Foshan Special Forces Releases ‘Highlight Reel’ of Arrests

Foshan police arresting suspects.

Foshan police arresting suspects.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Chinese version of the American TV show COPS would be like, today is your lucky day. One of the most viewed and commented on videos of today shows Foshan’s self-styled “Interpol #8” special forces team kicking butt and taking names — cruising the streets in search of crime on a myriad of motorcycles and scooters. Part awe-inspiring and part amusing, it’s not hard to see how this video amassed over 400,000 views and 3,000+ comments in the past 24 hours.

Video From Youku:

Foshan Public Security’s “Interpol No. 8″s Latest Masterpiece

In 2011, the Foshan Public Security “Interpol No. 8” is still the first line of defense against street crime. With sweat and blood they defend the peace of the people, with youthfulness they do not regret their choice, they give their love to the hotspots in Foshan. This is the 2011 frontline assault to combat street crime, with these video clips dedicated to all the workers. Work is the most glorious!

Comments from Youku:


[I] salute [you], NB guys.


An international city still using motorcycles to catch criminals, they’d be an international laughingstock.

WC的真谛 (responding to above):

Does your car have the same flexibility as a motorcycle?


Foshan is dangerous! Needing guns when catching thieves.


Aiya, Foshan has a lot of great cops, so much bravery, our city cops at most just bully the commmoners.


Always just “treating the symptoms and not the disease”. If you just spent some more money on education and put more heart into society, the lives of the people, and on welfare, would we still have these things?


Apparently Foshan is really dangerous, I no longer dare to go there.

弧单的一个人 (responding to above):

It’s not dangerous, it’s just our loveable police bravely facing this kind of crime. What about where you live, haha I’ll stop here.


Ai, they’re all like this, so violent! Pulling hair, hitting people, everything!

苑志国 (responding to above):

Go take a look at American police, there is also a lot like this, and there are even more violent examples. Police are also people, who must first protect their own safety. When evil-doers use violence, police have to use violence too. Someone said that evil-doers and criminals also have personal rights. Yes, they do, but you broke the law. Do is it possible for criminals to have the same rights as law-abiding citizens?


After watching I feel really shocked/stunned, the music fit perfectly. But after watching I’m left wondering why our police are equipped with such crappy motorcycles.


Foshan people are really wild/savage.


Fuck your motherfucking promotional video. I’ve worked here [in Foshan] two years and have already lost four cellphones, all from motorcycle thieves.

佛山早晨 (responding to above):

I’ve lived in Foshan more than 10 years, and have never been robbed once. Neither have my friends. [Note: this is the original poster of the video]

What do you think? Should these crime-fighting methods be deployed across all of China, or are they too extreme?

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Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.

  • Brett Hunan

    They are like chengguan on steroids.

    • Brett Hunan

      and on scooters…

      • terroir

        This translates into the best video you can watch about China for sheer entertainment value, for all the right reasons and wrong reasons. Not the terroir Seal of Approval, but damn is COPS with Chinese charactistics very entertaining (nobody runs, though!).

        With the soundtrack (90’s Andy Lau), I was totally envisioning the end credits to a HK Triad gang movie (again, like 90’s Andy Lau, or “Young and Dangerous”) where the outtakes are shown a la Jackie Chan-Cannonball Run.

        That said, I don’t know if I want to watch that movie.

        • Brett Hunan

          It was highly entertaining. Unfortunately they’ve never heard of a steady-cam. That, or the guy who produced this was going for the Saving Private Ryan effect.

          • terroir

            They also never seem to have heard of Miranda rights, due process, and words that don’t rhyme with “entrapment”.

            Fun Fact: Speilberg was completely enthralled with the show “COPS”. I thought he was crazy when he said “My great unrealized ambition is to be a war correspondent during WWII.” Then Shaving Ryan’s Privates came out, and Tom Sizemore was a legitimate actor for a little while longer.

          • Mark

            They have no Miranda rights.

          • waihang

            Sorry you all Smack gangstas but 5MD have to read up your rights because you are now busted for illegal opinions and subversive activities!

            * You have the right to remain silent.
            * Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law.
            * You have the right to speak to an attorney.
            * If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.
            * Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?

