Foreign Embassies Hold Charity Sale, Receive Counterfeit Money

The scene of the foreign embassies’ charity sale.
The scene of the foreign embassies’ charity sale.
Scene of the foreign embassies’ charity sale (source: internet)

From NetEase:

Foreign Embassies Holding Charity Fundraiser for Chinese Handicapped Children Received 5,000 Yuan in Counterfeit Money

Yesterday [December 9th], foreign embassies in Guangzhou held a charity fundraiser to help China’s handicapped children and collectively raised 330,000 RMB. However, someone unbelievably took advantage of the foreign consuls’ inability to identify Chinese counterfeit money and spent 5,000 yuan of fake money to purchase items at the charity sale. The counterfeit money was discovered when the donation were collected and countered by the Federation of Handicapped People, all of them being brand new, sequentially-numbered 100 yuan bills, and the Consulate General of Korea alone received 800 yuan in counterfeit money. Reporter “SSer-潇湘子” of Yangcheng Evening News said that she personally witnessed the disappointed look on the face of the Consul General of Chile.

Comments from NetEase:

一坨便便xxx [网易北京市网友]:

A nation lacking in virtues/morality, there isn’t another country like this in the world. I feel so embarrassed.

jghee [网易北京市网友]: (responding to above)

To condemn Chinese people before an investigation is conducted is unfair! It’s true that many Chinese people are fucked-up, but about the counterfeit money, it could indeed have been done by Chinese people, but it could also have been intentionally done by foreigners (theoretically speaking). Be a little more rational.

网易山东省青岛市网友 119.166.*.*:

Giving counterfeit money was good enough as it is. If that beauty wearing the horned cap offers her body for sale, I can consider using real money. Right, would you sleep with me for 2 mao [20 cents RMB]?

落英子214 [网易辽宁省鞍山市网友]: (responding to above)

You’re a beast.

虎大不是猫 [网易山东省济宁市网友]:

I seldom comment nowadays, but this… motherfucker, those who used counterfeit money, what you spent was the good faith and honor of the entire nation.

普鲁士球类运动俱乐部 [网易北京大学网友]:

I think only by relying on Russia can China be victorious. During World War II, if it weren’t for Soviet Russia fighting Japan, could China have been victorious??? From a historical perspective, only Russia has treated us with honesty and sincerity. From aiding us with the technology to build atom bombs to experts of various fields (railway, bridge, and military), they helped us sincerely all the way, they are our lighthouse, and it can be said: Without Russia, there would be no place for the Chinese people to exist. To the north of our country, there is a close friend—Russia, like the Great Wall, firmly guarding our nation and our country, unbreakable, dependable. So I hope everyone can strike down those people who try to sow discord in the China-Russia relationship, to hell with them. I love you, great Russia. Russia is not only China’s hope, but also the world’s hope! Humanity’s hope!!! Long live the friendship between China and Russia!

biyuntian1977 [网易山东省淄博市网友]: (responding to above)

The whole screen is filled with your comment, fuck, you’ve forgotten how the Russians took your land already?

谁让咱生在解放区 [网易广西南宁市网友]: (responding to 普鲁士球类运动俱乐部)

This post only worth 4 mao.

正义压倒一切 [网易澳门网友]:

Thanks foreign friends for raising money for the handicapped children of China.

Curse the people with ulterior motives using fake money, may their entire families consume drainage oil every day!

军统特务029 [网易广东省河源市网友]: (responding to above)

You barking dog, you’re not dead yet? So in love your master’s country, you’ve run to to capitalism regions to eat shit?

[Note: The netizen this comment is responding to is from Macao.]

From NetEase:

Former Deputy Chief of State Statistics Bureau: Foreigners Holding Charity Fundraiser in China are Shameless

Screenshot of the former vice bureau chief of State Statistics Bureau He Keng’s weibo.
Screenshot of former Deputy Chief of State Statistics Bureau He Keng’s weibo.

@贺铿: Poor but proud, this is my philosophy. People can go ask the China Disabled Persons’ Federation how much money they collect each year and how much money the Chinese government spends aiding disabled people each year. It’s okay for foreigners to hold charity fundraisers, but please go back to your own countries to raise money, go back to your own countries to hold charity sales, as this would be a net inflow, and thus real charity. But to hold a charity sale in China is definitely a fake philanthropic act. We Chinese ourselves have philanthropic acts such as charity sales and charity performances, and even though there are both real ones and fake ones, I’m not against them, as we can deal with them all by ourselves.

@贺铿: Frankly, for foreign embassies to do something like this, their intention is simply to embarrass Chinese people! Is China desperately in need of that 330,000 yuan? What more, that 330,000 yuan was the money of Chinese people anyway! I think the real shameless ones are those who held the “charity sale”!

Comments from NetEase:

璞金 [网易湖南省怀化市网友]:

Sitting on the sofa of such a hot piece of news. I think the real shameless bastard is you, taking from the people, eating from the people, yet doing fake statistics!

网易河南省安阳市网友 ip:123.4.*.*:

Yes, not short of money, which one of you guys [government officials] isn’t a billionaire?

我行我溯 [网易四川省成都市手机网友]:

Once upon a time, there was a family slave who was a despot in the house because his master’s family were old and weak women and children. A next door neighbor couldn’t stand it anymore and took some clothes to give to this family, but the slave was pissed and jumped out cursing the next door neighbor for meddling and causing embarrassment to his masters.

gorden2000 [网易四川省成都市网友]: (responding to above)

How is it that certain people like to use metaphors/analogies, as if they were very clever, yet don’t see that these clothes were actually stolen from the very family they were given to! Stop blindly using metaphors! What if it was certain countries framing us? Could it be a possibility? Since they have the heart to hold a charity sale, and the things they were selling were worthless junk anyway, was it necessary for our people to buy them using fake money? And the money they raised was from our people anyway! Why didn’t they hold the charity sale in their own countries? Fuck!

5毛de老祖宗 [网易天津市网友]:

Leader [government official], don’t come out and embarrass yourself.

4548kl [网易辽宁省抚顺市网友]:

Hehe, what can I say to you?
Nothing, everybody knows in their hears what this is.
In short,
So embarrassing.

和谐社会处处不和谐 [网易广东省深圳市龙岗区网友]:

I logged in just to yell at you, bastard. With so many years and you still don’t know self-respect!

老会计贺铿 [网易中央财经大学网友]: (responding to above)

If I may offer a word of advice, young people, don’t lose your cool so easily and shout abuses, as it’s easy for you to fall into the traps of enemies who have evil intentions. Right now is a key point in the progress and development of our country, and you guys should seize this opportunity to enrich and arm yourselves, to contribute your heart and body to the country [contribute to the betterment of the country]! Instead of having us old men step out to wearily and painstakingly lecture and give advice!

