost fees for foreign students (should had made this clear in my OP)

      Under various local laws in the UK, universities can only charged so much for a standard undergraduate degree per year, the maximum under UK law is 9000 a year for local students, which all but 64 are doing – the rest charging 6,000 a year. This is up from like 3,500 pounds in 2010, when assistance was given by the government directly to the universities..

      But lets for example compare local vs foreign undergraduate student degree fees for Queen Mary in London, you see on average there is a big different between the two types of student.just look at the difference costs of an undergard medicial degree 9,000 vs 30,000 per year.


      However, what UK universities do make quite a lot of money from are post-grad and post-doc research grants which can earn millions for a department.

  • Foreign Devil

    In Canada the government relies on Chinese money to prop up both education and homes. Two major markets and money makers in China.

  • Vance

    Aww man…they might have to work to get the grade now? Gees!! These over-achieving Asians are making life hard for everybody!

  • takasar1

    i ain’t buying this tbh. i went to a private independant school and i didn’t spy many chinese (or any east asian) kids. i only had 2 in my year. and the fees are obviously under-exaggerated. i had to pay 10k a year, despite being an EU citizen. the chinese kids would probably be forking over 15k i’d venture to guess. of course, some schools may cap fees.

    • Mihel

      I’m not in the UK, but my university has a program aimed at increasing the number of chinese students in our courses, and for all the years combined we still have four at maximum.

  • Jahar

    That’s not a phenomenon.

  • Guest

    10,000 pounds a year including room and board? If so, why is private higher education so damn expensive in the United States. This is sad.

  • Boris

    I was mean about the prices. As in most probably don’t know that the locals are paying close to 10k a year in pounds for a year.

    I know from my time here is that they do find out when they actually look into studying abroad, but generally they don’t know.