Ferraris Collide in High-Speed Race on Chinese Highway

The front of the other car is severely deformed.

The scene of the accident.

From NetEase:

High-Speed Rear-End Collision Between Two Ferraris on Shanxi Baomao Highway

On October 15 afternoon around 3:30pm, a traffic accident happened 10 kilometers north of Ansai on the Ansai section of the Shaanxi Baomao Highway. Witnesses claim more than 10 Ferraris roared past, with a rear-end collision happening between two of them. The cars were severely deformed, with people trapped within, and right now the police have already arrived at the scene to rescue them.

One of the cars is severely damaged.

Pictures are of one of the cars having suffered severe damage, with all four wheels and even the engine having ripped off and scattered far away, nearly completely written off.

One of the cars is severely damaged.

One of the cars is severely damaged.

One of the cars is severely damaged.

Pictures are of another car involved that rolled over, the front severely deformed.

The front of the other car is severely deformed.

The front of the other car is severely deformed.

Comments from NetEase:

绩溪胡哥 [网易安徽省宿州市网友]:

A crashed Ferrari is okay, as long as innocent people aren’t hurt!

网易安徽省网友 ip:183.165.*.*: (responding to above)

A dead car owner is okay, as long as no one else was involved [affected, harmed]!

ZTJ1 [网易合肥工业大学网友]:

Sincerely hope that there will be more and more car accidents like this! A bunch of scumbags!

操场哥 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

It’s a shame this car is ruined, dad will get you another one tomorrow.

网易福建省厦门市网友 ip:110.83.*.*:

It’d be best if the cars were ruined and the drivers dead, the road is for driving, not for racing.

xt3305 [网易江苏省无锡市网友]:

The insurance company cried.

月君 [网易江苏省连云港市网友]:

Even Ferraris can be crashed into pieces?

梵高遛狗不挑品种 [网易山东省东营市网友]:

I bet at this speed, a Japanese car would need a vacuum sweeper to suck up all the pieces~~~

网易四川省绵阳市网友 ip:222.211.*.*:

The consequences of spending money on unnecessary things.

网易浙江省温州市网友 ip:218.0.*.*:

Ferrari [shitting dysentery] is truly incredible,
shitting so incredibly,
that it has shat itself into this.

[Note: The above comment involves a pun on Ferrari’s Chinese name “法拉利” Fǎ lā lì with the characters replaced with 乏拉痢 Fá lā lì “shitting dysentery”.]

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯北京市网友 13111018:

Now this is a tragedy, to die before having spent all of one’s money.

腾讯网友 1041539901:

Ferraris also aren’t crash-worthy! The only way to be safe is to not drive fast!

腾讯浙江省网友 殇裳: (responding to above)

Did you notice that the passenger cabin is still in one piece? Good cars are all designed like this, the back and the front are built with impact energy absorbing material like aluminum alloy, in order to absorb impact energy in a crash, decreasing the impact hitting the passenger cabin to the minimum, while the passenger cabin is built with high-strength steel so that they won’t easily deform, ensuring the safety of the passenger in a collision.

腾讯网友 钱多多:

Look at these Ferraris, even when the engine has been ripped off, the passenger cabin still isn’t deformed, not like Japanese cars where they’ll deform from just a touch.

腾讯嘉兴市网友 爱你每一天:

There was once a rich man’s driver who complained that his life was hard, everyday having to rise early and go to sleep late working for his boss. Then the boss died and only when the driver married the widow of the late boss did he realize that it was his boss who was working for him all along. This time, we really don’t know who’s going to cry and who’s going to laugh.

腾讯网友 1157810755:

Thinking they have money, buying fancy cars, going racing. Never mind the fact they were violating traffic rules, they also endangered the lives and property of other people. They must be heavily punished.

腾讯上海市网友 8779991:

You wanted to be fast, you wanted to be niu. now your cockiness has got your “struck by lightning” [in trouble], eh?

腾讯大连市网友 630695957:

I remember when I was young, when I saw rich people buying motorcycles I felt so jealous, envious, and hateful. A few years later I found out that the first group of rich people who rode motorcycles had almost all died out. A blessing in disguise.

腾讯网友 504257058:

Properly investigate where all these fancy cars came from. Are cars more valuable or people’s lives? China’s rich second generation are just like this.

腾讯网友 顺其自然—蕊:

Those who see this piece of news and snicker really ought to contemplate how you are supposed to live, because you guys have lost your humanity.

What do you think?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • My other car is a Porsche

    Racing in my high speed sofa!

    • snicker

      Amazing, you haven’t been voted down to the bottom of the comment pile yet! I still feel motivated to call sofa sometime!

  • A Lu

    what a waste…
    funny though how some commenters point out how bad it would have been for the drivers if they were driving japanese cars. Did they forget how crappy chinese cars are? the pot calling the kettle black? 五十步笑百步?

    • Fraser Stewart

      If I’m not mistaken Chinese cars are banned for sale in Europe because they don’t meet safety standards.

      • themig

        they dont meet europe’s environmetal exhaust emmisions standards

        • Anony E Moose

          Come the Global Phase of Massive man-made Cooling… you Euro-Peons will come crawling to China for emissions-emitting, atmosphere-warming Chinese Vehicles…..

      • Bob

        Most Chinese made Engines emissions are too high so they can’t be sold in Europe, The Rowae (sp) or Rover brand is available in the UK but with a different engine. Great Wall SUV’s where given 4 out of 5 stars for safety in Australia – and they are pretty strict.

