Female Student Picked Up By Helicopter At Dezhou University

A red helicopter lands on the sports field at Dezhou University in Shandong, to pick up a single female university student.

Students at Dezhou University in Shandong gather around a red helicopter that has landed on the sports field of their campus.

The following video quickly became viral on the Chinese internet. For example, one copy on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku accumulated over 1.1 million views, 3300 comments over 111 pages, and 25k downvotes 12 hours after it was uploaded earlier today. An older copy uploaded over 2 days earlier can be found on another Chinese video sharing website Ku6, but that copy only has ~55k views.

The title of the video uploaded on Ku6 is “Wealthy second-generation flies aircraft to pick up girlfriend, stuns students“. “Wealthy second-generation” or “rich second-generation” refers to Chinese youth who are the children of rich parents.

On Youku:

Man lands helicopter on campus to pick up female student

March 19th around 3:40pm, a red helicopter landed at the sports field at Dezhou University campus and after a female student boarded, the helicopter slowly rose and flew away. Many university students at the sports field all witnessed this scene at the time, with many of them using their mobile phones to capture it on video.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from NetEase:


[The helicopter] came to pick up cunt, fuck.


Qilu Television Channel [aka Shandong Television] helicopter, this is a company expense.


The character of Chinese students…!!!


With the country now preparing to open up all airspace 1000 meters and below, in accordance with the progress of society, there will be more and more private aircraft, the number of people using small aircraft will also increase, and when that happens, everyone will think this is no big deal!


I bet this aircraft isn’t even as expensive as a Ferrari F430…


As long as the money was legitimately earned, not wealth that was obtained through corruption and breaking the law and rules, however one wants to legitimately spend their money is their individual freedom/choice!


Putting aside what wealthy second-generation youth are doing flying aircraft, the person who filmed this has a mouthful of dirty language. If you are a university student, you’re really an embarrassment to university students, an embarrassment to university education, an embarrassment to China’s education system, and an embarrassment to your parents. Has all China’s education system produced is a university student with a mouthful of dirty language?


Some support for the human flesh search, everyone do their best to find out who this girl is…


SB video taker. Lying to get clicks~~~ [Probably referring to titling the video as suggesting this is the action of a wealthy second generation.]


You are not a wealthy second-generation so you hate the wealthy second generation. You are not a star so you say say stars depend on hidden/unspoken rules to become famous [i.e. sleeping around, connections]. I believe mentality is very important.


You guys know what this is about, sex in the air, a good idea, I ding!


Whoever now drives a Ferrari to pick up their girlfriend will be embarrassed [feel inadequate]…
[He] learned a lesson from Li Gang‘s son, this way no one will be hit…


That looks like the Shandong Television Channel logo on it, private aircraft can’t be flown so freely like this, our country’s low-altitude air traffic control hasn’t yet opened up.


Just look at the run-down dorms in the background and you’ll know just how wide the poor-rich wealth gap is in China.

A lone university schoolgirl boards the red helicopter that appears to belong to Shandong Television Channel.

Comments from Youku:


What’s going on? Fuck, that’s my girlfriend.


What’s wrong with that girl’s leg?


Everyone can stop envying and hating the rich…when brother [referring to self] becomes rich, I too will be like him. Money is to be spent…not all donated…


It’d be one thing if this aircraft were your own, but you fucking flew a television channel’s helicopter to come show off, this is the same thing as driving your company or boss’s car to go pick up someone.


Intensely want to see what that girl looks like…


汗 People these days are so uncouth, everything out of their mouths is fuck fuck


Chinese people don’t hate the rich, they hate the rich but cruel/heartless.


The news reported on this, said it was a father picking up his daughter, that the father is responsible for aerial pesticide spraying, that he was picking up his daughter from school on his way home after work, that this was in Dezhou.


What a crappy school.


A bunch of poor people whining, 吐 what a mentality… (hating the rich). Do you know why you are poor? Because your thinking is poor, so you will always be poor, because you you can’t possibly become what you despise!!! 搞笑


Why do I feel you are even more obscene? You must be one of those who are both intellectually and materially poor, right?


Back in the day, this was exactly how Li Gang‘s father picked up Li Gang’s mother to take her home.

A red helicopter lands on the sports field at Dezhou University in Shandong, to pick up a single female university student.

No helicopter? Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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