Expense Limits for American Diplomats in China Posted Online

American Ambassador Gary Locke at the Boao Forum for Asia.

American Ambassador Gary Locke at the Boao Forum for Asia.

From NetEase:

Table of expense limits for American diplomats in China posted online

April 2nd, media reported that Luo Jiahui [US Ambassador Gary Locke] could not afford a 5-star suite while attending the Boao Forum for Asia, because the price was 3x the regulations of the American government’s travel lodging regulations. One person said it was a “show”. [Former Google China President] Lee Kai-fu shared on his weibo a table of expense limits for American diplomats in China. The table shows that the lodging expenses for officials in Kunming is no more than 127 USD, in Lijiang is no more than 67 USD. It can clearly be seen that this was formulated based on the prices of various cities.

Daily travel and lodging expenses for United States diplomats in China, by city.

Comments from NetEase:

lbg224522 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

America has regulations [expense limits], everyone has the responsibility to comply with them, and one has to pay from one’s own pocket the amount that exceeds the regulations; We also have regulations, but they are just for decoration, because the organizers [of a function] have already taken care of the expenses, and the officials especially don’t have to pay a single cent of money, but still have plenty to eat, drink, and be merry with, and they even get a fee for making an appearance/attending.

人民养鸡场 [网易江苏省无锡市网友]:

Please lost online the table of expense limits for Chinese diplomats in America, I want to see ours~

retty020 [网易广东省广州市番禺区网友]: (responding to above)

Sorry, that’s a state secret and can’t be made public.

磚家瞞診 [网易广东省网友]: (also responding to 人民养鸡场)

There’s a minimum expense limit, no maximum expense limit.

llkk84918 [网易江西省南昌市网友]:

Haha! Every day our enemies get worse while we get better by the day~ Just look at how poor the American imperialists are! Just one of our village mayors are more than a hundred times more powerful than these so-called diplomats!

装羊的狼 [网易浙江省网友]:

Can you please not publicize these things, [because] the more we know, the more miserable we feel, now knowing but still unable to change anything. Commenting without beating around the bush, if you aren’t careful, you’ll be spreading rumors again.

三体星人 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

I think this must be a reason why America is strong and powerful.

sdytwzy [网易山东省青岛市网友]:

China is still better, not seeking to be best, just seeking the most expensive.

家财猫是免费家庭记账软件 [网易北美地区网友]:

So pitiful, better to just stay in the free [accommodations].


President Obama and his wife spend tens of millions of USD just vacationing every year, this is just a few diplomats sent here to win favor from the mainland’s American running dogs.

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Written by Fauna

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  • Brett Hunan

    Limits are meant to be broken…. im sure some people find ways to break the rules.

    • Brett Hunan

      Ill let someone else have the sofa…. too cheap for my taste

    • grovesman

      Only if the hotel provides a free bump. And they usually do. I worked for the US gov’t for 25 years and one of my jobs during that span was a conference organizer. The hotels usually offer a handful of suites (depending on the number of guaranteed stays) for the event.

      But other than that, gov’t workers live within their per diem…and we usually spend more than reimbursed as the meal per diem (unless always eating fast food) doesn’t come close to the cost of meals and tip (the gov’t doesn’t reimburse for tips).

  • Brett Hunan

    “Can you please not publicize these things, [because] the more we know, the more miserable we feel, now knowing but still unable to change anything.”

    Wow I like when the netizens post like this. Reminds me that there are still some who understand the bullshit they deal with on a daily basis

    • Andao

      Whine whine whine. They can’t do anything because they are too lazy.

      Go talk to that fruit cart seller in Tunisia who lit himself on fire. He got shit done.

      • Brett Hunan

        Are you saying that Chinese don’t perform self-immolation?

        • Brett Hunan

          ….or self-immolation is considered getting “shit done”?

