Ethnic Brawl in Malaysia

Ethnic Chinese Brawl With Malays After Online Rumors Incite Tension

A large scale ethnic fight erupted after a Malay gangster stole a phone from a store belonging to an ethnically Chinese Malaysian.The store owner caught the man in the act, and called the police. Later that night, the man returned with 7 other men, and proceeded to trash the store and beat employees.The next day, tensions began to rise as both real and fake news about the fight was spread online, mainly focusing on ethnicity. Later that night, a fight broke out, with up to 500 people eventually joining in over the course of 10 hours.Many netizens showed their rational side, saying they know many Malaysians who are good people.
Source: Netease

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  • filthyswit .

    Those damn ethnically Chinese Malaysians

    • grilo grilo

      filthyswit is a racist.

      • DC

        nah..he’s just ugly.

        • filthyswit .

          It’s a joke people. And so is your sensitivity.

          • DC

            and…you’re still ugly..

    • Alex Dương

      Totally the fault of the store owner’s ethnicity that his merchandise was stolen amirite.

  • mr.wiener

    I just can’t get that jingle from the Malaysian tourism our of my head….
    “Ma~lay~si~aaa….truely Aaaa~sia!!”
    …Very true.

  • bujiebuke

    Unfortunately, the stories of mistreatment of ethnically Chinese in Malaysia often stays buried in that country. It seems the trajectory of the tension between Malay and Chinese is heading the way of violent encounters before both sides compromise.

    • mr.wiener

      Not to mention the Indian population.

      • bujiebuke

        Agreed. The discrimination in Malaysia is fairly broad. Anyone who’s not ethnically Malay is legally a second class citizen.

  • DD Bear!


  • WghUk

    Damn jobless Malays stealing from successful Chinese again!

  • Necrogodomega

    I have doubts that the comments were full of people saying they knew “good Malaysians”. This is China after all.

    • Chris Ferrara

      They probably mean Chinese Malaysians, after all I can’t imagine a lot of ethnic Malays are learning Chinese to communicate with mainlanders. It’s like when there was a big article about how Xinjiang people were posting all kinds of long diatribes online about how, “Not all Xinjiang people are terrorists! We just want to live normal lives here! I am from Xinjiang and I am not a terrorist!” But they were 99% Han Chinese people posting these things. Well guess what, no one in China thinks Han Chinese people are terrorists, whether you live in Xinjiang or not. Xinjiang would be great if not for all these inconvenient Uighurs ruining our reputation!

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