Foreigners to Become China’s Migrant Workers in the Future?

White people as migrant workers in a future China, by French photographer Benoit Cezard.

White people as migrant workers in a future China, by French photographer Benoit Cezard.

From Evolife:

China in the lens of a French photographer: Laowai as migrant workers in 2050 China?

What will China be like in the future? French photographer Benoit Cezard recently expressed his view by traveling all around China and taking a set of photographs titled “China 2050”. What’s strange however is that the people in these photographs are mostly blue-eyed, big-nosed laowai [foreigners]:

White people as migrant workers (gardeners) in a future China, by French photographer Benoit Cezard.

White people as migrant workers (road crew) in a future China, by French photographer Benoit Cezard.

White people as migrant workers (street peddlers) in a future China, by French photographer Benoit Cezard.

White people as migrant workers in a future China, by French photographer Benoit Cezard.

“As China rapidly develops, future China’s migrant workers will be replaced by westerners, so they have to get used to it in advance.” This was the explanation Benoit Cezard himself provided.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Wow! These migrant workers are so sharp!


Well, I think they’re thinking of replacing/taking over China, where it becomes all Westerners, right? Their thinking is of a world without China.


Again the “Powerful China” theory…This person has ulterior motives…


Naked mockery…


My ass, [it’s because] Chinese people have all immigrated to the USA [by then]…


This is a reminder to white people, what the consequence of high welfare and laziness/complacency are.


There are still tricycles/three-wheeled vehicles in 2050?


Did you not see that he wrote “to get used to it/adapt to it in advance.”? These aren’t renderings of 2050, it’s just photos of them getting used to the [future, coming] situation in the present day.


Laowai, you are flattering China too much…


[They are just] using the opportunity to make fun of us…


Laowai sure are humorous.

What do you think? Is this possible?

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  • Jay K.

    big pimpin with my sofa and pick axe

    • Interested

      For big money, white people are willing to do any thing. If every Chinaman is wealthy enough, you can buy any thing.

      For million dollars per hour pay, you will kiss my ass as job.

      • Interested

        Some think that Africans are more likely to come.

        • dim mak

          lol the comments on that blog

        • Interested

          But low class white people like Sarah Palin are quite possible to do this kind of work for Chinaman.

          • cb4242

            I think you meant “John Edwards”, there I fixed it for you.

        • Capt. WED

          Americans hate on Chinese people in American and one of their “reasons” is because there are racism in China. America is fucking racist but act like it’s not, or they would say something like we’re only racist to you Chinese because you are racist. Please.

          • Notorious

            Capt. I don’t know of any systemic racism toward chinese but I can’t deny because I have never walked in a chinese person’s shoes. I’m too busy ducking and blocking the constant barrage of stereotypes being lobbed at my own kind like grenades. Being american, my eyes only see Chinese students, and citizens just living day to day life. i don’t see a conspiracy to make them look bad the way america does. When westerners want to destroy you, they begin by damaging your reputation in the eyes of the world, making you inhuman, so that outsiders will not object or empathize with the victim. Then they can begin phase two, which is annihilation. Look at Hitler, convincing the masses that the jews and others had dirtied their gene pool and was ruining their way of life (whatever he said). Look at the assault on blacks. insulting black intelligence has been a means of justifying racism (Without intelligence, a person cannot be deemed valuable to society, or even human. Look at the war on terrorism. It began with a global campaign to describe people as animals who were going to blow up the world. Somebody else is always a threat. China as a whole is america’s greatest economic threat, without realizing that the traitors live among us as the corporations who sell america jobs overseas and not the chinese.

            So do I see any form of systemic racism toward chinese? No. I do see resentment over the fact that china is making all of our products. But nothing else. I don’t walk in a chinese america’s shoes so i can’t know for sure. What a chinese person earns versus what other americans earn, is rarely reported. You can learn a lot about how people are treated by how they are paid compared to everyone else.

            So what kind of racism are you talking about? Overt racism like slurs, and physical abuse? Subtle racism like omitting chinese people from TV, and generally ignoring their contributions to our society? Silly stereotypes like stereotypical “oriental” commercials, etc? What do you mean? I am curious to identify it when I see it.

          • Capt. WED

            too long didn’t read. I don’t now how they’re fucking with you but I do know they’re fucking with me hardcore. Not sure if I deserve that or not. It doesn’t matter that’s not even relevant. Also If “they” admit they’re wrong then they lose (obviously “they” because ultimately “they” are just a bunch of anonymous cowards) . So obvious that will never happen. BTW oppression doesn’t have to be the same exactly.

            LMAO, also in previous posts you have shown how you double-think everything when it’s convenient.

            And lastly no I’m don’t have a victim mentality. I’m just pointing how how reality is from my POV. Whether that’s wrong or whatever I don’t really care. I just tell it like how it is.

          • Notorious

            i don’t double think, i’m just not single minded. i can see ALL points of view on most situations. I try to see other people’s perspectives as well as my own. it’s the only way to become a well rounded person. wouldn’t you agree?

          • DRaY



    • WALDO

      China already has white migrant workers. They’re called ESL teachers… you know, the fat hairy slobs that are always drinking beer and party with dirty thai whores everynight?

      • Interested

        These ghetto whites would love to have jobs like these in China. But not sure China even allow them to be in.

        • Alan

          That link is pretty depressing.

          A bit like the people who live in the appalachian areas in America, hard to imagine, but there it is….thanks for the post!

      • Dr SUN

        China has already millions of fat, ugly Chinese men, called bosses.. drinking rice win and at any expense to drink and have a fuck with the over 10 million dirty Chinese whores (your sisters).
        and lets not forget the millions of educated Chinese women that give it up to learn to be a better teacher or business woman, LOL

        • XXXero

          WALDO, you are right, ESL teachers = migrant workers HA HA HA

          • Alan

            WALDO, you are right, ESL teachers = migrant workers HA HA HA

            Not exactly, ESL teachers can always go home, work in another country.

            Despite what you say chinese migrant workers DO NOT, absolutely DO NOT HAVE THAT FREEDOM!!!

            THEY DO NOT EVEN get to go to HK and Macau! DO YOU HEAR ME!

      • pada

        Just wonder why “White Peril” only after 2050? They are here already and stays. Especially Americans, who have every reason to replace the Chinese labour force now, given each yank owns Chinese $4,000 and are in theory even poorer than the beggar at next street corner of Jianguomen. Though they still pretend to be millionaire, Chinese, while laughing behind their naked arsh, shud understand only by treating debtor friendly as God, the debtee could recover the debt, before bankruptcy trustee to come administer the frozen property. Some nagging Chinese shud also shut up, dont you know all money were gone to Iraq and, though debt-ridden like hell, America still has world peace in mind?
        Chinese jobs to Americans, if they hate to sew Nike shoes at home!

      • Alan

        They’re called ESL teachers… you know, the fat hairy slobs that are always drinking beer and party with dirty thai whores everynight?

        Thai whores….in China?

        There are plenty of chinese bar whores, at least in the 2nd tier city where I live. As a skinny, semi hairy esl teacher (can’t quite admit to the slob part….yet!) I can show you where to find them, if ya like?

        Or maybe you should quit with the stereotyping?

      • jeff

        No, we’re not all fat slobs drwoning ourselves in beer and exploiting Thai sex workers, you nasty little person. It’s easy to insult folk from behind a computer. Fact is, yes, I am an ESL teacher. I also work out, am 6’1, do martial arts,and drink only occasionally, and I don’t get involved with the sdade situation sex workers find themselves in. I dare you to track me down and say what you said to my face. Have a nice day.

        • Nick in Beijing

          With Jeff and Alan.

          I am an ESL teacher and I love my job. I don’t drink at all except the occasional glass of Bailey’s or a beer with my friends.

          Nor is this by any means migrant labor. I get a good salary, get to use my education to help others who appreciate the service, make a lot of friends and learn a lot about China from a perspective other than my own, and influence people to better themselves. What’s not to like?

          Some of my coworkers like to go out and drink, find dates and the like, but every one of them shows up bright eyed and ready to do their jobs to the best of their abilities when it’s time to be at work.

          I guess there’s no arguing against people who are themselves too much of a loser to be able to do even teaching in China (which admittedly is not that hard to get a job in).

      • Thomas A

        Thai whores in China? Dude, if you’re going to post a comment check what you’re writing! In China the “whores” are going to be Chinese, not Thai. Thailand is a whole other country than China.

      • HeSaidSheSaid

        The ones giving me a bad name… I had no idea of the situation before I got here, with the aforementioned teachers, and I was shocked. I’m just a normal dude but FUCK ME I get hated on. I love travelling and thought this would be a great stop for a year, friendly and polite people that I could get to know. Wrong. However, I can’t blame them for hating on us after seeing the way most foreigners act here. But I can’t blame the way the foreigners act after seeing the way they are treated… Who’s gonna call chicken first???

      • Somethin Somethin

        Hey Waldo I haven’t seen you at any of the parent-teacher conferences. You gotta start paying more attention in class or you’ll never be able to get a job where you can fuck Chinese whores and drink cheap beer.

      • cc

        Waldo, you are a wanker and ESL teachers only go to bars that have happy hours

  • glenn

    This photographer obviously has no idea what 2050 would look like nor was he creative enough to introduce new/futuristic stuff.The concept was entertaining though.

    • Nick in Beijing

      As one of the Chinese posters above pointed out, the point seems to be the laowai getting used to the life of a migrant worker, rather than depictions of the future… Dunno though.

      • I can appreciate the attempt at a message behind the photos, but the content itself is ridiculous.

        Even assuming that other countries continue slip further and further into recession and debt and that everyday life won’t change much, the scenarios in these photos would juat never happen due to china being china. What do I mean by that?

        At the moment china is riding the last threads of the coattails of it’s former ‘success’ (opening up the largest population in the world to capitalism would create unprecedented levels of growth??? Who would have thought? Why was it closed off again?) china may have amassed the largest foreign reserves in the world, but at what sacrifice to the people? Even using those reserves as a buffer to encourage growth is only a stop-gap measure against further depletion down the road. It comes to 4 major crisis points:

        1. Over-saturation and over production in the manufacturing/export sectors causing profit margins to continuously shrink and competition to become impossible for small to medium businesses

        2. Since the vast majority of china’s GDP comes from foreign demand and foreign demand has dropped dramatically, this created a huge slump in export/manufacturing (so a double whammy for those sectors)

        3. It’s a bit obvious, but true nonetheless, but the housing market in china is already burning like the Hindenburg and starting to crash, it was inevitable considering the speculation, inflation and ridiculous amount of real estate development supported in order to boost GDP numbers.

        4. Chronic mismanagement and epidemic corruption at all levels of government and business that has created a culture of apathy, lies and extremely poor workmanship. Things are so bad that compNies don’t want to wdite “made in china” on their shit anymore for a reason.

        All these things combined mean that this ridiculous and frankly naive conception that the “dragon awakes!” is laughable at best. More like “the dragon opened an eye, struggled to lift itself and wheezed before collapsing again under all the dust and toxins”

        I’m selling all the shit I can to chinese people before their economy collapses and I get the hell out and live a nice life in Canada.

        • Interested

          OUTSIDE China, people tend to assume that the country’s impressive economic growth is due to exports. As the chart below, drawn from our special report on China’s economy, shows, this notion has always been exaggerated and is now plain false.

          • Paul

            Thanks for the interesting graph.
            But the remark about “growth due to exports” is actually more focused on the very limited part of GDP that comes from local consumption. That still remains a problem that puts the Chinese economy at risk.

            With the exception of the huge stimulus programs from Beijing, a lot of the investment is coming from abroad. If China wants to continue to bring millions of people from poverty to middle class, they still have to increase local consumption and reduce dependency on exports or foreign investment.

        • White Thrash

          “the dragon opened an eye, struggled to lift itself and wheezed before collapsing again under all the dust and toxins”

          you made my day ! :p

        • mr. wiener

          G’day Elijiah. long time no see.

          • Cheers to you and White Thrash!

            Been away cause I’ve been reorganizing my life in a sense, making a new life plan.

            Headed back to Ottawa in the next few days with everything I can carry in some luggage like books, dvds, xbox, games, suits, clothes, etc. And sold all myfurniture. It’s insane to think, but Hong Kong has no second hand furniture market despite the number of people who move in and out on a daily basis. Everyone just ends up spending huge amounts and then getting 10% of original value back by selling the electronics in Sham Shui Po… Shylock bastards.

            Anyways, time to bring my love home with me. Going to start the immigration process for a Maple Card. Can’t wait.

          • moop


          • Alan

            You can be such a sourpuss sometimes

            Nothing but a realist.

            It is hard enough to reestablish oneself in the UK these days after some time spent in China, let alone Canada with an asian wife.

            The gap?

        • Alan

          I get the hell out and live a nice life in Canada

          Yes with drug addicts, freezing temperatures, and lest you forget, Canada also has an economic crisis:

          Hope you are saving enough in HK SAR to support wifey’s demands upon your return to the true North.

          • mr. wiener

            pfft…You can be such a sourpuss sometimes. Dim Mak is no fun I s’pose, he never replies to any of your posts.

        • fightclub

          Dude, same here, but we’re bailing in a couple weeks after 10 years here. The Chinese economy is based on nothing more than puffs of polluted smoke. No much intelligence, self motivation(besides for money and guanxi) and lack of innovative thinking, this horse and pony show can only trot so many times around the circus rink.
          I recognize there are quite a few talented and conscious individuals in their society, but they cannot do much and affect changes which are of paramount importance to their society, case in point, the amount of shoddy and poisonous foodstuffs in the chain of supply. The pollution levels are out of control and unlikely to come down anytime in the near future because everybody is trying to make a quick kuai while they still can. For what long term reasons? None that I can see that is a viable future.
          We’ve been lucky to have been residing and doing business out of one of the best places to live in China. However, this nice little town is slowly but surely getting destroyed by development and road building. Point is, if you find a nice place in China, it’s going to go to the gutters sooner rather than later.
          For sure, I’ll miss a few things about this country. The cheap(for every reason) stuff and food, how foreigners get away with shit sometimes for just being foreigners, awesome public transportation system(boo Canada, you suck at this) and cheap mobile phone services(but many dropped calls).
          So long, China, good luck and hope you have a soft landing.

