Famous Singer Li Shuangjiang’s Son Involved in Road Rage Assault

A woman with a injury to her head.

An Audi A6 and modified BMW 3 series parked outside a residential community in Beijing.

From NetEase (1 & 2):

Li Shuangjjiang’s son under suspicion of driving without a license and assault

Summary: On the night of September 6th, at the gate of a residential community in Haidian district [Beijing], a resident couple was brutally beaten by the drivers of a BMW with no license plate and an Audi with the license plate 晋O00888 behind them for slowing down as they were about to turn into the community’s south entrance. The husband and wife’s heads were bleeding. The two attackers tried to flee but were apprehended. It was verified that the BMW driver is 15 years old, without a driver’s license, and is the son of the famous singer Li Shuangjiang. The “晋O” license plate was a fake.


Attackers tried to flee but were stopped

“Around 9pm at night, we were driving in front and these two cars were behind us. We need to slow down to enter the residential community’s entrance. They braked and stopped their cars behind us. Then we were assaulted.” said the woman surnamed Yang, with gauze wrapped around her head at the south gate of the Xishanhuafu residential community two nights ago [8th] at 11pm.

Witness Mr. Li said that for 3 minutes, it was basically the two [BMW and Audi] car owners viciously beating this couple. “The two young car owners were both around 1.8m tall, while the couple being assaulted were both only a bit over 1.6m, so it was completely them being beaten. The attackers even shouted, ‘Who dares call 110 [the police]?'”

Afterward, the Malianwa police station’s officers rushed to the scene and apprehended the two trying to flee at the residential community’s west gate.

The doctors say that Mr. Peng’s head suffered external injuries, receiving 9 stitches on his forehead, 2 stitches on the back of his head, and at the same time has contusions on the soft tissues of the bridge of his nose and right eye.

A modified BMW 3 series surrounded by people after its driver was involved in assaulting a couple in a Buick.

September 7th early morning, Xishanhuafu south gate, a modified BMW is stopped on the road.

The scene the incident

Fled in car only to be blocked

Throughout the entire beating, the attackers shouted, “Who dares to call 110!?” and even tried to flee in their cars.

Car making a turn incites dispute and pushing

“Around 9pm, we were driving home with our child. When we reached the residential community’s south gate, we had to turn in. Suddenly, we heard from behind us a sudden braking sound,” said the woman Yang who was driving at the time.

Yang saw clearly that the car right behind her was a BMW without a license plate. “My husband was afraid of me being in danger so he got off the car to talk to them.”

A witnesses claims that the quarrel lasted no more than a minute before the driver of the BMW got out of the car and pushed Yang’s husband Mr. Peng. Yang rushed forward to break it up but was pushed by the BMW driver, knocking her onto the car’s windshield.

Husband and wife beaten for 3 minutes

The south gate security guard said that the two young drivers kept beating Mr. Peng while Yang was on the side begging them to stop. “At the time, the child in their car was crying particularly loud.”

Many residental community residents tesified that as the two drivers were beating [the husband], they were simultaneously attacking and shouting “Who dares to call 110!”

Witnesses say the two young drivers continued to beat the married couple for around 3 minutes, with blood dripping from the couple’s heads onto their faces.

A "Great Hall of the People" temporary parking permit on the windshield of Li Tianyi's modified BMW.

September 7th early morning, Xishanhuafu south gate, a Great Hall of the People’s parking permit placed at the front of the car.

A toy machine gun on in the backseat of the BMW.

On this modified BMW without a license plate, a “Great Hall of the People” temporary parking permit is placed on the front windshield, while a “machine gun” is hidden in the car’s back seat. As it is understood, this gun is not actually a real gun.

Su Nan's Audi A6 with traces of blood on the hood.

September 7th early morning, Xishanhuafu south gate, there were even traces of blood on the Audi.

A woman with a injury to her head.

