Faroe Islands Whaling Photos, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Young men killing pilot whales, in bloody waters, at the Faroe Islands.

A bloody pilot whale hunt at the Faroe Islands of Denmark.

These images attached to the following post was amongst the most reposted [or “retweeted”] on China’s popular microblogging service Sina Weibo a few days ago…


Shocking! Shocking!! At the Faroe Islands in Denmark, young people kill hundreds of Calderon dolphins [pilot whales] as a rite of passage into adulthood. They die surrounded by their own blood, like newborn infants unable to cry. Please everyone repost [forward] this! Spread this information to the whole world, we must not be bystanders!

Young men killing pilot whales, in bloody waters, at the Faroe Islands.

Pilot whale carcasses in the Faroe Islands of Denmark.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Now these are barbaric people.


So this is where Chinese people want to head to? And people say foreigners are kind to animals, that’s all bullshit, simply “thinking the moon isn’t round” in our country [self-discrimination, thinking everything is better abroad].


Used to believe only Chinese would be like this. Turns out despicable people are everywhere in the world.


Truly fucking inhuman!!!


Rite of passage into adulthood? If you have the balls, go try killing sharks.


Go watch The Cove, humans truly are very cruel!


#Protect animals# For a rite of passage? Should animals eat humans for fun when weening off their mother’s milk??


How is it cruel?

门心马叉虫X: (responding to above)

It’s perverse!

嗡嗡帅: (responding to both above)

What the fuck?


What they are killing are pilot whales, a tradition that started as least in the 16th century. The hunt is more to get the food needed to survive the cold winter season (there is only 2% arable land there) and not a rite of passage into adulthood. More information at Of course, this doesn’t change the bloodiness of the scene.


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