Flying Kick Helps Brave Guards Subdue Crazy Campus Attacker

A Guizhou Normal University student knocks down a crazed knife-wielding attacker on campus with a flying kick to the back.

Guizhou Normal University security guards confronting a crazed knife-wielding attacker on campus.

One of the most viewed videos of the week on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku, this two minute video of what police say is a mentally-ill man wielding a knife being confronted by Guizhou Normal University campus security has accumulated over 2.7 million views 10 thousand comments spanning nearly 350 pages over the past 7 days, and is still spreading on popular Chinese social network RenRen…

On Youku:

Guizhou Normal University security guard stabbed, suddenly a Flying Kick Brother appears—Chinese kung fu, the masters hide amongst the people

July 2nd, when a criminal suspect carrying a 70cm steel knife charged into Guizhou Normal University and began running towards the cafeteria where students were eating, several university security guards rushed to stop him, with two of them being stabbed to death on the scene and one seriously injured. Just as the situation was at its most dire, Flying Kick Brother appeared like a god, capturing the “rhythm of the moment” [seizing the opportunity, coming at just the right time]. Flying through the air, a beautiful flying kick (said to have disappeared amongst the people of the present) knocked the evil-doer onto the ground subduing him, and the tides turned… I daresay this flying kick is many orders of magnitude more incredible than Donnie Yen

A Guizhou Normal University student knocks down a crazed knife-wielding attacker on campus with a flying kick to the back.

On Youku:

The brave fight the evil, the blood of dutiful security guards spilt on school campus

Comments on Youku:


The person filming, why didn’t you help take them to the hospital in your car?


The person filming was a female teacher who filmed it with her mobile phone.


I despise the person in the car filming this video.


Unfortunately the two security guards who were stabbed couldn’t be saved…


Fuck if it were me, I would’ve used my car to run over this animal.


This brother! Not bad! He can use this video to go find a wife!


Actually, I think from the very beginning this person filming could’ve helped. He even closed his window. If he had gone forward to help, the security guard wouldn’t have been stabbed!


I’m curious as to whether this person filming is a man or a woman. If you’re a man, then I can’t believe you could keep watching [without doing anything].


The security guards were very brave, and Flying Kick Brother was very dashing~~~ There are more and more crazies in this society, everyone better be careful.


He almost beat the guy to death, was this security guard taking revenge?

KINGBZ: (responding to above)

Two security guards died and one injured, if it were you, would you not be trying to beat him to death? That he wasn’t beaten to death is already considered merciful.


How come when it was so violent there weren’t anyone, but the moment he is knocked over by a flying kick there are suddenly so many? Did they just happen to get out of class??


In this kind of situation, I wouldn’t expect many people to fight a man with a knife, but those with cars could at least take the injured to the hospital! If there’s one thing China has a lot of, its bystanders [people who stand by and only look on].

狼图腾小孩: (responding to above)

Give it a rest, people like you only know how to comment online. Just how many times have you done the brave/heroic thing in real lie? Only knowing how to act self-righteous on the internet.


From the beginning of the video to the 8th second, the driver completely had time to get out of the car to help the security guard fight the evil-doer, but the 8th second was the car window quickly being closed… My respects to these brave security guards!


What was that person using to stab that security guard twice… It looked like a knife… but the security guard was fine?


That security guard was stabbed several times and still able to continue fighting…


Who is fucking filming? You sit in the driver’s seat and yet don’t drive your car to go hit him!!?


What right do the security guards have to violently beat someone like this!?

ygzxmsb: (responding to above)

You have already aroused the public’s ire! That person had already killed two security guards before this video and if he weren’t subdued here, even more innocent lives would be ended. That said, if those who had died were your family members, would you still be saying this? Are security guards not people??

jshasz: (responding to above)

When someone is already subdued, one shouldn’t continue violently beating them! No one has the right to give this kind of punishment to a person! It is not strange at all to arouse the ire of those without brains! If he can wantonly kill people, does that suddenly mean one can wantonly violently beat people? Do I have to make it so clear in order for you to understand?




The most detestable person is this person filming, hiding so well. This kind of person is the most deserving of condemnation, just where is your humanity?


This video amply shows that if that brother [guy] hadn’t gone up, all of these people on the sidelines would still just be looking on [as bystanders]… At first it seemed like there weren’t many people, but the moment that brother jumped in…suddenly there were a lot of people…

What do you think of the security guard continually beating the attacker after the attacker was already subdued?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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    Sofa + i saw this last week (i think)

    • Me

      Anyone who doesn’t agree that this guy deserved a little pay back beating is an idiot.

