Foshan Special Forces Releases ‘Highlight Reel’ of Arrests

Foshan police arresting suspects.

Foshan police arresting suspects.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Chinese version of the American TV show COPS would be like, today is your lucky day. One of the most viewed and commented on videos of today shows Foshan’s self-styled “Interpol #8” special forces team kicking butt and taking names — cruising the streets in search of crime on a myriad of motorcycles and scooters. Part awe-inspiring and part amusing, it’s not hard to see how this video amassed over 400,000 views and 3,000+ comments in the past 24 hours.

Video From Youku:

Foshan Public Security’s “Interpol No. 8″s Latest Masterpiece

In 2011, the Foshan Public Security “Interpol No. 8” is still the first line of defense against street crime. With sweat and blood they defend the peace of the people, with youthfulness they do not regret their choice, they give their love to the hotspots in Foshan. This is the 2011 frontline assault to combat street crime, with these video clips dedicated to all the workers. Work is the most glorious!

Comments from Youku:


[I] salute [you], NB guys.


An international city still using motorcycles to catch criminals, they’d be an international laughingstock.

WC的真谛 (responding to above):

Does your car have the same flexibility as a motorcycle?


Foshan is dangerous! Needing guns when catching thieves.


Aiya, Foshan has a lot of great cops, so much bravery, our city cops at most just bully the commmoners.


Always just “treating the symptoms and not the disease”. If you just spent some more money on education and put more heart into society, the lives of the people, and on welfare, would we still have these things?


Apparently Foshan is really dangerous, I no longer dare to go there.

弧单的一个人 (responding to above):

It’s not dangerous, it’s just our loveable police bravely facing this kind of crime. What about where you live, haha I’ll stop here.


Ai, they’re all like this, so violent! Pulling hair, hitting people, everything!

苑志国 (responding to above):

Go take a look at American police, there is also a lot like this, and there are even more violent examples. Police are also people, who must first protect their own safety. When evil-doers use violence, police have to use violence too. Someone said that evil-doers and criminals also have personal rights. Yes, they do, but you broke the law. Do is it possible for criminals to have the same rights as law-abiding citizens?


After watching I feel really shocked/stunned, the music fit perfectly. But after watching I’m left wondering why our police are equipped with such crappy motorcycles.


Foshan people are really wild/savage.


Fuck your motherfucking promotional video. I’ve worked here [in Foshan] two years and have already lost four cellphones, all from motorcycle thieves.

佛山早晨 (responding to above):

I’ve lived in Foshan more than 10 years, and have never been robbed once. Neither have my friends. [Note: this is the original poster of the video]

What do you think? Should these crime-fighting methods be deployed across all of China, or are they too extreme?

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