Father No Longer Recognizes His Olympic Gold Medalist Son

Lin Qingfeng holding up his men's weightlifting gold medal.

Lin Qingfeng with his gold medal.

From Sina Weibo:

Men’s Weightlifting First Gold Medal Winner Hasn’t Seen Parents In 6.5 Years, Father No Longer Recognizes Son: Lin Qingfeng won the first London Olympic Games gold medal for the Chinese men’s weightlifting team, but few people know the hardship behind it all——23-year-old Lin Qingfeng and his father haven’t seen each other in six and a half years, and his father Lin Zhiren has already gotten to the point where he couldn’t even recognize his son while watching him compete…

Lin Qingfeng's father on a television interview.
Lin’s Father: “I haven’t seen my child in 6 and a half years.” News headline: “Lin Qingfeng wins, father sings national anthem in tears to congratulates him.”

From Sina:

Men’s Weightlifting First gold medal winner hasn’t seen parents in for 6 and a half years, father no longer recognizes son


Over 7 hours after Lin Qingfeng had won the first Chinese men’s weightlifting gold medal and the 13th gold medal for the Chinese delegation to the London Olympic Games, television reporters paid a visit to Lin Qingfeng’s home. The little more than 30 square meter home wasn’t, and there weren’t many household appliances, but the entire family was immersed in the joys of their son winning the gold medal and brought out Lin Qingfeng’s childhood pictures to show the reporters. Lin Qingfeng’s father Lin Zhiren told the reporters, had he not heard the introductions by the commentator, he really wouldn’t have recognized his own son: “It’s been six and a half years since I’ve seen my son. Even when he came out to compete I almost didn’t recognize him. Only after the television station said it was Xiamen athlete Lin Qingfeng did I pay attention and realized this was him.”

Lin’s father already no longer recognizes his son, and Lin’s mother Ye Queshi also misses her son terribly. She said to the reporters: “Whatever he likes to eat (when he comes back), I’ll cook it for him. It’s been a long time since he’s had a meal at home, its been too seldom…”

According to reports, Lin’s father is a porter, Lin’s mother is a cleaner, the entire family’s income is very limited, and the 40 to 50 thousand yuan of debts the family had owed was paid off with all the award money Lin Qingfeng received from winning a medal at the 2009 National Games. Now, Lin Qingfeng’s parents, their daughter, their son-in-law, and their grandson who has just turned 1 month old, all five of them live together in the little more than 30 square meter home. Because the house is too small and unable to accommodate too many people watching the competition, Xiamen Sports Bureau leaders picked up and brought Lin Qingfeng’s parents to the Bureau to watch.

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“When my son returns, my hope is for the entire family to take the family photo that to this day we haven’t been able to take,” Lin’s Father Lin Zhiren said.

Lin Qingfeng weightlifting.

Comments from Sina:

新浪科威特 al kuwaytjqqxaxy:

When a nation that has lost even the basic filial piety and morality, will more gold medals be enough to prove that it is a world sports power? How can people show off with this kind of news? What a shame!

新浪陕西西安 手机用户:

Gold medals and humanity, which is more important? What if he got a silver medal? Would there still be so much attention [on him and his family]?

新浪上海杨浦 wzdsniper:

What’s the point of winning a gold medal this way…

新浪微博 阿憧:

Misshapen development of competitive sports.

新浪微博 墨山宵小:

When family is put aside and ignored, no matter how glorious the accomplishment, it still isn’t success.

新浪微博 助人即积福:

People have become so alienated [from each other] that they’re no longer humans.

新浪微博 世世如棋局:

Pathetic Nationwide Sports System [a government policy for the development of China’s international athletic competitiveness].

新浪微博 中青旅韩杰:

Pathetic, what’s the point of becoming a champion like this, [when one’s father] no longer even recognizes his own son.

新浪微博 在忙碌中长大:

Is there still humanity left? Intolerable. 鄙视

新浪微博 Outsider_GY只做局外人:

They paid too much for a gold medal.

新浪微博 Gao_Xingming:

My heart is chilled by this gold medal, so inhuman…

新浪微博 留在你心边:

How can it be like this? Is a gold medal more important than family?

新浪微博 雷击青瓜:

This… is going too far, even joining the army and going to war wouldn’t be like this. How wronged those unsuccessful kids must be, no gold medals and unable to see their parents…

新浪微博 香蕉群:

A twisted machine [referring to the the training of professional athletes in China].

新浪微博 presentso:

Thumbs up!!! The downward kind.

新浪微博 陈友重:

The tragedy of China’s sports system.

新浪微博 艾薇橙:

This time he can go home.

新浪微博 Dlarry_wrh:

Winning glory for the country is indeed something our countrymen look forward to, but China should rethink its sort of “all ethics and morality should give way to the system” Olympic mentality.

What is the longest period of time you have gone without seeing your parents?

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Lin Qingfeng holding up his men's weightlifting gold medal.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • xiaohouzi

    I’ll trade my sofa for a gold medal?

    • appletree

      This is very sad. In the U.S., most athletes live with their families. If they train in a different city, sometimes a parent lives with them. Many Chinese athletes leave home at a young age, and grow up in a very isolated environment, which is not ideal for a young person’s emotional and psychological development.

      Also political balancing among various provincial and central sports authorities plays a significant role in selecting athletes to represent China in international competitions such as the Olympics.

      Check out this story on the mysterious athlete selection process for the Olympic woman’s 48kg weightlifting event:


      • tazz

        Americans are dopers so they don’t have to sacrifice.

      • D’andra

        hmm I did not even know it was that serious! I just hope all these athletes get to spend some time with their family before they start to train again. They really deserve to win medals. They sacrifice a lot to get whatever skills they have. I mean all over the world there are great athletes and some of them that get gold medals or even the other medals don’t sacrifice that much. They should ease up a bit.

  • Interested

    At least buy your dad a smart phone and send some photos. For god sake.