          • Jay K.

            i see what you did there…

          • Andao

            Well, the ends justify the means and all that. Right now the gov doesn’t give a damn about self-immolations because frankly, I don’t think they like Tibetans very much. If Hans started doing it (Falun Gong style) then it would have more of an effect.

            Anyway, the point is they just whine about not being able to change anything without even trying a single damn thing. At this rate the CCP has another 100 years to its life span because whenever something goes wrong, the collective Chinese make a pouty face (or emigrate) and that’s it. Meanwhile half way across the world, half a dozen Arab countries did something about their condition and knocked a bunch of (Western supported) dictators out of office.

          • Brett Hunan


            Seriously? Not only Tibetans kill themselves with fire in China. Han Chinese do too. Read the news.

            Their “whining” on the internet is a huge deal. Its the first time that Chinese citizens can get together and talk about the things they don’t like.

          • Andao:

            1. Ends don’t justify the means, not sure where or if you learnt your morals/ethics as a child.

            2. Falun Gong don’t burn themselves. That’s just another lie perpetuated by the ccp in order to discredit a peaceful movement as a dangerous brainwashing cult. The campaign was started by Jiang Zhemin in 1999 after a large group of them went to Zhongnanhai in Beijing where most of the top cadres live and requested representation because Falun Gong had become such a huge movement within and outside of china.

            3. The socio-economic realities of the regime in china is starting to hit more frequently and more often. Combine that with an unparalleled access to info via the Internet (even if it is cordoned off) means that the population is becoming more aware of the inequities and difficulties of their society. 100 years? No, more like 10 – 15 at most. Earlier if the housing bubble does as much damage as specualtors say it will.

            Of course, it being china, another ‘strongman’ will rise up to unite the country, he’ll kill the dissidents, re-write history and establish a new dynasty, his successors will become just as corrupt, decadent and complacent as the others before them and the cycle will repeat. Rinse. Use similarly branded conditioner. Repeat.

        • bjornt

          Very difficult to self-immolate now that the security apparatus has given every police and soldier a fire-extinguisher.

      • Bruce Tutty

        I see you doing a lot…talk about whining

        • Andao

          The second I try to get people out in the streets, the anti-CCP movement becomes a foreign led plot to destabilize China and get them all smoking opium again. That’s gonna do a lot for getting rid of the commies.

          Instead I can troll Netease/Tianya in Chinese and get someone there to do my bidding.

      • notorious

        how is setting himself on fire getting things done? The chinese government probably thought, ‘thanks for saving us the trouble, and the bullet”. A person is only hurting himself and helping the cause of the other side when they set themselves on fire. it’s so stupid and causes himself needless punishment.

        If he wants to suffer, go march by the government building demanding justice. that’s how you inflict pain on the CCP, make them lose face. Now, they will torture and kill you later, so find a gentle painless way to kill yourself quickly when you are done with your protest. that would embarrass them even more that they don’t get to make an example of you. Chinese people/Tibet monks STOP IMMOLATING it’s crazy.

        • Hongjian

          Self-immolation is all fun and games until it spills over and burns down nearby buildings.

          I think China should specially fireproof self-immolation pits on Tienanmen Square and Lhasa, and hand out gasoline coupons for self-immolators (after filling some forms and proving that they indeed and genuinely wish to end themselves by fire).

          Socioeconomical calculations already predict though, that those gasoline coupons will be misused by Taxi-drivers and average Zhous, as well as the usual suspects, the corrupt officials with their Guo Meimeis, for their luxury cars, and that future unlawful and illegal self-immolations will be initiated by disgruntled self-immolators to protest the embezzlement of those coupons by non or fake self-immolators, as well to protest against the phenomenon that rich guys who are out for those coupons are paying poor guys to stage self-immolations with other means than gasoline, so that they can secretly hand those coupons over to their employers before they commit their fiery suicide. This is why we cant have nice things.

