‘For Dear Love’ by Joanna Wang

Joanna Wong

Joanna Wang

Song and MP3:

Composer: Xiao Chong/Chen Huanchang/Johnny Chan
Lyricist: Xiao Chong/Chen Huanchang/Johnny Chan
Singer: Joanna Wang/Wang Ruolin

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

jin1 ye4 hai2 chui1 zhe feng1
Tonight the wind is still blowing

xiang3 qi3 ni3 hao3 wen1 rou2
I think of your tenderness

you3 ni3 de ri4 zi fen4 wai4 de qing1 song1
The days with you make me feel especially at ease

ye3 bu2 shi4 wu2 ying3 zong1
It’s not that you are traceless

zhi3 shi4 xiang3 ni3 tai4 nong2
It’s just that I miss you too much

怎么会无时无刻 把你梦
zen3 me hui4 wu2 shi2 wu2 ke4  ba3 ni3 meng4
Why do I keep dreaming of you

ai4 de lu4 shang4 you3 ni3
With you as my love

wo3 bing4 bu2 ji4 mo4
I’m not lonely

ni3 dui4 wo3 na4 me de hao3
You are so nice to me

zhe4 ci4 zhen1 de bu4 tong2
It’s really different this time

也许我应该好好 把你拥有
ye3 xu3 wo3 gai1 hao3 hao3 ba3 ni3 yong1 you3
Maybe I should really cherish you

就像你一直为我 守候
jiu4 xiang4 ni3 yi4 zhi2 wei4 wo3 shou3 hou4
just like how you’re always there for me

亲爱的人 亲密的爱人
qin1 ai4 de ren2  qin1 mi4 de ai4 ren2
My dear, my dear love

谢谢你这么长的时间 陪着我
xie4 xie4 ni3 zhe4 me chang2 de shi2 jian1  pei2 zhe wo3
Thank you for being with me all this long time

亲爱的人 亲密的爱人
qin1 ai4 de ren2  qin1 mi4 de ai4 ren2
My dear, my dear love

这是我一生中 最兴奋的时分
zhe4 shi4 wo3 yi4 sheng1 zhong1  zui4 xing1 fen4 de shi2 fen1
This is the most exciting moment of my life



这是我一生中 最兴奋的时分
zhe4 shi4 wo3 yi4 sheng1 zhong1  zui4 xing1 fen4 de shi2 fen1
This is the most exciting moment of my life

Joanna Wang.

And the original singer…

‘For Dear Love’ by Anita Mui (Mei Yanfang):

Singer and Actress Anita Mui/Mei Yanfang (1963-2003) was the beloved “Daughter of Hong Kong” for her professional achievements and charity work. As a talented actress, she won the Best Leading Actress awards in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland. Dubbed as the “Madonna of Asia”, she gave more world tour concerts than any other Chinese female pop singer. Her signature song “For Dear Love” has been covered by numerous singers.

Anita Mui

Anita Mui-01

Anita Mui-03

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • Nyancat

    dude in the last photo looks like neo in the matrix

    • blues

      Who, Nicholas Tse?

  • coala banana

    Joanna…just listened to the song and it looks/sounds like a very bad copy of Norah Jones style…Joanna-Jones ???? however, the text ridiculous as usual:

    wind is still blowing…make me feel especially… I miss you…dreaming of you…my love…I’m not lonely…You are so nice to me…It’s really different this time…you’re always there for me….My dear, my dear love…Thank you….love, love…exciting moment…..a…da…na…da…Ah…dah…nah…dah

    then another song will be nearly the same, with the only exception that they first start with dadada..ahahaha all the way back to that the wind is blowing…

    another point is that this crap is not sellable in china…in china you have to put on a fancy show on stage, firework, hand out this ridiculous neon sticks, plastic hand claps to the audience, cause they like to wave with them (always against the rhythm)…reminds me of the Olympic games, where in the stadiums every 10 meter was some sort of “i will show you when to clap adviser” to make emotions and excitement of chinese people look authentic. Cause even they know that their timing about what and when to show emotions kinda sucks, so they must be taught this shit…..

  • she calls herself newtokyoterror on ytb

  • Foreign Devil

    How did the 2nd woman die at age 40??

    • blues

      Anita Mui…cervical cancer I think, forgone treatment because she still wanted to have children

      • rollin wit 9’s

        & may her soul rest in peace. I love that lady (Mui Yimfong) best female actress to come out of ALL of China hands down! Funny, witty, intelligent, and just my favorite female actress in China period. I wish i could’ve met her in person.

  • pervertt

    The song is not bad, but as is often the case, the original is better.

    Anita Mui had so much talent. Anyone remember her performance in ‘Rouge’?


    • Yes! Stunning performance-I got goose bumps when I watched “Rouge”!

  • hawflakes

    Any reason why you transliterated her name as Joanna Wong when she actually goes by the pinyin “Wang” given that she’s born in Taipei and not Cantonese.