Female Worker Raped 3x by Supervisor, Husband Wants Divorce

Ms. Hu is acting hysterically.

Ms. Hu, her children and hermother-in-law are at the front gate of the factory.

From NetEase:

Shenzhen Female Employee Raped 3 Times in 30 Days by Supervisor

Recently, a supervisor in Dawangshan Xingyun Product Factory of Shajing County is suspected of raping a female employee. The victim claims she was too afraid to report it to the police, and only after her husband felt something was wrong with her [behavior] at home after she had been forced to have sexual relations three times did she finally reveal what happened. April 7, family members of the victim went to the factory demanding an explanation, with the factory claiming that they too feel very helpless that something like this happened, and both parties currently in negotiations. From Nandu.com.

This picture [above] is of the hysterical female employee, who had just been crying in her mother-in-law’s arms a moment ago but suddenly got up to charge into the factory, her mother-in-law unable to restrain her.

Ms. Hu is acting hysterically.

The victim Ms. Hu is an employee it the Quality Department of Dawangshan Xingyun Product Factory in Shajing County. Ms. Hu is 26 years old, having come to Shenzhen from her hometown in Henan 7-8 years ago to work, where she met her husband Mr. Wei, with whom the two have a 6-year-old daughter and a 4-and-half-year-old son. Yesterday [April 7] afternoon, Ms. Hu and her husband along with the husband’s mother and their two children came to the factory demanding an explanation. Ms. Hu was a little hysterical at the scene, and the husband’s mother was half lying at the front gate of the factory, muttering something to herself. The person in charge of the factory wasn’t in the office. Ms. Hu and her family were unsatisfied with the factory’s attitude, and for a time had run up to the rooftop of the factory.

Ms. Hu is crying in her mother-in-law's arms.

March 14, Wang [the supervisor] asked Ms. Hu to bring the products which didn’t pass inspection to the hotel room where he was staying. As soon as Ms. Hu entered Wang’s room, Wang locked the door and grabbed Ms. Hu, demanding that she have sex with him. Ms. Hu says she resisted with all her strength at the time, but Wang used “force” hitting her causing her mouth to bleed. Ms. Hu, without a choice, had sexual relations with Wang. Due to Wang not using contraception during sex, “afterward he had me go buy contraception [“morning-after pill”]”. March 20, after returning to Shenzhen from Qingyuan, Wang once again demanded her to have sex with him. April 3, at about 9pm, when the machines at the factory manufacturing workshop had stopped, here Ms. Hu was pressed against the machine by the department supervisor Mr. Wang and had intercourse with him for the third time.

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Ms. Hu is acting hysterically.

“She was afraid that I would kill her, so she didn’t dare tell me.” Talking about his wife’s incident, the husband Mr. Wei was very upset. He believes that because his wife was once raped in the factory, the factory bears a certain joint responsibility. It has been revealed that he plans to divorce his wife after this incident has been resolved.

Ms. Hu is trying to commit sucide by jumping off building.

Ms. Hu wanting to commit suicide by jumping off the building after being deeply hurt.

Comments from NetEase:

网易山东省济南市网友 ip:123.232.*.*:

“…he plans to divorce his wife after this incident has been resolved.” –– So he wants to extort some money and then kick his wife to the curb?

小抖即可丶请勿狂甩 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

This man’s [husband] remark is so irresponsible! And this factory’s cock of a supervisor is such an asshole. What about the two kids?! You TM have your fun and now they’re going to end up being a single-parent family!

下雪边界 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

I wonder if the crying and wailing of the disadvantaged social groups places in difficult situations can awaken even the least bit pity from those in power…

jun660 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

Why didn’t she call the police after the first time?

爱哭的小虎鱼 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

What a society. When will Mark Lee [the leading character in the movie A Better Tomorrow] return…

全民贱身 [网易河南省郑州市网友]: (responding to above)

Why would he spend the energy and money to return here?
A bunch of pigs that can’t be awakened nor killed off can only stay in the pigsty and either wait to be slaughtered or die on their own!

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯网友 ㊣盜夢的賊灬:

Is her husband still human? Divorce her after it’s been resolved? You’re going to divorce her after it’s resolved and you’ve gotten the compensation? You think this is what your wife wants? Are you a man or not?

腾讯苏州市网友 ﹎0ong`: (responding to above)

How can you be so sure there isn’t something going on between them [Ms. Hu and the supervisor]? You are so shallow. She only told after her husband found out. Think about it.

腾讯芜湖市网友 琦宝贝: (responding to above)

I really can’t figure out how you think about things. In addition to telling her husband at the minute after she was raped by her supervisor, was she also supposed to shout it out loud in front of the factory? The one who is being shallow is you. Aren’t the facts placed before your eyes clear enough? Now that her husband knows, he’s going to divorce her after this thing has been dealt with. Why didn’t he talk about divorce before he found out about it?

腾讯茂名市网友 孤□心□泪T_: (responding to ㊣盜夢的賊灬)

A used good… who else would want her?

腾讯网友 疏影江南: (responding to above)

Are you still human? How can you say something like that? What an irresponsible, cowardly, selfish little person. When you’re in need of the care and the help of your partner, yet she walks away from you, you’ll know what retribution/karma is!

腾讯网友 231509657:

Chemical castration!!! Those who support it, ding.

腾讯深圳市网友 紙鳶々愛幕ゞ:

The factory must take responsibility, don’t even think about trying to evade responsibility.

腾讯乌鲁木齐市网友 修炼成仙:

It’s not your wife’s fault, she was forced. You as a man should know right from wrong. What you should be doing now is comforting your wife, caring and loving her even more. After all, it was for this family that she went to work, and it’s normal for a beautiful woman to attract the attention of perverts! Hope you won’t use divorce as the means to save face.

腾讯网友 @¥旭……:

A beast of a supervisor. And a husband like this is better to be without!

腾讯网友 春天:

If you are a man, you shouldn’t divorce her, and if you have balls [any ability], you’d seek justice for your wife, instead of letting your wife to get hurt again.

腾讯网友 895570245:

The husband wants divorce, isn’t he sprinkling salt on the wound?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • asian don draper

    sofa… unbelievable.

    • Rainer

      Unbelievable China has become democratic India overnight which enojoys the lowest rate of rape like America.

  • mr.wiener

    Well, if discovery channel can have “Shark week” ,ChinaSmack can have “Rape week”.
    This story is just messed up.

    • Panda Banana

      damn weiner, you are usually a smart fella…tell me what is more likely after you read the article and looked at the pics….that she was really raped or that she and her family incl. the husband pull off a show to get some money out of the factory…

      • Do no harm

        Are you trying to say they should not take her claim seriously?
        How would you react if you were raped????

        • Panda Banana

          Of course they should take them seriously, but that also invludes that they should not ignore the very likely possibility that her claims are not true…

        • ObeseMerikkka

          That is exactly what they are trying to say. That she is a liar. We western males do not believe china woman can be raped, she always lie. ;)

      • linette lee

        how can you tell if the person is raped just by looking at the face?

        • Panda Banana

          First, the face is not visible! Second, the headline says that she WAS raped! (how they know, that it really happened???)…Third, the article says that she was supposedly raped, since the ONLY “evidence” are her own claims.

          I just point out my own opinion what i think is more likely to be true

        • ObeseMerikkka

          Because panda banana is a western male and western males know everything about women and rape. ;)

      • The Enlightened One

        My experience in China would give you a 50/50 either way. But I wouldn’t just pull that trigger because that is exactly why many females don’t report rape to the police.

        I think it would be looked into further without bias but… this is China… you know what I mean… putting on a good show means more then an actual good investigation.

        • ObeseMerikkka

          Of course because this would never happen in the on so great west.

          • The Enlightened One

            What are you talking about? It does happen in the west… but the women don’t usually bring their families to the place where they work and put on a display of Les Miserables for sympathy and compensation.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            Of course and it`s not because the poor are treated like crap and the only way for anyone to pay attention to them is to make a scene. No no no. And women in the west don`t get rape, the great panda banana(western male) has taught me rape is not real and women are liars. ;) God bless his soul.

          • The Enlightened One

            I disagree. Being poor is not a trait that justifies these kind of actions. I know many people who have made something for themselves out of determination, intelligence and refusing to give up. Myself included.

            This is a character trait of the society of China. It may not appeal to you and you may want to create all kinds of excuses but it is true nevertheless.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            Of course this character trait is only prevelent in china, no other country, exclusively only in china. Us americans are so rich we didn`t need to invade the middle east for oil. No we did not.

      • ObeseMerikkka

        I support panda banana, just like me, us fellow western males believe rape is not real and that women are liars. If she is chinese she has planned it all because every chinese is evil and we westerners have never done any harm to anyone else.

      • mr.wiener

        You are correct, there are too many worrying things about this report to accept at face value. The unreported rapes over a 19 day period. The whole dog and pony show in front of the cameras, it bears further investigation. However I’ll stand by my original observation, whichever way you look at it, this is messed up

        • MrT

          Yea, she did the deed (he was a boss so goes with out saying(in china)), her husband sussed her, she spilled her guts (like they do), husband says better get some face back and dollar, get down to the gates, chop chop, take the mother in law for effect.
          Don’t come back with out the cash or i will rearry divorce you (he will anyway one he got the dollar but she will do anything for him right now )
          Same ole China boss worker story.

          • Panda Banana

            he actually accompanied her together with the toothless mother and the 2 kids. Involving her 2 small kids is really something, great example of a loving and caring mother.

            Another point which caught my attention was the fact that the day (14th march) she was supposedly raped, she was also beat up causing her mouth to bleed?! Why no one at home saw that she had bruises or something?…

            The article also says that she came back to SZ from her hometown QingYuan on the 20th. She being a simple factory worker how the fuck did she manage to get 7 days off to go to shit hole QingYuan? You dont get so easy 7 days off when there are no public holidays…sure its not pretty far,probably just a few hours drive, but she had all the time in the world to go to the police, however somehow it was easier to go to a pharmacy to buy her morning after pill…

            coming back on the 20th she was supposedly raped AGAIN on the very same day….

            then again on the 3rd april, after the machines stood still…he fucked her doggy at a machine, i mean what she was doing in the workshop anyway after working hours? This whole story is so full of holes, no wonder the police is not doing anything, with all the shit chinese netizens come up all the time. I doubt that they would have believed her. Either she and her husband made this story up or she had an affair with her supervisor and he dumped her cause she was asking for ridiculous favors, like taking 7 days of…

    • Dude, as sad as this rape story is, there’s a terrible one from Canada about a teenaged girl who was raped at a party, then denied justice, then bullied, then killed herself.