        • Andrew

          Really Elijah?! You are gonna leave the big buck earning HK job behind, heading back to Canada? With your ‘love’?? Aww, pay close attention to your creamy-leg pretty China doll, ya know. A lot of real
          Canadian boys are much prettier than a short chubby guy like you – picture Manotta, you get the picture ;) Once leaving Asia, your China doll may realize there are much more handsome white men out there. Keep her safe. ;)

        • Foreign Devil

          Elijah.. as someone who has returned to Canada and sponsored my Chinese wife. I recommend you get married in China first. Make sure you have lots of photos together and other proof of your relationship.

          Also don’t expect that your wife is going to love living in Canada. In general you can earn and save way more in Canada than you could in HK. . .unless your an entrepreneur.

          • No worries about that, we were married in Hong Kong on Canada Day. That way we have two anniversaries exactly six months apart (New Year’s Day 2007 and Canada Day 2010).

            We have massive numbers of photos and other stuff, it’s not a short-term thing. Thanks for the advice though, I’m looking into every story I can find about Canadian immigration. As for loving Canada, it’s been my Angel’s dream country since she was eight years old. Funnily enough she refuses to live anywhere with a chinatown despite my suggestion it might make the transition smoother. Said that she doesn’t want to be one of those fake people who just find anyway into a good country but don’t learn anything new from it.

            @Fightclub, public transpo in Canada isn’t as good agreed, I think it’s cause it’s a small population spread thin, so the operational costs are too high ecept right downtown, Toronto and Ottawa systems have served me well enough, Hong Kong MTR is a DREAM!!!

            @Andrew: try to use the same name, don’t want new people thinking there’s two retarded stalker trolls, that would be just sad. 175cm and 80kg at the moment, this is short and chubby? For who exactly? Unlike a lot of idiots, I always choose quality over quantity, so I needn’t worry about my wife’s worth. I leave that to the loser who can only fake it temporarily

        • Andrew

          Ha! Checked, average Canadian male height slightly over 174cm, congratulatins Elijah, you’ve fulfilled the requirement for being average. As your cheap Asian slave-wife, yea, guess that’s the way dudes like you are making contributions to the great country, bringing non-English speaking cheap Asian whores over, who spread her leg in a cheap Asian soil to coax you for bringing her into her dream country since 8 yr old. Ew…Asian fetisher plus Asian gold digger makes a perfect macth – and wait for your freaky looking Euraisan offsprings. I want to puke. You are indeed making contrubution by browning Canada – on ther other hand though, thankfully, none of any pretty Canadian white women would such a low self-esteem to endure mating with an ugly fatty like you, good for them!

        • Andrew


          Everyone should click this link to see what an ugly pasty fatty you are. Your Asian who^e looks fine, though, is she tight down there, as they say about Asian women?

          • mr. wiener

            ChinaSmack Moderators, any thoughts on this fellow, or are you going to give him enough rope?

            [Note from chinaSMACK Moderator: We’ll deal with it.

            By the way, you guys replying to his comments make it harder for us to delete them, especially when Elijah tries to defend himself by going on the attack. We’re torn between deleting the trolling comments and letting Elijah have his say. In the future, please just use the contact form to report comments you think cross the line (send us the name, comment, and link) since we can’t monitor comments around the clock.

            Keep in mind though that we tolerate a lot of mischief in the comments so people complaining about hurt feelings would do well to be sure their own behavior is spotless if they want our sympathy. If you dish it out, we’re not going to go out of our way to prevent others from dishing some back at you within reason. We try to give you guys a bit of leash, and that includes doing our best to be objective and fair.]

          • It’s obvious that this is either Alan creating another persona to lash out more directly or something that thought Alan is a role model.

            Not sure which is sadder, either way my response shall be the same: contemptous silence with a pitying head-shake.

          • Little Wolf

            Fear not, Elijah. Brett Hunan is already checking his troll data-base and utilizing his latest hi-tech, cutting edge software of his own design called “The Trollfinderizer” and should be identifying the culprit any moment.

          • jeff

            You are a shit. Besides, trolling is sooo passe, something for bedroom dwelling autistic neer do wells to get involved with.Please hang yourself.And do it wrong, so you slowly strangle yourself to death.

            I wish you and your wife the Best of Everything. :)

          • SuperHappyCow

            I gotta shit real bad.

        • Alan

          It’s obvious that this is either Alan creating another persona to lash out more directly

          Wrong. You just can’t let it go, can you?

          Different poster totally….

      • Notorious

        It’s foolish to think the future in 2050 will be sleek and glitzy like out of a sci-fi movie. The world will crumble at the feet of nature, from every skyscraper to satellites flying around the earth at 10,000 miles an hour. It will all come to a screeching halt. With global warming, the eradication of bees from parasites and pesticides, mankind will succumb to extinction or be well on his way by then. I do not expect shiny things and a futuristic sci fi future in 2050. You can only exploit nature for so long before you meet her wrath.

        Albert Einstein once said, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          Well now that’s a real pessimistic view.

          • Notorious

            realism is always pessimistic.

          • Capt. WED

            I hope it comes true Notoriuos. The current state of the world sucks, needs a cleansing.

        • mr. wiener

          They lied to us! I thought I’d have my own personal jet pack to get to work by the time I was grown up:P

    • linette

      Doesn’t hurt to stop polluting the earth and go back to nature. Use bicycles and hand labors. Unless countries can invent new clean energy and stop further killing our environment, we can definitely use more earth friendly methods to go on with our daily functions.

      Maybe someday they will use fully figure out how to use solar energy or H2 energy. No more pollutions.

  • mr. wiener

    At least they won’t all go home for Chinese new year. Mind you if they are French the cooking in China will get very interesting….and they’ll want 3 month off a year in paid holidays :)

  • Alan

    Why would any foreigners, esp those from the northern european countries with great universal health care, help finding a job, welfare and so on, immigrate to China to do menial work?

    Interesting photos, but really, never going to happen, no way…..

    • simon

      perhaps 40 years from now, those northern european countries you refer to will be in a whole heap of shit, and by shit i am referring to sovereign debt. You see, some government are providing too much services to many free-loading lazy citizens mostly via welfare payments, social housing, universal healthcare etc. etc.

      Even though most of the programs are great ideas, in the end the burden of these programs will most likely result in governments collapsing under the weight of their own debt burdens, which would result in catastrophic sequences in which businesses collapse and people lose jobs.

      Which will inevitably lead to mass migration to China to do as you say, menial work.

      It’s just a hypothesis of course.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Why shouldn’t those people with a good social welfare system enjoy them? Enjoying the rights granted to one by their constitution isn’t laziness. Complaining while enjoying them is a little ridiculous, and the energy used for certain activities (such as mindless protesting because of austerity measures) could be redirected to finding solutions (as opposed to complaining about the problem). All that said though, none of that equals laziness.

        I was in Greece two weeks ago for about 10 days and when I saw how hard people there work it blew my mind. Economy in the dump, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the people are lazy. Government mismanagement of the economy is where criticism should be directed.

        • moop

          “Government mismanagement of involvement in the economy is where criticism should be directed”

          there, fixed it for you

          • moop

            damn you strikethrough!! i used script

        • moop

          Government ̶m̶i̶s̶m̶a̶n̶a̶g̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ involvement in the economy is where criticism should be directed

          • moop

            i give up, someone delete this. i used the “s” “/s” format and it doesnt work

          • simon

            There’s no such thing as pure capitalism either where the government does not involve itself in the economy. Without regulation, you would get just as bad an outcome. Just look at the lightly regulated financial side of America.

            The problem without regulation is that corporations only goals are to maximize profits, all the other crap like social responsibility, environmental awareness are just crap regurgitated to appease the masses. In reality, if companies are able to make a further dollar at the expense of someone else, they will do it.

          • moop

            “The problem without regulation is that corporations only goals are to maximize profits, all the other crap like social responsibility, environmental awareness are just crap regurgitated to appease the masses”

            corporations goals are to make profits for their shareholders, and that is their only goal. in an age where information travels at the speed of light and a vibrant media, the role of corporate responsibility comes into play.

            if an organic produce company misled consumers by offering non-organic goods under the guise of organic goods what do you think actually punishes and discourages the activity: a fine and slap on the wrist from uncle sam, or thousands of consumers switching to other companies?

            Governments do not foster, create, or nurture social responsibility in corporation, consumers do. consumers pushed for more fule efficient cars, consumers push for more free-range and oranic meats and produce, consumers led the things like salads, fresh fruit, and milk being offered at fast food restaurants.

            and why do corporations make these changes? for profits in a new market of socially aware consumers.

          • @Moop:

            Simon has a point, as do you.

            It’s easy to say that consumers are to blame for not “voting” for another brand when they shop. However, as has been seen time and time again, the majority of consumers will buy whatever is cheapest, which means that like Simon said it becomes a numbers game based on how cheap they can make the product no matter the negative consequences or ramifications.

            On the other hand, governments are supposed to be there to secure the rights of their citizens even against coporate interests, but again, as has been demonstrated time and again “money talks and bullshit walks”. This is becoming increasingly obvious in the post-democratic world where the national consciousness is being/has been replaced with economic calculations.

            Companies have no desire for government oversight interfering with net profit and consumers don’t have enough power to sway governmemt policy in their favour as long as corporations have all the money/power.

            tl;dr = we’re peasantz who must push a grindmill for the corporate overlords to get to eat good bread, government has become the gimp in leather on a leash for corporate interests, if someone falls while pushing the grindstone, they are ground up as well by the rest of the masses like n inevitable sacrifice to the economic ‘gods’

          • moop

            “On the other hand, governments are supposed to be there to secure the rights of their citizens even against coporate interests, but again, as has been demonstrated time and again “money talks and bullshit walks”. This is becoming increasingly obvious in the post-democratic world where the national consciousness is being/has been replaced with economic calculations”

            not really buying that one unless you are going to prove that people were more socially aware before then or that money didn’t already make the world go round before democracy. money talks and bullshit walks has been increasingly less irrelevant because of the press and the internet reaching a more socially concerned population who have had their bellies full for a long time and have the luxury to argue about organics vs gmf’s from their air-conditioned living rooms using their ipads. education, not legislation is what makes/has made a difference, not el gubierno telling food companies what maximum percentage of bugs their food can contain in order to be considered safe to eat. consumer’s standards are actually much higher than the governments whose policies and regulations just give companies a floor that is nice and comfortable to rest their standards on.

            “However, as has been seen time and time again, the majority of consumers will buy whatever is cheapest”

            not really, people buy what’s cheaper only when the comparable and more expensive product is more or less the same good. but then things like brand loyalty and advertising counteract that in some ways (coca cola for one, every grocery store has their own generic brands that are much cheaper, but most people still buy coke), and even for cars people get the best that they can get for their money, not just look at the sticker price (almost no one would consider buying a hyundai 10 years ago, but they have improved their product and are still cheap, more people buy them today). people always buy cheaper when faced with buying things like plastic forks and paper plates, goods with not a lot of variation or utility. people usually are willing to buy things just because their cheap when they are packaged as deals, not simply because it’s cheap.

            “Companies have no desire for government oversight interfering with net profit and consumers don’t have enough power to sway governmemt policy in their favour as long as corporations have all the money/power”

            most people/entities don’t want government or other people telling them what to do, and consumer’s do have power, more so than the government unless the government over steps its boundaries and interferes in the market. and even then consumers are more powerful than the government unless the state is actively picking winners and losers (bailouts). consumers should pick the winners and losers and that doesn’t happen then the government is involved (see GM, GM won, Ford and every other company that would have picked up sales from GM going under lost). again, the government might set standards, but consumers are what drive companies to exceed those standards (fuel efficiency)

        • Chad

          Government mismanagement in a democracy is a result of a populace that asks for it or is fine with it. The politicians act to try to make voters happy even if it means it will make the country worse off. And really now… siestas and such are in the constitution? Unsustainable welfare systems are in the constitution? If so, that’s pathetic and it IS a sign of laziness. And last I checked, the crazy tax evasion going on in Greece is a result of the people. Well, I guess that’s not about laziness, but more about selfishness and greed of a generation that doesn’t care about what happens to their children.

          • Frank Zappa

            than the same as in china. i see in china all the sympthos. State owned companies that produce nothing but debts and incredibly high salary for manger unable to do anthing. massive corruption and tax evasion. laziness of worker of any kind and spice. unbelivable selfishness, who can try to take all for himself with no care for society, friends and even parents.
            it’s just a matter of time before the “growing” economy will collapse for its rotten roots and frankling speaking i doubt in 2050 china will be a pleasure palace.. maybe a huge dump, polluted place..
            anyway there’s no point for “aliens” to come in china. for what, even with crisis i frankly doubt life stile can be better than in western countries, it will never be, also because in order to have the same life style we would need at least 2 worlds because of lack of resources.. and anyway in china for non-chinese there’s nothing, no chanche to be citizen, no pension, no healthcare.. nothing. Just girls that seem like everyone except chinese males.

        • Dawei


          “Why shouldn’t those people with a good social welfare system enjoy them? Enjoying the rights granted to one by their constitution isn’t laziness.”

          You can grant anything and even call it a fundamental human right but this does not matter if the funds are not there to pay for it. The problem with so many western countries and humanity as a whole is it is very easy to go up but difficult to come down. Most people are having a very hard time re-adjusting their expectations to the current situation.

          Now for those of us who have lived in this part of the world for some time, well I guess we can see that easier than they can.

          Communist central planned economies manage the economy, democratic governments for the most part put in place checks and balances. The problem we have seen is that the checks and balances (legislation and administrative controls) have resulted in banks being a little too aggressive with the their portfolios, and well yes Government spending on services extending beyond what the ECONOMY can reasonably afford.

          What is more serious in my mind is the almost worldwide attitude that it is someone else fault.

      • Alan

        Which will inevitably lead to mass migration to China to do as you say, menial work.

