Female Tai Chi Master Demonstrates Pushing Hands, Reactions

A Chinese woman Taichi master demonstrates pushing hands techniques with her students.

A Chinese woman Tai Chi master demonstrates pushing hands techniques with her students.

From Sina Weibo:

Video of Tai Chi Master Demonstrating Pushing Hands Technique Spreads Online, Ridiculous Moves Ridiculed by Netizens

Recently, a video called “Jingwu Tai Chi First Heir Master Yan Fang Demonstrates ‘Pushing Hands’ Technique During Apprenticeship Ceremony” spread on Weibo. In the video, an audience including some foreigners calmly watched Ms. Fang demonstrate the taijiPushing Hands” technique. A bunch of men challenged her wave after wave, with each and every one of them easily defeated by Ms. Yan with a wave of her hands: Whether they “bounced off” or were easily caught and brought under control, the men all screamed and fell on the floor, their exaggerated movements making quite a few netiznes exclaim, “So fake!” One person even angrily rebuked, “Just how degenerate has Chinese wushu [martial arts] become? Watch this video and you’ll know”. But there were also netizens who said the video is a demonstration of “internal force”, that it is mainly the testing of internal forces between master and apprentice, that “people with neigong can sense each others internal forces”.

Do you think the “Pushing Hands Technique” demonstrated in the video is real kung fu or a fake trick?

The poll on Sina Weibo:

Fake Tai Chi Pushing Hands video Sina Weibo poll results.

Poll Question: This Pushing Hands video is real or fake?

Red Side: Real Kungfu = 778
Blue Side: Fake Trick = 9803

Comments from Youku:


What kind of SB stuff is this? 愤怒 No wonder in ancient times doing kung fu on the street was just a way to make a living. None of the Chinese kung fu is real, all the same as monkey tricks. 稀饭 It’s just Chinese people ourselves living in a Chinese kung fu fantasy 愤怒 Look at the expressions on those foreigners faces…


Yeah, I just saw it on Tudou [another Chinese video-sharing website that recently merged with Youku] yesterday, I think it’s such a insult to Chinese taijiquan [tai chi]. In taiji, the Pushing Hands Technique is the most powerful move in actual combat. This Yan Fang is claimed to be the heir of Li Jingwu [a taiji master], so yesterday, I searched all over on the internet and saw some taiji performances and Pushing Hands Technique in actual combat by Master Li Jingwu, and even his own moves aren’t as ridiculous as his apprentice’s. Sigh! If Master Li Jingwu knew this, he would definitely jump out of his grave and smack this revolting apprentice.


Don’t get it, feels like a con. A long time ago, I remember hearing that qigong master Yan Xin was really incredible, and since it was a rare visit back to my hometown Jiangyou, with my entire family going by car, my parents and I hoped the master could use his power to cure all of the random health problems I had. But it wasn’t until we walked into his home did we find out that the whole village was receiving people like us. They told us that Yan Xin would send out his power from his home, and everyone would receive treatment standing on the hillside. My god, the hill was covered with people. When the time had come, people were were as if they had gone insane. Those who wanted to have their myopia cured threw their glasses down the hill, while those who wanted their legs cured threw away their canes/crutches. A little boy sat next to me, his eyes and face were yellow, maybe from hepatitis, and instead of his parents taking him to the hospital, they brought him here for some long-distance qigong therapy. Now that I think about it, it was a fucking scam. If I didn’t feel anything, it was because I didn’t have enough internal force or it was my destiny, such bullshit!


Master Yan Fang, I don’t know how amazing your skill is, but if I had your ability, I’d go to the Diaoyu Islands already. Plus, it isn’t illegal to beat up those people singing the Japanese national anthem, and China has your back, and how satisfying it’d be to beat them up to your content. If you’re just fooling around/putting on a show/trying to deceive people, then don’t do that here. If our foreign friends spread it back home, how terrible it will be, they’d think we are doing monkey tricks [just putting on a show for each other], then we’d lose face big time. You should remember what you’re wearing, it’s not just something to make you look good, it’s even more a culture cultivated over 500 years. You are Chinese.


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You don’t know how so you call it fake. According to you guys, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are fake too, because you guys can never make as much money as they do. This old lady is definitely the real deal. Chinese kong fu has a long history, Zhang Sanfeng was over 100 years old and still the master of heroes, every morning he had his one pillar propping up the sky [boner]. In modern times we had Bruce Lee, who inherited the glorious tradition of Chinese kung fu, and created the one inch punch, where within a distance of one inch a person can be sent flying. Look at those boxers like Mike Tyson who throws punches like crazy and at most can only knock people down, so stupid. If he had learned the one inch punch, he’d be able to send people flying with a punch, but Tyson grew in the slums, so he didn’t know about Bruce Lee. We are all children under the red flag [national flag of China], who have the opportunity to learn taiji one inch punch, so why not learn it and instead constantly questioning it? During Those who have the time to question it, Master Yan Fang in the video has already received many students to teach them her skills making money to raise her family. Are those students who spent money to learn from her all fools?


This is Chinese culture? This is the kung fu that China is so proud of? This is the taiji that we’re so proud of? Looks more like media trash encouraging conmen, as people with little rationality fall for conmen’s advertisements easily, and society doesn’t condemn these people! Stop letting this garbage contaminate Chinese culture! Allowing outsiders to see this is simply making us look like a huge joke~~~


A bunch of pathetic children, don’t know anything yet still making bullshit comments! Martial arts is broad and profound, where even a knuckle, a small technique, can paralyze ordinary people, get it? Did you see the movement of her left hand? Did you see her center of gravity and the moves of her grappling? If you think it’s monkey tricks, then you go ahead and try, see if it hurts or not, you guys and your bullshit comments!


These men’s acting isn’t bad, professionals, right? It must be fucking tiring pretending, and screaming so fucking loud. That laowai on the side is probably dumbfounded, probably thinking, do you take me for an idiot? So fake~~~ I see through it, those men were acting, and like this taiji has been ruined. If this old lady’s so good, send her to fight in Thailand the next time there’s a competition。 Two moves and KO Thai people.


A bunch of psycho, don’t insult martial arts, if taiji is so great, go try at UFC and MMA, it’d be weird if she don’t get knock away by one punch. Where did this shameless old hag come from? You’re too shit-looking to be a taiji heir. Chinese martial arts is all about bragging, never see these SB in actual combat.

Comments from Sina Weibo:

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It’s real! When I was watching this, I felt that there was a force rushing out of the screen, that force was gentle yet strong, my neck and shoulders instantly stopped feeling sore, like the wind of spring was blowing on my face. There was an obvious fluctuation affecting my computer, and my cell phone also gave out strange sound. I think that the force has something to do with all these!!!


This kind of master has reached the point that she can kill people in no time, where if she were to actually use her power the entire planet would be screwed, so she’s merely shook her opponents away by using her internal force… All to protect this world!


I picked “real kungfu”!!! It’s gotta be real kung fu! This all is a masterpiece presented by award-winning actors and actress! Add some special effects! Holy shit! Spiderman and Batsister can all step aside!!!


Look clearly, imperialism countries like America and Japan, the time when we fucking reclaim Diaoyu Islands is near!!!


Although this video clip seems rather 2B, but them being willing to upload this definitely didn’t do it to slap their own faces [embarrass themselves]. Those who are mocking it, you must know little about taiji. Taiji is something that the average ordinary person simply is incapable of understanding, it truly is especially mystical.


I chose “real kung fu”, a BZ, playing with a few monkeys, while a bunch of fools sit there watching. Being able to turn something fake into real, that sort of acting is true kung fu! They may have insulted taiji as a part of our country’s culture, but they’ve pushed their acting skills to their peak… Forget it, I can’t continue… The next Cannes award is yours! 怒


When I saw the stupid cunt in black bounce away the moment he touched the master’s hand, I couldn’t watch any more. Do you fucking take the entire country’s netizens as fools? The video is just a bunch of idiots but I’d believe it if you said this was the filming of a comedy.


I picked “real kung fu”. If there wasn’t a bit of real kung fu, could they have been able to jump so high? If there wasn’t a bit of real kung fu, could they have screamed so rapturously? If there wasn’t a bit of real kung fu, could they have thrown themselves without laughing??

[Some of these comments may make more sense if you understand that 功夫 kung fu does not refer to just “martial arts” but also “skill, labor, or effort”.]

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Brett Hunan

    I studied Taiqi. While my “master” had incredible muscle and breathing control, he couldn’t throw someone across a room effortlessly (or even with effort). Pushing hands doesn’t make someone have siezures. I feel like this is some Evangelical church watching bodies hit the floor.


    • Snicker

      No wonder you keep “master” in “quotes”.

      • Interested

        Hard to believe it. But I had similar experience in person like that in the video. A Taoist master knocked me off without actually touching me. The feeling was just like taser stun.

        So weird.

        • My Name is Lee

          Well, maybe he was using a hidden taser gun?
          That Taoist master was actually an electrical engineer!!!

        • ThinkBlue

          Yeah this stuff is totally real! And its not limited to Tai Chi masters either!! One time this psychic came to my college campus and he came up to me, reached out his hand onto my face and said, “Got your nose!! got your nose!!” I couldn’t believe it! He really got my nose!

        • Jon

          Bullshit and a half. Stop promoting this mystical nonsense. It’s not the taiji throwing you back – it’s your belief in it.

        • ChineseFighter

          i think he migth have actually had a taser gun hiding in his hand

    • The Dude

      Internal power works like this when applied. Although they do seem to be working it a bit.

      What she is doing to some of them is sending something akin to an electric shock through their body. That’s why many jump or scream a bit.

      The other part where she effects their movement without touching them is more like Sum Yi rather than Tai chi/ji.

      I’m not saying this woman in particular is genuine necessarily, but once the dan tian is full you can play around with it a bit and do stuff that to an observer looks ridiculous. Woman are also naturally more powerful than men when they have developed their qi.

      Interestingly enough, foot binding prevented women from having their orbits fully earthed should they develop their internal power.

      Oh well…

      • Brett Hunan

        Yes, the “electric shock” thing is big with Evangelicals too.

      • Gontraf


        • b. prichard

          Hahaha. Gold star for appropriate use of “lolwut?”

      • Kukuku

        Smell the fresh bullshit.

      • bomber

        If it was so effective, MMA and UFC guys would be studying this shit every waking hour. You have to follow the money, man.