独立学者司马南 [网易美国网友]: (responding to above)

Salute to Chief He. Nowadays young people are too impetuous. You are a role model for our generation!

外星人特使 [网易河南省手机网友]:

“My ears can no longer stand hearing the lies, my eyes can no longer bear seeing the woes.”
Lu Xun
I think it would be even more appropriate if Lu Xun were to live today.

8220283 [网易广东省中山市网友]: (responding to above)

If Lu Xun were living in the present, the most probable results would be: under surveillance, locked up in an asylum, undergoing reeducation through labor, disappeared, or emigrated abroad.

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Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Alex

    Chinese people making a really big deal about something that belongs on the reign of the probability.

  • MrT

    What seriously, they taking in big amounts of money and they not ckecking it?

    • vincent

      I guess they relied on the goodness of people’s hearts, it was after all a charity sale (who uses fake money at a charity sale), now they know better.

      • MrT

        na, money is money, it means they didnt check any of the money, every one in China knows you check the money, its stupidty, no matter what the money is for.

        • MrT

          it wasnt donations, they were selling goods, note.

          • vincent

            Ah well at least they learnt not to blindly accept donations now, guess they’ll be more vigilant in the future to prevent something like this from happening again.

  • ThinkBlue

    What a pity.

  • Gan Dodo

    “During World War II, if it weren’t for Soviet Russia fighting Japan, could China have been victorious???” hahahaha…hopeless. The Americans are the sole reason that you don’t have a rising sun on your flag. stfu.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      If it wasn’t for china who keeps writing checks to uncle Sam the past 10 years or so, you think you stand a chance fighting for free cheese on the unemployment lines? LMFAO

      • A Guy

        1 If you are Chinese: You think if it wasn’t for Americans buying cheap shit from China for the last 10 years your ass would be on the internet?

        2 If you are something else: You think if it wasn’t for America’s continued economic growth you would have a job? (sorry if you don’t America’s bank deregulation probably had something to do with that)

        3 If you are Japanese, Korean, Saudi, Lebanese, Israeli, European, Indian , and others: If it wasn’t for America’s military deterrent your region would be an even bigger tinderbox and you would probably be at war right now and your job would be dying.

        In the end that’s how globalization works. We all need each other. You can’t pick out some country to be your scapegoat or see it as depending on you solely, because what I did there is applicable to any major nation. Now say something else stupid.

    • hess

      haha i literally laughed out loud when i saw that comment

    • mr.wiener

      hmm….Apart from Japan disasterous foray into Russian turf [got their arses kicked, turned around, never came back] and the Russians swooping down to scoop up some of Nippon’s northern most islands….when exactly did the Russians fight the Japanese in WW2?

      • hess

        Simple, they did not.

        • Zappa Frank

          they did, but the war was almost over already…they kicked the remaning part of the japan army in northen china. And, we could say that, as far as we know, russian have been the ONLY country who punished japanese members of the infamous unit 731, while americans prefered don’t do anything.

          • hess

            i stand corrected

      • linette lee

        China like Russia because russia share their military technologies with china. They trade. They are in good relationship. Commies stick together. Can’t blame the chinese for saying good things about russia.

        • hess

          Will you marry me?

          • Germandude

            Am I invited for the wedding then?

          • linette lee

            yes, We are going to have a communist wedding.

          • Germandude

            A communist wedding? Does it mean that the bride gets shared with the guests?

          • alien

            she only gets shared if you have your red little book my friend.

          • linette lee

            hahaha….no sharing.

            You need to be a party member. Make sure you have your bribe money in the red envelope in order to be in.

          • Germandude

            Sure, how does RMB 5000 in a red envelope sound like? Don’t worry, they ‘ll look brand new ;-)

        • thmswhnr

          China and Russia did start out as ideological allies, both being commies, it has been sort of a cooperative rivalry. China was always paranoid that Russia would invade via, Xinjiang, Neimenggu, Dongbei, and Both countries had (maybe still have) a lot of forces along that border. Remember, Russia was one of the Eight-Nation Alliance that humiliated China during its Century of Shame.

          Even so, Russkies were (maybe still are) most often portrayed as the “good foreigners” in Chinese propaganda. A Chinese colleague I talked to in October told me (in a bit of a Cold War fantasy) that war would break out between China and Japan (over the Diaoyu/Senkaku), US would could to the aid of Japan, Russia would come to China’s aid, and the commie alliance would easily win and proceed to dominate the world from that point. So, I guess it’s still a prominent viewpoint today.

      • john d’oe

        Ermmmm … conquering the whole Chinese Northeast and the Northern part of the Korean peninsula, within roughly three weeks?

        • hess

          after the war was pretty much over, impressive. liechtenstein (spelling?) could’ve done that

          • john d’oe

            Not sure where you learnt your wwii history, but conventional wisdom is that it was the Russians who made the Japanese surrender.

          • hess

            haha oh is that so? I Learned my history in Sweden and we were told that the japs surrendered after they had 2 nukes dropped on them, but i guess that were all bullshit since there was a bunch off russians at the border. go suck a dick you uneducated cunt

          • john d’oe

            Hehe, letting your education shine through? What I learnt is that the Japanese military did not really care that much about civilian casualties, and that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were by no means the first Japanese cities destroyed in American air raids.

            But yeah, you learnt it in Sweden so it must be true.

          • hess

            ” What I learnt is that the Japanese military did not really care that much about civilian casualties” No shit sherlock.


          • john d’oe

            Your argument (if I may call it an argument) is, basically, that after not reacting to the American flattening of Tokyo & surroundings, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima and a number of other cities, the bomb on Nagasaki suddenly made the generals realize that there was no way to keep Manchuria or Korea and that therefore further resistance was futile. See the problem?

          • hess

            They flattened Hiroshima with ONE bomb, but the Japanese government still resisted. They then dropped another bomb, on Nagasaki and the japanese decided it was futile.

            “American flattening of Tokyo & surroundings, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima and a number of other cities, the bomb on Nagasaki suddenly made the generals realize that there was no way to keep Manchuria or Korea and that therefore further resistance was futile. See the problem?”

            Yes, they did infact decide it was futile since they hade T-W-O fucking bombs causing shit no one had ever seen before, instead of thousand of thousands.
            And thats it, im going to sleep. You keep your russian made tin-foil hat and keep beating your tiny dick for yourself.