      But whats more important is the two biggest idiots in the video. Look at about the 1:40 mark. When the crowd is gathering around the dying stabbed guards in the middle of what was just 10 seconds ago a violent bloody street brawl two genius Chinese mothers carry babies in their arms come to watch all the blood and gore.

      Afterwards they will probably all drive home together on their one motorcycle balancing the babies on the handlebars while chatting and running red lights.

      Good luck to those babies is all I can say.

  • Little Wolf


    • mr. wiener

      Damned right.
      “What do you think of the security guard continually beating the attacker after the attacker was already subdued?”
      Umm….crazy people can never really be considered subdued, at least if you think some guy who is crazy enough to have stabbed a couple of security guards is going to stay down because you’ve beat him to his knees, then you must be crazy.

      • Little Wolf

        Well, I just picked up a sign like that downstairs at my office and they’re pretty lightweight. Not exactly solid steel. More like getting whacked with a lawn chair. Anyway, I don’t think that guy deserved any mercy at all.

  • The Enlightened One

    Yeah I saw this quite some time ago too.

    But that was a nice kick… got to give it to him.

    Seems like nobody was helping until he jumped in, then all of the sudden everybody was a hero.

    • jin

      that was a good kick, his jump kick power is over 9000.

      • The Enlightened One

        Well, at least we agree on something lol.

  • Dr SUN

    very sad for the two security policemen, that lost their lives doing their job.

    Good to see others took the attacker out and down, the chair was a nice touch.

    In the USA the people never fight back ( without a gun) so good for you Chinese brothers you have shown the 220lbs laowais what is possible, even in America ( if they have the gonads) most don’t though.

    • Bruce Tutty

      Well that’s America for you, and China, and is what happens in countries where you are in danger of being sued if get involved.

      But us in the rest of the world are happy to get involved.

      • Hoppy1

        I am ashamed to admit that often when I see a security guard at their post, I tend to think it’s purely for show and the guard has got a cushy gig. I’d be happy if this had been the case here. More than a few times I’ve sat with men like this in their office…shared their tea, smoked their cigarettes and fumbled our way through a conversation. Just ordinary blokes keeping the family in food and shelter. Nobody deserves to go to work and be attacked, let alone be murdered. My deepest condolences to these men’s families.

        • Hoppy1

          @ Dr Sun,
          Visit any country with stiff gun control laws and I think you’ll find more people are willing to get “hands on” when necessary.

    • Patrick

      I would personally like to present you a one way ticket to Texas (fully supplied with banner declaring your position on Americans), trust me – round-trip not required.

    • moop

      care to peruse those dummy?

      anyway, your comment is asinine. americans are indoctrinated to stand up for the weak at a very young age, the chinese are indoctrinated to stand up for their country/party. if you assume that both countries are fairly effective at brainwashing their populace than i think its fair to say that americans are more likely to fight back than a chinese person in these kinds of situations, unless you consider pulling out a camera phone fighting. fear and reverance for authority is still very strong here and i think that will change hopefully in the future. i’m sure most of us here, if we were to find ourselves in a similar situation would rather be surrounded by americans, brits, canucks, or australians, europeans than a group of chinese, being that there is still an attitude of “this has nothing to do with me” prevalent throughout society here. but like i said, i think this will change with time and the chinese will come to question authority more and more and be more proactive in their society

      • Patrick

        I had a knee-jerk reaction to question the canucks but in fairness they belong. Aussies don’t count, they’ll fight for the fun of it.

        Putting the asinine statement aside (because it’s just inanely stupid), I nearly got into a fight with a couple of foreigners because they broke my friends battery to his bike. The one Chinese guy on the street confronting these guys (a short bad-ass from Shandong) REALLY appreciated it, we’ve been good friends ever since.

        • The Enlightened One

          How did they break his bike battery? That sounds hard to do.

          • Patrick

            They broke the casing to one of those slide-in baterries, the socket was broken out of it, he just wanted a hundred to get it fixed.

    • Little Wolf

      You’re full of shit, Dr Sun. You think we just learned that if you kick a guy from behind when he’s running away he will fall flat on his face? Yeah, he really showed us something. Not to mention how he would have run for the hills if he saw a 220 pound American coming for him. “if they have the gonads”
      You sure as fuck don’t.

      Where do you come up with such shit?

    • red scarf

      And in China people commonly never get into a fight unless they bring there or are backed up with their friends, family, the neighbours and local official’s pet hamster.

    • Somethin Somethin

      Sun I don’t know where the hell you were in the States, but fighting is what we do for better or for worse. Americans(not to say only Americans) fight.

  • MrT

    Not all pussies in China!

    • justmega

      Not all dumb, fat, ignorant, selfish assholes in the U.S.

      • MrT

        They are you know..

