Fighter Pilots Sacrifice Themselves to Protect Civilian Lives

Fighter Pilots Sacrifice Themselves to Protect Civilian Lives

The ashes of two fighter pilots who sacrificed their lives when their aircraft malfunctioned during a training exercise were buried recently. Flight instructor Jiang Tao was accompanying flight cadet Lu Pengfei in a take-off and landing exercise when they were notified by an air controller that their plane was emitting smoke. Being just 100m away from a populated area, the plane executed an abrupt 180 degree turn, after which it dropped into woods, killing both on board. Netizens praised their decisive evasive action, which prevented an even bigger tragedy.

Source: Netease

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  • donscarletti

    Sounds a bit like how the Soviets spun Yuri Gagarin’s death. Only in Gagarin’s case, they just at least admitted the plane was going down anyway and claimed that he didn’t eject because he needed to ensure it didn’t hit a school. With this one it sounds like they are claiming the plane was only blowing some smoke so they stalled and crashed it to save civilians.

    I’m not saying those guys were not model self-sacrificing warriors or anything like that, but a quick 180 spin and then a crash sounds more like a hydraulic malfunction relating to whatever was making the smoke than a deliberate sacrifice.

  • vonskippy

    Definitely propaganda – if the plane was close enough to the airport such that the ATC could see it smoking they should have been able to land it (even dead stick) at the airport. Since they crashed, it was either pilot error or mechanical error.

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