        Will it? Last I checked the minimum wage, and guaranteed employment rights in the UK, right to healthcare and so on, are far more attractive than anything on offer in China…..

        • Chad

          And how sustainable do you think all those great things are? Your high minimum wages, employment rights and cheap/free healthcare are not competitive in the long run and are only meant to keep the current generation of voters happy. It’s a sad and destructive cycle. In the past, Europe could only sustain their lifestyles on the plundered resources and slaves of other countries they invaded. Then, they sustained using superior knowledge and industries. Now that advantage is increasingly being lost to East Asia and India. It will not last.

          • Alan

            Now that advantage is increasingly being lost to East Asia and India. It will not last.

            You pose interesting points and I do agree with you.

            But it will last for one good reason, the UK as is far more socialist than China is now.


            Heard of this, I presume?

            Even Margaret Thatcher knew the NHS could not be abolished because it would be anarchy. Granted, China has a larger population, but that is no excuse either, if you recall the recent yearly budget for cadres banquets would be enough to extend universal healthcare across China.


          • linette

            System like free health or free education..and the other are all sustainable. Why not? They need to find a way to manage it better that’s all. Look how high the USA gov’t place on income tax and sale tax. They put tax on almost everything they can. 50% tax on pay check annually for some. You can’t live in countries like USA without paying tax everyday. The key is get every capable body to work and pay tax.
            Not live off from welfare.

          • Chad

            Alan: Yes, no doubt that NHS won’t be abolished. I know that because I live in Canada where we also have some pretty well covered healthcare. The seniors in this country are an important voting bloc and it’d be political suicide to get rid of free healthcare. However, I work in the healthcare industry and the cracks are showing. The government is finding whatever way they can to cut costs- salaries, drug funding, laying off nurses, etc despite new healthcare premiums. Not sure if the situation is the same in the UK but it should be similar. And we’re not even at the point where the baby boomers are going to need even more healthcare. What happens when they become 75?

            Linette: It’s not sustainable because people have to pay for it and the ratio of old, sick people to young, healthy ones is getting higher. Not sure why you bring up the US as a good example but I’m guessing you’re Chinese. They pay a heck of a lot for university education and their healthcare system is extremely inefficient and they’re one of the biggest spenders in the world on healthcare. Compared to European countries, I’d think more of their tax dollars goes towards their military more than anything and well… I don’t think that’s a good use of money. They’re taxed relatively less too.

          • Alan

            @ Chad:

            However, I work in the healthcare industry and the cracks are showing. The government is finding whatever way they can to cut costs- salaries, drug funding, laying off nurses, etc despite new healthcare premiums

            I agree, there are cracks forming.

            I remember some years back at some hospitals, they couldn’t afford to install an MRI Scanner, so had a mobile scanner that went from place to place as was needed. The waiting lists were as long as 3 months or more as I recall.

            There is BUPA in the UK, for those who have the cash, and lifescan of course. So there are the private alternatives, one has a choice.


          • linette


            These gov’t programs, if under ideal circumstances will work. People do what they supposed to do and contribute before they take from the country. But in reality, in the USA culture it’s a bit difficulty. Many people just want to take and not give back.
            In USA there are a lot of capable young bodies with two hands and legs. But getting them to work and pay tax is difficult. You will hear many young people telling you they can’t do this and they can’t do that because they can’t do that kind of lowly paid dirty job. They rather sit home and watch American Idol or MTv collecting food stamps and medicaid than working in Mcdonalds.

            These gov’t programs like welfare and healthcare needs funding. People need to work and pay tax, and not just use the gov’t aid without any contribution. Get a job. Get some salary and spend money to help boost the USA economy.

        • simon

          The only reason it has been sustainable for so long is because government’s have easy access to borrowing. If governments aren’t able to run a balanced budget than they simply finance the differences through government bonds.

          The problem with this is, governments are short sighted and only care about re-election. Bonds and interest repayments are long term responsibilities. So what happens is that each government piles up on debt and leaves it to the next elected government to deal with the mess.. so you get a whole lot of kicking the can down the road until of course it starts snow-balling into a major problem.

          The next generation of tax payers don’t realize they’re going to hit with a mighty big bill to pay for the debt obligations of the past.

      • Justpin

        What do you mean will be in a whole heap of shit?

        Europe and the USA already cannot afford these perks. The UK with its national health and high welfare payments is seven trillion pounds in debt. Jobs right now are scarce and often pay nothing. Literally nothing as companies replace people with free interns.

      • linette

        You see, some government are providing too much services to many free-loading lazy citizens mostly via welfare payments, social housing, universal healthcare etc. etc.

        Even though most of the programs are great ideas, in the end the burden of these programs will most likely result in governments collapsing under the weight of their own debt burdens, which would result in catastrophic sequences in which businesses collapse and people lose jobs….

        Yes…too many free-loading lazy citizens, that is the reason to the collapse of their economy. Their gov’t need to do more to enforce the “you must work to earn your benefits” system. No free money you know. You must earn it. Welfare giving them a free milk check every month is just horrible. The gov’t should arrange work for them like cleaning the street or garbage dirty jobs that no one wants to do, in order for them to earn their free milk check. Every person must work.

        Social housing, welfare, universal health, and free education are all good programs. It’s a good government system. They just need to adjust the way it is be regulated.

      • Notorious

        Welfare started with Franklin Roosevelt after the great depression. To boost the economy, ,he enacted several welfare and social programs. The government gave money to citizens who in turn spent those funds in the marketplace, resulting in the need for employees to handle the uptick in business, which resulted in people with more money to spend, creating more job growth and demand. The poorer the people, the poorer the country. Lack of demand creates poverty. As these governments repeal social programs, creating more poverty, demand decreases as citizens have less money to spend, resulting in layoffs, high unemployment rates, fewer people spending money, and a crashing stock markets. The people – and by people I mean “commoners” are responsible for what happens in the economy. Their needs drive the economy. The rich does not support the economy, they merely profit from it. Wealth doesn’t trickle down, it trickles up.

        Look at all the countries that lack welfare programs for their poor. They are all 3rd world countries with little progress, a stagnant economy, disease, and poverty.

        • linette

          I don’t know what happen, but so many people are “slacking off” They don’t want to work hard and want to live off from gov’t welfare. It’s sad. Someone has to work and pay tax and support this system. It’s such a burden for the working middle class in USA.

          The USA gov’t needs to monitor and regulate these programs better. Utilizing their funds better and allocating them more carefully. The money is there but so much wasteful spending. There are also corruption inside these gov’t agency too. I am sure many of them get the end of year bonuses and awards which is nonsense. That is why you have a salary. The success of a system or company is usually teamwork..hardly one man’s achievement.

          • Notorious

            [I don’t know what happen, but so many people are “slacking off” They don’t want to work hard and want to live off from gov’t welfare. ]

            America doesn’t have a “welfare” system. it did have one ,from the time of the great depression till around 1996 when Clinton inacted welfare reform. At this point, welfare had become systemic and generational. What the reform did was enact a 5 year limit to receive welfare benefits and some states do not offer any cash at all. So there is no “welfare” system that anyone can live on to get by, it is simply in possible.

            Take for example, you would need to be grossly handicapped in my state to receive some type of welfare “cash” although everyone from college students to grandparents can collect food stamps to receive groceries. So when people accuse others of living on welfare, it is a lie and a misconception. People do not avoid work because they are lazy, they do not work because they lack job skills, education, or have a criminal conviction history that makes it impossible to find a job. When they do have jobs it is often menial and they are unable to make ends meet. I am all for helping people in order to make a better society for all. America is not like Europe – there is no state hired nanny to help new mothers for six weeks, there is no 30 day holiday in august. People work hard and there is no time to play. This is why Americans, ,in reality are a bunch of bitter assholes who resent anyone, poor or not who are able to sit at home on their ass. This is why they misrepresent the unemployed as living lavish lifestyle on government dollars. MISERY loves company. We have 40 + work weeks, even the well-to-do like lawyers and doctors are overworked and underpaid. Only the elite 1% can sit on their ass all day. Those are the lazy bastards, living off the wealth of their parents.

            I work about 37.50 hours a week at a firm that pays very well. But shit, everyone can kiss my ass. Even with a good job I would rather be on an island somewhere sipping ice tea, fucking some strapping local. IF you can get by without having to work for it, go and do it.

            I want them to teach me how.

          • linette

            People do not avoid work because they are lazy, they do not work because they lack job skills, education, or have a criminal conviction history that makes it impossible to find a job. When they do have jobs it is often menial and they are unable to make ends meet………….

            Tell that to mexicans. How do mexican work 60 hrs a week making less than minimum wage, living in shared apt, and still be very grateful that they have a job? I find it not very convincing that people tell me they can’t find a job. If you really want to work and not live off from gov’t…there are plenty of ways. Go way in a sweat shop factory making $4 an hour and 60 hours week. Share apt with people. Trust me. You can survive and don’t need any welfare gov’t food stamps. ALL you need is free education and universal health care, and equal opportunity right. You or you kids will somehow survive. I am not against welfare or food stamps. But the capable bodies need to “earn” this kind of gov’t aid. They are not handicapped so they must work and earn their food stamps and welfare.

            My parents weren’t rich. They worked extremely hard(more than 40 hours week) to put me in college. I wasn’t qualified for financial aid. I paid full tuitions more than US$100,000. I worked full time 35 hours a week making less than mimimum wage while I was studying doing my university degree. I had no money for lunch or breakfast. I always bring small sandwiches and drink water through out my college years. No play at all and all work and study never any vacation. Watching TV was next to impossible if I can only get 6 hours of sleep a day that is miracle. My family and I made it. You just can’t convince me there is no jobs to make a living. Go work in Mcdonalds.

          • Notorious

            Linette, You speak with such absoluteness, it’s hard to take this opinion seriously. MILLIONS of americans are out of jobs right now because of the economy. Secondly, don’t talk to me directly – no one in my family struggles for money or jobs because we already have it. And even if I didn’t have my own money I would never, EVER work doing manual labor. For one, it is beneath me. Secondly, it is beneath me. Third, it is beneath me. And most people feel the same way. You are wasting your time on something that will only cover the bus ride or gas to get there. I would never share a one bedroom apartment with twelve family members, that is to live in abject poverty and squalor, something I find completely repugnant as do many other americans. You are saying that people should become slaves as to some lofty ideal about taking government money. Please. Americans pay taxes and should benefit from taxes when we need it. To suggest someone go out and earn slave wages reflects a slave mentality. No one will care about you in this life, if you do not care about yourself.

          • Notorious

            P.S. Stop stereotyping mexicans. The only mexicans who come here to do hard labor are the ones who are ILLEGAL ALIENS who aren’t supposeed to be here in America and lack a social security number to find other work. They are exploited and taken advantage of. My mother works for the government as an investigator for the department of labor and we discuss all the time how these people are exploited, and you are holding them up as some virtuous example? Someone who could not take the time to enter the country legally? Please. YOU GO WORK in Mcdonald’s. My college years I ate ramen noodles just like everybody else, I studied, partied, watched tv, and got good grades. I owe 5,000 in student loans because I DID qualify for student grants. Think I would have turned it down for some loft notion? Nope. My tax dollars have paid it back ten fold so who cares.

          • linette


            You misunderstood me. I am not talking to you directly. The “you” in my sentences are not direct to you. I apologize if I sound very harsh but I strongly believe what I am saying.

            This is my view. I think USA in general have the right concept and China should learn something from it. It is important to have free education for every kids, good medical coverage(universal healthcare even better if possible), welfare payments, social housing. We should not get rid of these programs, but all these programs are possible because we are paying high tax. (and please cut down on military for crying out loud. Stop spending on south korea)

            Then another blogger here mentioned…
            …you see, some gov’t are providing too much services to many free-loading lazy citizens mostly via welfare payments, social housing , universal healthcare…

            And I said, true, I totally agree. There are so many free loading lazy ass citizens abusing and taking advantage of this great system that was meant to help the needy. I believe if you are not handicapped, or ill, or too old, or to young….you should EARN your benefits. There is no reason why you can’t work and earn your own living. You make less salary you pay less tax. Rich people pay higher tax. But we all must work to support these programs. One day you or I may need to use it when we are too ill or handicapped or whatever..just couldn’t physically work.

            With these programs, even when you lose your job you still have medical coverage..(yes, you and I paid tax and there you go. ) You have other gov’t aid(unemployment that you paid tax on also) If you don’t make enough you fall into low income…now go apply for low income housing. All these are possible……….only when we continue to work and pay tax and support these programs. No one is dying or starving.

            I don’t believe anything “it’s beneath me” I don’t go by that philosophy in my life. I will do what I can to support myself. As long as I still have two hands, I will work to earn my own living. I did that for months right after I graduated from college. I didn’t have any money and I was working minimum wage jobs(nothing to do with my college profession) I shared apartment with other people (like friends sitcom). I wasn’t ashamed. I paid tax.

            Even now I am still paying student loans. That one thousand dollar per year scholarship was only enough for me to buy books. It was a very hard life back then but now I am very comfortable. You need to work hard to get what you want in life and the system in USA is giving you that equal opportunity to achieve it. NOT CHINA.

          • Alan

            You just can’t convince me there is no jobs to make a living. Go work in Mcdonalds.

            @ Linette: That has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, and is insulting beyond words.


            Heard of this back in the 80s, in the UK? Tell an ex coal miner that they should go and flip cheese burgers in Mcdonalds, why should they?

            Thatcher decimated those mining communities in order to remove their threat to her plans to dismantle the UK’s manufacturing base and replace it with a ‘service’ lead economy.

            Her actions resulted in the naked greed of the financial sector that continues to this day, and also to the destabilisation of working class people through regular periods of high unemployment.

            So you think ex army/ex coal workers and so on, should be FORCED to take jobs at Mcdonalds? I would never work in the service sector either, call centre work is crap.

            Being unemployed does not mean people are lazy, or should get off their ass and flip burgers and mop out toilets in mcdonalds.

          • Alan


            Or this, thatcher privatised it.

            What should those steel workers do according to you? Go work in mcdonalds?

