Female Diaosi Fights Goddess – Part 1

Female Diaosi despises Goddess

Inception 01
Look at my new hair style. How is it?
Inception 02
The bang looks fine.
Inception 03

From Sina Weibo:

#屌丝对话体# = #Diaosi Dialogue#

Diaosi Dialogue becomes bamous on internet, hilarious facial expressions and dry humor amuse netizens

Recently, a series of photos labeled “Female Diaosi Dialogue” went viral on the internet. In the photo series, two girls used the same set of three photos captioned with different dry humor-style dialogue. The content is comical, the facial expressions well done, making netizens scream they “could lose it at any time” [internet celebrity “Writer Cui Chenghao” aka “Pyongyang Cui Chenghao” @作家崔成浩‘s famous pet phrase]! Afterward, there were also various “Male Diaosi” versions that came out, with many netizens also creating other different “Diaosi Dialogues”, summing up that “the most important thing is that the expression in the final panel must be perfect”! Actually, the idea for these comics all originated from parodies of Leonardo DiCaprio’s facial expressions in the movie Inception. Youngster, come make your own Diaosi Dialogues!

The term “youngster” (alternatively “youth” or “teenager”) has come into use lately as a result of the popularity of Ang Lee‘s latest movie Life of Pi, whose Chinese title was translated as 少年派的奇幻漂流, literally “Youngster Pi’s Fantastic Drifting Adventure”.

The following “Diaosi Dialogues” were authored by Chinese netizens @最烁烁烁烁琰 and @嘿_叫我诚诚老师

Female Diaosi fights Goddess 01
“Use three words to describe my appearance.”
Female Diaosi fights Goddess 02
“So scary that I wet my pants.”
Female Diaosi despises Goddess

Female Diaosi fights Goddess 03
“Do you know why the teacher always calls my dad?”
Female Diaosi fights Goddess 04
“The teacher wants to pursue your dad.”
Female Diaosi despises Goddess

Female Diaosi fights Goddess 05
“Please use seven words to describe Harry Potter.”
Female Diaosi fights Goddess 06
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”
Female Diaosi despises Goddess

[Note: If the above doesn’t immediately make sense, please refer to the joke involving a grandfather and grandson in a previous jokes post.]

Female Diaosi fightes Goddess 07
“Suddenly felt an impulse to study. What should I do?”
Female Diaosi fights Goddess 08
“Don’t panic. Drink some water, lie down, take a rest, and you’ll be fine in a minute.”
Female Diaosi despises Goddess

Female Diaosi fighte Goddess 09
“What’s your attitude towards love?”
Female Diaosi fights Goddess 10
“First get on the bus, then buy the ticket.”
Female Diaosi despises Goddess

[Note: The reply suggests first having sex before committing to a romantic relationship.]

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

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  • Alex

    Yet more thumbwhores.

    Anyways, if the speaker A is on the left on the first picture, she should still be on the left side when showing the speaker B and not just putting all speakers at the left of the frame, ffs.

  • larry

    Not funny

  • Choonage

    Rehash of the Steve Jobs Bill Gates meme

  • MrT

    Downhill on a toboggan

  • Super Bunny

    once i saw a big enamel bowl in classroom, so i stick it on the black board, wrote:we do not live for a bowl of rice down it. latter the teacher came and saw it, he walked to me then asked who did it,what kinda art this is? i did not answer.then he took it away said, come to talk to me to get it back.

    who cares, it’s not my bowl.hahahaha!

    once again i asked another girl call 114,it’s for fixed phone problems. then told the service centre our phone got broken need to repair then told them another number.the reason i told her to say was phone leak…after finished we all laughed to death on bed. but the drama just began, after 5 mins, a woman called back, shouting at us: who said our manger’s phone leak?are u sick?bitch! then we cut it out.

    and….after 2 mins, this time,,,a group of women called and shouted at us: which bitch did it?i said it’s public phone then cut it off….
    and it’s not finished yet…
    the phone center cut off out phone for next 3 days….

    • fish

      did not understand this AT ALL

    • linette lee


      This is funny. Jurassic prank. T rex run loose in the city.