          • mr. wiener

            It’s true.A nice hot straw and cow dung fire takes ages to get up to the right temperature to self-immolate. All this kindling , fanning and building detracts from the dramatic impact of your protest.
            In the future enviromentalist suicide bombers will face this dilemma when they show up at their intended target with half a hay bale, a dried midden of cow dung and two sticks to rub together.

          • Interested

            Your idea is way better than Jack Kevorkian.

  • Bruce Tutty

    American Imperialists?…like China isn’t an imperial nation?…ask Tibet and Nepal about that, once your blindness clears.

    • Hongjian

      That was a pretty short list for a imperialist nation.

      Care to post the americunt one too?

      • donscarletti

        He’s not claiming America is not imperialist, America’s the country everyone thinks of when they think of early 21st century imperialism. He’s just saying that they’re not the only one.

        Both countries are quite hypocritical, at least Caesar, Genghis Khan, Alexander, the East India Company and the like were far more honest about their intentions.

        • good idea, as a half- chinese person, my intention is to gang F@#$ every white caucasian female in the world. there i honestly state my inteions :)

          • donscarletti

            “At least” usually implies that on the whole they are still not good. Nobody says “I had a great birthday party, but at least I was given oral pleasure after”, this is not as we say, common parlance.

            As for your goal, I think the logistics work out like this:
            About one billion white Caucasians in the world, mostly in the Americas and Europe half being female.
            Birth rate is low, about 15/1000 per annum meaning that 7.5 million are born every year. Given you probably have another 40 years until you’re completely impotent, even with Viagra mixed into your saline/glucose drip, this is 0.8 billion in total, 20 million per year, 55 thousand per day or one every 0.63 seconds. Presumably this is not going to give her time to squat onto your shaft and get up, but if it did, that’s not you gang fucking her, that’s you being gang fucked worse than any rape victim ever. Other problems involve how exactly you would have to be catheterised, since your penis must remain free, but getting up for a leak will be out of the question.

            Food for thought at least.

          • pada

            Whether it is true that you’re half- chinese person, or that is your intention, you dont need to do it because a hell of white trash already did it for you as part of their culture.

          • mr. weiner

            “A hell of a lot of white trash already gang F@#$ed every white caucasian female in the world as part of their culture?” [to paraphrase the ramblings of you and themig]
            Please clarify, I must have been asleep in my cultural studies class when they taught that one.

          • Made In World

            You’re gonna do your grandma? Man, that’s sick!

        • lonetrey

          I can’t tell if Hongjian is an idiot or trolling. Me and my friend who reads this site make fun of him all the time, but I’m still never sure if we’re picking on someone retarded or someone who’s successfully trolled us.

          • Hongjian

            >me and my friend

            Now, little users need their friends to make fun of me. How weak sauce.

            Maybe you can create a facebook or other attentionwhoring pages for this purpose too? I crave that attentionwhoring. Nothing hurts bad girl Hongjian worse because you can gather more than a dozen ‘likes’ (or ‘dislikes’ for that matter) on your FB.

            Ahh… I wish Chinasmack still has the comment voting function (rid off due to abuse lol). Then I’d be surely butt-devastated from all dat red.

          • mr. weiner

            I have gone 180 degrees on my opinion of you. Espicially since there are so many haters and pale imitations of your good self that are nowhere near as interesting and well informed. I would press “like” just because I know you enjoy being disliked so much.
            Shine on you crazy diamond.

          • hooots

            I agree with the Weiner. Hongjian, keep on keepin on girl. You are loved and appreciated.

          • Jon

            Anyone who uses “weak sauce”, ironically or otherwise, is basically a troll.

            My use of quotation marks exempts me from this rule.

      • john digmeme

        Tibet has about 1000 times the land contained in American overseas possessions. Wow, Guam and American Samoa/Virgin Islands are pretty impressive pieces of turf, right?

        • anon

          1. Imperialism isn’t just about territory, but about force projection and economic/cultural influence.

          2. The original comment you’re all responding to was sarcastic. It was a not so subtle dig against China’s own officials.

