Dog Dies At Airport, Cause Disputed

Expensive Dog Dies At Airport, Causes Disputed

A man’s dog that was valued at 260,000 RMB has died, because while in transit the dog got out of its container, so the airport staff shot it dead on the tarmac due to airport policy. The man believes the airline made a mistake in transit, which caused the container to split open. If an agreement cannot be reached, the man will take the legal route. One netizen stated “Even idiots know, transporting luggage is just like throwing it away.”

Source: Netease

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  • Qiu Shi Sheng

    sofa… 1st after 5years maybe?

  • Amused

    Yeah, there’s no such thing as a dog worth that much. Its a dog, it fell out of a dog pussy with 5 others like it. Sad its dead, but don’t bullshit the public.

  • Jahar

    It says quite clearly the dog was shot. Why the cause being disputed? The reason and the necessity can be disputed, but the cause? They need to fix this headline. Or this website.