            As usually “some citizens” need “instructions” to not put the newly washed cat in the micro oven as a means of drying the fur as one gringo did and then sued the micro oven company and got millions in compensation for the dead cat for not having a warning text for such, eh… none suitable purpose.

            But at the speed the US constitution is teared down with all new amendments quickly transforming it to a fascist state where people can be taken into custody on spot as those ones taking part in OWS the Miranda warning renders obsolete.

            Anyway, I think this video is good, hope it can encourage and raise the discipline and dignity among these people making them feel proud of doing an important work which are one of the important corner stones in a safe society.
            And I do think their use of motorcycle/scooters is very efficient in a hustling and bustling city which makes their work much more flexible, Jia You!

        • Anon

          I don’t think it’s Andy Lau. I believe it’s Jackie Chan’s theme song from that shitty movie Thunderbolt.

          • terroir

            Damn. On second listen that sounds a lot like Jackie.

            To save me the hassle of watching it, can you sum up the plot of Thunderbolt in a few words? Maybe in a haiku? Also, what is Jackie’s best stunt in it?

          • Anon

            Jackie in Japan
            Fights in pachinko parlor
            Boring car race scenes

            The only half decent stunt I remember is him getting dropped in a cargo container. I haven’t seen the movie in like 15 years (Christ I’m old), I just remember it’s really bad, minimal action ruined by horrible Wong Kar-Wai like blurry slo-mo.

          • Anon

            Oops, I’m wrong, this was what I was thinking of:


            Not hard to see why I got them confused though. I know I’ve heard the song used in the vid though, and I’m pretty sure it was a Jackie Chan theme.

          • Anon

            Ah, I got it, Police Story 3, of course.

            Of course I would remember the theme to one of his best rather one of his worst.

          • Notorious

            theme song reminded me of that stupid awful andy lau movie “What a hero!”. I dislike most of Jackie Chan’s cornball movies too.

          • terroir


            I can’t believe I couldn’t place the ending theme to Police Story 3. That said, props to me for thinking of a Jackie ending sequence, even though I seemed to have gotten everything else wrong.

            As for a haiku synopsis of “Supercop”:

            Michelle jumps a train
            Jackie hangs from a copter
            Uncle Bill in drag

          • terroir

            @ No Taurus

            “Jackie’s cornball movies”? Get thee to a nunnery. That is a repository of Jackie Chan movies. All 225 of them. One for each day of the year. For when you get exiled to the planet Venus for your crimes against universal Jackie love.

            So for your enjoyment, the Jackie Movie of the Day: “Meals on Wheels” in which Jackie rollerskates, breakdances, drives a cool “transforming van”, has several shirtless homo-erotic scene with Yuan Biao (in his hottie prime), has a kick-ass showdown with Benny “The Jet”, and even the unicorn/holy grail of Chinese movies – romances a white girl (Spanish!).

            Click on this link. This decision can very well save your life.

  • Medical Advisor

    This is nothing extraordinary, yet it is, comparing to standard Chinese police.

    • mr. wiener

      It’s like CSI Miami except there is no sun , they’re on crappy motorcycles and they look like they all shopped for clothing at the same rumage sale

      • Alan

        I wonder who the chinese equivalent of David Caruso would be, lol.

        As there are no hong mao ren in China, who could fill his shoes and put on those sunglasses in the same way, lol.

  • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

    … and again the Gladiator soundtrack copyright has been violated and applied to a bunch of dickwads. Is there not a TV show in the great grey land that doesn’t rip that shit off?

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      Ha.. now that I have watched the entire thing I must say I am pretty sad that I can not get those few minutes of my life back.

      Although I did like that crazy homo cop getting up on the bonnet to point a gun at the dudes in the back of the truck ‘like a boss’ and the guy with the death ray torch that was failing at eye blinding.

    • Actually, I was going to say someone is an amateur Michael Bay fan…

      That musiv wasn’t in Gladiator though, Transformers yes.

      In reply to your question… No, no there isn’t. Although my favourite is the cop show.on cctv 5 that ripwoff the Pirates of the Carribean for it’s intro theme.

  • yesyes

    “Mr Weiner Mr. Weiner!!!!!”

    “yES bIG pU!!!”

    “Quick quick get on your moped, we’re off to bust a hair salon!!!!”

    “yES bIG pU!!!”

