Ferraris Collide in High-Speed Race on Chinese Highway

The front of the other car is severely deformed.

The scene of the accident.

From NetEase:

High-Speed Rear-End Collision Between Two Ferraris on Shanxi Baomao Highway

On October 15 afternoon around 3:30pm, a traffic accident happened 10 kilometers north of Ansai on the Ansai section of the Shaanxi Baomao Highway. Witnesses claim more than 10 Ferraris roared past, with a rear-end collision happening between two of them. The cars were severely deformed, with people trapped within, and right now the police have already arrived at the scene to rescue them.

One of the cars is severely damaged.

Pictures are of one of the cars having suffered severe damage, with all four wheels and even the engine having ripped off and scattered far away, nearly completely written off.

One of the cars is severely damaged.

One of the cars is severely damaged.

One of the cars is severely damaged.

Pictures are of another car involved that rolled over, the front severely deformed.

The front of the other car is severely deformed.

The front of the other car is severely deformed.

Comments from NetEase:

绩溪胡哥 [网易安徽省宿州市网友]:

A crashed Ferrari is okay, as long as innocent people aren’t hurt!

网易安徽省网友 ip:183.165.*.*: (responding to above)

A dead car owner is okay, as long as no one else was involved [affected, harmed]!

ZTJ1 [网易合肥工业大学网友]:

Sincerely hope that there will be more and more car accidents like this! A bunch of scumbags!

操场哥 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

It’s a shame this car is ruined, dad will get you another one tomorrow.

网易福建省厦门市网友 ip:110.83.*.*:

It’d be best if the cars were ruined and the drivers dead, the road is for driving, not for racing.

xt3305 [网易江苏省无锡市网友]:

The insurance company cried.

月君 [网易江苏省连云港市网友]:

Even Ferraris can be crashed into pieces?

梵高遛狗不挑品种 [网易山东省东营市网友]:

I bet at this speed, a Japanese car would need a vacuum sweeper to suck up all the pieces~~~

网易四川省绵阳市网友 ip:222.211.*.*:

The consequences of spending money on unnecessary things.

网易浙江省温州市网友 ip:218.0.*.*:

Ferrari [shitting dysentery] is truly incredible,
shitting so incredibly,
that it has shat itself into this.

[Note: The above comment involves a pun on Ferrari’s Chinese name “法拉利” Fǎ lā lì with the characters replaced with 乏拉痢 Fá lā lì “shitting dysentery”.]

Comments from QQ:

腾讯北京市网友 13111018:

Now this is a tragedy, to die before having spent all of one’s money.

腾讯网友 1041539901:

Ferraris also aren’t crash-worthy! The only way to be safe is to not drive fast!

腾讯浙江省网友 殇裳: (responding to above)

Did you notice that the passenger cabin is still in one piece? Good cars are all designed like this, the back and the front are built with impact energy absorbing material like aluminum alloy, in order to absorb impact energy in a crash, decreasing the impact hitting the passenger cabin to the minimum, while the passenger cabin is built with high-strength steel so that they won’t easily deform, ensuring the safety of the passenger in a collision.

腾讯网友 钱多多:

Look at these Ferraris, even when the engine has been ripped off, the passenger cabin still isn’t deformed, not like Japanese cars where they’ll deform from just a touch.

腾讯嘉兴市网友 爱你每一天:

There was once a rich man’s driver who complained that his life was hard, everyday having to rise early and go to sleep late working for his boss. Then the boss died and only when the driver married the widow of the late boss did he realize that it was his boss who was working for him all along. This time, we really don’t know who’s going to cry and who’s going to laugh.

腾讯网友 1157810755:

Thinking they have money, buying fancy cars, going racing. Never mind the fact they were violating traffic rules, they also endangered the lives and property of other people. They must be heavily punished.

腾讯上海市网友 8779991:

You wanted to be fast, you wanted to be niu. now your cockiness has got your “struck by lightning” [in trouble], eh?

腾讯大连市网友 630695957:

I remember when I was young, when I saw rich people buying motorcycles I felt so jealous, envious, and hateful. A few years later I found out that the first group of rich people who rode motorcycles had almost all died out. A blessing in disguise.

腾讯网友 504257058:

Properly investigate where all these fancy cars came from. Are cars more valuable or people’s lives? China’s rich second generation are just like this.

腾讯网友 顺其自然—蕊:

Those who see this piece of news and snicker really ought to contemplate how you are supposed to live, because you guys have lost your humanity.

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