        If it knocks people the fuck out, or incapacitates them in some way, it makes money. Not charlatan money surrounded in mysticism and quasi-religous experiences. It makes cold, hard, prize-fighting money. Period. This is why I’d take a pro boxer / kickboxer or bjj guy any day in a fight vs. a taiji master. Shit, I’d take one of them vs. a taiji master and four of his buddies!

        • Getrealson

          shit yeah! Exactly what many are thinking! people throw that animal kung fu, Silat, San ba is best crap at me all the time and the answer I give is exactly what you said.

          • bomber

            lol! It’s all about reality-based combat, bro. Ya know, people who actually fight?

          • Winter B4 Spring

            i once saw this dude start the silat stance, like a dance with open palms, in Kuala Lumpur, and this other dude just threw punches and kicks so quick and strong, the silat dude ran away. at least, when it comes to silat, its bs to me. however, the traditional Malay knife is pretty deadly. it curves like a snake, so if someone is stabbed in the belly with it, his intestines get pulled too >.<

        • 骂人的是孙子

          but in taiji, you’re not forbidden to poke out eyes and kick the groin

          • Getrealson

            If you kicked an MMA fighter in the groin or tried to gouge his eyes you had better be Usain Bolt.

        • 叉烧饭

          My money’s on Hulk!

      • markx


    • 叉烧饭

      That video demonstration was awful. This one is so much better:


    • MeiDaxia

      They’re not doing “push hands” in that video. It is obviously a crappy show off routine for a couple laowai. I’ve watched two seasoned Taiji practitioners have a go at push hands, and it is really impressive. The muscle power that you can realize from a little bit of taiji is actually pretty interesting. The power built up in your hips that generally people don’t think about, that’s part of what taiji is all about. You wind up, and release. Relax and root yourself and you can absorb or deflect most oncoming attacks. I practiced for about a year or so, though I wasn’t devoted so much as to practicing an hour a day, but I learned a lot about body mechanics in that class, and ways that you can twist a joint with minimal pressure just the right way that you can subdue anyone. The grandmaster who my professor studied under was William C.C. Chen based now out of NYC. You can look em up if you like. This article’s video, though, is definitely not 推手.

  • Brett Hunan

    Why are we translating 太极拳 as “taiji”? In English, isn’t it usually Tai Chi? Maybe its British Romanization?

    • Dr SUN

      same way as my wife translates in Brett, must be a chinese thing

      • Brett Hunan

        No no it was my reading mistake. Taiji as a verb, not noun.

    • Alex

      QingHua -tsinghua … old pinyin translation I guess. The modern should be TaiJi

    • MeiDaxia

      Its the Wade-Giles romanization, typically used in Taiwan and until recently Hong Kong. The full name is Tai Ji Quan, or “Grand Penultimate Fist.” The tai being like “tai hao le” too good, the ji being “hao ji le” exceedingly great, and quan is just fist.

      Tai Chi is romanized as such the same way Dofu is “Tofu” and Daoism is “Taoism.” The idea being if there’s no ‘ then you pronounce the voiced consonant “d” instead of the unvoiced consonant “t.” T’ai Chi is sometimes how it’s written to express that the T is the full T sound and not D. If you’ve ever studied linguistics and relations to China, this kinda stuff will give you a headache.

      • Brett Hunan

        Thanks for the Chinese lesson… All I asked about was romanization.

        • Winter B4 Spring

          LOL =P

        • MeiDaxia

          I do what I can. :D

  • XiaoHei

    I am too late for the Sofa. Can’t blame me, I got knocked out by this powerful old lady.

  • White Monkey

    I was praying for an observer to stand up and punch her in the face… sadly disappointing…

  • Alex

    This is too fucking hilarious, hahahahahahahahaha holy shit, the level of retardation is over 9000!!!!

  • eattot

    why that white guy did not jump up kick her???
    then we all can know it’s real or fake…….
    maybe after this video, a lot of big guys will try to punch her in street even though she is an old lady already….hahahaahaaaa

    • kodi

      That would be too funny!

    • me a

      i would

      • eattot

        who your again?
        with this strange name…

        • Winter B4 Spring

          me a! me a is me a!!

    • Rick in China

      White guys I know don’t make habits of jumping up and kicking an old lady, even if it’s during an obviously fake show demonstrating amazing superpowers. Maybe especially so.

    • Rod

      Haha. Yeah. I thought, why not ask the white guy what’s really happening here.

    • Foreign Devil

      I’ve seen videos where they also throw foreigners around too. but the important distinction is that those foreigners are also students of the master. This stuff can only work on believers. There is an American guy who does this too. and he was not able to throw or effect a skeptic.

      It’s exactly the same thing as the “laying on of hands” ministers in USA. . there’s a video of one preacher who knocks down 10 or more people with the wave of his arm. .. supposedly blessing and healing them. They are all naive believers in this power . so that is why he has power over them. The mind is amazing!

  • B*tches, Leave

    Seen this stuff before, it’s not fake. Old tape of US military personal visiting a Russian army base. There was a Russian martial arts master, who used the same style as the woman in the video here. He demonstrated his abilities, but one of the US soldiers said it’s fake. The Russian guy used a hand motion and the soldier went down holding his ear. The US guy felt the pressure in his ear as if he was being lifted up.

    But not everyone can do this, so applying that you can learn this – that’s fake.

    • vince

      I used to think that Santa Claus was real :'(

    • Rick in China

      Old tapes are always real.


    • Young Man

      From someone who uses a Clarence Boddicker* quote as their user name I expected more sense.

      *Better quotes would be:


      ‘State of the art bang-bang.’

      ‘Tigers are playing- TONIGHT- never miss a game!’

      and of course:


  • Getrealson

    “Look clearly, imperialism countries like America and Japan, the time when we fucking reclaim Diaoyu Islands is near!!!”

    Quite fitting that these idiots believe this is true also!

    • moonmickey

      Perhaps they will send her on their imaginary aircraft carrier and use unicorns for air cover.

    • Young Man

      I think they were taking the piss.

    • markx

      LOL…. ya gotta understand, man – Chinese have a sense of humour too!!

      When I read that one and thought it was a great mocking comment!

    • ChineseFighter

      “A person with an IQ of zero is equivalent to brain dead”

      Guess what, U’ve just proved science is wrong!

  • vince

    Perhaps these guys had a little too much baiju making them lighter than normal =.=

  • moonmickey

    Bunch of immature kids jumping around like apes. Gong Fu is the biggest scam out there and the amount of idiot foreigners that get sucked in is laughable. You don’t go to learn how to fight from people who can’t fight at all, go to Israel or Kiev, they’ll sort you out.

    • hess


    • kodi

      I would not go so far as to say that Gongfu is a scam because there have been many authentic masters throughout history and Gongfu was developed as a spiritual conduit as well as a self defense system suitable for small people. Bruce Li was a good example.

      I have witnessed some serious Gongfu right before my eyes, so I can not say its a scam. I am a 200 pound ex-US Marine Boxer and I took some lessons from a guy who was half my size. He was my sparring partner because he did not want to hurt the other students. Lets just say after going with that guy on a daily basis I felt like I was fighting someone much larger and faster than myself.

      I was also invited to watch a master and I brought along a few river rocks (blue granite) because I never believed that they could break them. I always thought those types of demonstrations were fake because they could easily tamper with the materials or make softer materials resemble harder ones. However, that guy simply broke two hard 25kg mountain river rocks with his knee without padding and without swelling of any kind. If that was fake then I am President Obama.

      • mr. wiener

        I had the pleasure of witnessing some young foreign MMA students go up against various Chi gong , Ba Gwa and Wing Chung masters in Taiwan. The results showed pretty conclusively that these forms have become so stylized that they are next to useless against an determined opponent with skills in real down and dirty fighting and grappling.
        This is not to detract from the advantages of concentration ,grace or health that these forms bestow on their practitioners, but if it comes down to the real thing, life just aint a Kung Fu movie.
        Note: The MMA guys were really taking it easy on the masters, and it was only after a couple of them really pushed them issue that they were taken down a notch or two.
        The vid above is quite ridiculous , but I can understand that these people have to make a living in a competitive industry. It is all about getting students at the end of the day.

        • markx

          Some are good (when they are relying on speed and flexibility rather than ‘mind power’)

          Couple of beautiful counter kicks by the Kungfu fighter under the spinning back kicks from the TaekwonDo fighter (though I think Taekwondo has become limited too)


          • mr. wiener

            Taekwondo? Headhunters, always looking the head kick. 1 time in ten they’ll get lucky. The rest of the time the Kung fu guy make him his bitch.

          • Brett Hunan

            I dunno weiner. Olympics aside, Taekwondo just seems more legit to me than whatever-animal-style kung fu.

          • mr. wiener

            Once you get inside the reach of a Taekwondo guy he’s toast. They have no effective form of close in fighting. That’s why they’ll try to keep you at a distance so they can land kicks on your head and body.

          • mr. wiener

            ..Though of course my money would be on BJJ or Thai kickboxer over Kung fu anytime.

          • Cooljackal

            Hey Brett,

            There are two styles of kung fu that Chinese immigrants in San Fran had brought back with them a while back. If you see how that is taught and used, it looks nothing like this stuff. It actually looks like a street boxing style. The training for it is also about conditioning your limbs and bones for excessive beatings and speed. I think most of those guys are from southern china. Although I have heard that against a well trained mma guy they wouldn’t stand a chance. Since fights inevitably end up on the ground and kung fu doesn’t seem to do well on the ground.

          • linette

            ….The rest of the time the Kung fu guy make him his bitch..

            Hahha..wiener, You are always cracking me up.lol. Why are you guys so into fighting style this and that. hahaha. I just use pepper spray. My opponent doesn’t stand a chance. lol.

    • FYIADragoon

      Yeah, but then you would have to study an art that was developed by the second generation of Nazis after they were beaten around by the first generation. Kung Fu is still a hoax.

    • bomber
  • kodi

    Looks very ridiculous…….. I don’t know what to think about the authenticity of her TAiji because I have seen guys move like that before in China, but that was just in a night club. Maybe these guys move that way when they experience both pain and pleasure.

  • GodsHammer

    Painful in it’s stupidity… absolutely ridiculous and even worse that some foreigners think this. Let’s put up some money on this, and I’ll slap the shit outta Tai-Ji masters worldwide. $$$ talks.

  • FYIADragoon

    Chinese kung fu lost a great deal of its real world application years ago.

    in b4 MMA kiddos start talking about Muay Thai though.