    “And quit speaking that fucking Cantonese shit!!!!”

    “Yes Big Pu!!!”

    • Brett Hunan

      I believe this applies to #’s 2, 5, and 7 in the site’s moderating policy. If we were in Foshan, you would be on the ground.

    • coala banana

      now THAT was funny ! :-)))

      still don’t know why you pick on Weiner, but who cares, its funny !

      • mr. wiener

        I don’t feel picked on…Not exactly flattered, but not picked on.
        As to the Foshan clip, at least they weren’t riding bicycles.

        • terroir

          It’s psychotic. The only way you can rationally deal with him is to sink to his level, and that means flipping your sanity switches to “koo-koo” o’clock.

          Ignore it, but take it as a compliment that someone is thinking about you even when there isn’t a monitor in front of them. The only one who thinks it’s funny is the cb, and he’s a (happy) psychopath.

          • coala banana

            well not all his posts are funny, i couldn’t really understand his last one, but this one wasn’t bad at all….in addition I know wiener can take it with humor….. but you got to give him credit for his creativity…..i like this conversation style he writes his post with…its creative…

            my posts are simple, just write what i experience and see myself, thats easy, but this guy is fucking creative, he must make a story up, i can just assume that this requires much more energy….!

            for one i don’t think i am the only one who thinks its funny…but me being a psychopath ? maybe i tiny little bit !

        • Brett Hunan

          Honestly I think he just thinks your name is amusing.

          • coala banana

            wiener comes from “vienna” (in german: Wien ) makes a wiener someone from vienna ! yesyes uses Weiner (Wein in german means “wine” in english )….Weiner itself has no meaning as far as i know, its a meaningless name….someone who produces wine/winemaker, would be called a “Winzer” in german. In latin: vinitor ! Just as a side note….

          • Brett Hunan

            Wiener can mean “sausage” or “penis”. Maybe yesyes is just a little kid who thinks the word “Wiener” is funny. It was for me what I was 6.

          • Brett Hunan

            *when I was 6

          • mr. wiener

            I don’t mind, I only use the name “wiener” because of the connections with my work.
            At least He hasn’t attacked me for being Jewish [I’m not, but so what] like our favorite white supremesist LeBlanc used to. Tsk.

          • coala banana

            i know it can mean penis, BUT from my experience in germany, austria and switzerland, and i fucked many of he ladies there, NONE of them told me to put my “wiener” inside her. This slang is not used at all….they prefer to say “pimmel”, “schwanz”, “kolben”, “riemen” or “zauberstab”….thats what i have heard. To say “stick your wiener in me” or “stack mir deinen wiener rein”, is definitely a downturn, ruining the atmosphere !

            I know that in america they use it, but again from own experience , i would say “dick” and “cock” are the most common. !

    • Notorious

      YesYes, Weiner is also slang for a man’s junk (at least in U.S. English we can refer to a penis as weiner). I’m thinking you know that and that’s why you think his handle is funny :)

  • moop

    they might as well be riding in go-karts

    • Little Wolf

      Yeah…..I was gonna say. My friggin Loncin Cyclone 200 Ninja-wannabe is more badass than any of those motorcycles and it’s just a toy.

      That was some of the worst fucking guitar “shredding” I ever heard on that video.

  • coala banana

    great video ! can’t believe the gov pulled this shit off ! lol….I already feel more secure living in china, since i know that there is a special police unit wearing sandals and driving scooters ! Can’t believe they let them wear real guns ! Scary ! cantonese dumb fucks with weapons !

    • coala banana

      btw, just saw the other story:

      reading the comments…why i am the only one who thinks she and the sales men were setting this up for her stupid boyfriend ?

      “why not bring some of your rich stupid boyfriends and make then buy you a car, i share my provision with you and later you sell me the car back and we share again…..”…this dumb ass guy reminds me of my HK business partners, buying their GFs apartment and car, just cause they suck their cocks 1 time a week.

    • Ruaraidh

      I’m glad this ‘elite’ unit exists, but I’m just as glad that it doesn’t exist anywhere near where I live.

    • StupidAmerican

      At 5:02 you can see the gun they use in the video is attached to the officer with a rubber band. It’s adorable, really.

  • blues

    …is where Wong Fei Hung is from I think ^^

  • Castro

    stupid question time (-:

    What’s up with the big blue truck ? with all the people in the back..