    • Just for laughs… If the lad is locked away for another few years to train for Rio de Janeiro 2016, he’ll need the smartphone to take a picture of his TV at the next Olympics (should the dad be unable to make it to Brazil)…

  • Song of the Article

    an old but a goodie,

    Cats in the Cradle
    Ugly Kid Joe (Cat Stevens cover)


    Fuck the Sofa, have not seen my parents in 1.5 years,
    I keep telling them, come to visit me!
    My Mom would love the shopping and home decoration stores,
    and my Dad would love the golfing here.

    keep it red
    keep it real

    • eattot

      i was wondering where you gone,maybe u get lost.
      i think your a cool guy. r u married or single.let’s have some short time fun.

      • eattot

        your on my : must do list now

        • Sunshine

          Go get’em eattot!

        • Tengu

          You have to admire a woman who has one of those lists. You’re my new hero!

      • The Enlightened One

        Damn, you mainland girls sure know how to make your intentions crystal clear don’t you? lol

      • Alain

        Eattot, I thought you were getting married? Are you serious with all this stuff?

    • wallimo

      It’s actually a Harry Chapin song, I used to always mistake it for cat stevens but it’s ole Harry. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat's_in_the_Cradle

      I haven’t seen my mother since May 2011 and my Father since April 2010. But I’m leaving China so I should be able to see them soon!

    • Alain

      Hell yes kedafu, that is a great song man!

      This bud’s for you!

    • 平凡人

      Welcome back, haven’t heard from you for a while.

  • moop
    • jin

      as one guy that posted in that site said: ” America, not only has the highest incarceration rates, but we have the most people locked up at any given time than any country.

      We have mandatory sentences for victimless, non-violent crimes so politicians can claim to be tough on crime and private prison lobbyists that lobby for longer sentences and continuing the failed drug war so they can profit more.

      When someone goes to prison, despite the strip searches, cell searches, fences, drug dogs, phone taps, mail screening, pee tests and cops, they have no trouble buying drugs and contraband like cell phones.

      In this hysteria to lock everyone up, many innocent people are wrongly convicted and some end up on death row. Few have the luxury of DNA to exonerate them.

      This injustice in China is a good story, but I am sure China can easily mock our flawed system as well. ”

      and NO im not saying that its NOT wrong for them to do this, im just saying that some countries have big flaws in their system as well.
      america got more wrongly accused men than any country in the world.
      some even send to death row.

      • Harland

        Funny how “AmeriKKKa is bad” seems to justify every bad thing that ever happens in the world, even when nobody brings up America or is talking about it at all or the topic is China on a China blog. It just seems to organically happen, every single time there’s an internet discussion. Weird, eh? It’s like if someone was talking about Romania and suddenly someone butts in with “but Nigeria is bad tooooo!”

        • tazz

          It’s like how Obama is always referenced out of the clear blue.

        • Jahar

          Um, he made a point of saying that he’s not excusing the problems in China.

          • moop

            ummm he negated that statement when he said the following: “im just saying that some countries have big flaws in their system as well”

            thats deflecting and its intellectually lazy and disingenuous

          • jin

            so what? moop
            i do think this problem is bad, but i am just saying that china is not the only one with law problems. and whats your point of posting this link? to tell others how “bad” china is?

          • moop

            do you know who li gang is? how many similar stories have been on this site about the rich in china getting out of the law? it has nothing to do with this thread, but Hu Bin’s story was posted on this website, so it’s a lot more pertinent than your deflecting.

          • jin

            so? china is such a evil country!!! soo evil!!! moop just GTFO then. if you dont like it, then so be it, but dont go around spreading more hate.
            ok? the rich are almost above the law in MOST of the country.
            you think the laws in western country is so perfect? then why does the rich and famous in america get away with murder/rape/drugs/hit and run/ etc. ???

          • This reminds me of that old South Park episode where they keep saying “well if you don’t like it you can GYEEET OUT” over and over. See, we make fun of people like that.

          • jin

            well its a fact, if you dont like a country or just keep whining about it all the fking time. then just GTFO. its that easy. you dont live somewhere you dont like unless you have no choice, example: loser english teachers that cant get jobs back home.

          • Jin

            “rich in china getting out of the law?” Rich in every country live by a different set of laws. They can buy themselves out of anything and can get away with murder not just in China. America is basically ruled by a handful of rich families.

          • moop

            “so? china is such a evil country!!! soo evil!!! moop just GTFO then. if you dont like it, then so be it, but dont go around spreading more hate.
            ok? the rich are almost above the law in MOST of the country.
            you think the laws in western country is so perfect? then why does the rich and famous in america get away with murder/rape/drugs/hit and run/ etc. ???”

            deflecting, deflecting, deflecting. you really are pathetic. what purpose does deflecting serve? it allows you to be morally complacent. no one is saying this only happens in china. but your answer is “it happens other places too!”. thats not an honest answer. its a lazy answer. if you’d like china to be held to such low standards that you are setting for them by excusing this behavior, then by all means go ahead. by deflecting you a hindering the discussion and you are hindering china’s improvement. there’s nothing else to say to you. the link i provided was a followup to another story on china smack that happened a long time ago. thought some of us here might be interested. if you’re on your period i suggest you drink some cranberry juice, take a midol, grab a box of tissues and re-read bridges of madison county.

          • jin

            OH FUCK MOOP, i said that this is a big problem, but its not happening only in china. and you go like….. HES DEFLECTING.
            and whats your point of posting this link? “do you know who li gang is? how many similar stories have been on this site about the rich in china getting out of the law?” YOU said this, so i explained the rich are not only above the law in china, but in many countries. YOU said this “the rich in china getting out of the law” so??? eh……. you look like a dumbshit now.

          • moop

            it was a follow up story to a story from long ago… what is so hard to grasp about this? the story has to deal with the things i mentioned and one of the recurring themes of some of the stories on this site. i never said they didnt happen anywhere else, you got defensive and cried “b-b-b-b-but america too!” in your effort to deflect. you’re never going to win an argument that way, unless its with another fenqing

          • jin

            “if you’d like china to be held to such low standards that you are setting for them by excusing this behavior”

            when the fuck did i say that this behavior is good? i clearly said multiple times that THIS IS WRONG. since when does it happens everywhere else mean that im excusing this behavior?

