Foot Massage Girls In China: Their Life In Photographs

From NetEase:

Foot Massage Girls in China’s Cities: Washing Feet for Those Luckier

Foot massage is bodily labor, practicing the same movement over and over again makes this girl tired. The students train the strength in their fingers and arms every morning.

Before being able to work, students must be able to correctly identify the pressure points in the feet.

Foot massage school: the students are undergoing ‘entrance training’. The procedure is to knock first, identify yourself, ask if you could enter, and the wait for the customers’ answer by the door. For these rural children, strength isn’t a problem, but etiquette is a big difficulty.

Talking about their plans after receiving their wages, smiles lit up on the two girls’ faces. After they receive the National Professional Masseur Certification, they would receive a monthly salary of 2000 to 3000 RMB.

In a classroom, a girl is holding an old poster. This is the main channel through which students connect with ‘urban’, ‘fashion’, and ‘trendy’.

Class leader Li Tingting is collecting the photos of students going to Tianjin [to work]. Paperwork must be taken care of before they may begin to work.

The night before they leave the school, students can’t fall asleep. Understandingly, the school adjusted the lights out time from the normal 10pm to 11pm.

On the morning express train to Beijing on June 8th, most of the students are lively, but one is in deep thought.

At the exit of Beijing West Station, Han Jiajia and other students blend into the crowd. This is the first time that they’ve left home to work in Tianjin, near the capital.

Comments from NetEase


Forced by circumstances…


It’s just a way of making a living, nothing shocking.


Life is difficult, but one must persevere!


Haha, this is the fucking difference between people. This is the reality in China. In fact, foot massage girls are like prostitutes. Since they’re seen as prostitutes anyway, it’s better to just do it. Then money comes fast, and you live better. These days, being poor is worse than being a whore.


[Foot massage] isn’t sexual.


Don’t agree with this kind of luxury. It’s like demeaning a class of people.


People have needs, therefore the service industry would emerge. There’s nothing high-class or low-class about earning money through work. They’re hundreds of times better than those who steal, swindle, rob, and hurt other people. We can’t use this old mentality to view society’s labor distribution, elevate ourselves and disparage others.


Professionals only get 2000-3000, that’s still not enough in a big city like Beijing.


There’s a school for this kind of thing? I must be really uninformed.


I went to get a foot massage once, two masseuses were discussing buying houses. Know that the average price for the city I’m at is more than 10,000 RMB [per square meter].


Looks like you don’t know what effects pressure points on the feet have on health. If you did, perhaps you wouldn’t say all this garbage. This is training for legitimate skills. If it were just a service, why would the requirements be so stringent? We are biased toward this [industry] in China, so it’s hard to find people to work in this field, so they can only find workers in this group [girls from rural areas]. Look at what you said, not long ago I saw foreigners study foot massage on TV with great results. This is traditional Chinese medicine, but look at the attitude in China…


It doesn’t matter if they’re legitimate or not. People have already reached their own conclusions. Thinking that the professionals only make 2000-3000, I feel that I’m fucking lucky.


Very few foot massage places are legit.

Not a foot massage place. chinaSMACK personals.

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  • You make it seem like such hard work but the truth is that the only reason women get into that business is because they’ve got a foot fetish. Every time I get a foot massage I can smell them getting wet.

    • spandrell

      I laughed at this one

    • germancockroach

      Fucking spot-on Pusan Playa

      I go to a place. First time I went there I could sense the girl was getting worked up by the way she was wiggling her ass on her stool. And then she started moving closer to my foot and was eventually rubbing her crotch with it. I asked her if she had a friend that would rub my other foot the same way she was doing and she called one into the room right away. Instant girl crotch rubbing. Like they just can’t get enough of it. Well eventually they started rubbing each other a little bit and I told them, “Hey, don’t forget about the paying customer!” Well they got really busy then. Admittedly they were kinda smelly and I figured I should double bag it just in case, so I did. At the end of the session they told me they just love big foreign feet. I took the girls out for lunch today. We had fun. They’re great. I want to marry them both. They told me that it’s ok. Fuck China’s great!