      • Jeff

        I’m pretty sure Chinese are proud of their contribution to the auto industry – The Cherry QQ car

      • Just the Geely Emgrand EC7 & EC8 received 4 out of 5 stars on the euro ncap. Tho fro the UK reviews they apperar to be picese of shit with below standerd interriers.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Any excuse to piss and moan about Japan

    • ChineseFighter

      and why are chinese cars crap? it’s not because of america blocked china from accessing such technologies?

      • A Lu

        They can build atomic bombs and spaceships, I’m sure they could build very good car if they wanted to

        • ChineseFighter

          by that i mean the machine tools such as lathes, not the car itself.

          • moop

            steal harder

          • winterb4spring

            LOL!! :D

          • Chip

            hahaha thats right. stupid chinks only know to copy.

          • winterb4spring

            Appreciate the debate. Racist grammar = uncool. There are nice chinks around, like me :)

          • Nick in Beijing

            As opposed to just buying them from a Chinese company who can produce them? And being creative enough to design and build them at home in the first place, rather than relying on handouts from foreign countries?


          • Anony E Moose

            Remember to *NOT* add the metal lead to your Chinese-manufactured vehicles.

            I know you can’t resist doing this, but think of the MPG, for God’s Sake!

        • hess

          north korea can build atomic bombs..

          • Chip

            well said. only advanced high tech countries can build cars. Spaceships and Atomic bombs are childs play. Stupid chinks think theyre so smart. lol

          • A Lu

            same thing, North Korea could feed its population if it really wanted to.

        • Ruffled Feathers

          Well, again, that technology was lent to China or stolen too. The fact is, Chinese by and large are incapable of original ideas and innovations, because their Communist indoctrination denies them the right or ability to learn free thought and ideas. Therefore, all they can do is steal ideas and plagiarize because that’s the only way the can get their hands on new stuff. R&D in the West stands for research and development; in China. it stands for rip-off and duplicate.

          • Dr Sun

            that’s brilliant, kudos.

      • snicker

        Well, if Chinese companies weren’t so skilled at stealing foreign technology from JVs, then foreign companies would be happy to share technology. What a boring debate. “Give us technology for free, or our cars will suck!” Is the constant cry of the Chinese auto industry. Good luck.

        • El Puma R.

          Over here in Changchun there’s the VW factory.. and they have the factories to make spare parts too. On the other hand, there’s also the “hongqi” (red flag) car factory and according to my friend who works there, the hongqi factory makes EXACT replicas of the spare parts for VW cars… and they put the hongqi name on them…

          • El Puma R.

            you downvote me just because I said the truth? God bless chinese people or anyone who is a sucker for them

      • moop

        because you closed yourself off and pursued self-reliance in trade and ccp’s failed plan of industrialization during the great leap forward (backward). because up until china opened up china was trading with other countries that also had shitty cars. do you think america and germany owe you their own intellectual property? try stealing harder

        • Fraser Stewart

          Yeah, China has pretty much burned every bridge imaginable in that regard. They want the trade to be all one way. For example, they keep their currency artificially weak and they put massive tariffs on foreign imports. Both of these are in direct violation of the WTO agreement that they signed up for.

          They also use the Great Firewall to stop foreign websites from gaining a foothold in the market (as well as to block information obviously). E.g. Youtube vs Youku, Google vs Baidu, etc.

          Then there’s the rampant piracy trade that goes unchecked. Not just copied DVD’s, handbags and watches, but actual cars. For example, a few years ago BMW sued a Chinese car company for stealing it’s design of the X5. The Chinese courts found in favour of the Chinese car company, despite the fact that any sane person who compares the cars will see that they are identical.

          China wants to be part of the world, and yet closed off at the same time. China thinks the world owes it everything. When companies complain about the theft of their property (e.g. Bill Gates and the rampant piracy of Windows), they get told “China has 5000 years of history, we can’t change it so quickly”.

          Such, utter, bullshit. When China starts trading, fairly and honestly (not going to happen with old CCP kings running the show), then maybe other countries will be happy to share ideas. But now they just think China will steal all of their ideas, meaning they won’t get a single penny in return.

          • Chip

            Exactly the chinks are sneaky little cheats who suck at trade and foreign relations. Those CCP monkey politicians don’t know what they’re doing. Because of them China is the most poor, stagnant, backwards, fucked up country there is even after 5000 years.

          • bert

            This is why China should either close its doors or have the doors closed for her. It has no standards and is totally devoid of honesty. I don’t hate China but these are the facts. We must be aware and spread the word. There will never be any cooperation from the China side, never has been and never will be.

          • ChineseFighter

            jesus, this site is full of naive ppl like you. It’s never about trading or business, all machines tools such as lathes are classified as military equips and facilities which contribute towards the military industry. For example Mitsubishi, it used to be Japan’s arm’s factory pre-WWII (and it still is), but now it PRODUCE CARS. For those who don’t know about it, the list goes on: Toyota, Toshiba, Fuji… they were all arms factory

          • moop

            but why do you think they owe your their technology and IP?

      • Chip

        It’s because chinks don’t know how to run a country like civilized humans. They’ve always been shitty. They are currently shitty. And they’ll remain shitty until infinity. Just look at their progress in the last 5000 years. NONE.

        • Germandude

          Hey Chip,

          u r from the Bronx or sth? I mean, I have read 5 posts of yours and besides that they are utterly stupid and irrelevant, the excessive use of the word “chink” (or the plural form of it, I give you that on creativity) let’s me believe that you are a 12 year old online hero who jerks off in front of his PC because he showed he’s da man at least once today. I feel sorry for you that sooner or later you have to go outside again and face all those insults and bad comments thrown at you.

          So I give you some advices: Brush your teeth, dress up appropriately and behave like you got brains and balls and maybe you will gain some respect.

