Football Player Pepe, Chinese Netizen Critics and Fans

Pepe (left) and Muller (right), arguing during the 2014 Brazil World Cup Group G match between Germany and Portugal.
Pepe (left) and Muller (right), arguing during the 2014 Brazil World Cup Group G match between Germany and Portugal.
Pepe (left) and Muller (right), arguing during the 2014 Brazil World Cup Group G match between Germany and Portugal.

Currently the #2 most popular microblog post on Chinese social network Sina Weibo…

From Sina Weibo:

Asaikana: To the many little buddies who have only started watching football with this World Cup, allow me to introduce Pepe.

This microblog post was likely inspired by Pepe receiving a red card for his behavior with Germany’s Thomas Muller in last night’s Brazil World Cup Group G match between Germany and Portugal:

Pepes hand hitting Muller's face.

Pepe headbutting Muller.

Pepe getting the red card.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


I would be doing my ID wrong if I didn’t forward/reshare this.


Pepe getting a red card and not hitting the referee is already “true love” [good enough, well-behaved].


When Pepe got a red card, I just knew there was going to be [people] bringing up the past, and erasing [ignoring] the clean and outstanding performance he at least had this season. [呵呵][呵呵]


The microblogger who posted this microblog post, may I ask you just how many football matches you’ve seen in total? It’s the World Cup so you think you can come out and pretend to be some expert football fan? Pepe is sometimes hot-headed, but just how many professional players are completely clean and have never committed a foul or misconduct? Can several actions demonstrate whether or not Pepe is an outstanding defender? Can someone who doesn’t understand football not go and mislead people who love this sport? And you’re even a verified account, can you have some professionalism please? Thank you.


The world owes Pepe a gold belt.


That’s all when he was bald, but after having hair, he’s actually been much better. Unfortunately, his past image has made a deep impression on people’s hearts. One detail I’m not sure if I saw wrong: during the first penalty kick, Pepe walked over and wanted to say something to the referee, only for the referring to just push him aside.


His actions are simply dirty, and yet there are this many Real Madrid fans saying Pepe is just real and unpretentious? Bullshit, so when the Chinese team injures someone with a kick, how come I don’t see everyone clapping their hands and cheering it on?? So when we play against Japan, should we send a Shaolin [monk] team to go cripple some of them?? Thomas Muller indeed did not have to fall down, but Pepe also indeed poked Muller’s face. Anyone who watches football knows as long as it is a player who is poked, they’ll fall down, or do you expect them to put on a performance of being very strong [unhurt]?


This misleading of public opinion is truly disgusting. At least when I first started watching football, immediately covering of one’s face and falling on the ground calling for the referee after any physical contact was not something that happened! I too am giving new football fans who have just started watching an introduction [to football (soccer)].


Cristiano Ronaldo looks a bit like an academic tyrant sitting among academic dregs trying to find someone to compare answers to but being unable to…


Such good martial arts, but unfortunately entered the wrong profession.


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