Farmer’s Bank Steals Deposits, Sends Victim To Jail

Farmer’s Bank Steals Deposits, Sends Victim To Jail

Farmer’s Bank Steals Deposits, Sends Victim To Jail
In Chongqing ten years ago Mr. and Mrs. Zhang deposited money in Farmer’s Bank four times, totaling more than 1,200,000 RMB, however the money disappeared without a trace. They took Farmer’s Bank to court but were themselves charged with fraud, and Mr. Zhang was sentenced to four years in prison. After his release, the Zhangs filed continuous appeals and obtained a retrial. In December of 2014 the high court of Chongqing declared Mr. Zhang innocent. He applied for compensation and obtained over 340,000 RMB. Netizens believe that the bank is so shameful that even ghosts are afraid of them.

Source: Netease

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  • Necrogodomega

    Well, he got something right? They didn’t kill him? So he should love Xi for fighting corruption just like all the other citizens right?

  • David

    China, you so crazy. I keep a small amount of money in my bank (a few tens of thousands) but I transfer funds back to my bank in the states every few months. Why keep a large amount that will just temp the bank? True this is not China in 2005 but back then you would say “It is safe, this is not China in 1980.” Of course if there were justice here (which there is not) the bank manager and officers of the bank involved would go to jail and the man would be repaid the full amount PLUS interest and compensation of a few million RMB (out of the personal accounts of the manager and officers of the bank). LOL well, I guess Chinese can always dream, it might happen some day.

  • Foreign Devil

    Until you can trusts the banks to not steal your money. .the foundation of society is fundamentally flawed and the society has not modernized yet.