          And maybe you want to post sth meaningful on chinasmack once in a while, maybe you’ll get some replies then.

          You are a jerk.

          • Chip

            It’s because CHINESE don’t know how to run a country like civilized humans. They’ve always been shitty. They are currently shitty. And they’ll remain shitty until infinity. Just look at their progress in the last 5000 years. NONE.

            there no longer racist :D

          • moop

            “Yeah only when chinks are behind the wheel. They’re just a hopeless retarded race that fucks up at everything.”

            Nope, but this is, regardless of whether you replace the word “chink” with “chinese” or not

          • Chip

            LOL you’re teaching me how not to be racist in this trollfest. . . .
            You sound like a slut teaching people to remain abstinent in an orgy. Stop trying to be all well mannered and shit. You’re even worse than me. We all know what you are behind your sophisticated rhetoric. At least i don’t try to hide it. I wasn’t even arguing against you, why do you have to disagree with fucking everyone? How good does it make you feel?

          • winterb4spring

            erm, not to get on your other side, but moop’s agreed with me before, and i’m chink for 5000 years, pure blood :P just saying. peace.

          • Germandude

            Besides that I doubt that you are “chink” for 5000 years (or are you really THAT old?), please let me give you an advice:
            Don’t use racial slurs here, otherwise that bad girl Bunny Hiccups will come here and teach you how to properly behave in an uninsulting manner. For what it’s worth, she already called hess being part of the people that killed the jews. Now for that, I beg you to forgive her because geography might not be her strength, just like any other skill one could think of. But to give you an idea of what kind of statements she ran in the last 72 hours: (all Bunny Hiccups O-tone)

            – the Chinese are just sucking their balls as usual. I’ve had oriental niggas…

            – Chinese people are so fucking disgusting.

            – These are the same people who use bear bile, roast puppies alive, rip the antlers off of deer and drink the blood. These people are about 5,000 years behind modern times.

            – The only country that would invent something like Sars.

            – I have been called a nigger numerous times by honkeys and chinks

            – I will always have a low opinion of white men, asian men, and for the hell of it, latinos too.

            So as you can see, Hiccups is a bad-ass motherfucker straight from the ghetto playing tough on “chinks”, “whiteys”, “honkeys” and “latinos”. If anybody can find the irony in this, please share with us for that we are color-blind and insult anybody, no matter where from.

            At this stage you might be wondering why I am referring to this insecure bitch while you were replying to the user “Chip” and rightfully so. Well, “Chip” seems to be a stupid guy which is not bad per se, but he is less funny than the ghetto kid.

          • winterb4spring

            oh… i see o.O *shiver*

          • El Puma R.

            Dude.. I am from Latin America… “latino” refers to a person who comes from Latin America, whereas “chinks” “honkeys” “whiteys” and “niggers” are straight racist terms… I didn’t expect that from you, I often read your comments (by that I mean I’ve been wasting my time) you know… so if anyone has called you any of these, you probably deserved to be cataloged as such scum. Nothing worse than a mixed race african german racist…. with superiority complex. Please kill yourself immediately.

          • bert

            Yeah! Latino is not a bad word. I believe he was looking for the terms wet back or greaser but greaser might be Italian. I forgot.

          • Germandude

            Good job Puma. Latino refers to people from Latin America. Who would’ve thought that. She still generalized “latinos” in an insult while complaining about exactly that to happen: generalization and racism. Since you often read my comments, I assume you have read them multiple times. How many posts do I have here? 20? And another thing: You called me “mixed race african german racist” LOL, care to explain?

          • El Puma R.

            Certainly. Earlier you mentioned someone called you a “nigger” ..ok I was wrong about your racial characteristics however I still believe trolling is wrong.

          • Germandude

            “Earlier you mentioned someone called you a “nigger” ”

            Where did I say that? I somehow have the feeling you are mistakening me with someone else…

          • moop

            i dont disagree with everyone, take germandude for example, he thinks you’re a douche and so do i.

          • chipsadouche

            Yeah, Chip, you’re kind of a tosser. What happened to you when you were in China? Didn’t get enough pussy because you’re pulling in a meagre RMB3000 a month at your shitty English teaching job in some God-forsaken fourth-tier city in Ningxia? You’re a fucking cunt and I’m certain your Chinese sucks.

          • chipsadouche

            Spot on, buddy.

          • chipsadouche

            And what kind of name is Chip? What are you, an Arkansan? You present yourself like a hick. And one other thing, just because your wife is a fat cunt, doesn’t mean you can take it out on other people, or an entire race of people.

          • Tony

            What does the Bronx have to do with racism more than any other place on Earth?

  • hongkongsupplier12

    Second generation rich, money obtained through blatant corruption and thievery. They’re all part of the same rich asshole club, gauranteed to have killed someone and gotten off.

    • Fuck, how do I use Elijah like all the other times?

      • Ok, got the name, but no avatar, hmmmmmmm…

        Gone for a little while and look what happens eh?

        • vincent

          I think you have to make a Disqus account then you can set your avatar perhaps?

    • RagnarDanneskjold


  • Jahar

    I think it’s funny one guy is surprised that this can happen to a Ferrari. As if hey thought they are some kind of indestructible car. No wonder things like this happen here.

    • vincent

      haha yeah they seem to think that if the car’s exterior withstands a crash, then that is advantageous to the passenger, sigh a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  • Bunny Hiccups

    those cars and the red looks pretty cool.

  • Bunny Hiccups

    the smaller the car the more damage to the vehicle. how can people not know this?

    • MrT

      Look the main cockpit done its job, the front and back broke away like they should in a crash, leaving the drivers mostly in tact.