          • linette


            No, these steel workers are not lazy. But I know plenty of other people are. I am not saying working in Mcdonald’s and make a career out of it. Working jobs with minimum pay should be temporary until you find something more sustainable. If you are a healthy 20 30 40 yrs old and there are really zero jobs available where you are at, then no one can blame you. You tried looking for jobs but none available not even minimum pay jobs. But definitely people need to make the effort.

          • Alan


            I wanted to type this below your post, so sorry in advance if this reply appears in the wrong place on the boards.

            Working jobs with minimum pay should be temporary until you find something more sustainable.

            Not sure about the US but the problem is, with welfare, if you have a house to pay for, in the UK it actually goes against you to take a minimum wage job. Work so many hours and you lose housing benefit, if you have to pay rent on your flat. If you are single, it is better off to play the system, not justifying it, just saying how it is. I would be on welfare back in the UK, simply because I refuse to work 35-40 hours a week at mcdonalds and be spoken down to by some 20 something know it all, and still be no better off. It is not an issue of laziness, more fair pay omensurate with hours worked and how it affects the individual’s needs at that time.

            If you are a healthy 20 30 40 yrs old and there are really zero jobs available where you are at, then no one can blame you. You tried looking for jobs but none available not even minimum pay jobs. But definitely people need to make the effort.

            Agreed. But the last part people need to make the effort troubles me. What would you propose doing for those who make effort, but it is not deemed good enough and they then lose their benefits thanks to some upstart at the jobcentre who gets pissed off because you didn’t apply to mcdonalds or buffing floors at the shopping centre or as a toilet cleaner at the bus station. Noone should be forced to take a job that is beneath them, or risk losing benefits. There is enough to go around, and it is interesting how the real frauds who milk the system seem to get off scot-free:


            Your posts all hark back to the conservative notion that all the poor need to do is get off their ass to magically improve their lot, it just won’t work, when whole communities have been decimated, and nothing is in place to cover what they lost.

          • linette

            …………………., if you have a house to pay for, in the UK it actually goes against you to take a minimum wage job. Work so many hours and you lose housing benefit, if you have to pay rent on your flat. If you are single, it is better off to play the system, not justifying it, just saying how it is………….

            It is the same thing in USA. I agree with you. There is a big flaw in these welfare programs. If they are willing to work that minimum wage pay check will disqualify them from receiving their welfare benefits.(They can live better with the welfare benefits than the minimum wage pay check.)I know people who are willing to work but can’t because of this reason. This is where it doesn’t make sense with the program. I also know a lot of people who get welfare benefits and work jobs getting cash. No need to report those income to gov’t Like you say, you have to know how to play the system because people know there is flaw. So many people are doing it. This is also why a system based on good intention and good concept, being run poorly is collapsing.

            The USA and Uk gov’t need to figure out how to run them better. Maybe no more free paycheck or food stamps or medicaid cards hand out to people. Maybe hand them jobs…like job placement or something for people to earn their benefits. May not be jobs you want, but you must earn it as long as you are healthy with two hands.

    • firbert5

      I wouldn’t have been a migrant worker in China…but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • staylost

    From those photographs, it appears the photographer feels China will not modernize in the next 35 year.

    And with the very superficial dressing up of random people with white skin firmly places this outside of the world of art, and more in the realm of practical joking.

    Missing grease on the faces, weathered skin, hunched over posture, dirt on their clothes, Chinese in real positions of power, eyes that have suffered, etc. Also, pictures are taken by an amateur at composition. They aren’t even aesthetic.

    • Fortunateson

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, that the photos are meant to be a joke. I think the photographer is saying by 2050, because of development, Chinese people will have risen above all the menial jobs and will have comfortably found themselves to be in a higher financial bracket than this type of employment could afford. Now those jobs are done by foreigners, who have come to China desperate for a new beginning as their own country has all but collapsed in on itself through poor economic policy, high welfare etc. I think he is trying to represent the white workers as a stereotype, the way that Mexicans are stereotypically portrayed as doing these kind of jobs today in the States.

    • Notorious

      Staylost I totally agree with you. The photographer had no idea what he was doing because none of these people look like they are doing manual labor. The clothes lack the “high art” aesthetic quality the message he is trying to depict demands.

  • moop

    completely and utterly ridiculous. would never happen, even as a hyperbole. the entire world except china would have to have a major economic collapse with china coming out more or less unscathed (not gonig to happen) for anything remotely like this to occur. more likely would be a flood of migrants from neighboring countries in extremely harsh economic times, even then, with the exclusion of russian the people would be asian, no big nose lao wai’s. i’m sure this photo exhibit will get him some pussy though.

  • Bruce

    we must be more confident.maybe these ironic scenes that the photos describe will became startling reality in several years.come on,my great homeland.

    • The Dude

      It would be really good for China.

      At least the foreign construction workers would construct stuff properly. That way perhaps cracks wouldn’t appear in buildings after only one year, and school building wouldn’t collapse on school children.

      I’m all for it.

      What will China’s construction workers then be doing as a job replacement?

      Stock brokers? Financial consultants? Brain surgeons?

      Those foreigners have got to get rid of those orange safety vests though, no Chinese construction worker wears those, it’s camouflage all the way baby.

  • DiabloKill

    It could happen, why not??
    Everything is possible, look at China now.. =)

    • DeVitaVackra

      Agree on this! I wouldn’t be very surprised if there already are a few laowais from poor countries in Europe doing blue collar work in China, after all there are definitely europeanuts in china working in the service sector for a low pay.

    • grovesman

      Everything is possible…except…wait for it…wait for it…


      • DiabloKill

        hahahaha, maybe if the immigrants have some chinese babies, the chinese football will have a small hope.

  • mr. wiener

    Song of the article:
    “To dream the impossible dream” from Man of La Mancha.

  • Foreign Devil

    It’s already happening. Plenty of people fleeing USA recession or Europe recession to go work in China as English teachers or other related positions. Are these not migrant workers? I have a 6 month layoff coming up myself. during which I will probably go work in China rather than draw on unemployment insurance. I’m not going there to drive a tuk tuk. . . . going there to get some valuable work experience. .but will be losing money or just coming out even by working there. . after I pay my flight and bills from home.

    • Alan

      Plenty of people fleeing USA recession or Europe recession to go work in China as English teachers or other related positions

      True, but for a country that doesn’t check the status of degrees, if you have a real BA degree from a western uni, the Gulf will pay far better, with a more westernized standard of living.

      That said, I have met plenty of 40 something FT’s from Aus and the UK (mostly) fleeing child support and other such debts, and boozing it up and chasing skirt in China. Nothing wrong in having fun, but in your mid 40s, is it really a career, or not?

    • Little Wolf

      Personally, my career before China was in construction as a designer /builder of water features and rock formations for hotels, zoos, theme parks, golf resorts and private residences, etc. I was good at it and I loved the work. I have built or contributed to the construction of some of the most high-profile projects in this field, including Grizzly Peak at Disney California Adventure Park, the artificial tide pools on Waikiki Beach (too many bikinis…amazing that we ever finished the job) several resorts on Kaanapali Beach. I worked almost 2 years for Michael Jackson at Neverland Valley Ranch and a whole slew of international celebrities including a well-known Saudi arms dealer who at the time was the world’s wealthiest man that in a fit of anger to him to stick his fucking job up his ass. Not only was I not executed, I did 2 other projects for him. Sometimes I worked as the contractor of record and sometimes freelanced for other companies as project manager. Despite my position, I liked doing the work and it was rare to see me without a shovel or concrete tools in my hands. Because of this career, I was able to travel around the world on other people’s dimes and made good money at the same time. But I suppose technically I would also be classified as a migrant worker. The ironic thing is…..Because I always worked outdoors doing hard labor, Chinese would consider me to be some kind of lowlife and I don’t need to wait 50 years in the future to pose for one of these photos.

      I now work as a music editor/composer/producer for a movie company and sit in front of a computer all week creating music on Sonar, Nuendo and FL Studio DAW software. It’s not a bad gig but I really rather just be outside holding a shovel.

      • Foreign Devil

        music composer and water landscaping architect. Lot’s of talents man. I don’t know why you ever changed careers. Your former career sounds way more satisfying and rewarding. I’ve helped build a private residential rock waterfall (going into a swimming pool) and it was not easy!

        • Little Wolf

          FD: It was a fun and very satisfying career and even the meanest person in the world will stop and look at a waterfall and say “niiiiice” but all the travel and living in hotel rooms for months at a time is not all it’s cracked up to be. You arrive at a 5-star hotel in the Bahamas and it’s fun for about 2 weeks, then it wears off and you still have another 9 months there with the hotel breathing down your throat because they’re losing money everyday their pool is closed down. You’re not sitting around drinking mojitos and pina coladas all day long. I came to this movie company as a set designer/builder(alot of my projects have been used in movies and TV shows, including a few pornos) but ended up as the music director. At least now I can go home everynight and sleep in my own bed. If you click on my avatar there’s a link where I posted a few songs that got rejected :(

          Hell, I’ll just pimp it here.

          • Alan

            @ LW: I just checked your soundcloud page out. You are one seriously mean tough looking dude.

            Like the scenery in your profile pic backdrop, near hangzhou?

  • Charles

    Great idea. It’s interesting to see the Chinese responses. Seems it can only be conceived of as flattery or mockery. This is art! ;)

    • donscarletti

      Well, it is idiocy, if whites are willing to do this kind of work, surely they can do it in their own country, like their grandfathers did at the mill.

      I would call it terrorism actually. The stupider elements of the Chinese population are already lapping up the fact that China has a nominal GDP larger than Japan or Germany (countries with 1/10th and 1/15th its population respectively) and is now almost half that of the USA (a country with almost 1/4th its population) and suddenly believe that they understand management and economics better than everyone else.

      If there is anything Chinese are good at, it is complacency. If a Chinese boss thinks efficiency is good enough, he will not improve his processes. Those who do want to do things better all want to emigrate anyway because they are sick of that shit. Kiss enough Chinese arse, things will grind to a halt and all the smart, ambitious and hard working Chinese will continue flocking to the west nomatter if it is in ruins or not.

      • linette

        Until China change their gov’t system. No poor educated Chinese wants to live there. They all want to leave China and live in other place like HK, Singapore, or Taiwan. Only the rich Chinese, the gov’t officials, the white foreigners, and the uneducated middle class are content living in China. For the middle class they are blessed because of their ignorance. The less you understand about human rights and equal opportunity, the happier you are living in China. And China gov’t wants to keep it that way.

        • linette

          Let me correct my typo. I meant

          Until china change their gov’t system, no educated Chinese who are poor wants to live in China. They all want to leave China and live in other places like HK, Singapore, or Taiwan.

          Only the rich Chinese, the gov’t officials, the white foreigners, and the uneducated middle class are content living in China. For the middle class they are blessed because of their ignorance. The less you understand about human rights and equal opportunity, the happier you are living in China. And China gov’t wants to keep it that way.

          And the poor rural China chinese just can’t get out of their hell hole with the segregation system working against them. Their only hope is marry foreigners.

      • Notorious

        [Well, it is idiocy, if whites are willing to do this kind of work, surely they can do it in their own country, like their grandfathers did at the mill.]

        Those jobs are all in china now.

  • Dig it. I shovel

  • Pong Lenis

    Well, Russian prostitutes are already common.

    • Wang Lijun

      And British hostesses in Japan.

    • The Dude

      ‘Well, Russian prostitutes are already common.’

      The only difference is they don’t wear protection like Chinese construction workers do.

  • red scarf

    Haha love it.

    And young Chinese men will become the evil laowai of Africa, drinking and chasing girls and doing no good…..

    • Nick in Beijing

      Best comment of the day!

    • asdf

      LOL Chinese men chasing black girls. that’s even harder to imagine than white migrant workers in China.

      • Justice

        What makes you think African girls like some of these dirty uncultured Chinese boys? Maybe the poor uneducated ones. I understand you. They are not white. In China you place white color above all things. For a foreigner to qualify as a teacher in China, the only requirement is skin color. It is easier for a Russian to get teaching job than a black from America. And you cry wolf when white people look down on you.
        For your information, Educated African girls will never date a common ill-mannered,uncivilized,uncultured,rude, dirty Chinaman.

        Most of them have lost respect for China because of the kind of business Chinese are doing in Africa. Menial jobs. Mining gold illegally in the bush at night. Selling articles near roads illegally. Doing the smallest form of retail in the poorest parts of Africa.
        You don’t have to worry about whether Chinese boys like black girls, the fact is that highly educated black girls will never, and I repeat, never date a common China man.
        I hope you will enjoy reading the following links

        • Frank Zappa

          is it something related to the size of the 小弟弟? in effect for an african woman there’s no point in dating a chinese.

          • brizmat


            how about saying that you have no idea about what you are talking about?
            Anyway,not all women like big dicks.
            though nature dectates there,but you dont need to come up with that conclusion.

          • cc

            Its because all black women have cxxts like buckets

          • mr. wiener

            Unless you have stats to back that up you only have your own experience to make that claim from. Might I suggest your pecker is on the petite side of miniscule?

      • red scarf
    • Nick in Beijing

      I guess Frenchy McFrencherton is either a self hating European (for some weird reason… Great land, Europe [and I am from the U.S.!]), an attention whore looking for cheap quick puss puss in the Middle Kingdom and a quick step into the spotlight, or he is a naive twat China monger.

      Would never happen, if the evil laowai were so ingrained into Chinese society then they would likely sway society and politics in China, and likely wouldn’t stay that way very long. It’s not in the blood of people from much of the Western world to simply lay down and accept that kind of situation. If it were, then many Western countries wouldn’t be developed as they are.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Oh what the hell? This was supposed to be an independent post. My mistake.

      • simon

        talk to yourself much? haha

        • jeffli

          you schtoopid too! simple simon!

    • Notorious

      And africans will do what they’ve been previously doing with the offspring of chinese men and african single mothers – killing them.

      • Capt. WED

        whoa whoa Notorious going double-think psychotic again…

        So the other day reading your posts again I was just WTF because earlier you had reasons for young black males that”that no one cares about them” so they don’t give a fuck and then later you did a 180 and went completely xenophobic when it came to Muslims. What???

