Fake Buddhist Nuns & Monks Con Young People’s Money


From Netease:

Fake Buddhist nuns peddle their wares on the streets, specializing in conning young men and women’s money

In the streets, tea houses or parks of cities, two or three fake nuns or monks are often seen together. Each clutches a small red envelope, poorly made small trinket, or something they are trying to pass off as a Buddhist offering, and they make a dishonest living peddling these to young men and women. It seems that all of these people have come to Chengdu from other provinces. They spend about seventy or eighty yuan on a costume (clothes, hat, shoes), and do themselves up like poor nuns or pious monks. Taking advantage of the generosity of people’s hearts and their prayers for good luck, they easily reach their goal of conning people out of money. This kind of person, and professional beggars from other provinces, in truth usually make more money than labourers (judging by how they are portrayed in the media). Moreover after their “performance” is over, they drop their facade, and eat great food, drink alcohol, and laugh about how many honest sons and daughters offered them respect that day. At night they even go looking for xiaojie [prostitutes] to help them relax (reporter found this out by following them). This group of people have this civilized city’s “psoriasis”. A reminder to kind-hearted people, don’t be fooled.


Comments from Netease:


They are in a lot of large cities, mainly because comrades are too generous, their business is is so good.


What kind of social attitude is this? Fake? Real? It makes people distrustful of each other.


They’re everywhere, the Shaolin Temple should come and take care of them.


Real, fake, fake, real, there are all kinds of people.


A friend of mine was tricked once, first they says they’re giving you a gift, once you accept it, they ask for money. Once you give them one yuan that’s also unacceptable, you have to give a minimum of five yuan. It makes you so angry!


Whenever I’d see them I’d ask them to recite scripture, as soon as they heard they’d say nothing, turn around and run away!


Have you noticed that they’re all old? (This is because) 1 You’ll take pity on them. 2 You’ll believe them. 3 because they put things so well. 3. If you die you need face or you’ll be punished!


At Baoshan district on Shangda road, in a high level complex there lives a group of fake monks. Every day they drive to “work” (tricking people), their living conditions are pretty good.


It’s not that there are too many dishonest people, it’s that there are too many suckers among us.


Nowadays the level of salary of monks and nuns is better than average, particularly monks. Every single one is fat!


A suggestion: learn a bit about Buddhism, then you’ll be able to tell fake nuns from real ones.


You could show them Buddhist scripture, and get them to explain it. Test their knowledge!  It’s easy to tell real from fake!


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