            “by deflecting you a hindering the discussion and you are hindering china’s improvement.”

            you think that the shit you said will IMPROVE china? how will some words said by a hater improve china??? WTF are you??? MAO??? and hindering the discussion??? what discussion??? you mean the troll comment you made??
            “uhhh shit? i thought only sadaam hussein did this”

            “the link i provided was a followup to another story on china smack that happened a long time ago.”

            good job bringing up the 6 year old news.
            just admit that youre a hater, you said you post this cause you THINK others might be interested in a 6 year old news? you said that im excusing the behaviour when i clearly didnt? you said by hindering the discussion, im hindering china’s improvement? HOW WILL THIS LINK AND “uhhh shit? i thought only sadaam hussein did this” improve china? tell me HOW??? youre just a ignorant,arrogant douche with a anger management problem. you dont give a fuck what others say and always think youre always right. and by insulting others ONLINE sure shows how intelligent you are.

          • moop

            look, this is apparently too hard for you to grasp, so i am going to say this one. last. time. i was browsing the internet and i saw this story. i thought to myself “hey, i know this guy”. i then thought other people who read the chinasmack story might be interested to see what has happened recently. i didnt want to search through hundreds of stories to find the original one. so i posted it on the story that at that time had the least amount of comments. i made the joke about saddam not to make fun of chinese but because he was famous for having body-doubles. the end. then you came and assumed i was trying to trash china and started crying like a pre-pubescent girl. that is all. and yes, your act of deflection takes away from the seriousness of the problem in china. its a type of excuse that lots of chinese like to use especially with moral issues, most of the time relying on the whole “developing country thing”. then there is the “west does it to” deflection. everytime you do that you trivialize the problem. my post was just a follow-up to a story, something you still fail to grasp. i never made any disparaging remarks in the post. you come across looking like an over-sensitive doucher. you made the wrong assumption, are in too deep to admit it, and instead of shutting up and moving on, you are still making a scene trying to salvage your dignity. i assure you, you have none

          • jin

            seems like you dont even know what youre talking about yourself. Link+uhhh shit? i thought only sadaam hussein did this = discussion??? and since you just say that im deflecting this when i said “i do think this problem is bad, but i am just saying that china is not the only one with law problems.” HOW is it deflecting when i clearly admit that this problem IS bad but that this shit happend all over the world? ITS A FACT. and “and yes, your act of deflection takes away from the seriousness of the problem in china.” ??? seriousness of the problem in CHINA??? THIS SHIT HAPPEND ALL OVER THE WORLD, ILL SAY IT AGAIN. Its not only a problem in china, the rich all over the world get away with soo many shit they did. sooo wait…. whenever you said something, people should just say yeh yeh… its true. china got this problem and need to be fixed. instead of yes its true that this problem is bad but its a problem that the world have. when its a problem that the entire world have, you dont ONLY talk about this problem in china, cause its a fking problem this entire world have.

          • moop

            dammit jin, you continue to make an argument that isnt there. there is no reason for you to keep trying to save face. if you were a native english speaker instead of living off of mommy and daddy abroad you might now that “shit” in this context is more like “damn, thats wierd” as in “damn, this is wierd, i thought only sadam did this”. do you think all chinese are criminals? what is wrong with equating criminal behavior with sadam?” no one is equating this type of behavior with china except for you by being such a butt-hurt child. i’m not saying “this is shit” (and in your eyes also inferring china is shit). you are an oversensitive little girl. this is the end of the discussion. might i advise vagisil cream for your feminine itch?

          • jin

            get your eyes fixed, what i said is replies to what you have said. hmm i know for a fact that im more succesfull in life than you. mr english teacher. you talk about this problem IN CHINA, when its a problem this entire world have. you said im deflecting when i said that this happens everywhere, cause it does happen everywhere. answer these few questions i asked in this “discussion” how am i deflecting this when it DOES happen everywhere else in the world? you said im excusing the behaviour when i clearly didnt? you said by hindering the discussion, im hindering china’s improvement? how??? will this “discussion” started by a hater improve china? you didnt answer any of this.
            oh and its funny to see you talk shit when you name is moop.
            which means
            1. The act of pooping while you are mooning someone
            2. a shortened version of the phrase “Massive Poop
            3. to masturbate and poop at the same time.
            4. the combination of mold and poop
            5. milk + poop
            6. When u attempt to drink a half gallon of milk and get sick. Then you run and go to the bathroom and “moop” moop looks like runny white poop
            7. Cow poop. A mixture between the word Poop and Moo.

          • moop

            dear schtoopid in amsterdam: i merely posted a link. you followed up with the butthurt because you misinterpreted my action as a diss on china. you don’t know what the word deflection means, maybe if you spent less time at the docks blowing sailors you’d have time to look it up. i posted the link, you misinterpreted pretty much everything and assumed the worst. then you DEFLECTED based on your perception. in your minuscule brain that you have hidden under that dead rat you stapled to your head and called it a hairstyle, you thought “oh no! this white guy is talking shit about china, better take the attention off of china lest the whole world think of china as a backward place”. this prompted your feeble “b-b-b-but this happens in other places too”. the problem is, poor jin, that you created an argument that didnt exist. i never said these problems were specific to china. i was merely sharing a follow-up story, which you still claim is a diss on china, simply because it is a negative story on china. thats not true. it doesnt even have to be said that this happens in other places or in other societies (iraq for one, remember sadaam? unless you are claiming him as 华侨). no one made that claim. you and every mongoloid fiber of your being insists that this claim was made. you decided to make something out of nothing because of your extreme butthurt and insecurity.

            english teacher- nope, run a marketing department for an international company
            moop- wrong again. “moop” was the name of the band that the kids in south park created at the beginning of episode “christian rock hard”. glad to see your butthurt is so bad that you actually wasted time and effort to try to make fun of my name.

            this really is the last time i’m going to respond to you. i dont particularly want to be moderated for having too long of an argument with an infantile lady-boy, especially when i dont have any skin in that game. post what you will in whatever pathetic response you can muster, i wont be responding again

