Former Premier Zhu Rongji Missed By Chinese Netizens

zhu-rongji-former-china-premier-2009-national-day-parade-1Zhu Rongji was China’s Premier from 1998-2003 and many Chinese citizens are very fond of him. There has not been much news about him since he ended his office as Premier so many Chinese noticed his brief appearance on camera at the 2009 National Day Parade to celebrate the New China’s 60 year anniversary. Many Chinese were also angry that CCTV did not show him longer, especially compared to many other Chinese government officials.

From NetEase:

During the National Day Military Parade, did you see Premier Zhu?? He already has a head full of silver hair!!

Why is it that this year’s National Day 60th anniversary military parade left us not with that deep sense of national prestige and military might but rather more regret and hurt??

During the People’s Republic of China’s 60th Anniversary military parade, we saw Premier Zhu !! He already has a head full of silver hair, silently, peacefully standing on the farthest side!!!

The Premier is old, a head full of silver hair, silently choosing to stand on the farthest side!! Even the media’s cameras treat him with such stinginess!! Just a flash [of him] before moving on!!!

The Premier, it has been too long too long since he has appeared in the public eye and the media’s lenses!!

Suddenly seeing the Premier’s head full of silver hair!! My eyes immediately became wet!! Premier, the hero of a generation!! Premier, now old!!

Why did the media treat this old man with such stinginess? Could the camera not have stopped a few more seconds???

Just a flash before moving on!!

Premier Zhu, our beloved Premier!!!

The people will not forget you old man!!!

The ordinary common people miss you old man!!!

May the Premier be healthy and live a long life!!!

Zhu Rongji & Wen Jiabao [current Premier of China]
Zhu Rongji & Wen Jiabao (current Premier of China)
Comments from NetEase:


It has been a long time since there has been news about him, very low-key.


Seeing his white hair, I was a little sad.


The people who should have had close-ups did not get close-ups. Even the Premier that had devoted himself to the citizens did not have a close-up, silently standing on the very farthest side!!!

Let’s look at what this year’s military parade has given the citizens??

The crowds eyes are sharp!! Today, posts related to “Premier Zhu military parade” and related posts number in the tens of thousands!!!

Those who do practical things for the citizens, the citizens will not forget!!


Premier Zhu, the citizens will always remember you!!
CCTV, apologize to the entire country’s citizens!!!


Honestly, the entire time, I wanted to get a good look at Premier Zhu,  but unfortunately there was only a flash.


NND, why does National Day still need to give Jiang [Jiang Zemin] so many shots??? It should give our ex-Premier Zhu more shots instead, as everyone misses the old man more!


Premier Zhu, you are amongst the country’s government leaders that I most admire. If it is possible, we truly hope you can serve another term as the country’s Premier! Because there are too many corrupt officials now, still tyrannizing [the people]…


How many clean officials like him does China have?


The media is really fucking disappointing.



Written by Fauna

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