Father Who Beat and Threw Daughter Out of Taxi is Run Over

Xiaoya, the 3-year-old Chinese girl whose father suddenly began beating her inside a taxi and then tossed her out of the taxi through a broken window.

Xiaoya, the 3-year-old Chinese girl whose father suddenly began beating her inside a taxi and then tossed her out of the taxi through a broken window.

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3-Year-Old Girl Beaten By Father and Thrown Out of Car, Father Dies in Car Accident Soon Afterwards

Summary: March 12th, Gan X took a taxi with his daughter to go see her mother. On the car, he suddenly began viciously beating her, and after smashing the window, he threw her out. After the taxi stopped and Gan got off the car and left, he was hit and ran over by a passing truck, and died immediately. At present, the child’s condition is stable, and her life is in no danger. The case is currently under further investigation.

According to family members, the girl was with her father that day going to see her mother, and the mother has yet to make an appearance after the incident

It’s said that even a tiger will not eat its own cubs, but two nights ago, while on a moving taxi, a man began beating his own 3-year-old daughter before then throwing her out of the car. Afterward, something even more unimaginable happened. After the man got out of the car and left, he was hit and ran over by a passing cargo truck, dying on the scene. At present, the child’s condition is stable, and is currently not in any danger. The case is currently under further investigation.

A Strange Incident

Domestic violence followed by a life lost underneath a truck wheel

At around 10pm on March 12th, staff on duty at the Zhangzhou 120 [emergency services] dispatch center received different reports for the same location, one of a car accident and one of a case of domestic violence. Two ambulances were dispatched in response.

10 minutes later, both ambulances arrived in front of the Longhai city, Jiuhu town, Baihua village Flower Market. The ambulance that arrived at the Flower Market handled the incident of domestic violence, where a little girl was violently beaten and then thrown out of a moving taxi by her father, her body covered with injuries. Not far on the other side of the road, an over 20-meter long cargo truck had its emergency blinkers on parked beside the flowerbed, with the headless corpse of a man lying beneath the truck’s rear wheels, the head one meter away from the corpse, and the scene being one of extreme bloodiness. The locations of the two incidents were extremely close, striking the emergency personnel that arrived on the scene as being particularly peculiar.

Taxi Driver’s Recollection

Man beat young girl while on the car and then threw her out

According to Mr. Chen, the taxi driver who carried the father-daughter pair, he picked up the man and his daughter at around 9pm that night at Pinghe Xiaoxi Town. “Because the father had no money with him at the time, he had me to take them to a relative’s house in Longhai Dongyuan town, so he could get money for the cab fare.” Chen said the child was quite well-behaved all along the way, without crying or making a fuss.

“Just as we were about to reach downtown Zhangzhou, the man suddenly started beating the child, then picked up an unopened bottle of red wine and smashed open the taxi’s rear-left window. Just as I was about to pull over and before the car had stopped, he picked up his daughter and tossed her out of the broken window,” Mr. Chen recalled. After the car had stopped, the child’s father crawled out of the car through the broken window, and went over to the child. “He picked the kid up and dropped/thew her onto the ground two times in a row, and then headed across the road.”

Mr. Chen hastily carried the child onto the side of the road and called the police. As for where the child’s father then went, he says he himself didn’t know.

When Jiuhu police arrived, the child was still conscious, and told the police her name and her father’s mobile phone number. However, when the police dialed the child’s father’s number, the mobile phone was off.

Graphic depicting sequence of events where a father threw his 3-year-old daughter out of a moving taxi before crossing the street and being hit by a passing cargo truck.

Family Identification:

Headless man in car accident is indeed the girl’s father

After the traffic accident, the truck driver immediately called the police, and after Jiuhe traffic police received the report at around 9:40pm that night, they quickly arrived at the scene. The police said that according to [another] taxi driver, as he was driving past the Flower Market, a person suddenly jumped out of flowerbed in the center of the street. Unable to avoid him, the car directly hit him.

As it is understood, the driver responsible is surnamed Yao, from Henan, and currently has been detained by police. The Chief Officer of the Transportation Administration department of Longhai Traffic Administration of Public Security stated that the identity of the deceased man has been verified and the accident is still under investigation.

Dongyuan resident Mr. Gan is the relative that the child’s father had gone to see that night, and is the child’s great uncle. He says: “That night after 9pm, I received a call from my nephew, saying that his mobile phone account is out of money, and that he was calling with the taxi driver’s cell phone. He said he was on his way from Pinghe to Dongyuan town with his kid, but he did not have money on him, and wanted me to help him pay the cab fare.”

At 10:22pm that night, Mr. Gan received a call from the police, saying the child had been abandoned by the roadside by her father. Shortly afterwards, police called yet again saying his nephew had been hit and killed by a car, with the body being kept at the Longhai Morgue. Yesterday, Mr. Gan arrived at the Longhai Morgue to identify the body, confirming that the deceased was the child’s father.