      It’s more complex than that, but I’m trying to spare your feelings.

      • ObeseMerikkka

        Oh no we must not let the chinese know that even in the great west something like this could happen! NO! Only in china does ‘rape’ happen. ;)

        • C’mon… let loose with a “yes, but USA bad too!”.

          then you can say:
          1) China has 5000 years of history…
          2) China is a young developing country
          3) Yes, but things are slowly getting better
          4) Yes, but you must respect a country to implement change on its own

          The lack of a “LOL” is unnerving.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            I agree with you western male. meriKKKa is the best! Killing 95% of the natives living there and enslaving an entire race(black) is the best. Also don’t forget we brough democracy to the middle east (not because we want the oil there) and we also stopped the evil commies in vietnam (even if we had to wipe out those sub humans first). Even till this day we agree we are the true meriKKKans even though we are technically european(shhh..)

          • mr.wiener

            always remember to finish all of you perscription.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            great mr.wiener, you are a western male just like myself, we do not have any faults whatsoever. we are the best and we love to go on chinasmack to bash chinese people forever ;)

          • mr.wiener

            I am a western male nothing like yourself. I’m not blind in my faults, nor do I chose to wallow in my own stupidity.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            You have proven to be a much better western male than I will ever be. I applaud your dedication on bashing chinese people. I wish I had your kind of determination, but fear not I will learn from you and become the best.

          • mr.wiener

            And this is the best you can manage, trolling a few expat types? Well done, you’ve made your family proud.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            mr.wiener your determination is truly remarkable. You are very smart as well, focusing all your attention on attacking china and chinese people while ignoring the real problems in the west, surely would make it all go away.

          • moody

            Do you love playing the victim so much that you have to make up Chinese bashing when there is none ?

          • silent observer

            yep we bash MAINLAND Chinese people just as they matter of factually bash black folks…

          • Gordon Gogodancer

            Its nice to be against injustice. However it’s stupid when you lose your critical thinking and are just being an idiot thinking you’re in the right.

          • Zhegezhege

            In English, your username means “Although I’m trolling, the person behind this comment genuinely is an idiot, please feel free to ignore me”.
            What an embarrassing oversight for you.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            Do not talk to me china men, I along with my western male friends are too busy bashing chinese people. You of course are a chinese person with your chinese name am I right, no one would ever think you are not chinese and that you choose that username to try and make people think you are chinese. ;)

          • Zhegezhege

            The only thing I knew for sure was that you would reply.

            Your kamikaze trolling is very amusing.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            I take it as a compliment, you know, coming from you and all. ;)

          • 不要脸

            The cumulative radicalism here is interesting, the expats have bashed China so much that to post something like ‘Perhaps not every Chinese is worse than Hitler’ is now viewed as being a shockingly pro-Chinese extremist position and definitely trolling. You guys do realise that with your insane China bashing you’re damaging the creators ability to get advertising revenue because you are clearly racist and damage the respectability of the website. Fauna should just ban and ban and ban some more to purge the site of these shills.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Wasn’t nearly the entire race, actually, but sure was a fucking lot of people.

          • Duke

            Every country has “skeletons in the closet”. Look at the history of any country and you will find atrocities. Yes, in the past some Americans used slaves for labor. If i remember my Chinese history correctly, there has been slavery in China since the Shang dynasty(I would look it up most info on slavery in China is blocked). What’s your point with that statement? Yes, America brought “democracy” to the middle east. What did China bring to Tibet, Xin Jiang or trying to bring to the Diaoyu Islands and Taiwan? Communism with Chinese characteristics? Both America and China have had wars with Vietnam. Again, what’s your point? My point is simple. Every major country in history has been part in some travesty or another. For every example of wrong doing you find of “this” country, you can also find the same when you look at “that” country. History speaks for itself.

          • gogodancer at office

            yeah let’s talk about the past…that always leads somewhere. Who cares about what happens NOW when we can talk about what happen BEFORE.

            For example i love it when i feel it’s my fault that Europe fucked China during the Opium Wars…love feeling i’m responsible for something that happened 200 years before i was born. LUUUUV IT

          • Gordon Gogodancer

            Nobody said that isn’t true. Now where you are stupid is not realizing that you have been informed of this by Western Sources (or at least i have), meaning that in the West people are more or less aware of the shit going on. Anyway fuck off, i’m not going to spend my time talking to idiots too much. got work to do

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          I think you want the “foreigner rape’ article instead. You’d fit in more there. This is about a rape between a Chinese woman and an asshat of a boss, not a Chinese woman and a MURICAN(possibly) man.

        • Gordon Gogodancer

          What are you talking about man….. Western societies a way more honest about the bad things that’s happening in the West. You’re just being an stupid if you think anybody here thinks like that.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Rape articles always bring me down … how about something cheery like a traffic accident?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      or whities pissing on the freeway?

  • castrate em

    The name and address of this supervisor should be released to the public. Disgusting that this can still happen today. I don’t know how this can happen 3 times though.

  • Warthog

    Seriously, who is writing all those texts? Does the Chinese original read like it has be written by a 3-year-old or is there no one at Chinasmack that is capable of writing a proper English texts after all those years?

    • Mr Nightcat

      Well, if you can do a better job, feel free.

      It’s a translation and has been made to more follow the original meaning and feel of the Chinese text, instead of being rewritten to the way a typical English language article or journal entry might read, which sometimes alters the meaning of the original text slightly.

  • What a depressing story.

  • markus peg

    he should look after his wife, what a scumbag. just as bad as the man who raped her.

  • cc

    Its not rape, its surprise sex, three times as well, must have enjoyed it.

    • Do no harm

      You are a sick freak

      • cc


      • ObeseMerikkka

        he is not a sick freak ;( he is a true great western man ;)

    • megantron

      you sure are edgy for a 12-year-old!

      • cc

        Explain yourself?

        • megantron

          Don’t worry about it, humor is clearly not your strong point.

          • cc

            Humor? Don’t give up your day job now, will you

          • How much does a “internet humor inspector” make? Do you get your own parking space?

          • cc

            Half a crown an hour

    • ObeseMerikkka

      Yes a fellow person from the west just like me also agrees that rape does not exist. ;) God bless meriKKKa

  • donscarletti

    So, 19 days in all, she kept coming back to the same place and the same thing kept happening. She didn’t quit her job, report it to the police or tell anyone.

    Could it be that this man wants a divorce because he thinks her story is bullshit, but would rather see this guy fired and possibly imprisoned first?

    • Panda Banana

      Right….but not before they get some money out of this BS…in my opinion there are dozens of possibilities which are ALL more likely then the rape-divorce story they try to pull off…

      • ObeseMerikkka

        once again panda banana preaches his rape is not real women are all liars ideology. You are truly a great western male, whatever country you are living in must be lucky to have you ;)

        • Bugs Bunny

          you must another panda banana,do not make two ids to bullshit…

    • ObeseMerikkka

      A fellow person from the west just like me! I agree that women cannot be raped just like you. She is lying of course durr. We are male rights activists and we believe rape is not real. ;)

      • donscarletti

        Rape is real. It tends to be quite violent and traumatic, which is why penalties for it are so stiff.

        With that in mind I ask myself. She’s obviously not imprisoned in some guy’s basement since she goes in an out to buy morning after pill. She’s in Shenzhen, where similar factories are plentiful, but after being raped just not once but twice, she goes back and has it happen again.

        Now I would understand it if it was 30 years ago and there was no legal way to leave her work unit (单位) or testify against her manager. But 2013 Shenzhen is simply not like that.

        At the very least we’re not hearing the whole story.

    • SuperHappyCow

      It’s pretty easy to quit your job on short notice and find another one within the span of three weeks, especially after a global economic recession.

      I tell this to Kate all the time: Don’t be an idiot.

  • bomber

    Three times?!
    Fucking Henan ren!

  • the ace of books

    Dude, if the first thing a guy thinks about after hearing ‘my wife was raped by her boss’ is ‘she’s no good anymore/she musta been cheating, I better divorce her’, then he’s as bad as the fucking supervisor.

    • the ace of books

      Although I guess the clue is in the sentence, “She was afraid that I would kill her, so she didn’t dare tell me.” If the wife really thinks that about the husband, it’s probably no surprise to her the asshole wants a divorce.

      • slob

        That’s what I was thinking… what kind of a man would divorce his wife after she was traumatised by a rape? I hope she gets all of the money and lives a better life then kicks that fucking worthless cunt out for good and finds a decent guy who would have a bit more sympathy. See, rather than “She was afraid I would kill her spervisor” he puts the dominance on himself over his wife. Truly a cowardice fucking prick who doesn’t deserve what appears to be a fairly attractive young girl. I’m assuming he wants this divorce by the sounds of him so he can go off and play with some 18 year old freshmen.

    • George

      Read the article again; there was a rape “allegation.” No one has proven that any such thing occured. What if she lied and her husband discovered it. Do you think that women never lie?

      In the west, women who have been caught cheating have falsely accused their lovers of rape in order to save face. Google “false rape” to read about hundreds of false allegations that have sent innocent men to prison for decades. After the false allegation is discovered, the woman almost never pays for her crime

  • my prediction is that nothing will happen to the boss. China is in need of vigilante. Chinese, the abused, deserve justice.

    • linette lee

      In China, the low income people are not considered human by the rich china chinese and the china gov’t. No need for justice for them. Go to weibo and ask the china people why?

      • Since you cannot rely on Lei Feng for justice, a Roosterman must rise in China (because China map look like a rooster). A symbol that brings fear to abuser and a banner for the bottom million to unite, to fight for what is right. To be human and treated as human.

        • 公鸡侠? Don’t tell me… he can fly, right?

