First Ethnically Chinese MP Enters British Parliament

First Ethnically Chinese MP Enters British Parliament

A second generation immigrant from Hong Kong by the name of Alan Mak has become the first ethnically Chinese British MP. Chinese netizens seem to have one of two things to say about this. Either that England and the rest of the world will soon belong to China, or that this man isn’t real Chinese since he doesn’t want to mention his ancestry and can’t speak Chinese, so the Chinese shouldn’t “put gold on their faces” (flatter themselves).

Source: Netease

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    This guy represents the area I work in. Might have been nice to actually read the netizen comments on this (can’t be bothered to look for them myself) rather than just see this link posted more than a month after he was elected.

    • JayJay

      Gospot? I work in Southampton!

      • FOARP


  • Jahar

    I don’t know why his ancestry should matter. I wouldn’t mention mine either.

    • Because it’s the first time ever? I’m sure it wasn’t a huge vote-getter for him, so that’s not the point.

      Mainland Chinese are so hypocritical about overseas… they’re all laowai until they do something significant and then they’re Chinese again for a while.


    What part of “too lazy” don’t you understand? I speak Chinese, I just can’t be bothered to find the comments.

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