      • Jason

        Hahaha you’re funny dumbshit. I bet you are at the bottom of the social ladder.

        • germancockroach

          I like the bottom. Any bottom. Give me the bottom please.

          • kawaii

            hjahah best thread I’ve read for ages

      • krdr

        I think your story is a fake. Massaging a feet number over 40 is really hard work. It is just that they tried to take few quai and a lunch from you. It is very known technique for gold-digging on Anglo-Saxons.

        • germancockroach

          I am happy for them to dig my gold.

          • ImmortalTechnique

            Well, he is a cockroach after all.

      • Tins of sardines

        I have size 48 feet. Maybe I should go there and find a pair of nice Chinese slippers like you did.

        • germancockroach

          Do so, it’s great!

    • 250

      Do you think it’s a coincidence that when you take your socks off at night you happen also to smell wet vaginas?
      Maybe i’m wrong and vaginas do smell like putrid fugus-riddled feet….oh no that’s just your mum’s.

      PP’s catamites do your worst.

    • Eva

      Sir, your ego is out of control.

  • ABC

    I went to Wuxi China during summer 2009 and was a customer at one of the foot massage places (salons?). The building itself was very nicely decorated (better then many shops in America) with private rooms with 3-4 reclining couches, air conditioning, and LCD tvs. Very comfortable especially in the insane humidity and heat of Chinese summers. More male employees then female employees and they were all very pretty. the guys were very attractive in the girly asian sort of way and the girls had more of a innocent but still sexy look.
    While I was there I talked a bit with them. They made approximately 1400RMB a month. I told them the minimum wage back where I live is $8.00 an hour with a 40 hour work week which is a bit less then 2240RMB a week. Of course I also told them that the cost of living in California is also much higher. needing a car to travel and so on. It only cost us about 120RMB per person for around 3 hours. (Made me feel like I was noveau-riche or something for a few hours despite being middle class in America).
    Don’t really know if the wages they earn are considered high or low in China. They were dressed very fashionably and very polite.
    BTW: If they think your a foreigner, they will instantly jack up all of the prices.) One vendor actually tried to rip me off. He was yelling out 20RMB in Chinese (I understand Chinese) and then told me it was 60RMB in English when I approached him. (Another weird thing, they are able to tell me apart without me speaking a word despite the fact that my parents are from the same province). So its very possible that I was ripped off.

    • Jay K

      i know what you mean man, almost every asian american is this way in china. they can spot me 50 yards away and know im foreign. it must be my hawaiin shirt and pouch bag i wear.

      • bleah

        Don’t forget the chewing gum, cigarette and blue jeans.

  • manusan

    this article forget 50% of workers : the boys.


    WELL, foot massage requires only a few days of training. There is not too much to learn and i can get hard with a foot massage. As said by specialists, foot massage pressures nerves on different parts of the body, in my case is pressures one particular part.
    Let`s wait for TINS OF SARDINES reply on my comment…

  • carl


    It can’t be that much… I would be very surprised if it was actually that much. Maybe that’s just what they tell the people going into the business.

    And they definitely don’t study very much. I haven’t gotten a good massage since I moved to China.

    • Tins of sardines

      I agree, 2000-3000 does seem like a lot. Maybe it is because they are working in Tianjin and in a higher class place.

      I doubt most foot massage places have this type of training. Most places probably offer ‘on the job’ training which is why we end up with shitty foot massages due to the high turnover of staff and poor training.

      When I was in Beijing in 2006, the masseuses would get US$100 a month. They seemed happy with that considering accommodation was included.

      Still, if they work hard and give good service and massages then they these guys and girls deserve what they can get.

  • aussieghump

    I visit a couple of foot-massage places regularily and chat with many of the girls and boys working there…

    In the ‘commercial foot massage place’, attached to a fairly reputable hotel.
    The ‘norm’ seems to be about 2 days off a month and around 1400-1600 rmb each per month. On probation, they get ‘700-800rmb’ for the first 2 months. They work from 11am to 2pm and live in a dormitory supplied by the boss.

