Female University Student with 13 Knife Wounds Ruled a Suicide

Chinese girl found dead at Henan Normal University with 13 knife wounds ruled a suicide by local police.

Chinese girl found dead at Henan Normal University with 13 knife wounds ruled a suicide by local police.

From NetEase & Sohu:

Female university student with 13 knife wounds dead, police determine it was a suicide

Recently, Henan Normal University student Xiao Han suddenly died from knife wounds. Family members say Xiao Han suffered a total of 13 knife wounds, with the fatal knife wounds being being very deep, even cutting her throat. Police say there were multiple knife wounds on the deceased’s body, that they have preliminarily determined this resulted from psychological [or emotional] problems arising from excessive exam stress, and firmly believe this was a suicide. Family members express disbelief and claim the child’s personality was optimistic and cheerful.

[Transcription and translation of the above video:]

Male Presenter: Next is something involving a university schoolgirl, just 21 years old this year, attending school at a university in Zhengzhou. Just recently, her family was notified that something has happened to their child at school.

Female Presenter: And apparently it was something big. Let’s take a look.

Ms. Zhang: My daughter died unjustly, so unjustly, so unjustly.

Narration: This crying woman is Ms. Zhang, reflecting on the situation for us. According to her, her daughter is called Xiao Han, 21 years old this year, was a Tourism Management major at the Xinlian Campus of Henan Normal University, and an exemplary student.

Xiao Han’s Uncle: The child has always had a rather optimistic and cheerful personality ever since she was small. From when she started university, she has always been a student cadre. And in 2011, she even earned a second-level scholarship, 5000 kuai of money.

Xiao Han’s Father: My daughter was an exemplary child.

Narration: So if she was this kind of girl, why did she suddenly die? For this, we have to start from the day of June 10th.

Xiao Han’s Father: A little after 10am, I received a phone call from my child’s teacher. The teacher said something happened and wanted us to go to the school.

Narration: At first, the parents didn’t think too much about it, but kept asking the school just what exactly has happened. However, the school’s teacher would only hem and haw, unwilling to say much. Here, the parents began to feel something was wrong, and rushed to Henan Normal University’s Xinlian Campus that afternoon.

Xiao Han’s Uncle: We arrived at the campus at 5pm and learned that the child was gone.

Narration: Family members say mother Ms. Zhang immediately fainted upon hearing that her child had died. After seeing Xiao Han’s body, the other family members were stunned.

Xiao Han’s Uncle: Her arm (had a knife wound), her legs had 5 knife woods, her neck had 6 knife wounds, altogether 13 knife wounds. The fatal knife wound (on her neck) was this deep, I don’t know how big the knife must have been to cut so deep, it was cut all the way to the throat.

Narration: Family members say they couldn’t imagine how a 21-year-old girl suffered such incredible pain before death. However, the result of the investigation that would be announced by the police would be even more unexpected for the family members.

Xiao Han’s Aunt: What the public security organs preliminarily determined was that it was suicide.

Narration: So were the circumstances of the death described by the family members true, and how did the police determine that Xiao Han had committed suicide? Afterward, this reporter went to the Zhongmou county police station. According to the person in charge, the deceased Xiao Han’s body indeed had multiple knife wounds. This representative says Zhengzhou city Public Security Bureau and the Zhongmou county Public Security Bureau forensics experts and investigators also came to the scene of the incident. According to the circumstances of the scene, they determined that Xiao Han was a suicide.

Zhongmou County Police Representative: The determination of suicide is without question. In addition to the municipal public security bureau, there is also us, and there was very ample basis for the determination, it was a suicide.

Narration: Then, just what was the reason that made a 21-year-old girl repeatedly stab herself over 10 times to commit suicide? This Zhongmou county police representative says the exact reason is still under investigation. At present, the preliminary determination is that the pressure of exams was so large that it caused psychological problems. With regards to this kind of determination by the police, family members express disbelief. They believe the child’s personality was optimistic and cheerful, and there was no unusual behavior.