  • M.N

    Our flying kick hero came from right behind the car,in which the person was making a video from his/her mobile.If u look at the side mirror of the car carefully.I have to write this,that guy’s flying kick was like watching one of those Bruce Lee’s or Jackie Chan’s real life stunts….one word(impressive).

    • Bruce Tutty

      He kicked him from behind, when the guy wasn’t watching, with what looks like a normal flying kick?

      • markx

        Took one helluva lot of guts to rush out there after just seeing a guy get stabbed — damn good move and split second timing (and 100% commitment!) to get him from behind.

        A lot of courage shown here – note the wounded security guard jumped straight back in, and another was already grabbing the steel pole so was there to hit the culprit when he was downed.

        Good move getting into him with the chair at the end, perhaps they didn’t belt him hard enough or long enough though.

        And I must grant a prayer and a salute for the two guards who died doing their job, and sympathy for their bereaved families.

      • markx

        An ‘ordinary flying kick’ is the one you deliver in the dojo, with a nice open area and a mat underneath you. If you get it a bit wrong, you step back and try it again.

        A really amazing, brave flying kick is where there is a split second decision that now is the time, and knowing before you even start that if you get it wrong, you could die.

  • M.N

    Song of the article
    Nicki Minaj feat Sean Garrett – Massive Attack

    • The Acidic Hasidic


      Carl Douglas- Kung Fu Fighting

      • mr. wiener


        • Tengu

          Definitely not a scene in LA , Chicago or NYC.

          (gunshot, gunshot)
          “Freeze , police”

  • The second video is great. Nice to see people standing up to a crazy mofo with a huge knife. But what’s the deal with the first video???

    • Pollster

      This question needs to be answered!

  • Mark ,

    G’day China,
    So what is going on in China, men running in to schools and killing children I think to years ago. And this man at a university. Tell me is it the pore attacking the middle class the only way they can. If so then why?
    A seventy cm knife, is a sword by the way.

    • Xiongmao

      After the round of school/kindergarten attacks 2 years ago the government instructed the media not to report on such things any longer, so basically we don’t really know how often it still happens.

  • moop
    • The Enlightened One

      Wow some pretty damn impressive dogs.

      I am going to get me a Newfoundland dog after reading this.

  • slob

    “Just as the situation was at its most dire, Flying Kick Brother appeared like a god, capturing the “rhythm of the moment” [seizing the opportunity, coming at just the right time]. Flying through the air, a beautiful flying kick (said to have disappeared amongst the people of the present) knocked the evil-doer onto the ground subduing him, and the tides turned… I daresay this flying kick is many orders of magnitude more incredible than Donnie Yen…”

    Yes, let’s put more emphasis on the fact that some random person did what a lot of people would (should) have done in the same situation over the fact that 2 men lost their lives, possibly 2 women became widows, several children lost fathers, and several men and women lost their sons.

    Real fucking awesome society this is.

    • The Enlightened One

      You are twisting it…

      I think this is a good thing. China has been known as an apathetic society.. so I am happy to see them standing up for others. Of course, it is a horrible loss to lose brave and committed people in this world.

      There will be a lot less nuts and criminals trying to take people out if Chinese all were to tackle the situation like this.

      Besides could of been a lot more dead if he hadn’t done the kick.

      • Patrick

        That and the other security guard beating the hell out of him with that sign. You can almost hear him screaming in his head. Just fucking die, don’t move, just die.

        • The Enlightened One

          Well, I can understand although I don’t think it is cool.

          They know they are dealing with a total wack job that just knifed three of their buddies. They obviously don’t have any weapons (since they were going Jackie Chan style, using whatever they could grab) so I think he REALLY want to make sure the dude stays the hell down.

          In the heat of the moment and seeing your pals get knifed can really piss you off, you know?

          • Patrick

            Oh I totally understand – to be honest I think they showed a lot of restraint. I doubt I would if I had that much adrenaline flowing through my system.

        • Anus Presley

          I think it’s perfectly understandable. These security guards obviously all know each other. If someone just stabbed two of your work colleagues, or friends, to death, would you not also want to beat them unconscious? I know I would.

    • Ugh…

      Really, you think a lot of people would have done the heroic thing? So many people have this “holier than thou” attitude when it comes to judging others from the comforts of their own couch, but when it comes down to it, very few people would actually have done what this guy did. Why? Because people are afraid of getting hurt or making the situation worse–especially when that 1 guy is armed with a lethal weapon and almost everyone else is not.

      I actually think that what happened here was commendable, given the apathy we’ve seen before in China.

