Face Masks on Peking University Statues Protest Beijing Smog

Statues in Peking University wear masks for heavy smog

Images of statues of some Chinese intellectuals in Peking University wearing masks have been wildly circulated online. This idea was figured out by some students from Peking University, as a “silent” protest against heavy smog.

Statues in Peking University wear masks for heavy smog

From Sina Weibo:

@头条新闻: Beijing Heavy Smog; Peking University Statues “Wear” Face Masks — Since February 20, the national meteorological center has for six days straight issued smog alert, and Beijing has already spent many days in the grey smog. With continuous smog in the “rain” season, pedestrians on the road are about to be overwhelmed with sorrow. With such pollution, even the statues an sculptures in Peking University “cannot take it anymore”, one after another donning face masks. Pictures:

From QQ & NetEase :

Beijing Severe Smog; Face Masks Put on Statues Throughout Peking University

[February] 24, Beijing, the fourth day of heavy smog besieging [the city], it is no longer news that pedestrians and even pet dogs are wearing face masks. To their surprise, on the Peking University campus, people discovered statues of Cai Yuanpei, Li Dazhao, Miguel de Cervantes and other scholars of the past with masks also put on them.

Statues in Peking University wear masks for heavy smog

Beijing severe smog, face masks placed on statues and busts in Peking University. Picture is of Li Dazhao’s statue.

Statues in Peking University wear masks for heavy smog

Picture is Cai Yuanpei’s statue.

Statues in Peking University wear masks for heavy smog

Picture is Cervantes’s statue.

Statues in Peking University wear masks for heavy smog

Picture is of the statue of distinguished Chinese contemporary economist Chen Daisun.

Comments from QQ, NetEase & Sina Weibo :


Wearing [face masks] is pointless. It might help for the moment, but it doesn’t solve the problem! Only by solving the root cause can the problem be taken care of!


Students occasionally playing pranks for fun, no big deal, and it should be tolerated; moreover, this kind of liveliness [humor] of the students should be preserved.


This is a humanized action [an unoffensive and easy to appreciate act], and is worth promoting, to remind and awaken people [to the seriousness of the problem].


Befitting its reputation as a university of talented people! Controlling China’s problem of smog will depend on you guys! Our hopes rest with you!


The statue would collapse if they breathe the smog without wearing face masks.


Now this is the Peking University spirit!


It is the growing gap between the rich and poor bringing about an excessive expansion of the economy that is the root of pollution. If wealth is more evenly distributed, then a smaller overall economy is needed to support an even larger population. If wealth is distributed extremely unevenly, then the size of the economy must be expanded in order to ensure the basic incomes of the lower classes, as well as the satisfy the higher classes’ greed for wealth. If this kind of enlarging of the economy surpasses the environment’s ability to accommodate it, then serious consequences will form [such as severe pollution].

zsj680324 [网易四川省成都市手机网友]:

A silent protest…

网易上海市手机网友 ip:180.174.*.*:

Peking University students are indeed biting [incisive, piercing in their social commentary through this act], and this is the power of knowledge, both expressing respect towards [historical] teachers as well as a giving the government a reminder [message]. Impressive, truly impressive.

网易江苏省无锡市手机网友 ip:49.66.*.*:

Google’s satellite map is no longer useful.

yijun126 [网易湖南省长沙市网友]:

Short-term unscrupulous development comes with a serious price, and this price is irreversible. Now everything [past worries] has been validated, the harm also gradually becoming apparently, and those who suffer the harm have always been the [common] people.
What people rely on for their existence is the environment. When you’ve ruined the environment, what use is there in having all that money? This is against the natural law of survival and development.
If the country’s development does not plan for the long-term and does not take responsibility for the future, then it will result in “draining the pond to get all the fish” [unsustainability], and the it will be about digging our own graves.


The consequences of economic development.


Such severe smog is clearly not a problem with motor vehicles. Beijing began restricting [motor vehicles] long ago, but what use has it been? The main problem is in factory pollution, while motor vehicles are just “one hair among 9 oxen” [a tiny part, factor]. Instead of focusing on the main reason and needlessly restricting the private cars of the ordinary common people, government officials, can you shake up [manage/control] the factories? Regulate them?


Humorous satire. With the environment currently so bad, just who should take responsibility and who should pay for it…? Only the ordinary common people will, because they live here…


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