          • john d’oe

            Wish you a good night. Keep in mind that trying to win arguments on the internet at 1 a.m. (assuming you’re in China right now) is not going to be healthy for your relationship, though ;)

          • Germandude

            So Japanese military did not really care about civilian casualties? That’s right Einstein.

            After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Hirohito believed the American propaganda of “1 nuke per week” and he quickly figured out that it’s not really beneficial to be an emperor of a country without people. Adding to that the shock of Japanese military traditions that blieved in a “fair fight”, while facing an enemy that kills your guys by the thousands with single bombs, he decided to surrender.

            After all, he got a good deal out of it and didn’t have to go into exile because the Allies thought the Japanese would only surrender with their Emperor still on top.

            Where did you learn your history? The North-Korean counterpart of the History Channel?

          • wahnwhaaa

            The Japanese were worried that the Soviets would invade and fuck up Japan with raping and pillaging just like the Red Army did in Eastern Europe and Germany. Japan was ready to sign a peace treaty with the US to prevent this, but they were holding out in the hopes that the US would renegotiate and allow a precondition keeping the Emperor in power. Japan had already been losing whole cities, but forfeiting the entire country to the Red Army was unthinkable.

          • john d’oe

            I suggest you take a look at the facts before getting further agitated. Hirohito’s edict of August 17th clearly says that his reason for surrender is the entry of the Soviet Union into the war. It does not even mention the atomic bomb.

          • Germandude

            Oh man, where are you from? I think you really don’t get it. To make it simple.

            What makes you lose face more out of Hirohito’s eyes:

            Option 1: Admitting that you are weaker than your enemies and so, surrender (difficult to convinve your folks that you are still the right leader)


            Option 2: “After all the struggle in the war, we were betrayed by our former allie Russia that now has declared war on us. Considering the circumstances, I, the emperor suggest we surrender” (easy to stay in the position and very similar to the belief Hitler had prior to WW 2. Search google for “Dolchstosslegende”:

            Add to this the confusion the a-bombs caused at a point Japan knew it cannot win the war but was convinced to get a good deal out of it as America took a lot of time for the island-hopping. It’s like holding a good poker hand and the only card that can beat you comes up.

            So, before you ask me to look at the facts again, I suggest you first read, then think, then write.

          • john d’oe

            Thank you for your easy-to-understand explanations. Seems like German school education really *is* as good as everyone says when it comes to Asian history.

            I am just a bit surprised that you do not say what exactly the “good deal” was which the Japanese were hoping for, maybe because it weakens your point somewhat: the Japanese were hoping to be able to keep Korea and possibly Manchuria.

            Therefore, I personally would assume that the American ability to destroy yet some more Japanese cities was not as decisive as the Soviet invasion of just those areas that the Japanese hoped to be able keep. But that is just me, since you are from Germany of all countries you might have a much better insight into this topic than me.

          • Germandude

            The allies long before agreed that Germany AND Japan had to UNCONDITIONALLY SURRENDER.
            No chance for the Japanese to get away with any kind of deal.

            Well, let’s agree to disagree.

          • seiryoden

            Absolutely wrong. From the text of the Imperial rescript delivered on the 15th of August: “Furthermore, the enemy has begun to employ a new and cruel bomb which
            kills and maims the innocent and the power of which to wreak
            destruction is truly incalculable.”

            There is only one mention of the Soviet Union in the rescript: “We have commanded Our Government to communicate to the Governments of
            the United States, Great Britain, China and the Soviet Union that Our
            Empire accepts the terms of their joint Declaration.”.

          • Anon

            “But now we have some rather good evidence that the Russian invasion of Manchuria was really the decisive event. Ward Wilson, who lives nearby in Trenton, educated me about this,
            having studied it in detail. What’s striking is that we bombed
            Hiro­shima on August 6, 1945. The Japanese Supreme Council never met.
            They apparently just didn’t consider the bombing that important. They
            knew it happened, but it wasn’t worthwhile calling a special meeting.
            Then the Russians went into Manchuria and the Supreme Council called a
            meeting within a few hours, because the invasion affected the army. For
            them, the army was the only thing that mattered. They didn’t care about
            civilians.” Source:

        • mr.wiener

          How is it that the Russians conquering the whole Chinese Northeast and the Northern part of the Korean peninsula, within roughly three weeks. Were they better fighters, or were the Japanese on the ropes?

          • john d’oe

            Maybe both. The Russians had learnt the concepts of Blitzkrieg the hard way, and the Japanese did not really expect the Russians to break a non-aggression treaty.

          • mr.wiener

            I think you are skewing the facts to suit your view point here.

          • anon101

            My history is very good.

            I heard that China, single handed, fought Japanese off the land.. dont believe me? watch the movies on TV where 1 Chinese people kills 100’s of Japanese and forces them to retreat.

            Asked my wife what she thought about the movies, her reply was too annoying to repeat here.

            Went to Hong Kong last month, was told “everyone hates the party” “lie and cheat everyone”, this was by a chinese girl on the flight back.
            once we landed we got on the same bus and sat next to each other. she then said “I like Hong Kong but there is no freedom there, here I can ride my bike down any street, in Hong Kong I cant” “I love china, I dont really like Hong Kong” “China is very great, dont you think?”

            just goes to show, they dont seem to have any stable ideas.

      • The Acidic Hasidic

        They invaded manchuria.

        Unless you are retarded and see that as war against the chinese, it was an obvious move to get the japanese to surrender. 2 abombs didnt hurt though.

        • mr.wiener

          Well, I’m thankful to you and john d’oe for educating me on this one…..I’m still not sure that kicking Joe Frazier after Ali has finished with him counts as a decisive win ,however whatever wanks your crank :)

        • john d’oe

          Actually, some people might claim it was an attenpt to get back the Chinese Eastern Railway and Port Arthur. Just saying.

      • HaakonKL

        Essentially, they kicked some considerable amount of ass in the latter part of the war.

    • Observer

      Apologies for going slightly off topic, but regarding that comment, does anyone know what parts of WW2 Chinese children learn about at school? Is there a state regulated history class that prioritises information differently to western classes (ex. America’s role in the war in the pacific).
      Just me being curious.

      • exink

        As I understand, they don’t focus much (if any) at WW2. You’re right in assuming control on info.
        If people feel that they’re loosing face for accepting Charitable fundraisers from foreigners, you can imagine how embarrassing it is to learn how America helped libirate the country from the Japanese.

        • Germandude

          China doesn’t focus on WW2? The TV program from CCTV 1 to CCTV 1.000.000 is constantly showing us how heroes Wang, Zhang and Yang managed to withhold the trillions of Japanese invaders by simply using “stone-paper-scissors”.

