Female Tai Chi Master Demonstrates Pushing Hands, Reactions

A Chinese woman Taichi master demonstrates pushing hands techniques with her students.

A Chinese woman Tai Chi master demonstrates pushing hands techniques with her students.

From Sina Weibo:

Video of Tai Chi Master Demonstrating Pushing Hands Technique Spreads Online, Ridiculous Moves Ridiculed by Netizens

Recently, a video called “Jingwu Tai Chi First Heir Master Yan Fang Demonstrates ‘Pushing Hands’ Technique During Apprenticeship Ceremony” spread on Weibo. In the video, an audience including some foreigners calmly watched Ms. Fang demonstrate the taijiPushing Hands” technique. A bunch of men challenged her wave after wave, with each and every one of them easily defeated by Ms. Yan with a wave of her hands: Whether they “bounced off” or were easily caught and brought under control, the men all screamed and fell on the floor, their exaggerated movements making quite a few netiznes exclaim, “So fake!” One person even angrily rebuked, “Just how degenerate has Chinese wushu [martial arts] become? Watch this video and you’ll know”. But there were also netizens who said the video is a demonstration of “internal force”, that it is mainly the testing of internal forces between master and apprentice, that “people with neigong can sense each others internal forces”.

Do you think the “Pushing Hands Technique” demonstrated in the video is real kung fu or a fake trick?

The poll on Sina Weibo:

Fake Tai Chi Pushing Hands video Sina Weibo poll results.

Poll Question: This Pushing Hands video is real or fake?

Red Side: Real Kungfu = 778
Blue Side: Fake Trick = 9803

Comments from Youku:


What kind of SB stuff is this? 愤怒 No wonder in ancient times doing kung fu on the street was just a way to make a living. None of the Chinese kung fu is real, all the same as monkey tricks. 稀饭 It’s just Chinese people ourselves living in a Chinese kung fu fantasy 愤怒 Look at the expressions on those foreigners faces…


Yeah, I just saw it on Tudou [another Chinese video-sharing website that recently merged with Youku] yesterday, I think it’s such a insult to Chinese taijiquan [tai chi]. In taiji, the Pushing Hands Technique is the most powerful move in actual combat. This Yan Fang is claimed to be the heir of Li Jingwu [a taiji master], so yesterday, I searched all over on the internet and saw some taiji performances and Pushing Hands Technique in actual combat by Master Li Jingwu, and even his own moves aren’t as ridiculous as his apprentice’s. Sigh! If Master Li Jingwu knew this, he would definitely jump out of his grave and smack this revolting apprentice.


Don’t get it, feels like a con. A long time ago, I remember hearing that qigong master Yan Xin was really incredible, and since it was a rare visit back to my hometown Jiangyou, with my entire family going by car, my parents and I hoped the master could use his power to cure all of the random health problems I had. But it wasn’t until we walked into his home did we find out that the whole village was receiving people like us. They told us that Yan Xin would send out his power from his home, and everyone would receive treatment standing on the hillside. My god, the hill was covered with people. When the time had come, people were were as if they had gone insane. Those who wanted to have their myopia cured threw their glasses down the hill, while those who wanted their legs cured threw away their canes/crutches. A little boy sat next to me, his eyes and face were yellow, maybe from hepatitis, and instead of his parents taking him to the hospital, they brought him here for some long-distance qigong therapy. Now that I think about it, it was a fucking scam. If I didn’t feel anything, it was because I didn’t have enough internal force or it was my destiny, such bullshit!


Master Yan Fang, I don’t know how amazing your skill is, but if I had your ability, I’d go to the Diaoyu Islands already. Plus, it isn’t illegal to beat up those people singing the Japanese national anthem, and China has your back, and how satisfying it’d be to beat them up to your content. If you’re just fooling around/putting on a show/trying to deceive people, then don’t do that here. If our foreign friends spread it back home, how terrible it will be, they’d think we are doing monkey tricks [just putting on a show for each other], then we’d lose face big time. You should remember what you’re wearing, it’s not just something to make you look good, it’s even more a culture cultivated over 500 years. You are Chinese.


