Farmer Commits Suicide In Front of Government Building

Farmer Commits Suicide In Front of Government Building

In Qinglong county in Hebei, a farmer committed suicide by hanging himself in a tree located in front of the county government building. The man, who did not tell anyone about his plan to commit suicide, had been involved in a land dispute with the government for many years. When family members went to the building they were detained, and photos from their cell phones deleted before they were released. Netizens sympathised with the man and his many years of struggle with the government.

Source: Netease

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  • Necrogodomega

    So the family was detained and their cell phone photos deleted? Why? Obviously the story is all over the internet, what was the purpose of that except to make the government look even worse than it usually does?

    • Vance

      I guess the moral of the story is to back up your cell phone pictures before doing ANY business with the government there. I agree. What was the purpose in that?

  • Amused

    They seem very sure he didn’t have any help.

  • craigTheBrit

    We do not enjoy these short-form articles. Please bring back the translated forum posts!

    • Alex Dương

      They are still being done, just not as frequently as before.

  • James

    I WANT IT NOW! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaa give me my bottle! waaaaaaaaaaaa

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