          • exink

            yeh, actually come to think about it, what we refer to as WW2 doesn’t hold the same meaning to China since it was already under Japanese occupation. they do have many dramas set in this period, but they usually only concentrate on the Chinese struggle under occupation (common romantic drama theme).

          • Observer

            Good point

          • disqus_k60zCnIk8j

            WWII is China vs. Japan to my students… SInce I teach European History, I get lots of shocked looks when they find out Hitler was the Bad Guy, that teh USA and British India Air Force fought over southern China with the Japanese and that Hong Kong was defened (but still lost ) by British troops ( also some of the first Canadian deaths of WWII were in Hong Kong). They also think that “the Westerners” copied Chinese military uniforms, since in the movies everybody is wearing almost the same clothes… I myself doubt that the Chinese army had a modern Uniform, the Offical Army might have, but the Chinese Communists?

          • lostalien

            yes and great they were. stupid fucking japanese government.
            now if they start another war here the chinese will pelt them with 2 week old baozi.

        • hiker

          What are you talking about? We do know, and it’s often portrayed in dramas during that period too. Heck the Americans were and still are being viewed as heroes.

          Most Chinese got this straight: A good deed is a good deed and gratitude will always be gratitude. Even if some of them don’t like certain actions taken by America these days, that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about the good deeds and help the America has given to them. That being said, there are bigots and idiots that try to deny it though, but those are either uneducated chumps or simply an a$$hole. :)

          • Alphy

            Well some knows, most don’t know much about recent China history. I was surprised that no one under 30 knew about Tianmen Square, or about China’s involvement in Korean or Vietnamese war.

            Actually it’s funny now that I think about how many are still praising Russia, as China wouldn’t have engaged in the Sino-Vietnamese war if it weren’t for the falling out of China/Russia.

            Most TV shows about either about ancient China (Oh God, stop the time traveling dramas), and war time with Japan. I have yet to see any history show about Modern China’s other military encounters.

          • exink

            I’ve been told that any mention of the Tianmen Square massacre is heavily censored in China. Search results come up “0”, including any vague references to the massacre such as names of people involved or campaigns leading up to the massacre. A big taboo.

    • Lacompa Cida

      This guy must have learned his history lessons from Russians.

    • Kung Taiwan

      Totally agree. Stalin claimed war against Japan a week before the war ended with two crazy bombs.

  • mr.wiener

    Uh….So the foreign embassies had a white Elephant stall. Some dick used fake RMB to buy stuff and now some people are pissed at the embassies for uncovering this fact and losing chinese people’s face….and for even trying to help disabled kids…..Damn that’s just…..classy.

    • lostalien

      yea! many Chinese do not require any help losing face.

    • freee

      Judging by the text on the poster in the background of the article picture, the country is Norway. China is introducing sanctions and refuse most/all official talks with Norway and more, because the country host the peace prize awarded to Liu Xiaobo some years ago..

      • HaakonKL

        It’s a little more complicated than that, but yes, this is essentially the case.
        The problem is that from China’s point of view, it’s essentially government officials endorsing someone who hates China, but from Norway’s point of view, it’s a private institution who they have nothing to do with.
        (A sore point is that the prize committee is amongst other made up of ex-politicians, amongst them one who came from the same party as the one that currently has the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister.)

  • Archie

    I wonder if that guy who thinks Chinese money should only go through Chinese hands and that foreigners have no place in offering charity to Chinese would also think that foreign companies should not do trade in China with Chinese money, or that Chinese should not do foreign trade in other currencies, etc etc. What a cok face.

    • Germandude

      Yes, the day god let it rain brain to the people, this statistics idiot thought it would be wise to open his umbrella…

    • Chinese

      Huh? Since when are charity and business the same?

      • Archie

        Talk about completely missing the point.

        Are you that guys son by any chance?!

    • Gaius Baltar

      By that guy’s thinking, FT’s in China should get their monthly salary in dollars, euros, pounds sterling or a small rmb allowance, and the rest paid in gold or in HK dollars in a HK bank or something…..because he sure doesn’t like non chinese handling chinese money!!

  • hess

    “I love you, great Russia. Russia is not only China’s hope, but also the world’s hope! Humanity’s hope!!! ”

    Yeeeeeeah, Russia sure is a role model. Just ask any of their neighbouring countries (except China), they all LOVE Russia.

    • john d’oe

      Not sure what you are trying to say, but in the real world at least, Russia’s relations to her neighbours are much better than those between China and her neighbours.

      Sure, Russia has Poland and the Baltics. But China has virtually every neighbouring country except Pakistan.

      Must have something to do with not constantly claiming everything around them as their own, I guess.

      • hess

        “Sure, Russia has Poland and the Baltics.”

        And Finland, and Sweden, and Georgia. The russian government has been nothing but bullies since day I was born, but I do really hope I see one day when they start acting like decent fucking people.

        (And I’m talking about the government, not the Russian people as a whole).

        • john d’oe

          Obviously Russia has not much to offer to the richer countries of Northern Europe. The situation is quite different in Central Asia, and most strikingly so in those countries that border both Russia and China.

          • hess

            Quite right, they have nothing to offer what so ever except their subs in our water (and threats whenever we catch them in the act). Not sure if Georgia would be called a “rich” country though

      • the ace of books

        Russia’s relations to her neighbours are much better than [etc]
        Must have something to do with not constantly claiming everything around them as their own, I guess.

        Hahaha! Oh yes, do tell. In fact, tell that to my Hungarian family, they’ll love it.

        • john d’oe

          Hungarymdoes not really count though, does it? A country that is on the way of becoming Europe’s new Albania, impoverished and friends with no-one. Just ask your family what they think about Slovaks (who are, incidentically, usually quite OK with Russia) or Gypsies.

          • the ace of books

            Hungary does not really count though, does it?

            …says most of the world nowadays. In seriousness, though: Count for what, exactly?

            A country that is on the way of becoming Europe’s new Albania, impoverished and friends with no-one.

            ITT: people talking about Hungary who don’t know about Hungary.

            Just ask your family what they think about Slovaks or Gypsies.

            Got it wrong, man :) It’s not Slovaks and the Gypsies! It’s Jews and Gypsies! Slovak-Hungarians are alright! Slovakia can rejoin into Bigger Hungary when the Treaty of Trianon is reversed! Nem, Nem, Soha!


            So I gotta ask you this: what does my Hungarian family’s/Hungarians-in-general’s prejudice against specific ethnic groups have to do with the fact that Russia came in and took over for fifty years? What does it, or Hungary’s GDP, have to do with Russia’s foreign policy record? Cause if you wanna argue, I’ll tell you this: Hungary’s current political BS? Is directly influenced by the old Soviet days.