    • Germandude

      Okay Hilarious, thanks for sharing your technical knowledge. You an engineer at BAIC or sth? I bet you also think that the heavier the car, the stronger it is, huh?

      I bet, a VW Beetle, or a Citroen ZX is safer to crash than a BAIC, no matter that they are smaller. Design and technology, how can you not know this?

    • Anonymous

      Newton is BACK ? F=mg, F=Force m=masse… so conclude by yourself

  • Germandude

    Give a guy a big prestigeous car and he thinks he is the king of the road and a good driver. Anywhere. Guys think they can buy driving skills through buying a Ferrari and do some “real-life Need for Speed” race…

    As long as they don’t endanger and/or kill innocents, like on a race track, go ahead. Do that no a public road and I don’t find it a tragic loss if they die.

    The reference of the commentator talking about Japanese cars is also a bright person. A Chinese car would have just looked like the Ferraris on the pictures after an accident. While driving with 50 km/h that is…

    • Tengu

      We had this happen in the US when Silicon Valley went apeshit all the kids were making millions and millions.

      They’d buy a Ferrari or a Lambo, leave the lot, get to the lights, they change green, they floor it and vaporize into a telephone pole across the highway..

      Funny thing is most accidents in these are off the line, to do this at high speed, they just can’t drive,

      You might remember when the wall came down and all the Trabants would hit the Autobahn , get in the left lane and get
      blown into the trees by an AMG Hammer.

      • Germandude

        I actually still see this regularly what you are describing. I am coming from close to the Dutch border where there is a part of the German Autobahn without speed limits.
        Many accidents there happen for the following reasons:
        -Dutch drivers are overtaking cars because they think the speed is 130 km/h and the 300 meter distance to the next car behind them is sufficient. The fast approaching BMW then is right behind them when they managed to get to the left lane
        -A lot of young Dutch guys drive super fast on the German highways because there they are allowed and it’s kind of their hobby to do so
        -German drivers coming from the Netherlands cross the border, thinking they can now drive as fast as they wish again and do so without respecting the traffic situation

        Actually the higher speed on the Autobahn is not really a big factor for more accidents, especially since you have traffic jams all over the place and only approx. 1/3rd is without speed limits. Where it really causes problems is actually the area where a speed limited portion of the road is changing to a no speed limit part. People start going berserk for a few minutes, especially when crossing the border from the NL towards GER (German drivers, Dutch drivers and so on, I am talking ALL drivers).
        It’s sad to see so many crosses at the side of the road and most of them show people died young…

    • El Puma R.


      the greatest misconception of chinese people… because they buy an expensive artifact they believe they actually know how to use it…
      Just like my friend’s friend (chinese obviously) said while we were watching RHCP on youku… quote:”you see, we will never be able to make music this good in China, those guitars are so expensive” . I saved myself the right to reply to that. Fortunately I don’t see that guy very often.

  • MrT

    Nice couple of engines and transmissions to make some trikes.

  • vincent

    Seems that whenever these rich kids get behind the wheel of a Ferrari they end up in an accident, like that asshole in Singapore, moral of the story is rich kids are shitty drivers.

    • Fernando

      only rich kids? haha I’d say…..most chinese are shitty drivers.

      • andrewfx51
      • Chip

        Yeah only when chinks are behind the wheel. They’re just a hopeless retarded race that fucks up at everything.

        • moop

          please immolate yourself

          • Chip

            stop switching sides like a dumbass. oh when i shit talk chinese people it’s not cool. is that it? only you can do that. oh im sorry mr important. please go on. what the fuck are you anyway? half chinese?

          • moop

            you ever heard me use the word “chink”? i think most mainlanders suck and their society sucks and their habits suck and i am very vocal about it, but even i dont use the word chink.

          • winterb4spring

            i ‘ve not seen moop criticise the race, but the government and the contemporary bad habits in mainland China.

          • bert

            Chinese aren’t a race anyway.

    • red scarf

      Kids in general are shitty drivers, look at the insurance rates in the UK for under 25 year olds. As for driving in China they have to go from learning to drive on a “test circuits” system to a system there they experience driving in real traffic before they pass their test.

      • Chip

        Stop comparing or blaming other shit. your country is still fucked up after 5000 years history because you people always make lame excuses to cover up your stupidity. Just face it. Chinks can’t drive.

        • red scarf

          Who says I’m Chinese?

          • vincent

            i agree red scarf, but I think it would be very hazardous considering the traffic rules they have here I mean you see the light turning green for two opposing lanes of traffic and you have to wait for someone to be kind enough to let you pass, it’s harder than getting past Gandalf.

          • red scarf

            Yes, but I think you can get around it with a two tier system, training on a test circuit then training real traffic with an instructor.

          • vincent

            That would be viable if the other drivers were that compassionate haha

          • red scarf

            well of course there would be teething problems with it but as time went on “hopefully” you would replace the dying older gen with the younger more road aware gen. China’s road useage problems isn’t going to disappear in a short while you have to have a long term plan for it..

          • winterb4spring

            Chip did!

    • snicker

      It doesn’t help to be racing on a wet road? They’re not just shitty drivers, they are idiots.

      • Chip

        They’re just chinks

        • Rob427

          chink chink chink…. chink chink. chink chink chink chink chink!

          Do yourself a favor, grab a nice hot coco and go to sleep.

  • Fraser Stewart

    Well, the good news for these guys is, they won’t be charged, just a bribe to the right person and they’ll get off scott free. Once they’ve healed, and bought new cars, this will happen all over again. Rinse and repeat.

    • Anony E Moose

      How many Ferraris can $2 Trillion buy ?