■ Hospital Visit:

Child’s condition is stable

Cries upon hearing the word “daddy”

At past 11pm that night, this reporter arrived at Zhangzhou City Hospital of Chinese Medicine, and saw the injured little girl in the emergency room. As it is understood, the little girl is called Xiaoya (pseudonym), and is 3 years old this year. According to the emergency room doctor on duty, Xiaoya’s skull is fractured underneath her forehead with multiple scratches on her face, is not in any life-threatening condition but needs to remain in the hospital for observation.

On the hospital bed, Xiaoya has her eyes closed, with tears seeping out of the corner of her eyes. When she hears a noise, she immediately opens her eyes. Just hearing the word “daddy” causes her to start bawling, simultaneously crying and saying: “Daddy hit me, daddy pushed me out of the car, I want grandpa and grandma.”

■ Family Statements:

Child’s parents are divorced

What happened that day is not yet clear

Yesterday morning at 1am, over 10 of Xiaoya’s family members rushed to hospital from Longhai and Xiamen.

According to Xiaoya’s family, the child’s father Gan X was 29 years old, a native of Longhai Dongyuan town, and resided in Xiamen. The child’s parents divorced just months after the child’s birth, with Xiaoya’s father gaining custody. From that point on, Xiaoya rarely saw her mother.

Xiaoya’s grandmother says the child’s mother had previously called saying it had been a long time since she’s seen her child and wanted to see her. So at around 8am the day before yesterday, her son took her granddaughter to Pinghe to see the child’s mother. As for what happened after the two left, she doesn’t know. It wasn’t until that night after 10pm did they receive news of their son’s car accident death and granddaughter being hospitalized. The son’s posthumous affairs were all handled by other relatives on their behalf and they can only now focus on taking care of their young granddaughter.

“On the day of the accident, whether the child’s dad saw his ex-wife and whether or not there was a fight, I also don’t know,” said Xiao Ya’s great uncle Mr. Gan. After the incident, they notified Xiaoya’s mom, but she has thus far not made an appearance.

Comments from NetEase:

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Karmic retribution!!!

全民公投一人一票 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

Poor kid, hope you’ll be adopted by Americans, and get a better life.

hotman0000 [网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友]: (responding to above)

The key is that you descendents of the stupid cunts in the past are once again repeating the slogans and stupid cunt behaviors of your stupid cunt ancestors, except with a foreign master now, though just as mentally retarded as your Red Guard ancestors in the past, and still obstinately refusing to admit it. Looks like you all have truly devolved, with the footsteps of humanity’s evolution being turned back by you guys here…

国际互联网是最伟大发明 [网易美国网友]: (responding to above)

In America, not just anyone can adopt children, you need to have good education and financial situation, and go through two to three years of investigation of criminal records and drug use history. Indeed there have been a few bad examples, but from 1975 till now, the number of children Americans have adopted from around the world each year has averaged 130,000, with the vast majority being adopted away from war, famine, abuse, and discrimination, giving them a life of abundance and permanent residency here. In America, the big news stories are about adults treating children poorly [news of adults abusing children are rare], but in China?

西门子5毛粉碎机 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

No matter what kind of dispute this man had with his ex-wife, he shouldn’t have taken it out on a child. A person should have limits!

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When the heavens want you to die, it’ll first make you mad/crazy.

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Karmic retributions in 2013 are coming faster than they have in the past.

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Karma! After such a huge thing, the mother doesn’t even have any reaction? What the hell is she? So irresponsible! If she doesn’t raise the child, she’s worthless! Those who agree, ding this up, so she sees it!

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That’s what he gets, how could he treat his kid like that? My ex-wife left when my son was 9 months old, and now my son is already seven years old, living with me along, and we’re doing quite well. What more, in the past six years, I even passed the judicial exam, and am now a lawyer.

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Poor men are destined to be abandoned by their wives. This society is brutally practical.

网易河北省邯郸市网友 [ken3767]:

Her father knew he was going to kill himself, but didn’t want his kid to see him die, and also didn’t want his kid to miss him, so he beat her up, made the kid hate him, and then went on to die alone. Of the two narratives, which one do you prefer?

网易天津市武清区网友(125.36.*.*): (responding to above)

The best gift parents can give their child is love, so the imaginary narrative does not make any sense. Even if you know you are going to leave, you still tell your child: “I love you.”

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The daughter kept crying about finding her mommy, but when she was taken to her mother’s, the mother refused to open the door… If I’m gone [dead], then you’ll open the door!

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Every person has their own sorrow and bitterness! Being disappointed is not frightening, what is frightening is the insanity that comes after the disappointment! Although you’ve paid with your 29 years of life, I still despise you! You don’t deserve to be a father, or even human!


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