September 7th early morning, Xishanhuafu south gate, the wounded woman on the phone with a friend, her husband being treated at the hospital for serious injury.

Mr. Peng, giving a statement after receiving stitches to his head.

September 7th early morning, 309 Hospital, the wounded man recording his statement. September 7th, a couple paid a visit to the hospital claiming to the be family of the BMW car owner expressing hope that we can give the child a chance. However, Li Shuangjiang was not amongst the people who came.

Comments from NetEase:


I personally believe this is a publicity stunt, because Shuangjiang’s old and unfashionable songs have been forgotten, so he’s had his son go out and attack people to get some exposure. The moment this incident is publicized, all eight generations of their family’s ancestors can be effortlessly given attention on the internet. Then, after a few days, a new album is released, and he’ll be famous again. This is called “can’t trap the wolf if you can’t bear to risk the child”. The name of the song has even been thought of, called “Commit sin/Finding trouble”.


Li Shuangjiang’s son is only 15-years-old? His grandson must be older than that! Is it [the son] from a xiao san?


15-years-old and already 1.8 meters? Was this bastard created by Yuan Longping?


A singer’s son, he thinks he’s become a great person? This kind of scum deserves to die.


Little bastard, your father is just someone who sells his singing, not much higher than whores [such as in KTVs], does it justify your savagery?


After “Li Gang“, now there’s “Li Shuangjiang (gang)”. Which is double the previous. (Amongst them, 6 traffic light violations, 9 driving in emergency or designated lane violations… and right next to these violations for whether or not the matter has been handled is the word “outstanding”.)


Li Shuangjiang is what/who? Never heard of him.

网易四川省手机网友 网易四川省手机网友:

What kind of garbage place is this? Grief and indignation!


Rich second-generation [children of rich parents] are truly frightening.

From NetEase (1 & 2):

Li Shuangjiang: Definitely will not interfere with the police’s handling of my son’s case

Summary: 9pm, September 6th, outside the southern gate of the Xishanhuafu residential community in Haidian district, Li Shuangjiang’s 15-year-old son Li Tianyi driving a BMW and 18-year-old Su Nan driving an Audi had a quarrel with the Buick in front of them driven by Mr. Peng with his family. Mr. Peng’s was assaulted and received an injury to his head requiring 11 stitches. Yesterday [on the 8th], the parents of the two perpetrators came to the hospital to pay a visit to the wounded indicating that their “children’s upbringing were inadequate, and thus the parents are also at fault”, their willingness to take responsibility for all compensation and losses, and their hope that the injured parties will be forgiving. At present, Li Tianyi and Su Nan have already been detained by the Haidian Public Security Bureau under suspicion of creating a disturbance.

Li Shuangjiang visits his son's victims.

September 8th afternoon, Li Shuangjiang at the hospital visiting the injured, apologizing: “I didn’t raise my son properly, and I’ve wronged both of you. I’d rather you two give me a beating with a stick.” September 6th evening, Li Shuangjiang’s son and another car owner had assaulted and injured a couple.

Li Shuangjiang visits the couple his son assaulted.

Before leaving, Li Shuangjiang took a deep bow and promised that an explanation would be given [justice would be done], that he would not indulge his own son’s mistakes. The parents of the Audi driver also came to the hospital that morning to visit the injured, giving a fruit basket, and apologize for their “son not knowing better”.

Li Shuangjiang speaks with the Mr. Peng his son Li Tianyi assaulted.

As it is understood, the medical expenses were paid by the assaulted couple themselves, and they are insisting upon going through legal procedures. The male injured party’s head received at least nine stitches, and the doctor says there may be after effects.

Peng and his wife speak with Li Shuangjiang.

Photo is of injured couple.

Soldiers acompanying Li Shuangjiang.

Photo is of the soldiers accompanying Li Shuangjiang.

A fruit basket given to the victims by the parents of Su Nan, the Audi driver involved in the assault incident.