    Is it like smuggling ‘peasant workers’ or sth ?

    • mankouzanghua

      Those were members of the alleged crime ring. Didn’t look that threatening, though, huh…

      • staylost

        Oh. I thought they were like slaves or something being rescued. They must have been real failures at crime, being all skinny and pale like that.

        • terroir

          As everything else in China is a literal manifestation of ideas and concepts, so is their underworld.

          These guys are Morlocks.

    • Made In World

      First of all, I found the parts of this video hilarious. I mean, I have no idea what was going on there, but that guy jumping around with the gun, while those pretty weak looking guys in the back of the truck just looked kinda shocked, looked like one guy was carrying his lunch… that was my highlight…

  • [email protected]

    Might try something new here – Feel free to add more to the list.


    1. Foshan Special Forces Police Officers wear a lot of cargo shorts and sandals.

    2. Foshan police have been trained to aim and (presumably) fire their handguns into the sky while riding their scooters.

    3. Foshan Special Forces Police Officers are “Enthusiastic”.

    4. Foshan Special Forces Police Officers see no need in concealing their suspects’ faces when showing images of them in public relations videos.

    5. Foshan police officers eat noodles in the car in the dark.

    • pada

      6, Foshan Special Forces Police Officers treat all these political dissidents so brutally. Dang!

      • Made In World

        7. Foshan police are famouse.

        What was with that disco scene anyways?

    • staylost

      Laws in China are a bit different. Not that I’m for showing suspect faces, but…

      Overall, what we saw was those cops seemed to be doing what the people pay them to do to the best of their ability. I can’t criticize them for their lack of equipment, I doubt they get to decide that. Plus, real cops in China are literally slaves to their jobs, so I’ve got to give them respect. Honestly, I wish cops in China wouldn’t take so much disrespect from the whiny people they are trying to protect.

      • Made In World

        How many real cops are there? The ones in Shanghai tend to sit in their cars on the side of the street with their police flashers on.

    • anon

      6. Nothing shows “enthusiasm” like a random clip inside a bumping nightclub.

      7. When the adrenaline is pumping, you’re liable to do things that look completely over-the-top and utterly unnecessary in retrospect, like smashing windows that were already open, manhandling suspects that have already surrendered and have their hands over their heads, as well as climb onto the hood of a car with both hands on your gun in a dramatic aiming position to be extra-sure they know you mean business.

      8. It is physically impossible to look cool with an open-faced helmet with a full-face visor that swings down, regardless of what look of determination you can muster.

      • terroir

        #8 is the most scathing indictment of the NHL eye-guard rule I’ve ever heard.

        To add:

        9. ‘Interpol No. 8’ is as effective a marketing tool as “Chanel No. 5”

        10. Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!

        11. The only thing that separates the Foshan police from other lawless gangs of self-rightous hoodlums are guns. As well as a promotional video to show to everyone.

        (revisionism) 5. Foshan police officers eat noodles in the car in the dark because it is clearly the pinnacle of their successful careers as law enforcement officers, encapsulated by laughing off a foot injury that has sidelined a colleague and precision driving with scooters of varying needs of repair which is a lot like trying to have a formal dinner with a tableset in which no one chair matches another.

        • Brett Hunan

          A lot of the guys in the NHL wear half-glass, no? I don’t think even anon would consider bashing the half-mask.

          • terroir

            Half-glass? Looks like this glass is half-empty isntead of half-full, amirite? [wins internets; in the distance, a gif of Orson Welles can be heard slow clapping]

            Anyways, no self-respecting tough guy like a Bertuzzi would go half-glass; those things are only for prissy “marquee” players like Crosby and that juicy melon of his.

        • StupidAmerican

          The fact that they call themselves Interpol says a lot about them, in my opinion.

          • coala banana

            its china, where people have a hard time to develop some creativity. They make out of Nokia Konia, out of Rolex Bolex, out of Apple Mapple and out of iPhone StarPhone. Not just that they even make it look identical in design !!!!

            In case they really get creative or are forced to come up with something on their own, then they come up with shit like calling a car “strong wind at sunshine under blue sky”….

