Fish Leong Thanks President Xi Jinping for Praise & Recognition

Chinese President Xi Jinping and wife Peng Liyuan arriving in Malaysia by plane.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and wife Peng Liyuan arriving in Malaysia by plane.

From NetEase:

Fish Leong Praised by Xi Jinping, Thanks National Leader for His Admiration

Malaysian singer Fish Leong

CNR October 5th report — [Chinese President] Xi Jinping addressed the October 4th overseas Chinese welcome luncheon saying, “It has been 21 years since my last visit to Malaysia. It makes me feel nice and warm to be here again… The beautiful island Pulau Redang and delicious frozen durian are widely loved in China, and Malaysian singer Fish Leong is well-known in China, being mistaken as Chinese by many Chinese fans.”

In response, Fish Leong posted [on Sina Weibo] that day thanking Xi Jinping for his recognition, saying that she would carry on singing more good songs for everyone. She said, “Here I want to thank national leader Mr. Xi for his praise and recognition. Little Leong will carry on singing more good songs for everyone in my singing career.”

At time of translation, Fish Leong’s Sina Weibo post had been reshared over 60k times and upvoted over 75k times with over 40k comments.

Comments from NetEase

喂奶的孩子 [网易云南省玉溪市网友]:

Einstein and Oppenheimer are well-known to the German people…


Oh?! Fish Leong is not Chinese? I just learned that.


Liang Jingru (Fish Leong), famous Chinese language female singer, born in Malaysia, ancestral hometown in Shunde, Foshan.

wuguoxuo [网易湖南省株洲市网友]:

Lots of pressure on the director of the Spring Festival Gala now. If there is no performance by Leong now, think just how much scolding he’ll get! What may not have been a household name, will now be one!

Comments on Sina Weibo:

@我只能为你画一张小小的卡片: I was telling a friend that Fish Leong comes from Malaysia and he was saying she’s from Taiwan when some dude next to us suddenly excitedly said, “What!? You guys don’t even know where Fish Leong is from? She’s from Ningxia! Have you guys never heard her song ‘Ningxia’?” [‘Ningxia’ is a famous song by Fish Leong meaning “peaceful summer”, which also happens to be an autonomous region in northern China.]

@超完美乐飞: Fish Leong’s 2014 fresh new album “Fish & Patriotic Songs”. Tracks 01.The patriotic song didn’t tell you 02. Shining red star 03. Unconditionally for the motherland 04. The long march road 05. From Ningxia 06. Love the motherland for more than a couple of days 07. Gaining a Chinese heart after loving long 08. Breathing Diaoyu Island 09. Today’s National Day 10. Patriotic song feat.Party Queen [Revised from original songs by Fish Leong: 01. The love song didn’t tell you 02. Shining star 03. Unconditionally for you 04. The silk road 05. Ningxia 06. Love you for more than a couple of days 07. Looking through a heart after loving long 08. Breathing pain 09. Today’s Valentine’s Day 10. Love song]

@我们生来偏执: Stephanie Sun, Fish Leong, Michael Wong, Victor Wong/Pin Kuan, JJ Lin, Penny Tai and so on… None of these singers are Chinese. How many people know that?

@天涯社区: Early in the morning Fish Leong made all the headlines. The female singer from Ningxia province is even more popular now. I am also a big fan of Leong’s. My favorite song is ‘Ningxia’, followed by ‘Sadly, it’s not you’. Least favorite is ‘Happy breakup’ [‘Happy ending’]: How could an breakup be happy? I really want to know which song is the leader’s favorite…

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