          • jin

            “and NO im not saying that its NOT wrong for them to do this, im just saying that some countries have big flaws in their system as well.”

            is this not a fact what i spoke off? you just think im defending china, when im just writen down a valid reply.

            and you replied with “thats deflecting and its intellectually lazy and disingenuous”

            oh wow! who started attacking first?

            i replied with
            ” so what? moop
            i do think this problem is bad, but i am just saying that china is not the only one with law problems. and whats your point of posting this link? to tell others how “bad” china is?”

            and you goes like

            “do you know who li gang is? how many similar stories have been on this site about the rich in china getting out of the law? it has nothing to do with this thread, but Hu Bin’s story was posted on this website, so it’s a lot more pertinent than your deflecting.”

            you just kept on talking on how many times this happen in china and kept saying that im deflecting, when it happens all over the world. i kept admitting that this is a problem but its not only chinas problem. and yes! ofcourse insulting someone on the internet shows how intelligent and civilized you are. and ofcourse south park, the creaters probably made up that name knowing what moop means, since it is southpark.

        • donscarletti

          To me, it makes about as much sense as the US comparing themselves to China or Russia when criticised. Comparison only makes sense against acknowledged betters.

          The US and China are both messed up. I think the US still has an edge as far as standard of living and access to justice are concerned, but I will be fucked if I retire to either.

        • Capt. WED

          Funny how that is huh?

          it depends whether it’s relevant to the topic or not. Because frankly many times on this site regarding a news people act as if in China is the only place where such things occur. Please do not deny this. So one brings up instances (or similar cases) in other countries, US is often brought up because it’s the most familiar to the poster.

          THEN you have other cases where the opposite happen, people bring up China when something in US happens.

          It goes both ways so stop being hypocritical.

          FACT: You guys are talking shit on Chinasmack–All tactics are allowed.

          • Capt. WED

            ALSO PEOPLE on this site always say these things that implies that China is fucked up as in it doesn’t happen elsewhere. Tell me people on this site are not 100% trolling? You troll for THE OBVIOUS RESPONSE of well it happens in your country too so why are you ALWAYS ON HERE point me out. YOU THEN COME OUT OF THE WOODWORKS with “But EVERYTIME you bring up USA! LOL LOL LOL.”

            Basically you guys need to stop worry about other people’s shit and start worry about your own shit.


          • Mesh theory: [N*(N-1)]/2 where N is attributes of race, countries of residence, countries of origin, language spoken (in the case of ChinaSMACK). Even if N is just 50, the number of arguments is 1000+. Yup…gimme music anyday.

          • moop


            if you really want to see a lot of negative comments, wait until this site is dedicated to chinese pop music.

            would you go onto a golf website and complain about tennis? no, you wouldnt

          • Jin

            moop you bullied anyone who come on this site and post comments which you do not agree with. Why can you not see other people have a right to their own opinion and be respectful?

          • mr. wiener

            Yeah,….but Mando-pop?….. That’s cruel and unusual punishment.

          • moop

            “moop you bullied anyone who come on this site and post comments which you do not agree with. Why can you not see other people have a right to their own opinion and be respectful?”

            no, i give shit to ignorant assholes who cant have a rational argument. you have proven you inability to make a cogent thought other than those that lead you to make racist and xenophobic posts. there is nothing to respect in that. i’ve had normal arguments with people on this site when they are honest and actually willing to engage. you are neither of these things. a racist is worthy of no one’s respect, neither is a xenophobe. again chinese nationalist like you say most of the same things the foreigners on this site do, but you only say them to eachother. the minute someone non-chinese says them, you throw a fit. this is a website about china for foreigners. it is not a website about the white-western world for chinese people. as someone who lives in chinese society i have every right to say whatever i want about china’s society regardless of your tiny little feelings on the matter. and if i see and asshole like yourself being disingenuous or intellectually dishonest i will call them out on it. i’m not sure most of the chinese posters on this site actually know what trolling is, but a foreigner making a negative comment about china on a website for foreigners about china is a lot less like trolling than a fenqing prick making racist and and anti-western remarks on a site for foreigners about china. do you understand? we don’t come on chinese websites and troll, so why do you come here? my chinese is good enough to go to chinese websites and cause some trouble, would you like me to try? FUCK YOU

          • Jin

            Moop you are such an aggressive angry person with such hatred for Chinese and China in general. Seems strange for a person who have total freedom as to where they live you choose to be in China?

          • Mr. Wiener… Mando-pop may assault the ears in a typical KTV lounge… But for the other senses there is usually a most reassuring festival of delights… :-)

      • moop

        deflecting again. is that all you can do? its intellectually lazy

        • jin

          oh and this got nothing to do with your post OR THIS THREAD, but ill post it anyway, just like you.


        • El pedro negro

          Why are you trying to use “reason” with this “guy”? Don’t you have any experience in China whatsoever?

          • Capt. WED

            this site is so boring now. Jin is some German guy. Prollly Hongjian.

  • This proud dad “not recognising” his son is clearly a “figure of speech”. The lad is a spitting image of his father… Nice article…

    • Jahar

      They are all huge drama queens here. What do you expect? He’s not gonna just say, “Yeah, haven’t seen him in a long time. I miss him.” Booorrriiinnnngg. He’s gotta yell, or scream, or cry.

  • Marian Rosenberg

    It has nothing to do with him being an Olympian and everything to do with him being, for all intents and purposes, a migrant worker. How many moderately successful migrant workers whose parents live in parts of the countryside that are not easily accessible go home on a regular basis?

    If his winnings from 2009 were used to pay off the family’s debts, it’s obvious that he’s still in contact with his family. And judging by the “30 square meter” dwelling quote in the article, being in contact is more likely over the phone than it is video chat.

  • markus

    Q: What is the longest period of time you have gone without seeing your parents?