    • Scott

      A decade or more ago some Chinese martial arts masters from Hong Kong went up against Thai boxers in Thailand; the masters were knocked out in seconds, yes seconds, knocked out cold. They returned to Hong Kong, honed their arts, went back to Thailand for bouts and were again knocked out in seconds. No, this is not anecdotal; the Thai boxers were going for knock-outs, not form, not a study of their opponents’ style, not reading a stance to know how to defend or offend, just going for knock-outs.

      I was told when someone screams at you “kong fu!” you pick up the nearest likely object, such as a chair, then screaming in reply “chair!” pound the person until they can’t get up. Another guy told me how to always fold your coat over your arm when in a bad place; he then threw that coat in my face before I could react and was all over me. Surprise, speed, a series of strikes with fists, feet, elbows – everything! – one quick after another, and the understanding that you are going to get hurt so be quick and be sure the other guy can’t get up.

      Oh, yeah, whenever you can practice this principle: of Tan Gong’s 36 strategies the best policy is to run away (檀公三十六策,走為上計).

      • Rick in China

        My buddy had a fight in Wenjiang (Sichuan) at an ‘official’ competition, I played his ring man. They brought in some Thai fighters, it was 7 matches – 3 thai guys, 1 thai girl, 3 other foreigners vs. 7 “San Da” experts.

        The rules were based on San Da rules – here is the breakdown:
        Fight 1: Local 22 yr old vs. 16 year old from Shanghai, student. His first fight ever. He lost, because he got exhausted and quit in the 2nd round. They announced him as an experienced (with X wins, I forget, and no losses) and being 21 years old.
        Fight 2: Local vs. Thai guy – Thai guy kicked local guys ass, KO.
        Fight 3: Local vs. Thai girl – Thai girl kicked local girls ass, KO.
        Fight 4: Local vs Thai guy – Thai guy kicked local guys ass, KO. Hospitalized.
        Fight 5: Local vs. my friend – 3 rounds, my friend clearly won from video – other guy hospitalized after fight for leg injury. Friend lost to decision, though.
        Fight 6: Local vs. Thai guy – Thai guy kicked local guys ass, KO.
        Fight 7: Local vs. foreign guy – They found before, the local guy won this time – did very well, good fighter. Won by legit decision.

        In all 3 of the Local vs. Thai fights, you could visibly see a clear weight/size difference, but they announced everyone as being approx. the same weights. There was 1 thai guy – fight 4 – he was WAY smaller, so just let the bigger guy throw his punches/kicks and defended/countered with push kicks until the other guy got exhausted, when he was exhausted, KO.

        Bottom line is, they brought in Thai people specifically for this competition, thinking they could arrange the fights/sizes in their favor – and lost every one to the Thai fighters.

        • Getrealson

          Very common. I’ve watched a lot of wu ling feng I think it is pronounced. (I’m sure someone will correct me) basically Chinese kickboxing. The fights are so fixed. Japanese “Champions” being defeated by mighty China in could what could only be described as farcical.

        • ChineseFighter

          knock out occurs when minor trauma are done to the brain stem, therefore u cant knock someone out by kicking their asses.

      • linette

        Bruce Lee beats his opponent in secs also during many of his competitions. He has his own martial art school in usA. What style is Bruce Lee?

        • mr. wiener

          Jeet Kune Do, his own derivation of Wing Chun, No one has been able to master this system apparently.

  • Good god….what horseshit.

  • bigj

    made in china=fake shit.

    • Cooljackal

      All of these guys would be killed by Bolo Yeung.

  • Getrealson

    For the last three months I have been hitting the gym pretty hard with my chinese brother in-law. I am also quite experienced at MMA so after a decent weight circuit and cardio session we finish the day with me teaching him how to fight. He has had a hard time with bullies in the past so he loves it and he’s getting quite good.

    We use the Aerobics room next door, have all the gear, pads, 8 ounce gloves etc etc. Anyway, after the first week we got the usual gawkers which at first I didn’t mind but then a couple of locals asked to join in. I agreed as long as it didn’t affect my brother in-laws session. By week 4 there was 12 people in the class. WOW.

    Week 5 things started getting strange.The participants had started to bring along local tough guys, Kung Fu “experts”, really big chinese people and even a 48 year old high school P.E teacher. None of them would participate in my class but just watch and laugh. I was getting uncomfortable because the people watching and filming with their cameras now numbered in the twenties or thirties. Then it started!

    One of the students/participants asked me to fight his friend. I thought sparring but they insisted on a realistic fight. My wife’s words went through my head “if you hurt anyone, they will ask for compensation!” keep in mind I train these guys for free and after a huge gym session I just want home and food! Anyway I agreed! DUMB MOVE!!!!!

    I asked him if he could fight and my student answered for him “yes” so we squared off and he immediately went into some strange Shaolin stance and started jumping side to side and throwing kicks at me. I thought he was joking! No he wasn’t! He couldn’t believe it wasn’t working. I even stopped half way through to give him some pointers. He didn’t win! at all! I was embarrassed for him. All I did was take him down. Nothing fancy, no great skill required. Just took him down then if he still didn’t get it I would lock a foot or simple choke.

    Then the people watching started yelling something to my brother in-law. He said they were asking me to really fight. I said “no way!” I wasn’t going to snap a limb or pound on him. But they were saying that what I was doing wasn’t real fighting and if I stopped playing around, this guy could beat me. I didn’t get it. This guy was doing his absolute best to beat me up (punches, kicks anything) and thought I was scared that’s why I fought him like that.

    Now comes the strange part and the reason I feel this is relevant. I haven’t seen that guy or student since! and they were regulars at my Gym. Then one by one this repeated itself over the next two weeks until there was only me and my brother in-law left training in the Aerobics room. I asked him where everyone was and was it a summer holiday or something but he couldn’t explain it. Then one of the Gym instructors explained to me that some of them were not happy and to just train with my brother in-law. One even asked the staff why a “Laowei” was working at the gym and he was one of the first training with me. Another idiot said “He charges too much even for a foreigner!” It was free!

    Word got around that I wasn’t a good fighter and don’t bother attending. If I had jumped around more and thrown some fancy kicks with the right noises, then I could fight.

    All I can do is shake my head!

    • Scott

      Your experience mirrors what I’ve been told by others.

    • Kukuku

      Happened to me although I don’t fight or train to do so, ever. Guy was dancing around. Too bad I for him remembered my dad’s advice: aim for the neck.

      One blow and the clown and his friends ran away.

    • markx

      Yeah GetRealson, struck this in Indonesia with an Indonesian friend who was training with a Silat master who had similar ‘powers’ to those demonstrated by our Taichi lady above.

      Our Indonesian friend was reverently explaining the master’s skill, but when an Oz guy offered to fight the master, it was explained the power does not work unless the attacker was ‘genuinely angry’! The Oz guy pointed out he’d be sure to get angry if he was getting hit, but apparently that was not enough.

      I asked how it could work on the students who clearly weren’t angry, but he mumbled something about the power working on those who were students of the master…..

    • GodsHammer

      KO the fucker…you’ll be a legend. As long as there is no money (betting involved) you won’t get in trouble at all if it’s in a training environment.

  • Rick in China

    I’d wager she’s actually mentally retarded, and believes that she has these powers – because everyone around her indulges her in the fact. If she’s not retarded it’s just a pre-planned false demonstration, which is also a possibility (I guess?). If it’s not retardation or pre-planned, maybe it’s an intentional joke. That being said, it can’t possibly be a joke, because having those dudes jumping around like frogs due to her “distance force” attack isn’t comical in the least!

    What the fuck. Waste of time watching this, just some idiots making idiots of themselves on the internet.

    • moonmickey

      Just goes to show how truly warped their opinion of themselves is, there’s a lot of people like that out there. they walk backwards and shout at trees as well!

    • Rod

      Maybe it’s preplanned retardation. I’ve seen it happen before.

  • Jennster

    why dont they reinvent what kungfu is based on the bruce lee standard of kungfu fighting. nowdays it is not practical.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      They are using the bruce lee standard of fighting, it’s called the MMA. Clearly you know nothing about bruce lee. Bruce Lee was so famous, he even had A-list celebraties joining him to become his students, even people like Steve McQueen were Bruce Lee pupils. But Bruce Lee felt that “Kung Fu” was limited and wanted to employ all styles of fighting, not just one, which is how MMA was sort of born. If you look at a lot of his most famous movies, the fighters were all in MMA ‘battles’.

      • jeffli

        from one Bruce Lee fan to another…respect!
        You know Bruce Lee was also a CHACHA champion?
        and some of his footwork was based on styles used by the almighty Muhammed Ali!

        • simon

          can someone explain to me how the one inch punched worked?

          • jeffli

            google it.

        • linette

          Bruce Lee and Jackie chan are both hongkongese from Hongkong. Our most famous exports. :)

          • jeffli

            both righteous men too!

          • Alex

            Bruce was born in San Francisco, grew up in HK and then went to live in the US.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Bruce Lee, surprisingly was born in America, in San Diego. lol He moved to HK when his career staggered, learning he was already a huge star there from his role as Kato. i love bruce lee, a handsome intelligent philosopher and martial artist.

            Here’s bruce lee’s quote on forming more than one style as a fighter (his most famous “MMA” quote):

            “Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

          • Getrealson

            Nanny, My absolute favourite Bruce Lee expression! and I think that interview where he said that won him thousands of new fans. What a great guy! Very cheeky and intelligent.

          • linette

            no nanny, both Bruce lee parents are native HK. He was born in san francisco and grew up in HK. He grew up in my neighborhood Kowloon. He later went back to USA for higher education. He has dual citizenship. His is very much like me. :)

            “Bruce lee is the son of Cantonese opera actor Lee Hoi-Chuen. He is widely considered by many commentators, critics, media and other martial artists to be the greatest and most influential martial artist of all time,[6] and a pop culture icon of the 20th century.[7][8][9] He is often credited with changing the way Asians were presented in American films.[7] Lee was born in San Francisco’s Chinatown on 27 November 1940 to parents from Hong Kong and was raised in Kowloon with his family until his late teens. Lee returned to San Francisco at the age of 18 to claim his U.S. citizenship and receive his higher education.”

            BL went back to hK because Hk has big film industry. The HK martial art films were in that time with good Hk directors and writers. A lot of money involved also HK gangster and mofia. I think BL was murdered by HK mofia.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    “but Tyson grew in the slums, so he didn’t know about Bruce Lee.”

