Floating Filipino Government Officials, Chinese Reactions

Floating Filipino government officials, Photoshopped visiting a disaster area following Typhoon Nesat.

Floating Filipino government officials, Photoshopped visiting a disaster area following Typhoon Nesat.

From NetEase:

Philippines officials’ disaster area visit photograph Photoshopped

Summary: After last week’s Typhoon Nesat passed through the Philippines capital city of Manilla, the Philippines government posted on a social media website a photo of 3 government officials standing on the rubble of a walkway destroyed by the typhoon discussing the disaster situation. Someone noticed that the photo was Photoshopped. The Philippines government Public Ministry has already made a statement of apology regarding this matter.

A photoshop of the floating Filipino government officials, at a boxing match.

A photoshop of the floating Filipino government officials, at the Last Supper of Jesus Christ.

A photoshop of the floating Filipino government officials, surfing on a surfboard.

A photoshop of the floating Filipino government officials, on The Beatles Abbey Road album cover.

Comments from NetEase:

中國有風險投胎需謹慎 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Much more realistic than the Photoshops of a certain country.

毛脸鸡蛋 [网易江苏省淮安市网友]:

Although the skill is good, the originality is still ours!

广州小谢 [网易湖南省益阳市网友]:

So the Philippines doesn’t have any temporary workers to be the scapegoat… Looks like they still haven’t learned the Heavenly Kingdom‘s true knowledge/tradition.

我们的党 [网易广东省江门市网友]:

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs should immediately lodge a serious protest: This is stealing our patent!

弱无气势 [网易宁夏银川市网友]:

China has already become a powerful country in the truest sense, having now begun exporting ideologies!

我是火星男孩 [网易吉林省敦化市网友]:

Of all the countries you can learn from, they had to learn from China. Although, it has to be said that this [Photoshopping] skill is much higher than certain people.

gztong [网易广东省广州市网友]:

So it seems our inferior and shameless methods still have people following them and learning, eh? Looks like only the Philippines could do something like that.

诚也 [网易瑞士网友]:

The wu mao must be so tired, searching all over the world to find a scapegoats [find others who do the same thing].

caoyh6 [网易福建省福州市网友]:

Ah?? I actually thing it was Photoshopped quite well…If it weren’t pointed out… And even if it were pointed out…I think it is still quite hard to notice…

小么个 [网易江苏省南京市网友]:

We’ve been infringed upon! It was us who first invented this!

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    Filipino Shanzhai :)

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    Not much to say about this Article, except that from my experience, Filipinos are great people, friendly and warm hearted.

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  • Ian G

    Yep, sure looks like the Chinese been copied… it is about time someone finally did! Interesting to see the vast improvement in quality when it is done outside China though…

    • Just John

      It’s the Philippians, not exactly a vast step up…
      (And yes, I have friends from there, and one of my best friends is Filipino, but when you talk the actual development of the country, it is not exactly much better than China).

      • jeffli

        but when you talk the actual development of the country, it is not exactly much better than China.

        that is an over statement!
        where Philipines no. 1 income comes from maids and hookers working OS!
        Another fruitloop country.
        but my friends are way cool.

  • Ian G

    One picture is missing! It is the Queen Elizabeth II when she visited her old family friend Uncle Joe Stalin..
    What will the Philipinos copy next? Cancer villages? Live dog skinning? Melamine milkshakes? Maybe they are “harmonising” with their near neighbours… making amends for the Spratly and Paracel Islands…

    • Patrick

      Actually it would have been great if they had a photoshop of the Filipino and Chinese officials pontificating together.

  • Miguk

    Not a temp, but close enough: They blamed the photographer.

  • Stimpy

    I love the way that it looks as though two of the people who were photoshopped into the image are already there- in the background.

    • Stu

      Haha, you’re right! Either that or they’re tiny versions standing on the dude’s hard hat…

  • dim mak

    Shadows are easy as fuck and take like 20 seconds, what’s wrong with these shitty papers?

  • RichinBeijing

    I’m sure the original photo of these guys was taken from their inspection of Heaven Nightclub’s internal training.

    • Brett Hunan

      I can vouch. I was there, I saw it.

      • RichinBeijing

        Blimey. Looks like the cat’s out of the bag then.

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      Well played sir.

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    I guess the only difference is the Phillipino government at least acknowledged it and apologized. Though it is more “were sorry you figured it out!”.

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    We should have ChinaSmack group photo, all of us standing around with pensive or concerned looks, we can do a coffee table book.

    The possibilities are endless, although it could wind up looking like “The Village People Chillin’ with Kim Jong Il”

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    lol. hilarious and stupid. next time try it with the stupid phil president

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      Second last photo.

      Teahupoo off Tahiti.

      No one surfs that mother in wingtips, okay.

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            I’m going to defer to your obvious good sartorial sense.

            I have gray calf skin Derbys and blue suede Derbys, or I could do a nice Fratelli Rossetti brown suede cap toe…just tossing it out there.

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