          We’ve never had a Chinese superhero (like for real; a one-off saving B Obama doesn’t count). Though billions (billions!) would be made in profits, a Chinese superhero would never work because comic superheros are idealistic and uphold values like justice and freedom, whereas modern Chinese culture is not founded on ideals like these, but upon old Chinese traditions.

          This is why we’ll forever get old wuxia movies instead of modern superheros in China: because of the cultural context of living in a social hierarchy that makes your decisions for you, right or wrong.

          So: more “Detective Dee” and less “Future Cop” on your Andy Lau radar.

          • how does that make you feel?

          • Sad. I guess. I think Andy’s abs are more prevalent in his space marine outfit rather than in flowing historical robes.

          • linette lee

            I hate how the HK entertainment industry is controlled by HK mafia. Preventing new talents new blood from getting good movie roles.

          • But it always has been. And the HK mafia is now China’s mafia. And now HK’s film industry is China’s film industry.

            The upshot: more Chinese films with Chinese people flying.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            No we western males do not want to see any chinese people flying! we western males want to see them commit heinous acts and focus on bashing them while ignoring our own countries problems. GRRRR..

          • I think so too, but Hongwu Emperor might disagree…

          • linette lee

            I like that movie Detective Dee. Future cop is corny. Judge Dredd
            is better.

          • Both Detective Dee and Future Cop are corny, probably because Andy Lau is playing the same noble character with superhuman capabilities (basically, Andy Lau).

            Judge Dredd is better because besides being a fascist (I said besides!), Dredd believes in ideals.

            Over your dead body. But still. And: everything is better in “slo-mo”.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Same in the US, same everywhere.

    • Change in China is always accompanied by violence.

      Yup. X-treme!

      • ObeseMerikkka

        Of course, only violent in china. russia’s revolution was not violent at all, nope not even one person was hurt and when the europeans went to america they did not even kill one native person. Nope ;)

        • Yes. You can’t possibly keep the topic on subject.

          Sure, you have replied, but what was I talking about? Nope, not Russia, not neccessarily revolutions, not europeans.

          Man, you went to the same school as that other guy.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            Oh great terroir why do you not awknowledge the great achievements us western males have made? come on man we are the best we kill, rape and steal the most. we are number #1 ;)

          • I don’t have to acknowledge whatever you want. Because it’s me talking. And I’m making the points that I want to make. And look where we are now – completely off-topic.

            Not everyone speaks in the same narrative you do. Make whatever points you want, but this isn’t a conversation, and you suck at teh internets.

            Meanwhile, I’m “great”. Personally, I think I’m a “great guy”, not necessarily “great”.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            I worship you the great terroir, forever and always representing us western men in the best light. We are number 1 ! (in rape, theft, murder)

          • ObsessedAmerica,

            Can you please mention my website? I need help promoting it.

          • Rather unfair. We can’t all be Batman.

            But fighting in a fiery volcano? Yup. Conversing about China.

          • Look at how mad that guy is. Look at his futility. Look at his shame.

        • I love how much “the West” gets to you.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            I love how much ‘china’ gets to the people here ;)

          • Making points and observations isn’t the same as trying to distract or use sarcasm as a arguing device to express your futility.

            So, my try: I love how the West “gets” to you.

          • Wouldn’t you say “5000 years” is about up?

      • Rainer

        We all know your life is always accompanied with violence in US even if there is no change, a change promised by Obama.
        Oh I forgot your beloved leader Bush tried to make regime change, then he gave violence to others, which you feel quite proud.

        • False dichotomy. I never claim to represent any of those things. Since I have nothing to do with that, my comment does nothing to either support nor refute your comment.

          Meanwhile, I said “change in China is always accompanied by violence”. But. You knew that. Well, you should have.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            Yes Rainer should leave, how dare that sub human reveal the truth about our great nation, how dare he am I right. Time to send him to the concentration craps.

        • ObeseMerikkka

          How dare you reveal the truth about our great meriKKKan country! I shall shoot you with my gun that I am LOUD and PROUD of having because I am an american and you are not ;)

        • Terroir is China Chinese

  • Panda Banana

    typical chinese drama and mess, which true or not always ends in the same way:

    1. making a scene in public for all to see, coming with an elder person and small kids so people are more likely to pity them…

    2. “demanding explanation” means translated: asking for compensation money!

    3. of course in the husbands eyes the factory bears responsibility for that, which means that he also asks for compensation money

    4. she felt shame and was afraid of her husband, yeah sure, somehow she doesn’t seem to have a problem making it official by creating such a drama in public involving her mother and kids

    have seen similar things more then once. I for one don’t believe her and her husband shit! Its more likely that they both (husband and wife) made up this story to squeeze some money out of the factory.

    I once had a dozen people coming to my office, cause our driver died in a car accident. The dumb fuck drank to much with our secretary, went back late at night to the office, took the car keys out of the drawer to drive the secretary home. He hit a tree, secretary in the hospital and he fucking dead. Very next day, a dozen of people, mainly elders with a bunch of kids came to my office crying(without tears), complaining that it was our fault. After i asked how the hell it could be the factories fault, when he wasn’t allowed to come after office hours and just take the key….well they replied that it was the factories responsibility to get sure the drawer was locked!!

    I called my HK partners and we agreed to pay them some 80k in “compensation” if i remember right. I never saw happier people in my life. Suddenly the mother which was pulling off a spastic attack on the floor right in front of my table, suddenly get up like nothing happened. Well, the small children which cried cause the ones carrying them using needles picking their buts to make it look more authentic, couldn’t stop crying, lol.

    At that time i was asking myself what kind of people are they ? The son just died a couple of hours ago and they have nothing better to do then to pull off such a show.

    But hey, thats china, the land of the most obvious fake ass behavior and over a billion people who all want to play the main role in the very same movie. Trust me, its the people who suck in china, their leaders are just the ones they deserve.

    • Eurotrash

      Totally agree about the people and their leaders.

    • You make some valid points. Some.

      I’ll sum up your rambling story thusly:
      In China, there is no justice, freedom, equality or civility. There is only money.

      • Panda Banana

        Wrong, i say that in china money is number one it comes long before honesty, loyalty! There IS justice, and even sorts of freedom in china, it’s just that they are not real on top of people’s priority list, and by people i mean ordinary citizens too, not not just gov officials!!!

        • Your writing is so unclear it makes a college hazing seem like a spring day with the fog of war turned off.

          Making it super clear:
          There is justice in China. It’s called money.
          There is freedom in China. It’s called money.
          There is equality in China. It’s called money.
          There is civility in China. It’s called… ah, forget it.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            The great terroir has just explained everything so clearly for me. Oh great terroir please tell me how great your country is. By any chance are you from the war and gun obsessed capitalistic muriKKKa?

          • Tell me again how I’m great. And then I’ll continue being right as you continue to be lame.

            I don’t see how I come off as being the lesser party in this exchange.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            the great terroir is the best, he taught me women cannot be raped, she is always lying and if she’s chinese she in an evil mastermind who has planned it all from the start. thank you so much for this I worship western males like you ;)

          • I’m almost there… now, tell me what clothes you are wearing…

          • ObeseMerikkka

            I am wearing the great abercrombie and fitch, and no they were NEVER racist to asian people.

          • Rainer

            Terroir’s from a great country where one in three women in the military are raped while he is clever enough to know pointing fingers at othere countries is the best way to support his proud troops.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            WOW, that sounds so amazing, that country is so lucky so great. the great terroir must fit in just fine. ;)

          • Panda Banana

            Again wrong, but knowing you are a smart fella, i take over responsibility and say the misunderstanding is based on my bad gramma…..or wait a second, why i shouldn’t follow linette style and just claim it was the chinese gov fault!! Yeah, that sounds much better

        • ObeseMerikkka

          Yes yes, money in china is number #1, but in meriKKKa, guns are #1.

          • So. Are they debating “money control” laws in China?

            “He could have protected himself if he had money.”
            “She wouldn’t had been raped if she had the constitutional right to conceal a wallet full of money in her purse.”
            “Thanks, Deng Xiaoping!”

          • ObeseMerikkka

            You mean just like how we debate gun control laws in meriKKKa? Dang those LIBRULS for trying to take away our RIGHT to shoot random and innocent people!

          • Washington Bullets

            I can’t wait until they develop the money-gun. Been waiting for that shit for years.

        • Perceived freedom perhaps?

      • ObeseMerikkka

        True, just like in the great MERIKKKA ;) unless you’re a white man.

      • ObeseMerikkka

        Only money in china of course us meriKKKans do not curr about money ;) No rape and no murder in our country. We have achieved equality, women are equal to men(but they are lying if they say they have been raped), black people are equal to whites (we never use the ‘n’ word) and there has never been even ONE time injustice has happened in the great meriKKKa. (:

    • The Enlightened One

      It is amazing how strangely logical Chinese became when they are looking for money. Any little detail against you they will use in this kind of situation but no other. It’s your fault because you bought gas for the car, without it he couldn’t drive… it’s your fault because you planted the tree there and without it, he wouldn’t have crashed into it… it’s your fault because you hired a secretary and without her, he wouldn’t of drived her home.

      Doesn’t matter how ridiculous, they somehow make a logical, relative connection in these kinds of situations. But usually ONLY in this situations when they are owed money or in bargaining situations.

      That’s my experience anyways.

      • Put a name to it: Chinese logic.

        Relative, contextual logic.

        • ObeseMerikkka

          Yes the chinese logic, but don’t forget the american logic is much MUCH more amazing. ;)

          • Your juxtaposition is a false one.

            SRSLY, emoticon? Where’s your “LOL”?

          • ObeseMerikkka

            meriKKKa is #1, ‘rape’ does not exist in this country, we do not believe rape is real. women are always lying. ;)

      • ObeseMerikkka

        The chinese are not amazing, no way, I mean their logic are of no comparison to how strategic europe and america are when they want to ‘colonize’ or invade a country or two for oil, oops I mean to spread ‘democracy’. ;)

      • Rick in China

        “strangely logical”?

