Father Drops Daughter For Foul Ball At Taiwan Baseball Game

In Taiwan, a wife glares at her husband at a baseball game after he dropped their daughter in a rush to catch a foul ball.

In Taiwan, a wife glares at her husband at a baseball game after he dropped their daughter in a rush to catch a foul ball.

The following video featuring a Taiwanese father who drops his daughter in an effort to catch a foul ball at a baseball game has already been very popular on YouTube and many foreign websites but has finally risen up to become one of the most viewed videos on Youku today, 2 days after it was uploaded. It currently has over 425k views…

From Youku:

Crazy father throws away the daughter in his arms to catch a ball. Wife beside him furious, glares at him coldly!

In comparison, this copy on YouTube uploaded 4 days ago currently has over 760k views:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Youku:


This father deserved being scolded! I feel sorry for that little girl.


That look, he’s doomed. 搞笑


Seeing the mother’s stare I laughed.


The father is screwed, I bet he’s not going to get any for a month. Hahaha!!!


Watching a game and getting really into it, brother [referring to self] can understand. But, [dropping] the daughter is your mistake.


The guy’s expression was really cute when he was trying to explain.


Lousy child, get out of my way!


A ball was flying towards him, so of course he had to block it, otherwise what would happen if it were to hit the child? What did the guy do wrong? It wasn’t as if he was trying to catch the ball.


Actually it was that child herself who wanted to catch the ball, but because she didn’t have a good footing and was too excited, she fell over.

龙虾吃番茄: (responding to above)

Are your the forensic medical expert in that “was suicided” case?

A father at a baseball game in Taiwan reaches to pick up his daughter after dropping her in an effort to catch a foul ball. His wife glares at him a few seats away.


He tries explaining afterward, that the ball was flying towards the daughter, that if he didn’t throw away the daughter to catch the ball, then the ball would’ve directly hit the daughter! Haha!


搞笑 This father is such a bastard!


This woman actually can be considered quite calm. If she were a mainland woman, she would’ve immediately demanded a divorce with all household assets. 赞


Didn’t you guys see his gestures at the end? He felt the ball was going to hit his daughter. The broadcaster too was just stirring up trouble.

龙虾吃番茄: (responding to above)

That was him making excuses~ If it really was to protect his child, then he should’ve been using one hand to protect his child and the other hand blocking the ball rather than using both hands to try catching the ball, almost even standing up [to reach further].

风余风雨: (responding to 的,没。)

Heh, that’s an excuse. If he was really thinking that, then the normal action would have been to block, not rising up to go catch.

wanghuicopy: (also responding to 的,没。)

Then he should be using his hand/arm to block, not throwing his child out.


This is the most reasonable/deserved glaring I’ve ever seen~


Hahaha, the funniest thing today!

In Taiwan, a wife glares at her husband at a baseball game after he dropped their daughter in a rush to catch a foul ball.

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