    • Xiongmao

      Somebody claimed it was a short list. If you go a little further back in history many outlying provinces were conquered by imperialist China. Yunnan has a long history of independent kingdoms and was only truly incorporated into China over the last 100-125 years. Modern day imperialism can be seen in the South China Sea with China trying to claim everything, disregarding all the SE Asian countries claims and international treaties on maritime borders. Xinjiang is another example of imperialism and moving millions of Han into the areas to undermine the culture and local peoples’ influence (again, very much like the practice in Tibet).

      That said, I think these days Beijing is beginning to realise that China is big enough and the problems arising from administrating such large areas are rather big and troublesome. It’s hard to imagine China actively working to incorporate even more land nowadays, apart from Taiwan of course. The ‘win’ of such moves is overshadowed by the loss in our time.

      • Hongjian

        Well, seriously taken, China’s claim on the South China Sea issue is more or less like the US’ 1823 born Monroe Doctrine, where China would ‘claim’ the entirety of the South China Sea as her “near seas” or “home-waters”, not unlike the Gulf of Mexico for the US, for the sake of defending against Western/US (and in US case; European) intervention in this area of vital economic and national security interest, and to achieve a certain degree of strategic depth.

        I’d say that China gives a crap about the SEA nation’s claims in the SCS – They can move around there all they want, and drill for oil and gas as well. China’s claim on these “home waters” are aimed against the USA (who are additionally utilizing regional economic interests of the SEA nation for their ‘new asian pivot’), who openly stated in several congressional reports, that they will definitely intervene and raid Chinese shipping through the Mallacca Strait, which will severely damage Chinese economy and ressource security (and now, even food security, as Chinese food imports are increasingly being shipped from Chinese owned farms in Africa). So, it is definitely China’s version of the Monroe Doctrine, as the SCS is vital to China’s continuous survival as an independent great power – ‘not’ imperialism strictly speaking, as great powers are always in need for ‘no go zones’ and buffer-zones against other rival great powers to feel secure.
        China claims the South China Sea and has North Korea as immediate buffers for national security, while the USA claims the rest of the world and the space as no-go zones for rival great powers for the sake of maintaining their full spectrum dominance.
        Additionally, the real US imperialism also only began later that century (1898) with their rather brutal colonial rule over the Philippines (shoot everyone over ten years age to combat the independence insurgency), they have bought over from Spain for 20 million US Dollar, without any say for the Phillippines themselves over that matter. Before that, the Monroe Rule wasnt imperialism, but a doctrine of active, off-shore defense, as Admiral Mahan would put it – understandable, that Chinas leadership, who are dedicated readers of Mahan, would like to copy that doctrine for themselves.

        From a historical perspective even; comparing China’s imperialist antics and achievements in ages where imperialism was commonly accepted and even commanded respect from other fellow imperialist powers, China was a definite underachiever and a retard.
        If anything, China was expansionistic, not imperialistic, over the millenias, with the agricultural dominated Han and associated nationalities enlarging their territory on cost of the nomads and less organized agricultural nations, in search for new fertile soil to grow their rice on.
        And now, in the 21th century, an age where imperialism is looked down upon, there is only one country and one people that remains ruthlessly imperialist: The homo americuntus.

        • Rod

          “homo americuntus”

          LOL. Please copyright this.