          • john d’oe

            You are suggesting Hungarian attitudes towards Jews, Gypsies and Slovaks were different before Hungary lost wwii?

          • the ace of books

            Whe~ere on earth are you getting that? I never said such a thing. Stop putting words in my mouth and admit you don’t know szar about Hungary :)

          • john d’oe

            I guess I will have to admit that I am embarassingly less competent in Hungarian than your Magyarness. I guess I’ll look up some Swedish tonight and continue playing with the other guy. Might even learn one or two things along the way, e.g. wether frøllein really has the same connotations as 小姐. :)

          • the ace of books

            Knowing when to quit is an admirable quality, and I am glad to see that you posess it. You’re alright, man :) have fun with the Swedes!

    • lostalien

      yea let’s talk about the Ukraine.

  • Johnny_Basic

    It does not surprise me in the least to see He Keng condemning foreigners for having the temerity to offer charity to needy Chinese. In fact, I opened this article fully expecting something of the sort. I have no doubt that in doing so, he is articulating what a great many Chinamen are thinking.

    In the blackened hearts of this wretched nation’s populace, the concept of doing something for the benefit of somebody you’ve never met without expecting something in return is practically unthinkable. The notion of charity without an ulterior motive is so alien, indeed, that they naturally suspect the foreigners of conniving to humiliate China, because they are simply incapable of understanding kindness as an end in itself.

    • terroir

      While a people’s government does represent its people, sometimes it just represents itself. In this case, this guy is doing whatever he can to “blame-cast” foreign government entities simply because other countries are involved – and in the game of diplomacy, there are winners and there are losers.

      “Blame casting” – making excuses so as not to justify a wrongdoing but to shift the blame to other parties other than yourself – is a time-honored Chinese tradition, but we should see this action as a representative of a government who is doing his job rather than fulfilling his inherent Chinese character.

      This is politics, a dirty game in which the truth is just a means to an end. To say that any political entity performs an altruistic act is to be pretty naive.

      Anyways, dude makes it easy for you to generalize, but he’s still doing his job in a bureaucracy that wields its soft power as blatantly crude as its hard power. For you not to see this as it really is is to funnel more power to him in this paradigm.

      Therefore: that’s raycesss

  • Kate

    Really? Some foreigners (I.e human beings) are trying to help disabled children and that is shameless?! Its called being humane, compassionate, and a good person and the fact that a chinese person would use fake money and rip off a charity for disabled babies in their own country and then netizens critisize foreigners for having the gall to help sickly and disabled children speaks volumes about these chinese themselves.


    • vincent

      Tis a sad situation, I don’t understand why anything that has to do with charity always seems to bring in bad press, that article about how the Red Cross in China handles donation has already gotten people off of donating to the needy and now when foreigners try it this happens, in the end it’s the ones who need it the most that suffer the consequences.

      • Kate

        Indeed. After reading He Keng’s BS, I felt a strong need to ball punch him for being a dick.

        • vincent

          Alright you ball punch him and I’ll falcon punch him, the resulting force should obliterate him, he really is a giant phallus (have to use this word in case I offend NorthEasternGirl again), hopefully Karma will catch up with him.

          • Jay K.

            anyone goint volunteer to donkey punch him?

      • Germandude

        Vincent & Kate. You don’t understand Chinese culture. You don’t have 5000 years of history. Stop pretending to know better than the Chinese.

        (again: warning, sarcasm detected)

        • Erdos

          Is it actually 5000? I know, historically speaking aren’t the Xia and Shang dynasties more or less mostly legendary? Let alone the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors period.

          • Germandude

            5000, 6000, 7000 years. Give or take. Actually it doesn’t matter. I start to understand the Chinese complaints about the foreigners’ need to always be so precise…

      • lostalien

        fucking right!!

  • Roihu

    This all goes back to the Chinese feeling of inferiority/superiority at the same time.


  • PixelPulse

    It really is fucked up to give counterfeits to a charity. But yes, foreigners holding a charity event is JUST for the sake of embarrassing Chinese people and not to raise money for the disabled.

    • Germandude

      What utter crap.

      • bprichard

        I think PixelPulse was employing sarcasm there. At least that’s what the all caps JUST leads me to believe.

        • Germandude

          Ok, could be. I didn’t see it honestly. Didn’t downvote him either.

  • linette lee

    Any charity to help the needy and disabled is good charity. Don’t matter if it’s foreign or chinese. Good for these wonderful foreigners to want to do something for the disabled children.

    The person who used the counterfeit money I hope he or she dropped her wallet on the street and lose 10,000 yuan to the homeless.

    • Observer

      Agreed. let’s just hope that the negative responses and feedback doesn’t discouraging the embassies from holding another charity drive in the future. Keep up the good work people!

    • fenqing

      Yes, I agree all charity are a good thing, but don’t try to blow this counterfeit money incident out of proportion.

  • Observer

    I don’t understand some of these comments (Chinese ones) complaining about foreign embassies collecting money for charity. The article states that it was for a charity in China. Charity is Charity, the clue is in the name; doing something good for someone else, so where’s the downside?
    The guy who commented about the blonde woman needs to get his priorities straight.
    Also, the article about Russia just seamed random.

    • I think he is saying it doesn’t count because its Chinese giving money to Chinese instead of foreigners giving money to Chinese.

  • Germandude

    Ah, guys… Don’t make them lose face. After all, it’s all about the gesture, is it not?

    (Warning, sarcasm detected)

    • the ace of books

      Ah yes, doesn’t matter what’s in the cake as long as the outisde looks pretty, right?

      • Germandude


  • Lacompa Cida

    I think we all know who is shameless, who is shameful, who has ulterior motives, and who is really charitable. The ebassy didn’t say the fake money was from Chinese donors, but someone confessed to the nationality so willingly and so quickly. No 300 teals of silver here.

  • Nilerafter24

    I don’t know how to say this but I’ll try anyway.
    Some foreigners get a kick out of feeling more righteous, civil and moral.
    Now before, you thumb me down, listen.
    A lot of foreigners will act like saints for either of these two reasons:
    1)They genuinely feel like helping and are not concerned about what people will think. This lot is very small.
    2) It makes them feel good about themselves i.e. Look at me compared to all these heartless Chinese people, I’m such a good person.

    For 2) I can give a lot of comparisons for people with this kind of character.e.g. When 1st Worlders see some cnn awareness video of starving kids in Africa and just open their Paypal accounts and start blindly donating. They only do this to make themselves feel good, feel like saviors of the helpless. They don’t follow up or take interest in the outcomes of their donations. In most cases, this money does more harm than good.

