French Cellist Mocks Chinese Official’s Awful Erhu Performance


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From Sina Weibo:

@大提琴手朱力安: Do you know shit is? Do you know what shameless is? Fuck. Many people’s farts sound better than this. Sorry for being harsh, but to have the audacity to play alongside a provincial-level symphony, and play like this, it’s just morally wrong. Think of how many people practice so hard without having such an opportunity! Even a random grandpa playing an erhu in a park is a hundred times better than this guy. An assault on my ears. t_org

Comments on Sina Weibo:


I think you are being a little too harsh… It’s nothing more demonstrating one’s personal hobby. When Big Xi [Jinping] went abroad to visit, he even showed off some football skills, when he was with a professional international football club, and so many people practice hard but never have such a chance. But I don’t think there was a problem with him doing that.


Better watch your job [for saying such things], although this erhu performance really is awful. I really want to throw a 1 yuan coin at him.


Chinese officials are all like this, stupid cunts, all flattered to the point where they don’t even who they are anymore. Thank you, Julien, for daring to speak the truth in China, when Chinese people themselves don’t dare to. 88_org


Really laughable. He’s a Party Secretary, so what is the point of you as a fucking professional to say he plays poorly? To use this kind of language to criticize an amateur, what you’re saying is no better than nonsense. Talk about losing face for you French people.


This can be considered a waste of cultural resources, right?


I’m at a lost for words after reading the comments, that nationalism has to be dragged into a topic about someone playing an erhu. Silently drops 50 cents and walks away.


As everyone knows, the erhu is a traditional Chinese music instrument. As a French cellist, to rashly comment on traditional Chinese music is irresponsible, as silly as using a Ming Dynasty sword to behead Qing Dynasty officials [judging something with the wrong standards]. Do you not know that your Western music theories aren’t applicable in China [to Chinese traditional music]? Foreigners should not meddle in China’s own musical matters. I ask sir to apologize for deeply hurting the Chinese people’s feelings.


His erhu does sound disgusting, but your language is even more disgusting.


One could starve to death using this level of skill on the streets performing for money [busking].


After diligently listening to the end, this cultural performance is probably [not considered] being a slave to the market [doesn’t care about appealing to the market (audience)].


I think the highlight of this is actually how good this guy’s Chinese is. All the dirty language he used was native born and bred [colloquial]!


Putting aside everything else, first, the erhu is not on the same key/tune as the rest of the orchestra. Did they not rehearse beforehand? Why didn’t they discover the problem before going on stage?


You should understand China. That Party Secretary wasn’t showing off music, he was showing off his power. Feudal societies are all like this.


It’s not like our county Party Secretary is a professional, and it’s not like some Spring Festival Gala or something. I don’t understand why you have to be so critical.


Those cheering in the audience, they must be cheering that it is finally over, right?


The arts have become a slave to power [authority/privilege].


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