        More like strange logic. :D

    • the ace of books

      I won’t deny your story, but I’ll make a case for the behavior:

      It’s expected. It’s an expected set of behaviors that, if you don’t adhere to, they you aren’t “acting like a victim” or you aren’t “acting sorry enough” and thus you “don’t need compensation because you don’t look sad”, etc etc.

      Weird? Maybe. True? Definitely. People judge people on looks: “she doesn’t look like she struggled” or “she’s too angry to be a victim” or “he doesn’t act like his son just got hit by a car” etc etc. If you don’t adhere to the societal expectations of behavior/looks, don’t expect them to sympathize/award you compensation/think you’re not at fault. Hell, people turn the story round on the victims all the time – sometimes such behavior is just a type of self-defense.

    • ObeseMerikkka

      Oh the great Panda Banana knows everything. Every women that claims to have been ‘raped’ is lying and if she’s chinese, then it must mean she planned it all. ;)

      • mr.wiener

        I can find much worthier objects for you to love. ” oppressed white man” springs to mind. You’d love him, he has a blog and everything

        • what is the blog address?

          • mr.wiener


            Always entertaining to see someone paint themselves into a corner of certainty.

          • I laughed at some of his post. I have a suspicion that its actually not by a white male, but the author are just using it for his/her humour

            or he is actually an idiot…

          • mr.wiener

            Could be. There is a site called” White Watch” that says nothing but bad things about white people which is actually run by some jewish fellas.

          • He is racist pretending not to be. His mission statement is ridiculous. This blog right? http://whitewatch.blogspot.com/

          • mr.wiener

            yep, that’s the one.
            There is even a pretend westboro baptist church site, but I forget the address.

          • You might be interested to read this one, the creator of that account i find to be funny and intelligent https://twitter.com/Queen_UK

            its Alain on steroid plus other kind of prescriptive drugs.

        • ObeseMerikkka

          He is my idol. white men are the most oppressed in this whole world. I feel oppressed everyday when I can `rape` a minority women and get away with it ;)

    • slob

      I believe the Chinese method of ‘seeking compensation’ is literally the idea of settling out of court. Why waste money on legal fees when you can do it yourself?

    • HK Gweilo

      Panda Banana for President! Some Chinese people only care about money; ‘to get rich is glorious’. But they forgot to add that you need civility to know what to do with it and how to earn it.
      I don’t know if I feel sorry for the woman or wonder if she saw it as an opportunity to print some Yuan.

    • MrT


    • SuperHappyCow

      Holy shit.

  • Do no harm

    This is disgusting!!!! And what makes it worse is that there are fools who think its a joke!
    I bet it wouldn’t be funny if your mother, sister, wife or daughter was raped
    Think about it

    • ObeseMerikkka

      So many china men think it is fake and on this site my fellow male westerners also believe the same. I guess it doesn’t matter what race you are, if you are male then ‘RAPE IS NOT REAL, WOMEN ARE LIARS’

      • that’s all right, release the pent up rage, you will feel better. There there

        • ObeseMerikkka

          oh great gerhana who said I am mad… I am merely loud and proud of my western heritage. Our rape army is a lie, men in the army do not rape especially not american men ;)

          • my Chinese female friend, I do not judge you… I sympathise with you. This woman may indeed be raped and the perpetrator may walk away free. Come to me if you are in need of consoling, I will soothe you of your grievance…

          • linette lee

            Dear ObeseMerikkka. I totally understand your frustration. There are many things really suck inside China, But so is America. You wonder who sucks more……….the chinese or the Amerikan.

  • linette lee

    In China, if the employee gets raped by the employer, she may go to jail and her husband will divorce her. China gov’t law.

    • The Enlightened One


      If you hate your wife/husband???…

      Claim they were raped!!!

      Off to jail they go and, surprise you are divorce! It’s that easy!

      No evidence need! Do it two times, get the third one free!

      Limited while supplies last.

      • linette lee

        This is how the mao’s party make their china law at the round table.

        In china, if you kill someone while driving drunk using your friend’s car, your friend is also responsible to pay compensation to the victim.

        In china, if you kill someone using an assault weapon, the manufacturer that makes the assault weapon is also responsible for paying compensation to the victim.

        In china, if person gets raped, she may be charged for illegal prostitution.

        • The Enlightened One


          Linette, can you help me move to Hong Kong?

          I gotta get out of here soon, before something retarded like you mentioned happens. The sad part… it could be true in China.

          • linette lee

            You will have to divorce your wife and marry me to live in HK. ;)

        • ObeseMerikkka

          Are you serious? So if a woman gets raped she gets charged for illegal prostitution? Damn, us western males are moving to china ASAP!

    • Panda Banana

      Who say that’s Chinese law??? You people should stop blaming the gov for all sorts of shit, instead of taking over responsibility for your own incompetence and recognize that it’s the people who suck in the first place, the gov is just a product and results achieved by its people!

      Lets say this story really happened how this women claims, how the fuck is the gov responsible that this fuck off husband wants to divorce his wife? Get real man…

      • linette lee

        There is not law in China. Gov’t officials make the laws. Gov’t officials regulate the law. gov’t officials carry out the law. Guess what..no money no law. You have connection then you are never at fault. Bribery is the law.

        Corruption is what’s destroying China. From tofu buildings and bridges that collapse with little earthquake to poison milk to hukou system.

        All fxcked up.

        • HK Gweilo

          Corruption is why China will never be a real superpower.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            I agree, no corruption in America, and the USSR was as pure as virgin mary.

        • ObeseMerikkka

          Ouch, at least here in the west we have the great rape army.

        • Panda Banana

          there IS a law in china, its just that its not executed to its full extend. And that has a reason: believe it or not, but by ignoring some cases you actually keep the peace in china. I have been myself through several court cases and was involved in a couple of things during my years. Yes, it is frustrating sometimes, and yes, the police could do a much better job and the legal system could be used in a more sufficient and fair way. Fact is, its not….however while we all see just the “bad” things/results of chinese jurisdiction, since this cases are the only ones reported here, I wouldn’t go so far to say that all is bad.

          Chairman Wu has said: keep quite and don’t disturb the peace..”

          i think that explains its best. Imagine when everyone in china would believe in the system, fairness and fast decisions, what do you think how many of this peasants you defend here all the time, would use and abuse the system for every minor peace of shit?

          Its obvious that you and most here actually never had to deal with common chinese people,workers. I once had 100s of workers, and you can consider yourself happy, when you can find 2-3 loyal and honest people amongst 500. This womens action is no surprise to me cause i saw such scenes every couple of days for years. I had a bunch of women attacking one pregnant worker beating her and kicking her in the stomach while she was lying on the floor, simply cause of a minor argument they had in the canteen about the food….police was called, i fired the attackers and paid them their salaries and compensations for each year of service according to chinese labour law (none of them was in the company more then a couple of months, yes i paid them a full additional salary each, even i could have refused that cause of the criminal offense they comitted during working hours. Guess what, they all sat in the meeting room and refused to leave, demanding 5 salaries as compensation!! They occupied my managers for 2 days arguing and throwing insults at them all the time.

          I myself paid for surgeries for some of my staffs children, after we were unsuccessful to collect some money from their fellow collegues as sign of solidarity. None of 500 people gave even 1 fucking Yuan to help their fellow co worker out of their misery.

          Of course, based on your wast knowledge about china, thats probably also the gov. fault, and I am not here to convince you otherwise. Believe what you want if that makes you feel comfortable, but fact is that your fellow countrymen on the other side of the border suck big time, and yes, they got the government they deserve, and i wouldn’t want to have it ANY other way.

      • ObeseMerikkka

        Damn those chinese for blaming the government, I mean we meriKKKans never blame the government, no we never blame jewish people, no we never blame minorities, no no no NEVER

      • Sounds like Linette knows how to sarcasm.

  • I’m a firm believer that rape should be punished by castration.

    • the ace of books

      Well, he certainly wouldn’t have the balls to try it again!

    • Panda Banana

      Hopefully not simply on the point that a women claims that she was raped…i hope that your understanding of justice also included this strange thing called EVIDENCE???

      • the ace of books

        Dude, think here for a bit. What kind of evidence is a man who rapes his employees going to leave?

        • Rick in China

          Vaginal tearing and semen inside of the woman, apparently, she said he didn’t use condoms and told her to go get contraception – if she was forcibly made to take it there would be excessive tearing in her vag, and a visit to a hospital could give her paper to prove what happened.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            rick a fellow western male like myself, we believe rape is not true and that women are liars. ;) So glad to see many western males on this site feel the same.

          • Rick in China

            Your trolling is *yawn* fuckhead, nobody really cares or buys into your nonsense. You need to seriously learn to rile people up better with comments rather than just repeating the same thing over and over again on different threads on the same story.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            Why all the rage rick? Sheesh, I’m just trying to advocate for my fellow western males here.

          • Washington Bullets

            I would like to personally thank you for standing up for western males everywhere. We can start a trifecta, you, me, and Rush Limbaugh.

          • Kai

            We also know that rapes frequently go unreported for a laundry list of legitimate reasons resulting in such immediate forensic evidence being lost.

          • Rick in China

            Yep. So? The question asked was what sort of evidence could be provided. I provided a response, a valid response. What sort of “No, that’s invalid” do you have…other than jading off into some sort of unrelated tirade? Are you suggesting the supervisor at a random factory is known to all the hospital staff in the area, and even without knowing who is being accused of the rape, they’d go so far as to cheat the woman out of her medical results as a “just in case”, due to….. what reason? Safety of their family due to the unknown person’s potential massive guanxi? Seems like you buy into the whole guanxi solves all shit way too much. Most people in China don’t have any guanxi, even though it’s touted so hardcore.

          • Kai

            Why do you think I’m saying “no, that’s invalid” or “jading off into some unrelated tirade?”

            Dude, I’m just saying there are reasons why the kind of evidence you listed might not be available for this instance, in the context of people in this discussion asking for evidence.

            How did you interpret this to be me suggesting anything about guanxi or whatever? Geez.

            Edit: See below response to Coala Banana, since it seems you guys might be misinterpreting my comment the same way.