Xiao Han’s Father: A little after 9pm on the night of June 9th, my daughter was still on the phone with her younger brother. She even called me earlier that afternoon, and even called my older sister, and there were no [indication of] problems. There was nothing abnormal noticed in the phone calls either.

Xiao Han’s Uncle: If you say the child was psychologically unwell, could she still have been the department head of the student union’s psychological services department?

Narration: Family members also believe a quiet girl who liked to pretty herself using such an extreme way to commit suicide completely goes against common sense.

Xiao Han’s Uncle: What everyone understands the least is, how could a big man could cut himself 13 times before dying, much less a weak little girl? If one wanted to die, just one would be enough.

Xiao Han’s Aunt: No ordinary person could endure this kind of pain. This is way beyond common sense, it is too difficult to accept for us family members.

Narration: Apart from this, family members have another question, which is that Xiao Han’s time of death was at 7am in the morning, but the where she died turned out to be inside a hallway of the professors’ dormitory.

Xiao Han’s Father: What I can’t figure out is why my daughter would get up in the morning and then die in the corridor of the teachers’ dorms?

Xiao Han’s Aunt: Why did she insist on dying in the professors’ dorms?

Narration: In response to the family members’ questions, this reporter called Secretary Cao of Henan Normal University’s Xinlian Campus.

Reporter: After the child got out of bed after 6am that morning, why did she turn up in the teacher’s dormitory? Have you conducted an investigation of the teachers?

Secretary Cao: Let me tell you, this matter is not for us to go investigate the teachers. If we were to investigate, the police will think we are siding with/covering for the teachers, so this has to be left to the public security bureau to investigate. We won’t get involved.

Narration: As is understood by this reporter, in accordance with the requests of Xiao Han’s family members, public security organs are currently further investigating. We also hope those who know the inside story [what exactly happened] will quickly contact the public security organs or Minsheng Da Cankao. Minsheng Da Cankao reporter Jiang Xiaokai reporting.

Comments from NetEase:


Ding me and you’ll be born in America in your next life, plus an extra 10 cm of JJ length!

孤尘一鸿 [网易浙江省杭州市手机网友]:

The police are once again challenging the intelligence of the rabble.

cxp0636 [网易上海市网友]:

There’s been quite a lot of jokes lately: I can wantonly stab various parts of my body 13 times before dying.

思维定理 [网易贵州省黔东南州网友]:

The 11 knife wounds last time was also a suicide.
Looks like there’s some basis to women having a greater tolerance for pain than men.

韭菜弟 [网易北京市海淀区网友]:

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李治斌1 [网易上海市手机网友]:

She must’ve had her virginity taken away by some professor and couldn’t bear it, or was murdered while resisting!


There must be an inside story/cover-up, hope someone will expose it soon.

kaifengpp [网易四川省成都市成华区网友]:

Too abominable!!! Have the police experiment how to commit suicide with 13 stabbings/cuts!!!

Comments from Youku:


Laughs without saying a word!


Speechless. 无语


How lamentable it is to be born in China…


If they dare, the police should go stab themselves 13 times.


Suicide? By stabbing/hacking oneself 13 times?? …What a godly [incredible] person.


Ding this up. Let’s use the power of “looking on” [referring to the public paying close attention to something forcing authorities to be careful with how they handle it]. I’m watching this. All we have left now is to “look on” anyway.


Experts have once again solved a case.


Was suicided, you know what I’m talking about.


Haven’t even finished investigating and already saying it was a suicide, sigh, this speechless society, reminds me of that government official who suffered N knife wounds on his body and was ruled a suicide.


80% chance the murderer’s father is also Li Gang


When they can’t figure out what happened or if there’s someone behind the scenes preventing them from daring to figure out what happened, they say it was a suicide. If they have the balls, the police should go stab themselves 13 times. The public security bureau should go to hell.


A while ago there was a man who committed suicide with 11 knife wounds on his body. This girl committed suicide with 13 knife wounds. Who knows, maybe next time there will be an infant who commits suicide with 15 knife wounds to his body. This is a mysterious country.


When those without money or power die, it’s always suicide!

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