    A: I came to China in 2008 i had only just turnt 20 and im going back to the UK to see my family next month now 24.
    My mother twice said she would come to China but never came. i did go back to see my dad tho (my mum and dad divorced and my mother left for spain with a new man back in 2002/2003)


    ps: i hope the Kazakhstan / Chinese olympic gold winners story gets posted on here.
    i had a huge debate about it.

    i think that Chinese people tend to think that chinese ethnics who play for other countries should be claiming golds for China. My reply to those people is, does the USA/AUS/NZ/CANADA’S gold all count towards the UK? no and no one has ever thought of such a thing so why do Chinese people keep pointing out that a chinese person is playing for holland or whatever country.


    I love the olympics and was very pro China in 2008, 2012 i have mixed feelings of the good and bad but i’ve learnt that among country men the olympics just creats tention and doesnt bring us closer at all. the olympics drives countries apart and reading this story even familys within the same country. its sad and is it worth it?

    Im pretty sure even tho he was training the government could have allowed him to see his family.. this story doesnt really say much about why he hasnt seen his dad in so long. maybe he just didnt want to..

    • I arrived here in 2002. Before that, I was in Hawaii 5 years and my family all live in California. I have been home for 8 days when my Dad died in 2007. My daughter visited me that same year. Boohoo
      But with QQ and MSN, etc it’s easy to stay in touch. We’re close when we’re together but we don’t get all misty about being apart for years. Nothing dysfunctional about us, just we are all busy with our own lives. I know if I was in a jam they would pull out all the stops.

      • mr. wiener

        Yoh LW, how you been bro, long time no post.

        • linette

          hey mr. wiener. So much olympic drama. Which sport do you like the most? I like swimming.

          • I wish the Olympics were just one giant ice hockey brawl. It needs a lot more contact sports.

          • linette

            whiskersthecat…I forget where are you from. Are you canadian? You like ice hockey?

          • I’m American. Arkansas, to be exact. Yeah, I’m a fan of ice hockey. NCAA football is where it’s at, though.

          • fdsa

            Seriously shooting is an olympic sport but not MMA? What is more athletic MMA or target shooting? A lot of these Olympic sports are boring and does not really need any athletic ability. Shooting a target sure requires talent, but does not require high level athletic ability. Its sorta crazy that women boxing was just allowed in this year for the first time. honestly Olympics is great, but its overrated with the country concept when most of them are individual events. I can see team events, where it brings the country together, but individual events are really more done for themselves rather then country pride.

          • It does require athletic ability when it comes to being steady and breathing properly. Those rifles generally weigh around eight to ten pounds and are maybe two or three feet long (if they’re the same ones I used…7th out of 500 in the state of Texas some years back). Granted you’re not sprinting and doing cartwheels or whatever, but it definitely takes a lot of skill.

            I’d like to see objectively scored sports out of the Olympics. The showy shit…like the gymnastics one (not the ones based on athletic skill) and synchronized swimming, for example.

  • Sunshine

    This medalist producing factory is a little inhumane.

    • The Enlightened One

      Yeah, I agree.

      I hope when he is finished pumping out the gold medals he can spend some quality time with them.

      • Sunshine

        There was a story earlier, I forgot which athlete, regarding the thank you speech she gave after coming on top. She first thanked her parents, her coach, her friends, etc, but failed to mention the 领导s and the party, so she was told off by the 领导s and had to remake her speech.
        How much more twisted can you get?

        • The Enlightened One

          Well, she should be happy she wasn’t from North Korea.

          If she failed to thank the “Great Leader” first she would of been shot mid-speech by a poorly trained, under-fed sniper.

          • The Enlightened One

            Guy probably would of missed and took out the silver medalist by accident, that’s why you should feed your people!

          • Anon

            Your statement is grossly inaccurate and displays a deep-seated bias against North Korea stemming from your Cold War mentality. Its soldiers are the best-fed people in the country!

          • moop

            actually they’ve even had problems keeping the soldiers fed at times

          • hess

            “actually they’ve even had problems keeping the soldiers fed at times”
            Wich would be currently

          • The Enlightened One

            @Anon –

            Yeah that’s why they are like 4 foot nothing and most of the time look like they are swimming in their uniforms…. cause I am GROSSLY inaccurate.

            “Best fed people in the country!”

            I don’t doubt that… but that doesn’t mean they are fed well. They are just malnourished compared to outright starving lol.

  • ShanghaiSteve

    it’s nice to see that, despite the poverty, the father still dyes his hair.

    • Sunshine

      Haha.. some people just have very good kidneys and are able to keep their jet black hair late into their 50s.

      • lonetrey

        Either that, or he was paid to dye his hair the day before the interview, given a make over to make him presentable, who know?

      • Tengu

        Since when is there a corollary between gray hair and deficient kidneys…just asking…

        • Sunshine

          Just my TCM mentality. 肾虚=脱发, graying, etc

    • Sean


  • The Enlightened One

    I think this story was meant as a tear-jerker that backfired. By the comments the Chinese are unimpressed that they had to go through this at all considering this isn’t his first time winning.

    I don’t get it… Wasn’t he allowed to see his folks when he won in 2009?

    I couldn’t imagine winning the national games of my country and not seeing my parents in the stands or at least a day or so afterward. Man… this seems like hollow victories without your friends and family to share with.

    Welcome to the Gold Medal pumping machine.

    • Nobody from the UK’s Daily Mail or the BBC has asked whether he’s got hydraulic sinews provided by Komatsu, JCB or other heavy lifting machinery vendors in his arms… Maybe we should know…

    • tazz

      Gee, China bash much?

  • Shanghairen

    I used to be so sympathetic to Chinese people when I learned how they are treated by other Chinese people, but now I think I understand. If you try to do something nice for someone, they won’t respect it and it will never be rewarded. It’s like Machiavelli’s “better to be feared than loved” taken to the highest degree. If they had allowed this guy to see his family, would he have been as motivated to win the gold?

    Anyway, how did they keep him from sending a picture to a family member on qq or by email?

  • moop

    “What is the longest period of time you have gone without seeing your parents?”

    i’ve seen them once in the past 3 years and havent had a christmas with them in 5 years

    • Zappa Frank

      and how many gold medal in the while?