            Interpol ? I am sure NONE of the members of this special force even know what Interpol means and that it already exists. To use Interpol as a name for this wannabee police, is just something a dumb ass party member can come up with ! Ridiculous ! The sad things is that they all really think they are a big deal, instead of feeling shame to participate in such a stupid video ! Well, I think it gets down to impressing farmers and the common masses, which anyway don’t know it any better…..

          • mr. wiener

            I saw rolls of labels being sold at the fabric markets in China with “Armarni” and “chanel” printed on them. People would use them to sew on the cuffs of the crappy arsed suit jackets they were wearing. I saw worker wearing these and flipflops whilst digging up the side of the road….Who says Chinese people aren’t classy?

          • coala banana

            mind you that those are not written wrong by intention ! but by accident ! If you by any chance go and take a ride in a GZsubway, then you will see those signs, do not spit……..and then there is one which shows someone laying and it says “do not lying on….”…my english is bad enough, but i always wondered how it comes that such important things like street signs and may other public signs are translated wrong. Who did this people consult ? There are enough university educated students which could have translated everything the right way….but i guess its again a dumb ass commie gov.official subcontracting a job out to his dumb uncle or nephew……

            even in HK, I brought 1 months ago some friends from overseas to Mongkok , to see the street market…..BabyMilo T’Shirts…..Thing Ape instead of Think Ape, but everything else looked good ! Still can’t believe that people are buying this crap….

            you can also see Ferrygamo, Burbary, Vesacy, and other funny things….as long as tshirts, shoes, pants, skirts…..are shining, have some glitter, plastic pearls, gold color, then its sellable in china to all women between 10 and 88….its not like in western countries where designers keep the age target in mind when designing and product line…..china is more simple, shiny shiny, disco night club style, all day all night to all kind of different occasions, slutty whore style over knee high boots with glitter for working on the vegetable market or walking with them around our estate lake with some sport dress and fancy pink lacoste hat, it doesn’t matter, everything is multivariable in china, and no one gives a fuck !

        • mankouzanghua

          12. Foshan Special Forces Police Officers are good at 跟踪-ing

  • Anon

    God, Chinese is such a… fruity language sometimes.

    “in our lives, care for/love each other,
    full of laughter and love,
    so many sweet memories,
    you are the undying light in my heart!”

    This after a macho cop video.

    • terroir

      After the video, Liu Bei comes out, gives his comrades a brotherly embrace, and then weeps.

      Manly tears. Basically, gigantic salt crystals with low water content.

  • Hongjian

    Good work, but again… Not brutal enough. It is Foshan, we are talking about, after all.

    If there’s any people in the world who deserve the least freedoms, least human rights, least respect and mercy, it is the Guangdongnese people.

    If I was in the position to form a special police unit tasked to bring order in the absolute human shithole that is Guangdong (and any guangdonese habitated area as well), I’d recruit 90 or so years old ex-SS and Gestapo members and would ask for their assistance in forming an unit that is as merciless and brutal as the internal Sturmtruppen of the Reich. For crooks and human garbage deserve no less than that.

    • I lived in Foshan 2003-04
      during the SARS outbreak
      你呢?comrade Hongjian bitch?


      • moop

        in 2003-4 i believe hongjian was sharing a flat with Anders Behring Breivik

        • Brett Hunan

          Sounds about right.

        • coala banana

          Breivik has shit on HongJian….Breivik was just a small shithead, killed a few people, my man HongJian on the other side is ready for the final solution incl nuclear warfare !

          Breivik ist ein kleiner Arschloch im Vergleich zu HongJian !!! HJ weiss wovon er/sie redet !

    • Alan

      If there’s any people in the world who deserve the least freedoms, least human rights, least respect and mercy, it is the Guangdongnese people.

      A lot of hate right there…but no, I’d say the most hate has to be towards Shanghairen, indifferent, materialistic, vain, spiteful towards outsiders.

      Guangdong should be number 2 , or even 3 compared to other places.

      • Hongjian

        What I’ve noticed about shitty/uncultured/uncivilized/unmannered chinese people:

        Yunnan people – are unmannered and uncivilized as shit, but only because they are so provincial and cant help it. Nice people, outside of that.

        Shanghai people – more civilized and mannered, but shitty shitty characters and an arrogance toward others that is so undeserved and unfitting, I just dont know anymore. Could just as well all be gassed with Zyklon B.