      I just heard DARPA has a new military vehicle that has jet engines that fold in / out like the V22 Osprey, a Jetson-mobile!

      I bet we could sell this to the Rich in China for at least a $ mil.

  • diverdude7

    anybody have any idea how much either car in the photos cost ? just curious…

    • Tengu

      Looks life a California that’s a year or two old, just under $200,000.00 USD in the US.

      • Snazzy_Brett

        Which means in China you are looking at around 500-600,000 dollars or about 3.5-5 million RMB. A Lamborghini Mercielago (stock) would cost well over a million dollars after luxury tax.

        • diverdude7


        • I can get a Ninja ZX-14 for about $15,000 US clamolas and leave those assbags in the dust before they even get out of first gear.
          As a motorcycle rider in China (if my shitty 200cc Ninja wannabe can be called that) that has had numerous brushes with death and many scenic, wind in my face moments turned into rage and hate filled days by fuckwads like these, I can only say there there is no justice in this world and they will most likely peel my carcass off the pavement while these shit-heads live on, oblivious.

  • wafflestomp

    I hope the drivers are dead. We see a lot of Chinese second generation rich racing scum in Vancouver these days.

    • El Puma R.

      I’ve got a hobby for you… learn how to make “Miguelitos” . Two nails bent in “V” shape welt right in the angle one opposed to another. when you drop them on the floor they will always be poiting up and if you ride over them with your car they will fuck up your tires really bad. infallible against shitty drivers. Problem solved

      • Jeffli

        So you have miguelitos forrr de great Cornholio! Do you have TeePee?
        the great Cornholio demands teepee forrr dee bunghole.

    • jeffli

      @ wafflestomp
      I still bet that Canada, US, Aus and NZ still have more “high speed” accidents per capita than China. and mostly the respective countries “hillbilly” types are behind the wheel.
      Just that when someone does crash luxury cars in China at 200lm/hr it stands out “like dogs balls on a hairless hound” – more noticeable so to speak.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    If your car looks like that after an accident, you shouldn’t have been driving in the first place.

    • snicker

      Actually, it is pretty cool that their cars look like that after the accident…they could have looked a lot bloodier…

  • El Puma R.

    Stupid useless rich kids racing Ferraris.. on a rainy day! God please wipe all these dumb people of the face of the earth right now, I beg you… because they don’t deserve to live.

    PD: I see the comments above giving shit to japanese cars… yeah they’ll turn to pieces but they’re still better than chinese paper-made cars.

    • linette lee

      Their parents will just steal more money and buy more ferrari.

      • winterb4spring

        LOL you’re classic, but i like the way you express so directly :P

  • El Puma R.

    Oh and another thing… Chinese people get angry and say we are racist when we say they are stupid and ignorant… well guess what, we are right ! and our statements are justified too, don’t believe me? look above… the offspring of your leaders are dumb enough to buy ferraris and not know how to drive them…. I believe if we give them a shitty qq car they would crash them too.

    But don’t forget.. it is not us “laowai” saying this without a reason.. it’s your own people showing their dumbness on a daily basis…These are the future leaders of China.. whatever, I’ll let you all be blindly proud of your development.

    That russian guy in beijing stole the wrong car….

    • winterb4spring

      RACIST!! LOL :D

      • winterb4spring

        (FYI i have slit eyes and am Han) :P

        • El Puma R.

          lmao.. racist would be if I say “asian people” .. I’ve got nothing against race… not at all. My problem is with general stupidity, and trust me, wherever I go (in and out of china, including my country) I can see it… and I point at it too. Fortunately I’ve met really good and smart chinese people but it seems they will be never able to afford certain luxuries…. so yeah, I still believe china is a place where most rich people lack moral, mental and spiritual wealth… and the funny thing is.. everyone wants to be rich here….

          富人更富穷人更穷 .. and the 富人 kids racing ferraris on a rainy day…

          these kids remind me of the young king in Game of Thrones… why do I waste my time commenting? all I will get is local people shutting me off.

          • El Puma R.

            Question: so many ferraris crashed by Chinese people… don’t you think the Ferrari CEO might be thinking about NOT selling their cars to Chinese people anymore?

          • winterb4spring

            1 – the ferrari ceo has no obscene income if he does what you just said.
            2 – that could be taken as a form of discrimination, as in legally.
            whatever the case, it’s gonna cost the ceo to make that decision.

          • winterb4spring

            though i understand that is a rhetorical question :P

          • El Puma R.

            no it wasn’t rhetorical… lol

          • Anony E Moose


            On the contrary.

            What about how the Russians sold their military hardware to 3rd world dictators, a special “Monkey Model” for the illiterate and barefoot ?
            For the Chinese Ferrari market I propose a special “Crash Dummy Model” for the rich (but stoopid); an even higher profit margin as these car models wouldn’t even need to be equipped w/ standard safety features. Think of the Savings… $$$ !!!!

          • El Puma R.

            I concur. Ferrari should be calling us anytime now…. lol

  • Bob

    In my experience of driving for 2 years along country roads in China, when it rains Chinese drivers do not slow down. On dry days I rarely see an accident, on wet days I see 3-6 crashes, the most I saw was 9, and 8 of them where drivers going too fast and sliding on a corner. Most of them are noobs who really have spent a handful of hours behind the wheel and simply do not know better.

    • snicker

      First snow of the year in Beijing is always a bloody one.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Indeed it is.

        Looking forward to it this year!

        • From my experience driving a motorcycle here, I’m convinced that the pavement here is, in fact, more slippery than anywhere else I’ve ridden, especially when wet(duh). I’ve had some nasty slides from just normal applying the brakes. Makes it kind of hard to enjoy the ride, feeling like your bike can just slide out from under you anytime.