    Most are quite young (18-20), first time away from family and didn’t finish much school – they seem relatively happy, but complain about being tired.They seem to like chatting, catching the soap operas on TV, practising English and teaching me more Chinese – especially dialects from their hometowns (which appear to be quite ‘poor’ rural places in mid China). They love playing games on my phone for 5 minutes when the boss isn’t looking – and most say they are working to help farming families, and often sick parents or younger siblings to go to college.

    Most have pretty calloused hands and obviously work very hard – most have know quite hard lives at home, as the article points out!

    The boss told me most of them work for about 9 months and then go home, only about 30% return. Most work a few years only before finding other work.

    In one (owned by a group of ‘friends’), they earn around 3000rmb per month, sleep on the reception floor and are open 24 hours a day. I guess because they are ‘partners’ in some way the workers here are more guarded – they are slightly older (25ish) and have lived in the city for a while. I asked the big boss there about the ‘certificate’ mentioned in the article, he said it existed but it didn’t guarantee wages in any way, and since nobody had one in the place, he had never seen one!

    Being a regular, I am treated fairly well at these places and have a regular ‘nickname’ (amazingly, quite flattering!), so I guess it is ok. The price I pay is the one quoted in full view of all customers, and I enjoy a ‘VIP’ card as well, like other regular customers so I don’t see in-equity in prices between foreigners or others.

    It is a pity that the comments above in the ‘translated’ section berate these young people – most of which don’t have the ‘free time’ to write, or access to the information and equipment of the people writing the comments!

    It’s a pity that other media (Time Magazine) hails the exploits of these types of workers in adding to China’s growth and abundance, more than their own people…..but I guess there are critics everywhere!

    You feel you shouldn’t criticise people for trying to get ahead with their lives – more power to the foot massage girls (and boys) of China!

  • Chinglish

    sanbailiushi hang,hanghang chu zhuangyuan.there are three hundred and sixty trades,and every trade has its a masseuse is not a bad choice for these young girls who are from rural areas.zhen de.

  • G0ld

    One of the many low end jobs in the service indsutry. Usually its to work as a masseusse, waitress or hair dresser.

    Masseusse only have potentials if you are either a really talented masseusse that stands out or you’re damn pretty. If you’re pretty you can be upgraded to hooker and can get paid big bucks. Talented masseusse can have a potential to get hired at an upper class massage place that usually prefer experienced workers and they do test skills.

    A waitress is probably the worst among the 3. No matter how talented you will can’t upgrade to anyway except still be a waitress. Getting the restaurant manager job is out of reach without guanxi. Maybe if you’re pretty, again can get upgraded to become a hooker.

    Hair dressers seem to have more potential if they are talented as they can get upgraded from cutting cheap hair cuts to hair dress rich spoiled women that cost thousands like a master hair stylist! If you’re pretty but not talented you can get downgraded to hooker (yes the only one that gets downgraded because pink barbers are the lowest form of all hookers).

  • calling you out

    There’s honor in all work which does not harm others. These workers should not be called some of the things people are calling them. Such talk is snobby and demeans the person who says it, if only because it highlights his or her lack of a sympathetic imagination.

  • dudes,

    your crazy bastards

    if you dont believe in slavery, please do now,

    this is ChinaSmack not a Porn site,

    wrong comments, German TRASH cockroach, and mostly everyone else

    I got better “sites to surf” than read this,

    am off

    too busy watching the Google War




    • germancockroach

      Kedafu has a problem with punctuation.

      Kedafu is probably not very fun to be around.