You don’t know how so you call it fake. According to you guys, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are fake too, because you guys can never make as much money as they do. This old lady is definitely the real deal. Chinese kong fu has a long history, Zhang Sanfeng was over 100 years old and still the master of heroes, every morning he had his one pillar propping up the sky [boner]. In modern times we had Bruce Lee, who inherited the glorious tradition of Chinese kung fu, and created the one inch punch, where within a distance of one inch a person can be sent flying. Look at those boxers like Mike Tyson who throws punches like crazy and at most can only knock people down, so stupid. If he had learned the one inch punch, he’d be able to send people flying with a punch, but Tyson grew in the slums, so he didn’t know about Bruce Lee. We are all children under the red flag [national flag of China], who have the opportunity to learn taiji one inch punch, so why not learn it and instead constantly questioning it? During Those who have the time to question it, Master Yan Fang in the video has already received many students to teach them her skills making money to raise her family. Are those students who spent money to learn from her all fools?


This is Chinese culture? This is the kung fu that China is so proud of? This is the taiji that we’re so proud of? Looks more like media trash encouraging conmen, as people with little rationality fall for conmen’s advertisements easily, and society doesn’t condemn these people! Stop letting this garbage contaminate Chinese culture! Allowing outsiders to see this is simply making us look like a huge joke~~~


A bunch of pathetic children, don’t know anything yet still making bullshit comments! Martial arts is broad and profound, where even a knuckle, a small technique, can paralyze ordinary people, get it? Did you see the movement of her left hand? Did you see her center of gravity and the moves of her grappling? If you think it’s monkey tricks, then you go ahead and try, see if it hurts or not, you guys and your bullshit comments!


These men’s acting isn’t bad, professionals, right? It must be fucking tiring pretending, and screaming so fucking loud. That laowai on the side is probably dumbfounded, probably thinking, do you take me for an idiot? So fake~~~ I see through it, those men were acting, and like this taiji has been ruined. If this old lady’s so good, send her to fight in Thailand the next time there’s a competition。 Two moves and KO Thai people.


A bunch of psycho, don’t insult martial arts, if taiji is so great, go try at UFC and MMA, it’d be weird if she don’t get knock away by one punch. Where did this shameless old hag come from? You’re too shit-looking to be a taiji heir. Chinese martial arts is all about bragging, never see these SB in actual combat.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


It’s real! When I was watching this, I felt that there was a force rushing out of the screen, that force was gentle yet strong, my neck and shoulders instantly stopped feeling sore, like the wind of spring was blowing on my face. There was an obvious fluctuation affecting my computer, and my cell phone also gave out strange sound. I think that the force has something to do with all these!!!


This kind of master has reached the point that she can kill people in no time, where if she were to actually use her power the entire planet would be screwed, so she’s merely shook her opponents away by using her internal force… All to protect this world!


I picked “real kungfu”!!! It’s gotta be real kung fu! This all is a masterpiece presented by award-winning actors and actress! Add some special effects! Holy shit! Spiderman and Batsister can all step aside!!!


Look clearly, imperialism countries like America and Japan, the time when we fucking reclaim Diaoyu Islands is near!!!


Although this video clip seems rather 2B, but them being willing to upload this definitely didn’t do it to slap their own faces [embarrass themselves]. Those who are mocking it, you must know little about taiji. Taiji is something that the average ordinary person simply is incapable of understanding, it truly is especially mystical.


I chose “real kung fu”, a BZ, playing with a few monkeys, while a bunch of fools sit there watching. Being able to turn something fake into real, that sort of acting is true kung fu! They may have insulted taiji as a part of our country’s culture, but they’ve pushed their acting skills to their peak… Forget it, I can’t continue… The next Cannes award is yours! 怒


When I saw the stupid cunt in black bounce away the moment he touched the master’s hand, I couldn’t watch any more. Do you fucking take the entire country’s netizens as fools? The video is just a bunch of idiots but I’d believe it if you said this was the filming of a comedy.


I picked “real kung fu”. If there wasn’t a bit of real kung fu, could they have been able to jump so high? If there wasn’t a bit of real kung fu, could they have screamed so rapturously? If there wasn’t a bit of real kung fu, could they have thrown themselves without laughing??

[Some of these comments may make more sense if you understand that 功夫 kung fu does not refer to just “martial arts” but also “skill, labor, or effort”.]


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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