          • Jin Ch’in

            Pavements are for pedestrian not riding your bike you self entitled 老外, serve you right for skidding and hurting yourself. Maybe next time knock over a kid and then PR it so people can see what a kind hearted soul you are haha

          • “Pavement” is the material that the road is made of, you dumbass little bitch.
            For the record, I have never ridden my motorcycle on a sidewalk or even the bike lane unlike dozens of Chinese fucks I see daily, weaving in and out around kids, dogs, old people and just regular people trying to walk on the sidewalk without getting run over by some assbag…usually on those little scooters that they removed the tailpipe so it sounds “super-badass”. Almost as badass as when I was a kid and stuck playing cards on the wheels of my stingray bicycle with clothes-pins. I was once lucky enough to see 2 of those scooters crash into each other on a sidewalk near my house, walked over and laughed my ass off right in their faces as they writhed in pain on the ground. So, maybe I’m not as kind-hearted as you think. I would PR what a stupid-fuq you are, but you seem to be doing a good enough job on your own.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Totally agree

          • bert

            It’s all that gutter oil mixed into the asphalt.

          • I had considered that and because of the poor drainage that oil was likely to pool up in spots. But I think it also has to do with the indigneous materials used to make the roads. But I’m no engineer, just a rider that has experienced beyond average slipperiness on the roads.(and I’m talking about the newer roads, obviously the older roads are poor quality)

    • El Puma R.

      you should see over here in northeast china.. first snow of each year and cars start to crash as if they wanted to… what you say about rainy days is true… well, no need to clarify that driver licenses are for sale in China.. driving school? One would think those “instructors” know that when the asphalt is wet we should slow down.. and turn on the lights…. but no… they don’t…

  • cc

    Hoho, Chinese drivers at there best again

  • tedjo

    insurance company won’t pay this kind of accident

    • winterb4psring

      in China, they might, especially if the driver has connections. the executives don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night, arrested, home broken into, and accused of corruption, or being a god-father of some triad society.

  • moop

    “Look at these Ferraris, even when the engine has been ripped off, the passenger cabin still isn’t deformed, not like Japanese cars where they’ll deform from just a touch.”

    ummm, anyone here rather get in an accident driving a qq over a toyota?

  • “Look at these Ferraris, even when the engine has been ripped off, the passenger cabin still isn’t deformed, not like Japanese cars where they’ll deform from just a touch.”

    Forgetting chinese cars, arent we?

    Wonder if this comment was up- or downvoted on QQ.

    • Fraser Stewart

      To be fair, I’ve heard that the cars companies like Toyota sell in China are a bit different to the ones they sell in Europe/America. Apparently, because Chinese emission and safety standards are so low the companies lowered the quality of their cars to lower the costs.

      I could be talking out of my ass, but that was the rumour that I heard. If it’s true then it would explain his comment. He’s probably never seen a properly built Japanese car. E.g. my grandfather’s old 1998 Toyota with 130,000 miles on it that still runs perfectly.

  • Casey

    fucking holy shit!

    • winterb4spring

      Dear Casey, hi, thank you for the expletives. Now, what did you wanted to say about this article? =.=

  • Nova

    There’s some sort of odd phenomena that seems to always occur when two fancy cars meet on the highway. Only the other day was i looking at this:

  • Coyote

    Wow Fauna that’s quite the following you have here. I owned a new Ferrari 360 Modena for four years (cost $CDN 300,000) and I have to say it was the most interesting experience of my life so far. Many people that you’ve never met are in awe of you. Many people that you’ve never met hate your guts to the core. Toronto police officers actually treat you with respect (how refreshing). Truly fascinating.

    • snicker

      Hi, I’m like, really great, and really rich, and I have an awesome car, and I get all the girls, you know? But don’t tell anybody, I’m a pretty modest guy.

      • winterb4spring


  • Beijinger in Beijing

    Why are laowais so jealous of Chinese people with nice things?

    • Germandude

      LOL. Troll pride, world-wide.

      What does it have to do with jealousy to complain about smacktards doing street races under bad weather conditions, endangering about every other traffic participant?

      • Nick in Beijing

        Don’t bother trying to explain the faults of the Chinese to a Chinese. Never works out and they only get angry.

        Then they drive home and crash into everything in sight along the way.

    • kaka

      some are – as they are xenophobic or resent the rise of China, but most are not… whilst some merely consider the flaunting of it in any country as terribly gauche… (or in terms of this story – paying 50% more for a super-car, racing it because you think it makes you an F1 driver, then crashing it because it turned out you were more Ukyo Katayama than Michael Schumacher) and some simply smile quietly inside watching Chinese spend over-the-odds for clothes, accessories, and jewellery in branded boutiques as they know the goods being bought are those that did not sell in Europe and the US the season before…. (feel free to check that out if you don’t believe me…)

      As a whole I think it comes down to ones notion of wealth and how one should behave when they are wealthy… it is not uncommon around the globe to find people who resent ostentatious displays of wealth…

      … on a different note there’s nothing wrong with jealousy, it can be a great motivator… envy on the other hand is not so great… as a pure observation, which has been mentioned to me by more than one mainland Chinese, I often find the difference between HK and mainland Chinese in terms of attitudes to money and wealth interesting… with HK people being jealous of those with money, whilst mainlanders tending to be more envious…

    • “Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.”
      I doubt if anybody would have any problem with Jacky Chan, Yao Ming or Michael Ma driving a Ferrari.

      • snicker

        I think Jacky Chan does drive an orange Ferrari in Beijing…I’ll take a picture next time.