    • bleah

      This reads like:

      I’M KEDAFU
      ALL IS PIG

  • Vtraveller

    Well, I have traveled and visited quite a few places in my years. As a dude from Scandinavia I went to most countries in Europe, England and USA (about 14 countries in all).
    As of 2 years ago I started visit China and until now have visited China 4 times, both Beijing and south (Fujian). I am aware I still have a lot to learn about the differences in other provinces etc etc.. but ONE thing strikes me compared to “my” other European/England/USA places: The common Chinese people take much more pride earn your money by working, no matter how little you earn. I talk “common Chinese people”, not the ones in the bad part of a big city or the ones in the tourist areas. The pride is so strong that you do whatever low work or what, as long it gives you fair and honest money, they prefer do so instead of begging, cheating, stealing, prostitution or whatever. Sometimes a deal can be tricky but that’s the fair game of the deal.
    I will go so far, that say the Chinese in do so is more honest and superior to the wast of the other places I have seen.
    They maybe be sometimes more direct than I am used to but also more friendly and honest open that I am used to.
    They leave me alone when needed and rarely try cheat me despite they KNOW very well that 2,60 Yuan I paid for my Nanjing beer is about free for me, if I just cross the street it is 6 Yuan, if I join the West tourist apes in their fancy shopping street bars it is 15. They care make sure I get my exact 2,40 back from my 5 Yuan note.

    So after this long speech I just want tell yours I never belittle ANY working Chinese, no matter kind of work or salary. In Europe 50% of those low work people would have made their living claiming social welfare still whining or begging and stealing on the streets..

    Respect the Chinese.

    • Tins of sardines

      You have some good and honorable points but I feel you are still blinded by novelty or have drunk too many Nanjings.

      For sure, respect hard working and honest Chinese of which there are many, but never think that you are accepted and never think that you will be protected when in trouble.

      You are a laowai and always will be seen as one. The only acceptance you will find in China is that of you to the situation you are in at anytime.

      You are seen as an opportunity and not an equal.

      Once off guard you will be totally shafted from every direction.

      You may think I am being an ass but live here for a long time and you will see what I mean.

      • Wei

        Right on, Tin. Lots of foreigners think they can break into society… let them live here for a few years and ask them again. Naive fucks.

        • Mike Fish


          I’m sure when you just got off the boat, you were already an expert, knew everything, right? Or were you also a naive fuck who has had to learn this stuff too.

    • germancockroach

      I will respect the Chinese when:

      1. They respect themselves.

      2. They respect each other.


        WELL, Pardon me for my poor english, but, what is the difference between ” THEY RESPECT THEMSELVES” and ”THEY RESPECT EACH OTHER”?

        • Tins of sardines

          Let me put it a different way, everyone on Chinasmack does not respect you but they respect others.

          • germancockroach

            I neither ask nor require respect.

          • jack butcher

            germancockroach, you’d better not ask for respect. according to your logic people get respect when they respect other. are you doing so.

            i wouldn’t sell a nail of my son for a million. you have stupid generalization. stupid moron

        • germancockroach

          On a group basis the Chinese don’t respect each other.

          On an individual basis the individual Chinese does not respect himself or herself.

          I think that should be clear now. It may not have been the first time. Thank you very much for your interest.

          • opensights


            You have made two quite massive ‘generalisations.’

            That 1.3 billion Chinese all have the very same opinions of themselves, and of each other?

          • germancockroach


            Yes I have.

            I hope you have learned something.

            No need to thank me.

            It is my pleasure.

          • opensights

            Germancockroach: are you a Prussian?

            You don’t ask for respect; it is earned! I believe you have never had to lead people of any calibre! if you had, you would have learned by now!

      • Wei

        I hate to agree with you, as you are clearly a dipshit, however this time, I have to say you are right. Moreover, the Chinese are betraying a beautiful culture by behaving like selfish assholes.

        Still, if you are seeing things from a game theory perspective, no-one should be cooperative in this country. If you respect the others, you lose every time. If you do not push people to get into the elevator, you will miss it. If you play fair, you will lose.

    • uk_lager_lout

      They must be putting something in your drink. Or, you’re a chinaman pretending to be a scandinavian.

      What does ‘respect the chinese’ even mean?