    Crazy comment. Everybody in America knew and loved Bruce Lee, even kids in the ghettos. He was one of the most famous men in the 1970s and the creator of Mix Martial Arts! (MMA)

    • hess

      “the creator of Mix Martial Arts! (MMA)”

      • Getrealson

        Dude, she is dead right! Dana white is very vocal about that and so are many others in the MMA world. I will concede he did not invent the competition or grand Prix tournaments (sort of did) but promoted and practiced the incorporation of all styles and opened the door for fighters to become all round/complete fighters.

        He was ahead of his time and an artist!

        • Well, if you want to get technical if you want to define MMA as someone that incorporates more than 1 style of martial arts, then MMA could have been invented in 1500 BC by some Greco-Roman wrestler that also did boxing and sword fighting.

          Hell, even I have invented a style of martial arts. When I was living in Sweden I worked in a machine shop that produced parts for SAAB. This was all done on multi-tool NC machines with programs that lasted hours and all I had to do was change the pieces and check that cooling water was always on. This gave me alot of free time ( I got sick of reading Swedish porno mags after a month) and I started developing methods to use my steel-toed clogs as weapons. After a while, I could send clogs flying off my feet and hit targets with deadly accuracy. My workmates got interested and we would have competitions to pass the boredom. I call my creation “Clog-rate”. It hasn’t really caught on on just yet but I envision a day when it will sweep the oceans and my name will be take it’s rightful place in martial arts history among Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan. If you see me walking around in a pair of clogs, you don’t want to piss me off.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          Bingo. I saw an awesome program on Spike TV (a channel oriented for men in the USA), and it was about Bruce Lee starting Mixed Martial Arts, it went over his life and philosophies, it was truly an awesome program. If you watch that, you will be converted, Hess… if you look at movies like Game of Death, they had even formed an Octagan (sp?) or circle with the two opponents, using different fighting styles, fighting in the middle. Iv’e seen that in a few bruce lee movies I think (I’ve only seen four or five of his movies). My favorite of which, is the one where he fights Chuck Norris in Rome.

          I am a martial arts movie EXPERT. I know every style, I know every form. big fan of watching this stuff. Can you fight other fighters using Wing Chun (the style created by the famous “IP Man”) , no… even his son who is a practitioner/master says you should run when confronted in a fight. Hung Gar on the other hand, is forceful enough to win a fight if used by a skilled fighter. Here’s an excellent kung fu teaching documentary about the tiger and crane form. My daughter and I use it as excercise:

          • The Dude

            You’ve just called ‘one of the’ most practical forms of Gong fu useless in a fight! Now if you’d said some of the other ones I might agree with you. Groundwork useless, maybe (as are Hung gar practitioners), but close quarter wing chun is great. Sure they won’t win against a Thai boxer, but they definitely have far more skills than most.

            Yip man/ip man didn’t create wing chun/yong chun. It was Ng mui wing chun, a female Buddhist nun. Big up the female of the species why don’t you.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            The Dude, I guess I am going by what even Master Yip said, he said it himself, that Wing Chun is useless in a fight. This man is in his 80s and is probably fitter than I am.

            I am very much partial to Hung Gar. Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao in their movies with the exception of the Magnificient Butcher, used Wing Chun almost exclusively and made it look great. But the body movements appear so restricted to me, utilizing the arms only, mostly from the elbow down, and limited leg movements whereas Hung Gar for me is much more brutal and effective. I am partial to it, because it is not only very hard (can be soft) but it looks awesome! :o)

            Here’s the video of IP Man talking about his own school of fighting and how it should be used for health and excercise and not as a fighting form:

      • jeffli

        Bruce was and still is super NUIBI!

      • markx

        Yeah, Bruce Lee certainly ‘mixed and matched’ skills to come up with his own style. He even practiced and employed some groundfighting techniques such as armbars.

        Bas Rutten is on video speaking reverently of this, but he also said that if Bruce Lee was re-incarnated at his prime and dropped into an MMA ring right now, he would lose.

        The skill set required has advanced from where Bruce was at. But Rutten went on to say he had no doubt that Bruce Lee with a year or two of modern training would have been a champion.

        • Getrealson

          Brother, Bruce Lee always said that fighting was a fluid evolving art and I think if he was alive today, He would have evolved with it. So Rutten may be thinking one dimension-ally there. Look at the opening scene of ‘Enter the Dragon’ He employed (as you mentioned) arm bar! I think it was a bit arrogant of Rutten to say that. But Fuck that guy can fight! Rutten sends opponents to the emergency room. That Japanese fighter was said to be pissing blood for two days after the fight.

          He is a good example of an evolving fighter though. He started with little to no ground game/ lost / went and learnt some / came back and started sending people to the hospital. Got to respect that.

          Check out the new Bruce Lee Documentary – I am Bruce Lee

          • markx

            Rutten said something along the lines of : “If Bruce Lee was instantly reincarnated now and dropped straight into an MMA arena (ie – I guess he means with his skills at the point they were in his prime) What would happen? He would lose! But he would learn the necessary skills quickly and THEN he would WIN.”

            I think Rutten was correct in saying this. Learning take-downs, learning to avoid take-downs, acquiring ground-fighting skills, transitions …. all take time, practice and brain rewiring. None of it happens instantly.

            So to be fair to Rutten, his statement was factual, without arrogance. (Nice if you could hear it, nothing but respect – isn’t it interesting how important tone and body language is in human expression, and how much of that we lose on the internet).

            But, Bruce would have been 50 when MMA came to the fore, and time defeats all fighters.

          • That’s not always true. One of my closest friends started as John Travolta’s bodyguard and stunt double and is now among the biggest and busiest stuntmen/stunt coordinators in Hollywood. (He flipped a Ferrari in a recent Jay-Z video, did stunts in the latest Batman and was stunt director in “Freelancers” the latest De Niro movie) He was a US National Champ back in the 80s and holds 5th Degree Black Belt in Ed Parker Kenpo. He is 65 years old now and he will drink your milkshake. He was also on the set when a 70+ year-old stuntman, “Judo” Gene Lebell knocked the shit out of Steven Seagal who was talking smack about Chuck Norris(who was a close friend of his) Age doesn’t make that much difference if you are diligent about staying in shape. Speed decreases are so miniscule it hardly makes a difference. The thing I’ve noticed mainly is that when your older and get hurt it takes longer to heal and bounce back. There is alot of truth to the saying “Youth and speed are no match for experience and cunning”

          • markx

            Injuries and loss of speed (that extra ‘snap’ of youth). An old guy can be good , but a younger good guy will (usually) beat him. The style changes out of necessity: more weight, increased ability to absorb punishment, heavy hits need still be there …

            Look at Royce Gracie, Chuck Liddel, Bas Rutten, Mohammed Ali, Randy Couture, Kasushi Sakuraba, Roy Jones Junior is maybe the best example time waits for no-one – absolutely unstoppable in his youth, once he lost the amazing speed edge, it was over! … the list goes on and on and on – every boxer whoever lived and fought too long, and now the MMA guys are demonstrating it also applies to them ….

            Mind you, these good old guys usually easily thrash the average young street whippersnapper, because they were always in a whole different skill dimension from the very outset…

            The Gene Lebell Steven Seagal story I heard was a bit different (or perhaps a different occasion) – Bunch of fighters were having a discussion on a social occasion. Seagal claimed no-one could possibly choke him out as he knew some secret move.

            Lebell said “OK lets see this move then”. Seagal agreed to demonstrate, they positioned with Lebell having a choke hold on Seagal and someone said “Go!”.

            Lebell told the story along the lines of : “He immediately hit me in the groin as hard as he could. About 20 seconds after that he went to sleep. Well, he must not have been to the toilet for a while because that is the next thing he did after going to sleep….”

            This was an online audio I heard, second hand story, not from Lebell’s lips. And no, there was no elaboration as to whether Seagal crapped or pissed himself!)

          • Hmmm…. I clearly remember my friend telling me that Seagal was talking shit about Norris in between takes on a movie set and Lebell warned him that Chuck Norris was a good friend of his, but Seagal persisted. It was a long time ago, so I can’t remember if Lebell decked him or put him in a choke hold or what. Anyway, I guess we can agree that somewhere, somehow Steven Seagal got owned by Gene Lebell. I’m in constant contact with my buddy as he is working with my company on a new movie so I’ll try to remember to ask him about it next time.

            Obviously pro fighting is a young man’s game…..I was talking more on a personal level in that I know alot of guys that would be considered old but are still kicking ass. To be honest, I don’t follow MMA and not familiar with most of the stars. The few fights I’ve watched all looked the same(same as soccer) …..a little action followed by a bunch of grappling until somebody taps out. It likes the style and culture of Muay Thai, that is alot more interesting to watch in my opinion. I used to like tattoos until MMA came along. But if people enjoy watching it that’s fine by me. Different strokes for different folks.

            But soccer…….that shit’s gotta go.

          • OOOOPS! I meant to say it LACKS the style and culture of Muay Thai.

          • Getrealson

            @ LW

            “I don’t follow MMA and not familiar with most of the stars.”

            Go to your room! now! and no TV or Internet until you learn how to behave!

          • Getreal: I’ve tried watching it. It just reminds me of schoolyard or bar fights and some of the fights my friends had with their brothers. Who wants to watch that shit? To me, it’s not very spectator friendly but it’s popularity is certain to prove me wrong. I just came back from California (Redondo Beach) and MMA schools were popping up everywhere, almost outnumbering 7-11 stores. It’s a fad, like tai-bo and will lose it’s legs sooner or later. If you enjoy it, that’s fine. I don’t.

          • Getrealson

            LW: You sound like my wife.

            Is that you babe? Did you see me posting on this website and try to ram your point home? Do you have Hollywood friends I don’t know about?

          • Getreal: Yeah that’s a good one. Trying to goof on me because I don’t enjoy watching the same thing as everybody else somehow emasculates me.

          • Getrealson

            Just playing brother!

          • Getrealson

            Mate I’ve actually been meaning to ask you about Lili. How is that going? Will there be a follow up story?

          • GodsHammer

            Wait a second…did Little wolf just call MMA a ‘fad lie Tae-Bo’??? Hahahaha, you understanding of what Tae -Bo is, vs. an age old sport called Pankration is obviously nil.