      PS. If you think the U.S. (or whatever western country you are from) is so great, why didn’t anyone rush to pull off the cannibal guy eating the face off of the other dude? Why did people just wait for the police instead of playing the hero? Double standards…

    • Linette

      slob…would you run up and try to fight a crazy aggresive man holding a
      70cm steel knife?

      • slob

        TEO – The guy was mentally disabled so this won’t stop mentally ill people from doing it again. Possibly regular people, but certainly not nut cases although I do see your point of good coming from bad.

        @Ugh – Adrenaline makes people do courageous things which you also cannot comment on if you haven’t been in the situation of life-and-death. I’ve knocked a guy out who was beating his wife with a bike lock here in China. Although it’s different to a knife, I certainly wouldn’t consciously do it. Adrenaline forced me to.

        I see the fly-kicking guy as somewhat ‘awesome’ … but a hero? Hell no. All credit goes to the security guard who had the courage to stand up to this man with a long ass blade who just stabbed his friend. Even after taking 2 stabs in the body, he STILL got back up and ran over to the guy to make sure he was subdued after he got kicked – Kicked from behind, I should add. Would he have done it from the front? Ask yourself that. It was a well-timed kick and definitely led to the guy getting grounded, but…

        Who gets all the credit for scoring a goal in football? The person who kicks it in or the entire team who worked their asses off to put the ball in that perfect position? Society obviously favours the goal kicker and tend to ignore those who are more important.

        • markx

          Dang, Slob.

          You sure as hell watch too many movies.

          From Behind? In front? Silliest, out of touch with reality, comments on the whole page.

          What the hell, you think this is “High Noon”?

          No doubt in my mind this was an act of great bravery. (adrenaline charged, no doubt) But not a lot of people would have made that move, they’d have just thought a second too long, then the moment passes…

          • slob

            Awesome argument. I’m enlightened.

    • Stu

      Firstly: no, I don’t think many people would have the guts to run in unarmed and tackle a guy with a knife. Not to be all crocodile dundee, but that didn’t look like a short knife either.

      Secondly: that flying kick is hard to do and badass.

      Thirldy: it’s a freaking blog. Yes, there are news reports and other blogs etc talking about how sad it is, how security guards should be given better weapons than freaking SIGNS and that kind of thing. But this one blog wants to point out a moment of badassery. It’s no indictment to a society that some people find the time to acknowledge badassey.

      • slob

        Also something I feel I should add –

        Look in the side mirror of the car. The ‘hero’ stands there watching this guard taking on the guy for a long time and at one point looks like he’s actually going to leave. He only runs out when he sees the guy’s back is turned. Why didn’t he come in earlier if he is really so brave? He could have saved a man’s life.

        Still giving all credit to the security guard.

        • The Enlightened One

          Well, that’s just speculation.

          Maybe he was trying to get behind the guy by moving around but it appeared that he may be leaving in the mirror.

          Maybe he wanted to see if the guards could hold their own before he got into the thick of it. And had a charge of adrenaline when he saw the guard get stabbed (which was quite quickly). His timing was impeccable, any sooner he may have got stabbed himself.

          Give the guy a break. He helped when nobody else did, and he’s just a student. He could of done nothing, would you have preferred that? Another story on ChinaSMACK how a crazy dude kills a ton of students and how a crowd stood there and did nothing?

          For the sake of humanity, I really don’t.

          • slob

            He’s clearly hiding. I think he saw the guy holding the knife but didn’t think he would actually use it, I mean you see people arguing with poles and knives or whatever but you rarely assume they’re actually going to use it to stab someone. At 00:16 you can see the other guard charge in and karate man comes in straight after. It was brilliant timing, it was an excellent kick, it more than likely saved at least 4-5 other people.


            I’m saying it was a team effort on behalf of the guards and the guy and more credit needs to go to the brave security for putting their lives on the line. Yes, I believe they’re the ones to thank more than karate man. I also believe that if the other guard didn’t come in from the front, karate man wouldn’t have come. I’m not against him, I just think the security guards are the ones who did all the work.

  • linette

    Very brave security guards. Tried to stop the crazy man protecting the campus and got stabbed. Very sad and sorry. :(

  • Linette

    You know what is also crazy? That security guard who got stabbed, no one immediately rush to help him. The guard was walking with blood and only one man went up to him. COME ON PEOPLE……..
    The person filming in the car is also really fxcked up. Get out and see what you can do to help.

    • The Enlightened One

      Yeah you are right. I assume they called an ambulance or something for the guys. I read the one in the car is a female teacher… hopefully the called for an ambulance and the cops before recording lol.

      It’s baby steps… Chinese are starting to help each other out more and more.

