Father Forces 10-Year-Old Daughter to Eat Feces As Punishment

An iPhone photo of a Chinese man who punished his 10-year-old daughter by forcing her to eat excrement from a public restroom.

An iPhone photo of a Chinese man who punished his 10-year-old daughter by forcing her to eat excrement from a public restroom.

On NetEase:

Father forces 10-year-old daughter to eat feces from public toilet

The above news clip reports that the father uses this method as punishment when his daughter misbehaves. The incident occurred at 3:40pm February 3rd at a shopping center in Hangzhou. The father had purchased some newspapers on their way home, which his daughter apparently threw on the ground. Angry, and with his daughter crying loudly, he dragged her to the men’s restrooms.

Several witnesses are interviewed. The woman in the red jacket says the father used a folded advertisement leaflet to pick up the excrement and that the father looked sophisticated and around 30 years old. The next woman wearing purple says the father first smeared the excrement on the daughter’s face and mouth. She walked over and tried to stop him but he wouldn’t listen. She saw the father try to stuff the feces into her firmly shut mouth. Another woman wearing dark gray says she asked him why he doesn’t eat the feces himself first. A young woman wearing black says the father repeatedly fished out excrement and tried to stuff them into the little girl’s mouth.

Bystanders immediately tried to stop him and called the police. The police officer interviewed says many physically intervened, some trying to block the father, pushing him away, others pulling the child away. “Such a disgusting thing, he had to be stopped.”

When police investigated, they learned that the man is a university graduate, from another province, and divorced. After evaluations, he was determined to not suffer from any mental illness. Because the daughter is not yet 10 years old and her father has full custody, the police let him go home after giving him a lecture.

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Several experts are interviewed suggesting such things as the father possibly releasing his anger at his wife upon his daughter. A lawyer says the mother, close relatives, or close friends can appeal to the courts to change custody. The news anchor at the end explains what could happen in America, and that action should be taken to prevent this from happening again rather than waiting for it to happen again before doing something.

On Youku:

Vile father forces daughter to eat excrement

The above short television clip reports that this happened because the daughter did not tidy up the newspapers. The host says what is most shocking is that the father is educated, having even graduated from university, and that this isn’t the first time he has used such a despicable method with his daughter.

6-year-old Chinese girl covered in wounds from abuse by her father.

Note: The image of a little girl in pink used in the above news report is actually not of the daughter involved in this incident. It is an image from a 2009 incident where a 6-year-old girl was discovered covered with wounds and scars from abuse by her father. What appears to be excrement on her face are actually scabs from cuts and burns on her face. Certain online reports of this incident reused the old image, which has then misled others such as netizens on popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo (example) where the many of the posts about this incident have the same image attached.

Comments from NetEase:

网易山西省吕梁市网友 [黄正东]:

What a sick father! Poor child!


Fuck, this kind of thing and they give him a chance, its simply using his daughter as an experiment, what a tragedy, this kind of person dying wouldn’t be worth any pity.

pnxzx [网易广西贵港市网友]:

Truly fucking sick! Have him chopped up and fed to the dogs! Abroad, he would’ve been stripped of his custody rights long ago, and sent to jail, but “here where we are” [in China]….

fuernilo [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:


mlliutianyu [网易云南省昆明市网友]:

This sick father should be punished by the law.

我要去爱琴海 [网易广东省惠州市网友]:

This kind of father should be taken out and shot. If he likes this shit, he should slowly taste it himself, the disgusting bastard.

rebeccasyh [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Scum, China’s children are so miserable, all treated as the property of adults. Little children have their own minds too, and they have their own dignity!

至尊黑杰克 [网易云南省昆明市网友]:

I registered just to condemn that man, fuck, he must’ve grown up eating shit!

zhanghuxk [网易陕西省榆林市网友]:

If this were America!! This father not only would no longer be able to see his daughter but would also be in prison.

夷山叨客 [网易河南省开封市网友]:

Human flesh search him out, and beat him to death.

An iPhone photo of a Chinese man who punished his 10-year-old daughter by forcing her to eat excrement from a public restroom.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • dilladonuts

    Sofa smells like shit

    • Too many locusts on it?

      Fuck…. I’m going to Hell for trying to make a joke whilst in the comment section of such an awful topic…

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  • Feces Masticator

    My username is relevant.

    • dim mak

      Who would’ve thought your name would ever been relevant

      • Who would’ve thought his name was relevant and completely unstoppable by Chinese law authorities and society at large?

        F.M. – maybe you should try for a run at the next Chinese presidency; I envision police and law officials just shrugging their shoulders at everything you say. And eat.

    • This vile father definitely deserves a new “name” from then on.

  • jiayi

    It’s cray to think that this is the kind of stuff that happens to children in PUBLIC, I can’t even contemplate the potential abuse that goes on behind closed doors. What a dick.

    • White Phosphorus

      At least in western countries, the children are educated in school about the different forms of abuse, and thus makes them more likely to report an abuse to a teacher, or another authority. At least they know WHERE and WHO they can turn to if they experience abuse.

      Whereas in China, the children there are not taught in school about the different forms of abuse. Hence, most children there probably cannot tell whether the perpetrator’s behaviour is unacceptable or not.

      On top of that, there is a lack of access for children to child welfare services in China AND physical punishment is usually not frowned upon in a culture and society like China.

      I think that China is approximately 30 years behind most western societies (in regards to development) and it will take a while before the population is well educated and informed about child abuse and what to do about it.

      Until then, you will see plenty of these village men forcing shit down their own offsprings’ throats.

      I’m sure it happens in western societies but likely less, and the children there at least have accessibility to child welfare services.

      • But…. but….. don’t you know that everyone knows that chinese families are closer knit, stronger and more loving?

        Hasn’t anyone ever pointed that out to you with smug satisfaction and knowing smile?

        In all seriousness, cruelty comes in many forms all around the world, no matter the race or nationality. The key there is awareness and a system where victims know they are victims and have a way to escape or seek justice.

        For example (of awareness and lack of victim-services): A friend of mine is a chinese girl named May from Chonqing and is very intelligent, very independent, wicked funny and extremely artistic. We happened to come upon the topic of virginity in china and related stories of our first times. She told me that her first time was with a lazy man-child slob whom she tried to break up with. So he got drunk, trashed the place, grabbed a knife, threatened to kill himself, then turned the knife on her and finally raped her… He did the same thing 2 weeks later.

        I was incredibly shocked to hear this and asked if he’s still in jail. She said that he never went to jail cause when she mentioned it to her family, they said to forget about it cause the past is past and it will just lose face otherwise.

        She told me that it took her 2 years to find out that it was totally a rape because it was the sort of thing that is always talked about as happening in other countries to loose women or in shitty countries. It took another 2 years for her to deal with it BY HERSELF.

        This isn’t about child abuse (which is rife in china – used to see kindergarten students getting manhandled when they thought I wasn’t looking) or public punishment (which can work in some circumstances if used properly). It’s more about what the hottie above me was hinting at which is a lack of educational awareness and victim support.


        • White Phosphorus

          Well said!!

          And I’m sorry that happened to your friend. China is clearly lacking in the social services department, and it is unfortunate that she did not get any counselling or help from other people regarding her situation.

        • jiayi

          Kinda digressing but from what I know most Chinese girls are very reluctant to talk about rape or sexual abuse of any kind. And that’s the problem. They seem to think that by not mentioning social issues, they will somehow miraculously go away. It’s sad that the traditional Chinese way of thinking places shame with the victim rather than the attacker. That said, child abuse is a global problem. I’ve heard far worse stories than this coming from the States and Europe.

          • Your comment was going swimmingly until you added on that last sentence and showed your confirmational bias….

            We’re not playing a game of which story is worse or where it happened. The name of the game here is the lack of educational awareness and victim help services in china.

            Yes, there are stories everywhere of men and women getting raped in violent, obscene or even pedophiliac manners and sometimes it’s done AFTER they’re dead… The are accounts of severe child abuse to the point where those children will probably NEVER be a fully-functional member of society. There are reports of animal abuse that sets your teeth on edge and want to hook the offender up to a bumper and drag him a few km.

            YES, these stories happen EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD NO MATTER RACE OR NATIONALITY. (As I pointed out above….)

            HOWEVER, in Europe or the US or Canada or other good countries, these crimes are recognized immediately as crimes, the criminal is sought by authorities and when caught, they are sent to be punished/rehabilitated. In china this does NOT happen nearly often enough.

            That’s where the problem is…. There’s no system for justice and support for the victims. This would have resulted in immediate action in Canada, less than an hour and the kid would have been removed. Trust me, I have first-hand experience with Children’s Aid Society (Child Protection Services in the US). Although we’re both right about the victims getting the blame.

      • Rod

        30 years? Try 100.

