Former KMT Vice-President To Face Disciplinary Hearings

Former KMT Vice-President To Face Disciplinary Hearings
Kuomintang chairman Zhu Lilun has stated that former KMT vice-president and chairman Lian Zhan’s conduct will be discussed at length by either the Inspection and Disciplinary Committee or the Central Standing Committee to determine how he should be dealt with for attending the WWII parade in Tiananmen Square. Zhu said that the KMT had previously requested that important party personnel not attend the event. Zhu said that it was the Republic of China who lead the country during the war, and that the CCP has distorted this fact. Many netizens supported Lian, with one saying he would go down in history.

Source: Netease

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  • David

    Very confusing story. Did Lin go to Mainland China to participate in the September 3rd celebrations? Why would a member of the KMT do that?

  • Amused

    Simply kick him out for good and let him go live in Bei-jizzle.
    Everyone’s happy then :)