      • moop

        i’m not sure what you are trying to say

        • Zappa Frank

          no offensive intent i ensure.. wanted just be a joke.. not funny seems.

      • pada

        Hahaha! Zappa Frank you made my day. Its obviously the comedy gold which Chinasmack badly needs and which Moop can never enjoy. Hahaha!

      • 404 name not found

        i got it, i actually laughed :D

    • mr. wiener

      It was a pretty good zing, you could say moop was zappa’ed.
      Pada on the other hand can on sit and wistfully wish he’d thought that one up.

      • linette

        Moop, are you still on vacation?

        • moop

          i was on a business trip. back in beijing now

      • pada

        In fact I admire Moop’s honesty that “he’s seen his parents only once in the past 3 years and spent a Christmas with them in 5 years”. I think the one he hates to see is only his dad while having unspeakable reason and hidden pain for that. ;)

        Though rednecks only need to buy one Christmas gift for mom, sister, and girlfriend and his mom’ll have “ammo” on her Christmas list as last year, I hope Moop’ll bring them on this coming Xmas the very tree which was still up this May and tell them his new idea that mud rasslin’ should be an Olympic sport.

        • mr. wiener

          Hi Pada,
          I just thought I’d write you to tell how much you suck. You suck at everything and anything. Everywhere you go a dry coronal husk of suck follows your every movement. You sucked before you were born , you will suck your entire life and you will still suck when you are dead.
          Your suck will become the stuff of legends, urban myths and historical books. Future generations will be taught about the suck. It will still be here when the Earth is no more and when the last particle has decayed the suck will still exist , staining the fabric of space and time.

          There…I feel better now. Telling you that didn’t suck at all.

        • moop

          trolling again i see

  • David.is.Dawei

    Ni Hao,

    I have not spoken to or seen my Mother in 74 months and counting.

    I am grateful for the time I was given and the love I received. I was very lucky to have the parents I have.

    Thank You Mom (and Dad)!! Wo Ai Nimen – I Love You.


    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      At first I thought you might have been related to Richard North or even were him in disguise.

      However, the absence of you detailing the construction of your mothers vaginal folds and how it feels like an 18 year old inside even though she is 80, left me doubting that you were.

      Regardless how nice it is that you are a decent son and all round nice guy, I would ease up with the 40 year old virgin/Ned Flanders approach you have going on. Your posts are too hard to read without upchucking/reswallowing a little breakfast.

      • mr. wiener

        LOL! Could not have put it better myself.
        Although Dawei is a TV personality and it is hard to say how much of his persona is a construct…still I’ve been wanting to say that to him for a while. Sorry Dave , no offense Bro, I know you have a good thing going on:)
        Howdely doodely neighboroony.

        • Tengu

          He has “I’m world famous in Poland” syndrome. Even worse if he’s on TV and gleefully posts how he counts the months he hasn’t talked to his mother as they slip by.

          Somebody call the station and sell this pussy out.

    • donscarletti

      Unless your mother is dead, you’re a fucking shit son. Pick up the phone cock-smoker.

      And do your parents communicate in pinyin or something?

      • Tengu


        Ni hao, my ass.

        @Don Sc. – I was just wondering about that myself, he’s bragging it’s been almost 6 fucking years that he’s been ignoring her “and counting”, but he loves his mommy and daddy.

        My mother’s been dead for 36 years, she was young…so was I..

        Think of that you syrupy slug-head, call your mother while she’s still around.

        Your loving parents read ChinaSmack?

      • Jahar

        There’s an outside chance she’s dead, which would make this a really nasty comment. Lets hope she’s not. Also, I’m glad to hear in those 74 months he’s picked up enough chinese to show off.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    They took his kid and made him into *that* — an evil looking clown that doesn’t even have the grace to at least smile for the cameras while holding his freakin’ gold for the glory of the motherland. The middle picture says it all. That’s the ugly face of modern China: brutish, cruel, bombastic, shallow, and just plain ugly.

  • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

    I am hardly surprised by this.

    I have troubles telling them apart too.

    • fabi

      that’s a good one !

  • Xiongmao

    We’re are of course aware of all the problems with China’s olympic aspirations but there’s another part that annoys me to no end. I’ve followed the games fairly rigorously and the thing that stands out to me is with all the hardships, all the sacrifices and nothing but training at the loss of education: Someone wins a gold, a few interviews are done and then (apart from 2 or 3 high profile athletes) you never see these people on TV again. The “CHINA LOVES YOU -for about an hour and a half” must get old real, real quick for those poor guys.

    • 平凡人

      well said.

  • Yesyes

    The father didn’t recognize his son as his son has been on steroids for the past half dozen years.

    • smartcommnet

      better then you on crack

      • Yesyes

        “Little Weiner Little Weiner!!!! GODDAMNITLITTLE WEINER!!!”

        “Yes yes Big Pu” – Little Weiner exits the toilets pulling his gym shorts up, butt flagging stuck to his ass. He passes the sinks smelling the fingers on his left hand to see if they need a dribble of water. Has an obsequious smile on his face, half bows a few times to Big Pu as he nears him.

        Big Pu is standing naked in the locker room among a dozen other Chinese, some smoking, a few yelling conversations, a couple cursing on their cells, another spits a goober into the goober-coated-splattered garbage bin.

        “gODdaMnITLitTLeweiNER!!!!! yOutOldmETHiSMEDicINEIsTHEgOOdSTUFF!!!!”

        Little Weiner breaks a sweat as Big Pu has slipped into Cantonese which means he’s really pissed.

        “Yes yes Big Pu. The good stuff. See.” – Little Weiner takes the vile from Big Pu’s hand, shows him the writing which proves it’s the good stuff, the Chinglish goes overlooked. (Felpps Juce Makes Chimpion Chinese Swimmers – Knocked-of & Improvment & Distributed by Chineese Athletick Assoceeation – Maid in Baliteemor).