        • White Phosphorus


      • Dan Danger

        And sadly here if abuse, violent or sexual, is reported nothing is done about. It is considered a “family” matter, to be sorted out by the father and mother. The very perpetrators are left in charge of correcting the matter.

        This is not the first time I have heard of feces being fed to kids in China as punishment for things like bad grades. Nothing is done about it. It is not really considered against the law here. Barbaric really.

  • White Phosphorus



    GO FIX IT.

    • E Puff

      You know as well as he does that the people on mainland don’t have power and that standing up to the government means certain tortue and death. It’s easy to point and say “go move that mountain!” and call someone a coward or inept for their inability to acquire that responsibility. Very easy to someone on the outside, and very deceptive.

      • White Phosphorus

        Well, no, my comments for her to take action is solely based on HER comment that mainlanders are more wealthier and more powerful than HKers, so much so, that they can buy my parents off and get them to disown me, LOL.

        If so powerful and wealthy, PLEASE do the RIGHT thing…educate the barbarians which are often in millions in your mainland before you go flaunting how mainlanders are all so capable of buying LV.


        • Chad

          Assuming that’s really you in your avatar, I’m left wondering how a kind looking girl can have such a vile, hateful attitude. Can’t judge a book by its cover I guess.

          And for god’s sakes stop inserting LOL all over your posts.

          • White Phosphorus


            and clearly you haven’t been able to comprehend any of the comments that were written from the last topic.

            Guess it just “FLEW OVER” your head!

            OH, and LOL.

          • Chad

            Unfortunately, I did comprehend those comments.

            “Stupid mainlanders! We don’t need you to swarm into HK to cheapen the luxury brands.”

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            “AND “ANON”… YOU need to stretch your MONOLIDS and re-read the post.”

            Where did those comments come from? Oh right.. that was you. You appear to have an obsession with acne, double eyelids and maintaining the prestige of luxury brands. Extremely important issues for the typical HK girl I’m sure.

            Thankfully Greg Miles gave you a bit of your own medicine by telling you some truths about your own looks. Well at least you have your natural double eyelids to fall upon. LOL (that one was for you). But you still might have to sport a LV baseball cap to maintain your podium of status and superiority above the lowly, acne-afflicted, monolid mainlanders. Oh wait, they’ve cheapened that brand apparently. Got to move to something more haute couture if you can afford it.

          • White Phosphorus

            CLEARLY you didn’t process the visual information. You have a problem called “SELECTIVE READING”. Go read Greg’s comments before you go spewing your hatred here. AND, try to control your selective reading and reading the title of this article, hmm?? LOSER.

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            Did she actually say all of this stuff? What a cunt!

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          • The Enlightened One

            Wow White Phosphorus you and your boyfriend (Dim Mak)… are amazingly talented at attracting and inciting negative comments.

            Maybe you should think about a future at World Weekly News or the National Enquirer or something.

            I agree the world has many less than bright bulbs in it but you don’t need to feed them do you?

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            This one is for you O White Phosphorus…

            I’m doing you a favour here so you can cut yourself some slack from finding this out from life, call it a ‘reality check’.

            You might have realised by now that it’s funny how the topic here constantly revolves around your avatar. Now then, take any intelligent person and give them a open forum for a site with notoriety as such as this. You would think they would be smart enough in not putting their own face out there in the world wide web?

            So you are aware now that the logic here is pretty simple, you are defending against something that’s inevitable. It’s exactly like uploading a video of yourself on Youtube, you will get flamed regardless if you’re gorgeous or ugly.

            Instead here, we’ve got a picture of your face on this site, and to forget this is the interweeb. Being the minority that actually even has an avatar and an even smaller minority that uploads their own real photo. So really, you’re the one that’s actually stabbing yourself in the foot and adding fuel to the fire aka feeding the trolls.

            Word of advice, stop acting the princess aka all high and mighty and known your place.

            Your Truly,

            Hungus Maximist

          • coala banana


            understand what you say and partly agree, but thats like blaming a girl for being raped cause she looked attractive and dressed sexy. Why should people not post with a small avatar ? I would do it too when this side would offer that instead of creating accounts somewhere else just to upload a pic. I prefer to see with who i am talking, even it could be that the pic is not of them.

            I do believe that its her in the avatar and she looks gorgeous in my opinion ! Its amazing to see how many take offense, and i doubt its just cause of the contents of her posts, its cause of her picture. It shows chinese mentality to immediately jump to stereotype outlooks about what is considered beautiful and ugly. She is not dark-skinned but is now several time called on that ! And then some wonder why chinese hate blacks ? Fuck they even go into detail about the slightest nionces of skin colors. This girl i see in the pic is white and looks healthy with a refreshing smile. And what the fuck does height matters, even she is 160 like ABC mentioned, does that make her less attractive ? What the fuck ! This chinese are really a pain in the ass when they are pissed, suddenly somewhat white becomes dark-skinned and even she said she is 5.10, they keep on writing that she is 1.50….hahaha….this is some of the most racist shit i have ever read, judging people by skin colors and how tall they are and not by their actions and how they behave in public. What the world is coming to, when a good looking girl has to hide not to be discovered by the lynch happy crowd ? Go live in Afghanistan and Iraq you totalitarian motherfuckers….oh i forget, you are from the mainland, that should be punishment enough, keep on with your ignorant self destruction work in china, but don’t wonder when the rest of the world turn its back one day cause they are sick of your shit !

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          • White Phosphorus

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            I really don’t want to anger you any further as I’m sure it’s not good for your petty heart, but I just wanted to let you know we’ve come to a conclusion on you. You aren’t entirely wrong- there are many badly behaved people from the mainland, and many more classy people in HK. However, you are not one of them. Classy people, I mean.

          • coala banana

            “White Pho- I just showed my [cantonese] boyfriend these posts and we had a really good laugh.”

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            Also, what is wrong with a young couple sitting at home, sharing a laugh? It was a Sunday night and we’re super close, so I share everything that piques my interest. Please stop embarrassing yourself and acting like such a sycophant towards wp. It’s sad that her very first “I totally agree” was enough to get you eating out of her hand. Kudos to her though (seriously) :)

          • Hungus Maximist

            Sorry Banana, couldn’t be bother to reading aka ‘decipher’ such a long post without paragraphs.

            Here’s a thought, you gotta have a lot of spare time to constantly defend and reply to every single post about your avatar on a site such as this.

            Maybe O Phosphorus ever thought about giving a break? She’ll live longer and have more time concentrating on things that actually matters like saving dolphins for example.

          • E Puff

            Hungus, that’s an interesting theory. But I too have argued and had my pictures posted on both ocassions and was not teased. I think it’s the content of what’s being said.

            That aside, when people ridicule WP for being “dark skinned” (which she is not), they are actually insulting dark skin by making comments in a manner to say that there is something wrong with being dark. It is not only racist, but it makes the person look like a brainwashed idiot. I don’t find white skin attractive at all, but I don’t use it as an insult.

            Dark skin does not make a person ugly. I’m an american black woman and personally, for nearly all of my natural life I have been called attractive, beautiful, or pretty. So enough with using someone’s complexion as a slur.

            I also find it disturbing that people place so much value on “looking white” when most white people think many of you, especially asian males, look like crap. grow up and value yourself, whether you are fair, dark, or in the middle.

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            mankouzanghua !

            thats amazing:-) I really spend 5 years in total at Max Planck Institutes in Germany !

            3 Jahre im Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung in Mainz, und

            2 Jahre im Institut für Hirnforschung in Frankfurt.

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          • Christina

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          • mankouzanghua

            of course i know people in mainz! and i’ve read some of your papers archived there. there’s only one MFer in the modern field of polymer research who would include a section on regional variations in female pubic hair styling in a paper where the subject is silica nanoparticles. you ol’ sunuvagun!

    • ABC

      You’re 5’10? Wow that’s amazing. Never met one native female HKer who’s that tall in my entire 10 years of living in HK. So tell me is your grandparents from the mainland?

      Me racist? Now that’s really the pot calling the kettle black. Let’s see, from reading your posts on this issue and the previous locust post, all you seem to do is make disparaging comments about the so called ‘low class’ mainlanders and how Hkers are oh so ‘superior’.

      If mainlanders are so called locusts in HK, then what exactly are HKers called in Canada, NZ, AU and the US after 1997? When they couldn’t escape fast enough. Creating ghetto Asian neighbourhoods and refusing to assimilate… Leaving their children behind to take advantage of the free education system and their parents to get benefits without paying a cent of tax.

      For the record, I am not a mainlander per se having a 2nd generation Chinese father and a British mother however I am proud of both my Chinese and British ancestry.

      Oh and no I haven’t had blepharoplasty but I am a surgeon. If you like, please do comment and I am happy to give you a discount if you come to my practice. I would be more than happy to fix your asymmetrical face. And you can also do with some botox on your forehead.

      Your teeth can do with some work too, unless you are after the buck bunny look.

