Family Planning Commission Weibo, Chinese Netizens Reactions

Chinese billboard featuring propaganda promoting the One-Child Policy.

Chinese billboard featuring propaganda promoting the One-Child Policy.

Since June 18, the day when the National Health and Family Planning Commission made its first post on Sina Weibo, the post elicited criticism from netizens on China’s one child policy. Here are some selected netizen reactions to the post.

From Sina Weibo:

@健康中国: Hello everybody, the National Health and Family Planning Commission weibo @健康中国 [“Healthy China”] officially opens today. We will be releasing the latest information on public health and family planning, featuring experts in the field, disseminating health knowledge, listening to your voices, occasionally holding discussions through Weibo Topics. We are looking forward to your participation!

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Parasite! All these years of family planning violation fines [fines for violating the One-Child Policy] has raised a bunch of bastards!


The public’s anger cannot be appeased!! Are you not able to show some sincerity by letting people have two kids?! Or are you going to continue ignoring this?! In China, public opinion is the most worthless thing, to be trampled upon as one pleases!”


The family planning commission is a cult-like organization that should be publicly tried! The obstinate cult leaders should be punished with extreme prejudice! These trash constantly change the data, misleading policy-making at the higher levels, massacring the ordinary common people’s children, voraciously amassing money, stepping on the bodies of countless babies, and claiming so-called political contributions [achievements in governance]! We should immediately repeal such an evil policy, outlaw this rubbish organization, otherwise this interest group will inevitably prevent reforms of population policies. The Chinese nation has come to the most dangerous moment!


Look at all the comments below and you should realize that there was absolutely no need to open this weibo account.


May all family planning commission employees die childless! Every day, I’ll curse them [here on their account] before going to sleep. Awesome!


The post-60’s and post-70’s groups [people born in the 1960s-1970s] are huge, and when they retire in ten or twenty years, preparing to live out their remaining years, they’ll find sadly that there is no one and no money [to support them]. They’ll cry for help but get no response from anywhere, and that’s when everyone will think of the family planning commission.

Elderly Chinese with a baby.


I’m happy to see the opening of the family planning commission’s weibo regardless of whether or not there is any communication or interaction. At least victims can vent their anger here, and at least the Family Planning Gang can directly find out what the Chinese public think about them. The Family Planning Gang always says the Chinese people voluntarily accept all kinds of ‘services’ [such as forced abortions], but here the Family lLanning Gang leaders are just getting slapped on the face.


Perhaps the family planning commission’s so-called good policy is not actually allowing the people to have two children, but to be more polite/civilized when collecting fines, and expressing more sympathy/condolences after forcing abortions. In fact, allowing for two children is what the masses want the most but what the commission is least willing to do. However, if allowing two children were to really happen all of a sudden, will the family planning commission have a hard time getting used to no longer having any fines to collect and no people to catch and force abortions on?


Ever since the family planning commission opened this weibo, I have added a task to do before going to bed every day: Sincerely wish all the family planning workers to die childless, and that their entire family go through 18 levels of hell.


Featuring experts? You mean the pioneer in forcing sterilizations, or the model worker who got rich by fining people?


We are not even asking for three or four children, just two. Is that too much?!


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