      • Wei

        Stay the f*ck int he UK and drink your lager, boy. Nobody would ever pretend being a Scandinavian… it’s like pretending you have been brainwashed and are a dickless mofo.

        • germancockroach

          In WWII Scandanavians did make good German soldiers.

  • krdr

    I had a lucky to be regular on the place with older masseurs. The masseur had more than 35 years and two kids. Everyone respected her at that place. She told me that she studied 3 years, and that many young people aren’t passionate enough to learn the job well. She, indeed, helped me with some health conditions and she never accepted a tip.

  • opensights

    I visit these places during my business trips to China. The ones I visit are very professional and knowledgeable and I only wish they had such places in the west, I am sure it will come!
    When I pay my money and leave after a foot massage and walk out into the evening air of Xiamen, I feel ten foot tall. It is not cheap and I don’t see the massagers as cheap either, They are people doing a good medicinal job of work, how someone can class them as prostitutes is quite beyond me.

    • germancockroach

      I visit these places on ‘business trips’ while cheating on my fourth wife. The ones I visit have very busty and tight young women and I only wish they had such places in the west, I’m sure the Chinese hordes will come! When I pay too much and after the girls have made fun of the pathetic piece of flesh that identifies me as a male, I feel like going back to my hotel room to scrub it clean. It is not cheap when they cheat me though I treat the young women like cheap tarts. They are girls doing a great job either on their knees or bent over, I just wished I could give them more. How someone could class me as a twat is quite beyond me.

      • tins of sardines

        Take notes people. This is how you take the piss properly.

  • Jen in NY

    When I traveled to China to adopt our daughter, I had a friend who said, “Be sure to get a massage. They’re practically free and they have to massage you for hours.” I was very turned off by the idea, as much as I like getting massages. I remember some people in our group who tried to bargain with every street vendor or shop keeper we met, because the Chinese “expected this.” A lot of the time, the difference was literally a couple of dollars, and what I didn’t understand is why bargain over something that is not a lot of money for us, but is a lot of money for them? It didn’t make sense to me. I took a cab ride with my daughter, and the cab driver was nice, helped me with my stroller, etc., and I decided to pay him what a similar cab ride might cost in Manhattan. So I think I gave him 50 yuan (about $7 I think at the time) and he looked very happy with the tip. I guess what I’m saying, is that the $7 meant a lot more to him than it did to me, so why not spread the wealth?

    • Great idea! I love paying higher than I need to for goods and services!

      • ImmortalTechnique

        Seriously. What about throwing the unsustainable-income workers back in the USA a bone?

        Maybe so can she can go home and brag about how culturally sensitive she is to the noble savages in China! The White Burden!

    • ImmortalTechnique

      Cause you some rich (yuppie) broad from NY while I’m playing scrappy doo over here just trying to save up for university. That’s why all the foreigners here gotta spend more money, cause you makin’ it seem like we all ballers!

      What’s the matter, no kids to adopt in America? Or are asian babies more fashionable? Probably costs the same when you’re through paying all the bribes that feed the child kidnapping circuit in the south.

    • LOLZ

      “I didn’t understand is why bargain over something that is not a lot of money for us, but is a lot of money for them”

      I think a lot of people don’t see bargaining as a way to save money but rather intellectual challenges. In Shanghai you generally slash the price by about 70% and work your way to a compromise from there. People do this not only at the street vendors but also at large department stores. The best bargains are usually driven by people know the business well.

      • Jen in NY

        That does make sense. I wish I had understood that before traveling there! Oh well, live and learn. Thanks for explaining it to me, though, and not just jumping down my throat.

    • Jen in NY

      OK, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to offend anyone! To answer your question, we wanted a daughter because we already have a son, we admire Chinese culture, and American adoptions are notoriously unpredictable and often end in heartbreak. We knew several people who had adopted healthy, beautiful daughters from China, so China made perfect sense to us. It is the best decision we ever made, as our daughter is wonderful in every way. I didn’t mean to piss anybody off. I am not bragging about a fucking $7 tip! I just think the world would be a nicer place if people were a little more generous.