      • Wallimo

        I don’t care about anything either of you said, except that your a surgeon, I know lots of doctors and you must be the first that has the time to have Internet flame wars. White phosphorous I had a quick look at your profile pic (it expands when u click on it) and as far as I can see you don’t have those double eye lids either, there are so many people in china. Some of the well heeled people are still in educated and a blight on society, for as many mainlanders like that there is at least an equal amount of people who aren’t like that and are embarrassed by those uninformed people.

      • SuperHappyCow

        But you’ve gotta admit, you’re a pretty worthless person, nonetheless.

      • Greg Miles

        I think its obvious by now that the consensus is that White Phosphorus is ugly. What is even more obvious is she is a racist psychopath.

        Coco Banana or whatever his name is, is turned on by her ‘Thai, Filipino, Indonesian’ look. Which is unsurprising considering most white people prefer Malays, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai girls while most Chinese guys consider the phenotypes exhibited by people of those ethnicities to be fairly unattractive.

        What is worse than White Phosphorus’s looks is her personality and extreme racism. Which is clear for everyone to see.

        • mr. weiner

          Man this trolling WP must be really turning you on, you’ve followed her from one story to the next. I don’t agree with all her opinions and I wish she’d stop typing in caps ,but you are really being a bit a a douche bag here.
          It’s starting to remind me of the earlier posting where the black lady and the Asian lady are arguing on the bus.
          Mind you if you are as metrosexual as you claim I think she’d own your arse in that particular confrontation.

        • coala banana


          i like women in general, it has nothing to do with race,culture or skin color. Yes she appears to have some euro asian touch which is nice in my opinion and most men prefer and find attractive, INCLUDING !! chinese men. I am now 40 and I think i am out of the age where a picture of a women alone could turn me on. She is attractive without a doubt and she doesn’t mix words when necessary. Enthusiastic to defend her position (as radical as it might look like) and has no problem with confrontation. This could tell us that there is a strong mind behind that cute face.

          But back to “turn me on”…Now, when i would be 14 again, I probably would have masturbated by looking at the picture. But thats nothing unusual i think, at that age I masturbated up to 5 times a day, and the only reason i didn’t do it a 6th time was cause my dick started to hurt badly.

          But lets be honest GM, when a women is beautiful, then she can get away with things an ugly one can not. I think that even IF she would have a bad personality (which i doubt) and is an extreme racist (which i doubt too), that wouldn’t be enough reason (for most men) to not feel the desire to tap her a$$. A women knows that and most men are simple minded folks when it comes to sex.

          Anyhow, I don’t know why you pick on her all the time, and i am really not defending her, cause its obvious that she doesn’t need anyones help in that department.

          • SuperHappyCow

            I feel like she is moderately retarded, however.

            Huge turn off, unless the same source of her retardation also renders her a quadriplegic, and more importantly, a mute.

            Then maybe her and my pee hole can have a conversation.

        • donald

          Get of it GM, you are a fool and a racist. Get lost !!

  • 404namenotfound

    Yeah sofa smells like shit (Damn i missed it) :(

  • E Puff

    He needs to have his custody revoked and he should serve several years in prison. Child abuse in any form is not tolerated in america whatsoever. Those people are then abused by other prisoners when they go to jail. He is going to kill that child one day. They need to remove her from his possession posthaste. i’m proud of the people who stood up to stop him. imagine the germs that are on those feces and the diseases he might have exposed her to. If that child is not taken away, he will eventually kill her in the most egregious and terrible way possible. forcing a person to eat shit is one step from a desire to murder.

  • Ryo

    The father most likely did not want the girl. What I realize here is that the more “sophisticated” you are in China, the more you want a son to pass your shit onto. He probably got stuck with the girl someone though the divorce and pretty much want to kill her so he can have a son later.

    I’m sure she will grow up normal… /s

    • EuroTrash

      sorry i may have missed it but is it the red jumper which makes him more sophisticated or that he actually came with a bunch of toilet rolls to the shitter?

      • staylost

        Yeah. I don’t think there is any country in the world where this guy would be considered sophisticated when looking at him or considering that he has a degree.

  • Cleo

    So? Japanese forced Chinese children to do the same thing, even shitting in their mouths after raping them. Why isn’t there an international boycott on Japanese goods? Why haven’t we deported all Japanese from China?

    • White Phosphorus

      Care to cite where the source of your information comes from?

      • staylost

        While your response may have been rhetorical, Cleo gets on here every once in awhile and makes strange irrelevant statements like this.

        They are always unsourced, and in my opinion, a bit crazy.
        They also try to relate a 60 year old war to the buying preferences of modern day people.

        All cultures do terrible things to others and to themselves. (I don’t see any raging against the Mongolian atrocities. Did they say sorry? Did the communist government apologize for the cultural revolution? Did they offer money to those who suffered?)
        Most have never apologized. (Japan has apologized many times for the cruel and evil actions it perpetrated its occupied states.)

        Cleo, what would it take for you to forgive Japan?

        • Miki

          I think Japan and China both could handle the atrocities of WW2 with more grace, and I think Cleo’s comment was uncalled for both in content and in sheer bizarreness as a politics-baiting non-sequitur, but I’m going to step in to contest some of your points.

          1. People don’t rage against Mongolian atrocities
          Actually they still do, in the Middle East. But even if they didn’t, it’s a matter of how long ago. There are still survivors of the Nanjing massacre alive today in China, and there are still perpetrators of the Nanjing massacre alive today in Japan. To use something that happened centuries ago in comparison to something that people alive today actually experienced is faulty – they’re completely different in how they should be treated.
          That said, it did happen long enough ago that demanding a boycott is ridiculous to the extreme.

          2. Japan has apologized
          Japan has had an absolutely appalling record concerning their atonement post WW2. The prevailing attitude has been “la la la I can’t hear you it didn’t happen”. This is the country whose own -war museum-, when describing the USA’s involvement in the war, made no mention of Pearl Harbor. This is the country whose mainstream conservative politicians go as far as to deny the existence of the Nanjing Massacre despite the massive amounts of evidence and try to frame it as some sort of vast conspiracy. To put it in context, this is like if mainstream German conservative politicians dismissed Auschwitz. It’s that bad. This is the country that in 2007 -successfully- campaigned to get references to the “comfort women” sex slaves from school textbooks, despite that fact that some of the victims are alive even today. Any apology from them – hell, even an admission that they had done the things we know they did – had to be clawed from their grasp by tooth and nail, and a good chunk of the country is still plugging their ears and shutting their eyes whenever more evidence of some of the truly horrendous shit Japanese soldiers did to Chinese civilians comes up.
          Japan and the Japanese are most definitely not all bad, but their abysmal post-war attitude towards WW2 is most definitely a huge black spot on their reputation. Whether you agree with China’s continuous rage regarding the Nanjing Massacre et al or not, you have to understand that it’s a reaction to some really awful behavior by Japan. It may be from a 60-year-old war, but it’s very much an ongoing thing between China and Japan (and Japan and Korea, to which the Japanese attitude has also been dismissive and repugnant).

          Cleo is crazy and dumb, but s/he is coming from a real issue between China and Japan that is alive and kicking today.

          • staylost

            I can totally agree that there are some ways in which it is still an issue. For the survivors, it will never die.

            I will happily agree with you that any evil thing you can imagine, the Japanese probably did it to Americans, Chinese, Filipinos, Indians, Koreans, and anyone else they could get their hands on. Still, I see the situation as similar enough to the cultural revolution (and the occupation of Tibet or Xinjiang) to make the Chinese seem two-faced in their rage (this doesn’t exonerate the Japanese crimes at all).

            The great Qin Shihuang may as well have been Japanese.

          • Miki

            Yes, you’re right – Japan’s terrible treatment of China doesn’t automatically exempt China from its own terrible treatment of other countries.

            I would, however, give the Chinese people themselves leniency because theirs has been and still is a propagandist government. Things like the government censoring the internet and keeping important events and facts hidden from their people means that while a Japanese persons’ denial of their atrocities comes from having all the knowledge and evidence and willfully discarding and supressing it, a lot of the Chinese peoples’ comes from literally not knowing all the facts.

            But in the end, every country has always and probably will always be incredible dicks to each other and then pretend they never did it. Sigh.

          • jiayi

            Japanese try to appear all cutesy and innocent and passive but everyone knows deep down they are evil. Just look at their eyes. They all have that something very sinister and cold, very dull and dead look in their gaze.

            Sure they can get surgery for that pure, doe eyed look and wear colorful circle lenses to make them look more innocent, but it’s still there and always will be. LAEPIST EYES!

      • jiayi

        Maybe his grandmother was raped by a Japanese and that’s why his blood is so evil.

        • Chinggis was Here

          Say no more, just check out Japanese porn. A country’s porn industry says a lot about its culture. Problem is, in China, the lads lick it up (so to speak).