        Guangdong people – shitty people with shitty manners and uncultured swines that are pretty much the epitome of everything CB hates about China and the Chinese people – but in difference to the Yunnan guys who just cant help it because they are poor and backwater, the Guangdong people actually CAN help it, but simply decided not to, out of their wicked and evil characters. Which makes them the greatest scum alive in China, that even my precious Zyklon B would refuse to gas.

        That said; I hate these guys so much that I wish to see them unleashed onto the western world, so that the white trash may suffer and die.

        • StupidAmerican

          Let’s slap labels on people by region. Nothing wrong with that!

          • coala banana

            “Let’s slap labels on people by region. Nothing wrong with that!”

            governments do that, insurance companies do that, sales departments to that, military is doing it, companies do that, market researchers do that, and so on….I am sure you will get my point !

            Generalization isn’t always nice, and its unfair to the ones which are the exception to the rule, BUT we, same like the ones i mentioned above, have to learn to think pragmatic and rational and time saving, cost saving with the best possible expected outcome in the long run. As i said its not always fair, BUT you can’t make anything or improve anything in a case where the exception to a rule is so small and insignificant when compared to the general rule. Thats my understanding ! Its easy to be a liberal and very liked person, but its irrational to pretend that millions of people can change. Its a hopeless try from the ones who preach hope. As i said before, Its a delay, its dumb,and leads to nowhere except to more problems and more costs. So i very much agree with HongJian one some of his radical points, like china has definitely 500million people too much. Same like america has millions of trailer trash, drug junkies,and other human waste…..

            All this people all around the world are in my opinion waste, and a waste of time to care about them. They create costs and are no contribution to society at all. There are too many poor people in the world, which have no use at all. I wouldn’t go so far to say to exterminate them all, BUT i would if i could make the decision, decide to not let them reproduce further. Same goes for handicapped people, while its good that we care about the ones we have and give them a life under human dignity, why we shouldn’t, when we have the technology, get sure that not more of them are being born in the future ??? Stammzell research not allowed ? Having the chance to create just healthy humans in the future, but not taking the chance ? developing cheap medications which could heal most of the known deceases, but we can’t take the chance cause we are lead by some religious nut heads and liberal and conservative radicals ? Fuck them all ! Let science and rational thinkers lead this world and make the decisions.

            Who needs black mamas with 10 children living from welfare ? Who needs 16 thousand kids which die each day cause of hunger ? Who needs all the murders, rapists and religious fanatics (and exceptions could be made and they could be exterminated immediately) ?

            Help the sick, but don’t create more sick people in the future. Kill all the people which stand in the way of creating a healthy society !
            Hope sucks, grow some balls and make some fucking decisions which are useful and future oriented !

            If you call that radical, then i would argue its radical to give birth to a mental ill baby and torture it for the rest of his life just out of ones own ego and religious belief ! Its also torture to give people life sentences, letting them rotten in jail for the rest of the life. Why not just kill them ?

        • Land Rover

          You need to get out more, try Hainan if you really want to meet someone to hate.

    • coala banana

      that’s my girl talking right there !!

      HOngJian, i am with you on this one ! No mercy…..GuangDong is the shithole of china, the richest province with the most disgusting people and characters !

      • Alan

        GuangDong is the shithole of china, the richest province with the most disgusting people and characters !

        I would agree parts of guangdong are crappy, but not all however.

        No the shithole of China has to be Henan or somewhere like that.

        • Nyancat

          you made a typo man its Hunan (see what i did there, seriously i hate that place)

    • Interested


    • mr. wiener

      Most of the SS vets would be in their 80s by now , I don’t think they’ll be up to training anyone. They’ll just be wandering around querilously asking random Foshanese where the beer hall is in quavering german high pitched voices.
      I’d hand Foshan five Oh to a bunch of Ghurkas. Once the headless bodies start mounting up I predict a crime rate in single didgits.

      • cc

        I think your right on the age, but doubt very much If there trying to find the nearest beerkeller, most that I have met are still very active and appalled at how the world has turned out.
        Also hats off to them, some of the finest troops ever turned out from a military point of view.

  • Song of the Article

    Way Down in the Hole
    -Tom Waits

    • I don’t know Comrade, other options open here.