      • Linette

        The internet helps doesn’t it. These daily videos are waking up the China Chinese. I post my comments on those forum and some get offended, but still many agree. People are people, they just need to be exposed and make them understand what is right and what is wrong. They are capable of thinking on their own.

        • The Enlightened One

          I don’t know if the government is going to like this…

          People standing up for each other is eventually going to be people standing up to the government together lol.

          • Linette

            That is exactly what the China gov’t and the rich China people do not want to see. They want to keep the non rich non power people down making sure they are uneducated and apathetic to crime and justice. So no rebels against the gov’t or the rich who live above the law. This is why the China society is so fxcked up. The China gov’t and the rich create this society.

          • asdf

            YES! That’s exactly what China needs right now, another peasant revolt expelling the current Chinese government off the mainland. This is the best solution! Just look at the progress they achieved after expelling the Republic of China out to Taiwan. You are very Enlightened.

          • Chef Rocco

            Linette, you sound like a Red Guard, what you are saying is the reasons why Mao revolted against Kuomintang as well as launched GCR. You didn’t even understand asdf’s sarcasm, haha..

          • The Enlightened One

            Nobody said anything about expelling. Just you!

            People slowly banding together could help to achieve more civil/human rights in China forcing the current government to change and better suit the needs of the people.

            Not building ridiculous bridges, facilities, ghost towns or other foolish projects when the money should of went to other things.

            I am glad you are able to conjure up sarcasm when your name consists of a cat walking across the keyboard or did you think that up yourself?

        • linette

          Taiwan is doing excellent. Good for Taiwan. Hooray!!!!
          I fear for Hong kong future. :(

          • asdf

            sarcasm detection fail . . . . . . .

          • Chef Rocco

            Taiwan isn’t doing excellent, linette. Ma Ying-jeou got only 18.7% approval rating recently. You seem into activism and ignore the realities and what most people really care in their daily lives.

          • linette

            Chef Rocco

            Don’t worry about Taiwan and Hong Kong. Taiwan is doing great. Country(yes, I said country. To me Taiwan is a country with its own gov’t system. China can bxtch about Taiwan not a country all they want blablabla..and Hong kong is special administrative region with its own HK gov’t system) like Taiwan and region like HK have a healthcare system that promise equal access for all citizens. Equal access to education. There are gov’t aid to the poor. No such thing as people died of starvation. Freedom of speech. Freedom to vote election. They do not have segregation system like China separating the rich city folks from the poor rural folks. And many many more other great things. So tell me, what more do Taiwanese people want? They live under a good gov’t system just like the USA, Canada, HK, UK people. That is how a country should be run. That is how people on this planet should live. In a fair and just society where everyone is treated equal.

          • asdf

            The very fact that the “Republic of China” is the government of only Taiwan and not the government of China is an indication of their incompetence.

          • mr. wiener

            I’d settle for an “incompetent” govt that can be voted out of office every 4-5 years over socialism with chinese characteristic anytime. Even if the options are tweedledum and tweedledummer.
            We can probably work out a sweetheart deal with the mainland as we have the moat between us and them.

          • Chris

            The way USA is ran, is how a country should be ran?

            Don’t be ridiculous. US got a lot of good things, but being a so called developed nation, it has the highest poverty rates, lowest education level nationally, and barring the recent so called Obama care (which, would take a while for most of us to decipher, me thinks), do not offer universal health care to all.

            You are basically saying, there are NO ONE dying of starvation in the entire island of Formosa? NO one? Not a single person. Bold claim.

          • moop

            “You are basically saying, there are NO ONE dying of starvation in the entire island of Formosa? NO one? Not a single person. Bold claim.”

            no one is making this claim, and no country can make this claim. you’re overreacting.

          • mr. wiener

            Also no one was holding the US up as the sole bench mark of how a country should be RUN. There are many varied examples to chose from.
            Taiwan is far from perfect, but it holds and envious position [in terms of standard of living] in Asia.

      • G$

        Allow me, your humble servant, the opportunity to enlighten thee O The Enlightened One. In China, one does not call for an ambulance when injured or upon suffering some life-threatening malady, no, one walks to the sidewalk and hails a taxi. Why? Because in China, if you call an ambulance, because they do have them, it will arrive, then you have to pay I think it’s like 2000 RMB on the spot to have yourself put in the back of this vehicle and hooked up to an IV, and that’s it. The “paramedics” don’t really have any so called “training”, they can hook you up to an IV, check that you have a pulse and drive you to the hospital for 2000 RMB. Does that sound like a good, logical idea to anyone?

        • The Enlightened One

          Yes, they most certainly do call ambulances.