      • j ko

        @ white phosphorus, you’re a troll. i’m sure so many of us agree here after reading your posts. i’m american born taiwanese and i live in LA. i do often think mainland people have no class, but it’s not right to talk so much shit about people that live in a certain country. none of us had a choice to be born to a certain race. some people were born in mainland, but is that their fault? NO! you have a black heart and you’re extremely mean. do you know how it’s like living in china? do you know what it’s like not having freedom of speech?

        PS. SINCE YOU MAKE IT SEEM LIKE YOU’RE SO GOOD LOOKING WITH DOUBLE EYELIDS… I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU’RE NOT. you’re heart makes you disgusting and i just had to let you know. go ahead and say i’m ugly, you can check my fb if you think i’m ugly. there’s no reason to be jealous of such a disgusting person like you.

    • jeffli

      Dear Cleo – I think you miss the point
      1. during ww2 many of those atrocities were committed by Chinese in Japanese uniform!

      2. Right now Chinese peoples worst enemy is Chinese themselves.

      3. 5000 yrs of culture and history, everyone thinking they are better than the rest of the world yet mainland China law does not put this father in jail? —–

      —– here he would go to Jail. Department of Child affairs would make further investigations, to make sure this monster is locked up!

      Ask yourself what else he does to this poor kid that we don’t see yet?

      • staylost

        I have an amateur interest in history and this “5000 years of culture” thing has always confused me. China has only 2300 years of history, and maybe 3000 years of culture when using similar methods to measure it between other nations.

        Also, the number of years of culture & history a nation has appears at first glance to have an inverse correlation with the current wealth & prestige of that nation in modern times. It seems unlikely that length of culture & history are conducive to success.

        • dim mak

          Not at all, even if you don’t count the Xia as Chinese, no scholar disputes that the Shang dynasty is the wellspring of Chinese culture and identity. That alone is 3,600 years.

          • staylost


            After a very quick look, the Shang dynasty looks as legit as the 3500-3000 BC period in Egypt.

            So I’ll accept 3,600 years of history as fact.

            I can’t accept the Xia dynasty as a factual dynasty when comparing with other nations/cultures, or else the claims become silly.

            I honestly appreciate your comment.

          • jeffli

            3000 chinese years nongli = 5000 years gregorian? HAHA!

            real Chinese history started much later. You can’t accept some blathering idiot muttering over the cracks in the bone of his BBQed venison leg. or exploding tortoises in fires! Jia Gu Wen …. lmao … stooopid …..,hey buddy what does ,.\{‘_0^~ mean? Yo momma! ha ha theres a turtle!

            there is not Chinese culture – It is dead It died beginning of Ming dynasty!

  • Christina

    If anybody has read “A Child Called It,” this sort of stuff happens all over the world. It has nothing to do with culture and everything to do with hatred and darkness within specific people. The Chinese culture actually values children very much, and parents like this are actually not as common as the outside world seems to think.

    • staylost

      You are absolutely right.

      But the reason we are interested in it is because of the response to it, not because it happened. i.e. how do the bystanders respond? how does the gov’t respond?

      We might, for example compare it to the United States where for fear of bodily harm or gov’t punishments, no mildly sane person would act as this man did IN PUBLIC.

      Bystanders – Intervened physically! (The perception is that Chinese nationals do not act on the suffering of others, but it is overturned here!)

      Gov’t – Helped the man get his daughter back. (The perception is that the Chinese gov’t is incompetent and it is strongly reinforced by this story. For example, every Taiwanese kid who reads this will for the rest of their life be less likely to want to allow the PRC to rejoin them.)

      • GodsHammer

        Bystanders didn’t do JACK SHIT!!! Some women protested? Is that it? This kind of asshole gets his face shoved in the shit if I see this happening. (no…I’m not being an internet tough guy, I’m being real).

    • Miki

      I agree with Staylost. Yes, child abuse does happen all over the world, no matter how civilized the country, and it’s a worldwide tragedy. But the way the Chinese police handled the case was not the way child abuse cases are handled all over the world. And that, not child abuse, does have to do with culture. The Chinese police involved with the case should be subject to scrutiny and condemnation.

      • anon

        Actually and perhaps unfortunately for OUR sensibilities, this is exactly how the vast majority of these cases are handled in most of the world for most of the world’s population. The West and Westernized countries do not represent the rest of the world and even in Western countries, authorities really aren’t that quick to take children from their parents. Smearing poo on a kid’s face is patently disgusting, but it doesn’t warrant state intervention until it is discovered to be consistent and usually in conjunction with other patterns of (usually physically) abusive behaviors or neglect.

        • No that does not compute! Amerikkka has no faults.

        • PeterScriabin

          You’re a hard one to fathom: “Smearing poo on a kid’s face…doesn’t warrant state intervention until…”.

          Aren’t you the one who was outraged that the fellow, who walked past the semi-naked 4 year-old in the snowy weather, apparently didn’t stop and call the cops?

          Could it be that the real reason you think that Spartan Dad’s crime is more worthy of official intervention than Coprophage Dad’s is that the former happened in USA, whereas the latter happened in China?

          Your agenda, here, seems to be playing havoc with your logic and your moral compass.

      • E Puff

        ive heard of a few american cases that were equally bad, or sometimes even worse, but one thing the officers did, is immediately turn the child over to social services and place the child in the emergency care of a foster care provider where the child will be attended to and nurtured. there is no way that this “father” should have the child again, who knows if he took her home and killed her, or raped her, or did some other ugly act as revenge for being arrested?

        Does china have social services or child protective service agencies?

  • Christina

    If anybody has read “A Child Called It,” this sort of stuff happens all over the world. It has nothing to do with culture and everything to do with hatred and darkness within specific people. The Chinese culture actually values children very much, and parents like this are actually not as common as the outside world seems to think.

    • typingfromwork

      Well, yeah. Your point is completely correct. But this is Chinasmack, where trolls come to breed.

  • dawei

    The police were quoted as saying, “We Chinese, we have no case, he only put poopoo on her face.”

  • GhettoBoy

    Father must have watched too much German Porn.

    • DRAGNX

      That’s right. Because Germans love to put poopoo into Childrens faces.

  • typingfromwork

    Now that is some fucked up…. shit.

    Really, it is. Honest to god that man needs to be forced to eat all the shit he’s made his daughter swallow ten fold. Eye for an eye, like the good old days.

    • jiayi

      Very unhygienic. Shit that came from the ass of a poor Chinese man. It could be ridden with hepatitis and all sorts of other nasty things. Even it had come from his or her own ass it wouldn’t have been so bad. But a strange man’s strange shit? That is just revolting.

      • typingfromwork

        Hep? Try just old fashioned polio. Measles, rubella- all of these fuckers used to kill and are transmitted via faeces. These are the reasons why you should never dip your toes in the river Ganges. Never mind immunity, too much exposure will lead to infection.

        The only reason I can think of is that the man is seriously mentally fucked. Like he’s been dropped repeatedly on the head for the majority of his life.

  • j.lo

    I want to fly down to China just to kick his ass!

  • he deserves father of the year award LOL

  • JSakamoto

    If he had to go to prison in america he’d be in for a hell of a time if they put him in the general population. He’d probably be raped up his butthole or killed for abusing a child, or maybe forced to eat shit himself. They hate child abusers in prison.

    • jeffli

      six months the father would leave prison in a pine box!

  • actionjksn

    America doesn’t always do the right thing in child abuse cases but, I guarantee if it happened here that guy would go straight to jail and loose custody of his daughter and any other children he might have. I can’t believe China government would let someone get away with making their child eat shit! What the hell do you people have to do to get in trouble for child abuse? Do they just allow anything? I have seen people get away with some bad stuff here but forcing a child to eat shit? Hell no!

    • jiayi

      Yep the lack of common sense in China is sometimes really quite worrying. And that woman just took the biscuit (ahem) – how the hell do you calmly try to talk a guy that is stuffing a stranger’s excrement down his daughter’s throat, by suggesting that ‘he try some himself’? That is just…wow. Chinese still find time to be satirical in the most unlikely situations.

      That said, in the States, those silly cops let good old J. Dahmer take that 14 year old naked, high boy wandering the streets home with him, didn’t they? And so he raped and mutilated him in the very room they inspected, which happened to be full of vats of acid and severed heads. Yes, just an average proud home of a cannibalistic serial killer. It’s that simple if you tell a little porky. Cops are dumb. Detectives are smart. I guess human stupidity is universal.

  • jeffli

    “The Chinese culture actually values children very much,”

    =* No more than west, south east or other cultures and that is fact!

    This Father should be locked up! A University graduate doing this? He is mentally ill. And what damage has been done to the child? How can a mother allow this?

    Maybe adoption by foreign couple might be best!

  • Miki

    I have to agree – if any American cop let a father go after he was publicly witnessed to abuse his daughter like that, he and his entire precinct would be run through the ringer.