        So I was right you are one of those conservative/nazi/liberal/hippie? LMAO.

        • Notorious

          no, i just have an extreme personal dislike of a religion that enslaves women. nothing to feel sorry about there,

          • Frank Zappa

            so you’re against almost all religions i guess

          • Alan

            i just have an extreme personal dislike of a religion that enslaves women. nothing to feel sorry about there

            As opposed to an ideology, confucianism, that enslaves women.

            Do some reading on China, past, and present….worlds highest suicide rate for women folk, wtf do you think that means? Can ye nae , Grow outside yer box….

          • 404namenotfound

            “i just have an extreme personal dislike of a religion that enslaves women”? another fag that thinks Saudi Arabia is a representation of Islam.

        • Ami

          Notoriously bi-polar~

      • brizmat

        brainless people like you wont miss in a community.

  • Getrealson

    Of all the interesting things that could be posted on a public forum for debate and I come across this crap. Something a ten year old girl posts on flickr/youtube etc.

    • ACE

      Really nothing to debate about and it should happen sooner than you can imagine so GET REAL WHITE TRASH! Just accept your fate.

      • mr. wiener

        Hush Ace, the grownups are speaking.

        • ACE

          never understand why one would use sausage as a a video on how they’re made & you’ll know what you’re made of – WASTE!

          • Chinggis was here

            That’s because you’re a fine example of the world’s future! Mr Weiner has stated previously that he used to make sausages.

            Don’t WASTE your time here, ACE.. Join your enlightened brethren on the ‘there’s no TRASH like Chinese trash in the ‘China has the strongest pollution in the world ‘ thread.

  • andywattbulb

    btw, those loawai are too cute to be doing shit jobs.

    • KongMingQin

      No one is ”too cute” to perform those kind of jobs, every job is honorable unless it is mafia,prostitution,robbery,bandits,etc
      What people need is a simpler mind, and accepting more humble tasks in life

      • Notorious

        cute or beautiful labor don’t toil or labor. i teach my daughter that she must maintain her beauty if she is going to have a good life. you get better jobs, better access in life if you are beautiful. so now she dresses like a boy. showed my ass.

        • brizmat

          just get a way out and learn how to live and respect others , other than eating chinese noodles and think that that is the end of life.more to what you said, you tried to give your daughter good life,but she chose what she wanted to be. if you can take the blame, then blame yourself, if you wanna blame her be it.
          that wont stop her from dressing like a boy,and it doesnt mean that you are a bad have to take what your life is mearnt to be.
          dont be good for nothing.take a picture the same thing happening to chinese abroad. i dont think you have ever thought about it.

  • Eric

    wow, what as stupid and not well produced series. Go Frenchy!

  • no

    why would people always have to have an “ulterior motive”? Nobody needs to flatter china and I don’t even think that the photographer here is. Maybe just puting in picture the fact that China is growing really fast, getting richer, pple come to the city, less and less farmers, on the other side you see the situation of europe, bad economy, nobody can find a job, cutting down on our privileges, so some day, if the situation doesn’t change, we will be the one looking for any kind of job, anything that could bring us some money to survive. The guy is not praising china nor he is saying that “we will take over china” by these pictures. Why do pple always have to be so nationalist and so on the defencive when it comes to their country, makes everybody do stupid things.

    • fortunateson

      Totally agree. Well said.

    • brizmat

      good point. to me i think china will grow economically,but socially worldwide,it still needs 100 years.
      when you are making money in china,the chinese are on your neck that you are “milking their country”,when you are struggling for a day,the chinese will say that you are about to take their land.
      it doesnt make sense. make the whole china look like a glass,but her people,never.

  • mp

    The East is White. Just ask Niel Heywood. “A new life awaits you in the Celestial Kingdom. The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure…”

  • Eurotras

    looks like they finally realized they need westerners to do even the simplest work more efficiently, (doing it at all) and maybe even get them trained instead those new buildings with lose tiles and cracks… however, they dont look blue eyed to me, actually rather french…so i recon, endless strikes down the road… hope they dont run the airport .

  • manusan

    houlala !!!!!!!

    Ces gars-là, les vois plutot à l’accueil des SPA réservés aux dames.

    translate to understand.

  • Little Wolf

    Ok folks…..I don’t really know much about air pollution except that the Hangzhou pollution has undoubtedly removed 10 years from my life, much to my ex-wife’s delight. (on 2nd thought, in the time it took me to compose this masterpiece, this new thread is taking on steam) So instead, I am submitting the debut episode of the new CCTV sensation…….

    Episode 1: The Mystery of le lo
    SCENE 1:
    Inside the luxurious office of BH INDUSTRIES in a skyscraper in downtown Seoul, Brett is winding down after a rough day of cyber-sleuthing in his faux-rock hot tub complete with waterfall simulated to resemble a natural pool which he had all the rocks custom-made to enable his favorite positions from the Kama Sutra. Relaxing to the soothing sounds of the latest Sevendust CD, he is surrounded by several ladies of different nationalities sporting thongs and enjoying appletinis (stirred, not shaken) A lovely Vietnamese girl is hand-feeding Brett’s main food staple, Hostess Ding Dongs® to him while a Brazilian beauty is wiping the crumbs off his mouth with a silk napkin. Standing behind each shoulder and fanning him with giant banana leaves are Japanese twins “Fook Me” and “Fook Yu”, having thrown Austin Powers under the bus awhile back while he is explaining to his guests, mr.weiner and moop, how he made his fortune by harnessing the power of Chinese “Dragon Breath” (a mixture of garlic, cigarette smoke and moutai) into an alternative fuel so potent that a single tank-full is capable of lighting Las Vegas for weeks.

    moop: (takes a hit from Brett’s solid gold bong) Damn. I wish I thought of that. I’ve spent more than my fair share of taxi rides with my head out the window.
    mr. weiner: (positioning a buxom Ukrainian girl over 1 of Brett’s specially designed boulders for rear entry) Don’t feel bad moop. I didn’t sink my teeth into that idea either.
    Suddenly, a red phone near the spa with a spinning red fire truck light on top goes off with One Way Mirror’s “Destination Device” as the ringtone playing at ear-splitting decibels.
    Brett: Uh-oh….it’s the hotline. (answers the phone) Mushi-Mushi! (puts his hand over the phone and the girls giggle on cue) Oh…..hi Fauna. (a woman’s voice murmurs on the other end)….Yeah…………………………..Yeah…………Ok, I’m on it…… Ta-Ta………huh?……………..oh, it means goodbye in………..shit, I dunno what language….ok….bye. (hangs up the phone) Gentlemen, that was Fauna from China smack. I’m gonna have to get back to work. I’ve got a case to solve.

    mr.weiner (while laying some serious pipe to the Ukranian girl) What’s the case?
    Brett: It seems Chinasmack was seriously trolled. She wants me to unmask a troll that goes by the name of “le lo”
    Moop: Hey Brett, do you think we can give you a hand with this case? I always wanted to see a real cyber-sleuth in action.
    Mr. weiner: (who is now snorting lines off the Ukrainian girls ass) YEAH! ME TOO!
    Brett: Sure thing guys. Glad to have you aboard. (presses the intercom button to speak with his secretary) eattot!
    eattot: Yes boss?
    Brett: Can you call The Wondergirls and tell them to prepare my Lear Jet?
    eattot: Sure thing, boss. Where are we going?
    Brett: We’re going to “THE SUCK”
    eattot: Guangzhou?
    Brett: No….not that SUCK. The other SUCK. ……..Shanghai

    Brett, moop and weiner are discussing the case while members of The Wondergirls are feeding them grapes while the other Wondergirls pilot the plane.

    weiner: You know……”le” sounds French. Remember that movie “The French Connection”? It was about heroin. Maybe “le lo” is Little Wolf.
    Brett: Well…that’s not bad cyber-sleuthing for an amateur, mr. weiner. But while Little Wolf may be a maturity-impaired, arrogant, narcissistic ass-hole, he’s certainly not a troll. Best to leave it to the professionals…like me.
    moop: What about the “lo” part? You know, they used to call Jennifer Lopez “J-Lo” for awhile. Maybe there’s a clue in one of her songs.
    Brett: (excitedly) You could be on to something there, moop. Anyway, we’re getting close to the jump-zone so it’s time to put on our parachutes.
    eattot: Hey boss. I don’t have a parachute.
    Mr. Weiner: It’s ok eattot. You can just hold on to me. Really, really tight.
    Eattot: YOU GO DIE WEINER!
    Brett: Relax eattot. I brought an extra one, just for you.
    The red warning bell goes on and Wondergirl opens the door while they double-check their rigs and break the seal on their glow sticks and line-up to jump. The light turns green and one by one they exit the plane and freefall into the blackness of the China sky. As they pull their ripcords and float towards the earth they spot a signal fire in the distance where they will rendezvous with Fauna……….and destiny.

    (organ music plays)
    Announcer: (in the voice of Anchorman, Ron Burgundy) Will Brett unmask the mysterious “le lo”? Tune in next week for Episode 2 of…………………

    • Brett Hunan

      Very enjoyable read, I’m looking forward to the next episode. Hats off to you, Little Wolf!

      As for le lo, I didn’t get to read much of what he posted because chinaSMACK was all jacked up this last week… this will take some serious detective work.

    • moop


      • Little Wolf

        Brett, moop: Glad you guys enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I underestimated the amount of controversy this topic generated and the eagerness of commenters to argue without taking a time out for a little comic relief :(

        (Note to self: Post the next episode on a slower thread)

        • linette

          little wolf.

          hahah…we have bigger issue. That China gov’t is making me sick. Where is my vomit bucket?

          How come I am not in your comic? Please don’t write me down as a mean bxtch.

          • Little Wolf

            linette: How would you feel about being a bullwhip-wielding dominatrix that commits unspeakable acts on Brett as he is tied to the 4 corners of a bed? I originally pictured Fauna in this role(for some strange reason) but I think I can switch things around.

          • mr. wiener

            I’d buy that for a dollar!

          • Little Wolf

            Oh weiner, you can’t even imagine the horrors I have in store for you.

          • Brett Hunan


            Good lord!!

          • linette

            Little Wolf

            bullwhip-wielding dominatrix??? So you are saying I am a mean bxtch? You know I am not really that intimidating in person. I am only 5ft2in and 109lb. I can’t even hurt a puppy. And I am terrified of mice.(I don’t mind the lab mice but mice in the wild terrifies me. How strange right?) I am still afraid of my mom.

            If you want to write me as a mean bxtch..then you should write me down as a something like Poison Ivy in DC comic or maybe black widow in Iron man. Now they are badass bxtches. I am a good girl at work. I do dominatrix in the bedroom only. hahaha…

          • I’d download it if I couldn’t get a real copy for a dollar.

            I’m not only looking forward to Brett being whipped dominatrix-style, but the horrors in store for Herr Weiner are sending tingles down my spine.

            Let me get comfy. Don’t mention me though, meta-stuff always throws off my rythm…

          • Little Wolf

            linette: Don’t worry. I was going to write your character as a typical dominatrix with a heart of gold.

          • mr. wiener

            As the saying goes: I used to be into S&M, necrophilia and bestiality until I realized I was just flogging a dead horse.

          • Little Wolf

            S&M? Spaniards and Mexicans?

          • mr. wiener

            S&M= sadism and masochism , I s’pose these days it would be B+S [bondage and sadism] ,but to me that sounds all wrong as a B and S ball [bachelors and spinsters] is a fine tradition of the Aussie bush and not to be confused with weirdo practices of the suburbs.

        • moop

          might i suggest one of the song translation posts? those are always slow

          • Little Wolf

            Good idea…but I wouldn’t want Fauna to think I’m hijacking a section of her site. But if it is slow…maybe the song section can be changed to an area for readers to post their own articles and such. Just me thinking out loud.

  • jeffli

    Whatever happens there will never be the clean air and beaches of Australia and New Zealand.
    There will never be poison free milk, clean water, fresh tasty vegetables and fruit, poison free livestock

    China is different,
    I work here for a foreign company, not a Chinese company.
    I will go back after two years, and live in a clean quiet suburb where society stares down at rude people. Where I don’t worry about my three year old grandchildren get kidnapped and sent to the other side of the country by heartless bitches and bastards to work the streets half starved begging for money.

    If the rest of the world adopts this child kidnapping schtick then I give up on the world,God, buddha and whatever. I will officially declare the world hell all over.

  • KongMingQin

    Well,that would make some sense, specially when the world is going under this crisis and European economy is going down but… we cant really predict the future… In 2050 of couse China would be the ”Overlord”, the ”Big Brother” of the world… but I think that the world would be a toxic waste untill there, lack of food,water,pollution around the globe… the price humanity will pay for living a ‘modern’ life and ”european”/”american” life standards… we’ll see only suffering and destruction in the future =/

    • jeffli

      No not the world think south of the equator my dear!
      you asians and europeans BOTH are screwing up the environment, but at least its better down south!

  • This is more satirical than anything. With China’s population continuing to boom, I don’t think there will even be room for westerners to find basic jobs like this in China (nor would they necessarily want to…)

  • dim mak

    >all foreigners are Westerners
    >all Westerners are white
    >durr let’s talk like the world is just us and white people

    What drives this shit mentality? It’s everywhere and even seen in developed Asian countries and overseas Chinese living in diverse cities

    Most immigrants are gonna be middle-aged, brown men coming from poor, overpopulated 3rd world countries.

    But like Japan and Korea, China will probably never allow any significant number of permanent foreign immigrants. At most, temporary workers.

  • Such predictions remind of the 1980’s when Japan was poised to takeover running the planet.

    Meanwhile, big trouble in little China . . .

    • dim mak

      If Japan had 1.4 billion people and 9.6 million square kilometers of land, they probably would have.

      Guess what.

      • Alan

        If Japan had 1.4 billion people and 9.6 million square kilometers of land, they probably would have.

        Problem is, Japan is NOT China. So the land and population is meaningless, China depends on imports, not least for energy and food…..

