Floating Government Officials Loom Over Centenarian in Anhui

Chinese government officials visit a 103-year-old centenarian in Anhui Ningguo, and become an internet sensation due to one image that was photoshopped so they appear to be floating.

Chinese government officials visit a 103-year-old centenarian in Anhui Ningguo, and become an internet sensation due to one image that was photoshopped so they appear to be floating.

On Sina Weibo:

#Floating Government Leaders During Visit Photo#

October 29, a PS‘d photograph on the Anhui province Ningguo city Civil Affairs Bureau website purported to show the city’s Deputy Mayor Wang Jun visiting a centenarian incited heated discussion amongst netizens. The image had obvious traces of being PS’d, with the image of the government leaders enlarged and their bodies floating in mid-air while the centenarian was curled up in the corner. This morning, the city of Ningguo responded that the floating photo were indeed due to being PS’d. Owning to the angle when photographing, all of the government leaders could not be captured in one shot, thus resulting in combining the images into one.

From Sina Weibo:

@人民日报 [The People’s Daily]: Yet Another PS‘d Photo of Government Leaders on a Visit: An Anhui Ningguo netizen wanting to solicit donations for the ill in difficulties was instead told to stop by the local Civil Affairs Bureau. Afterward, a netizen discovered on the Ningguo Civil Affairs Bureau official website a photograph that appears to be PS’d. In this photo of the Civil Affairs Bureau leader accompanying the local deputy mayor to visit a centenarian, the leaders body is very strangely floating in midair, while the elderly person was curled up small in the corner. http://t.cn/zRSBqSk The website is now completely inaccessible…

Chinese government officials visit a 103-year-old centenarian in Anhui Ningguo, and become an internet sensation due to one image that was photoshopped so they appear to be floating.

On the Ningguo Civil Affairs Bureau website:

Wang Jun Visits 100-Year-Old Elderly Person

Double Ninth Festival. On the morning of October 11th, as the Double Ninth Festival approached, members of the Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor Wang Jun accompanied by Civil Affairs Bureau Director Yu Anlin and He Lixi and Office Director Ren Xiangjing went to Ningguo Garden [a residential community] and personally visited centenarian Cheng Yanchun who is 103 years old this year and currently the oldest person in our city.

Wang Jun expressed holiday greetings to the elderly Cheng Yanchun and asked about her, presenting her with a visiting gift. He inquired in detail about the elderly person’s diet, everyday life, and health, repeatedly urging her family members and related people to be sure to respect the elderly, care for the elderly, and to help the elderly peacefully enjoy their later years.

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Wang Jun stressed that honoring the elderly, caring for the elderly, respecting the elderly, and providing for the elderly is a traditional virtue of the Chinese people as well as a shared responsibility of the entire society. All of society must promote this traditional virtue, bring about an atmosphere/norm of respecting and honoring the elderly, and be concerned with these lives of these elderly in their late years, so that they can always feel the Party and government’s warmth and have their lives in their later years be increasingly blessed/happy.

At present, the number of centenarians in our city has reached 4 people. During the Double Ninth Festival, the Civil Affairs Bureau along with the sub-district Party Committees and governments of villages such as Heban, Xijin, Wangxi, and Nanji carried out a campaign of visits, with the Ningguo community forum and other social organizes also one after another launching activities visiting the centenarians. According to policy regulations, since 2012 January 1st, our city’s centenarians enjoy a 300 yuan/month elderly allowance. (Civil Affairs Bureau)

Chinese government officials visit a 103-year-old centenarian in Anhui Ningguo, and become an internet sensation due to one image that was photoshopped so they appear to be floating.

Chinese government officials visit a 103-year-old centenarian in Anhui Ningguo, and become an internet sensation due to one image that was photoshopped so they appear to be floating.

Chinese government officials visit a 103-year-old centenarian in Anhui Ningguo, and become an internet sensation due to one image that was photoshopped so they appear to be floating.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Shameless fakery.


The government leader on the right has merged with the railing!


Haha, the evidence of PS on this are too obvious! Was this the homework assignment of an intern?


Sigh, speechless.


There’s a watch.


Laughable and lamentable!


Amply shows the loftiness of government leaders.


The person who did the PS is screwed.


Way too lousy skills.


Come on, this is way too obvious, isn’t it? Is it the IQ of the person who did the PS lower than 80 or the IQ of the entire [local] government lower than 80?


MD…looking at the ordinary common people as if they were monkeys.


Fools do foolish things.


The watch looks pretty nice.


The ingenuity and audacity of government officials is astonishing.


Fuck, is this testing the people’s intelligence? I’m truly worried for the intelligence of our government leaders.

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    This proves that their Photoshop dept. is getting better and better! The shadows are much more realistic now!

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    Original picture discovered

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          Son, you seem to seek enlightenment and lacking the knowledge of the 10 Commandments. Let me help you out here:

          1. Thou shalt not drink pasteurized beer
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          4. Thou shalt not give the Kama Sutra as a “get well soon” gift after a vasectomy.
          5. Thou shalt not raise anthrax as a house pet.
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          10. Thou shalt not honk off a rottweiller just for a rush.

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          You ANIMAL you…

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      This looks better than their picture, at one point I thought it was original picture. China has a lot of super talented graphic designers, The one I am working with most of the time is just a local self employed & self taught 18 yrs old, but his works are amazing, I am pretty sure that he have a very bright future.

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    collage gone wrong. Doesn’t look like intentional fakery. Although it now looks like they’re belittling or even laughing at the old women – “see, the party makes fun of the old and weak!”.

    Anyway guys, let’s post some ChinaSmack style photoshopped officials! the stuff you guys post is much better. Maybe you can apply for the jobs of those guys who made that article.

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    The Original photo

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    Chinese centenarians today have a unique place in history.

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    Even the People’s Daily joined the party on that one.
    Official blunders are slowly becoming the comical relief of life under the leadership of the Party.

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    Hey Hey. Check it out. Someones PS made the big leagues. Well, The Wall Street Journal Blawg. It’s sort of the Wall Street Journal. The links says it all.


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    A few days ago someone from Anhui tried to break into my google account, necessitating a password change amongst some other things.


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    In the government’s defence here, “everybody is doing it.” There’s generally no shame among the general population when it comes to PS (photoshopping). Go to a photographer in China and he’ll later send a PS version of your photos along with the originals where your jawline looks stronger, your stomach looks flatter, your breasts look bigger, etc.

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    At least some Chinese mainlanders have brains to see through this pathetic attempt at propaganda.