          • Panda Banana

            this is where i have problems with, when people claim such things. Dont understand me wrong Kai, I am sure such things happen in china(and anywhere else in the world), BUT to say: “we also know that rapes frequently go unreported…..”, is a totally different ballpark, cause i could ask you in return,since you claim to know, to enlighten me and to tell me about all this frequent cases where forensic evidence has disappeared mysteriously in a rape case. Since it happens so frequently, you shouldn’t have a problem with coming up with a few dozen examples right out of your mind, right? I would bet that you are not even familiar with one single case….so why “we also know….”, truth is we all know shit, same like Linette who knows shit about what is actually going on…chinese gov this chinese gov that..blabla…you have put some serious accusations on the table, but you make out of assumptions facts. Again, i dont deny that some fucked up shit happens in china, and i myself went more then once through the frustrating legal system in china, but when you put out claims out there that you know and sell them as facts, then you better be ready to back it up…

          • Kai

            You’ve misunderstood me. I’m not saying evidence disappears mysteriously, I’m saying rapes often go unreported and thus evidence like vaginal tearing and the rapist’s semen can be lost. Why? Because vaginas heal and semen can be washed out or the DNA can deteriorate. If a woman reports a rape immediately and does a rape-kit, such evidence can indeed be collected and used for prosecution, but there are countless cases where women do NOT report the rape, who often run home and jump into the shower crying, thereby losing the evidence that could’ve helped their prosecution of their rapist.

          • the ace of books

            Right. A visit to the police and hospital, and we could get the bastard arrested by nightfall.

            Except there’s a few problems with this postulation:

            1) China’s legal system
            2) the supervisor’s guanxi
            3) the lady’s lack of guanxi
            4) the hospital probably not prioritising
            5) the lady being afraid/in shock/etc
            6) the lady worrying what people might think of her
            7) the lady worrying about her asshole husband’s reaction
            8) I wouldn’t bet on anywhere having a rape kit handy
            9) to quote the wiki: Bao’an has a notoriously bad security record. Since the turn of the millennium the district has seen a string of high-profile abductions, robberies, and other cases of violent crime. — and they’re going to pay attention to this one rape why?
            10) note the victim-blaming already creeping in (“why didn’t she tell her husband/go to the police after the first time?”) – going to discourage her from thinking any damn one wants to help.
            11) the amount of legal fees it’d take to actually get this company ponying up
            12) “she bought the morning-after pill herself, of her own will – she’s covering up for her mistake”

            ….I could go on, but I won’t. Suffice it to say: yes, I know what kinds of evidence a rape would leave – what I mean is that the guy commiting these (and anyone thinking he only randomly raped one single employee is an idealistic nutcake – assholes like these perpetrate multiple times) is going to take care with who and when he does it, and he’s going to bully people out of giving evidence against him.

            In short: evidence? Only if some woman had the real brass balls it took to get a proper case going against him. Given the way cases like these are often handled by throwing compensation money at the problem, and then the guilty party going about his merry way — doubtful.

          • Rick in China

            Your “postulation” is based less on fact, and more on personal guess with I’d wager little or no experience in the Chinese legal system.

            If she went to the hospital and requested the tests, she’d get them. 100%. Why? She’d be paying for it. The hospital doesn’t give a shit about this supervisor. They’d give her the results..and wouldn’t be like “oh lets cover this up for random-supervisor because maybe he can pay me something later! Muahaha”.

            If she went to the police they’d help her. I’ve been personally involved in criminal prosecution and the process around it. Have you? They’d request evidence, they’d file reports, and they’d want to be seen as the guy who caught mr. bad. Maybe depending on the individuals corruption, for nothing more than being the one to say “You’re busted son” and getting a bribe afterwards…..but they’d definitely have to file the report and engage in the process of criminal prosecution. That’s just how it is. Regardless of what you think “guanxi” has to do with it, that’s HOW IT IS.

            The rest of your retort is nothing more than presumption and “well what if” nonsense, and not worth a reply, as it relies purely on supposing someone’s state of mind or something else. If she wanted to prosecute and went through the process, it’d be processed.

          • Panda Banana

            i can second that, most of this horror stories come from people who actually know shit about china, sure its fucked up compared to a western understanding of law and order, but the stuff people like lunette wants to let people believe, are pure BS and far from all reality of living and working in china. One got to shake his head in disbelieve about people spreading their “knowledge” and never ever been to china….the one in the past from the USA got her knowledge about china by watching HK made KungFu movies, the other one by observing mainlanders floating the streets of HK buying shit, she herself can not afford. I can understand why some HKers, especially chicks are upset, cause they work their asses off in HK living in tiny little rooms with showers over the toilette seats, living on the supposedly better side of the border, while they have to observe on a daily basis how thousands of mainlanders cross the border to HK with dirty ass shoes and black tooth, or mainland chicks with a bad taste of dressing style, spending millions for shit, they themselves will never be able to afford….yeah life sucks sometimes:-)…yeah, we all could blame the gov for everything, BUT truth is(we like it or not), the life of hundreds of millions of chinese mainlanders has improved drastically over the last 10-20 years, thats an undeniable FACT!

      • ObeseMerikkka

        OMG the great panda banana, I follow your teachings! You have taught me when a women has been ‘raped’ she is lying and if she’s chinese(god forbid) she is an evil mastermind who has planned all this from the start. ;)
        Thank GOD we have such an intellectual person such as yourself on our side; the great west. Lucky us.

      • China’s problems with justice go far beyond evidence… Regardless, I believe castration is not only an adequate punishment, but also an excellent deterrent.

        • Rick in China

          I think Panda’s point is similar to a common death penalty argument: there are enough people who are WRONGFULLY found guilty of the crime and later absolved of all accusation, but in the case of say, castration, how the f’ y ou going to reverse that? What are you going to say to the guys who are later found to be innocent… Sorry we took your balls, I guess we were wrong, have a good day?

          • alright, a common castration penalty would be rather extreme (unless we one day achieve 100% prosecution accuracy), but it should at least be a possibility even on the first offense.

        • Panda Banana

          no its not, she still has her vagina, he on the other end would have to live without a dick for the rest of his life…..the only “fair” punishment “could” be to let someone rape him 3 times too! in this sick world we live in i am sure there are a good bunch of well equipped gay rapists who would enjoy doing that. BTW, probably just the first time would count as rape, the 2 other times she did it probably out of her own will, maybe there was a bit blackmailing behind it to keep her “motivated”….

          But again, simply based on claims without evidence? I also very much doubt that such draconic measures would keep others away to commit rape in the future, this people are power driven and got big balls, and expecting draconic measures when get caught would be probably used as an additional kick within their sick mind, and this are the ones which can use their brain…how about the ones which are just dumb? Has the threat of being executed when committing murder prevent that murder happens?

          • I’m in agreement that rape goes fair beyond its physical violations. However, while castration is not an exactly equivalent psychological punishment, it is still adequate as one. And how can we quantify the (in)effectiveness of a law if we don’t implement it?

            My statement was a general one. I’m not saying we should castrate this guy right here and now. Evidence is obviously crucial. However, if she had blackmail in mind, no doubt there would be a semen sample after the first incident and if not, the second or the third. After all, how can you blackmail someone without evidence?

    • Rainer

      Given a female soldier in Iraq is more likely to be attacked by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire, you want to add more casualties to male soldiers of greatest Rape Army?

      • ObeseMerikkka

        Don’t you know us western males do not believe rape is real and that women are always lying. How can we fix something that we won’t even acknowledge? We deny it even happens or better yet turn to bashing other countries to make ourselves feel better ;)

        • mr.wiener

          Speak for yourself please.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            Clearly not considering how many western males are commenting on this topic with their women cannot be raped they are lying ideology. If you have any spare time other than bashing chinese people on this website, come over to the male right activist section on reddit, we love bashing women here, oh and chinese ones as well ;)

          • mr.wiener

            I’ll be sure to check it out sometime after I finish knitting my pubic hair into a throw rug.

          • ObeseMerikkka

            we`ll be waiting for you mr.wiener. you will quickly be worshipped in our western male forum what with your truly remarkable dedication and determination when it comes to bashing the chinese.

        • Yes speak for yourself

      • Well I’m not suggesting castration without anesthetics or wound cauterization… They’ll live.

  • Bugs Bunny

    can not just quit after the first time???this woman is stupid this man is mean but if i were the husband what would i do?i do not know either…
    a young woman can find this kinda shitty job easily nowadays,she is so dumb.
    my sister once got a very easy job, just pressed the button once every half an hour,she knew the boss wanted to seduce her,other workers also talked about this,after got paid,she quit directly.
    more than once those foreign white men i worked for tried to seduce me,i quit asap.you can always choose.the first time was not her fault,but the next twice,it’s her problem.

    • Panda Banana

      You are right baby, one can always chose! And that’s the reason you did the only right thing and chose me! Forget about all this other foreign white man from your past, now it’s just you and me against the whole world…

    • ObeseMerikkka

      china man please do not pretend to be a china woman, you are not as calculated as she is. kthxbye

      • Bugs Bunny

        now i change into a man???

        • ahah, the chronicle of Bugs Bunny continue

          • vincent

            Pressing a button every half hour, sounds like something out of LOST haha

        • cc

          Even as a ladyboy, i’do you up the shitta and maybe even give you a reach around

      • Panda Banana

        She is a china women, trust me i know!! She is a women in and out and a passionate lover!

        You on the other side are obviously a china man who can’t handle an emancipated chinese women’s opinion. That’s weak my friend ! My girl eattot got more balls then you will ever have…

        Now show some love eattot, as you can see i defend you all the way! My girl…

        • ObeseMerikkka

          panda banana is a great western man just like myself, we believe women cannot be raped and that they are lying ;)

      • linette lee

        I have thoroughly examined bugs bunny. I can vouch for her that she is not lying. She is bugs bunny.

        • cc

          Tell more, was she hot and damp?

    • cc

      I’d seduce you Eatcock and then come all over your boatrace

    • donscarletti


      I’m not an English teacher, I have a real job, but I’m going to give this a go.