      “Life Is A Highway”
      Tom Cochrane


      If you want to reach new levels of sarcasm and irony:

      Bad to the Bone
      George Thorogood and the Destroyers (as seen in Terminator 2: Judgement Day)

      My loss of face is endless because I couldn’t find a clip where Arnie walks out of the bar…

  • Jeff

    At least they are not driving punk Hello Kitty scooters…

  • Dr Hung Low

    that chick on the first photo has some hot legs

    • jeffli

      And I bet she doesn’t shave! You nearly can see what she had for breakfast.

      Gosford shorts – they stop near “The Entrance”

    • Alan

      Agreed doc!

  • White Thrash

    I like the failed attempt of rise patriotism…

    But what still comes to my mind is : “while people talk about that, they dont talk about something else”


  • Notorious

    looking at that picture of that dog at the bottom of the this article is seriously about to make me cry. have to move past it.

    • [email protected]

      I know how you feel. I almost clicked on it out of morbid curiosity, I realized it would only bum me out for the whole day and didn’t look. Just reading about however makes me want to punch the wall. Love dogs!!

      • Notorious

        Yeah it took me a few minutes to regroup just looking at the picture.really hurt my heart a bit and makes me angry at humankind (if I can call them that) for doing such a thing to a living being. I only pray for the poor pup. I have three cats whom are like my little children and I love dogs.

  • diverdude

    The Pleasant Peasant enjoyed eating the Pheasant he received as a Present.

    • jeffli

      I’m a mother pheasant plucker,
      I pluck mother pheasants.
      I’m the most pleasant mother pheasant plucker,
      to ever pluck a mother pheasant. Actually, …
      I’m Not the pheasant plucker,
      I’m the pheasant plucker’s son.
      But I’ll stay and pluck the pheasants
      Till the pheasant plucking ‘s done!

      I’m not the fig plucker,
      nor the fig plucker’s son,
      but I’ll pluck figs
      till the fig plucker comes.

      lol try that one!!

      and this one especially for Moopsie and cloaca almost their favourite wurd:-
      Old Mr. Hunt
      had a cuddy punt
      Not a cuddy punt
      but a hunt punt cuddy.
      Old lady Hunt had a cuzzy Funt not a cuzzy Funt but a Hunt Funt cuzzy.

      • jeffli

        SONIC ANIMATION an exercise in vowels:-
        An exercise in vowels ….

        Theophilus Thistler the thistle sifter,
        in sifting a sieveful of unsifted thistles thrust
        three thousand thistles through the thick of his thumb.

        Robert Rowley rolled a round a rolled round,
        and if Robert Rowley rolled a round a rolled round,
        where is the round roll Robert Rowley rolled round?

        Dividing and gliding and sliding,
        and falling and brawling and sprawling,
        and driving and riving and striving.

        Hardly had his hale highness heard the easy hedgehog,
        when he hit the humming-bee by the hunter,
        who had horrible beetles in the human hall.
        I love to hear the horses hard iron hooves,
        go hammer, hammer hammer, hammer hammer, on the easy highway.
        I hit my horse hard and hurried him out to hunt up hogs.

  • Bruce Tutty

    Yes there are a lot of us cops like this too, but that does not represent the world.

    • Bruce Tutty

      US cops

      • Bruce Tutty

        This inhuman blog system does not allow deletes

        • Brett Hunan

          LOL I always feel stupid after I press “post comment” prematurely….

          Come to think of it, sometimes I feel stupid after writing everything I wanted to say…. A delete button would save future embarrassment should I ever become President of the US and people start comparing me to George W.

  • This isn’t extreme, this is standard law enforcement. It may look extreme to some Chinese people, but that is because they have never witnessed proper police work.

    • [email protected]

      And the scene in the nightclub was just standard U.S. Secret Service style scouting for hookers.

    • asdf

      Police brutality is also standard in America.

      • coala banana

        and its standard for a reason, people behaving like jungle beasts, should not be treated with soft gloves, they don’t understand weak language. The only law they obey to is the one they can feel. You got to have an iron fist when dealing with this savages, especially the ones which are members of a particular minority ! prisons are full of them !