    • Chad

      And Japan now “only” has a higher GDP per capita than many European countries and is “only” the fourth largest economy in the world. But yeah the media was scaremongering a little bit. However, if China’s GDP per capita rises to even half of Japan’s, it will likely be the largest economy in the world.

      • KongMingQin

        Well,and way before people used to mock the Japanese right?? then see the results… Japan is better than any European country, and America… And thats because Japan population and space is very limited.
        People WILL suffer when they mock China… ¬¬”

        • Alan

          Japan is better than any European country, and America…

          Evidence? Or what you assert is meaningless?

          I could say the UAE and other gulf states are better than China because they have higher gdp, but are they?

          Also Japan was given a lot, by why yes, America….fair play to the japanese though they prospered. Unlike China, which having been taught to fish, ISN’T fishing for itself…..once the manufacturing moves to Vietnam, get back to me with what China has given the world, I guarantee it won’t take long to write up either.

          • asdf

            He probably based his judgement on the popularity of Japanese media/popculture around the globe. In terms of soft power Japan is truly ahead of the entire EU combined. But their military and certain heavy industries are strictly controlled by the US.

            don’t know what has china has given to the world? Go search it up. the list is pretty long.

            And what do you mean China will stop “fishing for itself” once they transition out of manufacturing. Oh what are you now a prophet? Please tell me more about China’s inevitable future collapse Nostradamus.

          • Alan

            And what do you mean China will stop “fishing for itself” once they transition out of manufacturing. Oh what are you now a prophet?

            @ asdf:

            What does china “innovate” as opposed to imitate.

            Haier doesn’t count because it was German tech. They assemble airplanes, but don’t yet have their own airliner.

            Aside from a/c units, and dodgy cars, I can’t think of one famous chinese brand, tsingtao beer doesn’t count either because the germans set it going, so….any others?

            Teach a man to fish and all that…..

        • Frank Zappa

          japan better than any european country? is it a jocke? GDP doesn’t mean better quality of life, on this point of view europeans countries are still better than anyone. and don’t tell me about debts, japan is the only country with a debt far more larger than europeans, 200% of annual gdp or more… and an endless economic crysis.
          Japan better than all europe for soft-power? yes, maybe if you’re an otaku manga fanatic… but seriously, are you jocking? which is the softpower? naruto? or habit an custom that belong to europe and some in american seems have forgot? what is more popular pizza or sushi? red wine or sake? When you think about luxury cars, clothes, places to visit, language to study, food to eat, and so on, you think more about european things or japanase? isn’t this soft power? even italy, france or spain by themself have more soft power than japan for a non-manga fan.

      • Genki

        And many European countries have a GDP per capital than Japan.
        Only about 8 European countries, mostly western and nothern European countries.
        And dont forget that Japan has the largest Debt in the world.
        Doesnt take away the fact that Japan is one of my favorite countries in the world! Love that place.

    • linette

      China is so huge. It’s a huge country.

      Hope by 3000 China’s population will shrink to six hundred millions. Only one language should be spoken in China which is Mandarin with Cantonese and English taught as second language in public school. No more segregation system. Reform health care system. Make it more like universal health. Free education for all. Clean up populations and open more to foreigners so it can be a more cultural diverse nation. Sure, any foreigners are welcome to work in China and live there.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Problem is in China it will NEED that extra thousand years to make such miniscule and fundamental progress.

        I’m reminded of a certain type of domicile. Which is placed upon a certain type of wide flat platform. That platform is intended to be made of some sort of hard stone-like material reinforced with long piece of really strong metally stuff. Only to find out that the hard stone-like material is actually made of powdered dirt dug up from the adjacent street, and the long metally stuff is actually straw…

        Getting China’s population down won’t be very hard. Just wait another 60 or so years when China finds itself underpopulated and the average citizen having to take the jobs of up to 4 people to make the same wages just to sustain this poorly constructed house of cards.

  • Northerner

    Old hat already, The Canadians, again, The Canadians, beat you too it and did a far better job; you pathetic French twat.

  • Alex L

    Foxconn, here I come!!!

  • Bordem

    Never happen. For some reason Chinese worship the West. This hasn’t changed in several hundred years. I see no reasons why it will a couple hundred from now. Were not some saying the same in the 1980’s about the Japanese? Did Japan take over the world as some said they would? No. Not even close as the Japanese economy is in shambles. There are far too many Chinese peasants for other Chinese to take advantage of. 1.4 billion people? You can bet Chinese will be fucking over other Chinese for years to come before they hire Western hands to work as garbage men.

    • Right…

      China hasn’t always worshipped the West. It was precisely because the Chinese thought they were superior to the Westerners that they shut themselves off pre-1850s (which as you can see led to their fall). Now that it’s clear they have some catching up to do, the Chinese are overcompensating by absorbing anything and everything Western.

      And why wouldn’t things change in the future? What we can be sure of is that nothing lasts in this world. So as much as you don’t like thinking that Westerners won’t be at the top, it’s going to happen sooner or later.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Why wouldn’t things change? There are a few reasons.

        For one thing, the mentality in China that things must be done “slowly, and step by step” is a garbage line fed to them by their leaders to try to justify why things don’t improve for the common person more quickly or to a more significant degree (government officials drive extremely expensive cars, lead extravagant lives, and literally can get away with murder and rape, while in the countryside it’s not uncommon to find villages without even running water or electricity). The problem with that is that most people buy it.

        For another thing corruption is so heavily into Chinese society by way of this guan xi and face nonsense that most Chinese put so much stock into that for most people as long as they can take advantage of connections they don’t want to change the way things are done, and if admitting a mistake will make someone lose face, no one will willingly fess up to making any mistakes (just ask the government).

        Finally China has had thousands of years of history over most other countries in the world, and most people still suffer the same standard of living as they did a hundred years ago, but with pollution belching machinery looming over every hill instead of relatively fresh air and clean crops.

        China is so heavily polarized that it shouldn’t surprise anyone if the whole construct just rips itself apart as the two extremes speed away from each other.

        And finally as Bordem pointed out: As long as those with even the tiniest bit of influence and money have enormous masses of uneducated people to screw over for personal gain, they will, and that will undermine change. People in China will see the way of life of many Western people as a beacon of good living, while at the same time hating and fearing them due to cultural prejudices and an unwillingness to look forward instead of backwards (at history). Further polarization, and it appears to be cyclical.

        • linette

          Nick in Beijing

          I agree. Corruption..those cHINA gov’t officials and rich people are standing in the way preventing China from progressing into a nation that respect human rights and freedom. They need to be removed.

        • Right…

          And how did Western societies get to where they are now? Too many people have forgotten what things were like before their countries became developed. It was not an overnight transformation for sure.

          1. Corruption and connection – I agree you have a fair point there. Class and connections certainly mattered in the West for centuries, in recent years, the West has done a lot to mitigate that through rule of law. I agree China will need to work harder in that aspect because it really is holding the country back.

          2. Pollution and screwing over people – Sorry, but how did you think Western societies got to where they are today? First there was slavery and indentured servitude, in which the white elite screwed over blacks/natives and poor whites for personal gain. Then, when that was no longer socially acceptable, costs were kept down with low wages, poor working conditions and child labor. In the early 1900s, cities in the Western world were blanketed by such thick smog that it killed people. But of course white elites didn’t care because they wanted to line their own pockets. Unfortunately, this is the only path to industrialization that anyone has ever known.

          And yet, the Western world was able to change for the better thanks to a rising middle class that became increasingly socially conscious. As far as I know, China is also developing a middle class and that middle class is becoming increasingly vocal about rights/social consciousness. Whether this will be squashed in China by the Communist Party is another matter. But then again, who would’ve thought the Communist Party would liberalize the market?

          3. The whole “thousands of years of history” thing has no bearing on the future. Sure China was great for centuries, but what is it like now? Europe wallowed in poverty and obscurity for centuries, but what is it like now? It all just goes to show that nothing is static.

    • dim mak

      Oh we’ve been fucking each other over since times immemorial, you win that bet

      But how about we bet $100 each on whether or not China becomes the largest economy by 2050?

      • Nick in Beijing

        GDP doesn’t necessarily reflect fundamental social progress.

        • dim mak

          Yeah China is all about social progress and not making money

          >per capita
          >living standards
          >selfish individualism

          • Alan

            Yeah China is all about social progress and not making money

            >per capita
            >living standards
            >selfish individualism

            Which hole are you talking out of now , mouth or arse? You make no sense at all?

      • moop

        i’d take that bet. it’s not going to happen, you are blinded by nationalism. there is nothing about china’s economy that even lends itself to this kind of fantasy. 63 million empty homes and rising, they are lowering interest rates again which is going to increase borrowing (more places are going to start to have problems paying them back, like local governments), demand for their goods is being reduced especially in europe, and factories are starting to move out of china. you are living in a dream world

        • dim mak

          Really? How about 8-10% annual growth for the last 30+ years? How about that China still has over half the population to urbanize and add to the middle class?

          >Housing bubble
          Sure, it’s a problem
          But it’s only a setback. Even if it goes up, it will fuck up the economy at most, what, a few years?

          Face it, economic capacity is directly proportional to population size. It’s the simplest thing in the world. It’s true and there’s no way around it. As long as you have the motivation to profit, profit, profit you will realize most of that capacity the way other East Asian countries have. And on that front, China is no slacker.

          • Alan

            Face it, economic capacity is directly proportional to population size

            Then how do you explain the United Arab Emirates or Switzerland which manufacture virtually nothing, have a low population, but whose citizens are rich and enjoy welfare beyond your average han chinese persons wildest dreams.

            I know, now you are going to come back with, but…..han this, yada yada,,,,or do what your fellow compatriots do and plug your ears and cry like a baby and throw the toys out of the pram when you hear something you don’t like to hear. check it out, wot sayeth thee lad….

          • moop

            your 8% of growth is a lie because you calculate gdp by including unsold goods (like houses). its actually more like 4-6%.

            they wont urbanize them and they dont want to. just last year there was an official urging rural teens to not go to college.

            the problem is china isn’t strong enough to weather a housing bubble or a similar financial crisis, especially in the near future.

          • dim mak

            So? Lots of countries release growth figures before calculating for real GDP. The evidence for China’s success is on the ground. If they were really fudging the numbers so much don’t you think it would be felt in the markets long ago?

            >they wont urbanize them
            Yes, Chinese people are content living like farmers with no aspirations of a better life

            The CCP aims for at least 70% urbanization by 2050


            In the near term a housing bubble would indeed be disastrous, but the point is that China is such a huge place it is guaranteed a massive economy in the long run regardless of roadblocks

            I look forward to your 100bux

          • moop

            a party mouth piece is an excellent source of info. urbanization isn’t about what the peasants want. they (ccp) need people to work the fields so they can feed their monstrosity of a population cheaply without importing too much food. this is why you won’t see that 70% urbanization rate anytime soon.

            you are clueless about the affect a financial crisis like a housing bubble would have a an economy like china’s where the people don’t have a lot of options for investment and therefore most of their investments are actually in housing. not to mention the raw material export slowdown that would ensue, affecting the world market heavily, since a lot of commodities for building are exported from china. the chinese economy runs off of construction. the service sector is a joke, and manufacturing is losing its competitive edge. in comes another stimulus, followed by inflation, and a national economic slowdown to tame the inflation.

          • dim mak

            Really? China is already about 50% urbanized and increasing. Do you see the CCP stopping this progress to keep farmers around?

            Irrelevant. You’re thinking short-term, like so many foreigners do. Let’s exaggerate and say a housing crash causes a 15-year depression. It does not change the fact that China is still a huge place with a huge population that’s guaranteed a huge economy sooner or later. The Chinese economy runs on what it does now because it’s a developing country. Over time China will shift into services and high end manufacturing just like all the other Asian countries.

          • Alan

            You’re thinking short-term, like so many foreigners do.

            Thats rich, coming from someone of chinese nationality.

            The chinese business model is all about the short term, clothes shop closes down, gets changed into a restaurant, restaurant closes, becomes something else, or sits vacant, hairdressers opens, then closes…..short term greed, nothing more.

          • moop

            again we are arguing about whether this will happen by 2050, and it will not. china will not be the number one economy before 2050. it’s a dream. wishful thinking that you are blind to because you’ve got your nationalist hopes pinned on the ccp’s doctored statistics and promises.

            2050 is only 38 years away, that is pretty short term, what we are arguing about is the short term, so of course i’m thinking short term. i am saying that china is going to have a financial crisis most likely because of a real estate bubble and they will enter into an economic slow down that will prevent them from becoming number one so soon.

            china very well may become number 1 someday, but it wont be by or before 2050 more than likely. and it won’t be because of ingenuity or technological achievement, but simply because they have a large population and the numbers will eventually just get there, they have to eventually. there is nothing impressive about china being number 2 or being number one, the only thing impressive is that it has taken them so long.

            keep your 100 bucks, you can buy a lot of gum drops to go with your sunshine farts and your pet unicorn in la la land

          • dim mak

            And I contend that the housing bubble is not enough to slow down China’s economy so much that it won’t become the largest by 2050, that’s the point. At current growth rates China will surpass the US well before 2050, how much of a setback are you imagining? Note that China is a growing country, our bubble is not analogous to what Japan experienced when they overshot their capacity and would NOT cause some kind of 20 year stagnation, a few years of reduced growth at most.

            >ingenuity or technological achievement
            Hasn’t been an important factor since globalization

            >large population
            Large populations matter. Should’ve had more kids eh?

          • moop

            china will be lucky to grow 2%-4% in the effects of a housing bubble. you clearly have read nothing but short articles from places like the global times and have no real understanding of economics or the business cycle. china in all of her 5000 year might and 1.3 billion mouths to feed can’t and won’t escape the business cycle. china’s growth is throttling down and the lowering of interest rates which just happened recently are only going to make the problems china has worse, as money becomes easier to borrow again and chinese speculators and the citizenry without many investment options continues to invest in construction/real estate and further propping up the bubble and local/provincial governments will borrow more (which a lot are already having trouble paying back). the real estate bubble will be japan-like, its already starting to look like it, not only that but the bubble in china will significantly effect canada and australia, HARD, as in 3 real estate bubbles at once, their markets are heavily dependent on chinese construction commodities. the demographic decline slated to start in 2014/15 isn’t going to help much either, as their population of economically active people (ages 15-64) start to drop off and its productivity ratios are projected to drop around this time as well. put down your flag, pop the ccp’s dick out of your mouth and read a book

          • dim mak

            Yeah, I don’t read the Global Times or any of its sister publications.