    • Tins of sardines

      It is about setting expectations.

      You are affecting the foreigners that LIVE in China and that is no good.

      You should pay what the meter says. He did not deserve a tip. It is his job to help you. Taxi drivers are the scum of the earth. He does not like you and he probably went home and told his wife that a stupid laowai gave him too much money. After all, a fool and her money is easily parted.

      America has a lot of people in poverty. You should give to your own people first and stop making life harder for others here in China. Do you ever pay $50 for a $7 cab ride in NY? I am sure you would be making the taxi driver happy.

      You need to stop condescending to the Chinese. They don’t need your help.

      • Jen in NY

        You are calling a Chinese cab driver, whom you never met, “the scum of the earth,” and yet lecture me to stop condescending to the Chinese? Whaaa?

        I get your point, though, about affecting the lives of foreigners who are living in China (and earning accordingly). I see that it doesn’t help them when American tourists blow through town over-paying for stuff, because then it might be expected of all foreigners. I admit I never thought of it that way, and now I will benefit from this perspective.

        • LAOWAIXIAN

          WELL, shut the fuck up SARDINES. How is she affecting the life of foreigners living in china? She feels good about what she did and the extra money she gave the taxi driver, how does that fucking affect anything? You are damn jealous for being a cunt incapable of doing something nice to the citizens and the country that received you with open amrs. Wake up!!

          • Tins of sardines

            It is Mr. Sardines to you.

            Don’t be fooled, they have 3 of my bicycles, 2 wallets, a motor bike, my electric bike battery and a nice scarf.

            Once you have been in China for longer than 5 minutes, you will know what I am talking about.

            I recall my first experience of china was a toilet cleaner, in the Beijing airport arrivals hall, expecting a 20 kuai tip for opening to door for me on the way out.

            I wonder why he thought I would pay it?

          • Tommy

            okay i do understand how giving more tips do affect the foreigners living in China. however, i totally agree about what may seem like nothing to us is A LOT to them. 1 dollar is nothing to us, but 6 yuen is A LOT. that could be dinner for tomorrow. when i was there, (i know u should bargain), me and the tourist people were bargaining just to get like 2 dollars cheaper for a few potatoes from a street food vendor. That 2 dollar yuen is nothing to us.. thats like what? a few cents? but to them, its A LOT. when i mean is that why bargain so much when its really nothing for us and it can help them GREATLY. they make like 5% of what we make. why not help them out?

        • Tins of sardines

          Well I am not referring to just Chinese taxi drivers.

          Good luck on your future with your little girl. Glad that she has the opportunity to have a new life.


    • Teacher in China

      Wow, way to be complete assholes to a newcomer guys (except LOLZ).
      Jen, to put this in a kinder way – what you did came from the right place, and you should be commended and not condemned for trying to help in the only way you knew how at the time. Good for you. The guy probably felt thankful for getting extra money, and it’s doubtful that he went home calling you a stupid lawai. However, the next time you come to China be aware that no one here expects a tip and you should never feel obligated to give one. That does not mean that you should NEVER give one, just don’t feel that you HAVE TO.

      As for people like you “jacking up the price for all foreigners” – that’s a load of garbage you guys and you know it. Anyone with the right attitude and good bargaining skills can get any price they want for anything.

      • Tommy

        of course she didnt HAVE to. she did it because she felt like it.

        ppl in china do jack up the prices for foreigners. but yuou are correct, it is about bargaining. but they specifically do jack up prices for foreigners.

        • Teacher in China

          They do, but it isn’t a direct result of some foreigners tipping, and a foreigner tipping isn’t going to make them jack the price of things up more than they already do. That was what the others were suggesting, and what I was refuting.

    • Wei

      Buying your “daughter” in China does not give you any right to say you understand how things are here. Spreading your wealth is good. Think of a place closer to home to spread it, possibly with people who do not despise you. How about that?

      • Mike Fish


        Walking around playing the jaded foreigner will make a lot of people, Chinese and foreign, despise you.