    Hopefully China can muster up enough populist rage to deliver justice and get that poor girl away from him.

  • Read-Tess

    I witnessed physical abuse of a child here in Guangdong and was so scared agitated I told my Chinese friend over and over that we should call the police.
    He and about five other locals including the security person of the area just stood there grinning.
    Made me sick. They basically beat the shit out of little kids while the little kid is wailing and most everyone seems to think it is normal or something.
    Yeah, I come from a sheltered, white-bread world, but for me, that was the scariest thing I have ever seen!
    Hard to explain until you see it. Adult just laying into a maybe four-year old girl. Psycho’fkn’pathic.

    • White Phosphorus

      That is a very disturbing story. Guess there are out of control adults and power mongers everywhere. But what’s worse is in China, these folks will stand there watching it happen, perversely entertained by child abuse. Just like when that kid got run over by a car…lots of people watched, then just walked away.

    • Anonymoose

      Guangdong people, Hongkongers, Northerners… NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE AT ALL!

      • B

        Quite a lot of difference actually when it comes to manners and social behavior.

  • Hongjian

    Cultural marxists. Cultural marxists everywhere.

    Stop your bullshitting (literally) and shove your western hippie liberal bullshit somehwere in your asses.

    The relationship between children and parents should never be that of ‘partners’ or ‘lovers’ or even ‘peers’, but of subject and his state, between peasant and emperor, between confucian mandarin and cattle. This liberal shit imported from the western world is the cancer that ruined entire generations of children all over the world. A child needs beatings and abuse, shamings and insults. Like any cultivied plant, it must be regularily cut, or else it will grow chaotically. Beat your children every day, and they will go to beida. It is the only way to make these little fuckers of today to become anything of being useful assets for the society. In my time, we could still leave the streets do the education in the hard way, as I was subject of, but nowadays, parents must shackle off the cultural marxism of western invented liberal education, and beat the shit out of their children, like the state must beat the fuck out of their people.

    Humans are evil in nature. Only by shitting them in their mouthes and punching them in the guts will turn them into anything worthwhile. Qin Shihuang, Hitler and Mao all knew this – and they were right.

    Fuck you, americunts and euro-shits with your faggot gay liberalism. Just look at the state of your autistic shitstains and excuses of children generated through your cultural marxism.

    • staylost

      Qin Shihuang, Hitler, and Mao are all famous for their failures, rather than their successes. Personally, I remember them all as greedy idiots who did their best to ruin their nations for some cheap gain they could enjoy.

      You take your tough love too far:
      1. Different people learn in different ways.
      2. Actually harming someone to teach them a lesson is often zero-sum, or worse in case of death, a loss. Obviously, feeding someone poop can lead to permanent damage.

      • Hongjian

        “Qin Shihuang, Hitler, and Mao are all famous for their failures, rather than their successes.”

        Yeah? China’s political unity and the legacy of the fact that the empire has to be unified at all times, no matter how long a civil war or dissolution may last, has always been a heritage born of the bloody rule of the Qin. And not to mention the writing language was also a direct result from his genocides.
        This is fucking a lot of an achievement to be remembered of.

        What have your fucking Liu Xiaobo and Aiweiei fuckers ever done for the course of history, besides getting their asses raped by cell inmates when they bent over to pick up the soap in the shower?

        This is what I hate from your ‘democrats’ and ‘freedom lovers’ – you are all shitty, weak, dishonest and inconsequental hippie-shitstains who only want to see history to suit your cancerous liberal weltaschauung. You faggots should all be sodomized and buried alive for your selective perception of politics and history.

        Sorry gaylords, China’s entire persona is written in blood and gore. No amount of sentimental, moralizing crying and bitching can change the fact that the chinese characters you write and probably be so proud of (traditional, that is) are all created from the ashes of thousands of intellectuals who were burned alive along with their ‘hundred flowers and hundred schools of thought’, so that you could use this unifed and sinosphere-wide accepted language to write shit like the Charta 08 and spew Hanhan-styled pretentiousness with it.

        Enjoy your daily blood at your hands, by just speaking Chinese and writing those characters, made by the guy who you distest so much due to him being “Oh so babby cruel and evuuul”.

        I, for one, love China, Mao, Emperor Qin and her entire fucking politi-historical heritage of slaughter just because of all the blood, gore and liberal ass-pain, and would fucking LOVE to take a bath and soak in the sea made of the intestines and brain-matter of hippies and liberals like you faggots, past and present.

        “The greatest happiness in life is to crush your freedoms, to drive all of you faggy liberals before me, to see your cherished liberties, hopes and dreams reduced to ashes, to hear the lamentations of your pathetic loved ones, and to rape and murder your wives and daughters before your eyes, to burn them and to snort their ashes while listening to hard techno.”

        Genghis Khan + Hongjian

        • staylost

          Actually, one of the major theories attributing China’s failure to keep up with Europe has to do with that same unity Qin Shihuang created (an empire based on murder, suppression of freedom, and book burning). The fact that China was unified meant that it lacked any real local national competition for broad swaths of history. Europe, on the other hand, was a contest of champions.

          In Europe, bloodshed bred the strength of nations and culture, while in China, blood was as often shed to hold the nation in weakness. This is Qin Shihuang’s legacy, one that has doomed the peoples of hundreds of lands to live as slaves of fear, rather than the bold seekers of knowledge and progress.

          Also, I agree. China should return to Mongolia, it is the Mongolian’s national right to own China.

          • Hongjian

            Still a liberal-cunt here, trying to bent history to its weltanschauung and ideology. Hopes and dreams cannot change history.

            China was the technological, cultural and military leader for millenias, when ‘democratic’ and ‘pluralist fractionized’ europe was a shithole without peers. The Han race, despite it being nowadays a bunch of cowards, fucking uncivilized shitstains and crybabbies needing a good spanking, were the undisputed master race on earth, fucking over countless lesser races and building an empire with its supporting economy several times more glorious than anything the white trash could ever muster.

            These “5000 years of civilization” the CCP keeps repeating, were 5000 years of self-sufficient domination born out of the burning and slaughtering of faggots and liberals with their faggy ideas and books.

            China only fell, when non-chinese took over and subjected the people to their ethnic backwards rule. Before that, even during times when the Han werent dominant, such as during the Song-Dynasty, when the Mongols stood before the gates and swallowed the Jin, China was on the verge of an industrial revolution, producing more steel than all white-trash and shit-skin races combined. Tell me again of their superior ‘freedoms’ and ‘pluralism’…

            China will dominate again with a decisively non-western, non-liberal leading ideology and political system, and the ass-pain it will generate amongs you faggot-liberals will be astonishing and too glorious to behold.

            But whatever, I’ll just snort ashes and dance to hard techno by then.

          • Faggot liberals.

          • mr. sausage

            Hongjian you haven’t lost your touch and your trolling is getting even more imaginative. I particularly liked your paraphrasing of Temujin , but the snorting of their ashes was inspired. Bravisimo!

          • staylost

            Just living what I believe, trying to keep up with general scientific truths, and trying to sort out the reality in history.

            Most of what I’m seeing is anti-gay fascism. It’s not useful nor brilliant. You want to brag about 3,600 years of culture and all you’ve got is this underdeveloped “cave-man” psych. China was never the master of the earth, though at some points in their history they were more advanced and stronger than any other single country.

            You, like a pastor evangelizing the masses, make a call to those who prefer to hide from knowledge rather than face it: “let us burn books, kill that we can’t understand, and fester in xenophobia!” Who will heed such a call? Only the ignorant, spiteful, and those with nothing to lose. The recipe of a rebellion of failure; something that cannot build, but only destroy.

            Now why don’t you try living what you believe instead of just speaking as a preteen who is dissatisfied with his lack of power? Or would you rather continue enjoying the fruits of the West in luxury?

        • dim mak

          Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute.

          What do you have against gay people?

          • Hongjian

            Actually nothing.

            I have a few gay friends and they are quite nice to talk to, since they do not want to immediately go and fuck you.

            Nothing against gay, but something against “gay”, as in those attention-whoring, reverse-apartheid, and absolutely disgusting fuckers, who have more in common with faggot liberals and americunts than real “honourable” gays with dignity and decency.

          • whoa liberal fakeness alert.

    • sunseeker

      …you’re just an idiot and you probably received plenty of beatings from your father. Hopefully you will not be able to have a child !!!!

    • Miki

      Wow, you are really mad! Sorry you can’t get your rocks off beating children anymore. I guess you’ll have to go back to getting your sexual pleasures from torturing small animals or whatever it is you ~*ttly edgy omg so nihilist man is the monster!!*~ internet tough guy types do.

    • dim mak

      Classic Hongjian.