        “YoU tolD ME yOU BOUGhT IT FRom a fOREigNGhOsT IN THaT sTINkiNG fOREigN BAr whERE OUr cUNTRY’s woMEN FLoCK TO foR fOREigN cOCK!!!”

        “yES yES bIG pU!!!”

        “DON’t yES yES YeS bIG pU mE!!! tHiS FRIEND hErE SAy hIs uNcle SEllS sAMe sAMe” – Big Pu flashes in Little Weiner’s face another vile identical to what Little Weiner picked-up for Big Pu. Naked Chinese beside Big Pu smiles – somebody else is getting in shit, a type of entertainment.

        “You shot this performance enhancing medicine in my butt but I no perform swimmyswimmy any faster!!! It just makee my heart race and me sweat – stupid cunt!!!!”

        Their attention is caught by a couple of big buff burley Chinese guys (= regular foreign men) taking turns shooting performance enhancing drugs into each other’s butts.

        “Hey!!! You there!!!” Big Pu bellows. “You there! What you use? I want I want!” Big Pu’s very excited. Then he sees hanging in their lockers are the team jackets of the Chinese Olympic swim team. Sees one’s named Sun, the other Zhang. He gets extra excited and starts jumping up and down, his little weiner wiggles as he tries to get the attention of the big buff burley Chinese Olympic swimmers.

        “Little Weiner Little Weiner I have plan. You take these cigarettes and a few hundred RMB. Share the cigs with them. Light theirs up for them. Give them the money. Tell them we have girls too. Tell them they are clean girls, just come into the city from the countryside. Those two certainly have the good stuff. They can supply me! Me me me me! Now!! GO!! Come back with a result or it’s no fried dolphin and garlic for you tonight!!!!”

  • John

    Its sad to see sport become a political tool. Its sad to see people been hurt to gain what? … a gold plated piece of steel and 5 minutes of glory. It sad people have to give up so much just to be a statistical number.
    This is called the Olympic Games …. you know the meaning of a “Game”
    Please let this be over fast so the madness stops

  • Chris

    I love the fact that while crying about filial piety, they ignore the elephant in the room: because of the lack of such an outdated concept, he was able to do something amazing.

  • smartcommnet

    commenter here are full of shit, has recognition is to move ahead in life, olympic will be his and his family stepping stone for a better live not all chinese are fortunate as you sitting on your fat ass in front of computer making dumb commment.

    He be the luckies man in the world, who said? he said! of course no one give a damn shit what you thing, save it for your fat ass son

    • The Enlightened One

      “Commenter here are full of shit”


      Yes, you certainly are.

    • Xiongmao

      LMAO, what kind of ‘better life for him and his family’ are you talking about? Even IF he’s one of the 1 percent who scarfice like this AND make it, his gold is already forgotten and he’s not going to be rich or famous or whatever it is you’re implying. 20 seconds ago I asked my Chinese wife (who actually follows sports) how many Chinese gold medal winners she could mention from the 2008 games. The tally was 3 and she even got Liu Xiang wrong. That’s exactly how much it ACTUALLY means to the Chinese people. The golds are nice, the people who earn them are basically expendable.

      • Tengu

        Maybe he’ll get an advertising endorsement for exploding watermelons, glowing meat, slop oil, pork that tastes like beef or melamine laced milk powder…the new face of food in China!

        KLM is buying up all the slop oil, they could use him.

  • kodi

    Poor kid giving national pride and glory to a country far too ungrateful for his sacrifice….. His parents don’t recognize him, he has not been home in six years, and they still live in a 30 square meter place in Xiamen? Seems he should have advertising deals with apparel giants, and he and his family should be treated as national heros for his role in promoting party propaganda.

  • Rod

    I don’t understand how not going home for 6.5 years is not his choice? You’re telling me he couldn’t take 2 week out of his training schedule over the course of that time to go home for Chinese new year?

  • elizabeth

    He just happens to be a poor kid who made sacrifices to pay off his family’s debts and take care of them financially with the medal he won. Don’t think he would do that if he wasn’t filial but it was more of the training and regimented system that prevented the family from meeting.

    Not everyone is mollycoddled with home-cooked meals and Christmas presents or have family support close by as they take on the harsh and brutal world.

    • Carlito Johnny Briganti

      still no excuse, the chinese always talk about family values, what a pathetic family, son and regimented system. Living in China has really opened my mind and brought much appreciation to my motherland. Thank god, that I have finally given up with china and it’s really time to go home.

      • elizabeth

        You are speaking as one fortunate enough to be a foreigner, who is able to get out of the system you dislike as and when you fancy.

        Easy for you to judge based on your favorable personal circumstances.

        • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

          I tried hugging a few trees in China too.

          I ended up all dusty.

          • elizabeth

            Poor thing. Get yourself a bolster or see a shrink.

      • Rod

        It’s funny, I came to the same conclusion. I don’t know where you’re from, but for me, living in China has made me realize a lot about my national identity and even about my family values, albeit, by negative examples.

  • Dr SUN

    Once China gives up ripping children from their parents at 6 year old’s and gets over it’s victim mentality, which is making it copy the old Soviet block training mentality. China will in a few years will be as good as Russia is now in the olympics.


  • 平凡人

    What’s the point of winning so many medals when the process of getting it is so inhuman? Unfortunately, still not the most. Everything is “face”, I do not think there is another country that would go to such extreme in order to win more medals. There is nothing really to be pround of as the way of doing it is so cruel and inhuman.

  • bigwin80

    Chinese people suck at sports. They only win gold medals due to their authoritarian state sponsored sports program. Pretty much any country with a few million people can win gold medals if they kidnapped a bunch of gifted 6 year old and train them their whole lives.

    Just look at Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore if you want to see how China would do if they got rid of their third world soviet era sports program.

    • linette


      hahaha…you are crazy.

      Country with few millions training talented 6 yr old days and nights sound like olympian training around the world.

      • hess

        “days and nights sound like olympian training around the world.”
        Or not.

      • Dr SUN

        hahaha…you are crazy.