        • MassiveBender

          Although a bit off topic with regards to civil servants’ expenses; America is by far the dominant world empire. We apparently live in a unipolar world with America the sole hegemon, that by definition means that China’s hegemonic empire must be insignificant. You could say that those in Tibet and Xinjiang are subjects rather than citizens and that China is a territorial empire, but I think that would deliberately ignore the benefits they get from being part of China, both in terms of money and positive discrimination in OCP, taxes and education, not too mention it’s difficult to tell whether most people in these regions want to be in China or not. The Tibetan exiles are mostly the ousted nobility and previous attempts to overthrow the CCP in Tibet have had a Bay of Pigs element to them and failed miserably. I would imagine the situation is more like the constituent countries in the UK, particularly Northern Ireland, rather than an Israel-Palestine sort of thing. China is more a flawed nation state with regards to the minorities that live there. The reason America doesn’t suffer from this is simple: they massacred the original inhabitants, or minorities in modern parlance, to create a coherent race-based state from the 1776 until the early 1960s as have most successful nation states at some point in their existence. As China has been a dynastic empire until the 20th century I would say ethnicity was not that important as all were just theoretically servants of the emperor and thus all constitutionally tarred with the same brush, just as in Tsarist Russia or the Hapsburg empire, so China wasn’t China so much as it was the Ming Empire, the Qing Empire etc. America and other nation states, originally almost always republics, have a underlying notion of nationality and consequentially ‘us’ and therefore ‘against them’.

          America’s empire is not in the actual territory held like Guam and Puerto Rico or Diego Garcia but the hegemonic power that is wielded; the basis of all power in modern empires is giving orders to nominally independent client states: allies. The only countries that China can call allies are the ones that turn to China out of desperation because they refuse to fall into line with the American world order, e.g. Russia, North Korea, Iran, Zimbabwe. America exerts it’s imperial influence over China all the time, American owned companies colonise China reminiscent of 19th century factories at Treaty Ports and the WTO always unfairly discriminates against China in it’s rulings, for example America can refuse Chinese tires and put discriminatory tariffs on Chinese goods but China cannot stop American chicken feet imports, American cars ‘dumped’ on the Chinese market and Huawei cannot operate in UK because it’s a ‘security risk’. China is alone in the world, wretched isolation, it cannot be a modern world empire without any allies to boss around.

          • anon

            Nice discussion thread (and Chris below). Actually contained a measure of knowledge and intelligent argumentation, and even a bit of humor thanks to Hongjian.

          • tomas

            The example of northern ireland is very very bad

            Irish are not flawed people living in Ireland because they r irish, nor r they the “”beneficiaries”of British occupation – quite the opposite.

            they r still the colonized tho maybe slightly less worse off than pre’ 70

            I could draw similarities but none that u mention. but i wont bother coz so much of what u said is just factually incorrect.

      • Chris

        Yunnan only incorporated into China in the past 100-125 years? Nonsense. Yunnan has seen ebbs and flows of Chinese influence dating back to the Han Dynasty during which it came under the influence and direct governance of China. During the Tang Dynasty a fairly close alliance between the tributary state Nanzhao based in Dali and the Tang against the rather aggressive and unpleasant Tibetan Tubo empire. Both Nanzhao and the subsequent Dali Kingdom should be seen as tributary states and firm allies of the Tang. The first group of 500 ‘overseas students’ were sent from Dali to Chengdu for immersion in Han culture from the 8th century ad. All this ended by a rather brutal Mongol/Tibetan invasion of Dali in the 13th century, burning the old Dali capital Yangmieju, then the world’s 12th largest city, to the ground. The Mongols went on to wipe out the Southern Song and establish the Yuan dynasty. Yunnan was very firmly in the China camp during the Ming and Qing, with short breaks for the Wu Sangui rebellion in the early Qing (a feral Chinese general who became a Yunnan despot) and the crazed Du Wenxie rebellion by Hui tin miners that went onto to set up a 27 year Islamic Caliphate in the 19th century (with HQ in Dali and a bizarre mini-Forbidden City style palace you can still visit). Over the whole period lots of influence in Yunnan from SE Asia and even South Asia. In short, the usual mix of trouble in a remote and rugged territory. The “only recently incorporated” argument is mischief and ignores a long history of loose and tight control and governance. I’ve lived in Yunnan for a long time and doesn’t see any sentiment for going out on their own. Han migration has been fairly steady since the Tang and has a 1200 year history. Quite a few Han villages that speak Henan, Nanjing and all sorts of odd dialects dating 800+ years. Yunnan is a great place and firmly rooted in China.

