Father Sacrifices Self To Save Son As Truck Goes Over Edge

Father Sacrifices Self To Save Son As Truck Goes Over Edge

Father Sacrifices Self To Save Son As Truck Goes Over EdgeA considerate father sacrificed himself to save his son by pushing him out of his farm truck just before it plummeted down a mountainside. 39-year-old Mr. Fu was driving up a mountain in Wuxi with his 16-year-old son when the vehicle lost control. Fu was crushed by the truck’s cabin which became wedged halfway down the 100m precipice, with firefighters requiring hydraulic equipment to free his body. Fu’s decisive action resulted in his son surviving with just minor skin grazes. Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the accident. One netizen said Fu’s innate reaction showed his love for the boy.


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  • Jahar

    Nice that he saved his kid, but he didn’t sacrifice himself, he just died.

    • Alex Dương

      If they couldn’t both live, then it was a sacrifice.

      • Jahar

        If it wasn’t possible for him to survive, then what exactly did he sacrifice?

        • donscarletti

          He guaranteed his son’s survival rather than trying to save himself, hence the sacrifice.

          Whether they could have both survived with more heavy injuries if they had both tried to get out together, or whether he himself could have pushed out and left his son to his fate, we will never know. In the heat of the moment it would be even less clear who could be saved.

          I think he sacrificed himself quite heroically, and at only 39 with a young family its even more tragic.

          • Jahar

            Yet if there was no chance of him saving himself, there was no sacrifice.

          • Elizabeth B

            He could’ve jumped out of the truck with quick reaction time. Instead, he used that energy to push his son out.

          • Jahar

            Could he have? You were there? why couldn’t he have done both? You don’t know any of this, you are speculating.