      • Jen in NY

        I didn’t “buy” my daughter, I adopted her legally, but you know that and are only trying to hurt my feelings. The process took nearly 2 years of constant paperwork, both here in the U.S. and in China. It is not an easy process, and, yes, you have to have some means to be able to do so, but it was completely above board through an adoption agency that has been around forever. And by the way, how many abandoned children have YOU adopted, lavished with attention, loved, and educated? I was touched by this article because had we not adopted our daughter, she might have rotted away in an orphanage and someday rubbed feet (at the very best) for nickles. This is a child who came to America at 1 year old, was reading fluently at 4 years old, is the top student in her class, loves computers, loves fashion, loves drawing, plays chess, and excels at everything she tries. She is easily the funniest person I have ever met, with a quick wit and a happy disposition. Forgive my brag, but I can’t believe the gem China has given us, and I will love China forever for blessing our house with this child. I never said I understand how things are in China, but now that I am connected to China through my daughter, I am interested in China and will remain so no matter how many anonymous assholes insist I am a fool to do so. Perhaps I should just stay off fucking message boards! My mistake!

        • opensights

          Enjoy your lovely little daughter and I am sure with the blessings of 99% of the of subscribers here. All good luck and good wishes to you. You may be right about you staying off posts, you may be too honest for some of the ‘keyboard commandos’ that with complete secrecy can sink to lows unheard of in face to face situations!

        • LAOWAIXIAN

          well jen as you can see, people here have child-like mentality and are incapable of behaving.

          • Tins of sardines

            hyp⋅o⋅crite  [hip-uh-krit]


            1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

            2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.


        • GFZ

          Jen, don’t mind these people. If you spend enough time on the internet, 99% of the people are assholes. Your child is probably better behaved than some of these people.

          And you are right, if you didn’t adopted her, it is likely she’ll have a grim future, so kudos to you.

          • nuway

            HAHA. I’m sorry to say this but your “daughter” is gonna get in 10 years by the aliens. After that the NWO have their ways this world gonna be renewed. Yeah.

            Well, at least you brought her to america and seems like you are able to provide her with a fantasy life. For this you get to fufill your daughter fantasy. Ha. Enjoy it while you all still can.

        • Tommy

          im very happy for you jen. you went through a lot of work to get your daughter here. You pretty much saved a life, well made a life better. dont have much to say but im very happy for you, and happy that your daughter is doing well in school and in life

        • Teacher in China

          I’ll add my kudos here Jen and say you’re welcome here any time. Don’t mind the haters, they are everywhere on the internet.

          • ImmortalTechnique

            I’m a hater, I’ll own up to that. But only because some people come to these boards talking up themselves like they’re still living in colonial Shanghai, thinking they’re making a difference by simply being another whitey living it up as a Shanghai expat, blessing the natives with their boundless~western~wisdom! Or, you know, throwing some chips around acting like they helping people out by spending their husband’s padded expat salary! Not specifically NY JEN over here, but the doofus hipsters that are flooding in Shanghai, Beijing with their misguided “cultural awareness”.

            Yeah, I got a boulder on my shoulder.

        • germancockroach


          A few years ago a friend was married. I went to her wedding. She’s always had a thing for me but I’ve never done anything with her, even though on her wedding day she wanted to. We both had a lot of baijiu. She married a Chinese guy who was reasonably wealthy.


          The long and the short of it was that they or she wanted to have a child. In fact a girl. But she didn’t want to go through the process of being pregnant for nine months and then delivering the child.


          The solutuion was they went into the countryside South of town and bought a little baby girl that was about eight months old from a farming family.

          Price: RMB800.

          Roughly, at the time, USD100.

          In China there is a market for everything.

          • Teacher in China

            So what’s your point? Because some people take advantage of something, no one should be allowed to do it? People that can’t ever have babies because of some medical problem can’t adopt babies from a poorer region because of the few people out there that do it for convenience? I’m puzzled as to why you felt this was an appropriate time to share that little tidbit.