        Country with few millions training talented 6 yr old days and nights sound like olympian training around the “COMMUNIST” world.

        just thought I’d correct that for you linette

        • linette

          China no doubt train their athletes very hard. But the gymnasts in other countries like Russia or USA or just any country; some of them have private coach and they train hard too. Some of them have to do home school. They wake up 5am in the morning and train every day. Strict diet. It’s not like they only train in the winter or summer. No olympian no matter how talented they are can get away from hard training.

          but China tops when comes to intensively training their athletes. They train them hard.

      • Germandude

        Hm, linette. Last time I checked some reports about the German Olympics team, most of the sportsmen/women are still working regular jobs because they don’t get much money (if any) for them swimming, playing table tennis, riding a bike etc. pp. Winning the gold medal for the German team gives you EUR 15,000, silver EUR 10,000, bronze EUR 5,000. Every 4 years, sportsmen/women can get this bonus. During the 4 years without the Olympics, not much can be won in tournament.

        Outside of the disciplines, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Running (100m), there is not much to earn. Except of course you are starting for a country which is willing to pay for you winning gold to increase their cock-length, or you are forced to in some other countries.

        • linette


          I don’t believe countries like Germany and USA don’t pay their olympic medalists well. What about endorsements and commercials? These medalists get paid millions after they became medalists. China medalists like guojing jing and Liu Xiang they have million dollars endorsement. Yao ming has his own team. dai fei fei is a model. Sun Yang will be like another multi millions star.

          In these countries, winning medals means big money from endorsement.

          • Germandude


            In Europe, it’s soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer and when the leagues are on holidays, there might be something else. Tour De France maybe. Participants at the Tour De France might find enough sponsors to make a living out of their sports.
            If a German tennis star is good, he will make the money outside of Germany. If a German basketballer is good, he will go to the US. Believe it or not, Nowitzki was a totally unknown guy in Germany, until he won the NBA once and carried the German flag on the Beijing Olympics. Those 2 dates were his 5 minutes of fame in Germany.

            Why would a German gold winning horse riding guy get huge endorsements? Why would he get millions for winning a trophy? Why would he earn much money through doing TV adverts? In fact, they won’t even get recognized. They are not on the first page. Soccer is. And rightfully so ;-)

          • Beijinger


            You are talking about if and when they become medalists. For those who haven’t earned one and don’t have a sponsor, they often have to work to support their training. In the US it is the same as well. A gold medalist in the United States only gets $25,000 in prize money, though will often get sponsorships, etc. that pay much more.

            The system here in China is unlike anything compared to what I experienced training for tennis back in the States. It’s pretty sad actually, especially considering that the majority don’t make it.

          • bigwin80

            Like I stated earlier, Chinese people are genetically inferior when it comes to sports. They only win gold medals due to their state sponsored sports program. China is what you get when a nation takes sporting way way too seriously.

            Olympians outside of China are normal people. They have to focus on getting part time jobs, going to school, studying for exams, playing with friends, hobbies, dating, learning to drive, living at home with parents etc. They can be unmotivated and refuse to train. They might get injured and unable to afford expensive surgery. These athletes usually do not have state of the art training facilities, nutritionists and training methods.

            Chinese athletes on the other hand are kidnapped as children and trained their entire lives at state of the art sports camps. Many do not see their parents for years. They have unlimited funding due to government sponsorship and the latest in medical science backing them up.

            This is why China wins so many medals. If China were to revert to a normal sports program like the rest of the world, you would end up with Taiwan(1 silver medal thus far). Typical chinaman is a weakling.

          • mr. wiener

            “Like I stated earlier, Chinese people are genetically inferior when it comes to sports. They only win gold medals due to their state sponsored sports program.”
            Not all sports mate. They clean up at gymnastics and have a long tradition of doing it. I don’t like their chances at rugby, but I’d hate to have to face a Chinese guy down on the parallel bars.

          • I bet they’d do well in demolition derbies, if they can get their mitts on an old American muscle car.

          • mr. wiener

            Or if we could have some kind of sport involving Que cutting or spitting [judged on aim, speed, accuracy and of course noise volume]
            The Taiwanese on the other hand would clean up at the 50 meter dash in flip flops carrying an overflowing bag of garbage and tossing it into the back of a moving garbage truck. Some of those old ladies have extraordinary aim.

          • Chinese would win the 400 meter relay if they just had someone running in front of them with a tour guide flag and the finish line looked like a luxury goods store.

          • linette


            You are a typical example of why Chinese people or Asian people hate foreigners. Your superior complex disorder is like a sick man still living in your cave. Sports that requires being strong and big and physically fast like running, tennis, volleyball..etc; most likely the black people will sweep all the medals. Sports that requires thinking, flexibility, smaller body weight like gymnastic, diving, chess, figure skating…etc. The Chinese or Asian will sweep away all the medals.

            Even Michael Phelps who is so physically small compare to those big swimmers can sweep away all the medals because he can glide through the water with good techniques with less friction.

          • linette


            hahaha…it’s true.. Or on sale. Like louis vuitton bags or Iphones. We will win. lol.

          • linette

            mr. wiener

            hahah…I saw that too. HOw come those garbage trucks don’t stop? Those Taiwan old women are like chasing them down to throw their garbage bags. So crazy. lol….

          • bigwin80

            You mad linette?

            Truth hurts huh? Taiwan winning one silver medal this Olympics is apparently a huge achievement. Australia has a similiar population size to Taiwan. They currently have 2 golds, 12 silvers and 8 bronze.

    • Dr SUN

      If Kungfu (wushu) was a Olympic sport (which it should be ) as judo and boxing are they would be kicking big and heavy western asses big time.

      just saying

      • bigwin80

        Kung Fu doesn’t work. Just look at the UFC. The best asian fighters are Korean, Japanese or Filipino. No Chinese.

        Kung Fu masters fighting each other to the death

  • Weightlifting? That’s cool. How quaint. How…earthly.
    US got the gold on landing shit on Mars.

  • ChinaMan

    All of you dont know shit about China and the hardship some of these villagers have to see through.
    You have no idea what China is about until you come live here and be part of the society.
    So save your moral highground and superiority complex.