            >aging population
            Sure, but it doesn’t mean China won’t move into higher sectors the way other aging, low birth rate Asian countries have. Worked for them, will work for us. Plus, China’s growth is largely driven by investment and domestic consumption, the export factor was only the catalyst that got us going.

            >real estate bubble will be japan-like
            But its long term consequences won’t be, because again, China is a developing country. Even the effects of Japan’s bubble is debatable. Had there not been one, would they have continued to grow exponentially until their GDP per capita went through the roof? Doubtful. Their output was determined by their population size, as is China’s.

            >still believing in a business ‘cycle’
            Hello, it’s 2012. Whatever is perceived a cyclical is better explained through tertiary factors like demographics and are usually too long to fit standard models. Even going by classical definition China would STILL be on the rise based on sheer economic potential, as in housing inflation being merely an obstacle in continued growth instead of heralding an overall downturn. All your arguments presupposes China being in a similar state of development as 1st world countries that have run short on demand and capital, when we clearly haven’t. So take your skyscraper panic shit and shove it.

          • moop

            “China’s growth is largely driven by investment and domestic consumption”…. you are officially not worth my time any longer. anyone who can say with a straight face that the chinese economy is driven by domestic consumption is either willyfully lying or too ignorant to comprehend anything else.

            it’s funny, those of us who believe in the business cycle were also the ones who correctly predicted the dot com bubble, real estate bubble, and financial crisis, etc. you’re not very learned on the subject of economics are you? maybe a little econ 101 in school? demand curves sure are tough

            “Sure, but it doesn’t mean China won’t move into higher sectors the way other aging, low birth rate Asian countries have. Worked for them, will work for us.”

            yeah, it hasn;t worked for them and has only exacerbated japan’s problems

            “But its long term consequences won’t be, because again, China is a developing country. Even the effects of Japan’s bubble is debatable. Had there not been one, would they have continued to grow exponentially until their GDP per capita went through the roof? Doubtful. Their output was determined by their population size, as is China’s. ”

            you’re right, it has potential to be worse because unlike japan’s bubble that was limited to housing, china’s spreads from housing, commercial property, and construction. Even that piece of shit krugman is turning bear on china, after keeping his fingers crossed for so long that the ccp somehow could outsmart the markets.

          • dim mak

            Do you have a problem with the reality?


            Domestic consumption != private consumption

            Predicting the crises you listed is only a reflection of the economic circumstances that led to those events, using the same measure to predict similar events in other circumstances (i.e. developing countries) has been shown entirely inaccurate either because 1. It’s too minor and overlooked or 2. It doesn’t happen at all. It’s worthless on a macroeconomic scale. That’s why people are moving away from the cyclical model you idiot.

            How exactly hasn’t it worked for Japan? All bubbles affect other sectors, shit’s irrelevant. If China enjoys even a fraction the success of Japan or any former Asian tiger we’d easily be the largest economy. What exactly is stopping us?

            Fuck that faggot. Krugman is inconsistent on China and even when right obviously puts his politics before his economics, as can be seen from the long line of liberals lining up to suck his dick

        • simon

          actually moop lowering interest rates lowers borrowing costs and makes it easier to repay. that’s why governments around the world lower interest rates to stimulate growth, not sure where you got your economics insights from.

          and there are a lot of indications that point to the fact that China could become the largest nation calculated by GDP in 40 years, but i am too lazy to source them.

          it’s like someone saying 20 years ago that China could never become the 2nd largest nation calculated by GDP by today, it can happen and it will probably happen ceteris paribus.

          • moop

            lowering interest rates make borrowing more attractive and increases borrowing, which leads to more debt. hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      • Nick in Beijing

        I should say that GDP or ranking of a nation’s economy is one measure of progress, and a stronger economy does have a tendency to reflect a stronger society. But again, GDP doesn’t necessarily mean fundamental social progress, nor does strength necessarily imply development for the good of all.

      • linette

        I rather live in a country that is more poor but with better gov’t system. You don’t need a lot of money to be happy. You just need basic things like health, food, comfy safe shelter, clean air. All that should be accessible to every citizen in a country. And China is nothing like that.

        • Nick in Beijing

          Well said.

      • moop

        you said this:”“China’s growth is largely driven by investment and domestic consumption””

        your articles says this: “China grows thanks to high levels of investment—far higher than those seen in previous Asian miracles such as South Korea and Japan. The corollary of this is low levels of private consumption. ” investment in… CONSTRUCTION/real estate… and their domestic consumption is… LOW.

        “Predicting the crises you listed is only a reflection of the economic circumstances that led to those events, using the same measure to predict similar events in other circumstances (i.e. developing countries) has been shown entirely inaccurate either because 1. It’s too minor and overlooked or 2. It doesn’t happen at all. It’s worthless on a macroeconomic scale. That’s why people are moving away from the cyclical model you idiot.”

        no, they were predicted by using economic principles, you know the ones that you apparently think china is immune to. you’re clueless. no one is moving away from the cyclical model you twit, keynesianism has allowed governments to simply pump stimulus into economies when they experience negative fluctuations.

        i agree krugman is a bitch, i just think its odd that you feel the same way since you basically sound like he did last year.

        • dim mak

          Domestic consumption isn’t just private or household you clownshoe, that’s just a media simplification. Most of China’s enterprises are state owned. Your business cycle principle would have easily missed similar phenomenon had it not been so incredibly obvious when those events occurred in developed, first world countries. If you wanna say fluctuation then say fluctuation. Cycle makes it sound like you see it coming for sure. You can’t just keep making up China doomsday scenarios based on theory while not accounting for the simplest thing: human capital. That’s why every China naysayer has gone in the shitter over the past 10 years. Next up: Nouriel Roubini and Gordon Chang. In fact if you were applying business cycle correctly you’d see it as a cycle starting from China’s reforms to whenever growth starts to really level out, and that sure isn’t anytime soon.

          If Krugman is ever right whilst pandering to his fan club, it is only by coincidence.

          • Alan


            Human capital, you say?

            Then why the belt tightening and the property bubble on the mainland set to burst, read the news, pull your head out, come over on a plane to China and take a look for yourself.

            Why? Right outside my flat, 2 million rmb houses, all unsold, the sales office girls hanging around bored witless every day with no clients, except for the odd nosy parker or horny chinese guy trying to chat them up.

            Economic miracle, boom, more like about to go bust soon…..pfffft.

          • moop

            i said already that business cycle is a misnomer. maybe you should find out what it means before spewing more bullshit. you continue to either ignore economic theory or are simply ignorant of its principles. building millions upon millions of empty homes and bridges to nowhere to meet gdp goals is going to have massive consequences. china isnt special because they have a billion extra mouths to feed, if anything it will make the problem harder to fix. large expansions of credit also distorts markets and props up bubbles, especially houisng bubbles, which china has done, and also recently lowered interest rates which will exacerbate the problem. their provinces have huge credit issues, with an economist recently saying that every province is greece right now. and its true. they all took the stimulus money and built a lot of useless shit. of the 1.3 trillion or so yuan about a third of it is already considered toxic. you are in a state of denial. china’s probably going to inject another stimulus soon (within two years time) and that will make the problem worse again. but what do you expect when every province is told to reach certain gdp goals? if they dont reach them the leaders lose their jobs, so they build bridges and empty buildings, that is what drives china’s economy, vanity.

          • dim mak

            Are you some kind of retarded? I don’t need to list China’s every problem because I never denied them in the first place. I said, those problems will not prevent China from hitting #1 by 2050 because of sheer human capital. You haven’t told me why this isn’t true outside of vague “economic theory”. Wanna be more specific? Which principle? You’re looking at housing inflation like a microcosm while ignoring the long term trend.

            You don’t wanna believe the obvious, fine. There’s a long list of people over the last 20 years who predicted a Chinese crash and turned out to be hilariously wrong. You can add yourself to that list when the time comes, and I’ll be $100 richer.

          • moop

            your denseness continues to astound. “domestic consumption” includes internal investment household consumption. what exactly are heavily invested in in china? hmmm construction and real estate? building materials? everything effected by a massive housing/property bubble, and on top of that the chinese are savers … who have their money in…. HOUSES. can you connect the dots?

            chinese labor is already very unproductive, what do you think is going to happen when an already inefficient workforce is reduced by 8% following a bubble burst? how about your human capital then?

            and what “vague” economic theories have i mentioned? they are all well-established and reliable. decreased interest rates lead to more borrowing, expansion of credit creates more bad debt, massive cash injections cause inflation? have you read a book in your life?

            “Research has pointed out that agricultural land as a proportion of the total land surface of china is well below international average. Urbanization not only reduces agricultural land as lands are developed, those lands not being developed are affected by urbanisation through pollution and others. Thus rapid urbanisation poses threats to food security of china. To ensure food security, China does not need more city dwellers, but probably more farmers. Although this will certainly be a contentious proposition to be made, urbanisation might have come closer to the limit than the consensus thinks. As such, we could not count on urbanisation to help absorbing oversupplied flats in cities.”

            Inflation is going to continue to be a problem, one that will grow.
            china’s government prints money like crazaaaay, their m2 money supply is 180% or so of GDP, and like i said before they’ll probably do another stimulus in the next 2 years. you have any clue how fiat currency works?

            “So the wish that domestic demand will grow sustainably is not realised despite throwing in huge amount of money, and the rest of the world has not recovered according to plan. Worse still, by throwing in that much money to stimulate investment, China has committed a huge error in that it has built even more production capacity on top of the over-capacity that was probably present before the massive stimulus. Now domestic demand growth is not strong and sustainable enough to consume all these production capacities, and the rest of the world is not going to rescue the country.

            Thus, unfortunately, China is in an very precarious situation, and much more precarious than most recognises.”

            the debt that the ccp is ultimately responsible for as percentage of GDP:

            so other than 1.3 billion under-productive people facing demographic issues, who ingest/breathe/osmose poison every day , what is there to be optimistic about between now and 2050 for china? like 20 olympic games? you can melt all the medals! gold will be worth a fortune by then!

          • dim mak

            This is incredible

            You: China has a housing bubble
            Me: I agree but it’s not the end of the world
            You: China has a housing bubble
            Me: I know but-
            You: China has a housing bubble

            Why am I even talking to you?

  • Lee

    Stupid photographers from a stupid French frog.
    Europeans and other whites working for Chinese, haha.. that is funny

    More like, Mainlanders working for whites and Europeans, afterall
    Mainlanders are a laowai’s dog.

  • Notorious

    These photos are terrible. The foreigners don’t have any dirt on them, which would surely happen doing manual labor. they are too clean. I love how the article describes laowei as big-nosed hehehehe too funny. i like my nose. i’ve been told it’s perfect. i tend to disagree. guys say anything to women sometimes

  • Genxi

    These so called “lao wai” workers are probably from Russia or some poorer Eastern European country. I cannot imagine Western Europeans going to China to work these jobs.

  • Alexander

    At least they won’t spit and piss in the streets…… and maybe they can build a road that won’t have to be torn-up and redone a year later…..

  • Dannie

    LOL this is jokes….prepare for this all you gwailos

  • JPAX

    What a waste of internet space this story is.

  • Kim Jung iLL

    It gives the stupid Chinese another reason to feel proud and be cocky.

  • candy

    Is this guy serious? The photographer must think that everyone in China has a job when in reality there are millions unemployed and there are lots of young Chinese citizens to go around. If you were a employer which would you choose? A Chinese whom speaks your language and knows Chinese work ethics? Or a Westerner whom is used to having workers’ rights?
    So until the day that China reduces their unemployment percentage close to by a half and passes country wide workers’ rights, I will just brush this aside :/

  • eattot

    cola banana:
    u get out,i have sth to ask you!

    • Chinggis was here

      I think he was banned for giving Notorious grief, but he may still be around under another name.

      Try asking Dr. Sun.

      • Notorious

        he wasn’t banned for giving me grief. I complained and was told that if he continues to let them know. I never let them know. They saw his behavior for themselves, and his trolling under a different name and using a fake picture and banned him themselves. Further, he was not giving me grief, he was outright stalking, and a bunch of pussy males here with the exception of maybe Jeffli just sat around, laughed, scratched their balls. I guess if I was an asian female maybe they would have said something. lost respect for the lot. so i basically just troll now. lol and read the articles.

        • elizabeth

          It means that you were able to defend yourself without help from, er…some of those who wouldn’t make any difference anyway, and if indeed an asian female would have gotten much better support and you were referring to the ‘helpless’ damsel-in-distress type, then your comment about women liking bad boys and men falling for shallow manipulative girls would be spot on.

          Two things to cheer about :)

          • Notorious

            elizabeth, wise woman. I argued with him for a spell but then went on to let it go and ignored him but the abuses, which were way over the top, many racial epithets, etc continued long after I continued to ignore him. I just think he’s a disgusting POS and I am so glad he’s gone. I can take an argument and he’s not the first dude to try and take the piss out of me but he was waaaaaaay obsessive and stalkerish about it to the point where I couldn’t even comment without ten comments from him making obnoxious comments. It went far beyond trolling which I am used to on the internet. ANd he was such a pussy, he never argued with guys, only women. I don’t see how any man can find a punk like that amusing on any level.

