Ethnic Chinese American Soldiers Who Died in the Iraq War

Ethnic Chinese American soldiers who died in the Iraq War.
Victor Lu, an ethnic Chinese US soldier who died in the Iraq War.
Victor Lu
Cornell Chao, an ethnic Chinese US soldier who died in the Iraq War.
Cornell Chao

From Tiexue:

Imperialist American cannon fodder! Many overseas ethnic Chinese soldiers including Chinese citizens killed in action in Iraq

China News Service, January 2nd. According to a report by America’s “US China Press”, the end of US military operations in Iraq on 2011 August 31st marked the end of the 7 year and 5 month US-Iraq War. The United States military had nearly 4500 dead soldiers, 32,000 people injured, with military expenses reaching billions of dollars. In this war, many overseas ethnic Chinese soldiers gave their precious lives, some of them being first-generation immigrants and the only child of their families, while others were still Chinese nationals when they sacrificed their lives. Though the Iraq War is over, those overseas soldiers of Chinese origin who laid down their lives on the battlefield have left behind for their families both permanent glory as well as pain.

Danny Chen, an ethnic Chinese US soldier who died in the Iraq War.
Danny Chen
Brian M. Wolverton, an ethnic Chinese US soldier who died in the Iraq War.
Brian M. Wolverton

Comments from Tiexue:


Overseas ethnic Chinese, has nothing to do with us!


If more die, that’s fine. There’s no harm if they completely died out too. Otherwise when we meet them on the battlefield in the future, at that time, the ones who will lose will surely be us.


If you want to make it sound nice, you’re overseas ethnic Chinese American soldiers. But if you want to make it sound bad, you’re just mercenaries (Mercenaries are professional soldiers who don’t care about national interests or consequences and are employed by countries or nations for combat.)

Simply selling your lives for money, it’s that simple. Falling into a situation where you have the life to make money but no life to spend it. Nor are you leaving any honor/glory for your family. For one’s nation, in your death, you should feel shame, or else you’re shameless.

Regardless of whether it is the KMT military or the CCP military, those who were in the war of resistance against Japanese aggression or the war against American to help [North] Korea, the old generation of soldiers who spilled their blood for the country and for the people, their descendents all feel pride. But who will feel proud for you guys? Aside from US dollars, your deaths had what other value?


So angry… Why are overseas ethnic Chinese always treated as Chinese [people/nationals]. They happily died for their own motherland, what business is it of ours? If China and the US were to go to war, they would stand on their country’s side. I really don’t understand, what does this kind of news have anything to do with us? That’s their country’s business…


They are the descendents of Chinese people, living in America, fighting as soldiers in America, protecting America’s interests.

But please remember, they are also soldiers, and soldiers should be given the respect and understanding they deserve.

Those of you who are full of obscenities and cursing, I don’t know where your hatred and hostility comes from. I don’t know if it were you, if you would have the guts to go onto the battlefield.


So one should get respect just for being a soldier? The Japanese bastards who participated in the Nanjing Massacre were also “soldiers”, so you also think that bunch of beasts should also of course be given respect? Is that what you think? Come out and respond to me, and if you don’t come out and respond to my question then you’re just an ignorant 2B. Sorry everyone, I’ve yelled at someone yet again.


Watch what you say, the dead should be respected! If China becomes rich and powerful in the future, there will be a lot of foreigners who will voluntarily come be cannon fodder, so don’t use the guise of patriotism to hide the envy in your heart! Dear wumao, if you’re really patriots, please squarely face the problems that appear in our country, and please correctly regard the strengths of other countries!


Louzhu‘s title has a problem! These guys are just “overseas ethnic Chinese”, not Chinese citizens! Nor can they be seen as Chinese people!


These people who deserted their motherland, 100 of them can die and they still wouldn’t deserve any sympathy.


All people who just wanted to gain US citizenship through joining the US military, where if you die they give you American nationality. To put it plainly, just cheap cannon fodder.


Overseas ethnic Chinese US nationals are also American citizens and them joining the US military and dying in war is normal, but Chinese citizens joining the US military and dying during war would be their just desserts, themselves asking for it.


These bananas [yellow on the outside, white on the inside], even if they die there is nothing worth feeling sorry for. Better yet, have more die, so as to avoid them pretending to be one of us when war comes!


Also, it was the Chinese the two wars that Imperialist America fought in the name of anti-terrorism were all paid for by the Chinese government, so there being some Chinese dying I think is very normal.


The Chinese government paid? What I saw was the American media spewing acid saying they defeated Afghanistan and then China went over to pick the fruits [of their labors]! You say the Chinese government foot the bill? How did they foot the bill? Let’s hear it. Another thing, those who die for China’s interests are Chinese people. Those who died for American interests are Americans. Please get it straight!


Truly tragic. If one dies for some sort of justice, fighting against hegemony, like Bethune, then it would be worthy of respect. But a Chinese citizen dying like this in a dubious war for another country’s interests, and going around advertising it, that’s shameful. As for those overseas ethnic Chinese, they stopped thinking of themselves as Chinese long ago, so why are you guys always worrying about them?


For US dollars, for Green Cards, they go to another country to massacre innocent ordinary common people, they deserved to die, and aren’t worth any sympathy.

What do you think?


Written by Fauna

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