Evictee Inquires About Payout, Finds Workers “Chilling”

Evictee Inquires About Payout, Finds Workers “Chilling”

A man who went to inquire about his year-long overdue compensation over the forced demolition of his company’s building found government staff reclining on beds and watching TV. Zhu Chaopin went with an undercover reporter to the Yong Qiao Water Conservancy Bureau in search of department chief Chen Qiufeng, but found his office to be empty. Asking about his whereabouts they were told to inquire at an adjacent office, and upon entry discovered the chilled out workers, who said they were on 24-hour flood defense standby. One netizen defended the staff, arguing rest is needed for a better work performance.”
Source: Netease

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  • hahaha

    • mr.wiener

      Waiting for the flood.

      • NondescriptRG

        Their names might be Vladimir and Estragon.

      • Jahar

        We got it in Wuhan today. Although I’m guessing those guys aren’t doing much about it.

  • The Chinese have to get with the program. In the US this building would have zero occupants, the police who are paid taxpayer dollars would guard it, and the CEO would pocket the difference.

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