    Well, in the end, these charities at least get most of the money and it really does help people. But the problem is, when people don’t do these kind of things genuinely from the heart, it creates a bunch of self-righteous pretentious hypocritical sobs.
    The kind that would gladly give an African child thousands of dollars but ignore a starving child in their own country because it’s not as ‘heart-warming’ and ‘exotic’.

    For all of you who truly do good things because you really believe you’d do do them anywhere else, anytime, any person with the same intention, pride and selflessness, then good on you.

    All of you who just jump on the bandwagon but deep down know that you would never part with money to help the needy if you were near broke, you should feel shame and hypocrisy when and if you’re accusing others of being heartless or not caring. (I see some suspects below but I won’t call on any names).

    As for me, I won’t pretend, sometimes, I’m genuinely kind, other times I’m a bastard.
    It depends on my mood. But I won’t be the first to cast stones and generalize the characteristics and behavior of Chinese people.

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Hmm. I agree.

      As I said before, I believe all these bored fat foreigners with full stomachs need to stay out of China. For foreigners to interfere in Chinese internal affairs is like sleeping with another man’s wife. And what they’re suggesting is that afterwards all three can live together under the same roof. But what really happens is the betrayed husband goes out and buys a gun.

      Just a little cautionary tale for all you Laowais :p

      • disqus_k60zCnIk8j

        Isn’t it part of any embassy’s job to promote a positive view of their home country? Doing something locally to show they want to be part of the country they are in and what-not…

        I mean, this wasnt some “lone do-good-Laowai”. I doubt Chile wanted to make China mad, since Chinese investment in South America is a seen as a big improvement to American or European…

      • mr.wiener

        So I should not dress up as Santa for that charity event on Sunday because I’d be sleeping with another man’s wife?
        If you say so.

    • curl of the burl

      “It doesn’t matter if it’s a black cat or a white cat, as long as it catches mice.”
      – Deng Xiao PIng

      I don’t care how they feel when they do it. Going out of their way to raise money for disabled people is 1000% better and more beneficial than someone sitting on the internet slandering Tom, Dick (sorry northeasterngirl) and Harry for doing so.

      When people say Chinese people don’t need foreigners’ charity, you’re basically saying “I care more about my ego/face than I care for disabled Chinese people.”

      i.e. I would deprive you out of a wheel chair so I can feel like a bigger man.

      I could understand that train of thought if you were the only person being affected but when there’s another person or, in this case, a lot of disabled people who could benefit from that money, that train of thought is bordering on absolute emotional immaturity. I truly pity people who think like that.

      • Nilerafter24

        You missed my point. As I stated, it’s a good thing in any case that money eventually still helps those who need it.
        The problem is those who do just so that they can have a reason to feel morally superior to others.
        They become the type that, for example, always call out Chinese people on their behavior while totally disregarding the speck of dust in their own eye.
        Do you now see the problem it creates?

        Comments that generalize behavior of certain races/nationalities etc are hurtful to those being commented on especially if they don’t hold much truth or if the complainant/commenter is guilty of the exact same charge. Whereas the charge may be true, it doesn’t vitiate the hypocrisy of the whole situation. i.e A fat person calling another fat person fat in a menacing way. The message holds truth but is hypocritical nonetheless.

        My comment was aimed at those who were trying to turn the article into a Chinese general morals/behavior/ character bash-fest in order to further their own ‘socially-aware foreigner’ pride.

        • curl of the burl

          Then we are in aggreeance! I’m not arguing Chinese people’s behaviour so you can sit that straw man down. Generalizations are for people to lazy and ignorant to deal with people on a one on one basis.

          I only have a beef with the comments of A PERSON. The deputy chief of state statistics. People that think like that have issues. From the majority of the comments I’ve read, so do most people.

          I’m fully aware no man is perfect. Pricks are pricks the same in every country. The deputy chief of state statistics and my boss happen to share that title.

          And I’m replying to Anon992. Sorry mate.

          • Nilerafter24

            oh, sorry.. replies display weirdly on my phone’s browser. It looked like your comment was a reply to mine.
            To be honest I was kind of confused when I first read it.
            okay, then.cheers.
            (*Quickly looks away in embarrassment)

          • Anon992

            The cat colour comment I agree with. IF disadvantaged people get the help they need then the motives do not really matter.

            On generalisations…

            You say generalisations are for people who are ‘too lazy’. In this case you must spend you whole life not once looking at the bigger picture of human behaviour. Do you really not generalise# Are you sure#

            If you want to argue against generalisations then you should keep in mind that you are arguing against the mean in maths, demographics in marketing, focus groups in politics.. in fact… , you are arguing against extrapolation of information. Good luck with that.

            And good luck also, pretending you don’t generalise yourself, because I can assure you that it is impossible to avoid and you will probably contradict yourself within 2 or 3 comments. Actually.. look right here.. that comment itself is a generalisation about people who make generalisations being ‘too lazy’. Maybe they have thought really hard about that generalisation before coming to it. How can you generalise that it was through laziness#

            You are right that generalising has its flaws. We should be cautious with generalisations, remembering always that they are always a extrapolation and overlook the minority (and not to mention lacking in the finer details of the affair).

            But seriously, I’m tired of people’s boring entries trying to undermine good points with their needless-to-be-said, petty pedant point about ‘na na na na generalisation, nanana na it’s not everyone’.. I know. WE KNOW. EVERYONE KNOWS that… if you’ll forgive the generalisations.

          • curl of the burl

            I’m referring to generalizations towards and entire country’s people or an ethnic group in reply to Nileafter24. I agree with him generalizations like that can get rather scary and sanctimonious or even racist. Hence the one on one basis remark.

            It doesn’t help that when I spoke to Chinese people in my time in China they often spoke of China by saying “Chinese people are ….” or “Our China is like this….” (that’s translated). I’m sure you found the same.

            So it can be VERY easy to follow that train of thought and make your own extrapolations (I’ve been guilty of this in the past but one must learn). I’m not saying I don’t make generalizations. I’m saying when it comes to that neck of the sociological woods, one should tread carefully or stay right away from it (as I usually do) and take each person on their own merit IMO.

            The government’s a different story. Those guys are bloody useless.

            BTW A lot of the institutions and ideas that exist in our modern day society are anti-darwinistic. e.g. public hospitals, retirement villages, acts of heroism in natural disasters. Half of our morals and ethics are anti-darwinistic. Unless we live like animals, that theory will always be true.