    • DRaY

      Where are you from? You are amazing!!!! I was thinking about taking over a small island nation and becoming a Monomaniacal Despot Leader/God King. I need a man with your type of thinking to be my right hand and come up with cleaver and ingenious ways to quell rebellions and be my Ambassador the dog nations of the world who would see me fail in my en-devours. Please email me your resume so that I can review your qualifications.
      Thank you in advance.
      Your Future Leader/God King

      • Hongjian

        Just read a book, goddammit.

        Il Principe – Niccolò Machiavelli

        Or are you also an americunt and reading is for faggots?

        Read it and burn it afterwards, for you committed thought-crime by still being a sheeple.
        But if you are to be a ruler, you must have superior intellect, knowledge and wisdom to herd the sheeples under your rule.
        Knowledge is power – and you do not share power.

        • The Prince can viewed as a work of satire by Machiavelli. That or Maciavelli drastically changed his views after this work.

    • donscarletti

      Just came back from slamming Red Star Erguotou with my boss and some of my coworkers. That’s some of the best stuff I’ve read in weeks, I might disagree with it later, but right now it reads like poetry.

      One small point of contention. Fuck Beida. I want my children to go to somewhere like Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and actually learn something useful. Beida is full of pompous faggot lecturers who have never endured a student brave enough to call out the shit they’re spewing for what it is. The fact that amusing clown Kong Qingdong is able to call himself a professor there with the faculty and student body keeping a straight face means it can never be considered top tier.

      • Hongjian

        Yeah, sorry. Beida was just used because I was refering to the infamous “Wolf-Father” who stated a quite cool sounding rhyme combining regular beatings and beida. But in reality; Fuck Beida.
        Qinhua is much better, even though they have lots of liberal ass-cancer there.

        I’d suggest Kiel Uni and the “new” Leuphana University In Lüneburg, which are pretty good hidden gems in terms of quality. Of course Karlsruhe and Göttingen are obvious examples every fag with half a brain would instantly recognize – which is fully justified.

        • Tengu

          I must admit I love “autistic shitstains.”

          You want to understand Machiavelli you need to read him in I

          Clausewitz in German.


    This is the reason why I would never set foot in this land of savages…..

    • White Phosphorus


      • sunseeker


        • Germandude

          7000 years of culture… At least!

          • Rick in China

            Germans have no place in criticizing others for eating/force feeding poop…..

            Just saying.

          • donscarletti

            The main difference between Germany and Japan is the Japanese have not been forgiven for WWII by their neighbours, but thoese same neighbours cannot get enough of their porn. Germany has largely been forgiven, but can keep its porn to itself as far as anyone else is concerned.

          • Rick in China

            I suppose you ‘could’ consider shit eating and defecating on each other ‘porn’… and you’re right, both Japan and Germany are notorious for it.

            I think you’re also right about the un-forgiven part. Actually, had either been victorious, forgiveness would not be required, it’s the losers who end up being forced into apologizing, not the winners..when in many cases the winners do just as bad shit as the losers.

    • lxpatterson

      Haha! So it’s ok for us Westerners to finance leather factories that spew chromium and other toxic shit into the water that children drink every day, but a father makes a kid eat one piece of shit (which may also be less poisonous than recycled cooking oil and fake milk powder) and foreigners go ape shit.

      Yeah China is regressing into some feudal kleptocracy, but we Westerners are saying ‘jia you’ to those conditions because it’s making us tons of money.

      • staylost

        Actually, eating poop is at least correlated to severe mental diseases and seizures. Causation is unclear because of the ethical dilemma’s facing any potential researcher.

        “Eat poop and seize to death!” might be a logical insult.

        So your westerners are most likely no worse than the father. Add to that fact that China would still be starving if it weren’t for the western establishment’s willingness to abet China’s natural destruction.

    • staylost

      I love it here. I guess that makes me a savage lover. I’ll take that as a compliment.

    • Anonymoose

      According to a Cuntonese piece of shit like you, you are worth better than a typical northern peasant. Truth be told, eating cats and dogs is not much better for your reputation either, since Northerners are savage barbarians just like the cuntonese dregs of society that you are.

    • You mean like how Americunt teacher got caught feeding 30 11 year olds semen?

      *clap clap*

      • SuperHappyCow

        I don’t intend to reply to this comment, but to the one where you said “faggot liberals.”

        What the fuck is wrong with you?

    • mr. sausage

      Of couse I’m sure this would never happen in your country, where exactly are you from Freddy?
      Willy Pete you’ve gone all incendiary on us lately. Keep it real hon Noli illegitemi carborendom [fake latin I know]

  • 平凡人

    Is that guy her father? He definitely needs help, he is nuts.

  • Dane

    Why didn’t he just beat her?

    For once I’m grateful for my father.

  • Anonymoose

    This piece of WDR trash deserves to be flogged and lashed like the northern/cuntonese scumbag that he is.

  • Appalled@everything

    Anon – what were you saying about Chinese not wallowing in their own excrement? only 3 days ago. And now this story. Might want to eat your words pal, but on the bright side, at least you aren’t eating daddies poopoo.

    Amazed that the police men let him go after giving him a lecture. Lecturing him at all seems beyond the level of ability of Chinese policemen.

    • The Enlightened One

      I have had some run-ins with the authorities in mainland China. They are quite easy to handle and are suppose to act more as mediators rather than actually police.

      There is another group called the cheng guan, which are like rent-a-thug and go around terrorizing the local vendors. Quite a few stories on here about them.

      Here are three quick ways to get out of being arrested in China:

      1) Have some good expensive Bai Jiu or smokes handy, if not a small sum of cash will do.

      2) Call someone important, preferably an official or rich business man. If you don’t know any, threaten to call your embassy… that may work.

      3) Listen to their childish lectures and pretend like they actually did something productive and reformed you. They will feel good about themselves and feel they have gained face and will let you go (if your crime isn’t too severe).

      How do I know? Let’s just say a guy I know got heavily drunk with a few business friends and decided to leave the hotel and get some fresh air. Some cops were outside and he beat up six of them in a drunken brawl… who knows why.

      The businessmen come out of the hotel and apologize to the man and tell the Chinese cops to piss off… and so they did… to the hospital. Cops in China are meant for crowd control and to serve their elite… nothing more.

      In China, domestic and child abuse is so common that police do not really want a part of it. I was told by Chinese friends that they see it as a family affair and nothing more.

      • dim mak

        If your friend beat up 6 cops he deserves to rot in jail. Fucking foreigners get special treatment. Even with my HK card and business cred they would’ve tossed my shit for something like that.

        • dawei

          Because foreigners ARE special, while you, some nobody from HK, are not.

          Seems pretty obvious.

        • staylost

          It’s not foreigners exactly, it is the social elite that can do whatever they want (ie those with money).

        • Dat Ankle

          I wouldn’t really call HK foreigners so… either way, youre pretty much on the same level as the guys friend if you want that special foreigner pass by trying to throw out your business card to get away with that shit.

      • Appalled@everything

        “Enlightened One” – why are you leaving this comment for me? I don’t need your advice or suggestions for avoiding being arrested. I am doing fine thanks as a husband, father and stay-at-home kind of guy. Oh and I didn’t even bother reading most of your post as it seems like a load of bullshit anyway.

        • The Enlightened One

          A husband, father and stay-at-home kind of guy that is appalled at everything… sounds cozy doesn’t it? Sounds like a bitch hiding from the world to me.

          Maybe you should stop being amazed and disgusted at how things work and actually learn how to utilize them in your favor, yes? No?

          Then stay locked up at home you fearful, self-loathing punk!

          • Dane

            I lol’d.

          • Appalled@everything

            Poor Enlightened One, I must have hit a raw nerve. Poor guy.

            Maybe I should be out there trying to get myself arrested right? Really live it up? With my wife and my infant baby in tow right? and keeping in mind all the while how a police charge might also cost me my job too? Is that your idea of ‘living’ you poor sad little urchin?
            Yeah, what was I thinking? Living a life of security, stability and normality when I could be learning from a true player like yourself, someone who clearly is better than me in every way.

            Or maybe it’s just that you feel sad right now because I don’t need you. You poor guy.

            Someone please help poor Enlightened One, he needs to feel validated after I told him how his post seemed to be a load of bullshit and how I don’t need his advice.
            Help the poor guy out because he is sad, and bitter and needs to show how smart he is to justify his own existence.

          • The Enlightened One

            Haha… I guess you read THAT post thoroughly enough, yes?

            Appalled, UNLESS you just got off the plane and jumped at the first girl who asked you to help her practice her English… I assume you have been here a while.

            If you have, you will heed Rick’s advice because random crazy things do happen at a much higher and stranger frequency than back home. Right?

            And being a foreigner, usually, automatically makes you a focal point. You already know this, stop pretending like you are some invincible, untouchable expat.

            Congrats on the baby. Maybe now you are not Appalled with everything? Not quite?