      Always start sentences with capital letter. (句子第一个字一定要大写)
      Always capitalise “I”, to mean me.(每一次写我“I”都要大写)
      Put a space after a comma, always. (每一次写都好后面一定要加一个空格不用像太多那个按钮已经够长打就行)
      Turn off your IME before you start writing English so you don’t get those circles 。。。(写英文之前要先关闭中文输入法模式否则会出现那样傻逼的圈。。。)

      Honestly, your English is pretty good, but you just mess up on some stylistic aspects and people think you’re an idiot. Learning a bunch of words is hard for a non-native speaker, learning a few stupid rules like when to hit your shift key and spacebar is bloody easy. It’s just a tiny bit of effort for a huge gain, give it a try.

      • Bugs Bunny

        thanks so much…my english is not very bad, i can read some english books easily…sometimes i know i have made some mistakes already but i just do not wanna change it…thank you so much!
        you recall me of my ex, he hated to see i make mistakes, always tried to correct me…
        i hope he won’t read on this site, i do not wanna recall anything of him already.

        • Panda Banana

          baby, i told you already to forget about all this other white guys you had before. Now its just you and me!

          Let me get this across once and for all. Every day I fall in love with you over and over again. Everything about you is so beautiful to me. Your smile, your eyes, your lips…there isn’t a thing I don’t like about you. Every now and then you throw insults at me, like mfkr, sob, and even then I still love you. In this very moments my heart gets so out of control that I am forced to play with my banana. You are so wonderful to me. You set my heart on fire with just a simple insult.
          Sometimes I wish I could just jump out of my seat and run into your arms. I know you feel the same about me.

          Now let it go baby, all this dudes you had before are meaningless to me, even we will have to live with your herpes you most likely got from one of this paki midgets hanging out at KFC.

          Show some love baby!

          • Bugs Bunny

            you fuck off!
            you got herpes from massage girls, i am sure!!!
            i merely go to KFC, fuck off!

        • linette lee

          Bunny, 你的英語不差, 對一個從來沒有住在西方國家, 不需要日常使用英語的人來說, 已經很不錯了! 要有出色的外國語言能力不是那麼容易的.

          This is a good book to learn English as a second language. Not hard to learn. I like this book.

          Practice Makes Perfect.. English Grammar for ESL Learners.

          • Bugs Bunny

            i do not wanna speak perfect english, and i never talk half chinese half english as some girls i know when chat together, i love chinese so much…
            when i read those old acient poets, they are so beautiful and meaningful,almost make me cry.
            so,chinese is the best language for me,so i do not mind making mistakes in english.you can express deep mind in several words,not as english blahblah a lot at last the meaning turns out still so much at surface.sometimes i wonder if they can change tense just same as chinese,use several adv. words in sentence to make the tense,then it’s much easier.

          • linette lee

            Not easy to be perfect a second language. I couldn’t perfect English as my second language. I gave up long time ago due to the rules of English grammar is inconsistent. In Chinese there is no grammar.

            You can also move to USA. This way you can improve because you will have to speak English everyday. That’s the only way.

            I want to move to Spain. Me siento frustrado. Estoy aprendiendo español con libros y no puedo hablar, escribir, o leer bien. Necesito vivir en España para aprender español.

            o casarse con un hombre de Espana. hahaha…lol

  • The first picture looks reminds me of the cover from “Houses of the Holy”.

    But sadder. In the key of D minor.

  • DavidisDawei

    Why go back to work there after being raped by your Supervisor? And then to allow herself to be alone with that person? Something is off with this story.

    • ObeseMerikkka

      The great panda banana has explained that all women lie when they claim to have been ‘raped’ and that if she’s chinese, she has planned it all from the beginning. Gosh of course it can’t be that she was scared for her life/blackmail and the fact that poor people are treated worse than crap. Of course not ;)

      • linette lee

        The panda banana said he is a boss of some factory inside China. No wonder he loves going to china. Boss and owners in China get away with murder or raping their employees. All you need is money with the policee. Only in China. lol…..

        • ObeseMerikkka

          yes of course only in china. never in other countries , never in russia, never in the middle east, never in eastern europe, and of definitely NEVER in the great meriKKKA ;)

          • linette lee

            oh…definitely in Russia. How can I leave russia out. When it comes to corruption with the gov’t, Russia will give China a run for their money.

        • Panda Banana

          china is for me a love/hate thing, even i benefited and still benefit quite a lot from it. I guess that people with simple jobs probably feel the same way. I myself like chaos from time to time, cause i love to solve problems and make things work, thats my nature. I actually sold most of my shares to my HK partners and spend most of my time in HK, a place i really love. Now i work as a consultant for the companies i once set up and help other people to set up businesses on the mainland if they wish to do so.

          Its true that in china, depending on your positions and influence and people you know, you can get away with many things. I would never deny that. You make it sound that all bosses and owners of companies are murderers and rapists, which is clearly a false claim.

          You are a honky, never been to china and your knowledge of mainland chinese is by observation in HK only, where you claim that all of them misbehaving must be government officials and company owners. No way the ordinary fuck from Canton could do anything wrong. Stop this senseless hate and false claims…

      • Panda Banana

        Who said: all ??

        • ObeseMerikkka

          oh great panda banana don`t deny that we western males think women are liars and that rape is not real. we must punish those evil women for lying and spread the idea that rape is not real to every nation around the world like how true meriKKKan men should ;)

  • The Enlightened One

    Why is it when Chinese are trying to get justice they have to put on a huge show in public? I guess this is the only way they can get anyone to listen.

    Obviously, they walked there calmly as first because the children are there playing.

    Then it’s time to go into crazy mode in front of the gate to get attention. That’s how things are done in China. You got to have a little bit of drama acting inside you.

    • which explain why female actress from the mainland won many award.

      • ObeseMerikkka

        Yes that is sooooo correct ;)
        Western female actresses and not even in a million years MALE actors have won any awards.

    • Panda Banana

      You leave an important point out, justice is not the only reason chinese put on a show…..how about money?

      • The Enlightened One

        Is there a difference in China?

        I thought they came hand in hand here.

        • ObeseMerikkka

          Of course not, just like there is no difference in the great west.

        • the other guy

          To be honest I do not see much difference with frivolous lawsuits that are so common in the West. Like my social studies teacher told me when I lived in the US:

          “If your son dies, what is the next best thing that could happen to you? Money! Sure, human life is priceless, but at the end of the day we all have to pay the bills”

          Please keep in mind that I am not trying to deflect, all I am saying is that this kind of behavior is not unique to China. Happens everywhere…

          • Panda Banana

            you mean THAT kind of behavior?

          • the other guy

            Yes… THAT kind of behavior.

      • ObeseMerikkka

        Oh damn those chinese for wanting justice, oh I mean of course they don’t want justice they only want money, of course! The great enlightened one has gifted us with his knowledge of chinese people far greater than chinese themselves and is of course from the great west.

        • Dave

          Justice in China IS money.

          Get in a traffic accident with someone else? The cops will show up… To keep the rabble from getting ugly, and to make sure you agree on compensation.

          Hurt someone? Pay them money. Rape someone’s wife? Pay the husband money. Run some kid over with your car? Pay the family money.

          Go on a kill crazy rampage and stab 20 kindergardeners in the face? The government will kill you, and, wait for it, pay the families money!

  • Warthog

    Think about the why: What other chance do they have? There is no working legal system that they can rely on, there is no police that they can trust, there is nothing to gain with acting like adults…Making a big fuss and hoping that people will hear about it is the only way for them to get attention and to make the factory owners listen to them.

    Hell, if I was the husband, I would probably also tell everybody that I will divorce her after this is all over. It wouldn’t have been translated on Chinasmack if it was just another girl getting raped and being ignored by the society. By making himself the asshole, he at least gains a public outcry and with that probably millions of internet users who demand justice. Once the critical mass is reached, Beijing kicks in and drags the responsible Mr. Wang, factory owners, local mayer, etc. to court.

    This one sentence is probably the most clever thing he said in the whole story. If they get any compensation or even legal justice, it will be only because he told the media that he will divorce her.

    • Kai

      That’s actually a very interesting supposition. It would indeed be pretty clever. I’m not inclined to believe that’s the case, but I could see that working and thus being a masterful play.

    • vincent

      That is actually an excellent idea, highly doubt it being the case here though.

  • mx

    the beginning of the chinese les misérables. it’s gonna be a big hit

    • ObeseMerikkka

      Oh it’s already a big hit with western males. China woman cannot be raped, china woman always lie. ;)

  • JASH

    If woman allowed to have sex then you can’t do anything. This thing is inevitable. When your wife is exposing too much sexy legs to work, the story is about to happen. Hahhahahah…. Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hess

    To who ever taught “ObeseMerikkka” English; I owe you a beer.

    Havent had this fun in a long time

    • ObeseMerikkka

      Me neither, I can`t believe the amount of fun I`m having bashing the chinese with my fellow western pals. Our nations reign supreme. ;)

      • hess

        What do you define as “western”?

        • sendtodave

          Not China.

    • HK Gweilo

      ObeseMerikkka is clearly Chinese, is obviously is up past bed time and has forgotten to take his/her meds. Hey there Obese; shouldn’t you be on a highway bridge, waving at the passing cars? Hang on a second, aren’t you Kim Jong-un?

  • Rick in China

    This poor poor girl. Really:

    Ms. Hu is 26 years old, having come to Shenzhen from her hometown in Henan 7-8 years ago to work, where she met her husband Mr. Wei, with whom the two have a 6-year-old daughter

    * So, basically, she arrived from Henan looking for work, and *immediately* becomes pregnant by this Mr. Wei.

    * Once the babies pop out she’s stuck in a factory

    * She’s afraid FOR HER LIFE to tell her husband that she’s been raped by her employer, what does this say about their relationship?

    * First chinese commentor is right, husband is so brazen – says factory bears some responsibility, wants remuneration, and says openly he’s going to divorce her as soon as the cash comes in.

    I’m thinking she’ll be left without a job, very little money, 2 kids, and the mindset of being ‘ruined’ completely and utterly as a human, unworthy of finding someone else….needing money to support the kids, and maybe have to do some shit job like “massage” girl or just straight up hooker. Very sad situation.