          • Getreal: I knew that. Sometimes things get crossed up on the web. Anyway, I was a full contact fighter for 7 years. I got a whole mouthful of bridges and implants and a permanent crooked nose from 6 broken noses. ( I never said I was great at it, just that I used to do it) This was in late 80s/early 90s just before MMA events started to enter the picture.(The old PKA and WKA) If I recall, it(MMA) was banned in most states the first few years and it seemed more interesting to me when it was new. But like most things, once they become mainstream and popular, they get kind of boring.

          • Getreal: About Lili…..I know she will be coming to Shanghai soon for her 2nd surgery and I plan to visit her. But to be honest, my relationship with the hosts of this site has kind of deteriorated. If you click my avatar, you can flip me an e-mail and I’ll be happy to give you an update.

            Godhammer: Am I supposed to feel bad? Forgive me for not knowing a whole lot about something I am not very interested in.

          • markx

            Yeah, I’m with you on the ‘style’ of MMA Little Wolf.

            In the early days it was fascinating, because we really imagined the flashy karate guys might perform just as they did in the movies, or the boxers would show everyone that good hands were everything. Or judo throws may be the answer. It was a revelation to see the ground game predominate – and seeing the speed of some of the single leg take-downs was a real eye-opener – they’d drop down. shoot in and grab a leg and drive to the ground in the time a boxer stepped in with a jab.

            In the early days the ground game was a test of defense and transitions from one attack to another. We even learned to appreciate watching a good fighter defend and attack from the guard position! That is, with a half naked, heaving, sweaty muscular man grasped firmly between his thighs.

            But, the pinnacle the sport has reached is that many fights go to the guard position, and the champion is the guy who can get past the guard (ie, sit firmly on the other guy’s chest) and then pound his face into hamburger with an associated abstract pattern of blood pooling on the canvas.

            Yep, it has indeed ‘progressed’ all the way back to the schoolyard!

            I rarely watch these days. I think they need to ban striking on the ground so we can see some of the holds and wresting moves that were once common. (Still do see some brilliant ground work, but not so often).

            And – beware of that soccer (Football!) If you watch it often enough, it grows on you! I like it nearly as much as as I do rugby union these days!

            …. and yeah Getrealson, I know what you mean! My wife makes similar arguments! Generally I’m considered primitive to be watching such barbarism.

          • markx

            Just saw your post above LittleWolf re your background.

            Obviously I’m telling you things you already know far better than I do.

            Another point re the ‘experienced old guy’ vs the ‘flash young thug’ I agree on is that someone who has practiced strikes, holds, transitions and counter-moves tens of thousands of times is almost ALWAYS going to beat someone who has seen the moves on a video and perhaps been to the gym two or three times to try them out.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            was rutten that old guy who argued that he invented mixed martial arts? I think there was some professional envy there.

          • markx

            C’mon Nanny – Rutten is a young guy! Only born in 1965!

            Nah, I don’t think he is in any way jealous, just being factual. Everyone else had to develop their skill to keep up with the game, no reason to think Bruce would have been any different.

            Rutten is a Bruce Lee fan, and says Bruce Lee was his inspiration to take up martial arts.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Markx, I think if Bruce Lee was in his prime today he would hold his own in a MMA fight. I would love to see someone who fought using kung fu in MMA. There was a young black guy who joined the UFC using the nickname “Bruce Leroy”, he even wore the famous yellow jersey Bruce Lee wore in Game of Death. Anyway, he fought using Kung Fu in the MMA and occasionally fights. He was a new fighter who went in through the UFC tv show and won a spot in the UFC that way. Here’s Bruce Leroy aka Alex Caceras (sp) fight highlights reel. He uses the other mixed martial artists style but also tries kung fu. People laughed at him but he was winning his fights on the show. I thought he was awesome.


            That’s why I was surprised when someoneon here said that Mike Tyson wouldn’t know Bruce Lee, he was HUGE hero to black kids and even men and an inspiration. When I was around 4 or 5 years old, I had an uncle who was a bruce lee fan, so much that he used to walk around without a shirt, all over the city wearing nunchucks (sp?). He could swing them around really fast like bruce lee lol everyone in the neighborhood called him Bruce. In fact, all of us kids thought of him as bruce lee and looked up to him. hahaha anyway, my younger cousin was out really late one night with him as he was taking her home, he carried her on his shoulder, with the nunchucks over his shoulder. Some guy approached them and tried to rob him, he took the nunchucks off, started wailing like bruce lee and whipped that guy’s butt with them – family story. my cousin is an adult and remembers that incident till this day. lol

          • The Enlightened One

            Bruce Lee would own…

            You know why?

            Because he is the father of MMA… nobody put it all together like he did. Dana White even said it himself that Bruce Lee is his hero and the father of MMA.

            Superman has Kryptonite and Chuck Norris has Bruce Lee.

  • bert

    IF this were true it would only possible through demonic possession.

  • David.is.Dawei

    She is like Yoda from Star Wars; tossing around things using the “Force”.

    This video was so bad (I shut it off), it makes the WWF (in the USA) entertaining in comparison. I wish Hulk Hogan walked in the room with his usual dramatic flair. The Hulk is 6’6″ and 300 pounds.

    • Kukuku

      I was waiting for the foreigner to just offer to be the next victim and then nothing happens. They would probably tell him it did not work because he’s a non-believer or has bad energy polarity or some bullshit like that.

    • jeffli

      Ahhhh the Hulk Hogan!
      “you know ya want it!”
      “I can’t hear you!”
      “c’mon hit me again pussy!”

      Jake “the snake”
      Boris “the beefcake” barber

      Them were the good ‘ol days!
      I’d just attack her from behind slam her on the ground, put my hand in a very very inapropriate place on her body to reduce the channeling flow of Qi and knock her up!
      She’s obviously a virgin, all vergins are like that just can’t get near their p****ies! lol

      • jeffli

        The video reminds me when I used to try” something” on my Ex GF one week per month. Couldn’t get near her! hahaha!

      • mr. wiener

        There is actually a martial art taught in Taiwan where you have to retain your virginity, not to mention the one where you swing weights and tow trucks with a rope attached to your junk :P

        • markx

          Have to retain your virginity whilst fighting? Sounds a bit obscene.

          • mr. wiener

            I’m not making this shit up. As soon as you get some you lose your power apparently.

          • Snicker

            Starting to sound like that episode of Seinfeld where George goes genius on celibacy, and Elaine becomes a complete moron. Fun times!

        • Kong

          You may be thinking of Tu Jinsheng, a Daoist qigong master. His iron body skills are phenomenal. He’s also a bit of a genius.

          Even boxing coaches will advise boxers to not ejaculate before a fight. It’s common knowledge. There are a number of muscular and hormonal effects that can throw off your game.

          • Dr SUN

            Snicker you realize of course most people in the world have never watched Seinfeld as it’s just a local USA show.

  • Rod

    My grandma went to Tai Chi classes and I kicked her ass regularly. This is way fake.

    • Dr SUN

      lol, you badass Rod

  • elizabeth

    Nah, no big deal. Can she fly? I can…in my dreams.

    • jeffli

      Please don’t say on your broom…..lol

      • elizabeth

        Awww…you’ve let the cat out of the bag. Now the witch hunt will begin.

        • jeffli

          can I get a lift? I missed my flight! LOL

          cat out of the bag? …..so thats where you keep your p [My GF smacks me in the back of the head]

          • elizabeth

            In Chinese, they say that hitting is caring/adoration and scolding is love. You are such a blessed guy with a GF like that. So, be good :D

          • linette

            Yeah jeffli

  • Kukuku

    Same kind of BS (but actually funny):


    Kuuuukukuku… :)

  • MrT

    More American crap entered China, the same way AMWAY did.
    Looks like one of there crp meetings they brainwash mugs with.

    • T, explain the connection between American crap entering China and Tai Chi. Be as creative as possible.

      • MrT


        • Yeah….that sounds about right.

          • MrT

            Your welcome.

    • markx

      T, It was more likely to be the other way around: Amway possibly learnt from Kungfu training methods.

      …. although it is more likely Amway simply studied the indoctrination and belief creating methods of the churches and major religions. (The world’s first, most successful, and still most profitable marketers)

  • jeffli

    I think its fake but……
    the way to tell for sure is make love to that lady, when she orgasms and you find yourself stuck to the ceiling with the light fittings in your butt only then you can be sure she has more kungfu than dragonballs have in their Zs!
    I noticed she didn’t try anything with “our foreign guests” in the background

    but seriously she’s hot! I’d like to nudge something against her thats for sure.
    KungFu Cougar meets KungFu Panda? lol

    • Mercurial

      KungFu Cougar! Brilliant! Love your work jeffli!

    • bomber

      light fittings in your butt…

      ya got me there, man. i lol’d

    • jeffli

      If her powers are real, I wonder what oral is like with her?

  • Cleo

    but their hops away are so off their feet like they are not really jumping on their own … but why are they making so much noise?

  • Cleo

    This reminds me of the technique used in the French film “Novo” to send someone to oblivion.

    • Cleo

      but of course, that was the Japanese sending China into the Dark Ages out of jealousy – a math genius becomes a copy boy.

      • linette

        hahaha…Cleo, I challenge you not to use the words Japanese or Japan or
        日本 for 24 hours. Put your mind together. Use your will power!

        • jeffli

          Cleo switches off computer for 24 hours… haha

  • The Acidic Hasidic

    There was a story a while ago about something called Kiai. Basically the guy was doing some really stupid crap and was conviced he could manipulate your chi or something. He was so convinced of his skills that he offered a 5k match for any MMA fighter if they could beat him.

    The whole fight lasted about 45 seconds. he got really hurt.


    • jeffli

      Maybe the fight was not so kosher?

      • The Acidic Hasidic

        Yes indeed!

        Both fighters were asian and would have tested positive for dog meet, which is indeed not kosher.

        • The Acidic Hasidic

          Also i cant spell for shit


  • Mercurial

    Maybe that moped girl in Zhengzhou was claiming or demonstrating Taiji/chi powers and the (not)Walmart guy was attempting to prove that she was exaggerating her abilities by giving her a friendly slap&spit..? Maybe?

  • Pentecostalism comes to China? Laying on of hands. Will speaking in tongues be next? Obviously this is a dangerous cult and should be wiped from the society ;o)

  • markx

    Nice example of a similar self deception here on Youtube:

    Kiai Master vs MMA fighter


    I felt quite sorry for the old “Master” as there seems no doubt he really believed in his own ‘mind power’. The pain to his pride and reputation may have been worse than the physical damage.