        • Rick in China

          Everyone needs advice for arrest situations. It doesn’t happen exclusively at clubs or drunken nights out. I was hit by a car while just walking home from a Sunday brunch and chased the guy down to stop him from escaping (he stopped in traffic after hitting me), in the process may have bumped his nose during the ‘scuffle’ through his window, and it turns out to be a criminal assault charge against me. Shit happens in situations that you should try not to be so blissfully ignorant of, expecting that you’re always going to be safe in your little nest.

    • anon

      You’re trying too hard.

      If the generalization that Chinese wallowed in their own shit were true, this wouldn’t have made the news, would it?

      Don’t be a retard.

  • Read-Tess

    Wow. Police just dismissed this ? And allowed him to take her with him at the end?
    I always said that in China, anything goes.

    gosh I feel sorry for that little girl. I sure hope she gets some help. :(

  • Song of the Article

    How many times
    -Insane Clown Posse


  • The Enlightened One

    There are many things at work going on here:

    1) Divorcees commonly take out their self propelled rage on the mirror on their ex-lovers, which unfortunately is their children.

    2) A lot.. and I mean a lot of Chinese children behave VERY poorly. I believe it is due to a mix of the one child policy (little emperor or empress) and society as a whole. Usually the grandparents look after the children, because the grandparents don’t have enough energy or care to stop the child when they misbehave… they are happy to let the children do whatever they like.

    3) She is obviously a walking loss of face for the man (single man with a kid). Yes, the all important Asian “face”… the reason Mao shipped out rice his people desperately need, the reason Japan doesn’t admit its WW2 atrocities… face or as some prefer “honor”.

    So I conclude that the reason why he did this was because he is pissed off at life, society, his family and maybe, in his own crazy way, try to make certain his daughter doesn’t grow up a spoiled brat (like so many others), in his own twisted way.

    The real question here is this : Why can’t Chinese people flush their shit? Or at least aim better? Don’t they have 7000+ years of practice?

    • Rick in China

      RE: “She is obviously a walking loss of face for the man”

      I find this kinda ironic, if he considers her a loss of face, does he think having her holding his hand while she has shit smeared across her face doesn’t make him lose even more face as a father? Essentially, he’s smearing feces on her face causing his own loss of face with others’ feces.

      • The Enlightened One

        Yeah I understand what you are saying Rick, but I am sure you know as well as I do that the whole “face” thing totally defies all logic and reason.

        If one tries to totally categories and understand the whole concept that is “face”. One would need to drink a few bottles of paint thinner (Bai Jiu) and commence ramming his head into the concrete. If you live, you understand “face”.

    • White Phosphorus

      What you are saying is likely to be true. I have seen your point #1 first hand happen to several of my friends’ kids.

      And point #2, Mainlander’s kids are the worst. They aren’t born like that, it’s all about the parenting, or lack thereof.

      Lack of parenting usually means you are uneducated- at least in the realm of psychology, or you live in some fantasy world thinking that your “spoiled” child is some additional item to flaunt in public to other people…kind of to say, “Look at me, I can afford to spoil my kid”, when in fact, it makes you look verrrrry bad as a parent.

      Recently I saw a mainlander woman at the mall here and her child was screaming like a banshee in the middle of the aisle and she just looked at the child in frustration, but also appeared as if she had NO IDEA how to handle it.

      I have also seen on numerous occasions, mainlander children sprawled all over a public washroom floor, or restaurant floor. Their parents have no sense of what’s considered proper public behaviour and conduct, and so they don’t end up teaching their rotten children who are licking and picking up whatever shit stains are on the public floors.

      • The Enlightened One

        Yes, what you say is true. I have heard of one instance when a friend of mine was in a elevator with a Chinese woman and her son.

        It seems like the little fella decided to take a piss on the guy’s shoe while in the elevator and the guy freaked out and nudged the kid aside.

        The mother… of course… rather than apologizing for her’s son’s crude behavior or least of all, her horrible parenting. She started to berate the man and exclaim that she would sue him for abusing her son.

        True story my friends. It can happen at the strangest of times out of nowhere in China. China is the land of Chaos in it’s purest form.

      • Anon

        I once saw an ~8-year-old kid pushing a luggage cart halfway into the doorway of a women’s restroom at the Beijing airport, forcing women entering and exiting to inch around him while he whined “MOM, MOM!” to his mother inside. I’m ashamed to say that it was a child that was the victim of my worst Bad China Day flip-out ever, as I grabbed the cart, pushed it to the side and yelled in bad laowai Chinese “What do you think you’re doing blocking the door, didn’t your mother teach you anything? Stand right here and don’t move!”

        The thing is, if I were a Chinese parent what I did could hardly rate as mean at all, seeing as I didn’t touch him or tell him to “eat shit” or “go die.”

        • mr. weiner

          How did the little brat’s mum react to you dressing down the fruit of her loins? More to the point did the little wanker look shocked or surly when you yelled at him?

          • Tengu

            Kid had his hands behind his back with that bemused look on his face.

  • Rick in China

    Makes me think of Ruxton from The League – “Baby Geoffrey Forever unclean!”

    Poor little girl. Here’s hoping all this press makes some swift action come change custody to the girl’s mother or other people to take care of her – but, then again, maybe she’s no better.

  • Zebadee

    Stranger things have happened in Hangzhou …

    • DRAGNX

      Yep, me spending my Holiday in Hangzhou for example.

      • staylost

        Hangzhou is the best. Everyone should skinny dip in Xihu at least once in their life.

  • Tom

    Whatever, Chinese people are like this… rude, disgusting, selfish etc etc… lived here for 8 years… no surprise to me.

    • Lun Xunism

      Not all Chinese, man. I wonder, why did you live there for 8 years? Could’ve gotten out less than 1 year.

    • Dat Ankle

      If Chinese people are rude, disgusting, selfish and all that bad stuff why stay for 8 years? Admit it, you love it.

  • The Dude

    My mother washing my mouth out with soap and water doesn’t seen so bad after all.

    I dread to think what the child will have to endure throughout her life.

    This is a painful story to read.

    I’d like to think that in my country any male seeing that, would beat the crap out of him. It may not do much good long-term though.

    There’s lots of disease in poo…..

    Wasn’t this one of things the Japanese used to make Chinese prisoners do?

    • coala banana

      yeah, some people shouldn’t have kids or shouldn’t have the right to make them. All are born equal my ass. Not surprised that something like that happened , but always amazing how passive chinese deal with such things, like usual the police and authorities will do shit about it.

      Regarding Japanese, whatever they did to chinese during ww2, and i am sure they did some cruel shit, but i don’t think it can match what chinese did to each others throughout history until NOW ! This is a sick country with some sick motherfuckers floating around, where most can get away with their crimes and their bad behaviors towards animals and other humans beings. Its the country of compensation law, where one get away with basically everything by paying with red packs.

      • Justin

        “yeah, some people shouldn’t have kids or shouldn’t have the right to make them.”

        My sentiments about you exactly. You are the worst kind of loathsome human excrement imaginable and I think the only thing I can think of worse than you would be the offspring produced by you and whatever trashy whore who would stoop so low as to sleep with you.

        • fabulous

          I agree.
          Coala Banana is by far the worst kind of loathsome human excrement imaginable. I can just imagine how he takes children away from their families because their fathers are white. How he fathers his own grandchildren in a cellar under his house. How he started a cult, forcing his followers to run brainwashing classes on the new recruits who he had promised freedom. How he masquerades as a servant of God but actually just twists scriptures to serve his own desires. How he jumps into lifeboats when his ship is sinking like, 30 metres from the coast. And not 30 metres from cliffs and jagged rocks; 30 metres from smooth rocks and sandy beach. How he commands his comrades to fight for a future in which they are equal; serving him equally. How he beats his students to death and throws them out of windows. How he eats with his mouth open and tries to justify it by saying it makes the food taste better. How he sits in a park to fight greed. How he forgot all about his first son, hooked up with a Japanese artist and broke up the band. How he thinks “an eye for an eye” is still best practice. How he uses Google translate and Wikipedia to make his Chinasmack rants seem more powerful. How he eats animals that are cute in my culture. How he makes students eat semen. How he thinks that eliminating the Jews is a good idea. How he invades the Iberian peninsula. How he threatens to kill one policeman everyday until the chief of police resigns. How he brags about buying drugs without thinking of the consequences. How he stops action being taken against murderers. How he uses comebacks like “Not all X are X” and “You say X are X; well Y are even more X”. How he overreacts and in hoping to create a strong opposing view drifts into derogatory hyperbole. How he writes comment so long that most people skip to the end. How he misunderstands a comment (or even the whole concept of commenting on Chinasmack) and then instead of changing tack or admitting that he is wrong he gets more and more agitated and angry.

          I imagine that he kicks puppies. And it is the combination of my imagination plus all of the insightful and heartfelt comments he has made that proves this. In my imagination, my imagination is never wrong.

