Farmers Dry Grains On Public Roads, Motorists Inconvenienced

Grain drying on public roads in China.

Grain drying on public roads in China.

From Sina:

Public road becomes a place to dry grain in the sun—-Dangerous!!!

On the Chengdu’s Shuangliu county to Xinjin public road, and on the Xinjin to Meishan public road, local villagers have started to place millet on the road to dry it, making the road which was never wide in the first place even narrower, with some parts now only wide enough for one car to pass.

What’s more is that drying grain on the roadside is not only dangerous for the villagers but also creates serious hidden safety problems for cars. This is because when two cars pass each other, if the cars tyres drive over the grain and an emergency situation occurs, applying the brakes is utterly useless, and is bound to lead to a tragic traffic accident. So for the safety of others and yourself, prohibit the drying of grain on public roads; and at the same time ask the road administrators to strengthen patrols, so that as soon as it is found that someone is drying grain or other things at the side of the road it can be resolutely prevented; guaranteeing a clear public road and safe vehicle passage.

Grain drying on public roads in China.

Grain drying on public roads in China.

Grain drying on public roads in China.

Grain drying on public roads in China.

Comments from Sina:


Traffic accidents are a common occurrence because of things being dried on the road.


Someone will do something about it once an accident happens. Why is it that people never seek to prevent certain things, and always act surprised when an accident finally happens?


What’s the big fuss about, China simply has a lot of people.


The road administration people are all sleeping.


Just how many people does China have? How many people die in traffic accidents in a year? If China has 1.4 billion people then a million people dying doesn’t count as very many.


This is so dangerous, it’s definitely not allowed in the USA.


There is a limit to human lives; so if someone dies because they were drying grain on the road then they got what they deserved.


What China has most is people, “so it isn’t a big deal if a few die”.


People dying is something that happens all the time, but a lot is caused by themselves, drying things on the road is very dangerous, if you lack a little bit of awareness then you put your life in danger.


Chinese people’s lives aren’t worth anything so they don’t value them.


Really, what do you want me to say? The lives of Chinese people are “worth less than a pig’s.”


Villagers are uncultured/uneducated, but does that mean our law enforcement officers are supposed to turn a blind eye?


It’s hard for peasants too, the proper places to dry grain were sold off by village leaders ages ago, so where are the peasants supposed to dry their grain?


Actually this is what peasants are like…, they don’t have a building they can dry grain on, so of course they will use the road, besides public roads are paid for by them, and drying grain is just for a short amount of time, it’s not all year… I support, not oppose, this…

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