        • Chinggis was here

          Where the fuck are all these intellectual posts coming from? Just a few corrections though: Kublai didn’t wipe out the Southern Song if you mean population, however, the Song Emperor and his dynastic line was pretty much exterminated apart from a third cousin twice removed who managed to flee to Vietnam.

          His Grandfather, on the other hand, did a pretty thorough job on the Xi Xia and Northern Song/Jurchen – farming and peasants simply took up too much valuable grazing land + the Xi Xia became disloyal and Mr. Khan took a rather dim view of that.

          You are correct; it was young Kublai who incorporated Tibet and the Kingdom of Dali into the Mongol Empire and the sole reason for that was to flank the Southern Song. However, as future Mongol Khan’s went, he was rather lenient on the population in his conquest of the Dali Kingdom.

          Kublai also had expense limits.

        • Hongjian

          Not to mention, Luo Yu, the “potato-emperor”/Warlord of Yunnan during the KMT rule, actually peacefully submitted to the Communist Rule later on, so his mansion, as well as his family was spared – just as his grave wasnt dug out later on, but still remains today.

          Yunnan people were always pretty loyals lots, more due to their beef with the Tibetan Empire back then, or even having Kunming being briefly the retreat of the besieged KMT govt during the Japanese Invasion, fearing that Chongqing may still be overrun in the end.

  • notorious

    this is true. my mom is a government employee who travels and they do have a daily expense level that they cannot exceed. if they go over that price they must pay it from their own pocket.

  • notorious

    i think the chinese commentators don’t understand that that it is demanded of u.s. citizens to be responsible with tax dollars. but for every one of these expense limits, they spend money in so many other stupid ways its ridiculous.

  • pada

    If you surf Yahoo comments, you’ll find almost all yanks cursing their government that brought America down and lost face for almighty American Reich. But when coming to China, they are starting to cover the naked ars of their officials. Maybe that’s what democrazy means and the narrow-minded nationalism are all about where Americans are no exception. But I guess only the one with tight shoes knows how his foot pain.

    • Harland

      Yahoo comments? Who reads those? You? You poor sod.

      • pada

        Important is not who read it but who write it. Of course you idot dont belong to the smart group in American society who know they has bigger problem of their own, as you are good at selective reading of less hurting stuff, to easy your pain in your broken butt.

      • Brett Hunan

        Who reads yahoo comments? Who writes yahoo comments?

        hardcore Fox-loving, bible-thumpin, war-lovin’, home-sitting-on-your-ass, butt-scratching, cashing-unemployment-checks, fat and sorry, making up the social fabric of indecent lowlife rednecks. AKA a group of retardists.

  • Interested

    Look at from different angle, USA gov is deficit spending. They have to be frugal.

  • Fu ZhiGao

    Can you translate the cockney gibberish out of that comment so that it makes sense?

  • Dogbert

    Negro President Barack Negbama spends like he is n*gger-rich while everyone else has to suffer.

    • mr. wiener

      Piss off troll.

      • Xiongmao

        Might not be trolling, many Republicans in the US share these sentiments.

        • notorious

          yeah and the republicans complaining are trolling the entire fucking country. they only hate obama because he’s black because they’re a bunch of backwood inbred rednecks afraid of actually having to work for jobs and getting into schools instead of getting everything just handed to them because they’re white.

          what he also forgets to add, is that their beloved REPUBLICAN George Bush ran a democrats projected 4 TRILLION DOLLAR SURPLUS into a 455 Billion dollar deficits. So if you ask anyone who caused the deficit Obama has to fix, they need to look to their own party. Obama INHERITED a deficit from teh republicans who held office for 8 years, destroyed the booming economy, started THREE WARS (world wid war on terrorism, unnecessary unjustified war in Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan), cut money and funds for the poor because they’re assholes who can’t take responsibility for their mistakes. All of these white republicans can think about is race. It’s why they vote for rich people even when they’re so poor they can’t survive. Stupid dumbasses. I hope a republican is elected and all of their voters rot.