        • Uh…thanks Snicker. That won’t be necessary, there are always Ferraris parked at our office.(never seen an orange one though) But kind of you to offer : ) I remember when I thought Ferraris were cool. Guys in Motley Crue and Eddie Van Halen drove them and even OJ once pulled up next to me in a red Ferrari…you know…before his wife loaned it out to her boyfriend.
          Ferrari have become like Harleys. Used to be driven by real bikers that lived the outlaw rock and roll life and listened to Foghat and Skynyrd. Then fucking yuppies started driving them along with dentists, accountants and other dipshits that listen to Air Supply, grow a little stubble and tie on a bandana and suddenly they’re “Easy Rider” on the weekend. I can’t look at a Ferrari anymore without thinking “snotty little emperor that can’t even take the shell off a hardboiled egg”. Enzo Ferrari would probably be appalled at his company’s new image as THE car for Chinese kids with more money than brains.

          • trev

            wonder what it is like in UAE, Dubai, etc., where only a few decades ago they fastest they could go was measured in hoof clops per minute. Now every shiek is driving a Koenigsegg or Bugatti – wannabe rich are driving Ferraris and Lambos – the equivalent of Audis and BMWs in Beijing. Now that every rich kid is getting hands on a Ferrari or Lamborghini, and everyone has one, face dictates that they gotta go the next step up. It’s only gonna get worse, the world’s their playground.

      • winterb4spring

        Wait, Jacky Chan! I know this name. I think he is the rich and famous superstar who acted in a “drunken kung-fu hero” show once, and who last year or 2 years ago announced that there is “nothing good about being a free society” in front of some Chinese party officials. i believe this must be a hint that he is going into comedies soon. oh my hero :P

    • winterb4spring

      Maybe it’s disgust. Disgusted at the flaunting of dirty money. That’s what i have heard. I’d think that some governments, lauwai or Asian or African or Arabic, are too happy that Chinese people are “investing” in their economies.

    • Jin Ch’in

      Its so true, white people can come and pretty much raped the cheap labor and make themselves rich in the process to own $50million homes and have fancy cars and designer clothes back in their own country. But now that the Chinese have some luxury buying power they being ridicule and shamed. Double standard and through out history nothing has changed. The white people always feel they own the right to the 90% of the world wealth and everyone should be their slaves.

      • El Puma R.

        That’s racist.. you are saying “white people” . Fuck you. You could refer to the US, or EU, but not to “white people”. And if anyone’s trying to cheat on everybody, that’s the Chinese gvt.. not “yellow dudes” or “asian people’. According to your statements I can see you are smart and educated but you come from a racist background… Chinese people are not an exception and they are much more openly racist than any other people I’ve met before.

        • Jin Ch’in

          All this materialistic behavior is copied from white Anglo culture, Asians used to be a culture of hard workers and save their money, support their parents and family now with the imported rubbish from western media and imported Laowai that culture has changed for the worst.

      • vincent

        Are China’s coal bosses white? Their hands are stained with the blood of Chinese people so how are you going to justify that, look inwards before criticizing outwards.

    • matterh

      laowais are sure jealous of this guy

      • Beijinger in Beijing

        Oh, they mad bro, they sooo mad.

      • No…not in the least. Who is he?

      • El Puma R.

        oooh yesss.. so jealous for not having a future overweight uneducated russian gold digger 20 year old wife who already has a bellybutton between her tits. lmao to that

        • El Puma R.

          ooh your nipples so dewricious like mooncake !

    • El Puma R.

      SImply because you destroy them. PInk Porsche Carrera 911 with pink Hello Kitty seat covers.. I’ve seen like 20 of them now… Then that guy in singapore, and now this. Last year I saw a guy in an Audi A8 crash into a pole at 80kmph (55mph) leaving the car standing vertically leaning on the pole. If that isn’t destroying nice things then I don’t know what it is…

    • [email protected]

      Yes, so jealous we are. Please let us have the things you have, the gaudy clothing, the outdated fashions, the poorly made furniture, the rip-off real-estate, the dangerous medicines and food, the reverse engineered digital-ware, the pirated media, the capitalist-driven fast-food chains creating a new era of little fat Chinese kids, the new release blockbuster movie dregs allowed by your censorship bureau, the also fake perfumes and colognes, the absence of the top social media sites on the net i.e. youtube, facebook and twitter. Please let us have your nice things, because we are so jealous of your grey and rotting teeth, your fat belly being shown in summer, your vomit on the footpath, your small child peeing on the subway train, your begger with no limbs in the middle of the plaza, your corruption, your greed, your negligence, your immorality, your sloth. Please. Let Us Have What You Have. Please. Because we are so jealous. Right? Is this what you meant? Your nice things?

    • cc

      Because they don’t deserve them.

  • kaka

    it never fails to sadden me hearing an engine, let alone the cars transmission system, being destroyed at a set of lights in down-town Shanghai – not understanding why someone would spend so much on an auto-mobile and not bother to learn how to treat it, never-mind drive it…

    a Chinese friend of mine once described it as being the difference between buying a car for the appreciation of others and buying a car because you appreciate the car… I can’t quite work out whether that is insightful or not…

    … one must consider though that in “western” countries such vehicles tend to be owned by those who are 40 and above, and who’ve spent a lot of time and effort becoming successful enough to afford one, and i guess therefore have a greater appreciation of the vehicle as a result… or at least more than that of a guy in his 20s who survives at the teat of the efforts (legal or otherwise) of his father… but then every country has its nouveau-riche, it is perhaps merely the population size and desire to parade ones wealth that makes it more obvious in China.

  • Fraser Stewart

    In Communist China, we love communism so much that rich people are kings.