    And I wonder what were the thoughts of the students who had been so easily bowled over by the flip of the master’s hand (unless they were all in on a huge practical joke at the “Master’s” expense!)

    • Kukuku

      It’s like a real life version of Yung Liu from Kung Pow. You know, the guy that was trained poorly on purpose as a joke.

    • Scott

      I watched the video. I saw an old man being beaten, and badly. Then I saw a fraud exposed. Last I saw the fighter understanding this was an old man who shouldn’t have been in the arena.

  • jon

    So if this martial art sucks, which martial art is the best? Judo or Boxing or Karate? Maybe Wrestling?

    • Getrealson

      That’s like saying which race is the best – the question is redundant. Ultimately It is the person that decides. Also the Americans have a good saying “Any given Sunday”

    • markx

      Interesting question – the answer lies partly in the progression of modern MMA (Mixed Martial Art) in the UFC franchise over the years:

      At first the Brazilian Juijitsu fighters prevailed – skilled in take-downs, very comfortable fighting on the ground, even when they were underneath, and skilled in choke holds, arm and leg locks. (there were also at that stage already some other multi-skilled fighter from other backgrounds too, but it quickly became apparent boxing, karate, Taekwondo, Judo alone were not up to it.)

      Next, big American wrestlers (no, the WWE clown show! – college wrestling) came to the fore, hugely fit and strong, lightning fast take-downs, good ground skills and holds and then they quickly added the skill of immobilizing and pounding the downed opponent.

      Then, to the surprise of many, some good stand-up fighters (mainly kick boxers) had learned from wrestlers how to avoid take-downs, how to counter moves on the ground if they did get taken down and suddenly they were winning, often with knockouts or on decision by keeping the fight going until the wrestler became exhausted from the take-down attempts.

      Ever since, it has been a mixed batch – most excel in one area or the other and favor one aspect, but they all need the whole skill set (hence: Mixed Martial Arts).

      A good study would be Brazilian Jiujitsu with some added striking skills (perhaps from Thai boxing).

      (MMA is a tough game – you don’t see any 50-0-0 Win-Draw-Loss records as you do with champion boxers, – they get caught with a punch, kick or submission hold – most champions have sprinklings of losses through their records – Rutten was an exception with 22 straight wins.)

      • Getrealson

        Agreed! Just read an awesome book. The auto-biography of Chuck “the Iceman” Liddell. Simply titled “Iceman”. Couldn’t put it down. NY Times best seller.

  • If you have every seen real Kung Fu you would know it of possible.


    I’d like to watch her demonstrate her, umm, mastery, on board a NYC subway…..

    • diverdude

      best reply yet…. roflmfao

  • DoctorZaius

    The thing that pisses me off the most about this video is the 2 whiteys in the back, especially the woman! What is wrong with them? Why aren’t they laughing their asses off?!? People like that give foreigners a bad name.

    • Kukuku

      a) Trying to be polite

      b) Afraid of evil cult of crazy

      • Ryo

        c) They’ve been bribed.

      • Cooljackal

        d) They’re high

    • Hi Der

      It’s almost guaranteed they are being paid to be there.

      • Skippy

        More likely they paid to be taught from an actual Taichi master, hence their expression figuring out they have been scamed…

    • Strangerland

      Maybe they’re too stunned by what they saw, they didn’t even know what to do. You know, the moment when you’re torned between laughing, exploding in anger and disbelief, or wondering if you’d enter twilight zone. Truth to be told, if I was there I wouldn’t know what to do either. I probably would react the way they did- sitting down nicely, looking calm and collected on the outside while wondering “Is this really happening….?”

  • The Enlightened One

    This is hilarious! Hahaha!

    I saw something like this on youtube once, where a guy like her fought some MMA fighter. The old bastard got knocked senseless and didn’t do shit to the MMA fighter except act like a retarded mime.

    It was really funny because before they fight he was flipping his students around without touching them and they were going retarded.

    This stuff is about as lame as football players that fall down holding their legs like they got kicked but the guy is like 2 feet away. TOTAL LAMENESS!

  • Ryo

    For those of you who think this shit is real, I have some magic beans I want to sell you.

  • Irvin

    Maybe she didn’t pay them enough that’s why their acting was so bad.

  • Genxi

    She looks like the woman form of Hu Jin Tao…Anyway, that video was complete bullshit. The Pokemon creator probably got their ideas from this woman.

  • elizabeth

    ‘Tai chi’ is also used figuratively sometimes to mean something else.

  • swat

    Hilarious,…was this…? a preview for The Dictator part deuux…???…Icouldn’t see

    Sacha on this one, maybe too much makeup !!!!

    But seriously, this must be a wadiya thing, can’t wait for the realease date.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    i watched only a small part of it. it seemed like she was amused by the young guys jumping around like that. it doesn’t seem to me like they were pretending to do anything. like she was just demonstrating something slowly for their audience. i don’t think it was meant to look like a full speed fight.

  • bigwin80

    Kung Fu doesn’t work. It never worked. Look at Chinas military history. They repeatedly got thrashed by smaller countries. When they did win, it was due to outnumbering their opponents by a significant margin.

    Bruce Lee wasn’t a fighter, he was an actor. He had zero professional fights. Can’t believe there are people who genuinely believe that Lee would beat Muhummad Ali, Mike Tyson, Fedor, Anderson Silva etc. Lee was a scrawny 130 pound man. Thats probably what the average 5th grader in the US weighs.

    Bruce Lee didn’t invent MMA. He didn’t invent cross training. Martial artists were mixing styles centuries before Lee was even born. Lee didn’t accomplish anything other then popularizing martial arts in the west. Fighting skill wise, hes a nobody.

    • Scott

      I get your point but you overstepped with the examples. Expansive Czarist Russia and Qing dynasty China in the latter 17th century finally broke the steppe tribes which had scourged the region since time immemorial. That was no small feat. The Qing China that faced the West in the mid-19th century had no cause to assume the course of history would run any way but the way it had run for millenniums. Thinkers and statesmen of the late 18th and early 19th centuries in the West – Thomas Jefferson is a good example, who believed the American republic would need a thousand years to settle the lands gained by the Louisiana Purchase – had no cause to think that the pace of human development and technology would be any radically different than that known in their lifetimes. What began quite subtly in the late 18th century but has since increased with geometric rapidity was Western technological development.

      Many, many years ago an Australian would come around to the dojo in Taiwan and spar, just to keep up his skills. He had sparred with Bruce Lee and I remember him saying hits on Lee’s arms and legs was like hitting iron bars. No, I don’t think Bruce Lee was a sham.

      • Scott

        I intended “Expansive Czarist Russia and Qing dynasty China in the latter 18th century…”

    • markx

      You are correct he would lose against the big guys: but real fighters regard him with great respect and most think he would do well in his own weight class;

      I found Bas Rutten’s comments here:


      • Scott

        Trenchant comment from Bas Rutten, the man who would know.

        Alongside that I came across a demonstration of Aikido (or The Soft Way), see:


        and, it is very much staged, just as I remember the demonstrations personally witnessed years ago. The attacker expects the counter move, relaxes to it, and in no way counteracts. Aikido is fine for taking down a bar drunk, but a determined street fighter – say, 60’s Latin Counts – will mince the Aikido master.

        And off topic (with apologies) but to my mind Olympic fencing, particularly foil, has become a sham as the duel is reduced to first strike, so each goes back and forth with a series of quick feints angling for a strike. There is no defense, and I suggest that with naked sword – no matter sabre, epee or foil – one would be painfully aware that a miss would leave one open to counterattack, so defense is a necessary skill. This is lacking in modern Olympic fencing.

    • Harland

      Bruce Lee had plenty of real fights. He was challenged constantly by people who didn’t approve of him teaching fighting to whites. He would step outside, kick their asses and keep right on teaching.

    • linette

      bigwin80, do some research before you open your mouth. Bruce lee got into many “unofficial” fights with all the other professional fighters. He kicked everybody’s asses. People from all over the place would go challenge him. That is why all the other professional fighters respect him and always claim if BL get into professional competitions, he would be world champion. Now you can go back to koreansentry.com.

      • Eh, he’s nothing a 12 gauge couldn’t handle.

        • diverdude

          yeah, find himself on the wrong end of my HK. alternate rounds of buckshot, #6, and rifled slugs.
          3in. Magnum of course….

      • bigwin80

        Really linette? Could you name a couple of those “professional” fighters that Lee fought on the streets? I bet you can’t name even one.

        Lee wasn’t a fighter. He was an actor. He could have competed in boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, karate tournaments, vale tudo etc during him time, but noooooo. He only acted in a few movies and did one inch punch demonstrations to willing subjects.

        You honestly think a 130 pound man with no professional fights and a background in kungfu is supposed to be some killing machine? LOL. Speaking of Koreans. Korean zombie is currently the top contender for the feathweight division. Hes tiny but still outweighs Bruce by nearly 40 pounds.

        If Bruce Lee was alive today, he would be dwarfed by even the tiniest fighter in the lightest weight division. Fly weights cut from 15 pounds to make the 125lb limit.

        • bigwin80

          China has no fighters to be proud of so they create myths around martial arts actors such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li. All three of whom would get their ass kicked by C level UFC fighters. Heres 2 kung fu masters duking it out in a no holds barred match many decades ago.


          Heres boxer Ray Robinson during the same time period.


          And you still wonder why Kung Fu sucks? Ray Robinson has a legitimate and documented professional record. Bruce Lee has a few unofficial fights that could be true but most likely entirely made up.

          • linette

            hahaha..You poor thing. Must be hard for you to be so jealous of the Chinese all the time. Living in your inferiority complex always complaining about people from other race. It’s okay. Just breath. You will get over it eventually.

            By the way, stop accusing HK film industry of creating “myths” like BL and JC. HK film industry just took something really great like Bruce lee and put it on big screen to be shared with the world. I don’t see your film industry doing anything great for your martial artists. Your film industry suck big time doing tons of gay dramas and plastic surgery kpop idols for little kids and house wives. When your korean films start winning Oscar academy awards than you come back and talk.

            And say what? All USa and China swimmers are all above 6ft2 and up. Why you guy sent that scrawny dwarf swimmer Park..whatever his name is to compete with Sun Yang and Phelps? When he lost the Koreans started saying shxt about other olympians. Next time don’t sent a scrawny dwaft like Park.