        • Tins of sardines

          Don’t get confused between heated debating and outright assholes.

          I respect that you have taken an orphan into your life and offered her a bright future. I am sure 99% (which seems to be the going figure according to the rest of these posts) of us salute you on this.

          The original point I was trying to make is that by over paying you are setting a precedence that others need to fight more to overcome.

          For the same reasons I will not stop all non-Chinese paying too much by pointing out my meaning to you, you can not make a difference to the Chinese by overpaying one of them.

          You were fair in your responses and I for one respect that.

          Don’t lose interest in posting but don’t be suprised if sometimes you get people who don’t agree with you.

          Everyone has an opinion and your post really brought them out! hehe

        • Observer


          You are to be applauded.

          I am sorry for the responses – the douche-crew that comments on Chinasmack are self-righteous cowards unable to cope at home or abroad.

    • bleah

      Woha, cabs sure are cheap in Manhattan…

      • Jen in NY

        yeah–it was a short cab ride I shared with a couple other people! :)

  • LOLZ

    If you are in Shanghai it would be a shame not to go for messages. The price for them have gone up steadily over the years but so have the quality. When I first went to these places about 6-7 years ago the quality was extremely varied. Now people at most of the foot massages places I go to have gone through this type of training. While you are at it, go for a pedicure. It’s scary at first (these guys use a single bladed knife to cut your toe nails) but these guys know their stuff. In the US some the Vietnamese manicure places offer similar footmessage/pedicure services but their quality is incomparable with the ones in China.

    My personal favorite is Taipan Spa near West Nanjing rd. The atmosphere and service are fantastic, just make sure you reserve a room beforehand.

  • tom s

    the photos are great – who took them?

    • germancockroach

      The photos could be better. Who took them?

  • 傻子

    this is such a boring article. Where’s the scandal? I want to read about oppressed foot massage girls so that I can get back to China-bashing.

  • Mike Fish

    You know what they say about people with big feet?

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah, they have big shoes.

  • Heilong79

    The whole Snake-head Thing is so southren China, It started that Hong Kong people said those northreners are all gangsters(refering to all main landers) then this idea spread to the main land and in guang Zhou they would say those northreners are all gangsters, then up to Shang Hai, Then to Beijing. At this point they cant really go too much more North so pushed it East and so The North East became known as gangsters land. Which is not true, when I think of Gangsters in China I think Fu Jian and Guang Dong.

  • Will

    It’s possible the ignorance I’ve observed on this post really exist. It’s very obvious that some of those replying to this post have no idea of what they are talking about. The foot has nerve endings that connect to every part of the body. Please learn a little before making obscene comments. There’s going to be a certain amount of stupid statements but,you shouldn’t let the world know that you’re a member of the “Stupid Club”

    • G0ld

      Its called Reflexology.

      Nothing wrong with people not believing in Reflexology. Its not proven scienece. you can even find a lot criticising it like it Bullshiat. Penn and Teller making their own vid about it:

      But I like foot massages anyway.

  • nuway

    This is how life is. You have to play the game with the cards you are dealt. Dog eat dog world.


    great post cockroach lol


    I am very impressed with everyone. You guys pick up a language fast… I cannot stop laughing, how people find the time to write so much when they are all CEO in the firm… Do you guys actually work? Life in china is tough, man. Thanks for sharing all the thought


    ABC? who is this person? she totally talk like someone I know… Jason, Sissy, or Joise?

    • Tins of sardines

      Hey FF, is this how your doctor suggested you deal with your mental problems?

  • Bill Rich

    See how women are holding up half the sky, with Chinese characteristics. And ever since China opened and reformed, there are more opportunities and career choices for Chinese women, including foot massaging and other associated activities that were not shown in these pictures.

  • 555

    These are good girls we trust.

  • what is the main requirement for foot massage

  • xin

    No one looking down on you, except yourself. Massage foot is the great things in human’s life, Doctors should doing that. it will help people health. Ture.

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