      • MrT

        can you get Youku in Honk Bong?

    • mr.wiener

      hmmm. some things just don’t translate well. Don’t worry about it, I promise not to try to explain to you the “Cheese shop ” sketch from Monty Python, apparently Germans don’t get it either.

      • Germandude

        True. Monty Python is very strange. I would say that Germans either hate it, or they love it.

        Unfortunately, I belong to the group that can’t really sympathize with British humor.

        I love comedy though. Check this guy out, can find a lot of stuff of him on baidu. Especially great is the episode where he makes fun of Asians (he’s Canadian-Indian)


        • vincent

          I don’t know who the hell down-voted you but he/she must be retarded, Russel Peters is one funny mofo.

          • Germandude

            Well, Monty Python has 2 problems:

            – Watch it in English and it’s not that funny for Germans as we laugh for different things.
            – Watch the German translated version and the jokes are different.

            And Russel Peters is awesome. One of the interviews he gave was pretty interesting. He said that if he was a white guy making these jokes, he would be called a racist making fun of stereotypes. Since he has Asian background himself, people actually think it’s funny.
            Very interesting.

    • MrT

      that was like being in the same room as you.

      • Germandude

        Na, would you laugh then?

        • MrT

          just the usual not surprised look.

  • Gerhana

    keep up the good work

  • Hardy har har

    • Super Bunny

      you look like my ex.
      hmm, i noticed that early.

      • I’m honored? Not really sure how to respond to that.

        • Super Bunny

          are you in sh ?
          maybe we can try to have some fun together…..

          • I do enjoy an invigorating game of Badminton from time to time, but my current situation has me in Shanghai’s polar rival to the north.

          • Super Bunny

            what do you mean?
            why i can not understand even a bit besides the first sentence????

  • Slob

    This meme has been around for years, I think they’re called verticals.They’re done poorly here though.

  • _theArchie_

    China Smack is S-T-ruggling these days. What’s with that?!

    • It’s not their fault if Chinese humor isn’t funny…

      • Germandude

        Yeah, but it’s a fault to even further distribute jokes that aren’t funny, while there are many interesting discussions going on at the moment.

        • MrT

          Here, meanwhile over the Beijing Cream

  • ThePlacer

    Shit’s ancient in Japan and old as frak in the West. I bet them Chins swear they came up with it.

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  • ramennoodles

    Can we have more news articles please

    • Justin

      For those interested in news, I suggest reading…the news. This is Chinasmack. It’s about what is popular on the Chinese Internet. It might be shocking to you all that things Chinese people find interesting and things that foreigners find interesting are often not the same. If you want some translations of actual news articles, go to China Media Project


  • PixelPulse

    Dry humor indeed.

  • Daniel Tynan

    There must be a lot happening on the political front in China right now. . Because usually when there is a lot happening is when we get these inane posts on Chinasmack. Hey speaking of internet “meme”‘s . . my city created a meme today: google “IKEA monkey”.

  • Roihu

    Part 2?

    Have we been bad as a reading community or are you just a sadistic person?

    • Germandude

      Look at the bright side. Part 2 can only be better.

  • Nilerafter24

    seriously, these memes are horrible. The humor is worse (maybe the translation loses the humor).
    All these three-pane, four-pane emotion memes featuring normal people are all stupid.
    It only reflects how much attention these people crave on the internet.(reddit,9gag,4chan attention whores)
    The Dicaprio inception memes are funny because their facial expressions are taken out of context from the movie in which they originally featured.

    • I think the Chongqing sex video is hilarious. In a “Joey Buttafuoco” kind of way.

      • Nilerafter24

        okay, yes that one was funny.

  • Alex

    love them

  • Seriously ??? Are these supposed to be FUNNY !? Am I missing something ??
    Is there no worthy news in a country of over a BILLION people??

  • Undernode

    I thought they were funny… maybe I’m too Chinese?

  • Paneraman

    it was so funny no one laughed.

  • geoff dolan

    what a huge steaming pile of shit, served with flies…