          • Brett Hunan

            I get that you LOVE Obama. I really do. You have defended him time and time again. Let’s just get some things straightened out. Okay sweetheart?

            1. Not all Republicans are white.
            2. They don’t “hate Obama because he is black”.
            3. Democrats are the same as Republicans, of course not during election time.
            4. Yea, Bush sucks, Mitt Romney sucks, but Obama kinda sucks too.
            5. Ron Paul is the man.

            Down with the 2 party system. Its the same as a 1 party system. Only the already rich and already powerful become leaders in America.

          • 安健

            Thank you Brett!

            Democrats and Republicans are the same, just retarded in slightly different ways. Too much knee-jerking in American politics.

            I would love R.P., but I can’t jump on his wagon. For all the great ideas he has, he too cannot escape the plague of stupid. Some things he has said are just scary

  • Dogbert

    No wonder US embassy personnel in China take bribes for issuing visas.

  • Dogbert

    Hey Mr Weenie, go play with Gary Cocke’s hot dog on the sofa.

    • Cant figure out how the reply button works? Smart cookie aren’t you. Suck cock much?

    • mr. weiner

      I didn’t see “playing with Gary Cocke’s hot dog” mentioned in the table of expense limits above. How much would that be? [with or without the sofa].
      Good luck with the reply button thingy, it is a skill worth mastering. If you have problems with pink then try to think of it as magenta.

  • Dogbert

    The homos are coming out of the woodwork

    • The Dude

      Here is an example of the reply button in use…

      The wonders of modern technology are never ending.

      Just a hint for you, it’s that little pink button on the bottom right labelled ‘Reply’. Of course, you’re quite possibly adverse to the color pink so I totally understand why you’re a bit worried to use it.

      Some say that if you do use it, Shanpo will magically appear from behind and do you up the arce….

      I’m always using the reply button myself. Can’t get enough of it.

  • SteveLaudig

    Chinese readers, indeed all readers, except United States political insiders, should know that the system of campaign finance in the United States means that most ambassadors have purchased their offices because they contributed large amounts of money to the President’s campaign. See: http://www.opensecrets.org/news/reports/ambassadors.php
    So these “limits” aren’t really limits because the person pays for it with their own money. Certainly there are exceptions to the “fabulously rich” ambassador syndrome. But not many. Always remember that when a government speaks you are probably not being told the truth or at least not the important truth.

    • Harland

      Hello, Mr. everything-is-about-my-pet-issue weirdo. These are the expense allowances for US government employees. The gov’t does all sorts of research on travel expenses to make sure tax dollars aren’t wasted and yet government employees can travel in comfort. These aren’t the rates for THE AMBASSADOR HIMSELF.

      What the fuck this has to do with purchasing ambassadorships is unknown. Lots of State Department career employees make it to ambassador. Moreover, I don’t like the anti-Obama slant of your post. Are you in the KKK?

    • pada

      –“most ambassadors have purchased their offices”!
      Thanks a lot for letting few Chinese diot worshippers of America know the true color of demonCrazy and for peessing off some same idot Americunts who always think them to be exceptional.
      “most ambassadors have purchased their offices”. I love it, LOL!

      • Vince

        How long did it take you to come up with “demonCrazy”? A few weeks?

        • Interested

          Demoncrazy is not new. If you checked the argument between Indian and Chinese, you would spot them all the time.

          Neocons are the true promoter of demoncrazy.

  • 平凡人

    If they really implement it, I respect them. To be frank, the rates given are quite reasonable and I think they did their homework. With that kind of limits, they can definitely stay in a good hotel except for Lijiang and Chongqing; they may not be able to stay in the JW Marriot or Inter-continental in Chong Qing.
    In China, limits is not necessary for government officials, they either get it free or someone else paid for it. While their overseas, I doubt there is a limit (especially the lower ranks going to investment promotion trips); I have witnessed some lavish lifestyles.