          • bigwin80

            Why would I be jealous of China? Why would anyone be jealous of China? No one, not even Chinese people want to be Chinese. It makes zero sense that you accuse me of being jealous.

            You still haven’t answered my question. Who has Bruce Lee beaten? Where can I find videos of recorded testimonies on those “unofficial fights”?

            You bring up K-pop, K-drama, and some Korean vs Chinese swimming rivalry that I could care less about. Seriously, what does that have to do with kung fu sucking balls and Bruce Lee being a fraud?

          • bigwin80

            -Number of Korean swimmers who doped = 0
            -Number of Chinese swimmers(all PRC government sanctioned and sponsored) who doped in the last 30 years= almost 100.


            China 1.4 billion people with a forced state sponsored athletic program and doping program. Still can’t beat the US in sports.

            What happens if China went off the steroids, growth hormones, EPO and quit kidnapping children for their sports program? What would happen to their medal count? Answer=

            Taiwan would happen.

            2012 olympics
            Korea: 13 gold, 8 silver, 7 bronze.
            Taiwan: 0 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze.

            Taiwan= 100% genetically Chinese. All Taiwanese medals come from women lol.

          • bigwin80

            Ever wondered why China does well in the Olympics? Not only do they have 1.4 billion people to find athletes from but also this-


            Absolutely disgraceful that a government feels the need to abduct children and train them their entire lives. Pretty much any shit hole country can churn out medals by utilizing such a barbaric program. Good thing Korean athletes are entirely volunteers, many of whom went into sports as a hobby.

            You also mention that Chinese swimmer who is tall. Yeah, I would 7 foot tall if the government forced me to take HGH as a child. How many Chinese athletes under PRC state sponsored sports program have been caught doping again?

          • Linette… Haha… bigwin80 may not be jealous of “China”. But this is a cover to say that he is jealous of Hong Kong. I still see HK as autonomous and most certainly is an SAR. Keep up the good work woman. Very good trollbusting. I have a healthy jealousy of HK. The HK people are strong in the face of considerable adversities. Cheers, Richard.

          • linette

            USA and Europe don’t care about Korea doping or not because korea are not their strong competitor. No one will waste time to put it on the news even though korean athletes may commonly dope. The Usa and europe are more worry about China because they know only China are their strong competitor stealing all the medals from them.

            By the way, are you really that dumb? You are reading too much comic book? You think this is Hulk? Growth hormone can’t really make a person grow too much or change too much in size. The most is like 2 to 3 inches if it even works and with the risk of side effects like cancer. In USA they treat children with idiopathic short stature with growth hormone, and the result was not dramatic. Only like 2 or 3 inches the most change in height. And in some cases no effect in height resulted from treatments.
            Genetic factors affect growth and final height of the person. Not growth hormone treatment. If it really works without potential dangerous side effects, I am sure the South Koreans will be the first to abuse it along with plastic surgery.

            Why would anyone jealous of Chinese? I don’t know. Go ask your president Lee Myungbak why he is always licking Hu Jintao’s ass. hahahah….lol Those two are competing to see who is more corrupted.

          • Gontraf

            What has swimming got to do with anything? Oo

            Who cares about UFC fighters? Since when has street fighting become a standard and how can it possibly be compared with any kind of martial art? Martial arts are codified and do not just teach “how to fight”… Reducing then to how far it allows one to piss is pretty moronic.

          • bigwin80

            Whats this BS you are making up Linette? The US and Europeon government isn’t in charge of handling dopers. The World Anti-Doping Association and other regulatory bodies are in charge of handling blood tests. China has had nearly 100 cases of doping in the last 30 years for swimming alone. Korea has had a grand total of 0. You blame it on a secret white man conspiracy to make China look bad. No moron, China is a nation of cheaters. If they went off the dope, they would revert to Taiwan(2 medals lol).

            2012 olympics
            Korea: 13 gold, 8 silver, 7 bronze.
            Taiwan: 0 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze.

            As you can see, jjanke are genetically inferior when it comes to sports. GH can add several inches to your height if you start early. Steroids and EPO enhances physical performance to unfair levels. Although there is yet to be a reliable test for growth hormones, Chinese swimmers routinely get busted for steroids and EPO. It wouldn’t surprise me if they started abusing GH at a young age.

            3 months ago, a 16 year old Chinese kid was busted for doping.
            Funny thing is, she was most certainly doping before she was even 13 years old.

            That midget Korean swimmer you are talking about is 6ft tall. He still towers over the typical 5’6 chinaman. Did you know that the average height in China is shorter then even the Japanese? Koreans make fun of the Japanese for being dwarves yet they are taller then the average Chinese. LOL. You truly are a miserable loser. You feel proud that some Chinese GH doped swimmer is taller then some Korean swimmer?

          • bigwin80

            In China, it is normal to kidnap kindergarteners and train them to adulthood in forced state sponsored athletic program.



            but… but…. but….. everyone is jealous of Chinas super sports ability huh?

            Roflmao. You must be soooooo proud of Chinas sports accomplishment. Hopefully one day, your country will finally become civilized and abolish its barbaric, third world, savage sports system.

          • bigwin80

            Chinese weightlifter taken away from parents at a very young age. Hasn’t seen father in almost 7 years.


            Yeah, the first world countries are soooooooo jealous of Chinas accomplishment.


          • linette

            Growth hormone works and can make you bigger and stronger so why 80% of the south koreans are not abusing it like how they mutilate their korean face and body cutting bones abusing plastic surgery? Many Koreans are willing to CUT BONES and have a COMPLETELY NEW NOSE and CALF REDUCTION you know. Because growth hormone don’t necessarily works and have dangerous side effect when use on human. All medical personnel knows that. From listening to you I already knew you know nothing about drugs. I am not gonna waste my time teaching you. Go study some more before you keep trying to come up with false theory. I love how you Koreans constantly lie and deny making theories up about other race because of your inferiority complex. You poor thing. Other countries don’t pay too much attention to Korea in olympic and that is why you suffer from “middle child” syndrome. Usa and europe only target China and their athletes, not yours.

            BTW, Another medical study fact for you. Learn something. The north eastern chinese are the tallest among chinese and also among the east asians. Men average 6′ and women 5’7.5″.
            There are 3 major parts in china, northern ( north eastern), central and southern chinese. Northern Chinese are the tallest East Asians.
            All the basketball players in NBA are Chinese like 3 or 4 of them playing in uSA not in China. Yaoming, sun, and all those other athletes are northen Chinese. Not due to growth hormones. That is why they tower over you Koreans. The Chinese are better athletes in general in all individual sports. LinDAn also.

          • linette

            Don’t bother making up any more false theory in your head, when very apparently you don’t know anything about medical facts. Don’t waste your time. If you want to troll just go back to koreansentry to join the rest of your korean nationalists. Stop wasting space in Chinasmack.

          • bigwin80

            Lol, your countries athletes get routinely busted for abusing PEDs yet you are now blaming Koreans? Not my fault that your country abuses steroids, EPO and growth hormones. Isn’t it rather obvious with all the female swimmers from China who look like men.


            Lol, and now you bring up plastic surgery even though Chinese women make up over 30-40% of the plastic surgery done in Korea according to the news.


            Not my fault that you country dopes like crazy. Not my fault that your country is ugly and wants to look more Korean. Not my fault that your country kidnaps children just so it can win medals.

            And whats this bs about NE Chinese men averaging 6 ft in height? LOL. According to what source? A blog? A forum post? Something that was scribbled on a piece of toast? I went to polluted cesspool Shenyang and I was taller then everyone I saw on the street. EVERYONE(I’m 6’5). Meanwhile in the US and Korea I find people taller then me.

            You mention a couple of basketball players as proof that Northern Chinese are giant. By that logic the Japanese are also tall because they have a 7 foot tall basketball player as well. You make no sense.

          • bigwin80

            Whats especially pitiful about you is the fact that you bring up a few Northern Chinese to defend China as whole. Because Northern Chinese are taller and better at sports.

            Well guess what idiot? Koreans are 100% North eastern asian compared to China which is mostly southerners with a few Mongol and Manchurian leftovers to boost height. Its no wonder why you have such a giant gaping inferiority complex. Most Chinese lack Northern stock. Koreans on the other hand are 100% stock. This explains why something like this can happen-

            2012 olympics
            Korea: 13 gold, 8 silver, 7 bronze.
            Taiwan: 0 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze.

            Taiwan = 100% Chinese stock.

            So funny how you bring up a tiny minority in China that is slighty taller, lighter and better are sports then the southern darkies who make up most of your population(and you as well). Even funnier when you realize the Northerners(Mongols and Manchus) were your masters for centuries.

            The average height for 18 year olds in Korea is about 175cm and that includes the poorer rural communities and mixed children. The city average is much taller. I seriously doubt the average Northern Chinese is 183cm. Provide evidence.

          • linette

            The female athletes in all countries look more manly. Not just China. The China women don’t have long hair in a ponytail and wear no make up of course they look less feminine.

            no make up or plastic surgery.

            South korea doping but the world don’t care to report it because Sk are not seen as a threat.

            And say what? You koreans hate your monoeyelids and wide square face. You want our Chinese double eyelids big eyes and oval face. You send your kids to get double lids done for few hundred bucks to open the eyes. Chinese don’t do that. There is no need to. Also stop making lies about 30% thing again. It’s so tiring it’s annoying. The chinese that get plasty done in south korea are old ugly chinese women in their 30s. Not teenagers like the koreans.

            You can keep on making up lies just like the korea public media. All one needs to do is walk around in Chinese countries and South Korea, and you will see with your own eyes who has plastic done. Hk and singapore are richer than seoul and plasty is not our culture.

          • linette

            bigwin80.. You are really a sad soul. Northern Chinese are not Chinese? Just the northern part alone in China out of 1.4 billions would have more population than your 50 millions South korean. And those are the medical facts of average northern Chinese height that taught in USA medical school.
            And the southern Chinese in average are like only at most 2 inches shorter than korea in average. East Asians are shorter and smaller in bone structures compare to caucasian. These are all medical facts.
            Nobody is using growth hormones. You sad troll.

          • bigwin80

            Those north korean soccer players do not have the physique of a man. The Chinese swimmers on the other hand look like male weight lifters. And besides, you’re going to use North Korea as evidence? They utilize a similiar commie state sponsored athletic program as China. Only on a much smaller scale.