Photo is of fruit basket Audi car owner’s parents.

The machine gun. Haidian Police: It’s a plastic toy gun

Yesterday [8th] afternoon, the Haidian Police Station announced that through police investigation, the gun-looking object recovered from the backseat of Li’s BMW has been identified as a plastic toy gun.

Shanxi Public Security Department says the vice director has nothing to do with the incident

Yesterday [8th], a netizen made a microblog post claiming that the driver of the Audi loudly shouted “My father is the police” aloud during the incident, resulting in suspicion that his identity is that of the son of Su Hao, vice director of Shanxi Public Security Department and director of Taiyuan Public Security Bureau.

6pm yesterday [8th], the official blog of Shanxi Public Security claimed that according to Beijing Public Security Bureau, the perpetrator admitted that he fabricated the claim of being Su Hao’s relative in order to lessen his consequences and avoid punishment. Through the diligent investigation by the Public Security department, it has been verified that comrade Su Hao has absolutely no connection with the culpable driver.

Comments on Sino Weibo


The promise is so weird; So he [Li Shuangjiang] could get involved in the police case if he wanted to?


Okay, alright, I tell you, that 晋O number plate is fake, the driver is without a driver’s license, the machine gun is a look-alike, the attackers have a history of mental disorder, the assaulted couple are professional conmen, the violent son was adopted, and Li Shuangjiang too is a clone, so its all no big deal! You can all stop discussing now, this matter is over now, its over.

What does Li Shuangjiang’s son Li Tianyi look like?

Li Tianyi, son of Li Shuangjiang's, modified BMW 3 series.

Li Shuangjiang and son Li Tianyi on stage.

Li Shuangjiang and son Li Tianyi on stage.

From a blog on Sohu:

Shanxi reporter appeals for paternity test between Taiyuan Public Security Bureau Director Suhao and Audi 晋O00888 Su Nan

Native Shanxi reporter Li Jianjun published today an article titled “Taiyuan Public Security Bureau Director Mr. Su Hao, do you have the courage to do a paternity test with the Audi 晋O00888 driver Su Nan?”, suggesting that there is a possibility that Su Nan may be an illegitimate son of Shanxi Public Security Department Vice Director and Taiyuan Public Security Bureau Director Su Hao. The Ministry of Public Security leadership and Shanxi leadership should listen to Li Jianjun’s suggestion, to establish whether the previous rumors are groundless.

Su Hao, Taiyuan Public Security Bureau Director.
Su Hao, Director of the Tiayuan Public Security Bureau.

From Caijing:

Li Shuangjiang son assault follow-up: There are two cars registered with the “晋O00888” license plate

After the Li Shuangjiang son assault incident, police said that the Audi with the license plate “晋O-00888” driven by the other teenage perpetrator, 18-year-old Su Nan, was fake. However, a New Express reporter on September 11th learned from a police officer that there are two cars with the license plate number “晋O-00888”! The police officer testified of the two cars registered with the license plate number “晋O-00888”, one is indeed an Audi.

This police officer investigated and verified that one registered vehicle is an Audi (AUDI100.2.2E) owned by the Shanxi province Inland Revenue Service of Shanxi Province with engine number PR021865; while the other registered vehicle is a Toyota owned by Shanxi province Reeducation through Labor Administrative Bureau with engine number 1308718.

This police officer said each license plate should correspond to one vehicle, but to find an Audi and a Toyota both having the same “晋O-00888” license plate number in the vehicle registration system, “shouldn’t be possible. But, that is indeed how they are registered,” said this police officer. Staff from the Shanxi province Reeducation through Labor Administrative Bureau have previously responded to the media saying that the vehicle of this license plate their organization uses is a white SUV, and it doesn’t match the registered Toyota. The way he sees it, there may be something amiss surrounding the Beijing “晋O-00888” Audi that has been announced as having fake plates.

晋O-00888 Audi.


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