          • mr. weiner

            You forgot CB is also guilty of invading Poland, building Disneylands on civil war battle fields, cutting the ozone layer down and not selling contraceptives to Besarion Jughashvili;]

          • donscarletti

            In CB’s defence, he sold contraceptives to Mr Jughashvili’s son.

            But you know Georgians, give them a box of rubbers and tomorrow they’re gone.

  • k

    I bet she never throws his newspapers down again.

  • Lun Xunism

    Wow, look at those comments, so much racism toward China just for this incident? So, should we be racists toward Japan, for their whaling and their people beating kids and elder parents to death?

    There are Chinese being frown upon that guy, you know, right?

    • anon

      This incident is just a catalyst for the racism and prejudice they’ve accumulated from the things they’ve experienced, read, and choose to remember. People are hypocritical beings in general. When something similarly outrageous happens in other countries, many Chinese people are also quick to quip how it must say something about that country’s people in general. It is the minority like yourself that begs reason and perspective.

      By the way, there actually are plenty of people who are racist towards Japan for their whaling. Sea Shepherd and many of their supporters for example.

    • Anon

      Sure 99.9999% of Chinese people would say it’s horrible to feed your kids shit, but this guy is just going a few steps further than the very significant portion of Chinese people who feel it’s their right to do things to their kids that would lose them their kids and possibly get them jail time in other countries.

      • Hmmm spanking your kids yes. Making your kid eat shit? Are you kidding me?

        Once more: 61 year old Americunt teacher got busted for blind-folding and feeding 30 11 year olds his semen! Disgusting Amerikkka!

        • Anon

          I repeat: “99.9999% of Chinese people would say it’s horrible to feed your kids shit.” But that doesn’t mean that plenty of Chinese parents who might otherwise not be considered generally trashy and awful don’t have ideas about how children should be treated that are seriously different from what’s in our laws here. An old friend from Hong Kong that I’m not in contact with anymore posted (for reasons that are not clear to me at all) pictures of her son’s buttocks with a severe bruise from a long, narrow object on her Facebook. Dad replies “iron that’s not beaten won’t become steel!” or whatever the phrase is and all the male respondents say “good job Dad.”

          • anon

            In my experience, most parents in most places (even Asia) don’t exactly advertise their corporal punishment so your Hong Kong friend is rather atypical.

            Without seeing the picture, I can’t tell you if it meets my definition of crossing the line into excessive, but the use of corporal punishment on misbehaving kids is hardly Chinese (or Hong Kongnese, if some people want to argue that Hong Kongers are inherently superior to mainlanders). Where do you think the phrase “whipping (someone) into shape” comes from?

            Unless the mother has a pattern of excessive physical violence or managed to hospitalize the child in a single instance, a welt or bruise from a spanking or rodding has typically resulted in taking the child away or locking the parent up in American law, enforcement, or case history.

            Anyone know what ultimately happened to that Texas judge who belted his daughter for using the internet?

          • anon

            I looked it up. He’s not being prosecuted for a variety of reasons, with the one featured most prominently being that the statute of limitations for felony injury to a child is 5 years…which is moot because under Texas law, she wasn’t a child at the time of the belting either.

            “No, in my mind I haven’t done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing. And I did lose my temper, but I’ve since apologized.”

  • You know why Hongjian is right in so many ways? Hongjian’s ideal China is the REALITY OF AMERIKKKA. That’s why Hongjian is always on about Americunts, because he/she knows deep down what he really want for China is for China to become just like Amerikkka–A total and absolute religious corporate fascist state with an absolutely complacent populace thinking they have freedom. A place that is it’s moving towards a realizing a double wammy world that is both Huxelian and Orwellian. A place where they can lock up 40% of their 10% 2nd-class citizens and still make them think they have the best! (LMAO!). You say stop thinking so hierarchical? THat’s the joke. It’s a system. It is a hierachicy. but it’s has loops and cycles. Realize the shit reality that you are living in but I know you give not a shit because you are HAPPY.


    • SuperHappyCow

      why do you have to type like an idiot huh

    • E Puff

      wtf people misunderstand statistics, there is no 40% of any race in american prisons. i don’t know if you are referring to black people, but there are 39 MILLION black people in america. do you really thin k there are 15 million blacks in jail? No. Further, there is no second class in america. if anything, minorities have even more rights in this country than most groups, regardless of whether people harbor racist beliefs or not.

      by 2008, america had roughly 2.5 Million people incarerated. This would include local jails, jails in other parts of the world that belong to the united states, and even the prison system.

      by 2009, there were

      693,800 white men incarcerated,
      841,000 black men (that’s closer to like 2.3%)
      442,000 latino men

      92,000 white women
      64,000 black women
      and 32,000 latino women

      i agree that america is definitely becoming fascist.

      • Oops. Sorry I should have been 40% of the total prison population not 40% of 10%.

      • Man fuck your liberal bullshit. Always full of lies.

        Like you don’t even know me at all yet you motherfuckers hated on my since forever. How the fuck does that even compute? That’s fuck 3rd class citizenship right there.


        • Every other ethnicity in Amerikkka hate on Chinese people. It’s all one big fucking game to everyone. Then they get mad when other people are hating on them. It’s all very funny. One giant slippery slope mind fuck.


          • Apolize to the KKK because not trying to single you out about Amerikkka. Amerikkka is one giant mind fuck KKK as in everyone is KKK in Amerikkka. Everyone here has someone they hate.

          • E Puff

            the kkk, apologize to them, well fuck me sideways! that fringe terrorist group definitely hates you, me and anyone who isn’t white, redneck, trailers trash and don’t marry their own sisters lol.

            I think racism in america is more pronounced than in any other country in the world. It’s more in your face. most of it is stupid. For example, if you (an asian) went to mcdonald’s, someone might say “all chinese people love mcdonald’s”. If I go out and by a chocolate bar, they might say “all black people love chocolate candy”. If you’re mexican, people assume you don’t speak english — everything here isn’t about hate, but ASSumption, people are not allowed to be individuals. Say I love chocolate, but my sister hates it — because everyone is different and unique, in america, if a person of a racial group does something, it is interpreted as “all the people of that race” doing it. ANd then the action is ridiculed . the only people who haven’t been subjected to that is white people, and that’s because they invented racial hatred and so the rules don’t typically apply to them. then the stereotyped group is subjected to scrutiny over their choices a nd preferences.

            In other countries, racial hatred is specific. Doesn’t matter what nuances that group has, most of the racial hatred is motivated by political or religious differences.

          • SuperHappyCow

            You’re over the top with the idea that white people invented racial hatred, and that they don’t experience it.

            I feel like racial hatred and ignorance is motivated by religion and money playing a role in politics.

            Money and religion(a global religion is different from spirituality) are both things that are designed to convince someone that something is true, despite evidence of the opposite, in order for themselves to propagate.

            Race is a convenient tool to help that cause along.

      • Dat Ankle

        Argument hit the lead wall when you said minorities have more rights.

  • James

    Fucking slit that beasts throat and let it bleed out into the feces filled toilet where it will die in filth. Ans save that child. Fucing beast! And the disgusting so-called”police”. Scum of the earth!

  • fx

    i’m too disgust to comment.God help children that her.

  • Mike Check

    Fauna, where are you? The comments for this article really suck! Half of the posts are about some obese foreign dude getting off on pretending to be an obnoxious girl from Hong Kong.

    [Note from Fauna: We have already moderated White Phosphorous and Greg Miles. Can you help make the comments better?]

    • SuperHappyCow

      That’s not as fun as pretending to be an extra terrestrial cow with really poor grammar.

      I should get back into character.

  • E Puff

    that child was probably scared. and so what, at that age I forced my sons to go into the ladies room and wait until I came out of the stall. I also did not permit them to use the men’s room until they were at least 10 as I did not want them expose to an adult male penis or potential child molestors. Mens bathrooms have urinals and don’t typically have doors around these people, and I think that is somewhat perverted.

  • White Thrash

    holy crap !

    only in China… how can that man still keep the custody ? what about the mother ?

  • bscalled

    Even animals do not treat their kids like this – he deserve to be jailed for 2 years until he learns the meaning of the word father.

  • saiyan

    how the h3L did he got custody and he just got a lecture and that’s it he shouldn’t even have custody after that isn’t that child abuse……..

  • angry bird

    fuck that man…he must be punished! his punishment must be the punishment that he had given to his daughter.! that fucker must be sent to the prison

  • that kind of father deserve punishment … shit

  • Justin Frishman


  • naser nazariha

    Humanity is going dwon because of economy pressure

  • Hero

    Chinese Government should be ashamed of themselves, for living the Monster just like that,

    What kind world are we in this time.

    If I were the one rescued the Girl, I would have giving that bloody man called himself a Father a beating of his life.


  • TojoFan10000

    is that why Chinese talk so much shit?