          That’s the big flashing vehicle that cars don’t move out of the way for (no not firetrucks, the other one)… So, I agree, people in China do prefer to hail a taxi (if possible)… since the taxi drivers drive like they are on a circuit of NASCAR and your chances of survival are probably much higher, since you arrive sooner…

          But she couldn’t very well hail a cab while hiding out in a car from a nut job now could she?

          I would go with calling the cops and an ambulance on this one. Besides the University should be footing the bill, since they are campus security.

          • linette

            OMG..the taxi drivers drive fast? hahaha….They should send those Chinese taxi drivers to NASCAR championship to compete. They will win the cup. hahaha….

            You mean nobody move to let the flashing ambulance through? That is crazy.

        • Linette

          fxcked up healthcare. No wonder why all the China Chinese pregnant women rush to Hong kong to give birth inside the emergency room last minute to obtain Hk citizenship for the baby. So the child can use all the free healthcare and school and welfare without the China parents paying a dime on HK tax.

        • Anus Presley

          Except how many taxi drivers want someone bleeding all over their car?

      • Stu

        “Chinese are starting to help each other out more and more”

        Oh c’mon… are you sitting there with detailed historical statistics or something? Everything on Chinasmack, whether good or bad, is an individual case that attracted people’s interest, and trying to reach grand conclusions about how much altruism there was in the past, in the present, and how altruism in China compares with other countries based on that is A Bad Idea. Also, ‘it’s baby steps’ is horribly (and very literally) patronising.

        • The Enlightened One

          Who said I was making this conclusion based on ChinaSMACK?

          I am basing my opinion off my own personal experience of having lived in various parts of China for over 6 years. Some people just debate for the sake of debating without any real purpose.

          et tu Stu?

          • Stu

            Yeah, I’ve been in China for about the same time. Point is, I wouldn’t draw conclusions about ‘the Chinese’ and whether they’re getting more or less altruistic over time based on that experience, because it doesn’t actually amount to much. Without a whole lot of in-depth research, any such conclusions would be hopeless generalisations. Hell, I couldn’t even tell you about altruism trends in the UK, and I was born there.

            Plus, you know, the ‘baby steps’ thing is still patronising. What you seem to be saying is that the majority of the Chinese people- a billion people you’ve never met- are effecively children, and have a lot of learning to do before they reach a proper level of altruism. Where would you put yourself on this learning process, by the way?

          • mr. wiener

            Look at Singapore. Shit, look at the states. Societies change and change back again.

  • Linette

    That flying kick brother is so amazing. So incredibly brave also. He went up to kick down a crazy man who was holding a 70cm steel knife. He could’ve gotten stabbed also. So insanely brave. The world need more flying kick brother and these brave security guards.

    “This brother! Not bad! He can use this video to go find a wife!..
    This part I agree…hehehe…

    • Chef Rocco

      “This part I agree…hehehe…”

      I agree 100%, see how he was surrounded by admiring girls in the picture:

      He is a handsome guy and deserves the honor of a hero. Surprisingly, he said he never practiced Kung Fu. He is a student of Chemistry in the penultimate year in that university. Good for him, he stimulates so much chemical reactions around him.

      • linette

        wow…………….I am speechless. He is cute and a university student majoring in Chemistry. How do I chat with him online….. >_<

  • Advanced

    Can someone please explain to me why there are so many “Normal” Universities in China?

    • Linette

      Many “normal” university in USA. Crazy men gun down many students in school in USA. Poor kids. No brave security guards or flying kick brother to save them. I don’t want to see brave security guards gunned down neither. They are fathers too.

      Just a crazy world. :(

    • rollin wit 9’s

      I too have wondered this. Sadly, the people I ask can’t explain it. Ill get to the bottom of it one day.

      • G$

        I guess it is something that most people don’t know. A normal university, 师范大学, is an example of the Chinese using an antiquated English term because they (presumably) decided, like usual, to pay a Chinese person to translate the name of the university and once it caught on, there was no stopping it from leaving the vernacular. Anyways, normal universities are what tend to be called teacher’s colleges now, i.e. they are teacher-training colleges. Thus all normal universities were originally built with the intent of training more teachers, though I think as the education system has progressed, they’ve become more flexible in the sense that most of their graduates now do not become teachers.

    • donscarletti

      See Wikipedia. It is a university that teaches teachers, from the French école normale. The idea is to teach “normal” theory and practice, rather than the presumably slanted and esoteric view of reality a teacher would have gotten if they had stayed in their village and taught what the previous village teacher taught them. The term originated in Europe, but has fallen out of favour over the course of last century. In China, it is considered the accepted translation of “师范大学”, which translates to “pedagogical university”.

    • Somethin Somethin

      You realize a Normale University means a school mostly focused on languages and the liberal arts to prepare people for teaching right?

