Feet-Warming Dispute By Students Involves Police

A pair of feet in bed.

From NetEase:

Female University Student Dials 110 Calling Police Complaining Boyfriend Not Willing To Warm Her Feet

Summary: A pair of university student lovers cohabitating in a rented apartment next to Ningbo University, the girl calls 110 [the emergency police number] for the police because her boyfriend is unwilling to warm her feet, dumbfounding the arriving civil police officer.

“Uncle Police [a literal translation of the way police officers are addressed in China, almost exclusively by teenagers] I have had enough of this. How could anyone’s girlfriend be so unreasonable! You better come over and handle [this situation] immediately.”

“Uncle Police, hurry and come see for yourself. How can there still be such a person in the world who does not care for his girlfriend?”

At 2:00am at night, Yongjiang Police Station’s [in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province] on-duty civil police officer Yong Deng picked up these two baffling emergency calls. And how it would eventually be resolved made him wonder whether to laugh or cry.

Following the address given by the caller, Young Deng immediately arrived at the scene—-a rented apartment next to Ningbo University.

A boy and a girl, wearing their pajamas, seemingly students. The two would not speak to each other, seemingly brewing their anger.

At the sight of the policeman, the girl couldn’t wait to make her complaint: “Uncle Police, have you ever seen a boyfriend like this? He doesn’t care about me at all. It’s such a freezing night and he wouldn’t even warm my feet for me.”

Seeing it his girlfriend complaining first, the boy became angry and retorted: “Uncle Police, have you ever seen such a girlfriend? Sleeping at night, she insists on putting her two ice-cold feet on my stomach. So uncomfortable, my stomach is almost cramping. I ask her to put them down and she said “just a while”. I let her. 10 minutes pass but she still would not take them off, shamelessly saying  that putting it like this feels really comfortable.” The boy complained that with her girlfriend resting her feet on his belly, the pressure makes it hard for him to even breath.

You will not let me [rest feet on belly], I will also not let you [sleep], just like this, at 2am at night, a pair of college student lovers made a big fuss over sleeping positions. After feeling wronged, the two of them called the police, determined to have the civil police come handle things.

“You, just let your girlfriend have her way sometimes. It is cold, helping her snuggle/warm her feet is expected, ” civil police officer Young Deng first tried to persuade the boy. Immediately, he also did “ideological work” on the girl. “And you, you should be more considerate to your boyfriend. Carrying two feet on the belly is indeed pretty heavy. My old lady also does this all the time, making me exercise my abdominal muscles every day.” Young Deng intentionally made a well-intentioned small lie, and after  the girl heard it and laughed, her anger immediately lessened a great deal. After the mediation, the two lovers both realized their behavior was too irrational, and one after another apologized to each other.

“Uncle Police, when you have time, come and visit!” [the lovers said] as Young Deng walked out of the apartment, almost fainting.

Comments from NetEase:

If he doesn’t let you [lay your feet], you can refuse to let him [have sex with you]. See who is afraid of who.

You fucking rest the entire weight of your body on her and she does not complain, but when two feet are placed upon your body for a while, you whine this much?

Full, must have eaten too much, what the fuck is this? News?”

Fuck! There are still people like these in the world. Live and learn. In a forest, there really are all kinds of birds.

Why didn’t they call the Dean to go handle it?

My dog just had babies! Hurry and get a reporter to come interview!! [the commenter used the word 妓者, “ji zhe,” which is a pun for “reporter” but uses the character for “hooker”]

This kind of university students are too bored/have nothing better to do, not married but sleeping together. Where have Chinese people’s self-respect and self-dignity gone? Unable to resolve even small things, can they be China’s pillars [of society] after graduation? Can they be the human talent of China?

These are China’s current mentally retarded university students.

They dragged my alma mater into it. Check if they are really from our school and if they are not, do not say our school – – Ningbo University. Outsiders do not know, they might think they are Ningbo University students, making us Ningbo alumni lose face.

There are too many co-habitating college students these days to count. Having grown up in this kind of environment since I was small, I have become used to it.

Hopeless, even more hopeless than me.

I strongly demand these bored and lousy couple be human flesh searched!

Wasting public resources, this should be fined! Such a lack of civic-mindedness.

A bunch of geniuses.

My wallet is stolen while I was asleep and the JC do not want to bother but this kind of thing the JC will go deal with?

Obviously illegal cohabitation, they were committing a crime, so why did the JC not arrest them???

It is not against the law, only that you will not have legal protections [of a married couple].

Two pieces of rubbish! If I knew what you look like, I would kill both of you.
Seriously have nothing better to do, wasting the country’s resources.

I’m not against co-habitation before marriage, but these two people should be taken care of/dealt with.

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