            Don’t know why we’re discussing apperances now. In any case, Koreans > Chinese. Pretty sure most Chinese would agree as well. The hundreds of thousands of Chinese flocking to Korea to look like Korean celebrities is evidence enough. In fact they do the same thing in China as well. Or the thousands of screaming fans Korean boybands get whenever they visit China.


            Some Korean drama starring Korean actress Lee Young Ae became very famous in China which led to a gargantuan stream of Chinese women getting surgery to look like her. Lee Young Ae is 100% natural by the way.


            Can’t say I blame Chinese for wanting to look more Korean. Being tall, light skinned, well built, oval head, double eyelids etc are all traits more commonly in Koreans then Chinese. Its no wonder why you guys accuse Koreans of getting eyelid surgery, skin whitening creams, breaking jaw bones, cutting calves, using growth hormones etc. In fact thats what you’ve routinely done thus far. Jealousy leads to accusation and denial.

            You’re basically acknowledging that Koreans look better and you’re blaming it on enhancements lol. Quit being a sourpuss lol.

            Chinas number 1 film hero says hi

          • bigwin80

            No linette, northern China is only a tiny part of China. Yet you are taking pride in them even though most Chinese are dark southern dwarves, mixed or something else entirely.

            Meanwhile, Koreans are 100% north eastern asian. Whatever attractive and prideful trait you find within China is pretty much the norm in Korea.

            Tall, light skin, athleticism, beauty, oval head etc are the norm in Korea. Very rare in China. Those who do possess it are the tiny minority of Northerners.


          • linette

            Okay, I agreed with you bigwin80. The south korean athletes never doped. They are naturally better athletes.
            South Korean have natural double eyelids, oval face, white skin, tall nose, tall and big. All their celebrities are 100% natural beauty not due to plastic surgery including all the beauty pageants. The south koreans don’t have plastic surgery culture. Those are the north koreans I mistaken.

            Yes, I agree with you and your korea public media. ;)

          • bigwin80

            “Sarcasm is focused bitterness.”

            -Leo Rosten

          • linette

            no bigwin80, the prettiest natural beauty are not in northern China.
            They are located in central China. All chinese know that.



            Many are from central China. That’s where you will find all the natural beauty.

          • linette
          • linette

            bigwin80, your 3000 words once again proved korea fabricate and lied about everything. I was just waiting for you to post 3000 words so I can post one link to expose you. You love wasting time doing so much lies. What a sad soul. lol.

          • bigwin80


            A facebook page says that 70% of Koreans get plastic surgery so it must be true. After all, whatever is on facebook must be 100% true.

            You truly are an idiot linette. I didn’t even bring up physical apperance or plastic surgery, you did. You brought it up due to your own midget, darkie, pizza faced chinese, slanty eyed, gorilla nosed heritage and insecurity. Its not my fault that you Chinese are sterotype as being ugly. Quit accusing Koreans of getting surgery when you make up 30% of the plastic surgery done in Korea.


            The stats are proven. They arn’t some facebook post.

          • linette

            shut up bigwin80, not playing trolling with you today. Why don’t you post your photo on gravator you big dick. lol.

          • bigwin80

            Why would you want to see my big dick on gravator? Is it because you want to bask in its glory?

            China 12.2
            Korea 13.42

            It appears Koreans truly do have have Gangnam style

            China on the other hand has ching chong style

      • Strangerland

        Bruse Lee’s mom is actually half-German, so Bruce Lee actually a quarter German. I don’t believe this at first but then I google it and it turns out tobe true! Wow!

    • Brett Hunan

      트롤들이 재미없다.

      • linette

        트롤들이 재미없다……
        What does that mean?

        • Brett Hunan

          Trolls are boring/ trolls aren’t interesting. Bigwin80 is worse than Chucky over at koreaBANG. Chucky is nationalistic, while Bigwin is a Bigdick.

          • bigwin80

            I am guilty of having a big dick.

          • linette

            bigwin80, no, I heard korean men have the smallest dick in average compare to all East Asian men. That’s what my korean girl co-worker told me. She married to a Chinese man.

          • Linette I heard recently that Asian men are by-and-large the most secretive in the world in terms of penile bulk (length + coronal diameter + overall volume). The Koreans are obsessed with the physical science of this. Go easy dude. As Orientals you should analyse more. The 10% of height theory is not “hard and fast”. Many short Caucasians have 20cm+ penises.

          • bigwin80

            The Straits times measured the penis length of various ethnicity in Singapore(2000). Chinese were the smallest.


            Erect length(cm)

            Chinese: 12.2
            Malay: 12.4
            Indian: 12.4
            West: 12.9

            2 years earlier, a similiar study was conducted in Korea.


            Korean: 13.42

            Sorry chinaman but its not my fault we have bigger penises.

          • OK now I’m worried. Measured on the underside my penis is 7.5″ which I think is 18cm. I know – and I am not gay but I have observed – many angmo / gweilo / laowai are longer than me – so are your figure in cm or inches. Please clarify. Thanks.

          • linette

            2 years earlier, a similiar study was conducted in Korea…….


          • linette


            Linette I heard recently that Asian men are by-and-large the most secretive in the world in terms of penile bulk (length + coronal diameter + overall volume).


            No doubt the Koreans are obsessed with the physical science of this.

          • Linette I have no need to quote as it was in all Singapore news outlets, but they have a “penis-stretching” machine in Korean scientific labs, which when the stretching of unerect penis becomes painful it is seen to be the fully erect length in terms of “potential”.

            Normally in the West, you use sexual arousal to make the adult aroused. Then you take out the world’s most hi-tec measuring tool – known to some as the “ruler” – and you see how many cm or inches the erect penis is.

            Why are the Koreans over-engineering their solutions?

          • bigwin80

            What a sad response Linette. You are the one who brought up penis size comparison, plastic surgery, physical traits etc. Now that you are on the losing side, you instead do a 180 and accuse me of being obsessed with physical science roflmao.

            You reap what you sow.

          • bigwin80 Linette is a breath of fresh air. In a world full of miscreants, she probably asks why the Koreans and Japanese stand by the theory that only modestly-penised men join the pornography industry. This would be a world “first”. Buyers usually look for wide penises gently parting a close-fitting adult camel-toe with adequately applied “spring pressure”.

          • Dr SUN

            AS long as you are bottoming out in their vaginal fornix not just slamming their cervix, then your big enough and their very happy.

          • Dr SUN Goddang. Goddang. I say again Goddang. I cannot comprehend the beauty of your words. They are zen interracialism.

          • linette

            richardnorth, don’t bother with bigwin80, He is so bitter living in his little fantasy world. He even tries to say he has big dick and 6ft5in.


          • Linette SHUCKS… I was gonna ask him to whip out his ruler, look at some Peter North / Tommy Gunn interracial porn, and measure diameter A and diameter B and apply the oval average diameter formula… The penis is not round in cross-section as we know… Then look at some volumes… Shucks indeed…

          • C84

            I want Brett Hunan’s c–k in my mouth. I love white guys.

          • markx


            Underside? !

            Well, there is a few extra cm right there! Where do you stop with that tape? You can add a few more cm if you go all the way back to your a***hole. (if your scrotum is pendulous enough!)

            By the way, as you are so into technical terminology:

            “Camel-toe” is commonly accepted as referring to the appearance of (usually) plump female external genitalia as it is seen in tight clothing, especially when parted by a central seam. It is NOT a general term for said female genitalia.

          • Markx OK you’re a twelve year old troll unless you can prove otherwise.

            Camel-toe is outer labia nowadays. Get hold of some shaven camel-toe and wrap your chops around it. The Oriental G-spot is nearer the vestibule than with Caucasian women.

            In terms of penises, as I say I’m not gay, but a great many Caucasians – including I must say guys a lot shorter than me in height – have 8-9 inch penises measured on the top side. Where the dorsal vein is, rather than the spongiosal ridge.

            As for the underside? So? You’re not going to locate the all important bulbospongiosus on top, are you? But as an aside, many Caucasians would register 10″ if measuring from urethra to bulbospongiosus.

          • bigwin80

            Once again linette, its not my fault that being 6’5 is an impossible occurrence for Chinese people. People who are as tall or taller than me do exist(not naturally in China however). And they don’t need to be drug enhanced in Chinese sports camps like what your midget nation does.



            I’m not going to tell you what my penis size is but it sure as hell towers over your nations pathetic 12.2 cm. Lol even the Malays and Indians are bigger.

  • mr. wiener

    Suggested song of the article , unless Kedafu Chi Gong bitch slaps me so hard my unborn children will feel it.
    “Kung Fu fighting” -Carl Douglas.

  • Foreign Devil

    Power of belief. She would never have any effect on a skeptic. I’m sure those men are either her students (completely given over to her) or some guys who really want to believe in this stuff. Whatever you believe in becomes your reality.

  • Xiongmao

    Just watched the first minute before I had to turn it off. Actually, I might want to watch the rest since the ‘Master’ came off as a slightly demented old lady who had an aura of ‘Where am I and what am I doing here?!’ going for her. Anyway, clearly fake and the acting is horrible. Scam trying to get apprentices to cough up and sick people to donate for help. Disgusting really.

  • diverdude

    Gold Medal in Retard Olympics.

  • DRaYphLy


    • DRaYphLy


      • The Enlightened One

        Woah! You bad sucka!

        You can beat up a retarded old lady… damn… that’s hardcore!

        • jeffli

          I’m with DRaYphLy,
          I’lll put down 10,000USD if some one can throw me across the room using this “magic kungfu”
          Its all just part of the “flying sword” crap.

          “We in China are mysteriously powerful secrets” gheeeeeeee
          Tyson would bite her ear off and “do her in the rear” before she could say “cao cao lai le!” ,,,,,,,,silly buggers!

          • DRaYphLy

            The point is not that I want to hurt an old lady, the point is Tai Chi and Kung Fu are FUCKEREY!!!
            I believe this lady as much as I believe in the Virgin Mary, which is not at all.
            I am dead serious, If anyone believes in this nonsense, find the “master” i will pay him $10,000USD if he can beat an opponent of my choosing. I will pay to arrange a fight!!!

  • bigwin80


    Real Kung Fu bout between 2 masters caught on film. Tai Chi Master Ng Gong Yee vs White Crane Ryu Master Chun Huck Fu.

    This was a fight between 2 well known and respected kung fu masters. The fight drew a very large crowd due to the reputation of the two. Needless to say, its no wonder why you never hear about Kung Fu being used anywhere.

    nutsack sweat > piss > vomit > shit > Kung Fu