    • vincent

      Rick i think this happens all too often, my wife has a friend who was raped by this older fellow, at first we thought they were just an odd couple because she was in her early 20’s and the guy was obviously at least 50 and was still married to someone in Shanghai.
      That same friend gave birth to a child and was jobless, she later found out that this old bastard was doing the same thing to other ladies and then decided to take her child and leave, obviously she only told us this when she returned to her hometown, so she now has no job, money and a kid to take care of.

      It’s sad to see decent women being taken advantage of like this and then thrown to the crub so to speak, some of them might decide to take their own lives as they see no solution, I haven’t seen any means of support for women in such a position.

      • Panda Banana

        wait a little bit…

        wives friend(around 25) lives with this 50 year old who is at the same time married to a women in shanghai. They are a couple…

        She gave birth to a child, had no job, and found out that her partner is doing this to other ladies too…..question: doing what exactly? making babies?

        what makes you believe that she is a decent women, I mean she chose a partner who was already more then 30 older then her to begin with. Nothing wrong with that, but how decent can a girl in her 20s be judging on what happened…?

        • vincent

          Well he fishes for women using fake profiles, while all the time having a family in Shanghai, she didn’t choose him but she was very naive, owning to the fact that she was in high school when she got impregnated by him, she wasn’t able to continue her studies.
          She’s from the rural areas of China so I wouldn’t be surprised she isn’t very street smart, you make it sound like she had a choice or something.
          I’m not entirely sure what sort of a point you’re trying to make, let’s say that i.e. you’re a girl and some guy with a handsome mug invites you out, and like I said she isn’t very street smart she instead gets raped by Mr. Magoo how can I judge her?
          The fact that this fellow does it on numerous occasions shows how easy it is for someone to get away with rape in China because of the social repercussions that the woman would have to face.

          • Panda Banana

            now i understand better….

          • hess

            I’m pretty sure that hes trying to point out how you start with it being a rape, then when you continue with the story it sounds like some asshat xiaosan

          • vincent

            Well considering the circumstances would be it be apt to call her a xiaosan?

          • hess

            Just pointing out that it does it sound like it until you posted the follow up

          • vincent

            Ah true, now that I read it again, I should have been more specific, my bad

      • donscarletti

        So your saying this woman appeared to you to be part of an odd couple with a man who violently subdued her and had sex with her through physical force and/or threat of physical violence?

        Then you’re saying that she was outraged that he was married and had dared to violently force himself upon other women, rather than just sexually assaulting her? Finally took her child and left this violent, nasty rapist dude.
        On second thought, a rape victim is a woman who’s penetrated through force, violence and fear. What I think you’re talking about Xiaosan(小三)/Ernai(二奶), which is what you call a slutty, low quality sort of woman who is penetrated through money and favours.

        • vincent

          Don’t Xiaosans usually go for rich blokes? This guy just made enough money to be able to support himself and that woman, and she didn’t appear to be like that, when she found out that her partner (I don’t say husband because they never married since he was already married to another woman) was still conducting those questionable activities she left him and took the kid.
          After she went back to her hometown she called up my wife and explained the situation, so I don’t see any point in her lying, and that dude was butt ugly as well.

    • Panda Banana

      Rick, i am not sure that a “massage” job is somehow shittier then a low pay factory job. I have been to massages a couple of time, went to foot rubs everyday after work, always took some of my managers with me….I always thought that the girls in this massage houses can earn more money then in a factory. Of course it also depends on her looks…

      • Rick in China

        More money maybe — but having to suck or rub random cocks for cash can’t be that pleasant of a daily life in order to have enough cash to get by. Unless you’re into that kinda thing. :D

        • Panda Banana

          Rick, strange it sounds right, and i bet that 99% of all girls and women might agree with your theory. BUT i would bet, that once a women/girl gets into earning money in such a way, then the percentage could be turned around, which means that actually just 1% would like to get back to their factory life. Whores and others which offer all kind of sexual services for cash are the living proof. Never tried that but take your chance and try to offer a hooker an “honest” job, most likely you will earn ill laughter. This are smart bitches!

          • Rick in China

            I agree with your logic there Panda, but here’s my guess as to why:

            They likely feel ruined. I mean, once you cross the line into whoring.. it’s like, well, fuck it, I’ve already smashed the shit out of my pussy with random dicks, so may as well cash in for sellin my dignity in its entirety now that I’m already here.

  • Jahar

    no time to read all this now, but i gotta ask, how many chinese guys beat him up for it? im guessing none.

  • Doc

    She has proven herself to be untrustworthy at best by not telling him, so he should kick her to the curb and get a new one.

    • ObeseMerikkka

      spoken like a true MAN of integrity and honor!

  • *yawn* just another day in China.

    • ObeseMerikkka

      Come on, she’s just been raped 3 times? America can do so much better! Take a good look at our lovely rape I mean glorious army.

    • I didn’t mean it’s OK to rape someone, I meant this is common in China. And it is.
      America/Europe/UK may or may not have as many rapes as China, but I can tell you sure as fuck that a billion times more rapists get prosecuted in the ‘civilized west’ than do in China.

  • The Enlightened One


    Can you get this ObeseMarikka guy to contain himself?

    It is really boring when 50% of the posts are from this guy going nuts.

    k thx!

    • mr.wiener


      • ObeseMerikkka

        oh mr.wiener are we not western males, do we not believe in free speech I mean we are always bashing the chinese for having censorship laws.

        • Bandit

          I’m a “Western Male” who supports Chinese censorship laws.

          What now?

    • ObeseMerikkka

      yes it`s so boring to hear about gasp, america or the west not being perfect. please feel free to censor my posts anytime you like ;)

      • The Enlightened One

        Listen friend, we are not all from America. Probably only 20% or so of the expats on here. Get over the fact that a great deal of the expats here criticize your country.

        Now let’s see you criticize each country in the world besides China. Please stop focusing on America because 80% of the people here don’t care. Even the Americans probably don’t care. Go ahead, spam stuff about each country if you are going to deflect criticism. DO IT! PUNK!

        • ObeseMerikkka

          True, no one cares that the american army is a white man’s paradise with all the unreported rape cases going on and all, we only want to focus on how we are better than the chinese because we do not have rape. Oh do we now? Nope, of course not.

    • I’ve seen a lot of frustration, anger, and jealousy spilled out onto this site before, sometimes in intense, sudden outbursts, but this one is by far one of the most obvious and bizarre cases.

      • ObeseMerikkka

        Interestingly enough, alot of westerners posting on this site see themselves as a superior race like they can do no wrong and that the chinese are the biggest sinners on this planet.

        • Wait, now you’re talking as if you’re not a “western male”? I never, ever thought you were just obsessed with western males. Never. But now…gosh, what am I supposed to think now?

    • ObeseMerikkka

      Yes please chinasmack, censor me. Even though panda banana, mr.weiner and a bunch of other users are also posting alot, only I shall not have the awesome free speech right or is it a privilege here….

      • The Enlightened One

        I didn’t say censor you… I said “contain”. They could send you over a bottle of Ritalin or something for all I care. Maybe get you laid. That’s probably the reason you are freaking out.

        Just stop over-posting, too much scrolling cause of you.

        • The biggest problem is that there’s no new content. It’s just the same trick over and over. I wish she had a little more creativity : (

          • ObeseMerikkka

            right back at cha ;)

          • Did you misplace this or do you just not understand how to use this comeback?

          • mr.wiener

            how can you argue with wit like that?

        • ObeseMerikkka

          Getting laid is not as important as bashing chinese people.

        • ObeseMerikkka

          ‘contain’ me alright… I wonder what the chinese government says when they don’t like using the censor word.

        • mr.wiener

          I think stop replying to his posts. It is the oxygen he needs.

    • ObeseMerikkka

      I suppose free speech is reserved solely for yourself and your legion of other enlightened western males. And here I thought censorship was a bad thing, silly me.

    • vincent

      He probably forgot to take his meds.

    • Kai

      I’m here. Please don’t feed trolls. Downvote them, flag them, but don’t feed them. In fact, not a single one of you guys flagged this guy. If you had, we would’ve gotten an email and likely been able to respond to this flooding of the comments section earlier.

      @obesemerikkka:disqus You’re knowingly violating our comment policy. You wouldn’t be censored if you would abide by it.

      • Oh, I hadn’t noticed the “flag as inappropriate” option. Makes me wonder why it hasn’t been used more often. Sad his behavior or manner of commenting seems so normal for this comment section that I thought, at first, he wasn’t really breaking rules, just expressing his sadness a lot.

        • Kai

          It does get used, pretty often actually.

          When in doubt, refer to our Comment Policy: http://www.chinasmack.com/faq#comment-policy

          The guy was clearly AT LEAST flooding the comments.

          • The Enlightened One

            Sorry, I didn’t notice that either until you pointed it. I stopped replying to his posts because he is obviously on a vendetta anyways.


            Robert K.

  • Ryo

    It’s more likely she was having an affair with the boss (because he’s rich and she is trying to get a piece of the pie) and the husband found out. The women wanted to have a kid with him to “tie him down” but he told her to “abort” it with those pills.

    This is much more plausible then the bullshit story she’s telling.

    • ObeseMerikkka

      True women cannot be raped, they are always lying. Take it from me a western man, rape never happens here cause we do not believe in it.

    • wafflestomp

      Was my first thought to. There’s no proof. She could of easily just been having an affair.

      • ObeseMerikkka

        Of course not only does rape not exist, and women are always lying, she must have also been having an affair! Great thinking wafflestomp, you are a freaking genuis if I do say so myself. ;)

      • Rick in China

        It’s plausible, but if that’s the case, why is the boss guy gone – why would he try to escape and not be around for anyone to find if the situation was just that the girl was busted having an affair?

        Ignore ObeseMerikkka, he’s obviously butthurt over the story – posting literally the same response to everyone, I’m wagering he was raped repeatedly in recent years and his childlike mind hasn’t been able to deal with it yet – so he’s left finding rape stories on the net to troll in hopes that somehow his brain can respond therapeutically.

        • Panda Banana

          well, tell me, when you would be in his shoes, and know what scene she is going to cause, would you really like to confront her?, while she, her mother and children lay flat on the street, screaming and yelling, pulling and holding your clothes, not letting you go anywhere while cameras and dozens of mobile phones are directed at you, she pointing finger in your face yelling: rapist!!! simply cause you probably fucked that bitch and couldn’t fulfill her requirement to be promoted in exchange for her pussy? or even worse, you did nothing wrong at all? In china the best one can do in such situations is indeed to go into hiding…

  • Something is wrong with disqus, anyone else having problems?