    • Chip

      HAHAHA Commie chink government is fucked up. Shit like this only happens in china cuz their government is shit.

  • Zappa Frank

    Don’t have tracks in china to drive fast? anyway, italian quality ahah

    • winterb4spring

      if you were asking a real question: no. :D

  • Slob

    This would’ve happened to anyone driving a ferrari in a race in such weather conditions. But when it’s paired with second generation scumbag rich pricks, it’s inevitable beyond doubt.

  • jeff

    I’m trying to figure out why there are so many anti-Japanese comments related to this article. Some people have nothing better to think about?

    • winterb4spring

      if you were asking a real question: yes!

  • Prickled

    A bunch of Fucking Chinese worth dying!

  • bill stack

    Was it that Russian
    guy again?

    • winterb4spring

      nope. he’s gone to jail. no passing go. no collecting RMB200.

  • Haha!

  • Peking Chicken

    Volvo has been bought over by us, it is a matter of time before VAG, Daimler gets acquired as well….

  • Jin Ch’in

    How do we know the accident was from speed? and not some poor person on a push bike carrying a tone of junk and coursing the accident? I have seem it often in Shanghai and its so dangerous sometime the boxes they carry on the bike come loose and fall onto on coming traffic.

    • Germandude

      Okay Einstein. Look at the pictures. What do you see? Highway + wet conditions.
      From the article “Witnesses claim more than 10 Ferraris roared past”
      Plus, check the damages of the cars. Looks like they were caused through high speeding, don’t they?

      But your theory of a person on a push bike carrying a tone of junk, causing the accident sounds good to. Maybe that’s what the insurance company will be told by some officials. Ah, now I get what you were trying to say…

  • Eidolon

    China is middle of the road when it comes to traffic mortality, which given the ridiculously rapid growth of motor vehicles in the country and the failure of government policy and motor vehicle education to keep pace, is logical. There’s no miracle here, and there’s alot they have to improve in the coming years, but hell, people, try to think about what happens in a country where the amount of cars increased by a hundred fold – from 300,000 in 1991 to 30 million in 2011 – in twenty years.
    Social infrastructures do not adapt to that sort of change over night. The Chinese went from bicycles to Ferraris in less than a single generation. That is what happened.

    • Sweden changed literally overnight from driving on the left to the right on September 3rd,1967. It was a bit chaotic for a couple of days but there were less accidents on the following Monday than all the previous Mondays and not a single fatality. A whole country switching to the exact opposite overnight seems more impresssive than a 20 year increase of cars and they still drive like shit.

    • bert

      No, they didn’t. “Chinese” didn’t go from bike’s the Ferrari’s. If that was a truthful observation then there would be A LOT more Ferrari’s on the road, either whole or in pieces.

  • [email protected]

    What a terrible shame.
    By that I mean that these bozo’s didn’t die.

  • Misiooo

    Just supports my original thesis that chinaman is fitted for a bicycle only. Q.E.D.

    • themig

      at least china can build cars not like your india which builds burning wrecks called the tata nano

      • Misiooo

        ??? What makes you think that I’m Indian, buhahahaha!

  • Justin

    Cars are a waste of mankind’s ingenuity in general. Think of all the advanced technology and engineering that goes into helping a rich asshole drive dangerously fast. If we put all that technological know-how to good use developing alternative energy and efficient mass transit, the world would be much better off and we wouldn’t be living in a cloud of toxic fumes. A car is by far the least efficient means of transporting human beings. Step outside of yourself for a second and actually think about it. An entire engine and frame that is used to carry around 1-2 people most of the time, when one engine on a subway can transport hundreds.

  • anerforst ( wuhan )

    well they will die out fast as they do not respect that type of power but most people here have that type of problem as i have seen young kids riding scooters at break neck speed and i have seen a few of them bail out and end up in bad shape but if they do not wish to learn about this hell to it what can we do

  • markus

    “nearly completely written off”


  • Yeah well…..just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  • Fire

    feel left out of the drama. How does one join in with class and finesse?

  • cc


  • This passage from Pumping Iron by Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to apply here.
    “When you have a BMW, which
    drives well although it’s not a great car, you try to race with
    everybody to prove that it has speed. But when you have a Ferrari
    or a Lamborghini you know you can beat anybody on the
    street. You don’t race any more. You start driving 55 on the freeway.
    Anybody can pass you and you know that if you step on the
    gas they’re gone. You know how good you are, you don’t have to
    prove it any more.”

  • Why should an insurance company pay for this ‘not-an-accident’? Racing was a criminal offense by the driver that resulted in the intentional destruction of property.

  • dutchman

    and how you think a chinese car looks after a crash like this? they are all driving coffins…never passed any EEC test…

  • senor boogie woogie

    In China, there is almost NO police on the toll roads and national highways. If you see a cop car, the cop is going somewhere and not on patrol. The police rely on cameras to tag people’s speed and that’s it. However, if you know the highway and have been on it on a regular basis you know where the camera is.

    The dumbasses decided to race on a rainy day? How stupid. Those Ferrari cars can probably do 200 Km/hr (that’s 125 MPH for us Metric hating Americans) Just stupid. How old were they, 16? I have never seen the lure of having a Ferrari anyway. Sure, it would be a rush to haul ass in the thing, but in the end it is a tight fit for four people, probably lousy trunk space and seen from the crash, a car made of plastic and a death trap in a wreck. If I were rich, a Volvo or a BMW.

    Lastly, this happened in Shaanxi. Not a wealthy province. Probably the only two Ferraris in the whole damn province.

  • Jei

    And the insurers cried with joy.

  • Plenty more Ferraris in China (and people) were they came from.

  • paneraman

    there goes 13 million RMB