‘For The Loved’ by René Liu (Liu Ruoying)

Rene Liu 2013 album

《亲爱的路人》 “For the Loved” (or literally “Dear Passersby”) is included in 43-year-old Taiwanese singer 刘若英 René Liu aka Liu Ruoying‘s latest eponymous album, released on May 10th. This song is the ending theme song for the popular TV drama 《姐姐立正向前走》 Drama Go Go Go (or literally Big Sister Marching Forward). At time of translation, this song has generated 993,903 listens on Xiami.

Music Video:

Composer: Mitsutoshi Kimura
Lyrics: Lin Xi (Albert Leung)
Arrangements: Taisuke Sawachika
Singer: René Liu (Liu Ruoying)

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

Text: 亲爱的,我已经大火车站了。。。
Text: Dear, I’ve already arrived at the train station…
At first I thought he was just a passerby, never imagining that he would become my love;

Who I once thought was my greatest love, ultimately turned out to be just a passerby.
一个一个笑窝 一段一段泪光
yí gè yí gè xiào wō yí duàn yí duàn lèi guāng
One dimple after another, glistening teardrops again and again,

每一次都以为 是永远的寄托
měi yí cì dōu yǐ wéi shì yǒng yuǎn de jì tuō
every time I thought, you would be the person I could count on forever.

承受不起的伤 来不及痊愈就解脱
chéng shòu bù qǐ de shāng lái bù jí quán yù jiù jiě tuō
Unbearable wounds, we broke up before they even had a chance to heal

我们 已经各得其所
wǒ men yǐ jīng gè dé qí suǒ
We, are now where we should be.

所谓承诺 都要分了手才承认是枷锁
suǒ wèi chéng nuò dōu yào fēn le shǒu cái chéng rèn shì jiā suǒ
The so-called promises, only when we broke up did we admit they were shackles

suǒ wèi gū fù dōu shì làng màn de cuō tuó
The so-called disappointments, were all romantic wastes of time

所以别问 还差什么 我们没结果
suǒ yǐ bié wèn hái chà shén me wǒ men méi jié guǒ
So don’t ask, what are we lacking, there is nothing [no fruit borne] for us

都结了果 却由他来收获
dōu jié le guǒ quē yóu tā lái shōu huò
The fruit has been borne, but it was he who reaped them.

那时候 年轻得不甘寂寞
nà shí hou nián qīng de bù gān jì mò
Back then, [we were] so young that we were unwilling to be lonely

cuò bǎ mó liàn dāng chéng zhé mó
mistook tempering oneself for torture.

duì de rén zhōng yú huì lái dào
The right person will eventually come along

因为 犯的错够多
yīn wèi fān de cuò gòu duō
because we’ve made enough mistakes

总要为 想爱的人不想活
zǒng yào wèi xiǎng ǎi de rén bú xiǎng huó
One must first want to die for the person we want to love

cài gēn gāi ài de rén shēng huó
before we can live with the person we should love

来过 走过 是亲爱的路人 成全我
lái guò zǒu guò shì qīn ài de lù rén chéng quán wǒ
Having come, having left, it’s the dear passersby who completed me.

尘埃落定之后 回忆别来挑拨
chén āi luò dìng zhī hòu huí yì bié lái tiǎo bō
After the dust settles, memories don’t come instigate/provoke

何必刻意难过 去证明快乐过
hé bì kè yì nán guò qù zhèng míng kuài lè guò
Why force ourselves to be sad, to prove that we were once happy?

时间改变你我 来不及回看就看破
shí jiān gǎi biàn nǐ wǒ lái bù jí huí kàn jiù kàn pò
Time changed you and me, and we saw through each other before having a chance to look back

洒脱 是必要的执着
sǎ tuō shì bì yào de zhí zhuó
Letting go, is being persistent as needed.