    • Anon992

      Agree. But then, charity is fundamentally anti-Darwinistic and therefore unnatural.The only people who will do it are the brainwashed (religious), the sanctimonious, or the guilty.

      Of course being in a country with such poverty, expats from wealthy countries are drawn towards guilt, but then with equal force, also to imperialist religious (or post-religious) sanctimony.

      Having said that, China has taught me that I prefer a; sanctimonious, self-righteous, fear mongering, curtain twitching, guilt inducing, post Judeo-Christian society that is the West to a; trust no-one, f*ck everyone except your family and ex-schoolmates, crabs-in-a-bucket, victim syndrome having, shame inducing, lie-and-cheat, amoral, post-communist society that is the mainland China.

    • Germandude

      I see where you are coming from. Especially now, prior to xmas, there are so-called donation marathons on several German TV channels. From the 1st of December until the 24th of December, every hour has 5 minutes of fund-raising programme for all kind of stuff. Donate for poor African children, donate money for disabled people in Thailand and of course WWF fund raising programmes for the saving of the rain forest in Indonesia. All good. Surprisingly, EVERY year, the donations are higher than the year before, despite the economical problems. Everybody believes that he has bought a free mind as he can say “I did something”.

      Then again, the same people are walking on the xmas market, seeing a beggar (in Germany) and say: “1st, I donated. 2nd, German welfare doesn’t allow this to happen”. They are right and wrong. The system actually shouldn’t allow this to happen, but there are reasons, why some unemployed, homeless people do not go to seek help from the government.

      Next day you hear those people saying: “Beggars in GER are all fakes and idiots”. Uh huh…

      For myself, I donate to Africa and even have a “godchild” with a group of others there through a programme. And honestly, it gives me the feeling that I am doing something, while in reality, I could do much more.

    • curl of the burl

      “But I won’t be the first to cast stones and generalize the characteristics and behavior of Chinese people.”

      “A lot of foreigners will act like saints for either of these two reasons:”

      I can’t help but see hypocrisy in these two statements especially when one is referring to most of the world besides China.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Why doesn’t China use polymer bills? They’re a lot harder to copy and last at least 5 times longer. This would be good for a country that still relies heavily on cash.

    • I would think that China wouldn’t want to infringe on a patent held by the CSIRO (Australian Government).They also wouldn’t want their currency influenced by a foreign state just as the Americans don’t.

      • bprichard

        There are certainly similar technologies they could use. Hong Kong has experimented with polymer bills, as has Canada, I think.

        • Gaius Baltar

          Hong Kong does have some polymer notes, you can spill, beer, tea, water over them, and they are still ok to use. Same flimsy rmb note would be ruined

    • terroir

      You mean those red-black Mao bills as seen in “Looper”? I think they don’t use them because they would look like crap except rolled up as seen in the movie.

      Just think how unlucky it would be to receive a 红包 with money in it that’s darker than the envelope. It’s like showering your unborn fetus with UV rays so that they’re born with a tan.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Wow, dick move there by the “Former Deputy Chief of State Statistics Bureau”, insulting someone who is merely trying to straighten up finances for a charity.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    I don’t understand why people act surprised that counterfeits were used at a charity, as if crooks that normally use them for other purposes would not use them at a charity event “out of the kindness of their heart.”

    That’s wishful thinking. If I were a crook, I would TARGET these events as they’re less likely to check for counterfeits.

    For those who don’t know, there is a saying among the Chinese that it’s easier to rip off your family and relatives [because they have your trust].

    • MrT

      Thats like a rule.

    • Germandude

      Very very true. Spot on!

    • the ace of books

      One, less likely to check, and two, easy place to offload large amounts. Oh, humanity, y u this way :(

  • the ace of books

    “Reporter “SSer-潇湘子” of Yangcheng Evening News said that she personally witnessed the disappointed look on the face of the Consul General of Chile.”

    Shit sounds like ambulance-chasing to me. Why the hell do you have to personally witness a person’s disappointment and then go blab about it to your pals? Fuck that.

    • terroir

      First Chile rescues its own trapped miners, and now it’s beating China at its own “empowered victimization” game.

      Next they’ll be asking us if we want any fruit. Three times in a row.

  • elizabeth

    Something doesn’t sound right. Why would anyone who intends to cheat with counterfeit money pay for goods with a stack of notes still in serial order? A real cheater would at least reshuffle them to make it less obvious. RMB 5000 isn’t that much either, and to take the risk of being caught, paying for over-priced items sold at charities doesn’t make a very savvy cheater.

    • Germandude

      You know, the best scams are actually the ones that are so obvious that the victim believes “This is so bizarre, it cannot be true”. Look at politics today…

      • elizabeth

        Too bizarre to be true…I would agree if it weren’t China.

  • john d’oe

    The consular staff should just give the fake money back to the Chinese the next time they take a taxi or go shopping. Given their diplomatic immunity, they have nothing to fear. And per He Keng, there is no net damage on the Chinese economy either.

  • Erdos

    “Face” morality is really primitive in this sort of form.

    Although I disagree with most charity, nobody is trying to “humiliate” these morons or China by raising money. This is just what diplomats do.

    I find it amazing how a people with as illustrious a History as the Chinese believe in a system of morality that’s essentially the equivalent of what inner-city American blacks espouse (“MUH FACE/MUH RESPECT!”)

    • Gaius Baltar

      Even amongst Chinese this “face” business is taken way too seriously. I recall my first year in China, in Shenzhen, a HK guy who was my student was being told off by this indignant red faced girl from Guangzhou because he had apparently “slighted” her and made her lose “face” (her words to me). All he had done was just suggest they use a different song at some performance or other. So it seems even making a mild suggestion in China, can cause loss of face….the mind boggles.

      • Germandude

        “Even amongst Chinese this “face” business is taken way too seriously.”

        I doubt Asians invented that whole “loosing face” cultural aspect for foreigners or when dealing with foreign countries. It’s basically their culture to operate with each other. Like during negotiations, both parties can leave the table and pretend they got the better deal.

      • Erdos

        It’s reminiscent of peasants playing at being noblemen.

  • thmswhnr

    That official’s weibo posts reveal a massive inferiority complex, which ironically causes him to lose face.

  • Germandude

    Deputy Chief of State Statistics Bureau He Keng’s: “What more, that 330,000 yuan was the money of Chinese people anyway! I think the real shameless ones are those who held the “charity sale”!”

    This is a great example of the new rich mentality that pisses me off so much (not just in China btw). Here they are, wealthy, without the need to worry about tomorrow and yet, not seeing that everybody should do what he can. If an ayi donates RMB 10, she is not doing any worse than if a teacher donates RMB 1000. Each to his abilities.

