Fat Kid Body Slams Skinny Bully, Chinese Netizen Reactions

In Australia, a skinny kid (Ritchard Gale) bullies a fat kid (Casey Heynes).

In Australia, a skinny kid (Ritchard Gale) bullies a fat kid (Casey Heynes).

On the Chinese internet, videos of bullying often become viral as they are spread by outraged netizens. One stereotype amongst Chinese netizens is that many of these videos seem to come from Guangdong, and the youth there are particularly vicious, stripping girls of their clothes, and recording the incident with their mobile phones to upload to the internet. We’ve reported about these cases many times before. However, videos of Chinese youth bullying each other are not the only videos that become viral in China…

The following video is titled “Watch foreign elementary school student violence, extremely quick” on popular Chinese online video sharing website Youku. Three days after it was uploaded, it had been viewed nearly 2 million times by Chinese netizens:

Ritchard Gale dances in front of Casey Heynes.Had enough, Casey Heynes picks up Ritchard Gale.

Casey Heynes slams Ritchard Gale's body to the ground.Ritchard Gale's body slams to the ground, dislocating his knee.

Comments from Youku:


Little Monkey: Jab .. Little Fatty: -1 ..
Little Monkey: Jab .. Little Fatty: Block ..
Little Monkey: Jab .. Little Fatty: No damage
Little Fatty: Body slam.. Game over, winner is Little Fatty


No one thinks the little fatty’s backpack is really cute?


Actually, the motivation for the little fatty to eventually erupt [act] is the MM that appears at the end. Note the clothes of this group of people and you’ll understand [what’s happening]!


You actually dare to get close to Zangief?


Usually the really niubi skills/moves all have long cool down times.


Those wearing red and white are from one school, and those wearing red and black are from another school.


So fucking satisfying!


This skinny monkey is too 2B, his brothers [friends] won’t even back him up. If this was China, it would’ve immediately been N people attacking one.


The skinny one’s leg was broken by the flower planter~
You can see that it is already deformed and bulging. In a few more seconds later, there will be spherical swelling.
He now won’t be able to walk anymore, and it is only because of momentary anger and fear that he is able to stand but he’s done.


Next generation WWE super star! 搞笑搞笑

哥丶弄你嘴 :

The girl that appeared isn’t bad.


Haha ah haha, that fatty gei li!


Deserved. Were it me, I would also kick him a few times too. Even the one guy that goes up at the end acting tough I would teach a lesson. Set them straight once and they’ll be honest in the future.


The girl came and gave the fatty strength.


The fatty is China, the skinny one is Japan. Little Japan first bullies China, China doesn’t pay him any attention, but then he goes too far, and finally in one masterful stroke, we take out Japan, and they are down and out like dogs.

phxxhkkkl: (responding to above)

People like you…
If what landed on that stone planter wasn’t that dried shrimp’s foot but his head…

A lot of comments simply laughed. Many comments made jokes involving video games such as Street Fighter or Warcraft, especially that the “Fatty” was initially “charging up” or just “waiting for his cool down timer” before unleashing a devastating counter-attack.

This is the only copy of the video I can find on YouTube. It includes some more information:

Can’t see the above video?

The skinny boy’s name is Ritchard Gale, and the fat boy’s name is Casey Heynes. Here is some more information.

Ritchard Gale, defeated.

Be careful of underestimating others. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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