CHORUS #2 x2

那时候 只懂得爱谁最多
nà shí hou zhǐ dǒng dé ài shuí zuì duō
Back then, I only knew who to love the most

wàng le shuí zuì dǒng dé ài wǒ
but forgot who knew the most to love me.

duī de rěn huì chéng wéi yí duì
The right people will eventually be together

因为 再不怕犯错
yīn wèi zài bú pà fàn cuò
because they are no longer afraid of making mistakes

没有错 让最爱的人错过
méi you cuò ràng zuì ài de rén cuò guò
It’s true, only by letting the one you love most pass you by

cái zhī dào zuì hòu ài shén me
will you know what you ultimate love.

来吧 来吧 让亲爱的路人 珍惜我
lái ba lái ba ràng qīn ài de lù rén zhēn xī wǒ
Come, come, let the dear passers-by cherish me

没有你们爱过 没有我
méi yǒu nǐ men ài guò méi yǒu wǒ
[Because] without you having loved me, there is no me.

[End segment]
Man: 好久不见
Man: It’s been a long time.

Woman: 那我先走了
Woman: So I’ll be going.

Text: 亲爱的,我下午就到家了。
Text: Dear, I’ll be home by the afternoon.

Rene Liu 01

Rene Liu 02

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  • Why do you use simplified Chinese? She’s Taiwanese, no such thing here.

    • Sam

      The site as a whole uses simplified. I’d also guess that most readers prefer simplified also, as most of us live in China and/or study simplified characters.

    • Chairman Meow

      So Kafka do you write 臺灣 or 台灣 ? Actually I noticed more simplified characters the last time I was in Taiwan – but it does not appear to be systematic.

      • bipolarbear

        The use of simplified characters in Taiwan is close to zero, with 台 being an exception.

      • I have no idea where did you go to see simplified characters. Maybe you saw them at signboards near tourists spots, I don’t know.

        Bipolar bear is right. 台 is very commonly simplified, so I usually write 台灣. Also 台湾大哥大, a big mobile operator often likes to use 湾 instead of 灣. Everything else is usually traditional.

        • Chairman Meow

          Can’t remember, it was a while ago – and probably only a couple of instances like a menu or something.

    • Because a person who uses simplified characters typed it.

      It’s like if I type up the lyrics of some British band. I’m not going to say “oh, they’re British, so I’m going to spell it “colour” instead of “color”. Big deal.

  • thank you cS for covering my ex-girlfriend on your blogsite. We had to part ways due to personal circumstances but we were happy together and had a harmonious relationship. I wish her the best and hope to see her again soon for old time sake.

    • Sigh, yes, it reminds me of my ex girlfriend Olivia Munn. She keeps calling me but I have to be strong…

      • Olivia Munn you say?… hmm… perhaps we should meet up and have one of those ex-girlfriend swapping party

        • I just feel that she and I were meant to be together. Out of all the 100,000 to 200,000 years that science says humans have been on earth, she and I are alive at the same time. It’s obviously fate. I don’t see why she doesn’t feel the same way :*(

          • Ohh hush now hush now… away with negative thoughts. You must believe wholeheartedly in your destiny. Only the true believer will be rewarded with Olivia Munn. Surprising gift comes at a surprising time. The world may try to stop you two from binding your body and soul into a complete being, but have faith and never take no for an answer…. because nothing can stop a lover such as you. Go forth! and love a woman that is Olivia Munn! The Pirate and his friend the God of Love, has blessed you.

          • You are right. You are totally right. I now have the strength to accomplish my goal of obtaining one Olivia Munn. ::with tears of joy in my eyes, I turn to face Piratehana, but find that he has vanished…only a faint voice of encouragement echos through the halls:: I will not let you down, Piratehana!

      • mr.wiener

        Be strong, don’t give in. ding dong the bitch is dead!

        • Olivia Munn can have whatever she wants
          Dem freckles, man

  • vonskippy

    So is EVERY chinese song a snooze-fest? No rock? No country? No punk? No grunge? No techno? Just one big yawn after another?

    • Probotector

      China has only three kinds of music: Cheesy pop, power ballads and opera.

      • The Enlightened One

        Not true, they have rock, rap and other types. They are just underdeveloped in comparison to Chinese pop and screeching… nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaoooooooooooo… crap. If more media outlets would give them attention they would make it bigger here.