    • Chris

      Ditto on the ‘lavish lifestyle’ issue. I am constantly horrified by the indulgence and behavior of low-level Chinese officials I meet. The spending is amazing and its usually some local enterprise seeking a favor that picks up the bill (hence it’s off budget). While I’ve met a few up-right and honest government employees, I’ve met far too many that are arrogant crooks.

  • Nigbama (aka Dogbert)

    Look you racists, Moochelle and I will take all the vacations we want and you shall pay for them with your taxes!!

    [Note: Please do not use multiple names.]

    • mr. weiner

      Charming name you have. And so original too, did you choose it yourself?

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  • Barry (aka Dogbert)

    The United States has a bad president with low intelligence who no one can respect. Costs of government operation must be kept down due to the need to fund important welfare programs for lazy-ass black mommas who have multiple offspring before age 18. Further, I expect there to be no discussion of why Barry Soetero was forced to surrender his law license for lying on his Illinois bar application (denied having an alias…), nor why his sheboon wife was forced to give up her law license (insurance fraud). The Obongos can continue to be heroes to the intellectual weaklings known as liberals. Oh yes.

    • mr. wiener

      *sigh* Is that you again Dogbert?

  • john digmeme

    Where did the Google guy get this list? He ain’t no diplomat. Fake.

    • notorious

      this info is frrely distributed on US government web sites. Even the president’s salary and expenses and publically known. American uses a “transparent” government system. In fact, you can go to the web site for the white house I believe and read the yearly budget, and how they divide our taxes for each thing. how much they collect and spend.

  • DRaY

    Hongjian is a classic example of Chinese inferiority complex. Wow!!

  • R. Walsh

    Actually, many businesses in the US consult the same US State Department website with per diem rates when planning a travel budget for any given country. The per diem rates are reviewed yearly.

    The general practice is that the US government traveler is reimbursed for lodging according to true expenses up to the maximum rate, but is paid all of the meals & incidentals. Taxis and airfare also have to conform to limits. At any rate, if a US government employee is caught cheating, they will be harshly punished.

    In major cities, most good hotels will agree to give US military and diplomatic staff special rates, well under the preferred rate. Places like Shanghai, Beijing, etc have a lot of official travelers, so the local US consulates have worked out preferential rates with 5-star hotels. I’m sure nobody is staying in a crappy place, unless they travel to a really out-of-the-way city.

  • A gawd-dang Mongolian

    Again there is that seething feeling of hatred, perhaps with a tang of envy



    Understandable there are some people like this but seriously. Even when America was ‘frienemies’ with the Soviet Union, Russian reception to Americans wasn’t so frosty.

    They didn’t go all out spouting how much better they were. They just grudgingly acknowledge that Americans are just better at some things but if Soviets did those things, it would be ‘bigger’ than the American version.

  • kodi

    That is the difference between having control over government and holding them accountable to the people rather than merely being held at their mercy fearful of even forcing them to own up to their indiscretions.

    The US officials are also a group of thieving dogs, but they will be caught eventually unlike the Chinese officials who are periodically sacrificed one by one by their opponents who have more power than them simply for political gain. Its like the eating of one corrupt official by an even more corrupt official. I think they should have a private anti-corruption task force independent from the government complete with a forensic accounting unit and armed with .50 cal Barrets, silenced AR-15s, and S&W 45 cal handguns, to follow these guys around. Upon finding discrepancies they can swoop in during the middle of the night and relieve them of their duties. I bet very few would even want to be a Chinese official if it wasn’t for the ability to manipulate and cheat…………..

  • yoyo

    Lol at the comments on here. So… China is more powerful because our government have unlimited expense account usage while majority of the people live in poverty? I’m sorry, I think america is more powerful when social wealth is a little more equal and not all spent on food and entertainment by corrupt officials.