Flying Kick Helps Brave Guards Subdue Crazy Campus Attacker

A Guizhou Normal University student knocks down a crazed knife-wielding attacker on campus with a flying kick to the back.

Guizhou Normal University security guards confronting a crazed knife-wielding attacker on campus.

One of the most viewed videos of the week on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku, this two minute video of what police say is a mentally-ill man wielding a knife being confronted by Guizhou Normal University campus security has accumulated over 2.7 million views 10 thousand comments spanning nearly 350 pages over the past 7 days, and is still spreading on popular Chinese social network RenRen…

On Youku:

Guizhou Normal University security guard stabbed, suddenly a Flying Kick Brother appears—Chinese kung fu, the masters hide amongst the people

July 2nd, when a criminal suspect carrying a 70cm steel knife charged into Guizhou Normal University and began running towards the cafeteria where students were eating, several university security guards rushed to stop him, with two of them being stabbed to death on the scene and one seriously injured. Just as the situation was at its most dire, Flying Kick Brother appeared like a god, capturing the “rhythm of the moment” [seizing the opportunity, coming at just the right time]. Flying through the air, a beautiful flying kick (said to have disappeared amongst the people of the present) knocked the evil-doer onto the ground subduing him, and the tides turned… I daresay this flying kick is many orders of magnitude more incredible than Donnie Yen

A Guizhou Normal University student knocks down a crazed knife-wielding attacker on campus with a flying kick to the back.

On Youku:

The brave fight the evil, the blood of dutiful security guards spilt on school campus

Comments on Youku:


The person filming, why didn’t you help take them to the hospital in your car?


The person filming was a female teacher who filmed it with her mobile phone.


I despise the person in the car filming this video.


Unfortunately the two security guards who were stabbed couldn’t be saved…


Fuck if it were me, I would’ve used my car to run over this animal.


This brother! Not bad! He can use this video to go find a wife!


Actually, I think from the very beginning this person filming could’ve helped. He even closed his window. If he had gone forward to help, the security guard wouldn’t have been stabbed!


I’m curious as to whether this person filming is a man or a woman. If you’re a man, then I can’t believe you could keep watching [without doing anything].


The security guards were very brave, and Flying Kick Brother was very dashing~~~ There are more and more crazies in this society, everyone better be careful.


He almost beat the guy to death, was this security guard taking revenge?

KINGBZ: (responding to above)

Two security guards died and one injured, if it were you, would you not be trying to beat him to death? That he wasn’t beaten to death is already considered merciful.


How come when it was so violent there weren’t anyone, but the moment he is knocked over by a flying kick there are suddenly so many? Did they just happen to get out of class??


In this kind of situation, I wouldn’t expect many people to fight a man with a knife, but those with cars could at least take the injured to the hospital! If there’s one thing China has a lot of, its bystanders [people who stand by and only look on].

狼图腾小孩: (responding to above)

Give it a rest, people like you only know how to comment online. Just how many times have you done the brave/heroic thing in real lie? Only knowing how to act self-righteous on the internet.


From the beginning of the video to the 8th second, the driver completely had time to get out of the car to help the security guard fight the evil-doer, but the 8th second was the car window quickly being closed… My respects to these brave security guards!


What was that person using to stab that security guard twice… It looked like a knife… but the security guard was fine?


That security guard was stabbed several times and still able to continue fighting…


Who is fucking filming? You sit in the driver’s seat and yet don’t drive your car to go hit him!!?


What right do the security guards have to violently beat someone like this!?

ygzxmsb: (responding to above)

You have already aroused the public’s ire! That person had already killed two security guards before this video and if he weren’t subdued here, even more innocent lives would be ended. That said, if those who had died were your family members, would you still be saying this? Are security guards not people??

jshasz: (responding to above)

When someone is already subdued, one shouldn’t continue violently beating them! No one has the right to give this kind of punishment to a person! It is not strange at all to arouse the ire of those without brains! If he can wantonly kill people, does that suddenly mean one can wantonly violently beat people? Do I have to make it so clear in order for you to understand?




The most detestable person is this person filming, hiding so well. This kind of person is the most deserving of condemnation, just where is your humanity?


This video amply shows that if that brother [guy] hadn’t gone up, all of these people on the sidelines would still just be looking on [as bystanders]… At first it seemed like there weren’t many people, but the moment that brother jumped in…suddenly there were a lot of people…

What do you think of the security guard continually beating the attacker after the attacker was already subdued?


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