      And to Linette, be honest with yourself do you really think Universities in the states are being roamed by men in trench coats packed with machine guns like the Matrix or something?

  • Lee

    The flying kick brother is related to Jackie Chan

  • old news, ChinaSNAK has nothing on beijing cream these days… all good things come to an end. sorry fauna, but your website is so weak and dont come back with some like it or lump it stuff because you know you want it.

    • Chef Rocco

      Cannon, make your complaint understandable, what is Beijing cream? or you had too much baiju?

    • Stu

      Eh, Beijingcream’s a different thing. It tells you briefly what crazy stuff is going on, but it doesn’t translate the blog posts and netizen comments.

      • Kong

        Beijing Cream’s articles also overstuffed over with liberal Western wanker commentary, something ChinaSMACK thankfully avoids.

        • Tao

          Liberal, yes. Western, sure, sometimes. Wanker? Well that depends on your opinion on Global Times’s op-eds, doesn’t it?

  • james

    why this violent things always happen in campus

  • C

    Really commend not only a Chemistry student who delivered a crippling kick with no experience, but the campus security who gave up their lives (as well as the ones willing to). That takes a lot of guts and selflessness.
    People here are hypocritical. If you were really in a situation like this, where there was a crazy armed man who even security couldn’t take care of, would you really have jumped in? I think you’d be the one filming the scene if not frozen in fear. That flying brother was one in a million.

    • markx

      Very well said sir. Truly one in a million.

  • Just Wondering

    Just want to know if this is how Chinese citizens believe mentally ill people should be treated. The article clearly says that the man was mentally ill. He should be in a hospital not on the ground being beaten to death. Or maybe he isn’t mentally ill and is just a sinner like others in the world. This is something that Chinese officials think impossible. Have you noticed that every time something like this happens they say the person was mentally ill? So I guess in China you are either an angel or you are mentally ill. Interesting.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      I think he was evil. He was well dress, he knew how to ably defend himself against several attackers, there is no way that this man was not of sound mind. People who kill are always a little crazy but certainly not stupid.

      • cc

        It’s not a case of being mentally Ill or crazy, it depends on who has flipped the switch, certain things trigger anger in everybody, rational people learn how to control the mad / mental illness that we all have inside us. On a daily basis I have to contain myself from wanting to kill every stupid ignorant selfish shithead Chinese driver I see on the road. See! its called self control but there is a breaking point.

    • markx

      I’m not sure anyone rushing around with a large knife in a public place could be regarded as normal. But perhaps ‘mentally ill’ is a bit too much of a catch-all phrase.

      His treatment whilst on the ground? Perfectly understandable under the circumstances – they’d just seen three of their colleagues stabbed, and also reacted to any attempt by the culprit to move or stand up.

    • eattot

      true, also a lot of murders used money then said they are mentally ill…
      my relative, a very hard-working good guy,one day was killed by a mentally ill guy,that mentally ill guy’s parents always tied that sicko with chain,one day he escaped then killed my relative.and he was the only son in his family.
      and he is a metal sicko, you can not kill him…so my mom always told that uncle that,one day when you already do not wanna live any more, take a knife kill all his faimly,hahahaha!

      • cc

        You silly tart.

      • markx

        Possibly a sign of mental illness, or at least of a primitive sense of morality:

        Thinking (or even considering!) it is fair and justified to kill the family of someone who has wronged your family.

    • Harland

      If you’re against socialism, you’re mentally ill. There is solid science behind it, and entire universities dedicated to its study. Just look at the Tea Party for an example of an entire class of people who need to be involuntarily hospitalized and medicated with powerful psychoactives.

      • moop

        you’re right, stalin, hitler,pol pot and mao were vey well-adjusted individuals.

    • Chris

      It seems rather difficult for someone, in the heat of the moment, to think, hey, this guy might be mentally ill! I mean, he’s stabbing me, but maybe he’s mentally ill, so I should treat him any differently.

      It might also be a case of simply have a post mortum diagnosis. He stabbed someone. Stabbing someone isn’t normal. Ergo, he isn’t normal. Who’s to say? Not sure calling someone a sinner is any better, or if that’s in the Chinese people daily vocabulary.


    Dude’s been watching too many Bruce Lee films….LOL

  • Anus Presley

    Kudos to the fella who took the knife-wielding scumbag down. That took some balls.

    You can tell from looking in the mirror that there were a lot of people standing on the sidelines. Does make you wonder why they didn’t all rush him at once though. Still, respect to the guy who took the initiative.

  • The Enlightened One

    I am just wondering… is the first video even related or was that part of the spree this crazy guy went on?

  • Shanghairen

    A steel knife? What are other knives made of?