  • they r so much more lenient than Singapore police

  • Dr Hung Low

    The Chinese are so cute when they try to appear tough

    • StupidAmerican

      Super competent police officer on his super-fast scooter wields his gun and points it high into the air, the rubber band retracts and the gun is safely at his side again.

  • Wu

    Uh, question…

    When that scooter got bumpped by that big blue truck, wit the cop car following them on the side… You know, all the sparkes from the impact… Why did the car bounce? Did they run over there suspect?… Were they aressting the scooter suspect in the next part… the guy they jsut ran over…

  • cc

    Just another bunch of cunts who violate the road laws with impunity. The police are the worst traffic offenders of all, China certainly does not need a special squad of them

    • [email protected]

      Is your avatar a picture of a vagina? or is your face a vagina?

      • coala banana

        yes, its a pussy with heart-shaped pussy lips, most of them have very tiny small clits ! looks bit worn out though !

        from a professional perspective i would say that its from a girl with loose hanging pussy lips, who used double sided glue tape to put it into shape to make it look like a heart and then picture it ! either way it looks like damn dry out !

        speaking about dry pussies, maybe notorious can tell us more about it ?!

        • coala banana

          having said that, i think the administrators should remove it ! people should not give worn out pussies a platform, we need fresh and good looking ones !

          • mr. wiener

            this is why we want you to put up an avatar CB:)

          • Nyancat

            @weiner cmon man u wanna look at a picture of an asshole all day?

        • [email protected]

          Oh please tell us more Coala Banana.
          For without you how could we possibly go through life so bereft of wisdom, knowledge and divinity.
          You are a shining beacon towards which we, mere innocent children, can stumble half-blind, guided ever forward by your insights and observations, drinking and filling up our very souls with the elixir-like genius that you offer so freely and so generously.
          Please share more of your enormous intellect and your shining pearls of brilliant and magnificent omnipotence with us, your sheep, your flock, for without you I surely would not have known that “its a pussy with heart-shaped pussy lips, most of them have very tiny small clits ! looks bit worn out though”.
          Please, Coala Banana. Please.

      • terroir

        Wut dis guy is Predators?

        • mankouzanghua

          haha! A+, takes me back

      • mr. wiener

        I think it is a C***, calling another bunch of C***s ,C***s. This could be used as a symbol of eternity rather than a snake eating it’s own tail.
        That said I believe our language is becoming impoverished here and new words are needed to describe that marvelous opening we all entered life through, apart of course for the caeaserian kids who didn’t took the side exit rather than the playdoo fun factory.
        Pussy, Growler, front bum, Gateway-to-her-guts, baked-bean-in-a-bamboo-boat…….Feel free to leave your own responses

      • cc

        It is indeed a very luscious pair of piss flaps and no my face is not a vagina, but i will mount my balls on your chin if you keep on.

        • Brett Hunan

          Definitely from the UK. Shit I have a trip scheduled to the RR factory while I visit Chichester next month…. this is what I was fearing.

          • cc

            Chichester, lovely place with some excellant pubs, have a pint or two of pompey for me please

        • Little Wolf

          I think I know her!

    • Notorious

      cc, what in the hell is that? It looks like a scrotum pulled into some odd shape. or maybe some chicken gizzards. oh my heavens, i wish i could unsee it. My eyes!

      • coala banana

        its exactly what you see when you spread your legs and look into a mirror. But I bet yours looks worse then that ! you might very well have a cob wedded pussy after 15 years abstinence, and an angry black one on top of that !! let me guess : thats too the white mens fault ??

    • Notorious

      oh, actually it looks like a leaf made of meat. Or a slice of roast beef. Or maybe left over circumcision meat. Well, you’ve certainly got people talking lol

      • mr. wiener

        “Beef curtains”?

        • Notorious


  • Pong Lenis

    …and now teach them how to use the anti-shake function on the camera.

  • Li Peng

    Police should arrest all Africans in Guangzhou instead. They are violent,use drugs and ruin China.

    • MAX

      you are right man.

      they are a global problem for us

  • 一,二,三… helmet shields DOWN!

    一,二,三… helmet shields UP!

    一,二,三… helmet shields DOWN!

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  • have foshan security deal with this

  • MAX


  • Laurent Coq

    It feels great seeing this.
    They are still making some technical mistakes (which in some other parts of the world would cost their life) but they are brave and courageous!