Fake Monks Prevent Police Inspection of Pulled-Over Coach

Fake Monks Prevent Police Inspection of Pulled-Over Coach

A coach overloaded with fake monks thwarted multiple police interceptions on their vehicle as it headed from Pingdingshan towards Gansu. Sanyuan traffic police attempted to inspect the coach after spotting it at the roadside with an expired inspection certificate, but were blockaded by six “monks”, allowing the coach to flee. After two further interceptions and escapes, police finally caught the driver, who had an invalid license, and discovered the vehicle had been written-off 5 years prior, with the “monks” actually an acrobatic troupe. Netizens wondered why they weren’t arrested straight away.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    So fake police aren’t good at stopping fake monks. I hope they weren’t trafficking fake religion to a fake location…

  • Jahar

    So the fake monks didn’t prevent anything. They attempted to prevent it. Another quality headline. Someone needs to take Chinasmack out back and give it the “Old Yeller” treatment.