    • b. prichard

      A plastic knife would have made for a more daring attack. Ceramic knives are also a thing.

      • mechanized

        would be pretty hard to pull off with a rubber knife.

        • Paul

          paper knife

  • Parabellum

    All praise to this guy, it takes balls..

  • xiaohouzi

    Too bad this kind of thing has to happen here in China. At least you don’t hear much about idiots and their guns. I wish knives didn’t exist either. One night, not long ago here in Qingdao, i came across a crazy man yelling and wielding a butcher knife so i crossed the street to avoid him. I quickly decided to call the police in case he tried to hurt someone and the police arrived within just a few mins. Before they spotted him, i saw him drop the knife into a hedge. The police car shined it’s lights on him and the officers cautiously approached him. At that time, i walked over and motioned for one of the officers to have a look in the hedge where he discovered the knife. I was glad they hauled him off after that but sad knowing that even Qingdao is not always safe from crazy knife wielding lunatics.

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      I have wanted to stab a security guard at the complex where I live because he allowed some scum bag to steal my motorbike and denied everything when I asked him. “Oh, I was walking around somewhere else.. bu hao fucking yisi”.

      Good to see there are some people keeping those ‘security’ guards honest.

      • whiskersthecat

        The security guard at my apartment complex stole my cat. No shit. He went into my apartment and took my cat. He didn’t take anything else. I thought the cat had run out at some point or maybe made an elaborate escape out of the balcony. Months later, though, while talking to an employee at the bottom of the apartment building, she identified the cat in my picture as one that “belongs” to the security guard. I told her that no, that’s my missing cat and explained how he just up and disappeared from my apartment. The manager saw that he had checked out keys to the apartment rooms. But, he had quit so there was nothing to be done.

        I’m still baffled as to why the guy stole my cat and not, say, my laptop or any of the money lying on my desk, or anything else. Maybe he thought it was an expensive, exotic cat? Because it belonged to me? It was just a fat, standard tabby cat mutt. I had found it on the street one morning covered in filth and fed it with an eyedropper until it was old enough to eat on its own.

        • Somethin Somethin

          Dude that’s a priceless TIC story you got there, because damned if I don’t totally believe it.

        • Bunny99

          because he is a cat burglar of course!

  • lonetrey

    whaaaat, that is a crazy-ass moment to decide to “jump in” with a flying kick!

  • RC

    Interesting the guy jumps up and aims a kick, at the back of the head. I see Chinese males remains constant in that they attack from behind not face to face. Or they usually only fight an individual when they are a mob themselves.
    Anyway, in this case, well done in attacking the offender ( from behind ) and it was a good result.

    • choloboy

      @RC, not all the Chinese males attack from behind as you said. I would attack you in front of your fucking face if I ever meet you, fucking fuck! don’t stereotype about Chinese people

  • The Enlightened One


    Not to say all security guys in China are bad… but there are some in league with criminals. They give them tips on when people leave, allow them to steal stuff (like motorcycles) and such for a small cut… They don’t get paid much and it is quite possibly some of them are in criminal gangs themselves.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if your security guards where THESE kind of people.

    • The Enlightened One

      @Ooops meant this as a reply to a post below.

      • mechanized

        you sure you didn’t mean to say sofa?

        • mr. wiener

          The poles have reversed, north is south now.

          • The Enlightened One

            They have reversed back again… I think it’s 2012 in action!

  • ganmo

    I think it was unnecessary force afterward. There’s no need to continuously beat on someone who is already down, right?

  • Marco

    Hihih I also want to go to his Kung-u school ^_^

  • Bunny99

    What ever way you look at it – it is brave going in to help when there is a crazy with a knife actually stabbing people

    The security guards were also brave, but the student more so because it was not his job to enforce campus security (not really the security guards’ job to take down homicidal maniacs, but with no police around they are the front line).

    Maybe flying kick brother will find a wife, but I know several girls here who will more so be wanting to chat online with “a crazy aggresive man holding a 70cm steel knife”

    A real catch for the graduate “wooden farmer” girls here!

    • Marco

      hihihhihihi What kind of chat is that ?? ^_^

    • Little Wolf

      You mean like….the kind of girls that sent love letters to Richard Ramirez “The Night Stalker”? How crazy is that?

  • EnglishPRC

    There is just one thing that i dont understand,
    after the attacker stabed the security guard with the knife, and then the flying kick brother played his part why did everybody rush to beat the shit out of the attacker and not taking their gazes off of him why not help the fallen(stabbed, badly injured) security guard, they(the security guards) are the real heroes, not the flying kick brother

  • Jay

    Now this is great! There is the Chinese kungfu I have been seeking when I came to China!! I must find him and make him my master!!