        • mr. wiener

          Didn’t agree with the way CB was stalking you, but I found him entertaining and occasionally insightful underneath all the posturing BS.
          I would have come to your defense more often if I’d agreed with the things you were posting, but I thought some of your opinions were a bit…unsubstanciated. Even so, the things he said to you were way over the top.
          As to the asian vs black girl thing? who knows? I don’t always leap to Eattot’s defense as: #1. I often don’t agree with what she says. #2. She is more than capable of defending herself. [like a ninja with weird social skills].
          At the end of the day, you’re going to have to deal with the flak yourself for anything you may have posted. Hope you don’t think I’m too much of a pussy for telling you that:)

        • dim mak

          See I just skipped every comment made under his name
          You shoulda done that too
          In fact everyone should’ve

  • Jeffli

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    Its always some French arty farty, he deserves the wet pussy award.

    • mr. wiener

      Give him the order of the weeping pussy [1st class] , with the cross of limp dicks.

  • fred

    Capt. WED
    you must be trolling, there is no systematic racism against chinese in america.

    I know, because I live here.

    All things considered america is less racist than most countries, its easy to judge before you have large % minorities rush into your own country. Europe has only had to deal with this recently and they have people make ape noises at black people in their stadiums even. Chinese might claim they have ethnic minorities, but it doesn’t compare to real difference, if they had black people, they would have trouble, I know asian people are racist, i’ve only had to listen to friends and family. Even against other asians, and frankly anti japanese propaganda in china kinda makes this plain.

    As for influence, china doesn’t have any soft power because the government is so thin skinned and desperate to control the people. Nothing but censorship and suppression, when a government even censors films like men in black 3, it can’t claim to have any influence culturally in the world because to everyone else it has behaved shamefully, but the truth is the chinese government doesn’t care. It only cares about one thing, staying in power, and if it has to step on its own people to do this, it will, and that is why chinese cultural power will be retarded until they change governments. Rising beyond manufacturing is going to be very hard. Attracting the best and the brightest to china is just not going to happen, its just too unattractive a place to live.

    And yes europe and japan and even south korea have many times the soft power of china.

    The entire issue of soft power and europe is too vague a question, are you including the uk in europe? That changes the equation quite a bit, the anglosphere which includes all english speaking countries has massive soft power. Because of the anglosphere the uk dwarves the other european states in influence in that area.

    As for jobs, the often quoted “china may grow too old too fast before it can grow rich” is the real issue. Importing workers maybe an act of desperation eventually.

    • Capt. WED

      You may claim this and claim that, but if you people still fuck with me personally, that doesn’t matter now does it. I’ve concluded that part of the reason they’re fucking with me is because I’m Chinese, or at least that’s an “attack vector”. Of course you may disagree and don’t think it’s racist, think it’s just plain fucking with me. However you do add racial element to it by using slurs and the likes, so on that ground it becomes racist….

      Combined with personal experience and when you read comments from here:

      to me on a personal level American, America can be pretty racist. (I can argue that this directly follows from history; because America always had that wild edge know what I mean; let’s call this some sort of energy; some of it dissipate/transform into some other thing; some of it remain unchanged.) Whether or not but Chinese is much more racist because A, B, and C is totally irrelevant. It may not be that overt, but they do it in such a way it really fucks with your head, and personally.

      America is just racist on so many levels man. It’s natural in many ways because it’s human as fuck. Whether you want to deny that or not; i bet you will mostly go on denying it. Or you may bring up some completely unrelated tangent like calling me a Nazi or whatever. I’m not a Nazi. I just tell like how it is. *shrugs*

      Why is this even relevant to this post? It’s not relevant. I don’t care, you can choose to ignore my posts. BTW denying some stupid ass whether pollution thing is so stupid. Just admit it you are polluted as fuck, nothing to be ashamed of.

      • moop

        its hard calling one of the most if not the most diverse country in the world racist

        we’ve had periods of trouble and there are of course racist assholes, but to call america as a nation racist is asinine

        • Capt. WED

          Does the diversity really exist beyond a few states? Or is it anything resembling the so-called melting pot? A recent survey of high school students showed that 25% hang out regularly outside of their race. Beside a few highly diversified (what does it mean exactly) enclaves, the reality is that most people hang out within their own race. This is simply natural due to the demographic make up. Not trying to single out any particular people. Also when I said nation of racist partially referring to this fact. It doesn’t mean OMG nazissssss. Yet you can’t deny there is covert, overt, and systematic racism. There is no denying that. One can definitely call a nation racist contrary to the narrative and image projection.

          Another off the cuff example is there is perhaps 1% black technology entrepreneurs. black entrepreneurs often find themselves facing an uphill battle. So you can say there is not that much diversity in the field of technology entrepreneurship. But blacks are represented in other fields (not sure how much diversity is claimed since I’m not an expert in what blacks feel about things).

          So when it comes down to it, there are many “racist” issues in play. There are definitely different narratives regarding that. And this is the point where you say but America is still better than China, haha. Which is true. LOL.

          • moop

            the fact that there are 1% black technology entrepreneurs doesnt mean a nation is racist. most of the people getting computer tech degrees in universities are whites, asians, and indians. most african americans i met in college where just like white students: most choose business administration, its the standards go-to bachelor degree black or white. the least diversity at least between blacks and whites is found in the middle of the country, where the population is less dense as well. as far as 25% of highschool students hangout with people out side of their race regularly, thats pretty useless as well. most people also hang out with people that like the same music that they do, and also from the same economic background, i’d actually say 25% is pretty good. people not mixing together doesn’t make them racist. again claiming an entire nation is racist is asinine

          • moop

            “The Princeton Review, an educational preparation company, publishes studies of concern to undergraduates, including tips on selecting majors. Adrinda Kelly, the senior editor of the Princeton Review’s book Guide to College Majors, says that lists for African Americans should be considered differently than other demographics, based on their cultural, financial and social choices.

            One of the top majors for Blacks is business management, says Kelly. “Besides this, African Americans tend to be overrepresented in social sciences and humanities, underrepresented in technical and computer science.”

            actually black women are kicking black men’s ass in the education department.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Capt. WED

            There is indeed a degree of racism at play in the U.S., North and South. However I would side with moop and fred in saying that racism is not systemic. That is a ridiculous claim simply because of the amount of pandering being done in U.S. politics to the various dominant ethnic groups in the U.S.

            That pandering may not extend to Asians and Asian-Americans, but it is certainly there. Not to mention the number of politicians in office of different races, colors, and religious backgrounds. Some of which not even having been born in the U.S., but having been naturalized.

            If your argument were not that it is systemic and simply present and even ingrained into some subcultures of the U.S. I’d agree with you.

            That being said not all of the racism in the U.S. is white against minorities now. I am of Greek and Norwegian descent (therefore white) and grew up in a variety of cities and states where I was harassed for being white (by Native Americans in Oregon and Mexicans in Utah), and even by other whites for not supporting anti-immigration ideals in various states.

            I hope that when one thinks of racism that they aren’t thinking of the tired old white powah! people walking around putting down the mud-blood minorities or other such garbage. Those days for the most part are long past, and it is only to be expected that a certain degree of tension exists between the people native to the country (I don’t care what people think about white settlers, I was born in the U.S., which makes me native to it’s land) and immigrants who refuse to adopt the language and culture to a functional degree.

          • whiskersthecat

            Yes, America is the most diverse nation in the world. Because it is so racist (just like you describe!) that is why it is one of the least successful nations in the world! It only makes sense. If they weren’t so racist, maybe their economy wouldn’t be #130 but actually be #1. Crazy Americans.

    • Notorious

      Fred, i too have never seen any systemic form of racism toward Chinese people in America. they are considered the “good” minority or the “model” minority who comes here, works hard, stays out of sight, spends money, and don’t bother anyone. You never, rarely if ever see chinese people on the news for crimes or anything. Except for the ocassional stereotype or dumb “small penis” joke I don’t see anything. However I do think there is a big stereotype of making all asian men asexual. You see chinese in a commercial or any asian and they play silly oriental music or make karate noises. I think these things are ANNOYING and typically uniquely american in that it stereotypes everything and everyone who isn’t white.

      But I can’t bring myself to tell Captn Wed that he isn’t experiencing racism. We don’t know what his life experiences are, what the local situation is, or if he’s truly being fucked with. Lately, after reading this site I’ve been a bit more aware looking for signs of it simply out of curiosity. I don’t know how real it is or if Chinese men have an inferiority complex in general that leads to them feeling a bit different or persecuted, so I won’t tell anyone what they’re situation is like. Who knows, this is america, and it is still very segregated in some places, nobody likes anybody. Blacks are criminals and “niggers”, mexicans (and other speakers of spanish) are “illegals”, there’s a russian joke for everything, gays can’t get married and get their asses kicked, women are sluts, powerful women are bitches, republicans are teabagging racists, democrats are commies, the list goes on and on. American is so fucking racist and being the model of the world, it’s now okay to make “ape noises” at black players in Europe now. If the world leading country is okay with it, why is it wrong for everyone else?

  • Junction

    I think that in future as America puts more pressure on the Yuan China to increase and the wealth of the middle classes grow there will be shift where the west will become the factories of the world for China. As Europe and America fall more and more into debt they are forced to sell valuable reseearch data losing their edge over Chinese companies in more hi tech manufacturing. I think that aviation could be a large growth area. I also think if China is smart it will focus on the finacial markets as these have been the key to the west controlling developing countries through speculative trading on things like food and inflating the value of there economy in order to maintain AAA ratings with the world bank. I find it ironic that America accuses China of fixing its currency as it just prints more dollers when it runs out of money, I wish I could could do that when I’m skint. As for foreigners working in China, I think it should do what the west does best and poach the best. In England when we didn’t have enough doctors we sourced them from India, when we didn’t have enough plumbers we sourced them from Polland and when we were hungry we sourced Chinese and Indian people to open restaurant in every town and deliver us food. Maybe in the future it will be an American that cooks you your Big Mac or an Italian that delivers you Pizza, just a thought. All you have to do is change the way the west percieves China, someone mentioned in their post that governement dehumanise their targets and I am inclinded to agree. There is this unfair image of China being an evil communist threat to the world, where people live in fear of the iron fist of their governement. For me at least this has not been my experiance of China, people here love their country and don’t wish to flee it. However in the mind of alot of westerners is this idea, that by destroying your government or trying to publically shame it on a global scale we are helping to liberate you. Of course this is not true but people fear what they don’t understand and China isn’t the easist country to understand. I am interested to know if Chinese people want westerners living in their country, would it make you feel good to have Americans make your burgers for you?

  • 小虎老外

    The future is already here! I’m working the streets in Dali Yunnan. 我小吃摊-煎蛋饼。城管没有关系。

    It really is a lot of fun. 生意也不错。

  • Dr SUN

    Missionaries will do anything, be anything to spread the the word and law of their god.

    • elizabeth

      They are able to go out of their comfort zone, many times risking their lives for strangers they don’t know and make a stand for something they believe in.

      Can you?

  • Dr SUN

    Missionaries will do anything, be anything to spread the the word and law of their god. They have no face

  • Notorious

    i was watching a movie a few days ago about ernest hemingway and martha gellhorn (the famous war correspondent), and in the movie the couple visited china, and apparently while there, Gellhorn (this story is based on some stuff she revealed in her diaries or biography, I forget which one). Anyhoo, Gellhorn one point in the movie begins insulting an official to his face, only he didn’t understand. His wife did however, and had some interesting replies. Gellhorn was pretty rude to them and the official and his wife were completely oblivious and unconcerned to the plights of chinese that she tried to impress on them. The wife laughed and told her imperialist didn’t understand anything about chinese people.

    Afterwards, Hemingway is angry about Gellhorn’s disrespectful behavior whilst Gellhorn scoffs (while scratching her hands which were itchy and enflamed after washing them in dirty water), “China doesn’t take care of its people,” and she says it with so much disgust.

    I wondered how that comment would appear to citizens of china and I also wonder how much liberty was taken with Gellhorn’s words.

  • Dave

    Perhaps in the mind of some delusionary “China will rule the world” Chinese this is the future. I guess many Chinese need delusions to keep them going – the reality is what it is. That China is a poor poor country (in income per capita terms) that makes poor quality goods for the rest of the world to buy cheaply.

    And their strong economic growth has been due to coming off off a very low base and being able to piggyback off Western inventions ( such as electricity, production lines, motor vehicles) – not that there’s anything wrong with that. So they’ve gone from being a very poor country to being a poor country. Not sure why they would think being a rich country is their destiny.

    • ChinaMan

      I think those photos must have been touch up or doctored with Photoshop or perhaps taken in Europe. Not surprising with the Euro zone crisis and more EU countries facing debt crisis, future generations from these places will seek jobs elsewhere, possibly even as far as Asia.
      On the other hand, there are many Caucasians working in middle east and in various part of the world on risky but high paying jobs such as oil rigs, mining and etc.

      • Notorious

        those foreigners in the middle east are almost always intelligence agents.

      • Alan

        there are many Caucasians working in middle east and in various part of the world on risky but high paying jobs such as oil rigs, mining and etc.

        Agreed, but they normally have sub continentals doing the heavy lifting for them, many in the UAE just do the surveying and offer their technical experties, and enjoy the kind of expat packages which would make even bankers in HK blush with embarrasment….not to mention they can return home as they like due to Europe being an 8hr flight away.

        Even a white teacher there, can save far more than in Asia, for sure.

  • Kou

    Ca fait longtemps que g pa pleuré de rir com ca!!! ptdr!!! J`adore les mecs! meme si en 2050 cela se produirais,la chine ne ressemblera jamais a notre bon vieux continent qui a tjrs ete le berceau de la science, du savoir et de la connaissance.. pas de la copie et contrefacon..

  • Rod

    I doubt it. I understand the concept, but really, in a country where there’s no guarantee that you’ll be paid and no protection or guarantee from the government, no ‘laowai’ will come to China to work for 1000 RMB a month. Not from Europe/North America, AU/NZ anyway. You try leaving the country to work 12 hour days and send home 200 dollar a month. Yeah right.

  • ChinaMan

    Haha, I think those photos must have been touch up or doctored with Photoshop or perhaps taken in Europe. Not surprising with the Euro zone crisis and more EU countries facing debt crisis, future generations from these places will seek jobs elsewhere, possibly even as far as Asia.
    On the other hand, there are many Caucasians working in middle east and in various part of the world on risky but high paying jobs such as oil rigs, mining and etc.