    • Kai

      I think everyone is. Disqus seems to be glitching a lot lately. :(

      • hm maybe they are implementing new feature, then its not just me having this problem

  • Reila90

    Why most of news in this site were poorly cherry picked? compare to JapanCrush & KoreaBang, contents in ChinaSmack are contrast. So lacking in varieties. Boring~

    • mr.wiener

      Submit something,
      I’d go with “Chinese hold Thank you Japan day to show their appreciation.”

  • vincent

    Poor kids, if what this woman says is true then husband is a ball-less shithead for not castrating the guy who raped his wife and instead of getting confrontational he decides to take the easy way out.
    As to whether the woman got raped, she mentioned that she had fought with all her strength, then there would be bruising, tearing and other signs of rape, I don’t understand why she wouldn’t have screamed for help or something.
    Human rights are already lacking in China, but when it comes to womens rights, forget about it.

  • DAK

    ObeseMerikkka you are great! I love your social commentary. Only the great White men can be the judge, jury and executioner. It’s true! It’s true! It’s true! And redemption comes our way…like what we have done with the black men..transform them from savages and slaves to equal members of our western society. Providing them with hope, affirmative action, and now the presidency. Sure, America will go down the drain due to our liberal policies and social engineering…but hey.. better the blacks or Hispanics whom we can control than those conniving chinks! Chow!

  • Washington Bullets

    What a shitstorm, but like any media sensation, I wonder where all the facts are in reality. If that guy leaves his wife over her getting raped, then he is no better than the supervisor. He should be there to support her through all of this if he truly loves and cares for her. Perhaps he’s leaving out of his own shame, maybe fear of being a cuckold, or a sense of emasculation, but it’s truly unfortunate for his children and wife. I don’t think she would be so distraught if she wasn’t sexually assaulted. People in power anywhere abuse their positions, which is truly unfortunate, but they can also be exploited while in these positions. In either case, a full investigation should be launched and the factory should be held responsible to a degree for not having a way for employees to voice their concerns through their human resources department with a form of legal backing.

  • moody

    “She was scared I would kill her” says the husband.
    Wooooowww, that right there is almost as messed up as the rape.

    • diverdude7

      yea,, that was the one thing in the story that blew my mind. it seems he says it so nonchalantly. like it is a common thing.. wow,, what a f’d up world…

  • Loki2355


    Not a single Chinese in China is good/decent, all trash, locusts.

  • Red Scarf

    Are these comments from Chinese netziens an average sampling of the posting. Compared to yesterdays, story, they seem less mouth foaming in nature.

    Is is because they are more annoyed with the husband or that stereotyping can’t be applied here?

  • LiHai

    Anybody else notice that the kid in the pic is smiling and having a good time? If these ladies were really distress, the kids would know. The ladies are putting on a show.

    • Rick in China

      Stupid comment. They’re not SMILING at all. Look at their stance and body language. They’re in the middle of their grandma and mom wrestling on the street crying and shit…there’s no “smiling and having a good time”, get your mini eyes checked son.

      • LiHai

        Please. Tell me the close-up of the girl in pink isn’t a smile on her face. I think YOU need to get your eyes checked.

        • mr.wiener

          Third photo down does look like the kid is smiling and skylarking around , but the pixilation of the eyes makes it hard to get a true reading of their expression.

        • Panda Banana

          you can not say for sure, people often when crying create a mouth shape which looks like smiling….trust me i have seen it many times. Each time i boot a lady out after i have enough of her, i see it…..another point is that its a chinese kid, and i am sure the parents and grandma drilled them how to behave when they arrive on the site to make a good show…..kinda like the folks which came with their little kids into my office demanding money for their dead relative, they used needles to pick their small kids in the butt to make them cry, they did it so obvious it was unbelievable!

  • BiggJ

    This week chinasmack is brought to you by the letter “R”…for rape.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    “both parties currently in negotiations” WTF is there to negotiate? Throw the bastard behind bars.

    • BiggJ


  • Speedy_Cheese

    It is pretty embarrassing to see how some people are reacting to this.
    Not just the jokes, but the audacity to demand proof of rape while stating that she is falsifying her claim without evidence to support that assertion in the same breath.

    Whether she is lying or not, you do not get to make that call, nor make light of the situation. It is attitudes like that which make people suffering this kind of abuse terrified to seek out help. Who wants to endure that kind of horror and come out of it being dubbed a liar? This is why some people endure this kind of hell in silence.

    I have seen my own justice system fail women who are victims of rape. The bastard walks free. Who wouldn’t be terrified of that possibility? Then you wonder why a woman doesn’t hit the ground running to the police right after she gets raped? Jesus. The ‘justice’ system is unfortunately not that flawless. If you recall what happened to Rehtaeh Parsons or in the Steubenville rape case, the police did a better job of protecting the rapists than the victims. And the media does a great job of blaming the victims. Any victim of rape knows what will follow the moment they open their mouths. There is no guarantee of justice, the risk of being dubbed a liar, your shame goes on display for all to see, and they are already terrified. Who are you to speak so boldly? You have no idea what that breed of fear feels like.

    I am also cognitive of the fact that some sick women out there falsify these severe claims for petty revenge or some selfish gain. It makes me sick to my stomach to even think of them, ruining some innocent individual’s life while making light of real life abuse. It grows difficult to differentiate between a victim and an opportunist. But that does not mean we paint every individual with the same brush.

    I am not saying she is telling the truth. For all I know, she might very well be lying.
    I am saying that just as you bleat that there must be evidence for such an accusation, you must also have evidence before declaring such grand assumptions.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Just when I think the world’s getting a bit brighter, an article like this pops up…

    • Panda Banana

      i think you take his whole thing too much to heart. From what i was able to observe, is that there are different kind of categories here:

      1. the ones which take it for granted that she WAS actually raped

      2. the ones which think that this story smells fishy

      3. the ones with no opinion at all or the ones which make fun of it

      4. and of course the chinese netizens, where not even 1 has any sort of doubts about this womens honesty

      category 1 and 4 is the naive section, which take everything for granted what is reported in the news. People with limited experience which have a hard time understanding and believing that someone putting on such a show in public could actually be lying.

      category 2 and 3 could be people who either learned how to use critical thinking, or they could also be policeman or work as a doctors or nurses in the emergency room at a hospital. People who have seen so much that they either compensate the daily shit by making fun of it, or just get less emotional and are able to see things from a different angle….guess that the police would doubt her story too, cause they deal with liars on a daily basis, so to be suspicious is part of the job . Nurses and doctors hear people complain all day about pain, so they become feelingless when someone cross their path with a minor health problem.

      The only thing i know is, that when shit hits the fan and my life is in danger and we as a species must fight for survival, then i’d rather be in the company of category 2 and 3….1 and 4 die first, we already cheated evolution and some people are actually not meant to live as long as they do now, thanks to science.

      If the bitch is lying? Well, let me put it this way, if i had to bet on it, i would say the chance, based on my experience in china with chinese people, to 95% she is a lying POS who made this story up together with her husband…

      • Speedy_Cheese

        What are you talking about? This is real life, not The Walking Dead. How did this go from talking about what is appropriate discussion of sexual assault to survival of the fittest?

        I am taking this whole thing too much to heart?

        Well yes. I suppose being a previous victim of sexual assault, reading of alleged accounts of it and reading people making light of said issues they have had absolutely no experience in does rub a sore spot for me.

        Nonetheless, I am equally entitled to provide my input on the matter just as well as you are. I have no knowledge as to the verity of her claims, nor do I believe them one way or another. My post was largely about the reaction to claims of sexual assault rather than this specific case. I see it time and time again, no matter the country of origin of the assault case. Sick jokes and victim shaming. It is pathetic. You may call it harmless, and perhaps it is, for anyone who has not faced the real horror of it all. It is easy to make light of a war if you never touched the battlefield.

        What I do have knowledge of is a tendency for individuals to provide input on sensitive issues like these that they know nothing about. Who do not comprehend the fear, the paranoia, the shame, the judgement that comes with making yourself a visible victim of sexual assault. You can say “she could have gone to the doctor, to the police” all you like, but it is not that black and white.

        I have known women who have gone to the police, court, and a women’s shelter. I have been a volunteer there when those men show up at the shelter and try to beat the door down. Who will try follow you, as a volunteer home, threatening and demanding access to the woman. You can say that there are simple answers for victims of sexual assault, but that is wishful thinking from the ignorant and naive.

        Therefore yes, perhaps I am sensitive to the subject.
        I find that far more appealing than being callous and immoral.

      • Dang, speedy’s a sxy lady and smart too. Just look at her icon unless that’s not her @-@.

    • KamJos

      The people accusing her of lying are called “Men’s Rights Activists”. Just ignore.

  • linette lee

    I think most women who have ever been raped, don’t report it. They keep it as secret.
    It’s better and safer that way. Instead of reporting it and have to deal with people gossip and speculation about what really happened. It makes life so much harder for the victims.

  • Wow

    That’s fucked…it was hard to see the kids next to their mother like that. Fucking rapist should be put down. The husband should be support…dick.

    • Panda Banana

      you should never be allowed to serve in a jury my friend….even the article says: suspect!…

  • Going to hotel to do factory work itself is wrong.

  • John Doe

    She had sex with him thrice. She should have told her husband as well as the police right after the first time.

  • Just wondering why the Supervisor wasn’t attacked by the Mob ? Is it because he is chinese means he is right to assault( Sexually harassed ) rape a Lady…

  • harry

    Poor, poor lady. Anguished and distraught and treated so badly by pig males. Why can’t men ever assume their natural role and be strong and moral people?

  • Rob

    She was probably having an affair then concocted this whole rape story after her husband found out about it. He was right to divorce her, another slut kicked to the curb.

  • breed11

    This is bad.i mean not rape in India bad, but pretty bad. Migrant workers are treated like a different race or class. But, they are Han too.