ER Doctor’s Leg Groped by “Forgetful” Drunkman

ER Doctor’s Leg Groped by “Forgetful” Drunkman
A drunken man who assaulted a young female doctor whilst in an ambulance has claimed he has no recollection of the event. After receiving a report of an emergency case of alcohol poisoning, the 20-something female ER doctor from Hangzhou Second Hospital went to the scene at the city’s Shida Road freight market via ambulance to collect the intoxicated man. Whilst in the vehicle, one of the man’s drunken family members groped the doctor’s thigh, also pulling her clothes and hair. The assailant has since claimed to have no memory of the event, to which a netizen said slaughtering him would have the same result.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    Wait, the drunk guy felt her up or his family felt her up????
    If he had alcohol poisoning I could see him blacking out either, but if everyone was drunk and EVERYONE was copping a feel, someone in the group ought to remember this event.

    • Andy Mc Crab

      No, you must be drunk.

      The drunk man who molested the doctor was so drunk that he passed out and his family member did it for him. Hence when he was awake he had no recollection of it.

      Drown him in his ancestors spit the sabi!!!!!!!


      • guest

        From what I understand, its not clear, the guy who had alcohol poisoning passed out. Then one of his family, who were also drunk, groped her and then the groper claims he has no memory of the event.

      • “Drown him in his ancestors spit the sabi!!!!!!!” What does sabi mean?

  • Bman

    So the drunken family rode along in the ambulance? And instead of being scared for the dying guy they (he?) felt up the Doctor?
    Easy verdict; judge rules:
    100,000 yuan fine (all for her) or loss of penis. Next!

  • Foreign Devil

    They cannot be found guilty. . they have plead drunkeness.