    Now on the other hand, you have Deputy Chief of State Statistics Bureau, He Keng (ah statistics, this guy knows how to lie for sure), who says that the money that was raised “was Chinese people anyway”. Exactly, who here as well thinks that by his words, it actually should be him to donate the money that he got (most likely corruption involved), since it belongs to the Chinese people anyway?

    And besides, it pisses me off that I hear and read constantly about this victim role Chinese like to put on themselves. As if the fund raising embassies wanted to put the Chinese into a bad picture (lose face). Just ridiculous….

  • Mara

    In the end the purpose of the charity was to help disabled children… and close to 1% of the money was fake anyway(read: not a big deal)… only in China can such a thing be turned into into bullshit political discussion, us vs them hate, shame of the people, or whatever you want to call that fucking bullshit…. suspecting the intentions of the charity… so who the fuck cares if the intention was not “legitimate”, “honest” or whatever agrees with the way you see things…. the ones who benefited were the disabled children, not you(perhaps if you were a disabled child you could have a say). The world in general needs more charity and all you can care about is this really stupid political, ethnical, whatever bullshit… i am out of this sad place.

  • linette lee

    Mr. He Keng needs to shut up. He wants face? Tell him to donate his wealth the money he stole from the chinese people as a china official to the needed.

  • alien

    America kicked Japan’s ass and the Russians kicked the nazi’s ass. in my opinion, it was very very lucky that those two events were not the other way around.

    if nazi’s defeated Russa, they would have moved in on China after.

    I do not think China would have been able to fight them. Maybe there would not even be a PRC.

    just food for thought

    anyone who tries to raise money for helping others is a wonderful person. anyone who tries to cheat that money or group is nothing more than a lousy scum sucking bug. crawling on the ground looking for some way to prevent being stepped on by someone much better.

    i dont care if its chinese, american, russian, japanese etc etc.
    this person was a shithead.

    many people posted here saying shit about charity.

    well fuck you. you should go try to help out others in need instead of worrying about your iphone having enough battery.

    furthermore, many people bitch and complain about foreigners in china are this and that.

    a word to those whom dislike foreigners.

    hey asshole, who do you think created the Internet, computer and cell phone?

    dickless wonder, its not a complicated thing to figure out why your wife/gf was here last night on the back of the tourbus….e.g. huddle warmer

    • Germandude

      I beg to differ. Germany wouldn’t have attacked China. First of all: Hitler and his moronic racist ideology was actually assuming that the spring of the Aryan race was to be found in Tibet (they even send a delegation to measure Tibetans skull sizes to back up their theory). Hitler supported China for quite some time, even leading to trouble with their later ally, Japan. Plus, the borders of his Reich should have been until the Wolga river, not China.

  • Misiooo

    Seems like most of comments are completely off topic. Funny, apart from the fact that this ‘history’ discussion is a joke as we all are, regardless if Chinaman, Jap or Westerner, victims of our respective Ministries of Truth and know next to nothing about what really happened during WWII. Ah, sorry we all know abut The Grrrrrrreat Holokaust and even grrrrreater Nanjing Massacre. Or is it other way around?

  • Jennster

    I think most chinese do know that americans dropped the atom bombs on japan but most citizens hold more closer preference/positive opinions on russia as a whole. if usa executed all the military leaders instead of allowing them free to get medical info then chinese would probably respect them more.
    p.s. switch to present day. americans raping the japs. now that is hilarious.

  • hawks12man

    Amazing, absolutly amazing are the comments and the story. Yeah, no help loosing face you hold so dear as a country, individually you have no idea so can’t reason with you. This is one of the lowest things I’ve encountered in my life, and sad!

  • Foreign Embassies? Are there any that aren’t foreign?

    I’ve travelled the world and never come across a domestic embassy.

  • Fman

    I think that foreign Governments shouldn’t give the sweat off their balls to help anyone in China… Screw the locals, their government is rich, corrupt and useless, couldn’t organize a piss up in a pub! Yet most of the locals will wave the little red flag with the weeee little yellow stars and shout “China!” tears in eyes full of pride… They’re happy and proud… this is their country, let them fix it, i would rather our governments raised money for people who need the money in OUR countries, people who’ll appreciate it and recognize where the money came from… Let the Chinese take care of the Chinese (most of them don’t give a shit about their own, why should we?)

  • asdfghj

    “To condemn Chinese people before an investigation is conducted is unfair! It’s true that many Chinese people are fucked-up, but about the counterfeit money, it could indeed have been done by Chinese people, but it could also have been intentionally done by foreigners (theoretically speaking). Be a little more rational.” Commented by a prc. In reply to the comment, what I don’t understand is why can’t they just admit that its their people who are screwed up, and not some foreginers who used counterfeit money. Its funny how they’re always blaming others. LOL. Which explains the reason why such shameful incidents are always happening in China. To them, blaming on others seems like an easy task. LOL.

  • 平凡人

    It is a shame someone used fake RMB during the sale, However, the most shameless person is the person who called fund raiser shameless. He is one of those typical arrogant Chinese.

  • What’s with Chinese netheads getting angry about foreigners raising charity money? Really, wtf is wrong with people? Honestly!What a bunch of little cunts!

  • kun yan

    Come on, there were just 5000 in 330.000 RMB counterfeid. I guess this is an averagage rate of counterfeit money and you can even get it from the ATM. The people who donated this money didn’t know that it was counterfeit (probably foreigners) since even banks put the forged money in ATM machines. Who would do the work to fake 100 RMB notes and takes the risk of getting caught in donating them?

  • mr.wiener

    Not sure I can really see what the problem is here…..Oh well call me old fashioned, I think it’s a tempest in a tea cup.

  • Panacea

    Fucked up have you not find out if the counterfeits are foreign or Chinese yuan? It’s its Chinese yuan then it’s being paid to them by Chinese people who will be walking with fake Chinese yuan in his bag? Why Chinese people are supporting their country in every bad doing? Hid things that are real and telling lies. Not all bug those who are in know themselves.

  • Trouse

    There you go helping this country and yet it’s citizen are destroying it…That’s the fact about them, abusive.

  • I lived five years in Guangzhou. I actually got fake 100 RMBs from bank ATMS! I got really good at identifying “jowda” currency. it feels and “snaps” different than real money. This doesn’t surprise me at all. The fact that someone actually showed up with that much money does however! What brazen person would dare do that? Also, perhaps it was an inside job, because how was I getting fake currency from a bank ATM? The only real explanation was, someone was loading the bills themselves and pocketing a few real notes for themselves.