        For example, Trivium, Linkin Park, Eminem are listened to by Chinese quite a lot. Sure not as much as Backstreet Boys (which they ALWAYS play at weddings) and Chinese pop crap… but that is the media’s fault and ChinaSMACK should be giving us more of an INSIDE look… not just totally copy – translate – paste only stuff they like or deem popular in the media. They should toss in a bit of their own stuff as well or stuff we would like to see. How can it hurt?

        • Probotector

          I was exaggerating.

          • The Enlightened One

            Ah okay, you mean as far as the Chinese media goes… they only have three types. I got ya.

        • Chthonic would be a nice Taiwanese one to feature.

          • Butsu

            Not metal but 大支 and Mc仁 would be cool too.

          • mr.wiener

            You damn skippy they would.

          • Their video for Broken Jade is phenomenal.

        • Dr Sun

          Bit of Rolf Harris, I hear he likes to Tie your didgeridoo down ????

    • The Enlightened One

      Exactly, I been asking them this for like a year.

      I should go down to Shanghai and punch someone in the head for the pain and suffering they have caused me!

      Shouldn’t a blogging/news website listen to their audience? Seriously.

    • Claude

      Beijing has a ok punk rock scene. Went to numerous shows. Some at a roller rink, another at a karaoke/brothel. The bands were doing their thing and in the back you could see the whores moving from room to room plying their trade. It reminded of the old days when punk rock was played in abandoned buildings, sharing equipment bought from pawn shops.

      I also went to a few experimental music shows in Shanghai. Very poor turnout but it had great potential. The club scene was alright too. Went to a illegal rave, it was alright. You just need to get out there and look for it.

      Keep in mind that all of this is relatively new as opposed to fine art, something the Chinese have been at for a couple of thousand years and excel at – including contemporary arts.

  • The Enlightened One

    Same old boring corny stuff….

    ChinaSMACK could you PLEASE get some other genres into the scene?

    You may actually generate more interest in these area. I want to see some of:

    – Chinese Rock
    – Chinese Rap (well not really, but better than ALWAYS this)
    – Chinese Folk Music (more traditional, but not that choking-a-cat opera stuff)
    – Instrumentals (China has some awesome instrumental music)

    Ponder it will you? Stop with the constant Chinese-Pop… mix it up!

    • Agreed, my friend is an excellent Erhu player. Whenever they show me the instrumental music they recorded, its amazing to hear. But cS still need songs with lyrics, otherwise how will it be translated?

      • The Enlightened One

        They don’t have to translate comments on it, just provide some information on the instrument and maybe translate the titles to some famous Chinese songs using that said instrument or famous Chinese musicians/inventor of that instrument… So people actually LEARN more about China rather than just be subjected to the same thing over and over.

    • Butsu

      I’m more of a metal guy, but I know at least in Taiwan and Hong Kong they have some pretty talented rappers. This is a personal fave:

    • shiranu

      For “the enlightened one” you call yourself to be, you talk a lot of blind stuff. Ah the irony of life. =)

  • Wayne

    Dear China Smack,

    We all do greatly appreciate all your hard work and effort in translating these great articles. Could you please provide a wider selection of types of music? What to Chinese guys usually listen to? Andy Lau, 陳奕迅?


  • Wayne

    I saw a great tv series with Rene Liu. She is a good actress.

    • 剑胆琴心

      no,she is good at pretending good and nice.
      average singer,below average actress.

  • Stimpy

    She is 43 and the video makes her out like she is a teenager. Why does everything in China have to be infantilized?

  • 剑胆琴心

    creepy song again!

  • 剑胆琴心

    do not know your guy or girl,i always feel your a boy.do not listen to too much this type of music,you will be gay.
    good luck!

  • filabusta

    *snore* I’ve never finished a song on Chinasmack. Please put some new age Chinese music for a change. Pk-14, Hedgehog or something…

  • Great song, I like this, reminds me of my journey to chase a girl that I love even so far as to go overseas for her, only to find out in the end that we aren’t meant to be together. But no regret now, only smiles =)

  • shiranu

    Thanks Rensi for the lyrics and translation!

    Nice songs make learning Mandarin much more enjoyable. :)

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